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Welcome to
Thank you for choosing VTel Wireless as your Internet service
provider. You will soon be connected to America’s first 100% 4G network, bringing you lightning-fast Internet and local service, at a great
low price, and no hidden fees.
The following pages provide simple instructions on how to connect
your new wireless Internet device. It also outlines how to troubleshoot common connectivity issues. This information can also be
found on our website at If you have additional questions, please call our friendly Vermont-based support
staff at 802-885-4444. We look forward to serving you!
I) Getting Started .......................................................................................
II) Device Installation .................................................................................
III) Connecting Your Devices to the Internet ..........................................
A) Connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi ...............................................
B) Connect to the Internet Using an Ethernet Plug .........................
IV) Personalize Your Wi-Fi Network .........................................................
V) Common Issues .....................................................................................
I) Getting Started
Your VTel Wireless Starter Kit should contain the following items:
Bandluxe R529
4G/LTE Router
AC Power
3 ft. Ethernet
SIM Card
II) Device Installation
1. Unwrap the Bandluxe R529 from its packaging.
2. Rotate the plastic stand on the bottom of the router to reveal a
rubber door labeled “SIM card”.
3. Snap the included SIM card out of its holder.
Snap out the SIM
card, so you just
have this:
SIM card
4. Open the rubber door and insert the SIM card as shown below:
Notice the orientation of the notch in the SIM card. When properly
inserted, the card will click and lock into the device. Close the
rubber door.
5. Select a flat surface within your home to place your new router,
such as a windowsill or desk, within reach of a power outlet. Because
this router is picking up signal from the nearest VTel Wireless tower,
your service will be most reliable if you place your device in a direction facing the closest VTel Wireless site.
6. Connect the power adapter to the router, as depicted below. Plug
the power adapter into an outlet.
Switch to ON
7. There is a power switch located on the back of your router. Slide
the power switch to ON. A light on the front of the unit should turn
on, and an animation on the side of the unit will begin to play as the
router starts up.
8. If both the signal strength icon (far left) and LTE access (second
from left) icons are displayed, your new router is connected to the
Internet. The middle icon indicates the Wi-Fi network is broadcasting.
You can now access the Internet by connecting your devices to the
router via Wi-Fi or the included Ethernet cable. If the signal strength
and LTE access icons are not displayed five minutes after the device
has been turned on, consult the troubleshooting tips at the end of
this guide.
III) Connecting Your Devices to
the Internet
A) Connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi
The procedure for connecting your computer, smartphone, tablet,
or other device to your new router varies depending on the device
If your device has Wi-Fi built-in:
1. Locate the list of available wireless networks.
2. Select “VTel Wireless” and connect to the network.
3. When prompted, enter the default
password, which is the last 8 characters of
your router’s “MAC” address. This can be
found on the side of the router itself or on
the box the router was packaged in. In the
following image, the password is highlighted in red. You should now be able to access
the Internet.
Connecting Your Windows Computer to the
Router Via Wi-Fi (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
1. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar in the bottom
right corner of your computer screen, highlighted in
red in the image to the right.
2. Find “VTel Wireless” in the list of available wireless
networks. Click “Connect”.
3. When prompted, enter the default password
as described above. Click “OK”. In a moment, you
should be able to access the Internet.
Connecting Your Apple Computer to the Router
Via Wi-Fi (Mac OS X)
1. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the right
side of the menu bar on the top
of the computer screen. Highlight
and click on “VTel Wireless”.
2. When prompted for a password, enter the default password
as described above. Click “Join”.
In a moment, you should be able
to access the Internet.
B) Connect to the Internet Using an
Ethernet Plug
If your device requires a wired Ethernet
1. Find the Ethernet cable included with your Quick Start Kit.
2. Connect one end of the cable to the port labeled “LAN” located on
the back of the router.
3. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer or other device. You should be able to access the Internet momentarily.
IV) Personalize Your Wi-Fi
To protect your security and privacy, VTel Wireless strongly recommends you password-protect your wireless network using either the
pre-configured password or one of your own creation. If you would
like to change the name and/or password of your wireless network,
follow these steps.
1. Open a web browser and enter, which is the R529’s
IP address.
2. You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter “admin” for
BOTH the username and password.
Click Log In.
3. The “Welcome to
Setup Wizard” page
should load. Click on
the tab titled “WiFi”,
circled in red. The top
section of the page
that appears should
be labeled “Wireless
4. To change the name of your wireless
network, find the field labeled “Network
Name(SSID)”, which is set by default to be
“VTel Wireless”. Enter the desired name
for your wireless network.
5. To change the password, scroll down
the page until you find the section labeled “Pre-shared Setting”. Find the field
labeled “WPAPSK”. The default password
is the last 8 digits of the MAC address you may have previously used
to connect to the network. Enter your desired password, which must
consist of at least 8 numbers and letters. To protect your security
and privacy, we recommend choosing a password that contains both
numbers and letters.
6. Click “Save Settings”, which can be found at the bottom of the page,
and wait for the changes to be applied. You will temporarily be disconnected from the Internet. Once the settings are saved, reconnect
to the router. If you changed the name and password of your wireless network, find the new name in the list of networks and connect
using your new password.
7. If you changed ONLY the password of your
network, and are attempting to reconnect from
a Windows computer, you will need to change
the saved password stored on your computer
by following steps 8 and 9.
8. In the list of wireless networks, right click
VTel Wireless (or the new name you’ve given
your network) and click properties.
9. In the “Network security key” field, enter your new password and click OK. OR,
if you changed your security settings to
“Open Network”, change “Security Type”
to “No authentication (Open)”. You should
then be able to reconnect to the device.
V) Common Issues
I can’t connect to the internet.
Do the signal strength and LTE access
of the router? If they do not:
icons appear on the side
Re-set the device
Power down the device by sliding the power switch located on the
back of the device to the “OFF” position. Wait 10 seconds. Then, slide
the power switch back to the “ON” position, and wait for the device to
Confirm SIM card is inserted properly
Did you remember to insert the SIM card? Is it inserted properly?
Power down the device and open the rubber door. If the SIM card
is sticking out, it may be inserted backwards. Take it out, align the
corner notch as shown in the previous illustration, and insert the SIM.
It should click in securely and not move if inserted properly.
If following the above steps does not resolve your connectivity
issue, navigate to the router’s settings page by opening a new web
browser and entering Press “Enter”, and when prompted
for a username and password, type in “admin” (without the quotation
marks) for BOTH the username and password. Click “Enter”. Once the
page has loaded, navigate to the “Status” tab shown below. Wait for
the fields to fill in.
If the SIM status reads “PIN
Disabled” but the network name
still reads “NO SERVICE”, the SIM
card is inserted properly, but the
unit is still unable connect to VTel
Wireless for some other reason.
Try moving the device to a different location in your home and
see if this status changes. If not,
contact VTel Technical Support.
If the SIM status reads
“PIN Uninitialized”, The
SIM card is either inserted
improperly or has not been
initialized. After confirming
that the SIM card is inserted
correctly, if the SIM status
still reads “PIN Uninitialized”,
call VTel Technical Support.
If the Network Name reads
“VTel Wireless” as shown
below, the router is connected
properly to the VTel Wireless
network. Any connectivity issues
are likely related to the computer you’re attempting to use to
access the Internet. If possible,
try accessing the router using a
different peripheral (a computer,
a tablet, or a smartphone), or
contact your peripheral manufacturer’s technical support.
My connection speed is very slow.
You may experience slower speeds at certain times of day, when Internet usage amongst VTel Wireless customers is highest. Peak hours
are typically between 7pm and 11pm. With that said, our network is
designed to accommodate many users at once. If your connection
is slow:
Wait at least 20 minutes to ensure your device has synced with
VTel’s nearby site. The maximum speed for your location may not
be achieved immediately upon powering on the device.
Place the device in a more optimal location. Power down the device, and try moving it to a window on a different side of the house.
Depending on what wireless site is being used to transmit the 4G/LTE
signal, moving the device to the side of your home closest to the site
may improve signal quality. Placing the device in a room on the second floor may increase your connection speed. Especially thick walls
or other obstructions can also reduce signal strength.
I forgot the password to my wireless network.
To reset your wireless network’s password, find the small hole on the
back of the router labeled “RESET”. Press and hold the reset button
for 10 seconds, and release it. A straightened paperclip works well for
this purpose. The router will restart with its factory default settings.
Once it finishes restarting, you can reconnect using the default network name and password as described on page 5.
I want to use my own router to make a Wi-Fi
network instead of the Wi-Fi built into the R529.
To disable the Bandluxe router’s internal Wi-Fi, login to the router
through and navigate to the WiFi tab, as shown on page
7. In the “Wireless Settings” section at the top of the page, uncheck
“Enable WiFi Interface” and click “Save Settings”. Connect an Ethernet
cable between the “LAN” port on the back of the Bandluxe router and
one of the LAN ports on your second router. If you configured your
second router to be in “Bridge Mode”, connect the Ethernet cable
from the “LAN” port of the Bandluxe router to the “WAN” port of your
second router.
I want to use my Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone with
VTel Wireless.
The Bandluxe router provided to you is compatible with most
third-party VoIP services. Contact your VoIP service provider if you
need assistance setting up your VoIP device.
Customer Service: 802-885-4444
9 am - 9 pm, Monday - Saturday
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