ProCurve 8200zl User manual

ProCurve 8200zl User manual
HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series
Customers of all sizes and across a wide range of
industries are choosing to rely on Ethernet networks
to support an ever-broadening range of unified
communication applications and services. Traditionally
deployed to provide strictly desktop client data/
Internet access and “core” data center application
communications, these networks are now being tasked
with providing voice, video, and collaboration services
to the desktop and converged storage networking,
security, and virtualization capabilities to data center
servers. The network has truly become a centralized,
round-the-clock, mission-critical asset—and with that
has come more stringent requirements for availability,
reliability, and security.
At its foundation, an end-to-end accesslayer-to-network-core switch infrastructure must
be reliable and secure in order to provide the
level of availability demanded by today’s highly
converged, unified communications networks.
With more highly reliable switches required
in more places in the network than before,
large enterprise customers have set out to
deploy these types of switches beyond the
network core and aggregation layers. And
midsized customers, who had previously
not considered such highly reliable switch
platforms, are now looking for costeffective paths to providing uninterrupted
network access.
Key benefits
Unified Adaptive Network Solution platform
•Based on HP ProCurve ProVision ASIC Architecture
Reduced complexity and lower cost of ownership
•Unified infrastructure—core to edge
•Shared management platform, wired and wireless
•HP ProCurve Open Network Ecosystem (ProCurve ONE) integrated
•Lower ongoing support costs through the HP ProCurve Lifetime Warranty♦
Secure, reliable performance
•Built-in ProCurve ProActive Defense capabilities
•Enterprise-level performance and features for 500 to 10,000 users
•High-availability features for network peace of mind
Traditionally, the path to a highly available switch
infrastructure has been by way of complex, costly,
provider-oriented “big-box” solutions—something
only affordable for network core and aggregation
deployments by the largest of enterprise customers.
High up-front, upgrade, and support costs also
came with unnecessary feature and management
complexity. Such solutions, appropriate for large
enterprise core and aggregation deployments, have
not provided those customers with a scalable path to
proliferating high-availability solutions to the network
edge. And midsized customers had no cost-effective,
right-sized path to moving their networks to the
next level.
This is where the HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series
comes in. Using an architecture based on the industryproven HP ProCurve ProVision ASIC, the HP ProCurve
8200zl Switch Series adds a highly available modular
switch platform with advanced features and robust
scalability and reliability to the HP ProCurve Unified
Adaptive Network Solution. With network platforms,
wired and wireless deployment, network security,
network management, HP ProCurve Open Network
Ecosystem (HP ProCurve ONE)-enabled network
applications, and support and services all in a single
unified solution, HP ProCurve solutions deliver
business agility, business continuity, and reduced
cost of ownership.
The 8200zl switch series combines high performance
with comprehensive networking and security features
in a highly scalable, modular chassis solution. It
provides platform and software high-availability
features that enhance system reliability and provide
network continuity. As the latest expression of the
HP ProCurve Adaptive Network vision, the 8200zl
switch series helps organizations fortify security,
increase productivity, and reduce complexity—
allowing them to compete and thrive.
F or as long as you own the product, with next-business-day advance replacement (available in most countries). The following hardware products have a
five-year hardware warranty for the disk drive and lifetime hardware warranty (for as long as you own the product) for the rest of the module: HP ProCurve
ONE Services zl Module, HP ProCurve Threat Management Services zl Module, and HP ProCurve MSM765zl Mobility Controller. The following hardware
products and their related series modules have a one-year hardware warranty with extensions available: HP ProCurve Routing Switch 9300m series,
HP ProCurve Switch 8100fl series, HP ProCurve Network Access Controller 800, and HP ProCurve DCM Controller. The following hardware products
have a one-year hardware warranty with extensions available: HP ProCurve M111 Client Bridge, HP ProCurve MSM3xx-R Access Points, HP ProCurve
MSM7xx Mobility and Access Controllers, HP ProCurve RF Manager IDS/IPS Systems, HP ProCurve MSM Power Supplies, HP ProCurve 1-Port Power
Injector, HP ProCurve CNMS Appliances, and HP ProCurve MSM317 Access Device. Standalone software, upgrades, or licenses may have a different
warranty duration. For details, refer to the ProCurve Software License, Warranty, and Support booklet at
Unified Adaptive
Network Solution,
core to edge
HP ProCurve ProVision ASIC—power
and performance at the core
The ProVision ASIC provides a highly integrated
architecture in which functions that are typically hosted
in off-chip componentry—such as system processor,
memory (for example, TCAM, input), packet classifier,
MAC, and network processor—are engineered into a
single ASIC platform.
In addition to a breadth of features that enhance
security and system reliability, the ProVision ASIC
The HP ProCurve Adaptive Network vision—networks
provides the 8200zl switch series with investment
that adapt to the needs of users, applications, and
protection through its programmable network
organizations—began with the HP ProCurve 5400zl,
processor. Using HP’s patented technology, new
3500, and 6200yl intelligent edge switches, which
algorithms can be programmed into the ASIC to
leverage the HP ProCurve ProVision ASIC.
enable new Quality of Service (QoS) classifiers
for fast, efficient, deep data packet inspection.
The ProVision ASIC combines high-end wire-speed
capabilities and intelligence, integrating sophisticated This capability allows the 8200zl switch series to
switching functionality in a single, highly reliable, high- seamlessly adapt to new application and policy
requirements over time.
performance chip. The ProVision ASIC also delivers
built-in resiliency features that can mitigate both error
The ProVision ASIC architecture—included in the
conditions and malicious network attacks.
6600, 6200yl, 5400zl, and 3500 switch families,
and now in the 8200zl switch series—represents an
infrastructure solution that delivers consistent operation
and flexible deployment from the core to the edge.
HP ProCurve Open
Network Ecosystem
The HP ProCurve Open
Network Ecosystem gives
you a choice of best-inclass applications and
services that integrate
within your network. With
HP ProCurve ONE, you
can access a variety of
applications and services
without the complexity
normally associated with
an open-standards model.
Discover solutions from
market-leading vendors
within the ecosystem at
Reduced complexity
and lower cost of
Unified network platforms—
core to edge
By sharing the ProVision ASIC, platform architecture,
modules, accessories, software, and management
tools with the award-winning HP ProCurve Switch
5400zl Series, the 8200zl switch series extends a
unified core to edge, wired and wireless solution while
reducing complexity and lowering cost of ownership.
The 8200zl switch series shares interface/service
modules, power supplies, and optics/transceivers
with the HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl Series. Not
only does this improve platform flexibility, but it also
enables simplified and lower-cost component sparing
strategies. It also allows current 5400zl customers
to leverage existing investments and migrate costeffectively their deployments based on the 8200zl
switch series, resulting in lower operational costs and
streamlined network operations.
Shared network management core to
edge, wired and wireless
By using a set of device-level management tools (CLI,
Web GUI, Menu) common with the 5400zl, 3500,
The common ProVision ASIC-based architecture
and 6200yl platforms, the 8200zl switch series
provides interoperability and predictable behavior
with the 8200zl switch series at the core of a complete simplifies network-wide management and improves
ongoing management effectiveness and efficiency.
HP ProCurve network solution. Network managers
The 8200zl switch series can be deployed and
can take advantage of common networking, security,
efficiently managed using HP ProCurve Manager
QoS, and resiliency features in a highly integrated,
Plus (PCM+), a suite of device- and network-level
programmable, and flexible architecture to simplify
management tools that provide a network-wide
network operation. Instead of point technologies
common look and feel, including single-pane-of-glass
with vendor-/platform-specific idiosyncrasies that
network administration. This toolset provides unified
result in complex and unproductive management,
HP ProCurve system deployment and even code
image management and maintenance are unified.
management across the entire network—both wired
and wireless—improving the effectiveness of network
administration and making integration of IT-wide
network management a snap.
•HP ProCurve Mobility Manager (PMM), a
plug-in module for PCM+, provides wireless access
point configuration and management, including
rogue device detection and alerts, wireless client
association and health visibility, and template-driven
device group configuration and management.
•HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (IDM) access
control software empowers network managers to
dynamically manage user access, devices, and
traffic from a simple, top-down perspective.
•HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager (NIM)
network threat management software enables
detection and automated response to threats such as
virus attacks to improve network availability.
HP ProCurve ONE integrated
The HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series provides
a high-performance, secure switch platform for
deploying HP ProCurve ONE business and network
applications and services within the network. Hosted
on the HP ProCurve ONE Services zl Module, these
applications and services can act on traffic locally,
distributed throughout the network, or consolidated
in a central location. That makes management easier
and offers additional capabilities to adjust or improve
network behavior (such as load balancing). This
solution allows you to manage costs; help ensure
more efficient use of space, power, and cooling; and
confidently deliver HP ProCurve tested and certified
solutions. And with advanced high-availability features
like Nonstop Switching, the 8200zl series provides the
ideal infrastructure platform to help ensure that these
applications and services are delivered to provide
high levels of availability and business continuity.
Lower costs of ownership and lifetime
Secure, reliable
ProActive Defense
The 8200zl switch series takes advantage of
the HP ProCurve ProActive Defense strategy,
which uniquely combines offensive and defensive
network security strategies within a trusted network
infrastructure. Elements of the ProActive Defense
strategy include:
•Secure infrastructure—the platform for automation
of both the proactive and defensive aspects of
ProActive Defense; automatically detects anomalous
behaviors; and with modular threat management
services hosted by the 8200zl switch, customers
have a robust platform to embed security tools
directly within the network infrastructure
•Access control—utilizes HP ProCurve Identity Driven
Manager (IDM) for enforcing dynamic per-user
policies, including access control lists (ACLs), QoS,
and rate limiting; provides support for standards
such as IEEE 802.1X, Web Auth, MAC Auth, TNC,
and IETF RADIUS Extensions
•Network immunity—uses HP ProCurve Manager
Plus (PCM+) network management software,
which includes advanced policy-based device and
traffic management; Virus Throttle software, which
is embedded within the ProVision ASIC; ICMP
throttling, which defeats denial-of-service (DoS)
attacks; control protocol detection; and device
Enhancing overall network security, the ProVision ASIC
at the heart of the 8200zl switch series has designedin processes such as end-to-end data checking,
embedded RAM error correction, and ECC on an
external DRAM. These processes help ensure traffic
integrity as it passes through the switch, protecting
it from external network threats that could otherwise
impact system performance and availability.
The 8200zl switch series delivers great value with
enterprise-level performance, reliability, scalability,
and high-availability features for mainstream
enterprise environments of 500 to 10,000 users—
and it slashes ongoing ownership costs for sparing,
training, and network management.
With its industry-leading lifetime warranty and
unified core-to-edge architecture, HP ProCurve is
revolutionizing the customer ownership model by
reducing long-term support costs.
Enterprise performance and features
With excellent performance, comprehensive features,
and outstanding built-in network security capabilities,
the 8200zl switch series was designed to capably
and reliably support a wide range of deployments for
enterprise organizations of 500 to 10,000 users. At
the same time, it provides features such as full Layer
2/3/4 capabilities (RIP, OSPF, and PIM), IPv6 (IPv6
host, IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack, MLD snooping, ACLs,
QoS, and OSPFv3/static routing/DHCPv6 relay/
Routed ACL), and Q-in-Q (IEEE 802.1ad) that help
ensure those solutions remain viable and effective over
a long and useful life, enhancing network productivity
and reducing disruptive technology upgrades.
The 8200zl switch series offers superior scalability—
from 24 to 288 PoE-enabled 10/100/1000 ports
and 4 to 48 10-GbE ports—and scalable power in
The HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series
offers a host of features that make it
well-suited for a wide range of network
core/high-availability use models.
a space-efficient chassis design to enable seamless
migration to higher-speed connectivity over time.
With ample performance headroom to keep pace
with growth, the 8200zl switch series provides
flexibility and investment protection for future needs. It
continues to deliver as the network expands to support
bandwidth-intensive applications such as video
streaming and distribution-layer link aggregation.
High availability
The 8200zl switch series includes a host of critical
system platform high-availability features that provide
enhanced reliability, serviceability, and network peace
of mind:
•Hot-swappable, redundant management, fabric, and
power with a resilient cooling design
•Nonstop Switching, which enables mission-critical
deployments with stateful failover and uninterrupted
Layer 2 switching when the standby management
module has to take over for the active management
•Redundant Switch Fabric Modules, which operate in
an efficient, load-sharing model with no disruption
of network operation in the unlikely event of a fabric
module failure
•System Support Module (SSM), a user-serviceable
system componentry and consolidated health/status
module to provide accessibility and serviceability
•Passive system design, with passive chassis
backplane that helps ensure that network component
failures never result in forklift servicing of the system
Features of 8212zl and 8206zl switches
HP ProCurve 8212zl Switch
HP ProCurve 8206zl Switch
Interface/Service module
System support
Internal power supplies
10/100/1000 with PoE or PoE+
10-GbE ports
PoE power
3600 W
5400 W
1800 W (internal)
2700 W (w/ ext. power shelf)
Chassis height
9U (15.6")
6U (10.4")
Routing/Switching capacity
645.6 Gbps
322.8 Gbps
Switch performance
480.3 Mpps
240.2 Mpps
Switch fabric speed
691.2 Gbps
345.6 Gbps
Management redundancy
1 + 1 (Nonstop Switching)
1 + 1 (Nonstop Switching)
Fabric redundancy
1 + 1 (load sharing)
1 + 1 (load sharing)
System N+1
3 supplies
2 supplies
4 supplies
2 supplies
PoE N+1
4 supplies
N+N (w/ ext. power shelf)
2 supplies
N+N (w/ ext. power shelf)
1 fan tray (resilient)
1 fan tray (resilient)
Chassis slots
Maximum ports per system
High availability
Power redundancy
The 8200zl switch series provides a complete set of
software features to enhance network availability and
help ensure continuity of operations:
•Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), which
allows groups of two routers to dynamically back
each other up to create highly available routed
•HP ProCurve Switch Meshing, which dynamically
load-balances across multiple active redundant
links in a Layer 2 environment to increase available
aggregate bandwidth
•Server-to-switch distributed trunking, which allows a
server to connect to two switches with one logical
trunk; increases resiliency and enables load sharing
in virtualized data centers
•IEEE 802.1ad Q-in-Q, which increases Ethernet
scalability and allows multiple LANs in different
locations to be connected in a campus or metro
•OSPF ECMP (Equal Cost Multipath), which
dynamically load-balances across multiple active
equal-cost paths in a Layer 3 environment
•IEEE 802.1s MSTP, which provides high link
availability in multiple VLAN environments
•IEEE 802.3ad LACP, which supports up to 36 trunks,
each with up to 8 links (ports) per trunk
•Dual flash images and multiple configuration files,
which provide deployment flexibility, management
simplicity, and continuity of operations
•Uni-Directional Link Detection (UDLD), which helps
prevent network downtime from fiber link break
Flexibility where it counts
Thanks to its platform architecture, efficient system
design, and flexible form-factor options, the
HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series offers a host of
features that make it well-suited for a wide range
of network core/high-availability use models (for
example, traditional core or interconnect fabric core)
as well as for large-scale distribution and highavailability access/edge deployments. Each use
model delivers ease of deployment, solution-common
componentry and features, and unified system
and network management. Important features are
highlighted in the table.
Wide range of use models of the HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series
Data center
ProCurve 7000dl
Servers for
network services
• PCM+
PoE (Nonstop
Secured connectivity
The figure helps to illustrate the wide range of
use models of the HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl
Switch Series.
The HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series addresses
critical solution requirements.
The HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series provides the
complete toolset to help ensure the integrity of the
system and its solution integration:
•Granular per-user policy enforcement—wirespeed packet processing and selection for remote
intelligent mirroring, ACLs, QoS, rate limiting, and
other features
•Mitigation of malicious attacks through Virus
Throttle, ICMP throttling, CPU DoS protection, and
detection of malicious attacks
IP telephony
radio ports
•Secure network access with IEEE 802.1X, Web/
MAC Auth, identity-driven and per-port ACLs;
network security with DHCP protection, BPDU port
protection, dynamic ARP protection, dynamic IP
lockdown, and STP root guard
•Secure network management via TACACS+, SSHv2,
secure FTP, and secure encryption of all access
methods—CLI, GUI or MIB—through SSHv2, SSL,
and/or SNMPv3
•Dynamic per-user policy—integrated with
HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (IDM), the
8200zl switch series provides fast and effective
means to set and enforce switch-level individual user
policies (for example, ACL, QoS, and rate limiting)
•Integrated threat management applications—
advanced, scalable, switch-integrated security
tools such as stateful firewall, intrusion detection/
prevention system (IDS/IPS), and VPN concentrator
via the HP ProCurve Threat Management Services
zl Module.
Unified Communications and
Mainstream Unified Communications and
Collaboration applications such as IP telephony and
Voice over IP are providing businesses with more
cost-effective ways to serve end users and enhance
IT productivity. With advanced high-availability
features like Nonstop Switching, the 8200zl switch
series helps ensure that converged traffic flows are
delivered with the highest levels of availability. Built
on this foundation, the 8200zl series provides a wide
range of Unified Communications and Collaboration
protocols and tools:
•Multicast support via data-driven IGMP, PIM Dense,
and PIM Sparse
•Advanced QoS, including eight hardware priority
queues and selectable queue configuration; set
and enforce prioritization based on multiple match
criteria such as Layer 2 (IEEE 802.1p, VLAN ID),
Layer 3 (DSCP, IP address), and Layer 4 (TCP/UDP
port) markings
•Bandwidth shaping by enforcing ingress/egress
maximum and egress guaranteed minimum
In the context of a highly scaled wireless network
topology, the 8200zl switch series provides the
foundation of robust, reliable core switching to meet
end-user requirements for anytime, anywhere access:
•Support for highly scalable, centralized core or
distribution-layer wireless access management and
security with the HP ProCurve MSM765zl Mobility
•Support for WLAN access points as well as IEEE
802.3af and prestandard PoE/PoE+ support
•PoE or PoE+ standard on all Gigabit copper ports
to provide deployment flexibility and allow for
selective integration of wireless access points without
additional cost or overhead
•Unified wired/wireless client and network
management to provide both end users and network
administrators with a consistent user experience
no matter where and over what infrastructure
connections are made
•Web Auth to provide flexible authentication
for mobile workers to connect securely to
network resources
•Support for IP telephony through interoperability
with industry-leading IP telephony vendor products;
LLDP-MED, which enables automatic configuration
of QoS and VLAN; RADIUS VLAN, which uses a
standard RADIUS attribute to automatically configure
VLAN for IP phones; and IEEE 802.3af PoE, 802.3at
PoE+, and prestandard PoE support
•PoE management tools for intelligent power
allocation and redundancy for efficient power usage
and enhanced availability
HP ProCurve 8212zl Switch
System modules
J8715B: HP ProCurve Switch 8212zl base system;
modular switch platform includes
•J9092A: HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl Redundant
Management Module (for redundant configuration
or onsite sparing; J8715B base system delivers
1x module)
•1 redundant management module
•2 fabric modules
•1 System Support Module
•1 fan tray
•IP base routing features standard
(Redundant management/interface/service modules,
premium software, power supplies, and optics/
transceivers must be ordered separately.)
HP ProCurve 8206zl Switch
J9475A: HP ProCurve 8206zl Switch base system;
modular switch platform includes
•1 redundant management module
•2 fabric modules
•1 System Support Module
•1 fan tray
•IP base routing features standard
(Redundant management/interface/service modules,
premium software, power supplies, and optics/
transceivers must be ordered separately.)
•J9093A: HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl Fabric Module
(for onsite sparing only; J8715B base system delivers
required modules)
•J9095A: HP ProCurve Switch 8200zl System
Support Module (for onsite sparing only; J8715B
base system delivers required module)
Switch software
•J9474A: HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Premium
License (adds advanced routing features such
as OSFP, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, and VRRP to the
HP ProCurve 8200zl Switch Series)
Infrastructure components
•J9094A: HP ProCurve Switch 8212zl Fan Tray (for
onsite sparing only; 8212zl/J8715B base system
delivers required fan tray)
•J9576A: HP ProCurve 8206zl Switch Fan Tray (for
onsite sparing only; 8212zl/J9475A base system
delivers required fan tray)
Interface modules
Mini-GBICs/Transceivers/Direct attach cables
•J9307A: HP ProCurve 24-Port 10/100/1000 PoE+
zl Module
•J8177C: HP ProCurve Gigabit 1000Base-T
•J9308A: HP ProCurve 20-Port 10/100/1000 PoE+
and 4-Port SFP zl Module
•J4858C: HP ProCurve Gigabit-SX-LC Mini-GBIC
•J9309A: HP ProCurve 4-Port 10-GbE SFP+ zl
•J4860C: HP ProCurve Gigabit-LH-LC Mini-GBIC
•J9478A: HP ProCurve 24-Port 10/100 PoE+ zl
•J9143B: HP ProCurve 1000-BX-U SFP-LC Mini-GBIC
•J8702A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 24-Port
10/100/1000 PoE Module
•J4859C: HP ProCurve Gigabit-LX-LC Mini-GBIC
•J9142B: HP ProCurve 1000-BX-D SFP-LC Mini-GBIC
•J8436A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE X2-SC SR Optic
•J8437A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE X2-SC LR Optic
•J8705A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 20-Port
10/100/1000 + 4-Port Mini-GBIC Module
•J8438A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE X2-SC ER Optic
•J8706A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 24-Port Mini-GBIC
•J8439A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE CX4 Media
•J8707A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 4-Port 10-GbE X2
•J8440B: HP ProCurve 10-GbE X2-CX4 Transceiver
•J8708A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 4-Port 10-GbE CX4
•J9099B: HP ProCurve 100-BX-D SFP-LC Transceiver
Service modules
•J9151A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ LR Transceiver
•J9289A: HP ProCurve ONE Services zl Module
•J9152A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ LRM Transceiver
•J9155A: HP ProCurve Threat Management Services
zl Module
•J9100B: HP ProCurve 100-BX-U SFP-LC Transceiver
•J9370A: HP ProCurve MSM765zl Mobility Controller
•J9051A: HP ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl
•J9052A: HP ProCurve Redundant Wireless Services
zl Module
•J9144A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE X2-SC LRM Optic
•J9054B: HP ProCurve 100-FX SFP-LC Transceiver
•J9150A: HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ SR Transceiver
•J9281B: HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ 1m Cable
•J9283B: HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ 3m Cable
•J9285B: HP ProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ 7m Cable
•J9306A: HP ProCurve 1500W PoE+ zl Power
•J8712A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 875W Power Supply
•J8713A: HP ProCurve Switch zl 1500W Power
•J8714A: HP ProCurve Switch zl Power Supply Shelf
(external power supply shelf for zl switches)
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