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Package Contents
The following items are included in your WL580E package.
Please contact your Dealer if any of the following items
below are missing from your package.
Device Overview
WPS Button
5.0GHz LED
2.4GHz LED
Power LED
Hardware Setup
Kindly follow the instructions below in setting up your
device. You may refer to the diagram provided for additional
NOTE: Before proceeding, kindly turn OFF/disable
any wireless adapters in your computer.
Resouce CD
Easy Start Guide
WL580E |
Dual Band 300Mbps
Wireless-N Repeater
2.4GHz/5.0GHz LED Behaviors
Easy Start
Ethernet Cable
OFF No wireless device is connected.
Blinking Wireless devices are currently connected and is actively
transmitting/ receiving data.
1. Plug in the WL580E Repeater to the power outlet.
2. Switch on the power outlet.
Knowing more about your WL580E’s
SMART LED Indicator
The WL580E’s SMART LED indicator allows you to
determine the strength of the received signal from
your router as seen below:
WL580E Repeater
3. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WL580E
Repeater and the other end to the Ethernet port of your
Through the LED indicator, you may easily identify the
areas in your house where the wireless reception from
your main router is weak or has no wireless signal.
You may then place the WL580E Repeater between the
wireless router and the location of the weak wireless
It is ideal for the WL580E Repeater to be placed in a
location, where it can receive good wireless signal
from the wireless router. This is to ensure that a signal
of good quality would be extended to other wireless
Connecting Your Wireless Devices
Connecting the WL580E Repeater to
the Wireless Network
3. Input the Wireless Password of the chosen Wireless
SSID and click the Apply button.
1. Launch a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) from
your computer.You will be redirected to the WL580E
Repeater’s user interface. If in any case it doesn’t,
type in the address bar and then
press Enter.
For 2.4GHz
G to your WL580E Repeater
Connect your wireless devices to the WL580E
Repeater’s wireless network.
WL580E for 5 seconds and the WPS button
2. Choose a Wireless SSID (Wireless Network Name)
from the list and click to connect.
Placing your WL580E to improve
Wireless Connectivity
After connecting your WL580E to a wireless network,
the connection type status displayed in the Web User
Interfeace will refresh and display the corresponding
frequency band (2.4GHz or 5.0GHz) of your wireless
network as seen on the next page.
1. You may now disconnect the ethernet cable from
the computer and the WL580E Repeater.
2. Place the WL580E Repeater between the wireless
router and the area where there is no wireless
NOTE: You may observe the behaviour of the LED
indicators as explained in Section D.
connect them through WPS setup.
Wireless reception and throughput may vary according
to the number of wireless devices that are in use.
Other nearby wireless devices, structure types,
building materials may also affect the throughput of
the device.
NOTE : You may press the WPS button of your
through WPS setup.
seconds and the WPS button of your device for 2 seconds to
Throughput vs Wireless Coverage
For 5.0GHz
of your router for 2 seconds to connect them
NOTE : You may press the WPS button of your WL580E for 2
NOTE: Your WL580E Repeater broadcasts two SSIDs
(2.4GHz and 5.0GHz). Internet surfing experience
is likely to improve on 5.0GHz with probably lesser
wireless interference, however, the 5.0GHz SSID can
only be detected if your end device supports 5.0GHz
wireless interface as well.
H Device Reset
To restore to factory setting, press the Reset button
of your WL580E Repeater for 5 seconds then release.
All LEDs would turn off indicating that the device has
been reset.
* The WL580E Easy Start Guide is designed to get you up
and running with your WL580E device. This Easy Start
Guide along with the User Manual which provides a more
advanced guide to this product is included in the Resource
CD and is also downloadable on our Aztech Support
Download PDF