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Here you can view latest help, info, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1) WHAT DO I NEED, SO I CAN FLY WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS (WOFF)?...........................................3
2) HOW DO I INSTALL WOFF?.....................................................................................................................3
3) AFTER INSTALL .......................................................................................................................................4
4) DO I NEED TO INSTALL ALL PREVIOUS PATCHES TOO?...........................................................................5
5) FOR THOSE USERS WITH NON-ENGLISH WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS. ..........................................5
6) VIDEO CARDS WITH LESS THAN 2GB OF VRAM......................................................................................7
7) ANTI-VIRUS THAT CAN INTERFERE WITH WOFF INSTALL OR RUNNING.................................................7
8) OPERATING SYSTEMS – LATEST INFO FOR WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS. ........................................8
9) WHERE TO GET MICROSOFT COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 3 PATCHES:................................................9
10) OBTAINING MICROSOFT COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 3 ....................................................................9
12) CONFIGURING CH RUDDER PEDALS AND FIGHTERSTICK IN CH SOFTWARE. ......................................14
13) I CANNOT END THE MISSION! ...........................................................................................................18
14) I CANNOT SET ANTI-ALIASING TO “0” (NONE) IN WORKSHOP. .........................................................18
18) WOFF’S USER INTERFACE MY MENUS ON SCREEN ARE CHOPPED OFF. .............................................20
(ALSO SEE SECTION 40 IF YOU ARE A WOFF EXPANSION USER!). .............................................................21
21) CAN I PUT MY OWN CFS3.EXE INTO THE WOFF AFTER INSTALL? .......................................................23
22) MY TRACKIR DOESN’T WORK IN WOFF, BUT WORKED IN OFF. .........................................................24
23) THE WEATHER IN WOFF IS ALWAYS BAD. ..........................................................................................24
25) *GAMEPLAY* THE NEW ‘ROTARY ENGINE BLIP’ FUNCTION IN WOFF. ............................................24
26) *GAMEPLAY* HOW DO I SELECT A VIEW FROM TARGET-TO-PLAYER? ..............................................25
31) HOW CAN I REVERSE MY RUDDER AXIS? ..........................................................................................27
33) *GAMEPLAY* MY SQUADRON DOES NOT HAVE THE AIRCRAFT IT SHOULD? ..................................28
35) SAITEK X52 JOYSTICK BUTTONS DO NOT WORK IN SIM....................................................................28
36) TAC DISPLAY ICON GUIDE: .................................................................................................................29
37) THE ALBATROS FLIGHT MODEL IS BAD I CANNOT FLY IT? ..................................................................29
38) I WISH THERE WAS A MOUSE LOOK OPTION? ...................................................................................30
39) *GAMEPLAY* ACES DON’T DIE PERMANENTLY WHEN I SHOOT THEM DOWN? .................................30
45) WOFF EXPANSION: NEW ‘DX9 ENHANCED SHADERS’ SETTINGS EXPLAINED. ....................................34
46) WHEN I TRY TO RUN WOFF I GET AN ERROR "MISSING OR INVALID WMP.DLL"................................35
HOW TO GET STARTED IN WOFF...............................................................................................................36
LAPTOP USERS’ NOTES .............................................................................................................................37
GENERAL TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE.......................................................................................................37
CONTACTING SUPPORT: ...........................................................................................................................38
1) What do I need, so I can fly WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS (WOFF)?
You need a PC computer with a very minimum of 4GB of RAM, a joystick, a DVD Drive, and a 64 bit
version of Windows (Vista 64, Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit) and a good NVidia graphics card
with 1.5GB RAM on board or more, (a 570 GTX has been tested but preferably something higher with
more memory is recommended). A 670GTX or higher with 2GB or VRAM or more, or equivalent ATI
graphics cards is better. Other manufacturer’s 3D cards MAY work but are not recommended and not
tested. You also need Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 (see more info below).
Although Windows XP (32bit), Vista 32, Windows 7 (32 bit) or Windows 8 (32 bit) may work it has not
been tested and is not recommended. Also Microsoft itself has expired support for Windows XP in early
2014 and therefore it is not supported officially and you may need to enable the /3GB switch to enable
access to more memory. We cannot help with this procedure though. Upgrade to a good OS like
Windows 7 64 bit!
Also very recommended is a head tracking system such as TrackIR 4 /TrackIR 5 or FaceTrackNOIR.
We also recommend you install DirectX9, yes even in Vista or Windows 7 or 8. Please install it, and please
use the link given in section 40 of this FAQ and follow the instructions for its installation carefully, and
fully. Please don’t assume you have it installed already, and if Vista tells you that you do not need it,
please ignore that and install it anyway!
2) How do I install WOFF?
Important: Make sure you are logged in as an Admin user then;
DVD version
If you are installing from the WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS DVD version, put the DVD in your DVD
reader in your PC. Give it a few moments to recognise the DVD. Browse to the DVD in Windows
explorer. Then double-left mouse click on the DVD icon to explore its contents, then double left click on
the main “WingsOverFlandersFieldsPhase4_1.0” executable to install, and follow the prompts.
Digital Download version
If you have the Digital Download version, then download the large compressed “zip” file. Windows 7 and
8 can open the file usually without help from a compression program. However you must still COPY (or
unzip) all of the 4 files into a new folder on your hard drive before running the installer.
All the files must be all together in one folder on your hard drive, not in sub folders (see
Next run the WingsOverFlandersFieldsPhase4_1.0 executable.
Follow carefully as the instructions are displayed by the installer.
You will be required to supply your Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 disk to verify you own it and to
copy any necessary files from there.
In most cases it should be very simple.
However if you own an old CFS3 version (v.3.0) then you be informed by the WOFF install program and
you will have to exit the install, then first install CFS3, then update it to v3.1 BEFORE trying again to
installing WOFF.
1) Make sure you save the download onto a disk drive with plenty of space to store the large zip (4.5GB
and another 4.5 GB to unpack the files to allow install). Make sure you have plenty of free hard drive
space to allow the program to install too also.
FAT32 formatted hard disk drives will not allow a file this large to be saved on there. Use a NTFS formatted
disk to save your download and unpack the files too.
2) Do not try to run the installer from a USB memory stick
3) Do not try to run from inside the download zip itself, copy the files first (see above).
4) MAKE A BACKUP! The download links are not lifetime guaranteed links, they expire. So to avoid
disappointment if you have to rebuild your PC or similar, please make a backup of any download
preferably onto an external hard drive or DVD. Then if your hard drives fail you can later install WOFF.
Any problems installing or running WOFF after this please see section 17).
3) After Install
It is important after any install of WOFF or add-ons to always then check the Downloads section on our
website to see if there any essential updates or fixes we may have made available. Download the latest
update, unpack and install it.
NOTE: If you have a non-English version of Windows you must install the latest update.
Check the website from time to time for any new updates.
Important: Finally always make a backup of your download file if you ordered only the digital download
version. Put the files away safely on an external hard drive or DVD disk that you put somewhere safe and
won’t lose… we cannot reissue downloads later!
See the rest of the FAQ for important help.
See also “How to get started in WOFF” section at the end of the document for advice on starting WOFF and a pilot
4) Do I need to install all previous patches too?
No, as stated at the top of the download page,
“NOTE: Latest update patch always includes all previous improvements, changes, and fixes:”
5) For those users with NON-ENGLISH Windows Operating Systems.
Please make sure you update WINGS: Over Flanders Fields to the latest version as it has fixes to allow
WOFF to run on Non-English Windows systems better. Please install the latest patch from our Downloads
page on the website and you should no longer need these settings!
ONLY IF you still have problems (for example you have updated WOFF but still have issues) perhaps with
Russian /Chinese or Japanese operating system for example then set the following;
Go to your Control Panel, and find Regional Settings.
The example pictures here are on English OS, on Windows 7 so you need to change the equivalent
settings, on your local Windows.
The red marked areas/numbers on the pictures below indicate where to click or select.
On step 5 for the Decimal symbol, replace the comma with a dot (, to .)
See the two following pictures;
Test that, and if you still have issues, you may also need this setting as per the picture below (you need a
Windows restart after applying setting and applying this!): Go to Control Pane, and click Regional and
Then change to this;
Again, please make sure you download and update WOFF to the latest available version and test before
trying these above settings.
6) Video cards with less than 2GB of VRAM.
Under Nvidia Control Panel for 3D settings - , disable Triple Buffering. You may need to do this in the
Global Setting not just CFS3 profile as often the profile can be ignored by CFS3.
In a card with lots of memory (2GB+ - If it is enabled it creates a third buffer inside the video cards existing
RAM. The result is that it can smooth out any choppy frame rates by providing that third stop gap buffer.
However under 2GB Video RAM it will slow things down as it eats up what little memory you have and can
cause screen stuttering as the card runs out of room to create the next video frame. So if you have less
than 2GB video RAM, set Triple Buffering to OFF. - Thanks to “Hellshade” for this tip.
See section 20 for more tips.
7) Anti-Virus that can interfere with WOFF install or running.
- Avast! Anti-Virus can interfere with the installation and running of WOFF.
- Norton Anti-Virus can remove files after installation, and can prevent WOFF from installing properly.
- Microsoft Security Essentials can interfere and dramatically with the install of the Skins addon Pack disable MSE before installing the Skins pack. Also you may need to disable Microsoft Security Essentials RealTime Protection to unzip zips that have executable files contained in them such as WOFF, and WOFF Expansion and
Avast! is incompatible at this time of writing (but may have been updated to work since)
Currently you must disable AVAST before installing and before running WOFF. We will update here if we receive
more information. It blocks various several basic files and often closes critical programs due to apparent false
positive detection during install; it also interferes with the running of WOFF and the runtime of our flight simulator.
For WOFF we strongly recommend you switch to another Anti-virus products such as ESET’s NOD Anti-Virus
(superb) or free ones such as AVG free and others.
You can as a work-around disable Avast! temporarily;
Find Avast! icon running in the taskbar notification area, right click, select Avast! Shields control, and then
click “Disable until computer is restarted”
If problems persist try uninstalling Avast! totally first before uninstalling and re-installing (OBD support
will ask you to do this as a troubleshooting step anyway).
If you have no firewall then disconnect from the internet for safety until Avast! fix the problem or use
another virus killer for safety as recommended above.
Microsoft Security Essentials can interfere with WOFF. Random crashes or stuttering then turn off MSE
real time protection. In fact most of the free Anti Virus can cause issues we have found.
Norton Anti-Virus: You may need to also disable this when installing if you have any errors in flying WOFF
(Norton can stop the installer from finishing properly).
Also note if you leave the unzipped/unpacked exe file in a folder after installing WOFF and any patches,
with Norton Anti-Virus running, it’ll pick them up as suspect during routine scans and delete them.
They can be recovered via Norton, but if they’ve already been installed, the best thing is to delete the EXE
files and retain the downloaded ZIPS for future use (if re-installing etc).
8) Operating Systems – latest info for WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS.
Although Windows XP (32bit), Vista 32, Windows 7 (32 bit) or Windows 8 (32 bit) may work with WOFF,
we have not tested it, and has been officially declared “end of life” by Microsoft. Therefore we do not
support it officially – we cannot offer help or refunds if you use an Operating system that is not listed as
supported in the requirements pages on our website
WOFF is designed to use 64 bit memory access. If you wish to try your WOFF on a 32 bit Operating
System it may be possible depending on amount of available memory in your system to enable the /3G
switch for the OS to access to more memory. This is a Microsoft feature, we cannot help with this or
support this and it may affect other programs so not recommended.
Note WINDOWS XP is not supported and is now officially ‘end of life’ as of APRIL 2014 by Microsoft. I.e.
no longer supported or updated at all even under the extended support.
9) Where to get Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 patches:
You normally won’t need these unless you have an old CFS3 CD (v3.0) most recent versions are already
The WOFF installer will usually notify you during install. has all Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 patches including other language
versions. Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 Patch 3.1 English only. Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 Patch 3.1 English only.
Or local copies on our server, links here:
CFS3 update patch 3.1 (english)
For these files and others languages see our help pages;
10) Obtaining Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3
This can be obtained easily and cheaply from stores such as (USA), (UK) or
your regional Amazon.
Search for “Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3” (without the quotes). It can also be easily found in
many other places such as Ebay and other online retailers.
11) How do I remap my Keys or Controllers? Or my rudder pedals won’t map?
A. On WOFF’s main menu go to Workshop Button on the far right. Click ‘Re Map Keys’. The excellent
WOFF Function Binding tool will open up. See section 9) above for an example how to find and
change the Engine Blip key. Other keys can be changed by pressing a key you would like to use. If
the key is in use already you can choose to go to that binding instead and un-map it first. Then
return to what you were doing and map to the freed key. Save your configuration (and perhaps
use the backup function too!).
B. Also for CH Throttle to work properly it is likely you are not using the CH peripheral management
If so you need to install the CH Control Manager although you don't need to actually use it. When
you install the software, the control manager installs device drivers that allow Windows to
correctly see and identify the CH Pro Throttle.
C. Read more:
D. Setting Up Controllers
Under ‘Select Controller’ make sure you choose the controller you want to configure from the pull down
menu (marked ‘1’ in picture). Setup your Joystick first. From the Bind to Axis menu choose a setting you
want to configure by clicking on it (2). For example click Bank Control (Ailerons), now the Re Assign
Binding appears (3).
See the image below;
Move the stick left or right (X axis – the traditional aileron movement ;) ). Now it will be assigned.
Go through each item in “Bind to Axis” and bind to the axis you need to use on the Joystick by moving that
particular axis on the joystick.
Now when you are finished binding those you need, you must then UNBIND any other axis that you
do NOT want to use with this controller. See following image;
For example, as picture above shows, you decide to use “Yaw Control (Rudder) on your Rudder Pedals. So
while configuring your joystick select Axis Rudder: Yaw control then click UNBIND it if it is currently bound
(maybe it is bound to your joystick’s twist stick Z axis for example).
The next picture shows the Joystick’s Axis Rudder unbound, ready to use later:
IMPORTANT: Repeat the UNBIND for all other bindings that are NOT being used on this controller. Keep
only the ones you want to actually use on this controller.
Select each in Bind to Axis again and click Unbind. Only keep the specific Bindings you actually want to
use on this particular controller.
Now importantly you must now go to ‘Select Controller’ again and choose the next controller! So in our
example we are choosing Saitek Pro Rudder pedals (see picture below).
Next click Yaw Control (Rudder) under Bind to Axis, now move your rudder pedals fully left or right.
This will assign the rudder Z movement to Yaw Control (Rudder) :
See next picture :
And finally UNBIND ALL other controls that you do not want to use on that controller IF they are listed in
‘Current Bindings’ (area marked above).
Here is an example where you need to remove the ailerons from the Rudder Pedals controller:
If you have “toe brakes” too, check what they are assigned to and remove. They are not normally needed
for WOFF and can interfere with other controls.
Finally under the ‘File Functions’ (as you can see in the above picture, bottom left of it) click SAVE.
Close the tool.
Go fly and test in the sim. If it all works fine – all controllers, also come back and launch the tool again
(from Workshop, “Re Map Keys” button), and click on BACKUP button. Now if you mess up later and break
your settings, you can RETRIEVE this stage at least. If you are careful and stick to this rule “do not use the
BACKUP button until you full test in the sim first” you should always be able to recover your situation.
You can try configuring other controllers too then and know you have a backup.
Also see the next section 12) Configuring CH Rudder pedals in CH Software for those with CH Pedals.
Note: As of writing Saitek X-52 and maybe other joysticks can have problems with sims in Windows 8.1
(i.e. not specifically WOFF) – check the manufacturers website for updated drivers if available.
12) Configuring CH Rudder pedals and Fighterstick in CH Software.
Install CH Control Manager. V4.51 seem to work best if you have problems with other versions look for it.
Here the axes and slider assignments are shown. Everything is mapped to CM Device 1 in mapped mode.
First, set the Fighterstick X Axis. You can also set dead zone and curves here, if you wish.
Then, set the FighterStick Y Axis.
Set the Fighterstick Throttle Slider to Slider 1 if you wish to use it.
Next, set the ProThrottle Throttle Axis to Z Axis.
Now disable Toe Brakes on the Pro Pedals (right pedal is shown, do the same for left pedal).
Now set Rudder Axis as Slider 0. Make sure you check the Centered box.
Make sure you select mapped mode (far right controller icon)
Now download profile to memory. WOFF should recognize these axis and slider assignments.
Many Thanks to BirdDogICT for this! You can download his CH profile on our 3rd Party files area section
on the WOFF website!
If after this if you still have problems with axis being recognised you need to clear out any old problems or
settings you may have created:
Go to c:\users\{your name}\Appdata\roaming\OBDgames\OBDWW1overflandersfields
and delete WOFFkeys.xca. This will clear all keys and controller assignments.
Launch WOFF, go to workshop, and hit “Reset Devices only”. Now Save and exit.
Go to fly, check axis were correctly recognised and that you have full control back up.
Read question 12) above carefully to give you a much better idea of the binding process for WOFF.
Also one tip, in the key mapping tool save a backup (click Backup button) when you have all axis and
bindings working to your satisfaction initially. Do not make any other backup until you are happy and
checked in sim first fully! Then you can always restore to a point of working. As a double save you could
also copy the WOFFBackupKeys.xca file from \OBDsoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders
fields\campaigns\CampaignData\Default\ folder and paste it somewhere safe.
If you still cannot map a controller, one other tip that has helped more than CH user:
Exit WOFF and unplugged your controllers, stick, throttle, and pedals. Then plug them back in.
Then in WOFF key mapping tool, select "Reset Hardware Only" and tried a mission without mapping any
axes, it worked!
Notes (thanks to BirdDogICT):
CH drivers identify each CH device and USB port, and then create HID compliant virtual devices for each of
your CH devices. That allows CH Manager to pass commands/key presses to the devices via DirectX once a
CH Map is loaded into memory. A CH Map is basically a collection of key commands and mini-programs
translated to DirectX.
It can be that when you first install CH Manager, every time you restart Windows, Windows has to install
the CH device drivers for each of your devices, and this can go on for 5-10 starts until Windows device
manager finally loads the drivers automatically on each startup and assigns proper Device IDs. Once the
drivers are stable (without Windows asking to load drivers at each startup) you should then leave the
devices in the same USB ports all the time. Then as long as the devices don’t change, it should remain
solid. It is therefore better to make sure the CH Manager & devices installation is stable before going
through the plugging/unplugging process with WOFFkeys.
13) I cannot end the mission!
Press CTRL+Q to end the mission now, not <Esc>. See question 10) above for how to configure or see key
14) I cannot set anti-aliasing to “0” (none) in workshop.
There is no need to set to 0 – set AA on your graphic card utility. If you set your graphics card settings to
always override the application (note do this in “Global” profile for Nvidia – CFS3 profile often does not
work properly). Basically the CFS3 AA settings in workshops are best to leave it at 8x and then set your
GPU to always override the application.
15) How do you enable Force Feedback in WOFF? Or G940 centering / FF is odd.
The centering spring needs to be enabled under global device settings in the Logitech profiler. Set that to
get centering force enabled (i.e. not in a profile but in Global device settings).
-Thanks to ‘Wee’ Mac
Also note: Joystick Force Feedback for WOFF is enabled via the option (top right area) in ‘Workshop’ in the
WOFF manager:
NOTE: Your joystick may also require drivers or software from the manufacturer to enable FF.
16) Function Key Mapping tool beeps several times – or POV switch doesn’t work!
This is probably because you have FaceTrackNOIR head/face tracking software installed, which installs
“virtual joystick” drivers, these mimic your joystick and duplicate all controls hence lots of beeping when
you click a joystick button in the Key mapping tool (the fake joysticks can interfere with WOFF’s key
mapping tool detection of the real stick). So remove the virtual drivers (uninstall them) before using the
key mapping tool.
If the POV hat switch views don’t seem to work - or they snap back instantly even if POV switch is still
pressed in a direction, then remove “OpenTrack” or similar software or still use OpenTrack, but you will
be unable to use the POV PAN views.
17) Random Errors you cannot explain. Please try a clean Uninstall and re-install:
Firstly, make sure you are logged in as an Admin user.
If your sim is not launching, or not working properly but was originally, remove any user ‘mods’ if you
have installed any.
If you still have random errors, and have overclocked your CPU, temporarily set the CPU to run at its
“normal” Intel or AMD recommended clock speed and set up your memory to the correct speed for this.
WOFF uses CPU a lot, so may strain an overclock or poorly cooled CPU much more than some other
programs. We will ask you to try this too if you contact support. We have seen this cause such problems
so please do this rather than assuming it’s fine as it runs OK normally.
If you still have a problem you basically need to Uninstall WOFF via the WOFFtoolbox and then reinstall.
Then run WOFF to test to see if the problem is still there – see the steps below to do this;
1. Run WOFFToolbox from the C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\Toolbox folder.
2. Select UNINSTALL WOFF at the bottom of the WOFFToolbox menus.
3. After install has finished,, Select “Clear registry” in the WOFFToolbox.
4. Close the toolbox.
5. Browse to C:\OBDSoftware\ and delete the WOFF folder and its contents.
6. Browse to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Find OBD_Games select it then delete it
(be careful to ONLY delete OBD_Games and its contents not anything else in App_Data!).
7. Disable any Anti-Virus. Including Microsoft Defender, Norton, MSE, AVG and others etc.
8. Install WOFF again, do not click anything once it starts to install.
9. Make sure the Aircraft Cloner starts and completes at the end of the install, and then the WOFF
installer’s button should change to “Finish”. Click that button to complete the install.
10. Now try to Run WOFF again now (Anti-Virus still disabled temporarily to test).
If there is still a problem;
11. Try installing the full direct X 9 install, (even in Windows 8) and the latest clean fresh video drivers
from NVidia or ATI depending on your Graphics card. See section 40) on how to install DX9 properly for
12. Uninstall WOFF as above in 2., then try creating a NEW windows user with administrator rights, log in
as that new user, then try a fresh install. If it runs some setting or program in your normal user is causing
a conflict.
13. Finally do not forget to install the latest update patch from our Downloads page for WOFF.
18) WOFF’s User Interface my menus on screen are chopped off.
If you return from flight and find your WOFF interface menu is chopped off then Windows desktop
resolution and your WOFF resolution must match the native resolution of your main TV or Monitor
To do this, set your Windows desktop to use the ‘native’
resolution of the monitor – you can do this by RIGHTclicking on an empty area of your actual desktop. In
Windows 7 this brings up a menu, choose “Screen
Resolution” and set it to the monitor’s native resolution.
Also you must set this same resolution in WOFF, so go
to Workshops menu from WOFF main menu. Look
under Graphics and Details section and set the
resolution to match the monitor’s native resolution.
The ‘native’ resolution of your monitor is usually the maximum resolution it supports. Check the display
manufacturer’s website.
Update November 2014: It seems with the new drivers from NVidia released with the new DSR setting
(Down sampling resolutions) that may cause this issue. If you have created a DSR seting in a profile or the
base profile. If you do, try setting WOFF Graphics Options to use the Down Sampling (DSR) resolution you
have made, and in game you may get either the DSR, or the normal native monitor resolution used when
flying in the simulator, and avoid the chopped off menu effect when returning from a mission.
If this doesn’t work try setting WOFF graphic Options in Workshop to the native resolution (commonly
1920x1080 or 1920x1200) instead of the DSR setting.
Finally try removing DSR from the base profile but have it only in profiles for games that need it. CFS3 can
use the BASE profile and ignore the CFS3 profile if you made one so be wary of that. See picture below:
19) Cannot Get to Fly, I see error “WOFF DLL did not start or WOFF DLL runtime
crash!” (also see section 40 if you are a WOFF Expansion user!).
Exit WOFF, and open in Mission.log in C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\Logs folder.
(Use Notepad or similar text viewer) to open it …
… Then scroll to the bottom.
If you see;
2013/12/17 06:35:17 EXCEPTION InitDXForWindow failed
2013/12/17 06:35:17 TellUser InitDXForWindow failed
Then you must set your Windows desktop to use the ‘native’ resolution of the monitor. Next also go to
‘Workshops’ menu in WOFF, and under ‘Graphics and Details’ section set your Resolution to the same
resolution setting as your desktop. In other words, the Windows desktop resolution and your WOFF
resolution must both match the native resolution of your display.
The ‘native’ resolution of your monitor is usually the maximum resolution it supports. Check the display
manufacturer’s website for your model of Monitor/TV/Display.
To set your windows display resolution, right click on an empty area of Windows desktop, click screen
In resolution choose the recommended maximum your monitor will allow.
Some TV/Monitors do not properly support 32 bit mode or do not report it correctly so if this still doesn’t
work try 16 bit mode in the Graphics Settings. If you still have problems see Section 40 of this FAQ if you
are a WOFF Expansion user. If not see other sections in this FAQ, such as General Troubleshooting at the
end of the FAQ, or section 17 for reinstall advice and other important information.
20) Optimising your graphics, minimising stutters, increasing frame rates.
NOTE, if you choose to install CFS3 first and update it to v3.1, before installing WOFF you must do a FULL
install of CFS3 otherwise it will require the CD to be inserted and cause stutters. This won’t affect most
people who choose to not install CFS3 and allow WOFF install to read from their CFS3 disk instead.
A) Check your GPU/graphics card settings. For example check your Anti-Aliasing (AA) filtering setting and
make sure it is set to either “override any application settings” - or - “use application settings” (i.e. not
“enhancing application settings” which will double up the AA on top of the application’s own AA!).
WOFF’s AA is set in “Workshops” under Graphics and Details section if you want to “use application
Also try lowering AA settings, turn off FXAA etc and set texture quality to ‘performance’. Also try lowering
Anisotropic Filtering.
Also turn off ’tessellation’ or any post render extras processing offered by the Graphics Card that may
cause heavy strain on video.
For high end NVidia card (780 GTX, 970 or 980 GTX etc) see this forum discussion here with good advice;
For ATI users if you have stuttering or slow fps, make sure you don’t use anti-aliasing set to
"adaptive multisampling". Change it to "supersampling" instead - thanks to Robert W.
Also for micro-stutters in many games can be managed by selecting different settings in the: “Maximum
pre-rendered frames” setting (for NVidia cards). The default is usually 3 or “use application settings” but
try setting to 8 or 1 (and after that if still a problem try 3,4,5,6 etc). This setting in tandem with VSYNC ON
(usually) can often resolve most sources of stutter. You may need “NVidia Inspector” application (google
it) to override this setting higher than 4.
Also it is important to setup your Anti-Aliasing filtering on your Graphic Card settings as per Section 14).
B) Close down all absolutely unnecessary background tasks for example web browsers, tools, other
programs not needed at the moment.
C) Also look at setting turbo boost on your CPU (google it) if yours supports it. You can gain performance
as long as you have good performance cooling on your CPU.
D) Overclocking: Many people overclock their CPU, but this MUST be carefully researched and properly
implemented and cooled (get some professional IT help if unsure). Also overclocking can actually SLOW
the memory speed down or affect bus speeds as timings changes.
Note overclocking can cause more randomness and overall less smooth experience in games, but if setup
correctly, and providing the system components can actually cope, it can enhance programs that need
more CPU speed.
If overclocking, test that CPU throttling / over heat protection in the BIOS is not enabled. Or it may be
lowering the CPU speed during use. You WILL need a very good CPU heatsink, fan or water cooling system
for your CPU or lower the overclock amount!. If you have problems with WOFF, we will ask you to
remove any overclocking and run at default recommended manufacturer CPU speed and correct
memory settings to test properly.
There are many things like this you can tweak to gain extra performance. WOFF runs very well on many
systems so as with all PC titles, research a little maybe read similar posts in our forum or ask for help there
if you are still unable to get better performance. Forum link:
E) Also in WOFF, click the “Workshops” button on the main menu, under “Graphics and Options” try
reducing these, in order;
“Regional Air Activity”
“Terrain Detail Textures”,
“Woods/Forest Density”,
“Scenery Density” to a lower number (low system try 1 or 2).
“Terrain Detail” to a lower number (low system try 1 or 2).
“Aircraft Skin Res” to Normal if on High, or Low if a very poor system.
F) The following adjustments helped some people with stuttering, try them in order and test each,:
1. Reduce TrackIR ‘smoothing’ setting to 3 or 4, and test.
2. Right click on cfs3.exe in C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\ folder. Select
properties -> compatibility, set it to disable visual themes and desktop composition.
3. If still problems set the Windows theme to Windows Basic.
Thanks to Madmatt and yaan98
G) Sound card, try altering settings in it’s software settings, turn off any special effects. Make sure you
install the latest driver from the sound card manufacturer.
H) Anti Virus. See Section 7 of this FAQ.
Remember just because your PC plays half dozen other games well doesn’t mean it will play every single
game out there fine. PC’s can be finicky don’t blame the game just because you have issues.
PCs are NOT consoles (which is why they can be customised and upgraded easily over time (and be
different from each other).
Take some time, get it worked out and you’ll be fine.
21) Can I put my own CFS3.exe into the WOFF after install?
No you must not do this. Leave the one the WOFF install creates alone. Once WOFF has verified you have
CFS3 and copied some files during installation you will no longer need to keep a CD or DVD in the drive to
run WOFF. If you do replace the ‘CFS3.exe’ it WILL cause problems with memory management in WOFF
and we will not support a modified install. If you had to install CFS3 first you do not need to keep it
installed after WOFF is successfully installed (but handy to use to re-install WOFF from later).
22) My TrackIR doesn’t work in WOFF, but worked in OFF.
If you have Naturalpoint TrackIR software version 4 then you must remove it and install the latest version
(currently version 5.2.2 as of 27th January 2014). See NaturalPoint TracKIR website for download.
23) The Weather in WOFF is always bad.
Welcome to realistic WW1 weather! We have carefully researched many aspects of WOFF historically,
including the weather. It was quite appalling during most of the war in that region, some of the worst for
weather for many decades. Some theories indicate the weather may have been worse due to the massive
amount of bombardment over the extended period chucking up debris and smoke and shock waves, lack
of vegetation in many areas and so on.
Anyway if you do not want it so, simply change it in Workshops menu, at top left area select “AI Weather
Gen”. Now you will have more average normal weather with more blue sunny skies It’s that simple!
Good eh?
24) "HISTORICAL SKINS ADD ON PACK" #1 Does Not install, seems to hang a while.
If you have Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-you must disable it temporarily, allow the install of the pack,
and wait for it to finish (especially) during install before re-enabling it.
Also the unzipped / unpacked ‘WingsOverFlandersFieldsPhase4_Skins Pack1.exe’ file in a folder after
installing WOFF and any patches could be scanned by MSE and take a long time. Simply keep the zip file
saved somewhere very safe for a re-install later.
25) *Gameplay* The new ‘Rotary Engine blip’ function in WOFF.
Of course for those who want, they can fly rotaries, using throttle like in previous versions
of ‘OFF’, but that is not realistic and not how it was.
For those who want to fly it realistically and it’s fun too  you can use the B key (default
setting) in flight to blip your engine off temporarily;
Or to add a joystick button too;
1. Map the "B" key via the tool in Workshop. In Workshop click “Re Map Keys”. The Wings: Over Flanders
Fields Function Bindings tool should open.
2. Now in the tool top right under Filter Functions select
EngineControls from the drop down menu.
3. Next look down the keys that appear in the 2nd column from the left.
4. Find the “Rotary Engine Blip” key (which by default is assigned to the “B” key) and select it.
5. Now a re-assign binding window appears. Instead of a key, press a button (not your usual trigger
button of course, but another spare button).
6. Now the blip will be on the “B” key AND the joystick button you chose.
7. If you now fly a rotary engine aircraft (example Sopwith Camel), you no longer would use the throttle
lever anymore when flying rotaries. Inline engine aircraft cannot be used with the blip switch and use a
normal throttle.
8. Once you have started the engine (E), you can hit the 0 key (zero) to set your engine at 100% throttle.
The engine roars up, but while you keep the blip button pressed, the engine is interrupted. Then when
you release the button again, it roars up again to 100%. Now using the blip switch you can control taxispeed, landing-speed, you can use it for manouvering etc. Many rotary engines were Full on or OFF, with
a blip switch to temporarily kill the engine power.
If you press it for too long, depending on AC, your engine might die and need restarting (use the ‘E’ key)
There are some rotaries where you had also partial throttles so rather than 100% power always + blip ,
you could also set them to say ¼, ½, ¾ power. i.e. reduce the overall power and then still blip it down. In
WOFF you can use the top row keyboard numbers and select 1, 4, 7 or 0, for engine basic settings only to
mimic this, but best would be for the beginning just using 0 for 100%.
Have fun. Especially while landing. – Thanks to “Creaghorn”.
26) *Gameplay* How do I select a View from Target-to-Player?
Bring up your TAC display: 'Shift+T" (toggle)
Notes: (Pressing T also changes target types to narrow a search to only certain object types such as
aircraft only to make this a little easier, so press T once).
Now, press 'TAB' to select an enemy Target (or 'Shift-TAB' to select a friendly)
- the 'item' will go yellow in the TAC.
Now cycle/switch the view pressing 'F1' a few times until it says at the top: “Player / Target View.”
Now 'V' will toggle the view between player to target, and target to player.
Pressing "tilde" (~ or ‘ on some keyboards) will padlock this target if you are in the cockpit when you
select a target first, remember to press it again to release this view before switching to other views or you
may forget you have it on later).
Also once you have targeted one craft, if you wish you can now remove the TAC and Tab key will still cycle
through targets easily whilst in Player Target views.
Also see section 28 below which explains the Observer View mode, a new experimental free moving
camera mode.
27) Setting up Saitek Quadrant controller in Functions key mapping tool.
1. From WOFF’s main menu click Workshops, click Re Map Keys.
2. In the Function key map tool select Controller: Saitek Quadrant
3. Delete Axis X and Axis Y bindings from "Current Bindings Screen".
4. Also delete all of the other bindings as well, then…
5. Select Throttle from the "Bind to Axis" box and move one of your levers all the way up (or down) - be
careful that it's about 2 cm raised from the bottom and not all the way down.
6. Save
7. Select Mixture Control 2 and do the same with the other lever
8. Save
9. Repeat and save for the last lever.
10. If you still have problems, try reassigning the joystick and rudder bindings after this then go back and
reassign the throttle and mixtures again, and save when you have it working. Once fully working click
“BACKUP” to save an extra copy to your WOFF folder.
28) *Gameplay* In Observer View I see aircraft or objects above or in the ground.
Observer mode is experimental NEW mode – it has rendering issues when far out from the player, so
please don’t use it if this bothers you.
To use observer view, press J, now rotate view with twist Z axis rotate joystick and push forward back to
move forward and back, use numpad 8 and 2 (up down arrows, with numpad enabled) to climb/dive
Note rotate with the joystick is for twist sticks. It may be your rudder that controls the rotate.
And remember it is experimental if it doesn't work well or you find issues do not report them we cannot
respond or discuss.
29) *Gameplay* Readouts and dials are in metric, can I change it to imperial
Yes in flight press U !
30) Where are my screenshots stored that I took in sim using the K key?
By default they will be in your Documents\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\ folder.
So for Windows 7 and 8 users:
C:\Users\<Your User>\Documents\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields
If you find no screenshots, or K is not working, then make sure if you have mods installed such as
SWeetFX it may override any game screenshots and stop K from working at all. Sweetfx can use PrntScrn
key to take screenshots, but it saves its own screenshots to the sim’s main folder.
For example C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields folder.
31) How can I reverse my Rudder Axis?
To solve it, go to
C:\Users\<your profile>\AppData\Roaming\OBD_Games\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\
and open WOFFKeys.xca with notepad.
There you have to find
<Device Type=" of your controller...">
<GameMode Name="Player">
Look further down …
<Axis ID="Rudder" Action="Set_Yaw" Scale="64" Nullzone="0" ...
Edit that value to Scale="-64" (i.e. negative value) and your rudder will behave correctly. Remember to
save the file over the .xca file. (Make sure it’s not saved as a “.txt” file you may need to set “file type” in
Notepad to *.* then add the .xca to the end of the file name (for example WOFFKeys.xca before saving).
If you already adjusted sensitivity the value may be different, then just make it negative.
32) *Gameplay* Some Aircraft need trim to fly straight or veer off to one side.
Welcome to WW1, the dawn of flight! Note many craft were configured in such a way that they would
want to climb initially, like the Camel at full load of fuel its nose would pull up. Then eventually as the fuel
was exhausted and therefore the balance of weight moved dramatically sometimes (remember these
were flimsy lightweight aircraft). So after a long mission the nose would want to drop. You have to
remember many of these craft were intentionally configured to climb or not for valid reasons, and many
had poor or odd design quirks and some had rotary engines causing gyroscopic effects. Some where
designed for specific jobs, intercept, long range and others etc.
But yes the sim will allow you to trim even where the real aircraft had no trime. Some craft like the SE5a
had elevator trim the pilot could set, others had some that could only be used on the ground, some none
except a bungee strapped to the stick.
Many pilots commented that some craft were tiring to fly due to requiring fairly hefty long term pressure
or hand on the stick for the whole mission. Some didn't need much like the BE2 very stable but not good
for fighting in of course. See the section 11) for more info on setting/binding keys, or the key chart in
“workshops” available from the main menu in WOFF interface.
33) *Gameplay* My squadron does not have the aircraft it should?
When I create a pilot using “Auto Campaign deployment” option – it sometimes says the chosen squadron
has mixed craft, but when I join I only see one aircraft type in campaign.
A. This is because the new or best aircraft are only assigned to the high rank pilots. If no one in the
squadron has a high enough rank then no craft of a type will be assigned or shown. Try joining manually
as a high rank pilot instead and YOU will be given the special aircraft.
34) *Gameplay* Can I choose my own Squadron and Aircraft manually?
Yes of course, just look on the Campaign Auto Deployment screen lower right, there is a large MANUAL
SQUAD DEPLOYMENT – click it. You can choose all the details of your squad, fighter, or 2 seater career,
then scroll through days or years/months to choose starting date, and thus alsos see what aircraft are
available at that date in that squadron (all historically researched!) .
35) Saitek X52 joystick buttons do not work in sim.
If you have Windows 8.1 Saitek seem to have problems with USB and Windows 8.1. Contact Saitek.
Otherwise if you have another OS please follow the FAQ for setting up joysticks and rudder pedals.
36) TAC display icon guide:
Press Shift+t to bring up the tactical display.
This is NOT a radar but an aid to the world and objects around the player. It is also an awareness
indicator, i.e. aircraft you may be aware of (that are not in cloud cover) may be visible, but not necessarily
all craft that are around!
The colours on the TAC are as follows;
your leader - olive-ish Aircraft icon your formation – green Aircraft iconsothers on your side – blue icons for Aircraft and other objects.
bad guys – red icon dead things - black
unidentified things - grey
your target - yellow
your AI's target – purple
(note other flight members will pick OTHER targets once you indicated 1 target - i.e. the rest choose other
Objects on the edge of vision may change back and forth between grey for unidentified and some other
colour as a function of distance. See Section 26) for example using this and the key guide also in your
WOFF install folders.
C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\documentation is the default .
Also see Section 26) which goes over selecting the TAC and selecting targets and so on.
37) The Albatros flight model is bad I cannot fly it?
1. You must install the latest update patch from the downloads page on our website The Albatros series had improved Flight Model revisions!
If after that you still cannot fly the Albatros, then you are flying it incorrectly!
(a) Keep your forward speed high. Loose speed and you lose capability to perform tight manoeuvres.
(b). Avoid fast jerky yanks on the stick. It likes gentle input with progressively increased pressure as
you go – this will give you MUCH better turns. (NOTE good advice for many aircraft in WOFF, GENTLY
increase pressure on controls)
Start a turn gently then fluidly pull back once you are in the bank to find the best sustainable turn rate.
(c) Sometimes you can also add a small of left rudder while in a steady left-hand turn. To the right
probably rudder is not needed as often, although sometimes opposite rudder in that direction can help
to keep the nose where it’s needed (keep the nose down if it’s rising too much)..
(d) Try a chandelle or wing-over on a first pass at equal or lower altitude (not diving on someone) in
order to shorten turn radius quickly and convert initial speed into a little altitude.
38) I wish there was a Mouse Look option?
Although this is not built-in there is a 3rd party tool by AnKor that will let you do this.
See the “Wings: Over Flanders Fields - FAQs & Reference” subforum in our forums in the “Mouse
Look” thread (link is below).
Also most people use TracKIR 4 or 5 which tracks small head turn movements and turns your virtual head
in game. This totally transforms how you feel in the craft, much more immersive. Also for WOFF we
improved TracKIR response greatly, so looking around is much smoother and cleaner than it would
normally be. This is very recommended for immersion and ease of looking around plus sense of flight is
Also some have been using free programs such as FaceTrackNOIR with WOFF that just uses a web camera
instead of more expensive hardware – so it is a much cheaper alternative than TracKIR.
There are other free face tracking that may work too. Google FaceTrackNOIR.
39) *GAMEPLAY* Aces don’t die permanently when I shoot them down?
Aces in WOFF are historical. They live and die on the dates they did historically, the whole sim is geard
around historical data. Some aces were shot down and lived in real life too (Manfred von richthofen
being one of note ;)) , and in WOFF this is the case until they meet their real date for their historical
demise. This also applies to the many Historical Pilots too. I.e. Known pilots you fly with who may not
have made full “Ace” status.
We have no current plans to change it, but perhaps one day we can do an add-on to allow Aces to die –
we shall see…
Update: There are 2 MODS on the USER MODS pages on our website called ACE REDUX mod check those
out, they reduce the number of Historical Aces in the sim.
40) WOFF EXPANSION: It quits when I go to fly? (with the new DX9 Shaders on)
Make sure you have the most current WOFF Expansion update patch installed. See the Downloads page
on the WOFF website.
Then, go to WORKSHOPS button from the WOFF main menu, and select DEFAULT SHADERS. (See image
Now exit and go fly again. If you can now fly, then your issue is related to Direct X 9. Read on…
1) You need to install the full Direct X9 install from Microsoft. (Even in Windows 7 or 8, even if it says
not to!).
(note if you installed the latest Update patch, we have put a copy of the above download into
C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\Toolbox\DX9Redist folder. The file is called “directx_Jun2010_redist.exe”
(if you installed elsewhere look for the Toolbox\DX9Redist folder there)
Or download from:
Run the directx_Jun2010_redist.exe file, it is a “self-extracting” compressed file. In other words it will
want to unpack the files contained inside itself to a temporary folder of your choice. So do that, then
once it unpacks go to that temporary folder and run the dxsetup.exe to install. You must do this step or it
won’t be installed!
DirectX 11 and DirectX 9 do not conflict with each other. You can install and update them in any order.
You will already have DirectX11, which is meant to be compatible with DX9 but you will still need some
components Microsoft chose not to include. So do not skip this step, even if you think you already have
DX9 installed.
2) Turn DX Enhanced Shaders back on in the Workshop and fly to test. If you still have a problem
download and install the latest clean fresh video drivers from NVidia or AMD/ATI website depending on
your Graphics card. Do not skip this step it has fixed several customers issues.
3) If still a problem you can also try reducing the settings directly below DX9 Enhanced Shaders section to
lower values, and if that also fails, then try:
i) Try setting cloud shadow scale to 0 (disables cloud shadows) and test, if no go then also try
ii) setting Terrain Bump Map setting to 0.
4) If you use video capture or other software that interfaces with GPU or video using DirectX (MSI
afterburner, D3Dgear, or other game recording software) try uninstalling those then test.
5) Finally you can disable the DX9 Enhanced Shaders option and choose Default Shaders instead. See
screenshot below
Options in “Workshops”. Access Workshops from the button far right of the Main menu in WOFF.
41) WOFF EXPANSION: Now I do not see a Claim Form pop up after a mission?
Correct, with Normal Claims set in the Workshops, now you will not get any details in the Details Page of the after
Mission Summary. Nor will you be prompted with a claim form automatically when you have shot a craft down.
This gave the game away that you had in fact got a kill ;). So if you think you did get one, then when you see the
after mission report, click Details button right. Next on the Details page click the new Make Claim icon (bottom
right, see picture below). Remember to go to the Details Page because if you skip it, you will lose your chance to
However if you prefer you can change the Claims and Promotion settings to easy in Workshops and now you will
always be prompted when you have a kill with a claim form, and will see your details in Details section of the of
Mission summary.
42) WOFF EXPANSION: TRACKIR does not work now, but it used to work in WOFF?
1) Try unplugging your TrackIR device, and plug it back in, this should help it recognised WOFF.
2) Look for Game Updates your TracKIR 5.2.2 software. Look in one of the following ways:
Or click the large orange start button at top left of the TrackIR interface:
3) Make sure you have the latest TrackiR Software version 5.2.2 final installed.
If you have, then uninstall it, and re-install 5.2.2 fresh. Then do 1) and 2) above.
NVidia released a new feature “DSR” for their video cards. DSR=Down sampling resolutions.
Basically it creates a larger resolution than your monitor can normally display then down samples or
shrinks it to fit your resolution in effect showing you more on screen.
You may get this WOFF interface chopped off issue when returning from a mission, if you have created
DSR resolutions - especially if you have created a DSR setting in a base profile.
If you see the problem you will need to close WOFF.exe via Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) then re-launch
WOFF and try setting WOFF Graphics Options to use the higher Down Sampling (DSR) resolution.
In game you may get the normal native monitor resolution when flying in the simulator (some get the DSR
resolution in sim).
If it avoids the chopped off menu effect when returning from a mission then you can use that setup.
If not you may need to try the native resolution in WOFF, or other combinations or disable DSR from the
base profile. You can also use a RESTORE in the Nvidia Base profile to return all to default and DSR off.
Then configure the other AA filtering settings as normal.
If this doesn’t work try setting WOFF to the native resolution, or remove DSR from the base profile but
have it only in profiles for games that need it.
Also please see Section 18) for more information and help.
NEW lighting effects are only implemented in aircraft that are suited for night missions and found only in
WOFF Expansion i.e. GOTHA for night missions, BE12 HD and BE2c HD (HD=Home Defence) as they are
night fighters. As a bonus the SNIPE also has them fitted with latest WOFF Expansion update patch. All
other craft use older default cockpit lighting – which is a very simple light and not recommended for use
for immersion purposes.
Shaders are a graphics process handled by Direct X. WOFF 2 has new enhanced ones available thanks to
the fantastic work of ‘AnKor’.
When in the WOFF manager interface, go to “Workshops” menu . Now look to the top area of the
screen in the middle. If you are using DX9 Enhanced Shaders the option will be selected (otherwise you
are using Default Shaders).
Under that option in Workshop these settings are available;
Aircraft Shadow Detail: 0 to 5
0 turns shadows off, 1-5 controls the quality.
5 is obviously the highest, but 4 will provide comparable result but may work much faster on lower end
GPUs. The trick is that at a setting of 4 the shadow is still very detailed, but it is not blurred so you may
get more jagged edges. However the lack of blurring noticeably improves the performance.
Terrain Shadow Detail: 0 to 3
0 - Off. 1-3 controls the quality.
Different quality doesn't directly affect performance much, but it defines how much GPU memory is
required. And at 3 the memory use is quite dramatic, so if you have 1GB card and notice that it struggles
with the new shaders try reducing the terrain shadow detail.
Terrain Bump Map: 0 or 1
A simple on/off switch.
Cloud Shadow Scale: 0 to 10
0 - no cloud shadows.
1 to 10 controls the size of clouds on the ground (10% to 100% of their original size).
This setting was introduced because the weather is often bad at the Western Front and if someone wants
to allow more sun on the ground it may make sense to reduce this setting. This does not affect
performance (unless you set it to 0 of course).
[edit: most people do not realise the real weather was very bad throughout WW1 (possibly due to massive
bombardment affecting the eco system!) Also you can switch weather from ‘Historical’ to ‘AI Weather
Gen’ in ‘Workshops’ settings to give more normal weather. This mode is a smart weather based on
normal seasonal weather patterns, and non-historic seasonal changes. This way you will generally get
more average sunny days].
Cloud Shadow Density: 1 to 10
The darkness of cloud shadows. 10% to 100%. Again as above it is purely visual preference and doesn't
affect performance.
Self-explanatory I hope. Curiously I noticed that enabling VSync (via driver's control panel or via Force On
setting) not only prevents screen tearing but also gets rid of some stuttering.
External Cam FOV: 20 to 80
CFS3 was often blamed for fish-eye view in external camera and it took me quite a few hours to find a fix
for that.
Default setting is 35 which looks quite good without fish-eye distortions, while the stock CFS3 (and WOFF
before V2.0) use an equivalent of 60 here.
Thanks to AnKor for the info.
46) When I try to run WOFF I get an error "missing or invalid wmp.dll"
You need to install Windows Media Player – WOFF has some videos that show that requires this.
Windows comes with this installed usually. If for some reason you do not have Windows Media Player
installed, you can try enabling it via Control Panel. You may need your original Windows install files
available. Sometimes these will be already on your system if a pre-installed OS, or on your Windows install
DVD - contact your OS supplier).
From Control Panel in Windows, run Programs and Features. Click “Turn Windows Features On or Off”
then when Windows Features shows click to expand “Media Features” then tick / check “Windows
Media Player”. See image on next page :
Or try Microsoft’s website to download if you have an N or KN version of Windows (without Media player)
47) Sometimes my leader takes off but stays low and circles for a long time?
You probably used Shift+W to force the flight to move to the next waypoint before the leader and flight
have properly taken off and formed up, so avoid using next waypoing. If you want to avoid the climb out
and take offs, you could instead use the Air Start option in the briefing screen to start well into the
Ok so you have successfully installed WOFF, and you have installed the latest patch from our
What now? OK run the Wings Over Flanders Fields” icon on your desktop.
Go to Workshops and check your settings. Main thing is to set up your Graphics Details
according to your system. Low system, then set at least Terrain Detail and Scenery Detail to
2,2 medium try 3,3 high end system 4,4 or 5,5. You can also from Workshop click
“Default Key Guide” button (far left) to see an image of keyboard control and joystick default settings.
You can come back here to to click “Re Map Keys/Controllers” but probably best to check WOFF runs OK
first before changing things.
Click “DONE” bottom left of Workshop and back on the main menu click on “Pilot Dossiers.”
As you have no pilots yet you will be told No Pilot Exists! And if you proceed you are on the Campaign
Auto deployment Screen.
Top left you can choose nation, if you want to go through pilot training or not, and choose a season/year
plus other choices. Make a selection then on far right choose “Start Career Enlistment”. Now the sim
will choose squadrons as close to your selections as possible. Read the on screen prompts for help.
Next fill out details for your pilot. Note “rank” is not editble if you choose auto deployment.
See section 34 for the MANUAL SQUAD DEPLOYMENT option which gives you more control of date and
squadron choice.
If you create a pilot, then subsequent visits to the Pilot Dossier screen will allow you to view the pilot(s)
and create a new one or delete them and so on.
After creating a pilot, and setup your basic settings, you are ready to launch a flight WOFF.
Choose from Campaign with its dynamically generated missions, Quick Scenarios - pre made missions to
put you right into a combat situation, and Quick Combat where you can set up a Scenario with numbers
of aircraft, types, altitudes, situations and much more.
Remember WOFF is a pilot based sim, if you die in QS, QC or Campaign mode you are dead and will need
to create a new pilot, so be careful OR tick the “Pilot Never Dies” in QC or QS. You can also optionally set
“Outcomes” to “Easy -Pilot never dies” in Workshop so you can play the sim how you want to.
If you have any problems refer to the rest of this FAQ for help.
Although though we do not recommend laptops, it may be possible to run WOFF. If you get an error as
above in section 19), check if you have DUAL video cards. Some higher spec Laptops have Intel 4xxx and
NVidia 6xx M or 7xx M series (mobile) cards which usually switch as required by applications.
For example if you have and Intel 4600 & NVidia 740M the Intel graphics card is being presented to WOFF
by the system. Although we don’t specifically support this combination, you can you try going into NVidia
Control Panel and force the NVidia card to be used rather than the Intel one. Under the “Manage 3D
Settings” tab go to
Global Settings. Try setting ‘Preferred graphics processor‘ to High-performance NVIDIA processor.
Then under the ‘Program Settings’ tab (next to ‘Global’). Add a profile for Combat Flight Simulator 3 (add
one if it's not there) and do the same for Preferred settings choose High-performance NVIDIA processor..
There are NVidia tools you can get to see which card a program is using currently available at:
Please look through this FAQ carefully, before contacting support. However here are some basic checks
you can try first.
Detailed flight simulators of course have many options, settings and can take time to setup how you like
them. That's part of the reason so few are made anymore. Unfortunately, the more complicated
something is, the easier it is to find something that doesn't appear to be working properly. If so please
check through the suggestions below to determine if you've found a real problem.
a) Check your System Specs against the recommended requirements for WOFF!
b) Make sure you have the most current WOFF patch installed. See the Downloads page on the WOFF
c) Uninstall all Mods. Mods are great many love them too, but for purposes of troubleshooting, you MUST
uninstall or totally deactivate them!
d) Reset WOFF Settings in the Workshop. Put things back to defaults to see if that helps the issue.
e) Try a fresh re-install of WOFF and the latest patch. Sometimes in Windows any files or registry settings
can become corrupt. See section 17 in this document for more info
f) Look over the forums and see if anyone else has already posted about the same issue. If so, perhaps
someone has already found a solution for you to try. There is a search option top right in the forum on
SimHQ. Read “FAQ & References” section or other sections.
g) Also check carefully through section 20 in the FAQ above which has some good tips on optimising and
will also help with troubleshooting.
h) Anti Virus: See section 7 of the FAQ.
If contacting OBD Software for support, please note it is important to first read through this FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions) document. Any Support Queries received that are already answered in
there may not receive a reply. Also to speed up reply and resolution in your initial email, please state all
of the following;
1) Your original order number …
2) Your system hardware (CPU make, speed, GPU make, model, and software (Operating System) details.
The easiest way to do this is : Run MSINFO32 (type MSINFO32 into the Windows Run/Search box to find
it). Then when MSINFO32 application appears as a choice above your search, click it to launch. In
MSINFO32 choose “File” menu, “Export” to save the info to C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\Logs or wherever
your WOFF install is – save in \Logs.
Now do the same for DXDiag. Clear the Windows start search box, and type DXDiag. Above, the program
should appear so run it, and then in DXDiag click "Save all information", save to dxdiag.txt and also copy
that to the Logs folder - ready for zipping with all files as below.
3) Immediately after the error you have, exit WOFF first
(i) Next gather all files in C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\Logs
(or find the Logs folder in your install if you installed elsewhere).
(ii) We may need outcomes.xml from
C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Roaming\OBD_Games\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields
(iii) and the latest pilot dossier files from
C:\OBDSoftware\WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\Pilots
- Find latest pilot file sorted by “modified date”, then make a note of the Pilot number, now find all 4 of
that pilot's files. For example if the latest pilot is pilot3 then get;
Pilot3Dossier.txt; Pilot3Log.txt; Pilot3Squads.txt ; Pilot3Claims.txt
Put all these files above into a zipped file.
how to zip? See:
It’s then important to compress all of those files in LOGS folder into 1 zip file, (files may be quite large
otherwise) so it will help us. Attach them to your email.
4) In your email state the EXACT problem/error messages you saw, and your order number for the
product. Describe at exactly what you saw and where you saw it - all the steps you did to reproduce your
problem. For example just saying "it doesn't seem to work" won't help anyone! So you need to be precise
about what you saw. We will also need you to answer all questions asked clearly or we won’t be able to
help. Remember we are not sitting at your PC, so cannot see all that you see. If you are vague so will be
our answer!
5) Send your email with attachment of files as above, to:
Download PDF