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Complete Document
Management with
Colour on Demand
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Print, Copy, Fax*, Scan
in Black and White… or Colour
By now most offices have discovered the benefits of multifunctionality. So, how do you
gain that competitive advantage? Imagine using one affordable all-in system that allows you
to go that one step further. The Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C provide you with every capability
you would expect from a Ricoh multifunctional document manager. Digital supremacy,
exceptional ease of use, advanced networking, top output quality, reliability… you name it.
Of course these systems come with ‘scan to e-mail’, LDAP support and document management
functionalities. In addition, cost effective faxing, finishing and booklet making as well as
an array of other options are available. However, being the leader in office colour, Ricoh takes
it one step further and offers you the one tool that will make your documents stand out:
on demand, affordable colour. Any user can now easily and cost effectively enhance
business documents with colour. A superior professional image is within your reach. The
Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C deliver sophisticated multifunctionality as well as the option to add
colour that will give your documents that extra edge!
* Fax: black and white only.
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High Performance
Black and White and Colour in One
When you invest in office equipment,
you want the best without overstepping your
budget. With the Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C,
Ricoh introduces three leading edge
multifunctional products. Easy operation,
versatile finishing, device management,
advanced faxing and scanning… it’s all yours.
And to meet your latest needs, we added
optimal network connectivity, colour scanning
and efficient document management.
Intuitive Operation
Printing, copying, faxing and scanning: you
are easily guided through all processes thanks
to the large, self explanatory LCD touch screen.
In addition, the ‘scan once, copy many’ principle
stands for optimal reliability while the electronic
sorting function allows easy handling and
efficient distribution.
Versatile Finishing & Booklet Creation
Make a professional impression with your finished productions.
You can choose between a 2,000-sheet multi-tray finisher or
a 1,000-sheet booklet finisher for the creation of striking
newsletters, manuals, presentation materials etc.
Web Based Device Management
Using Web SmartDeviceMonitor™, the status of networked peripherals can
be monitored and checked through common web browsers. Additionally,
IT managers and network administrators can set user privileges, obtain
complete job statistics and restrict usage.
The image on these pages is not a real photograph
and slight differences in detail might appear.
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Connect to Any Network
With its embedded Network Interface Board (NIB), the
Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C can integrate with virtually
any network environment. An IEEE 1394 interface board or
USB 2.0 option can be added to enhance connectivity
flexibility. Wireless LAN enables printing across the
network without the use of cables. Opting for Bluetooth
allows you to connect devices outside the network.
Time Saving One Click Printing
Cost Effective Print Job Routing
Ricoh’s unique printer language RPCS™ enables fast,
easy and efficient printing. Thanks to its icon based
interface, any print job – no matter how complex –
is only one click away and entering print commands
takes only seconds.
Many offices and departments have a number of print solutions at their
disposal. Ideally, different kinds of print jobs should be routed to the
most suitable print system: large, complex jobs to the central printer,
smaller print jobs to the desktop device. doc-Q-route brings these new
levels of efficiency to your business printing. This easy to use network
solution automatically routes documents to the most appropriate device
such as the Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C. Installation and configuration
are effortless and by precisely routing print jobs, you not only increase
productivity but also save the cost of printing on the more expensive
desktop printers.
Secure & Confidential Printing
To prevent unauthorised people from picking
up your confidential print jobs, you can use
the Locked Print™ facility: only after password
confirmation will the documents be released.
The Sample Print™ function eliminates errors
when producing multiple sets: you can verify
the first set before collecting the remaining sets.
Unlimited Auto Duplex
To reduce paper usage, the Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C are
equipped with a tray-less auto duplex function. It produces
unlimited double-sided output in a single job without loss of speed.
Cost Saving Internet Faxing
Using the Internet for long distance faxing has
major advantages. By sending fax messages to
PCs in e-mail format, you reduce costs while
enhancing your communication capabilities.
Colour Scan to E-mail
If you need to distribute documents in a secure way, you can send scanned
colour files as e-mail attachments straight from the operation panel. No delivery
server is required. Up to 2,000 e-mail addresses can be stored in the systems’
Hard Disk Drive or you can use LDAP to directly access up to date e-mail
addresses from your company’s e-mail system. This all adds up to a very
cost effective way of distributing documents.
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Fast Output with a Difference
High productivity and ease of
use go hand in hand with the
Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C. Top output
speeds and user friendly operation help you
obtain optimum workflow efficiency. You can
take advantage of the systems’
integrated fast colour capabilities whenever
you need them to make your documents
stand out.
High Speed Saves Time
Colour Sells
Ready for a major productivity boost? With
the Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C’s amazing
output speeds you will notice a significant
difference. At 28/32/38 pages per minute and
20/24/28 in colour, your output – whether
simplex or duplex – is ready before you know it.
A short warm up time and high first output speed
make these systems ideal for user groups with
high productivity requirements.
Most of your business documents will be
acceptable if printed in black and white.
However, add a touch of colour to your
proposals, invoices, forms etc. and you will
be surprised at the impact. Documents become
easier to read, understand and recognise
when colour is used. This not only enhances
their impact 1, but also guarantees higher
retention and even increases brand awareness
– vital elements to stay ahead in today’s
competitive business world.
Easy to Use for Anyone
The Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C are as easy
to work with as a black and white device. No
need to bury yourself in complicated manuals
as the large touch screen guides you through
programming any job in no time. Machine
settings and language choice are adjustable
in the same way and maintenance is easily
monitored. Easily installed finishing options
are available in a compact design.
Efficient Storage,
Merging & Distribution
To make your documents more comprehensible and
easier to read, simply add colour highlights to draw
the attention to key information.
20/24/28 ppm
To digitise, store and manage all files,
the Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C come with
ScanRouter™ V2 Lite & DeskTopBinder™ V2
Lite software. The possibilities are endless:
‘scan to folder’, search and view files, redistribute files, combine digital and analogue
documents into one, etc.
1 80% of all business managers believe that using colour
gives their proposals greater credence.
Source: Environics Research Group survey August 2003
Black and White & Colour in One
Using colour does not necessarily imply high costs
and low productivity. On top of their nominal
functions, the Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C
offer affordable colour at speeds that are
comparable to other black and white systems.
Instead of investing in separate systems that
take up valuable space, you gain a complete
multifunctional device that handles all office tasks
and colour. These systems encompass every
possible tool to make a competitive difference.
black and white
28/32/38 ppm
The Aficio™2228C/2232C/2238C stand for highly
productive output: with amazing speeds, in both
black and white and colour!
Even with such an array of functionalities, these
all-in-one systems remain simple to operate thanks
to a handy LCD touch panel for easy programming.
Page 6
Copying process:
Copy speed:
Multiple copy:
Warm up time:
First output speed:
Paper input
Paper output
Paper size:
Paper weight:
(W x D x H)
Power source:
Power consumption:
Laser beam scanning
& electro photographic printing
Black and white: 28/32/38 copies per minute
Full colour:
20/24/28 copies per minute
600 dpi
Up to 999
Less than 101 seconds
Black and white:
8 seconds
Full colour:
10 seconds
25 - 400% (in 1% steps)
Standard: 768 MB + 80 GB Hard Disk Drive
2 x 500-sheet trays
1 x 100-sheet bypass tray
3,100 sheets
500 sheets + 100 sheets
2,600 sheets
A6 - A3 (A3+ via bypass tray)
Paper trays/duplex:
60 - 105 g/m2
Bypass tray:
60 - 163 g/m2
670 x 698 x 859 mm
Less than 120 kg
220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Energy saver mode:
Stored destination
Address book:
Scan to folder:
Via LDAP or locally on Hard Disk Drive
SMB or FTP protocol (with login security)
Maximum 50 folders per job
SmartDeviceMonitor™, Web SmartDeviceMonitor™,
Web Image Monitor, DeskTopBinder™ V2 Lite,
ScanRouter™ V2 Lite
FAX (option)
Modem speed:
Compression method:
Scanning speed:
Memory capacity:
Maximum 1.44 kW
Less than 197 W
Maximum 2,000
Memory backup:
ITU-T (T.37) Internet Fax
Maximum 33.6 Kbps
200 x 200/100 dpi
400 x 400 dpi (option)
MH, MR, MMR, JBIG (option)
Less than 1.06 seconds (200 x 100 dpi, A4)
4 MB
28 MB
Print speed:
Printer language:
Network protocol:
Black and white: 28/32/38 prints per minute
Full colour:
20/24/28 prints per minute
Adobe® PostScript® 3™
1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Bi-directional IEEE 1284
Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX
Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
2003 Server
Macintosh 8.6 or later (except for v10.0.x)
Netware, Unix
IBM iSeries/
AS/400® using OS/400 Host Print Transform
Scan speed:
Original size:
Output formats:
Bundled drivers:
Scan to e-mail:
Platen cover
80-sheet Auto Reverse Document Feeder
1 x 500-sheet paper tray
2 x 500-sheet paper trays
2,000-sheet large capacity tray
350-sheet multi-bin tray
2,000-sheet multi-tray finisher
1,000-sheet booklet finisher
Adobe® PostScript® 3™
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b)
IEEE 1394
USB 2.0
2nd G3 port
Professional software solutions
For availability of models, optional apparatus and software,
please consult your local Ricoh supplier.
Printed with
Ecolith Ink
with respect for the environment
ISO9001: 2000 certified
ISO14001 certified
Ricoh has determined that these products
meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for
energy efficiency.
Maximum 28 originals per minute (MH, A4)
600 dpi
A5 - A3
Network, TWAIN
Ricoh believes in conserving the earth’s
precious natural resources. This
brochure is printed on environmentally
friendly paper: 50% recycled fibres,
50% chlorine free bleached pulp.
Maximum 500 per job
All brand and/or product names are
trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications and external appearance
are subject to change without notice.
The colour of the actual product
may vary from the colour shown
in the brochure.
For more information, please contact:
RICOH EUROPE B.V. Groenelaan 3,
P.O. Box 114, 1180 AC Amstelveen,
The Netherlands.
Phone: +31 (0)20-5474111
Fax: +31 (0)20-6418601
ENG/EUR - B1103N - 231079
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