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Microsoft Response Point Partner Sales Guide
Who Will Benefit from Microsoft Response Point?
Microsoft® Response PointTM phone system software is designed specifically for small businesses with one to 50 employees. Response Point is easy
to use and manage, and requires only a wired local area network (LAN) and one Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 or Windows Vista® PC.
What is the main Customer message?
Easy to use and manage, Microsoft Response Point is revolutionary phone system software designed to meet the needs of small businesses.
The user-friendly administrator software empowers an average PC user to set up a phone or make system changes in minutes, with just a few
mouse clicks. The unique voice-enabled user interface instantly connects employees and customers with the people or information they need.
Delivered on intuitive hardware, with support for both traditional phone service and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP)­, Response Point offers an
entire phone system in one affordable package—a smart choice for any small business.
Business Concern
Customer Type 1
Customer Type 2
Customer Type 3
Cutting costs and predicting monthly
cash flow.
Appearing professional.
Saving time.
I want to make a great impression.
Business Attitude
Response Point
I can’t afford a new phone system.
Low cost of ownership—add users as your
business grows with no additional license
fees. VoIP provides toll savings with
predictable monthly expenses.
I’m a small business that competes
with larger players, so I need to look
completely polished and organized.
Business benefits. Customers get
VIP treatment, every time. Auto
Attendant manages common requests
and handles increased call volume
smoothly. Calls are routed to the
right person, helping prevent missed
I don’t want to spend my valuable time learning
the complex features of a new, complicated
phone system.
Time-savings benefits. Quick setup with no
training required. Average PC users can add,
manage, and change users with just a few
mouse clicks. You can easily access features
using only your voice.
Customer Pain
Adding and changing users can be difficult
and time-consuming.
I am unable to respond to my customers
when I am away from the office.
Calls are mishandled or go unanswered,
causing my customers’ needs to go unmet.
Response Point
Set up users and make changes in
minutes. The user-friendly administrator
software lets average PC users complete
phone moves, changes, or additions with
a few mouse clicks.
Reach customers and colleages
easily—from almost anywhere.
Response Point makes it easy to take and
make customer calls away from the office.
Calls can be automatically routed on a
VoIP line, helping you avoid exorbitant
long-distance rates.
Respond quickly to customer needs.
Response Point automatically routes
calls to the right person, whether they’re
in the office or on the road. Employees
don’t have to wait by the phone, and
callers receive VIP treatment every time.
• Add and change users quickly and easily.
oute calls to the right employee,
whether they’re in the office or out.
• Adjust staffing peaks and valleys flexibly.
• Just add a phone to an Ethernet port and
it’s ready to go.
• Customer experience untied from
location—move without interrupting
ark/retrieve calls to handle them from
the best location.
• Send voicemail to e-mail for easy access.
ing all the phones in a particular
department for quick access.
• See caller details with screen pop-ups.
• Specify callers who can ring you directly,
bypassing the receptionist.
• Integrates with Microsoft Office Outlook®
contacts easily.
• Auto Attendant manages common requests
and increased call volume smoothly and
Response Point system requirements include:
• A wired local area network (LAN)
• One computer running one of the following system programs:
- Windows XP Professional or Home Edition SP2 (32-bit)
- Windows Vista (32-bit)
- Windows Server® 2003 R2 SP2 (32-bit)
- Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 (32-bit)
• Internet access
• Access to an SMTP mail server
• Office Outlook 2003 or Office Outlook 2007
1. Get to know your customer’s business beyond the technology and the products they provide. This will help you better position the business
value of the solution and build rapport with your customer.
• How is your customer’s business doing? Why? This conversation sets the stage for more in-depth probing. For example, through this you
can improve your understanding of their business and ascertain if they are in a sustain, growth, or decline mode.
• What does your customer value? Saving time? Cutting costs? Competing with larger companies? Knowing your customer’s values
helps you to position a telephony solution that will map to their values. For example, by aligning to your customer’s values, you can position a
communications solution as a way to allow your customer to spend more time with their family, because they will have the ability to make and
take calls from almost anywhere while avoiding long-distance rates.
• How does your customer run their business? This is where you can identify how your customer makes their business run operationally.
This information provides insight into how communication technology is being used in your customer’s business and where the opportunities
are to influence positive change based on (1) the current state of the business, and (2) customer values. Your questions can include:
- Are you spending more than $500/month on local and long-distance charges?
- Do you have three or more telephones? Would you like to add more?
- Is your staff “mobile”?
2. Now you are ready to generate interest in a communications solution with your customer. Based on what you know about them, you can
direct the conversation to illustrate how Response Point can better address their customers’ difficulties and challenges:
- Does your business have call-flow issues?
- Do you want customers to have one access point for your business?
- Do you desire improved productivity with e-mail and voicemail options?
- Are you frustrated with your current phone system?
- Is your business getting ready to move or expand?
3. T
hrough your dialogue, you should be able to identify your customer’s pains. It helps to ensure that the customer also realizes the pains. You can state:
• “In our discussion, I heard you state that you struggle to handle increases in call volume, you face unpredictable and often exorbitant costs
associated with your current system, and that you are unable to stay connected when you’re away from the office. Did I capture this accurately?”
- If yes, you can then explain how Response Point addresses their pain points by automatically routing calls to the right person for better
customer care, reducing long-distance phone bills through use of a VoIP line and enabling them to take and make calls from almost anywhere.
- If no, ask your customer to recap their pains. Then you will be able to propose a solution mapped to Response Point benefits based on
acknowledged customer pains and values.
4. Q
ualify the opportunity by identifying whether your customer has the budget to address the issue(s) and when they expect to do so.
(It is helpful to point out the incredible savings offered by Response Point, such as the example noted below.)
• A small business with 10–19 employees can save an average of $8,000 in the first year alone by purchasing an IP-based phone system.
5. P
rove value to your customer by discussing the following:
• Financial impact (cost savings and efficiency)
• Saving time (easy-to-use phone system, no learning curve involved)
• Quick response to customer needs
6. Close the call.
• Gain agreement with the customer on the next steps.
Customer Objection
How to Respond
This is too complicated for my small local
business. I want to keep it simple.
Designed specifically for small businesses, Response Point is advanced phone system software that radically simplifies the phone
experience. As a user, you can access the phone and its features using just your voice. The intuitive Response Point administrator
software allows you to complete phone moves, additions, or changes with just a few mouse clicks. There is no special phone
training required.
I can’t afford a new phone system.
Response Point is an affordable phone system designed specifically for small business needs and budgets. Response Point reduces
costs by eliminating additional license fees, removing costly phone system extras (expansion packs, hours of employee training,
etc.), and helps you avoid exorbitant long-distance rates by allowing calls to be routed over a VoIP line.
I don’t need a new phone system.
The one I have is fine.
Response Point is easy to use, easy to manage, and affordable. From your first day with Response Point, you will feel empowered to
do things that you may not have been able to handle before—including managing moves, adding new users, and changing phone
system settings. Designed to meet your needs, Response Point is an innovative solution that helps you save time and money.
Adding New Employees
• Scales to 50 employees (with no additional license fees).
• Setup configuration wizards make changes easy.
• Auto discovery of new phones.
Voicemail and Call Routing
• Ring all the phones in a particular department for quick access.
• Manage call logs effortlessly through e-mail.
• Park, retrieve, and forward calls.
• Call forwarding for employees on the go.
• Voicemail to e-mail forwarding.
• Office Outlook contact integration.
Customer Responsiveness
• Transfer calls easily between employees or departments.
• Pop-ups reveal details about callers.
• Voice-enabled Auto Attendant provides fast, professional response 24x7.
1. Response Point reduces phone system management costs by empowering average PC users to complete moves, additions, and changes—
no special phone training required.
2. R
esponse Point helps eliminate the need for many expensive phone system extras—expansion packs, hours of employee training, etc.—
that typically add thousands of dollars to the cost of a small business phone system.
3. R
esponse Point’s top-quality voice recognition lets you embrace phone features that were previously cumbersome or complicated. Just
say “transfer my call to Joe” instead of memorizing the right call transfer keystrokes and Joe’s extension number. Call anyone in the
company, or any of your Office Outlook contacts, just by saying their name.
4. R
esponse Point lets you better serve customers with a helpful, automated receptionist that is customizable and able to answer frequently
asked questions about your business, such as your hours and location. Callers need only speak their desired party’s name and they will be
transferred to that extension.
5. Response Point helps you respond quickly and professionally to customer needs. You can see caller details in screen pop-ups. You’re able to
specify which callers can ring you directly, bypassing the receptionist. With Response Point, your callers receive VIP treatment every time.
Response Point
Company Description
D-Link is the global leader in
connectivity for small, medium, and
large enterprise business networking.
Quanta Computer today is the largest
notebook computer ODM company
in the world. With leading technology
and strong R&D, Quanta has become
a leader in hi-tech markets.
Aastra Technologies Limited is a
global enterprise telecommunications
systems leader.
Notable Hardware
• S eparate analog telephone line
adapter for optimal scalability
• QoS support
• 4- or 8-port analog telephone line
adapter built into base unit for
optimal convenience
• Power over Ethernet and
QoS support
• Server-grade platform with
fan-less design
• Cordless phone models
ulti-line phones with line appearance
D-Link VoiceCenter systems will be
available for purchase through
various distributors. Please visit
www.voicecenter.dlink.com for
more details.
Customers can purchase Quanta
Syspine models through distributors.
Please visit www.syspine.com for
more details.
Aastra models will be available
next year.
VoiceCenter desktop phone
(DPH-125MS)—$139.99 MSRP
Gray desktop phone—$159 ea. MSRP
Individual SKU
Bundle SKU
VoiceCenter analog telephone line adapter
(DVG-3104MS)—$339.99 MSRP
5 desktop phones, 1 base unit, 1 telephone
line adapter (DVX-2000MS-5)—
$2,499.99 MSRP
10 desktop phones, 1 base unit, 1
telephone line adapter (DVX-2000MS-10)—
$3,199.99 MSRP
Microsoft Response Point
Microsoft Response Point Partner Information
White desktop phone—$159 ea. MSRP
4 phones, 1 base unit with built-in
telephone line adapter—$2,500 MSRP
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