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FP401001 MUK Rev 1
Food Processor
Please read and keep these instructions for future use
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* Register online for your 2 year guarantee. See the back of this instruction book for details (UK and Ireland customers only).
** Applies to serrator blade only. See back of this instruction book for details.
*** Independently tested by CATRA using the International Standard Cutting Test System to ISO 8442.5 vs a standard plain
edge blade.
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Health and Safety
The use of any electrical appliance requires the following common sense safety rules.
Please read these instructions carefully before using the product.
• This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilites, or lack of experience and knowledge, if they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the
appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
• Children shall not play with the appliance.
• Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children
without supervision.
In addition, we offer the following safety advice.
• This appliance is intended to be used in household and
similar applications such as:
farm houses;
by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type
bed and breakfast type environments.
It is not suitable for use in staff kitchen areas in shops,
offices and other working environments.
• Do not use outdoors or in a bathroom.
• Always locate your appliance away from the edge of the
• Do not place the bowl used with the appliance on a
highly polished wooden surface as damage may occur to
the surface.
Mains cable
• Do not let the mains cable hang over the edge of the
worktop where a child could reach it.
• Do not let the lead run across an open space e.g.
between a low socket and a table.
• Do not let the cable run across a cooker or other hot area
which might damage the cable.
• The mains cable should reach from the socket to the
base unit without straining the connections.
• The power cord cannot be replaced. Contact Morphy
Richards for advice.
Personal safety
• Avoid touching moving parts. Keep hands, hair and
clothing, and utensils away from the hand mixer
attachment blades during operation, to prevent personal
injury and/or damage to the appliance.
• Care shall be taken when handling the sharp cutting
blades, emptying the bowl and during cleaning.
• Do not allow children to use the blender without
Other safety considerations
• Do not use the appliance for anything other than it’s
intended purpose.
• The use of attachments or tools not recommended or
sold by Morphy Richards may cause fire, electric shock
or injury.
Product specific safety
• IMPORTANT: Allow hot liquids to cool before adding to
the blender, always ensure the lid is fitted correctly.
• Do not overfill the blender. This could cause damage to
the motor. The plug fuse will blow if the blender is
overloaded. Replace the fuse and do not exceed the
maximum recommended volumes. Refer to the
‘Attachment guide’ on page 5.
• Be careful if hot liquid is poured into the blender as it can
be ejected out of the appliance due to sudden steaming.
• Always disconnect the blender from the supply if it is left
unattended and before assembling, dissasembling or
• CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent
resetting of the thermal cut-out, this appliance must not
be supplied through an external switching device, such
as a timer or connected to a circuit that is regularly
switched on and off by the utility.
• Do not use the appliance if the glass jar or lid is damaged
or has visible cracks.
• CAUTION: Ensure that the blender is switched off before
removing it from the stand.
Electrical requirements
Check that the voltage on the rating plate of your
appliance corresponds with your house electricity supply
which must be A.C. (Alternating Current).
Should the fuse in the mains plug require changing, a 5
amp BS1362 fuse must be fitted.
WARNING: This appliance must be earthed.
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Congratulations on choosing your new Morphy Richards food preparation
appliance with Serrator Blade technology. With its revolutionary, unique
design the Serrator Blade is designed to give you superior cutting
performance for longer.
How does the Serrator blade work?
Specially developed by our in-house designers the Serrator Blade has
been created to outperform standard plain edge blades. The perfect
serration has been carefully selected and rigourously tested to give you
superior performance and us the confidence that the Serrator Blade will
give you years of satisfaction.
Our new precision Serrator Blades
stay sharper up to 12x longer than
standard blades, maintaining
performance for life.
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Product overview
Feed Tube
(10) On Button
(11) Pulse Button
(12) Tool Storage
(13) Serrator Blade
(14) Dough Blade
Main Unit
(15) Slicing Disc
Small Pusher
(16) Grating Disc
Large Pusher
Off Button
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Thank you for your recent purchase of this Morphy Richards Accents Food Processor.
Please read the instructions throughly before use.
Remember to visit to register your product’s two year guarantee.
Before first use
Wash all parts except the Main Unit (6) in hot
soapy water.
Never immerse the Main Unit in water or any
other liquid. This may be wiped over with a
clean, damp cloth - but only when unplugged
from the electrical outlet.
• Carefully unpack your new appliance and all it’s
attachments and tools, checking them against the
illustrations at the beginning of this book to
familiarise yourself with the product.
• WARNING: Take care - blades are sharp
Attachment guide
• Serrator
Blade (13)
• Dough
Blade (14)
Food type
Max volume
• 15-20 sec
• Chopping
• 700g
• Vegetables,
meat, cheese,
• Blending
• Soup, drinks
• Pureeing
• 600g
• Cooked
potatoes, fruit
• 10-15 sec
• Mixing
• Pastry, scones • 350g
• 1 min max
• Kneading
• 700g
• Pulse gives
control over
• 20 sec
• Max volume =
weight of flour
• Cakes
• 1kg
(total weight)
• 1 min max
• Icing
• 800g icing
4 egg whites
• 30 sec
• Put sugar in
before adding
• Bread dough
• 600g flour
400ml water
• 20 sec
(+ 2 min rest)
• Max volume =
weight of flour
• Do not over
• Slicing
Disc (15)
• Thick and thin • Vegetables,
cheese, fruit,
• Grating
Disc (16)
• Thick and thin • Vegetables,
cheese, fruit,
• WARNING: Do not process for longer than the recommended time.
• WARNING: Do not exceed the recommended maximum volumes.
• WARNING: Always hold the blades by the centre grip.
• WARNING: To protect the Food Processor from overload there is a thermal switch fitted. If the Food
Processor stops working whilst in use, first check that the Lid (2) and Bowl (4) are correctly fitted. If
this is correct and the Food Processor is still not working, switch off, unplug from the mains and allow
to cool for 35 minutes.
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Using the Processor Blade
Place the Bowl (4) onto the Main Unit (6). Twist
clockwise so the Handle (3) is facing you to lock
the Bowl in place.
Place the Spindle (5) in the Bowl.
Place the Serrator Blade (13) or Kneading
Blade (14) on the Spindle
Add the food or ingredients to the Bowl.
Place the Lid (2) onto the Bowl, twist in a
clockwise direction. When locked in place, the
tab should sit on top of the Handle.
When finished, press the Off Button (9).
Remove the Lid, Blade and Spindle.
Press the On Button (10). The processor will
not start if the Bowl or Lid are unlocked or in
the wrong position.
Twist the Handle anti clockwise to unlock the
Bowl from the Main Unit.
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Using the Discs
Place the Bowl (4) onto the Main Unit (6). Twist
clockwise so the Handle (3) is facing you to
lock the Bowl in place.
Place the Spindle (5) in the Bowl and then
place the desired Disc (15) or (16) on the
Spindle. See ‘Discs’ for more information.
Place the Lid (2) onto the Bowl twist clockwise
so the tab sits on top of the handle.
Place the food into the Feed Tube (1).
Press the On Button (10). The processor will
not start if the Bowl or Lid are unlocked or in
the wrong position.
When finished, press the Off Button (9).
Remove the Lid, Disc and Spindle.
Gently press down on the food using the
Pushers (7),(8).
Twist the Handle anticlockwise to unlock from
the Main Unit.
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WARNING: The Blades on the attachments
contained with this processor are very sharp.
Care must be taken when handling during use
or cleaning.
Pushers (7), (8)
The processor comes with two Pushers for use
when shredding or slicing with the Discs.
• For coarser chopping, use the pulse button for a
few seconds and monitor food texture.
• Pre-cut larger pieces to make them fit into the
feed tube. When chopping hard foods (eg. meat
or cheese) cut into 1 inch / 2.5cm cubes.
• For shredding, place food horizontally into the
feed tube, for slicing, place the food vertically.
• When slicing carrots, place 2 at a time in the
feeder tube to keep upright.
• Your Food Processor is not designed to grind
coffee beans, bones, ice, liquify vegetables or
slice cooked eggs or meat.
• If any plastic parts should discolor due to the
types of food processed, clean with a little
vegetable oil.
Care and cleaning
When slicing long thin objects such as carrots,
courgettes or celery, leave the Large Pusher (8) in
the Feed Tube and place the food in the centre
hole of the Pusher. During use, use the Small
Pusher (7) to press the food into the disc.
Switch the processor off and unplug from the
electrical outlet.
All accessories and processor tools can be
washed in hot soapy water except for the Main
Unit (6).
WARNING: Extreme care must be taken when
washing the metal blades as these are
extremely sharp.
Pulse Button
The Pulse Button (11) on the processor allows
you to run the processor on quick intermittent
bursts. This is ideal when using the Serrator Blade
(13) to process hard vegetables as it allows the
contents of the Bowl (4) to fall back into the path
of the Serrator Blades.
Discs (15), (16)
The processor comes with two discs for grating,
slicing, chopping and shredding foods. These
discs are double sided, each with a side for both
thick and thin slicing / shredding. When placing
the disc within the processor for use, place the
side of the disc you wish to use facing up.
Clean the Main Unit with a damp cloth.
WARNING: Always unplug the appliance before
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Your processor is designed for neat compact
storage of all attachments within the processor
bowl. To store the attachments follow the
following instructions.
Attach the Bowl (4) to the Main Unit (6) as
normal. Place the Serrator Blade (13) in the
Place the Tool Storage (12) in the Bowl. Ensure
the lip on the Serrator Blade shaft is placed in
the slot, locking the blade in place.
Place the Spindle (5) and Dough Blade (14) in
the Tool Storage.
Place the Discs (15), (16) on the Tool Storage.
Place the Lid (2) on the Bowl.
Contact us
Talk To Us
If you are having a problem with your appliance,
please call our Helpline, as we are more likely to
be able to help than the store you purchased the
item from.
Please have the product name, model number
and serial number to hand when you call to help
us deal with your enquiry quicker.
If you have any questions or comments, or want
some great tips or recipe ideas to help you get
the most out of your products, join us online:
UK Helpline: 0844 871 0960
IRE Helpline: 1800 409 119
0844 873 0726
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FP401001 MUK Rev 1 03/13
Lifetime blade guarantee
The 'Serrator Blade' is warranted to be free from defects
in materials and workmanship for life. This warranty covers
the original purchaser only and is not assignable or
transferable to any other party. This warranty is available
to consumers who use the 'Serrator Blades' for
non-commercial household purposes. This warranty does
not cover any damage caused by accident, misuse or any
use other than as described in your owner's manual, or
damage resulting from failure to maintain and clean this
product as specified in your owner's manual.
Registering your 2 year
Your standard one year product guarantee is extended
for an additional 12 months when you register the product
within 28 days of purchase with Morphy Richards. If you
do not register the product with Morphy Richards within
28 days, your product is guaranteed for 1 year. To validate
your 2 year guarantee register with us online at
Or call our customer registration line
0844 871 0962
1800 409 119
N.B. Each qualifying product needs to be registered with
Morphy Richards individually.
Please note that the 2 year guarantee is only available in
the UK and Ireland. Please refer to the one year guarantee
for more information.
Your 1 year guarantee
To qualify for the 1 year guarantee, the appliance must
have been used according to the instructions supplied.
For example, crumb trays should have been emptied
Morphy Richards shall not be liable to replace or repair the
goods under the terms of either the Lifetime Blade
Guarantee or the 1 or 2 Year Guarantee where:
1 The fault has been caused or is attributable to accidental
use, misuse, negligent use or used contrary to the
manufacturer’s recommendations or where the fault has
been caused by power surges or damage caused in
2 The appliance has been used on a voltage supply other
than that stamped on the products.
3 Repairs have been attempted by persons other than our
service staff (or authorised dealer).
4 The appliance has been used for hire purposes or non
domestic use.
5 The appliance is second hand.
6 Morphy Richards reserves the right not to carry out any
type of servicing under the guarantee at its discretion
7 Plastic filters for all Morphy Richards kettles and coffee
makers are not covered by the guarantee.
8 Batteries and damage from leakage are not covered by
the guarantee.
It is important to retain the retailer’s receipt as proof of
purchase. Staple your receipt to this back cover for future
Please quote the following information if the product
develops a fault. These numbers can be found on the base
of the product.
Model no.
Serial no.
All Morphy Richards products are individually tested before
leaving the factory. In the unlikely event of any appliance
proving to be faulty within 28 days of purchase, it should
be returned to the place of purchase for it to be replaced.
If the fault develops after 28 days and within 12 months of
original purchase, you should contact the Helpline number
quoting Model number and Serial number on the product,
or write to Morphy Richards at the address shown.
You may be asked to return a copy of proof of purchase.
Subject to the exclusions set out below (see Exclusions),
the faulty appliance will then be repaired or replaced as
appropriate and dispatched usually within 7 working days
of receipt.
The After Sales Division
Morphy Richards Ltd
Mexborough, South Yorkshire,
England, S64 8AJ
If, for any reason, this item is replaced or repaired during
the 1 year guarantee period, the guarantee on the new
item will be calculated from original purchase date.
Therefore it is vital to retain your original till receipt or
invoice to indicate the date of initial purchase.
• These guarantees does not confer any rights other than
those expressly set out above and do not cover any claims
for consequential loss or damage. These guarantees are
offered as an additional benefit and do not affect your
statutory rights as a consumer. Morphy Richards products
are intended for household use only. See usage limitations
within the location safety instructions.
Morphy Richards has a policy of continuous improvement
in product quality and design. The company, therefore
reserves the right to change the specification of
it’s models at any time.
For electrical products sold within the European
Community. At the end of the electrical products
useful life, it should not be disposed of with
household waste.
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your
Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice in your
Helplines (office hours)
UK 0844 871 0960
Spare Parts 0844 873 0726
Republic of Ireland 1800 409 119
0844 871 0960
1800 409 119
0844 873 0726
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