Agilent 54600-Series Oscilloscopes - TRS

Agilent 54600-Series
Data Sheet
• 60/100/150/500 MHz bandwidth
models with 2 or 4 channels
• Easy-to-use analog front panel
• Fast, responsive display
• Automatic measurements
• Pretrigger viewing, trace storage
• Optional remote control/hard copy
Analog feel and digital power for precise,
accurate troubleshooting at an affordable price
With many models to choose from, you will be able
to pick the oscilloscope that best fits your measurement and troubleshooting needs while meeting
your budget.
Displays you can trust
Agilent Technologies 54600-series oscilloscopes
feature real-time vector displays that give you a
clear and accurate picture of your waveforms.
Like analog oscilloscope displays, these enhanced
displays give you waveform slew rate information
at a glance, with brighter traces representing more
slowly changing waveforms and dimmer traces
representing more rapidly changing waveforms.
The multiprocessor architecture of Agilent 54600series oscilloscopes permits a display update rate
of up to 3.0 million points per second. This fast
display update means the oscilloscope screen
reflects changes in the waveform instantaneously,
giving you the display responsiveness you need
to make adjustments quickly and see complex
waveforms accurately.
Powerful digital features
The digital architecture of Agilent 54600-series
oscilloscopes gives you a multitude of features that
help you get your job done easier and faster:
• Pretrigger viewing capability lets you view
events that you’d miss with an analog scope.
This feature lets you see what happened before
the trigger event, so you can troubleshoot more
• Autoscale frees you from resetting the scope
every time you move the probe from test point
to test point. You simply hit the autoscale button
and it sets voltage, time and trigger parameters
for you.
• With autostore, the waveform displays at full
brightness while all previously acquired waveforms remain on the scope’s screen at half brightness. You see a history of waveform activity while
simultaneously viewing the live waveform.
• Automatic measurements of voltage, frequency
and time, plus user-defined cursor measurements,
make waveform characterization fast and easy.
• With peak detect, you won’t have to worry about
missing narrow glitches.
The Agilent 54600 series includes eight models
designed to meet your needs and your budget:
54600B 100 MHz oscilloscope
With 100 MHz bandwidth, two input channels,
and sweep speeds from 2 ns/div to 5 ns/div,
the 54600B is ideal for benchtop troubleshooting,
production test, field service, and education—
or anywhere else you need a dependable scope
with solid performance.
54645A MegaZoom oscilloscope
The 54645A is a dual-channel 100 MHz oscilloscope
with 200 MSa/s and a full 1 MB of memory behind
each of its channels. Through the application of
MegaZoom technology, accessing this deep-memory
is as easy as turning a knob—pan and zoom
through the deep captured waveform to search for
other troubleshooting clues.
54602B 4 (2 + 2)-channel oscilloscope
When you need more than 100 MHz of bandwidth,
take a closer look at the 54602B scope. You get
the same capabilities as the 54600B but with the
added advantage of a 150 MHz bandwidth, 4 (2+2)
channels, and 1 mV/div sensitivity.
54603B 60 MHz oscilloscope
The 54603B was designed with the tight budgets
of colleges and universities in mind. Students can
use the 60 MHz, 2-channel 54603B to understand
circuit operation and learn standard measurement
techniques on the same type of equipment they
are likely to use when they graduate.
54610B 500 MHz oscilloscope
This lowest-cost, 2-channel 500 MHz scope offers
a viewable external trigger and horizontal accuracy
of 0.001%. The 54610B capabilities are well-suited
for production test applications as well as general
purpose troubleshooting.
54615B 1 GSa/s oscilloscope
With the 54615B you can capture narrow glitches
and subtle details of your signal. This 2-channel
scope combines 500 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s sample rate and 1 nanosecond peak detection on both
channels. The 54615B peak detection allows the
scope to maintain the 1 GSa/s sample rate at all
sweep speeds. A horizontal accuracy of 0.005%
means you can make critical timing measurements
with confidence.
54616B/C 2 GSa/s oscilloscope
The top-of-the-line 54616B offers the same benefits
as the 54615B but with twice the sample rate—
2 GSa/s sampling rate, 500 MHz bandwidth, and
1 nanosecond peak detection. Plus, if you prefer
a color display for waveform viewing, the 54616C
color version is available.
Expandable features to meet your changing needs
The Agilent 54600-series oscilloscopes can be easily
and inexpensively upgraded with add-on modules
and software to provide advanced capabilities:
• Interface modules give you remote control and
hard-copy output to RS-232, GPIB, and parallel
printers and plotters.
• Measurement Storage modules offer interfacing
and printing plus advanced features like FFT,
mask testing, and additional memory.
• Agilent BenchLink XL 54600 free software captures screen images, gathers waveform data,
and stores instrument setups, all from the familiar environment of MS Excel or Word. Ships free
with each module.
• Optional Agilent BenchLink Scope is a standalone software package for bringing waveform
images and points into your PC. Use it when
you need Windows 3.1 compatibility, don’t have
Excel or Word, or need to access trace memory
from your PC.
Enhanced TV/video trigger
With Option 005 you gain the ability to trigger
and perform highly detailed measurements on
the video components of your system. For more
information see Agilent publication number
5968-2611. Not available on the 54600B, 54603B,
or 54645D scopes.
Technical Specifications
CH 1 and 2
ac coupled
CH 3 and 4
dc-60 MHz
10 Hz-60 MHz
dc-100 MHz
10 Hz-100 MHz
dc-100 MHz††
1.5 Hz-100 MHz††
dc-150 MHz*
10 Hz-150 MHz*
dc-250 MHz
dc-500 MHz
10 Hz-500 MHz
dc-500 MHz
10 Hz-500 MHz
Single shot bandwidth
dc-2 MHz
dc-2 MHz
dc-50 MHz
dc-2 MHz
dc-2 MHz
54615B 250 MHz
54616B/C 500 MHz
Number of channels
4 (2+2)
CH 1 and 2
CH 3 and 4
2 mV/div to 5 V/div 2 mV/div to 5 V/div 1 mV/div to 5 V/div 1 mV/div to 5 V/div 2 mV/div to 5 V/div 2 mV/div to 5 V/div
0.1 and 0.5 V/div
dc gain accuracy
± 2%
± 1.5%
± 1.5%
± 1.5%
± 2%
± 2%
Rise time (calculated)
CH 1 and 2
CH 3 and 4
<5.83 ns
<3.5 ns
<3.5 ns
<2.33 ns
<1.4 ns
<700 ps
<700 ps
Input impedance
1 MΩ, ~ 13 pF
1 MΩ, ~ 18 pF
1 MΩ, ~ 13 pF
1 MΩ, ~ 13 pF
1 MΩ, ~ 9 pF
1 MΩ, ~ 9 pF
or 50 Ω selectable or 50 Ω selectable
Input coupling
CH 1 and 2
CH 3 and 4
dc, ac or ground
dc, ac or ground
dc, ac or ground
dc, ac or ground
dc or ground
dc, ac or ground
dc, ac or ground
Maximum input
(dc + peak ac)
400 V
400 V
400 V
400 V
250 V or 5 Vrms
in 50 Ω mode
250 V or 5 Vrms
in 50 Ω mode
Timebase range
(main and delayed)
5 s/div to 5 ns/div 5 s/div to 2 ns/div 5 s/div to 2 ns/div 5 s/div to 2 ns/div 5 s/div to 1 ns/div 5 s/div to 1 ns/div
Trigger sources
CH 1, 2, line, or ext. CH 1, 2, line, or ext. CH 1, 2, line, or ext. CH 1, 2, 3, 4, line
CH 1, 2, line, or ext. CH 1, 2, line, or ext.
Horizontal accuracy
± 0.01%
± 0.01%
± 0.01%
± 0.01%
± 0.01%
Horizontal resolution
100 ps
100 ps
40 ps
100 ps
100 ps
20 ps
Trigger sensitivity
dc to 25 MHz
25 MHz to max.
0.35 div or 3.5 mV
1 div or 10 mV
0.35 div or 3.5 mV
1 div or 10 mV
0.35 div or 3.5 mV
1 div or 10 mV
0.35 div or 3.5 mV
1 div or 2 mV**
0.35 div or 3.5 mV
1 div or 10 mV†
0.5 div or 5.0 mV***
1 div or 10 mV†
Maximum sample rate
single shot
20 MSa/s
20 MSa/s
200 MSa/s
20 MSa/s
20 MSa/s
10 GSa/s
10 GSa/s
>10 GSa/s
10 GSa/s
10 GSa/s
54615 1 GSa/s
54616 2 GSa/s
>10 GSa/s
Record length
4,000 points
2,000 points
4,000 points
2,000 points
1M points
1M points
4,000 points
2,000 points
4,000 points
2,000 points
5,000 points
5,000 points
Max. display update rate
1,500,000 points/sec 1,500,000 points/sec 3,000,000 points/sec 1,500,000 points/sec 1,500,000 points/sec 500,000 points/sec
8 bits
Voltage: 100-240 Vac, 45 to 440 Hz, 220 VA maximum
Net weight
Approx. 6.2 kg (14 lbs)
Size (excl. handle)
172 mm H x 322 mm W x 317 mm D (6.8 x 12.7 x 12.5 in)
3 years
* Maximum bandwidth on CH 1 and 2 is 100 MHz at 1, 2, and 5 mV/div.
** 64602B, for ranges 1, 2, and 5 mV/div, sensitivity between
25 MHz and 100 MHz on CH 1 and 2 is 2 div or 4 mV.
*** Trigger sensitivity from dc to 100 MHz.
† Trigger sensitivity from 100 MHz to max. bandwidth.
†† Maximum bandwidth on CH 1 and 2 is 75 MHz at 1, 2 and 5 mV/div.
Vertical System (Agilent 54600B, 54646B, 54602B, 54603B)
Trigger System
Bandwidth Limit
Dynamic Range
Input R and C
Maximum Input
~ 20 MHz
CH 1 and CH 2
~ 20 dB at 50 MHz
± 8 div from center screen
1 MΩ , ~ 13 pf
400 V (dc + peak ac)
Math Functions
CH 1 + or – CH 2
TV Functions
Line Counting
Cursor Accuracy [1][2]
Single Cursor
Dual Cursor
Vert. Acc. ± 1.2% of full scale, ± 0.5% of
position value
Vert. Acc. ± 0.4% of full scale
Vertical System (Agilent 54610B, 54615B, 54616B/C)
Bandwidth Limit
Dynamic Range
Input R and C
Maximum Input
50Ω Protection
Time Skew
Probe Sense
Math Functions
Cursor Accuracy [1][2]
Single Cursor
Dual Cursor
~ 30 MHz
CH 1 and CH 2
~ 20dB at 50 MHz
± 12 div from center screen
1 MΩ, ~ 9 pf or 50Ω selectable
250 V (dc + peak ac) or 5 Vrms in 50Ω mode
Protects 50Ω load from excessive voltage
Adjustable over a range of ±25ns to remove
effects of cabling
Automatic readout of 1X, 10X, 20X, 50X
and 100X probes
CH 1 + or – CH 2
Vert. Acc. ± 1.2% of full scale, ± 0.5% of
position value
Vert. Acc. ± 0.4% of full scale
Horizontal System
Cursor Accuracy
(∆t and 1/∆t) [3]
Delay Jitter
Pretrigger Delay
(Negative time)
Posttrigger Delay
(Trigger to start
of sweep)
All Field Trigger
(both fields selected,
54602B and 54610B)
TV line and field. 0.5 div of composite sync
for stable display (Ch 1 and Ch 2)
Delay time calibrated in NTSC and
PAL line numbers
Oscilloscope triggers on the vertical
sync pulse in both fields, allowing use
with noninterlaced video.
Adjustable from 200 ns to ~ 13 s
External Trigger (54600B, 54603B, 54645A)
Range Sensitivity
dc to 25 MHz: < 50mV
25 MHz to 100 MHz: < 100mV
dc, HF reject and noise reject
Input R and C
1MΩ, ~ 13pf
Maximum Input
400 V (dc + peak ac)
External Trigger (54610B, 54615B, 54616B/C)
Range Sensitivity
±18V (54610B)
± 2 V (54615B, 54616B/C)
dc to 100 MHz: < 75mV
100 MHz to 500 MHz: < 150mV
dc and ground
Input R and C
1MΩ, ~ 12pf or 50Ω selectable
Maximum Input
250 V (dc + peak ac) or
5 Vrms in 50Ω mode
Trigger View
External trigger is viewable.
(54610B only)
Bandwidth is > 350MHz
(not available on 54615B)
X-Y Operation
± 0.01% ± 0.2% of full scale ± 200 ps
10 ppm ppm (54615B, 54616B/C)
≥ 10 div
Phase Difference
at least 2,560 div or 50 ms.
Not to exceed 100 s.
Delayed Sweep
Main Sweep
5 s/div to 10 ms/div
5 ms/div and faster
54610B, 15B/16B/16C
54645A Glitch
TV Triggering
ac, dc, LF reject, HF reject, and noise reject.
LF and HF: -3db at ~ 50 kHz
Auto, Autolevel, Normal, Single, and TV
Minimum width 8 ns, Operators: <, >, or range
Delayed Sweep
up to 200X main
up to 2 ns/div
up to 1ns/div
TTL high blanks trace
(not available on 54615B, 54616B/C)
X and Y same as vertical system
± 3 degrees at 100 kHz
± 3 degrees at 10 MHz (54615B, 54616B/C)
[1] Temperature ± 10°C from calibration
[2] Use full scale at 80mV for 2mV/div and 5 mV/div ranges
[3] Use full scale of 50 ns for 2 ns/div
Display System
Display (54616C)
7-inch Raster CRT
255 vertical by 500 horizontal points
Front-panel intensity control
8 X 10 grid or frame
Autostore saves previous sweeps in
half bright display and the most recent sweep
in full bright display.
5.8 inch Active Matrix Color LCD Display
Acquisition System
Simultaneous Channels
54615B, 54616B
Record Length
54615B, 54616B/C
Max Update Rate
54615B, 54616B/C
Usable Single-Shot
Peak Detect
54615B, 54616B/C
Channels 1 and 2
Channels 1 and 2 or 3 and 4
4,000 points Vectors off
2,000 points Vectors on and/or single shot
5,000 points
1 million points
Vectors off: 1,500,000 points/sec
Vectors on: 60 full screens/sec, independent
of number of waveforms being displayed
500,000 points/sec
3,000,000 points/sec
2 MHz, single channel
1 MHz, dual channel
250 MHz
500 MHz
50 MHz
50 ns glitch capture (100 ns dual channel) at
sweep speeds of 50 µs/div and greater
1 ns glitch capture
5 ns
Number of averages selectable at 8, 64, 256
Power Line Requirements
Line Voltage Range
100 Vac to 240 Vac
Line Voltage Selection
Line Frequency
45 Hz to 440 Hz
Max Power
220 VA
300 VA (54615B, 54616B/C)
The instrument meets the requirements of
MIL-T-28800D for Type III, Class 3,
Style D equipment as described below.
Ambient Temperature
–10°C to +55°C
–51°C to + 71°C
Humidity [1]
95% RH at 40°C for 24 Hrs
90% RH at 65°C for 24 Hrs
to 4,500 m (15,000 ft)
to 15,000 m (50,000 ft)
EMI (Commercial)
Meets FTZ 1046 Class B
EMI (MIL-T-28800D)
Meets requirements in accordance with
Paragraph 3.8.3, EMI Type III, and
MIL-STD-461C as modified by Table XII.
Full limits
CS01, CS02, CS06
Full limits
15 dB relaxation to 20 kHz; exceptioned from
20 kHz to 50 kHz
RE02 (With Opt 002)
Full limits of class A1c and A1f
(Without Opt 002)
10 dB relaxation from 14 kHz to 100 kHz
RS03 (With Opt 001)
Slight trace shift from 80 MHz to 200 MHz
Operating: 15 minutes along each of the
3 major axes; 0.025 inch p-p displacement,
10 Hz to 55 Hz in one-minute cycles. Held for
10 minutes at 55 Hz (4 g at 55 Hz).
Operating: 30 g, 1/2 sine, 11 ms duration,
3 shocks per axis along major axis.
Total of 18 shocks
Size (excluding handle) Height: 172 mm (6.8 in)
Width: 322 mm (12.7 in)
Depth: 317 mm (12.5 in)
6.2 kg (14 lbs)
CSA Certification,
IEC 348
UL 1244 listed
3 years
Advanced Functions
Automatic Measurements Measurements are continuously updated
Vavg, Vrms, Vpp, Vtop, Vbase, Vmin, and Vmax
Frequency, Period, + Width, – Width,
Duty Cycle, Rise Time, and Fall Time
Manually or automatically placed
Setup Functions
Sets the vertical and horizontal deflection and
the trigger level
10 front-panel setups
Trace Memory
Two volatile pixel memories
[1] Tested to Agilent Environmental Specification Section 758 for Class B-1 products
Optional Add-on Modules
Agilent 54650A GPIB Interface Module
Full GPIB remote control
Direct printing to GPIB printers and plotters
Converts scope’s 2 trace memories to
non-volatile memory
IEEE-488.2 compatible
Printer Support
HP ThinkJet, HP QuietJet, HP PaintJet,
HP LaserJet; HP-GL compatible plotters
Agilent 54652B RS-232 Parallel Interface Module
Full RS-232 remote control
Direct printing to RS-232 and parallel printers
Converts scope’s 2 trace memories to
non-volatile memory
RS-232 Specifications
Connector Type
9 pin (m) DTE Port
34398A (provided)
X0n/Xoff, hardwire
Data Bits
Baud Rates
1200, 2400, 9600, 19200
Printer Support
HP ThinkJet, HP QuietJet, HP PaintJet, HP
LaserJet; HP-GL compatible plotters
Parallel Specifications
Connector Type
25 pin (f)
Printer Support
Epson FX-80 or HP PCL compatible printers
Agilent 54657A (GPIB) and 54659B (RS-232)
Measurement Storage Modules
These modules incorporate the relevant GPIB or RS-232 control and
printing capabilities specified above, as well as the following features.
Waveform Math Functions
Function 1
Addition, subtraction, and multiplication
Function 2
Differentiation, integration, and FFT
Exponential, flat top, Hanning and rectangular
1024 points
up to 100 nonvolatile memories
High speed storage without compression.
Storage with compression. Storage time is
approximately 7 seconds. Number of traces
that can be stored is a function of complexity,
with the minimum being 4 highly complex
traces and the maximum being 96.
Memory Labeling
An onscreen text editor is provided for creating
labels up to 20 characters. Each label contains
the date and time it was saved.
Real Time Clock
24-hour format with battery back-up. Can be
set from front panel.
Unattended Waveform Monitoring
Testing Method
Comparison to waveform mask.
Number of Masks
Mask Generation
Automask, controlled from the front panel,
and Operation
generates mask from displayed waveform with
selectable tolerance. Mask editor function
allows pixel-by-pixel editing and line drawing.
Smoothing function performs a running average
of 3 pixels.
Action on Failure
Save failed trace to memory with date and time
of the failure
Print failed trace with date and time of the
Count the failure and maintain pass/fail
statistics while continuing the test
Trace Memory
Memories 1 – 3
Memories 4 – 100
Specifications for Agilent 54600-series Scope Probes
Probe Model
Approx. Input Rise-time
Max input
dc + peak ac
20 MHz
150 MHz
500 MHz
150 MHz
1 GHz
1 MΩ
10 MΩ
2.2 MΩ
10 MΩ
500 Ω
70 pF
15 pF
12 pF
12 pF
1.2 pF
400 V
500 V
500 V
500 V
10 V
54600 series
scopes with 50 Ω inputs
Probe Accessories
<17.5 ns
<2.33 ns
<0.7 ns
<2.33 ns
<0.35 ns
Agilent BenchLink XL 54600 Software
SMT Probe tips for 1007X probes
This accessory kit contains 2 dual-lead
adapters and 8 IC clips, so connecting to ICs
and standard board headers is easy.
BNC Adapter for 1007X probes
This accessory clips on the end of the probe
and allows the probe to mate with BNC (f)
Replacement Accessory Kit for 1007X probes
This kit contains replacement Hook Tip, IC Tip,
Ground Bayonet, Ground Lead, Adjustment
Tool, and Probe Identification Tags.
PC Connectivity Made Easy
Receive Agilent BenchLink XL 54600
software FREE with the purchase of
any module listed above. Use it to retrieve waveform images, waveform data—even automatic measurements—directly into MicroSoft Excel and Word
without programming. Additionally, an ActiveX
control simplifies programming in Visual Basic,
VBA, Visual C++, Agilent VEE, and National
Instruments LabVIEW.
Additional Measurement Accessories
50 Ω ± 1% Feedthrough Termination
BNC (f) to BNC (m), Frequency range
dc-300 MHz, Max. VSWR 1.1:1
75 Ω ± 0.2% Feedthrough Termination
BNC (f) to BNC (m), maximum power 1 Watt
Dual Banana(m) to BNC (f) Adapter
Dual Banana(m) to BNC (m) Adapter
Additional Accessories
Front Panel Cover and Pouch Kit
This kit will add the Option 101 front panel
cover and pouch to any 54600-series
Testmobile Scope
Cart for 54600-series scopes
Ordering Information
Agilent 54600-Series Oscilloscopes
54600B Two-channel, 100 MHz Oscilloscope
54602B Four-channel, 150 MHz Oscilloscope
54603B Two-channel, 60 MHz Oscilloscope
Each of the above oscilloscopes comes with two
1.5 meter 10X probes (10071A), a user and service
guide, and power cord.
54610B Two-channel, 500 MHz, 20 MSa/s Oscilloscope
54615B Two-channel, 500 MHz, 1 GSa/s Oscilloscope
54616B Two-channel, 500 MHz, 2 GSa/s Oscilloscope
54616C Color two-channel, 500 MHz, 2 GSa/s, Oscilloscope
54645A Two-channel, 100 MHz, 200 MSa/s Oscilloscope
54645D Two-channel and 16 timing channel
100 MHz MSO Oscilloscope
Each of the above oscilloscopes comes with two 1.5 meter
10X probes, a user and service guide, and power cord.
Opt. 001 RS-03 Magnetic interface shielding added to CR
Opt. 002 RE-02 Display shield added to CRT to reduce
radiated interface
Opt. 005 Enhanced TV/video triggering (not 54600/03B/645D)
Opt. 090 Delete probes (for 54600/02/03B)
Opt. 090 Delete probes (for 54610B, 54615B, and 54616B/C)
Opt. 090 Delete probe (for 54645A)
Opt. 101 Accessory pouch and front panel cover (10098A)
Opt. 102 Two additional 10071B probes (54602B only)
Opt. 103 Operator training kit
(includes training signal board and lab workbook)
Opt. 104 Carrying case
(protects scope for shipping or baggage checking)
Opt. 106 HP BenchLink Scope software for Windows (HP 34810B)
Opt. 1CM Rack Mount Kit (P/N 5062-7345)
Opt. W50 Additional 2-year warranty (5-year total), starting at
Manual options (please specify one)
ABA US English
ABD German
ABE Spanish
ABF French
ABJ Japanese
ABZ Italian
AB1 Korean
ABO Taiwan Chinese
Agilent 54650-series enhancement modules
(each includes HP BenchLink XL 54600 Software)
54650A GPIB interface module
54652B RS-232 and parallel interface module
(includes RS-232 cable)
54657A GPIB measurement/storage module
54659B RS-232 and parallel measurement/storage module
(includes RS-232 cable)
*E2657A GPIB Connectivity Kit
*E2658A RS-232 Connectivity Kit
* Kit includes Measurement Storage Module,
HP 34810B BenchLink Scope Software and cable
Additional oscilloscope accessories,
probes and terminations
10070B 1:1 probe
10071B 10:1 probe
10072B SMT probing kit
10073B 10:1 500 MHz probe with readout
10074B 10:1 150 MHz probe with readout
10442B 10:1 Resistive divider probe for 50 Ω inputs.
10100C 50 Ω feedthrough termination
11094B 75 Ω ±2% Feedthrough Termination
BNC(f) to BNC (m)
5081-7690 1007X probe accessory kit
5081-7705 1007X probe-to-BNC (m) adapter
34397A Inverter, 12 Volt dc to 115 V ac
HP 34810-Series BenchLink Software
HP 34810B BenchLink Scope Software
Includes software on 3.5” disk, user’s guide (all languages).
GPIB or RS-232 module needed for connection to scope.
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Our Promise
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When you are choosing new equipment, we will help you with
product information, including realistic performance specifications and practical recommendations from experienced test
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basic measurement assistance for the use of specified capabilities, at no extra cost upon request. Many self-help tools are
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