SecurityMan ClockCam User`s manual

ClockCam User’s Manual
Wi-Fi Interfernece Free Wireless (900MHz)
Wireless Wall Clock Hidden Camera Kit
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FCC Information
Notes on FCC’s “Consistent Statement of Information” This product meet
the requirements specified in Part 15 of FCC Regulation.
- Extend the distance between the equipment interfered and the product.
- Refer to dealers or experienced radio electrician for help.
SecurityMan warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials
and workmanship for a period of one year; otherwise, specified on the
product packaging. This limited warranty shall commence from the date of
purchase. SecurityMan Products warranty is not transferable and is limited
to the original purchaser. If the product is found to be defective then, as your
sole remedy and as the manufacturer's only obligation, SecurityMan will
repair or replace the product. This warranty shall not apply to products that
have been subjected to abuse, misuse, abnormal electrical or environmental
conditions, normal wear and tear or any condition other than what can be
considered normal use.
Operation rests with the following two conditions:
(1) The equipment should not cause any harmful interference.
(2) The equipment must receive and process any interference, including
any possible interference caused by operation mistakes.
After testing the product, we confirm that the camera complies with the
provision for class C digital equipment in the 15th part in FCC regulations;
and the receiver complies with the limitations for class B digital equipment
in Part 15 of FCC regulation. The product generates, applies and emits
radio waves. It might cause harmful interferences to wireless communication
if not be installed and used following the description of the manual. The
product may cause interference in residential area, and the customer should
take remedies to eliminate the interference on their own costs.
If the product causes any harmful interference to wireless equipment
or disturbs the receiving of TV signals (it can be identified by turning on
and off the product), you can solve the trouble by following methods:
- Read just the product or put it in another place.
This 900MHz wireless camera works at ISM band. It may cause interferences
with other wireless equipment that operates at the same band. Please turn
off one of the equipment to eliminate the interference.
Product Assurance
This 900MHz wireless camera will emit electromagnetic wave, just like other
wireless products. But the output power of the products is lesser than other
wireless products such as mobile phones. This 900MHz wireless camera
meets wireless frequency security standards and recommends indexes while
working. These standards and indexes are certificated by academic
organization and represent the cogitative research of the scientific workers
who continuously explore and annotate the involved fields. So we believe
that our products are safe for customers.
Limitation of Liability
The liability of SecurityMan arising from this warranty and sale shall be
limited to a refund of the purchase price. In no event shall SecurityMan be
liable for costs of procurement of substitute products or services, or for any
lost profits, or for any consequential, incidental, direct or indirect damages,
however caused and on any theory of liability, arising from this warranty and
sale. These limitations shall apply not withstanding any failure of essential
purpose of any limited remedy.
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Operating Restrictions
DO NOT use this product to violate one's privacy. Monitoring one's
private activities without consent is illegal and this product is not designed
and manufactured for these purposes.
DO NOT put this product near any medical equipment. Radio waves might
potentially cause breakdown of electrical medical equipment.This product
should be placed at least 1 foot away from any heart pacemaker. Radio
waves might potentially influence heart pacemaker and lead to respiratory
DO NOT use this product for any ille gal activities. SecurityMan shall not be
responsible for any consequences of illegal conducts made by
Please read the following messages to make sure whether your working
environment is suitable.
• Ensure there is enough space around the receiver for ventilation.
• The temperature should be kept between –10˚C and 50˚C (14˚F to 122
˚F).The relative humidity should remain from 20% to 80%.
• Avoid putting the product in places where occur might change rapidly
in temperature or humidity.
• Keep it dry, dustless and avoid exposure in it directly in sunlight.
• Keep product away from heat sources such as electric heater.
• Do not use the wireless camera near aggressive chemicals.
• Do not shake or stricken the product.
• In order to avoid inflammation or electric shock, this camera kit should
be kept away from exposure to rain or moist, and it shall not be put in
or near bath-rooms, washing pools, wash houses , moist basements,
or swimming pools, unless it is well shielded.
• In use of sockets set on walls or extension wires, attention should be
paid not to exceed their load capabilities to avoid inflammation or
electric shock.
• Do not disassemble the product casings, other wise the internal sion
parts may get damaged, or personal injury caused.
• Switch off the power supply in thunder and lightning weather or when
not in use for long periods of time.
• Do not attempt to service the product yourself as opening or
removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other
hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Table of Contents
Package Contents
Hardware Basic
Wall-Clock Camera
Product Specifications
Thank you for choosing ClockCam. ClockCam is designed for users who want to
monitor their visitors, strangers, babysitters, and business activities. It includes
a wireless wall-clock hidden camera and a wireless receiver. Can be installed in
seconds, hassle free of running long video cable. Simply mount the clock at the
desired location, connect the power to the clock-camera, to receiver, and then
connect the receiver to a monitor for live view, or connect to a recorder for
recording. It is a great security product for homes and small businesses.
Note: Please read the entire user’s m anual before operation.
1.Discreetly monitor with fully functional clock design.
2.Monitor childcare, know your children are safe for peace of mind.
3.Monitor your valuables, home, business, or office.
4.Wireless system, no troublesome cables.
• Do-It-Yourself, easy to setup and use.
• Hidden wireless color camera built-in functional wall-clock.
• No interference from crowded 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz frequencies
including Wi-Fi (wireless network) devices.
• Video transmission goes up to 330ft clear line of sight or 100ft indoor.
• Add more wireless receivers (one channel, 900MHz) for multi rooms
monitoring (no multi cameras)
• Batter (AA) operated clock and lasts up to more than 1 year.
Package Contents
Wall-C lock camera
(C lockC am-T)
Wireless receiver
(C lockC am-R )
AV cable
(for receiver)
Power adapter X2
R eceiver antenna
User manual
*All the accessories in order to prevail in kind!
(G.W. 3.2 lbs)
Warning sticker X2
Hardware Basic
Power socket
Audio output
Video output
Hardware Basic
Wall-Clock Camera:
Hour hand
Minute hand
Second hand
C amera
C lock
Mount hole
C lock adjuster turner
C lock battery compartment
Power socket
1. Find a desire location to mount the ClockCam. Recommended to install
6-7ft high above floor level in areas intended for surveillance. For better
viewing angle coverage, the hidden camera has a fixed 25 degree
downward angle by default. Estimated viewing coverage: Vertical 35° &
Horizontal 46° (as shown below )
Clo ck
Vertical 35°
6- 7 f t
6-7ft high above
floor level
6- 7 f t
Clo ck
Flo o r
Ho rizo n tal 4 6 °
2. Connect the power adapter jack to the ClockCam power socket and plug
the other end into an electrical power outlet.
NOTE: If the image becomes black and white, please power cycle the
camera by unplugging the power to the wall-clock camera and then plug
them back in. Be sure to match the frequency between the wall-clock
camera and the receiver.
3. Insert an AA battery (not included) into the battery compartment located
on the back of the wall-clock. Adjust to current time by turning the clock
adjuster turne clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Adjus t to current tim e
Ins ert AA battery
( not included)
4. Connect the antenna to the receiver by turning it clockwise to secure,
as illustrated below.
5. Connect the audio/video cable into the video output of the receiver.
Connect the other end of the A/V cable to the video input of a monitor/TV;
be sure to match the color codes, video (yellow to yellow) and audio (red
to red or white), as illustrated below.
NOTE: ClockCam does not support audio. However; the receiver support
other SecurityMan 900MHz wireless cameras with built-in microphone.
6. Plug in one end of the power adapter into the receiver and connect the
other end into an electrical outlet, as shown below. The red LED indicator
light on the receiver will come on.
7. Turn on the monitor/TV and change to AV or AUX mode, ie.
Product Specifications:
Wall-C lock C amera (C lockC am-T)
Image Sensor
Effective Pixels
Transmission Frequency
C lock Type
Dimension / Shaft length
Operating Temperature
1/4-inch C MOS, C olor
510×492(NTSC )
FM, 900MHz (one channel, 906MHz)
Quartz wall-clock
14.3” (Ø) x 1.75” (D) / 12mm
14~122 degree Fahrenheit
C lock: 1.5VDC (AA B attery, not included)
C amera:AC 100~240V, 6VDC 800mA
Viewing angle
Vertical 35°,Horizontal 46°
R eceiver (C lockC am-R )
Video Input/Output
Antenna Type
R eceiving Frequency
1 RCA / 1 RCA
SMA (87dB msensitivity)
ISM, 900MHz (one channel, 906MHz)
AC100~240V, 6VDC 800mA
Abnormal Phenomena
Raisons possibles / Solutions
* Check whether camera / receiveer connected to power supplier,
and power on. Make sure that the A/V cable is connevted correctly.
* Check to make sure the TV (output) is the auxiliary mode.
WallClock camera does not have microphone for sound.
* Check if the channel of receiver is corresponding to camera;
* Check the distance and blocks.
* Interfered by other sources; Check the distance and blocks.
* Mismatching system of TV (monitor) and cameras, TV may not
support NTSC cideo format.
No color