Model 3390 50MHz Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator

50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/
Function Generator
From its fully featured Arbitrary Waveform
Generator (ARB) to its high speed and ease-ofuse, the Model 3390 is a complete signal generation solution for all your waveform application
needs up to 50MHz.
• 50MHz sine wave frequency
• 25MHz square wave frequency
• Arbitrary waveform generator
with 256k-point, 14-bit
• Built-in function generator
capability includes: sine,
square, triangle, noise, DC, etc.
• Precision pulses and square
waves with fast (5ns) rise/fall
• Built-in 10MHz external
time base for multiple unit
• Built-in AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM
• Frequency sweep and burst
• Waveform creation software,
KiWAVE, included
• LXI Class C compliance
Versatile Waveform
Creation Capabilities
The Model 3390 generates highly stable and
accurate waveforms that allow you to create
almost any desired shape. It uses direct digital
synthesis (DDS) techniques to achieve this level of performance and functionality.
The exceptional signal quality of the Model 3390 is a result of its high resolution, fast rise and fall
times, and deep memory. This combined with its low price makes it the ideal solution for applications
that use the 50MHz bandwidth and below. Lower speed instruments cannot provide the signal accuracy of the Model 3390, even at bandwidths they were specifically designed for.
Arbitrary Waveform Generation (ARB)
With the Model 3390, you can precisely replicate real world signals. This 14-bit ARB provides the
ability to define waveforms with up to 256,000 data points and generate them at a sampling rate
of 125MSamples/second. For ease of use, up to four user-defined waveforms can be stored in the
onboard non-volatile memory.
Function Generation
Standard output waveforms can be created by pressing one button on the front panel. Ten standard
waveforms are provided, including the basic sine, square, ramp, and triangle shapes. The Model 3390
offers the highest repetition rates of any instrument in its class, allowing you to better emulate the
signals you need to test.
Pulse Generation
Pulse capabilities have become critically important as devices being tested have become smaller, more
sensitive, and more complex. To accurately duplicate the signals these tiny devices receive, very clean
pulses with crisp edges are mandatory, which is why the Model 3390 offers the fastest rise time (5ns)
and cleanest pulse shapes for this class of instrument.
Modulating Waveforms
The ability of the Model 3390 to modulate at
high internal frequencies allows you to accurately simulate real-world conditions. Modulate
any of your signals with the built-in AM, FM, PM,
PWM, or FSK source, or use your own external
modulation source.
Noise Generation
Inject noise into your device under test with
the press of a button. The adjustable amplitude
and offset parameters control how much or how
little noise is produced. The fast rise times and
high speed capability provides the precise noise
simulation your applications require.
The faster rise time results in cleaner pulses.
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50MHz arbitrary waveform/function generator
50MHz arbitrary waveform/function generator
Keithley has paired the best-in-class performance
of the Model 3390 Arbitrary Waveform/Function
Generator with the best price in the industry to
provide your applications with superior waveform generation functionality and flexibility at
an unparalleled price.
50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/
Function Generator
3390s together, and synchronize multiple signals
of any shape.
Ordering Information
50MHz Arbitrary
Accessories Supplied
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
with power cord
One universal serial bus
(USB) cable (USB-B-1)
One pattern generator
cable (005-003-00003)
One Ethernet crossover
cable (CA-180-3A)
CD-ROM containing user’s manual
Accessories Available
Single Rack Mount Kit
Dual Rack Mount Kit
775550W Feed Through Terminator
General Purpose BNC to BNC Cable (2ft)
Shielded GPIB Cable, 1m
USB cable, Type A to Type B, 3m (10ft)
KPCI-488LPA IEEE-488 Interface/Controller for the PCI bus
KUSB-488B IEEE-488 USB-to-GPIB Interface Adapter
Services Available
1-year factory warranty extended to 3 years
from date of shipment
C/3390-3Y-DATA 3 (Z540-1 compliant) calibrations within 3 years
of purchase*
*Not available in all countries
The 20MHz noise bandwidth of the Model
3390 is 2× better than the competition’s.
Pattern Generation
The Model 3390 is the only instrument in its
class with a Digital Pattern mode. It provides the
ability to transmit arbitrary 16-bit patterns via a
multi-pin connector located on the rear panel
of the instrument. This feature can be used for
applications such as testing clock and data signals directly, sending simple protocols to devices
under test, and simulating simple control functions. With Keithley’s KiWAVE software package,
you can easily create complex and long patterns,
which the Model 3390 can generate at varying
speeds and amplitudes.
10MHz External Reference
Expands Flexibility
The built-in 10MHz external time base is included at no extra cost. This external time base
makes it simple to control multiple instruments
from the same source, connect multiple Model
Ease of Use
This instrument is easy to use. In most cases,
pressing one button on the front panel or performing one or two mouse clicks on your PC
is all that is necessary to generate or modify a
waveform. The KiWAVE software package helps
you define and manage waveforms, apply filters
to waveforms, and display waveforms on a PC. In
addition, the GPIB, USB, LAN, and LXI interfaces
can connect the Model 3390 to most devices
under test, instruments, and test fixtures.
KiWAVE Waveform Editing Utility
LXI Class C Compliance
The Model 3390 supports the physical, programmable, LAN, and Web portions of the emerging
LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) standard. The instrument can be monitored and controlled from any location on the LAN network
via its LXI Web page.
50MHz arbitrary waveform/function generator
50MHz arbitrary waveform/function generator
Model 3390 rear panel
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50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/
Function Generator
DISPLAY: Graph mode for visual verification of signal settings.
Standard Waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse,
Noise, DC.
Built-in Arbitrary Waveforms: Exponential Rise and Fall,
Negative ramp, Sin(x)/x, Cardiac.
Waveform Characteristics
Model 3390 specifications
Frequency: 1µHz to 50MHz.
Amplitude Flatness 1, 2 0.1dB (<100kHz)
(Relative to 1kHz):
0.15dB (<5MHz)
0.3dB (<20MHz)
0.5dB (<50MHz).
Harmonic distortion 2, 3 (Unit: dBc):
DC to 20kHz:
–65(<1Vpp) –65(≥1Vpp)
20kHz to 100kHz: –65(<1Vpp) –60(≥1Vpp)
100kHz to 1MHz: –50(<1Vpp) –45(≥1Vpp)
1MHz to 20MHz: –40(<1Vpp) –35(≥1Vpp)
20MHz to 50MHz: –30(<1Vpp) –30(≥1Vpp).
Total harmonic distortion 2, 3:
DC to 20kHz, V ≥ 0.5Vpp THD ≤ 0.06% (typical).
Spurious 2, 4 (non–harmonic): DC to 1MHz: –70dBc.
1MHz to 50MHz: –70dBc + 6dB/octave.
Phase Noise (10K Offset): –115 dBC/Hz, typical when
f ≥ 1MHz, V ≥ 0.1Vpp.
Frequency: 1µHz to 25MHz.
Rise/Fall time: <10ns.
Overshoot: <2%.
Variable Duty Cycle: 20% to 80% (to 10MHz), 40% to 60%
(to 25MHz).
Asymmetry: 1% of period + 5ns (@ 50% duty).
Jitter (RMS): 1ns + 100ppm of period.
Ramp, Triangle
Frequency: 1µHz to 200kHz.
Linearity: <0.1% of peak output.
Symmetry: 0.0% ~ 100.0%.
Frequency: 500µHz to 10MHz.
Pulse width: 20ns minimum, 10ns res. (period ≤10s).
Variable Edge Time: <10ns to 100ns.
Overshoot: <2%.
Jitter (RMS): 300ps + 0.1ppm of period.
Bandwidth: 20MHz typical.
Frequency: 1µHz to 10MHz.
Length: 2 to 256K.
Resolution: 14 bits (including sign).
Sample Rate: 125Msamples/s.
Min Rise/Fall Time: 30ns typical.
Linearity: <0.1% of peak output.
Settling Time: <250ns to 0.5% of final value.
Jitter(RMS): 6ns + 30ppm.
Non-volatile Memory: 4 waveforms * 256K points.
Modulation Type: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Sweep,
and Burst.
Common Characteristic
Frequency Resolution: 1µHz.
Amplitude Range:10mVpp to 10Vpp in 50W
20mVpp to 20Vpp in Hi-Z.
Amplitude Accuracy 1, 2 (at 1kHz): ±1% of setting ±1mVpp.
Amplitude Units: Vpp, Vrms, dBm.
Amplitude Resolution: 4 digits.
DC Offset Range (Peak AC + DC):
±5V in 50W, ±10V in Hi-Z.
DC Offset Accuracy 1, 2
±2% of offset setting, ±0.5% of amplitude setting.
DC Offset Resolution: 4 digits.
Main Output Impedance: 50W typical.
Main Output Isolation: 42Vpk maximum to earth.
Main Output Protection: Short-circuit protected; overload automatically disables main output.
Internal Frequency reference Accuracy 5:
±10ppm in 90 days, ±20ppm in 1 year.
External Frequency reference Standard/Option:
External Frequency Input:
Lock Range: 10MHz ±500Hz.
Level: 100mVpp ~ 5Vpp.
Impedance: 1kW typical, AC coupled.
Lock Time: <2 seconds.
External Lock Range: 10MHz.
Frequency Output:
Level: 632mVpp (0dBm), typical.
Impedance: 50W typical, AC coupled.
Phase Offset:
Range: –360° to +360°.
Resolution: 0.001°.
Accuracy: 8ns.
Carrier: Sine, Square, Ramp, ARB.
Source: Internal/External.
Internal Modulation: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle,
Noise, ARB.
Frequency (Internal): 2mHz to 20kHz.
Depth: 0.0% ~ 120.0%.
Carrier: Sine, Square, Ramp, ARB.
Source: Internal/External.
Internal Modulation: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle,
Noise, ARB.
Frequency (Internal): 2mHz to 20kHz.
Deviation: DC ~ 25MHz.
Carrier: Sine, Square, Ramp, ARB.
Source: Internal/External.
Internal Modulation: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle,
Noise, ARB.
Frequency (Internal): 2mHz to 20kHz.
Deviation: 0.0° to 360°.
Carrier: Pulse.
Source: Internal/External.
Internal Modulation: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle,
Noise, ARB.
Frequency (Internal): 2mHz to 20kHz.
Deviation: 0% ~ 100% of pulse width.
Carrier: Sine, Square, Ramp, ARB.
Source: Internal/External.
Internal Modulation: 50% duty cycle Square.
Frequency (Internal): 2mHz to 100kHz.
External Modulation Input6
Voltage Range: ±5V full scale.
Input Resistance: 8.7kW typical.
Bandwidth: DC to 20kHz.
Waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, ARB.
Type: Linear or logarithmic.
Direction: Up or down.
Sweep Time: 1ms ~ 500s.
Trigger: Internal, External, or Manual.
Marker: Falling edge of sync signal (programmable
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Model 3390 specifications
Trigger Input
Level: TTL compatible.
Slope: Rising or falling (selectable).
Pulse width: >100ns.
Impedance: >10kW, DC coupled.
Latency: <500ns.
Trigger Output
Level: TTL compatible into ≥1kW.
Pulse width: >400ns.
Output Impedance: 50W typical.
Maximum rate: 1MHz.
Fan-out: ≤4 Keithley 3390s.
Power Supply: CAT II 110–240VAC ±10%.
Power Cord Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz.
Power Consumption: 50VA max.
Operating Environment: 0° to 50°C.
Storage Temperature: –30° to 70°C.
Interface: USB, LAN, LXI-C, GPIB.
Language: SCPI-1993, IEEE-488.2.
Dimensions: 107mm high × 224mm wide × 380mm
deep (4.2 in. × 8.8 in. × 15 in.).
Weight: 4.08kg.
Safety: Conforms with European Union Directive
73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1.
EMC: Conforms with European Union Directive
89/336/EEC, EN 61326-1.
Warm-up: 1 hour.
1. Add 10%/°C of spec for offset and amplitude for operation outside the
range of 18° to 28°C.
2. Autorange enabled.
3. DC offset set to 0V.
4. Spurious output at low amplitude is –75dBm typical.
5. Add 1ppm/°C average for operation outside the range of 18° to 28°C.
6. FSK uses trigger input (1MHz maximum).
7. Sine and square waveforms above 10MHz are allowed only with an
“infinite” burst count.
Pattern Mode
Clock Maximum Rate: 50MHz.
Output:Level: TTL compatible into ≥2kW.
Output Impedance: 110W typical.
Pattern Length: 2 to 256K.
Model 3390 specifications
Waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Noise, ARB.
Type: Internal/External.
Start/Stop Phase: –360° to +360°.
Internal Period: 1µs ~ 500s.
Gated Source: External trigger.
Trigger Source: Internal, External, or Manual.
50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/
Function Generator
Model 3390 specifications
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