Canon | C7065i | Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7065i

Platen Cover, Inner Fi nishing Tray,
The device has a compact
footprint with basic Platen Cover
and limited media capacity.
DADF, Inner Fi nisher, Pedestal
DADF, External Staple Finisher,
Cassette Feed Unit
Compact but has increased
capability via the inner staple
finisher and document feeder.
Less compact but increased
finishing capability via the
External Staple Finisher and
increased paper capacity with
the add ition of the Cassette
Feed Unit.
Office CSOOO Series
These are example configurations only. Devices are modular.
One Pass Duplex Scan, Booklet Finisher,
Hole Puncher, A4 Paperdecl<,
Cassette Feed u nit
High productivity of scanning
via the One Pass Duplex Scan
and increased advanced finishing
like booklets and hole punching.
Increased media ea pacity via the
Cassette Feed Unit and Paperdeck.
'On average people
spend 4 hours per
week looking for
information. (AIM 2oo9>
An integrated document solution
Fast deployment
For graphic intensive environments
To enable you r people to be more
productive, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE
Series seamlessly integrates w ith the way
you work, automating you r paper intensive
workflows and providing the perfect
platform for document commun ications.
Network users benefit from timely
electronic document distribution with
seamless integration into systems like
Microsoft& Share Point•, Adobe, uniFLOW
Output Manager and iW360. High quality
colour printing is made easy thanks to
impressive finish ing capabilities. And even
specialist requirements are catered for w ith
two light production systems, designed for
Centra l Reprographic Departments.
The consistent th inking behind the design
and developmentofthe imageRUNNER
ADVANCE Seri es makes installation,
integration and administration of even
large-scale deployments, relatively simple
to handle. Devices share a common look,
architecture, printer d river and intuitive user
interface, keeping training requirements to
a m inimum.
A new embedded controller ensures
fast document processing. But for more
demanding environments such as a design
agency or production setting, there is a
choice of Fiery controllers that deliver
optimum performance and outstanding
colou r reproduction.
C9070 PRO
One Pass Duplex Scan. Booklet Finisher, POD Deck
Lite, Insertion and Folding Unit and Hole Puncher
One Pass Du plex Scan, Multi Drawer Paperdeck,
Saddle Finisher, Insertion and Folding Unit,
Professional Puncher
Highly productive via the scanning capabi lity
through the One Pass Duplex Scan and has
a high media capacity through the standard
cassettes and the optional A4 Paperdeck.
Highly productive with advanced finish ing
capabi lity via the Booklet Finisher, Document
Insertion and Folding (C&Z fold) Supported
by the POD Deck Lite offering increased
capacity of either A4, A3 or SRA3.
Versati le Light Production model which is
ideal for CRD, Print for Pay and commercial
print environments. Provides outstanding
media flexibility, finish ing options and
output quality.
One Pass Duplex Scan, Staple Finisher,
A4 Paperdeck
Office C7000 Series
Light Production C9000 Pro Series
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A tiltable 8 .4 inch or huge upright
10.4 inch SVGA high-definition colour
screen is the focal point of every device.
Cutting-edge creativity
Document transformation
The possibilities to create professional
looking documents to impress your
customers are endless. The imageRUNNER
ADVANCE Series handles a variety of paper
weights and sizes and provides extensive
fin ishing capabilities, such as booklet
making, document insertion, Z and C folded
documents. Canon's powerful iW360
software can also be incorporated, allowing
you to effortlessly combine information
from various sources and formats, taking
document communication to new heights.
embraces the latest Office Open XML file
formats, allowing the content within scanned
documents to be easily accessed and used
by other applications and business systems.
Effective scanning, routing
and collaboration
With the touch of a button, it's easy to
securely digitise paper documents, store and
send them to a multitude of destinations
such as email, fax, ftp, Microsoft® SharePoint"'
and iW360 Document Server. Future
retrieval is aided by the searchable PDF
facility that allows for specific words
within a document to be located. To aid
information sharing and collaboration,
searchable documents can be stored in
team-based document cabinets within
iW360 Document Server.
Inherent Adobe~ Reader Extensions
PDF capability means that powerful
Adobe0 Reader" fu nctionality can be enjoyedwithout the need to purchase any software
licenses. This means documents can be
shared and reviewed electronically instead of
using slower paper-based workflows. For
example, your company's invoice approval
process could be automated, with the
relevant parties reviewing, creating sticky
notes, and adding attachments where
Advanced Space
An on-board and ready-to-use document
repository called 'Advanced Space' enables
users to manage simple shared libraries
of documents like HR forms and prod uct
brochures, making it easier to repeat-print
Office Open XML
Adobe Reader Extensions
Reuse text, images
etc aod combine w;th
existing documents
Document Scan Lock Kit
AnalySis of embedded
user .nformat1on
Secure file
secure information
into the document
Proh•b•tJon ofJOb (copy/
sendtfaxtbox) execut1on or
JOb execut1on by password
entry/user authent1catcon
Document security
Secure waterma rks can be embedded
into confidential documents, becoming
prominent when someone attempts to make
a copy. When scanning and sending a PDF,
it can be secured so that only users with the
relevant password can access them.
Scan documents using your existing Adobe®
Rights Management workflow to protect
critical information, improve regulatory
compliance and streamline business processes.
Adobe Rights Management
Policy examples:
• Viewing restrictions
• Print restrictions
• Change restrictions
• Copy restrictions
• Valid it¥ control
Documents in various
file fonnats
In tod ay's challenging clim ate it's important to be ab le to take
decisions that m ake sense now and in th e fut ure. The prog ressive
thinking beh ind the imageRUNNE R ADVANCE Seri es em bodies this
ph il osophy. Here is a range that unite s a sens ible fi nancial outlay,
efficient running costs, supe rior levels of control and a new
bench m ark in environ m ental re sponsibility.
Accelerate savings.
environmental efficiency
We aim to reduce the environmental
burden in all stages of a product's lifecycle,
with an aim of protecting the planets
precious resources. That's why we set out
to manufacture a Series with a small footprint
Low consumption and emissions
The device incorporates the world's fi rst
high-g rade fire reta rdant bio plastic, made
from plant-derived organic resources.
Carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced.
through the use of green materials and an
environmentally concious distribution
strategy. Where poss1ble. recycled plastics
have also been util1sed.
Low energy consumption and noise
New toner technology makes 1t possible
to fix toner to its substrate at lower
temperatures, reducing energy costs.
A sleep mode cuts consumption to 1.5W
or less and noise levels are also reduced
for a better working environment
Each device also conforms to the latest
intern ational environmental standards
such as Energy Star and ROHS.
Reduce your costs
Maximum uptime
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series helps
you seize the initiative to reduce both energy
consumption and costs. High quality
document creation means that broch ures
and mail pieces can be prod uced- without
outsourcing to a local print shop enabling
big savings.
Each device provides exception al reliability,
ensuri ng communication remains fast and
efficient day after day. An innovative design
feature means that in the unlikely event of a
paper m isfeed, recovery is always performed
from the right hand side of the device - quick
and simple.
Duplex printing cuts paper consumption
and, on a cost per pri nt basis. could almost
halve your print costs. Powerful software
such as Canon's uniFLOW Output Manager
contributes too. When documents are sent
to print, they can be automatically routed
to the network device with the lowest
cost-per-page, enabling significant savings
overti me. Plus, secure access means
documents can be "held" until users
are ready to collect them at the devicepreventing wastage caused by forgotten
documents discarded in output trays.
Efficient management with iWMC
Space-saving design
Each sleek device is incredibly compact for
such a powerfu l performer. And in offices
where space is at a premium, an intern al
fi nisher, residing within the device's main
body, is a welcome addition.
Network management of your devices can
be handled with Canon's i\11/ Management
Console. This powerful. scalable software
solution provides extensive capabilities to
speed up problem resolution. streamline
device control and automate common
tasks, reducing the burden on your IT
resources. Further help comes courtesy
of Canon's eMaintenance software.
enabling automated remote d1agnostics
and consumables orderi ng
'92% labelled
protecting the
environment as
a top concern.
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' Advance every
opportunity with
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dd'lelr ~ m.anut.Kiurers in their markets .and/or CXJUntries.
l mageRUNNER
Adobe' PostScript' r
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