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Allworx 24x Overview
Communication systems designed exclusively for small businesses
Finally, a VoIP system with a fully integrated T1/PRI that …
Saves you money
Doesn’t compromise on features
Provides an easy transition to VoIP
Is easier than you think
It’s true!
Small businesses can have it all! They can have the most costeffective voice and data access without the need for expensive
or complicated equipment, giving them the choices they need to
best meet their business requirements. The Allworx 24x system is
designed with multiple built-in connections:
Traditional phone lines
T1/PRI circuit for voice, and
Ethernet or T1 for ISP data service
Now, small businesses no longer need to limit their voice and data access options
because of the increased cost and complexity of a system. The Allworx 24x has
been engineered for direct connection with the most common and powerful
communication delivery methods.
No longer is there a need for:
• Gateways
• Expansion cards
• Third-party products
Imagine making an investment decision based on cost, value and ease of
implementation — not on limited or complicated interoperability!
The award-winning Allworx systems have been designed exclusively for small
businesses with up to 100 users per site. The same powerful features, cost
savings and ease of use found in our previous product offerings are available in
the Allworx 24x system — no compromising on any Allworx advantages!
Allworx is the answer!
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What is Allworx?
Designed for companies with up to 100 users, the Allworx 24x system is a
state-of-the-art communication system. The system integrates a feature-rich
phone system and a robust data network system with advanced features that
substantially improve your company’s productivity while saving you on-going
monthly costs. The integrated T1/PRI capability provides even more cost
savings and reliability than any other offer in the industry.
A true all-in-one system.
Phone system
Network server
Advanced features
• Full PBX & Key System
• Automated Back-up
• Call Assistant™
• Remote User
• Email / Web Server
• Call Queuing™
• Site-to-Site Access
• Internet Security
• Group Calendaring
• Unified Messaging
• LAN Management
• Internet Call Access™
• Voice Over Internet
• WAN Access
The Allworx 24x System, shown with Allworx 9112 and 9102 phones.
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Allworx 24x — Key advant
Many companies make the claim that they are the
best or the easiest, but few can back up these claims.
Allworx makes it easy to see why we are the only
right choice for your business.
More savings for you
No compromising on features
Allworx is the absolute lowest installed cost of
any fully-featured VoIP and PC network system!
You’ll see the savings immediately:
The Allworx system is the only analog, VoIP and PC
network solution available with a complete set of
features designed exclusively for the small business.
Moving to this system can be accomplished with
absolutely no disruption to your business. You get all
the features you have, plus more.
Best price
The Allworx 24x is already priced for small
businesses. Without a need for gateways,
expansion cards or other third party products,
we can truly state that we are the lowest
installed cost in the industry.
No hidden charges
Allworx pricing is straightforward and
Free multi-site and Internet calling
With our Internet Call Access™ option, calling
between sites is free and saves additional money
by switching to an Internet Telephony Service
Provider for your telephone service.1
Instant remote access
Remote users connect instantly without
additional hardware, software or cost.
No per-seat software charges
Software options are sold as one-time fees
with unlimited use.
Same features, same operation
Calls will continue to work like your traditional
phone system, and appear in the same way —
so, switching to an Allworx system is transparent
to users.
Analog and VoIP
Keep your analog lines for 911 use, backup and
some incoming calls, while instantly connecting
to Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) to
take advantage of low cost long distance charges.
New features
Take advantage of new functionality such as
extensive voicemail storage, unified messaging,
follow me calling, group calendaring and much more.
Enhanced conference calling
The Allworx 24x comes with four (4) built-in eightseat conference bridges. Imagine the productivity
and cost savings!
Maximum flexibility — voice and data access
No other company offers built-in connections to all
three communication delivery methods — traditional
phone lines, T1/ PRI, and Ethernet or T1 for ISP
data service!
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ages for small businesses
Move at your own pace
It’s got to be easy
New technology can be daunting. That’s why
Allworx gives you the largest set of traditional
telephone capabilities of any VoIP solution in its
class! Now you can simultaneously use both
analog and VoIP phone connections as you control
the pace of your transition to new technology.
Whether you are installing a single site or linking
together multiple offices and remote users, no other
system comes close to providing the simplicity and
speed of installation.
You control when to use VoIP
The T1/ PRI and analog port capabilities in the
base configuration allow you to control when and
how you move to VoIP — so you can do so without
disrupting your business operations.
You control when to use features
All features are activated via software keys so you
can take advantage of them as your business needs
them — such as VPN, multi-site calling, follow-me
calling, live answer position, call queuing.
Easiest to use
Our customers and resellers have repeatedly told
us that our intuitive interface makes the Allworx
system the easiest to use and administer.
Easiest to install
The Allworx system includes a complete
installation checklist — a customer is up and
running in hours, not days.
Simple transition
Since your current features (and their appearance)
are the same, it’s easy for your employees and
customers to use the new system without
skipping a beat.
Only two steps for multi-site/remote users
There is only a two-step process for multi-site
calling or remote users. Other systems require
additional investment in time, hardware and
Easiest access to Internet calling
Allworx is certified by more Internet Telephony
Service Providers (ITSPs) than any other
manufacturer making it easier to access Internet
telephone calling. With multiple ITSPs to choose
from, you can select the right service provider for
your needs or preferences.
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Phone system
You get the best of all worlds with the Allworx 24x phone system — full PBX and Key
system features, support for digital T1/PRI, analog and VoIP phones at the same time,
even multi-site calling and access for remote users. Allworx gives your company a
polished, professional identity and improves your communications with customers.
“The primary benefit for us is
cost savings. What Allworx’s
VoIP technology is saving us in
long-distance charges alone has
made a tremendous difference.”
Jan Lowe, Vice President of Operations, Vector Networks
PBX and Key system features. Mix and match your favorite
features from both PBX and Key systems. This means you
can keep what you have and incorporate higher end features
without disruption to your business operations.
VoIP (Voice over Internet). Save big money on long distance
calling by utilizing the built-in VoIP functionality, but still keep
your standard telephone lines as backup.
Multiple incoming lines. With 3 built-in Central Office (CO)
incoming line ports and T1/PRI circuit (23 lines), Allworx can
support up to 26 voice lines, expandable up to 50 lines. 2
Multi-site calling. Each Allworx 24x can connect to other units,
up to 100 sites, using VoIP. So calling between sites is free,
eliminating call charges and keeping connectivity high.
Remote users. Using an Allworx phone, remote users can
have the same functionality as local users and are instantly
connected to the Allworx system.
Auto attendants. Create up to nine auto attendants, with unique
corporate and time-specific greetings.
Conference calling. Four (4) eight-seat conference bridges
built in and each Allworx phone can support its own 3-way
conference call.
100 user extensions. Allworx 24x supports up to 100 users with
voicemail boxes and 100 system extensions for common areas
such as conference rooms or lobbies (no voicemail boxes).
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Voicemail. Virtually unlimited message storage with internal
hard disk. Up to 16 callers can access voicemail simultaneously.
Unified messaging. Allworx simplifies voicemail and email
communications. You can review, retrieve and respond to all
your messages from a single Inbox.
Presence management. Allworx gives you seven unique phone
presences (At A Meeting, At Home, Away, Busy, In Office, On
Business Trip, On Vacation). Each presence setting forwards
calls to you the way you choose, and lets co-workers know
your status.
Customized call routing. Route your calls to follow you or
forward to co-workers — the call moves as designated until it
is answered.
Direct Inward Dialing. DID allows each extension to have a
direct number so callers can contact individuals directly,
bypassing the auto attendant.4
Dialing plans. Programmable dialing plans can easily route calls
through your lowest-cost telephone provider, whether via ITSP
using VoIP, traditional CO lines or T1/PRI wire circuits.
Call tracking. Access and analyze a detailed telephone log;
export data to Microsoft Excel or any standard spreadsheet
Network server
Allworx combines all of your data needs into one comprehensive package that
supports up to 100 users and networks your PCs, printers, servers and
other peripherals.
“With the Allworx system,
making changes is extremely simple,
so I don’t need to constantly worry
that something will go wrong.”
Scott Hackstadt, Director of Technology, Vernon Library
Supplies and Integrated Technology Group
System Administration. Every Allworx system comes with a
browser-based system administrator tool which lets you setup,
change or adjust key features — both on-site and remotely via a
secure connection.
Integrates with your existing systems. Use parts of your existing
network infrastructure linked to Allworx, or let Allworx run
everything. You can use as much Allworx functionality as
you need.
LAN management. Manages a fully secured LAN subnet,
supporting your connected PCs, phones, printers, fax machines
and other peripherals. Stores shared and network specific data
on the internal hard disk.
Spam blocker. The Allworx administrator can connect to third
party spam blocking services to recognize spam and isolate
spurious messages.
WAN/Internet access. Provides public WAN interfaces to
external networks. Built-in NAPT/NAT protocols provide
powerful protection from hackers.
Firewall SPI security. Enterprise-class packet handling
technology maximizes network security.
Email server. Manages receipt and distribution of user’s email,
supporting both POP3 and SMTP Internet email standards.
Compatible with any POP3 Client.
Automated backup. Allworx OfficeSafe™ is included with
your system, enabling automated, scheduled backup of your
contacts, voicemail and system files. Additional back-up
options — such as a mirrored disk — are available.
Fax support. Plug a fax machine into the Allworx unit to
create a dedicated fax line. When the line is free the system
automatically utilizes it (as needed) for outgoing calls.
Website hosting. Supports Intranet and Internet sites with full
HTTP and FTP functionality.
Intranet sites. At installation, Allworx automatically launches
two Intranet sites: a corporate Intranet site giving access to
shared calendars, files and corporate info; and a passwordprotected administrative site for managing system settings.
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Advanced features
Allworx provides Advanced Feature options to help your business increase its
productivity, efficiency and customer response. We’ve streamlined tasks like
information sharing, group planning and customer call management, essentially
adding hours to your workweek and increasing your customers’ satisfaction.
Call Assistant™
Live answer position allows operators to easily manage incoming calls via a software tool.
Support for VoIP lines, traditional CO lines and T1/PRI wire circuits.
Easy-to-use graphical user interface.
“Drag & drop” capability for transferring calls.
Call Queuing™
• Supports up to 16 calls per queue and 32 calls across all queues at any time.
• Users at remote sites can participate in call queues at the touch of a button. Companies
can truly offer 24-hour support by hiring people in various time zones.
• The status of each queue is continuously updated on your PC, allowing you to quickly check
vital statistics such as number of callers in queue, longest wait time, and average wait time.
Group Calendaring
• Scheduling meetings has never been easier. View everyone’s schedule, then create and
track meeting requests via email.
• Allworx is compatible with third-party email clients like Microsoft Outlook/Express
• Allworx can track your to-do list and automatically remind you of meetings or deliverables.
• With a single shared database, everyone in your company can access the most recent
customer and supplier data — greatly enhancing your relationship management efforts.
Internet Call Access™
• Allows you to send and receive phone calls over the Internet.
• Internet Call Access provides significant savings when communicating between multiple
office sites using the Allworx system.
• This option is required when you want to call directly between multiple Allworx sites or
connect the Allworx to an ITSP1.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Allworx 9112
• The VPN option allows users at remote locations to access the office Intranet over a
secure connection at a lower cost than leased lines or other alternatives.
• Log in to Allworx via VPN and get full functionality (i.e., email, calendaring, directory)
— workers can truly telecommute from remote locations3.
Allworx 24x
1) Contact Allworx or your authorized reseller for a list of Allworx certified ITSPs, fees may apply.
2) Sold as a third-party add-on. Third-party products may be purchased separately.
3) VPN feature standard for System Administrator but is sold as an option for users.
4) Customer’s ITSP needs to support this function.
For more detailed information, call 1-866-ALLWORX and request the Allworx 24x Product Specification Sheet.
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