Muratec | MFX-1450D | MFX-1450 MFX-2050 Product Demonstration Kit

Product Demonstration Kit
The MFX-1450 comes in a standard version (1450) and as a duplex model MFX-1450D
(1450D). The MFX-2050 (2050), with standard duplex, comes in one configuration.
80-sheet ADF
33.6 Kbps fax modem
(1) 500-sheet cassette
50-sheet bypass tray
Network Printing & Color Scanning
Local USB Printing & Color Scanning
Printing Options
Duplex Printing
Paper Cabinet (2030CAB)
500-Sheet Cassette (2030CAS)
32 MB Memory Upgrade (DA7663)
Telephone Handset (2030THK)
Page Counter (DA7664)
PCL Print Controller (PCL550)
2nd Phone Line (AL550)
PCL print
controller kit
Communication/Fax Options
fax modem
32 MB
Telephone handset
1. MFX-1450 – 550 sheets
2. Second paper cassette
(2030CAS) – 500 sheets
Total = 1,050 sheets
3. Paper cabinet (2030CAB)
Page Counter
Consumable Options
1. MFX-1450D – 550 sheets
2. Second paper cassette
(2030CAS) – 500 sheets
Total = 1,050 sheets
3. Paper cabinet (2030CAB)
1. MFX-2050 – 550 sheets
Toner cartridge
2. Second paper cassette
(2030CAS) – 500 sheets
Total = 1,050 sheets
3. Paper cabinet (2030CAB)
Drum cartridge
3,000 independent
office technology dealers
can’t be wrong.
For the fourth time in five years they've voted Muratec the
top secondary product line manufacturer in the industry.
Why? Muratec focuses on building award-winning
multifunction office equipment and business productivity
solutions for the small to midsize workgroup. What’s
more, leading manufacturers around the world put their
own brand name on Muratec products.
For more information on Muratec products and solutions,
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Cannata Report
Fax Manufacturer of the Year – 2007
Fax Manufacturer of the Year – 2006
Fax Manufacturer of the Year – 2005
Buyer’s Laboratory, Inc.
Muratec F-560 – 2005 Pick of the Year
Muratec MFX-2030 – 2005 Recommended
Muratec MFX-2850 – 2007 Recommended
Better Buys for Business
Muratec F-520 – 2006 & 2007 Editor's Choice
Muratec F-560 – 2006 & 2007 Editor's Choice
BERTL Digital Test Lab
Muratec F-560 – 2005 Highly Recommended
OfficeBridge Pro – BERTL’s Best Award –
Innovation of the Year 2005
Muratec MFX-2830 – Recommended
Business Technology
2003, 2004, 2006 & 2007
Channel’s Choice Award –
Top Secondary Product Line Manufacturer
What is NGP?
NGP is an acronym for Network Gateway Platform, a design
on which Muratec has adopted its current multifunction office
equipment. This design has led to the development of MFP devices
with a built-in affinity for the network, meaning products seamlessly
integrate into and maximize the full potential of a corporate network environment.
What functions can I perform on NGP-enabled devices?
NGP-enabled devices are capable of:
n Color scan to network (direct SMB scanning)
n Color scan to FTP
n Color scan to e-mail
n Color scan to color printer (create color copies)
n Walk-up faxing
n PC Faxing
n Internet Faxing
n Password-protected network printing
n Print on demand
n Fax server integration
Without adding any additional hardware or software…
Intuitive operation
NGP-enabled products are the first segment 1 and fax-centric products to utilize a touchscreen, which
enables intuitive operation.
80-sheet automatic document feeder / Legal-size platen glass
n Enables faxing, copying or scanning of large jobs without having to split them into multiple sets
n Legal-size platen glass enables the copying, faxing or scanning of documents that are not appropriate
for the document feeder (carbon paper, identifications cards, books, etc.)
n Card copy mode allows for seamless copying of two-sided driver’s licenses or insurance cards
Intuitive, personalized touchscreen operation
n Large, back-lit touchscreen is easy to operate and significantly reduces customers learning curve
n Default screens may be personalized to provide one-touch access to the features you use most often
n Program keys allow for one-touch initiation of complex fax and copy commands
Flexible paper capacity
n Standard 500-sheet front loading tray is accessible and user adjustable
n Optional second 500-sheet cassette allows for the simultaneous use of letter and legal-sized papers
Multipurpose bypass tray
n 50-sheet bypass tray can be used for unique media such as letterhead, envelopes, labels or overhead
projector sheets
Easy network installation
n DHCP compliant (Non-DHCP environments may still enter the network settings manually)
n Print drivers can be installed via server or individual client
Duplex printing (MFX-1450D & MFX-2050)
n Reduce paper consumption and day-to-day operational costs by utilizing duplex print, copy and fax
reception capabilities
Expandable memory
n Standard 8-MB memory can be upgraded to 40-MB, creating sufficient memory storage for large applications
n 72-hour memory back-up ensures that business critical documents are not lost in the event of an
extended power outage
Energy Star compliant
n When the machine is left idle for a set period it will enter Energy Save Mode, which will reduce energy
consumption to minimum levels
EasyChangeSM toner system
n Front loading high-yield consumables can be quickly changed without the need for a service call
Refined print engine
n 14 and 20-ppm print engines provide superior quality and clarity
n Redesigned paper path reduces jam frequency
n Side-access jam removal system allows for quick and painless troubleshooting
Department Codes
n Track up to 100 codes for cost accounting purposes
n Extra level of security, only authorized users have access to certain machine functions
33.6 Kbps fax modem
n Standard fax modem transmits documents at the highest regulated speeds
n JBIG compression reduces the transmission packet allowing for shorter connection times
n Up to 2 spp transmission time
1000 entry address book
n Each location can house a fax number, e-mail address and group location
n Up to 30 locations can be manually entered per transmission
n Fax and e-mail mixed broadcast capabilities
n OfficeBridge users can have both shared and personal address books
n Expand the address book to 2000 locations (w/ optional 512 MB memory)
n Supports vCard import from Microsoft Outlook
LDAP search capabilities
n Quickly and easily locate contacts on a corporate server (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, etc.)
n Up to 5 LDAP servers can be registered
n Contacts located during an LDAP search can be added to the internal address book
Fax server integration
n Using the e-mail gateway feature you can utilize the MFX-1450 and MFX-2050 to send hardcopy
documents through popular fax server applications
Delayed transmission
n Send documents during off-peak hours to reduce machine congestion
Batch transmission
n Group several fax transmissions into one, reducing connection requirements and phone charges
Standard Internet fax functionality
n T.37 compliant – most common standard on the market
Transmission confirmation reports
n Ensures that business-critical documents reached their intended destination
n Receive printed or electronic confirmation reports
Optional second 33.6 Kbps fax modem
n Allows the simultaneous sending and receiving of fax documents
Fax forwarding to e-mail
n Route inbound fax documents to an e-mail address to reduce paper consumption and increase
document security
Archive outbound fax transmissions
n Archive all outbound fax and e-mail transmissions into a secure network location to create an audit trail
of communication
Fax directly from your PC
n Send documents to a remote fax terminal directly from your PC using the intuitive fax driver
Standard network scanning
n Surf corporate networks with ease, delivering documents directly into network folders
n High-quality 600 dpi scanning
n Create up to 300 folder shortcut keys for one-touch scan initiation (shared w/FTP shortcuts)
n Broadcast documents to an e-mail address and network folder (archive)
n Windows log-in security parameters
n Supports color scanning
Scan to e-mail
n Intuitive QWERTY keypad allows for customized e-mail transmissions
n File Formats include TIFF, PDF or JPEG
n File name, subject line and text message can be added to each transmission (SPAM prevention)
n Any document stored on the network may be attached to a transmission (simple network browse)
n Supports color scanning
n Register frequently used domain name extensions into the “.com” button for instant recall
Scan to FTP
n Upload documents to an FTP server for sharing or storage
n Create up to 20 FTP shortcuts for one-touch scan initiation (shared w/folder shortcuts)
n Supports color scanning
Standard local color scanning via USB
n TWAIN compliant
n High-resolution color scanner offers easy digital transfer of hardcopy photos, charts and various office
Create color copies
n Scan to print monitor allows you to create color copies using the MFX-1450 or MFX-2050 and a
networked color printer
Flexible OS support
n Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, NT 4.0, XP, Vista
n Windows Server 2003
Standard GDI-based network printing
n High-speed 10/100 BaseT Ethernet connection is the perfect solution for a small to mid-sized
n Supports TCP/IP protocols
n RJ-45 network connection
Optional PCL support
n PCL 5e & 6
n Does not require a separate network drop, the standard NIC card can handle both GDI and PCL
n Can be installed by the factory or installed as a field upgrade
Standard local GDI printing via USB
n High-speed USB 2.0 connection
Intuitive print drivers
n Seamless output from popular applications
n Server or client-based installation
n Choose watermarks, paper sources, options, etc.
Duplex print output (MFX-1450D & MFX-2050)
n Up to 5 page-per-minute duplex production
Print on Demand
n Print on Demand enables users to locate commonly printed documents on the network and initiate
printing from the machine’s touchscreen
Security printing
n Security printing enables users to suppress document printout until a password has been entered on
the machine
14 (MFX-1450) and 20 (MFX-2050) page-per-minute print engine
n Print engine produces letter-sized documents at 14 and 20 pages per minute
n 600-dpi output insures high-quality digital imaging
Get the job going!
n 10 second (MFX-2050) and 12 second (MFX-1450) first-copy-out-times
n 23 second warm-up time
Duplex printing (MFX-1450D & MFX-2050)
n Reduce paper consumption and day-to-day operational costs by utilizing duplex print, copy and fax
reception capabilities
n Manual duplex scanning allows for 1:2 or 2:2 output
QuadAccessTM technology
n Unique to Muratec, the MFX-1450 and MFX-2050 can simultaneously perform four tasks at once
allowing users to fax, copy and print at the same time without machine slowdown
Card Copy Mode
n Copy both sides of a driver's license, insurance card or other card-size object quickly and easily
n Does not require you to lower the platen cover prior to scanning
n Check-size documents (both personal and business size) may be copied in this mode
Digital copy features
n 2-in-1 & 4-in-1 image combination
n Mixed original detection
n Digital zoom (25-400%) and image adjustment
n Electronic sorting
Programmable Macro Keys
n Conveniently program lengthy copy job processes into a single executable command
Apply the enclosed
Demonstration Originals
when conducting a
demo on the MFX-1450
and/or MFX-2050.
Separate Originals
Image Combination
The MFX-1450 and MFX-2050
condenses up to 4 original
documents into one document,
reducing much needed storage
space and paper consumption.
DUPLEX COPY (1:2 OR 2:2,
MFX-1450D AND MFX-2050 ONLY)
Original Back
Original Front
Copy two single-sided documents
onto one two-sided document.
The Duplex Print option allows
users to reduce hard-copy
storage requirements by printing
single-sided fax, print and copy
jobs into two-sided documents.
Duplexed Image
(Side 2 of Duplex Copy)
Mixed Originals
Scan Documents Together
Through Document Feeder
The Mixed Originals feature gives
the user the flexibility to copy both
letter and legal-sized documents.
With the optional second paper
cassette, users simply need to
load the corresponding paper
sizes in the cassettes.
Finished Copies
When in Card Copy mode, users
quickly capture the information
on the front and back of
insurance or identification cards.
This reduces a six-step process
into one easy step, without ever
having to close the top cover.
Card Copy Image
Original Insurance Card (Front and Back)
Download PDF