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100 & 1000 HD Video Production Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
HD Video Production Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
A legacy control room with a switcher, video server, graphics system and other gear can
create powerful live video, but is costly to assemble and staff, and complex to operate.
Granite System
Now there is a better way to create compelling live video. Granite combines an HD switcher
with an HD server to deliver the best workflow with the best picture quality, at a price that is
unmatched in the industry today.
Granite Switcher
Granite Switcher
Granite Switcher runs 1080i HD end-to-end, and you can easily upgrade to 1080p,
insuring your investment is future proof. Granite is true multi-definition as you can run a
mixture of 1080i, 720p and SD inputs, in both 16:9 and 4:3, sync and async. It has up to 22
HD SDI inputs, plus 7 channels of file inputs from Granite server. There are up to 12 HD SDI
and 2 DVI outputs. Granite ships with 3 or 6 keyers. Low delay makes it exceptional for live
events. Upgrade to 1080p for 3Gb/s processing (twice the data rate of conventional HD)
for even better picture quality and 1080p I/O.
Live Video
Granite Server
Granite Server with Fluent Workflow
Granite Server completes the video production system. It runs Broadcast Pix Fluent workflow
software, the ultimate file-based workflow software for live production, enabling users to
easily create compelling video. There is an integrated HD clip store of up to 120 hours, HD
animation players, HD graphic system with CG, high resolution multi-view displaying video and
files, powerful macros for file-based effects, and watch-folders that streamline file import from
your favorite editing and graphics systems. Control can be extended to robotic cameras, audio
mixers, servers and streamers.
Legacy Control Room
With Granite there are no compromises on your budget. A limited budget and staff no longer
means a boring production. Granite systems are a fraction of the cost of a legacy control room.
With Granite a single operator can create live video that is compelling and memorable.
It gracefully expands to a team or larger system, meaning no compromise in flexibility.
Switcher Video Server
DVD Player
In addition to the Granite 100 and 1000 models described in this brochure, which have 1 M/E
(mix/effect ) system, a larger Granite 5000 is also available with 2 M/E.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Harnessing IT
The unprecedented solutions provided by Broadcast Pix are made possible by harnessing the power of
information technology (IT). Granite uniquely combines IT with the latest switching and live production
technology. From the IT world comes file-based clips, graphics, networking and workflow software. From
switcher technology Granite gets 1080 SDI video, real-time non-stop switching, and tactile control panels.
Granite is the best of both worlds: the robustness and live production attributes of switching technology,
and the power and cost-effectiveness of IT.
1080p Technology
The world is going to “Full
HD” 1080p. TV sets, monitors,
computers and projectors are
already there. Most routers
are 3Gb/s, and 1080p cameras
are emerging. Now there is
a 1080p-ready switcher. The
Granite 100 and 1000 systems
can easily upgrade to run
1080p. This will enable 3G
processing, twice the data rate
of 1080i, and add single-link
1080p I/O. Full HD will bring
higher picture quality, higher
quality effects like picturein-picture, and higher quality
multi-definition support of
Live Video
Granite Server
PCI Express
Granite Switcher
Granite 1000 monitors not included
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Granite 100
The Most Cost-effective Live Productions
The Granite 100 is a complete multi-definition live video production system that is affordable
and easy to use. You can control it with either a mouse or touch-screen, or add an Apple iPad
and download a Broadcast Pix iPixPanel from the Apple app store.
The picture at the right shows touch screen and SoftPanel control. If you display the multiview on a touch screen, then you can just touch the camera you want to bring it to preview.
Touch the keys to add a graphic. Touch a PixPad to change graphics. Then just touch preview
to bring the composition to air. It’s so easy to learn that you can quickly teach a novice to
create great looking live TV. For more traditional operation, open a SoftPanel, which is a soft
version of the Granite 1000 control panel.
Touch-screen control, and a SoftPanel
Granite 100 Standard Equipment:
Granite 100
monitors not included
Granite Switcher
Granite Server
• 1 M/E
• Inputs:
11 SDI video HD/SD
1 Clip channel + key
2 Animation channels + key
4 Graphic channels + key
• Outputs:
• 3 keys with DVEs (PiP)
• 3 more keys optional
• Chromakey & Lumakey
• 1 Ext. Key
• 1 Fluent Clip Store
• 4 Fluent Graphic Stores
• 2 Fluent Animation Stores
• Harris Inscriber CG
• Fluent Multi-View, on 2
• Fluent Watch-Folders
• Fluent Macros
• SoftPanel
Optional iPixPanel
on an Apple iPad
You can add a revolutionary control panel
to a Granite 100 with an Apple iPad. This
powerful wireless device has a touchscreen.
Just download the Broadcast Pix iPixPanel
from the Apple application store and you
have a powerful 1 M/E control panel. It
even has the PixButtons from the Granite
1000 panel which tell you what device and
file name you will get when you push a
button. Add a wireless router to the
Granite 100, and iPixPanel provides the
freedom of wireless control. For a free
tryout, download the iPixPad to an iPhone
or iPod Touch and control a PixPad.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Granite 1000
Featuring a Powerful Control Panel
The Granite 1000 adds an innovative control panel to the Granite 100. It provides complete
tactile control, adds the ability to switch cameras even without the Granite Server, and
features PixButtons that streamline workflow with file-based data right on the button.
Classic Switcher Layout
The black portion of the panel has a classic switcher layout, so operators will feel at home.
Preview is on the bottom row, then program, then fill and destination. The program row uses
PixButtons so you always know what is on every source, even the exact names of specific clips
or graphics, which are also shown on the multi-view. There are 9 direct access source buttons,
and a shift button accesses a total of 18 sources. The classic next transition section enables 3
keys to be in the transition using a cut, mix, or many wipe and DVE transitions. Or use an
animated alpha wipe with audio.
Device Controls
The gray portion of the panel can be assigned to a CG store, clip store, still store, camera control,
a keyer, camera control, etc. Just press its device control button and the entire bank of controls is
assigned, including: a PixPad with 12 PixButtons, 3 knobs, motion controls, a 3-axis joystick and
display. They enable you to instantly and intimately control the selected device.
Only Broadcast Pix switchers have PixButtons, with built-in displays which show you the source and
the exact file name loaded. You always know what you will get. No surprises. Each has an icon on
top showing the device that is currently assigned to it. The number tells the channel. The next two
lines show the file name of the content, which is automatically put on the button from its file name,
and dynamically changes during the production. (patent pending)
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Granite Switcher
Format Indicator Lights
• 1080p
• 1080i
• 720
• SD
11 or 22 HD SDI Inputs
2 DVI Outputs
HDMI connectors
PCle File Inputs
6 or 12 HD SDI Outputs
Plus (+)
Redundant Power
Audio Outputs
For clips and animation stores
Future Expansion
GPI Inputs
The Granite system starts with a great HD switcher.
Tally Outputs
I/O on Granite 100 & 1000
Extreme Multi-Definition
HD SDI: Each SDI input and output can be individually set to 1080i, 720p or SD, to mix and match I/O. The
1080p upgrade adds 1080p I/O. Just attach a cable and Granite auto-detects the format and the indicator
light tells what format is connected – by the color, and it blinks if it’s asynchronous, as those are accepted
too. One SDI input can be a cut signal from an external CG or other device with key. The SDI outputs can be:
program, preview, clean feed, auxiliary of external sources, or an optional PowerAux (#120) to output the
built-in clip or graphics store and add keys to it. Standard SDI I/O is 11 inputs and 6 outputs, which expands
to 22 inputs and 12 outputs on the 100+ and the 1000+ models which add the second I/O board.
Files: Granite features a revolutionary way to provide inputs of clip and graphic files. A high speed PCI
Express cable ties together the Granite Switcher and Server. Seven channels of clips and graphics, with
key, simultaneously flow through it, which would require 14 inputs on a conventional switcher.
Video Inputs:
File Inputs:
• Clip + key
• Animation + key
• Graphic + key
Total Inputs
Video Outputs:
Total Outputs
Stand ard
DVI: Two DVI-D outputs are great for sending 720p or 1080i to a projector or DVI/HDMI monitor.
The DVI outputs use standard HDMI cables, or optional locking cable available from Broadcast Pix.
Optional Convertors: Are available for DVI inputs and for analog inputs and outputs.
AutoAspect: Granite solves the many challenges of mixing 4:3 and 16:9 content by maintaining the native
aspect ratio of each element, while conventional switchers stretch video when crossing aspect ratios. With
AutoAspect you can use a mixture of 16:9 and 4:3 inputs, and each input, output, clip and graphic can be set
to one of 4 aspect treatments: box, crop, 14:9 or none (anamorphic).
Pristine Keys
3 keyers are included, and 3 more are optional (#126). They have sharp clear edges and are very easy to fill
thanks to Granite’s tightly integrated graphic and clip systems. Each keyer has a DVE which can be squeezed
into a picture-in-picture. The content of each keyer is shown on a PixButton and on the multi-view, so you
always know what is on each. One keyer can be filled with an external video and key input. A standard
chromakey, for green and blue wall sets. Luma keys are also supported. Combine chromakeys (option 140)
with the clip and still stores for virtual sets.
Exceptionally Low Delay for Live Events
Excellent picture quality and exceptionally low delay make Granite ideal for live events. Granite features
a constant low delay of just one frame, which is only 33ms (40ms at 50Hz in “PAL”) with genlocked
cameras. Other solutions typically have variable delay where delay is added when performing functions,
such as converting an input format, converting an output format, converting an aspect ratio, creating an
effect like picture-in-picture, or adding clips or graphics. Granite does all of this in just a single frame,
and only adds a second frame for asynchronous inputs.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Granite Server
Enterprise class
removable drives
Media Drive
Plus optional
RAID 10 array
Runs Fluent Workflow Software
System drive
plus optional back-up
Quad Processor
Intel CPU inside
Network, disk, fans
Workflow Software
• 1 Clip Store
• 4 Graphic Stores
• 2 Animation Stores
• 2 Multi-Views
• Watch-Folders
• Macros
Plus Inscriber CG
Files In
Network from
editing and
graphic systems
Files Out
PCI Express to
Granite Switcher
Redundant Power optional
Granite Server runs Fluent Workflow Software
The Granite Server turns the Granite Switcher into a complete video
production system. The Server runs Fluent workflow software, the
ultimate workflow software, which enables a solo operator or small
team to create high impact productions that have traditionally required
a large control room and team. Every Granite Server includes Fluent:
Clips Store, Graphics Store, Animations Store, Watch-Folders, Macros
and Multi-View, plus a Harris Inscriber CG.
Fluent Clip Store
Premium Server Option
While the Granite Server is very robust, its reliability can be further
enhanced with the Premium Server option (#211). It includes redundant
power, a redundant system drive with recovery software and RAID 1
mirroring, and a larger capacity quad array of media drives using highly
reliable RAID 10 protection. Each media drive is mirrored and striped so
that if any one should ever fail in the middle of a production, even while
playing a clip on-air, the other drives continue, and the clip continues to
play without disruption.
Clips on Multi-View’s PixPad
The Granite Server has a clip store that plays up to 120 hours of HD clips
(.mov files in H.264 format) or animations. Clips can move directly from
editing systems into Fluent Watch-Folders, even during the middle of a
show to streamline workflow.
Clips on Panel’s PixPad
The standard Granite Server holds up to 30 hours of clips, which can be
increased to up to 120 hours (option 320). The premium server holds up
to 60 hours of clips , which can be increased to up to 120 hours (option
319). The Fluent Clip Store can also hold long animations with key, in
addition to the shorter ones in the Fluent Animations Stores.
Easy to Use
The PixPad on the multi-view shows the thumbnails for each clip, along
with its name and attributes. The corresponding PixPad on the control
panel shows the clip names. Selecting a clip is as easy as clicking on its
thumbnail, or pushing its button on a panel. Hit next for more clips. Use
the motion buttons to play, pause or stop. Clips move at full motion on
the multi-view and counters show progress.
Clip counter
Audio outputs
The clip store is tightly coupled to the switcher so it’s easy for a single
operator to add lead-ins, bumpers, or any clips. Any clip can be set to
automatically start playing the instant it is taken to air. No more careful
cueing. No need for a second operator to insure your clips start when
they are supposed to. You can set any clip to auto-start, to auto-stop
when it comes off air, auto rewind, and set mark-in, mark-out, loop, 3
point loops, or aspect ratio conversion.
Motion controls and scrubbing
All clips and animations can have audio, with XLR connectors for playing
out balanced analog stereo audio to send to your mixer.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Fluent Multi-View
High Resolution Monitoring
Granite provides the power for high resolution monitoring and it has 4 output windows, so you can view
program and preview outputs plus PowerAux (option 120) and clean feed.
Monitoring Sources and Outputs
Like conventional multi-views, the Fluent Multi-View provides monitoring of inputs, program and preview
output, and tally, so you can see what is on air in red, and on preview in orange. The 4 outputs, and 15 inputs
(up to 8 of the external inputs and all internal inputs) are monitored in full motion, while the other external
inputs are monitored more slowly.
Monitoring Files, Keys and More
Granite High Resolution Monitoring
Unlike conventional multi-views, the Fluent Multi-View brings far more information to operators, which
helps enable highly compelling productions:
Files: The PixPad shows the library of thumbnails for any store selected including clips, animations, and
graphics. This automatically follows the PixPad of buttons that is active on the control panel. The file name
is shown under the window, along with any attributes like auto-start. And the status bar lets you know when
new files have arrived in Watch-Folders.
Keys: Fluent is the only multi-view that shows key monitors, so you always know visually what is filling each
key, and what attributes are turned on - like crop or DVE. Once you experience this, you will miss it on any
other multi-view you might use.
More: Fluent Multi-View can add digital clocks, analog clocks, timers, and clip counters that turn red as a
clip’s end approaches. You can also add safe-area overlays to program and/or preview.
Use one or two monitors standard,
And up to four monitors optional (#341)
Highly Customizable
Fluent Multi-View has auto preset layouts, but you can also use its powerful tools to fully customize your
layouts, and save many versions. You can resize every component, just grab and stretch. You can change the
color of the background and the window frames. Alignment and sizing tools make it easy to optimize your
layout for your show. Support for two monitors is standard, and expand to four monitors with option 341.
You can replicate any window, such as program, across each monitor.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Customize colors
Fluent Graphics Store
Multi-View’s PixPad
Panels PixPad
Multi-View’s PixPad
Panels PixPad
The Granite Server also has a 4 channel HD graphics store, which accesses a
huge library that holds thousands of graphics. Two channels are named CG,
as they typically hold titles, crawls and rolls created on the built-in CG. Two
are labeled stills, and typically hold stills and logos imported into the system,
although all four stores can hold imported graphics. All four support keys
and a wide variety of file formats including .tga, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, and .png.
As with the Fluent Clip Store, the names of the graphics show on the panel’s
PixButtons and the names, attributes and thumbnails show on the multi-view.
Fluent Watch-Folders streamline the import of graphics from your favorite
graphics system.
Fluent Animation Store
In addition to playing animations in the Fluent Clip Store, there is also a
dedicated Fluent Animation Store, with 2 channels. The Fluent Animation
Store can hold HD animations with key of up to 150 frames, which is about
5 seconds long. It is a great place to hold animated backgrounds, logos
or transitions. Animations are played from a folder of image sequences
(.tga, .bmp or .png) created on any popular system including Adobe
AfterEffects, Artbeats, Apple, Digital Juice, Avid, Motion, etc., and are easily
moved into the Granite system using Fluent Watch-Folders. Operators can
then access animations with the PixPads on the panel and multi-view.
Harris Inscriber Character Generator
Every Granite Server includes an Harris Inscriber CG
which creates stunning graphics, and is very easy to use.
Broadcast Quality HD Graphics
Create broadcast quality graphics with the Inscriber
TitleMotion GS character generator (CG). Enjoy superb
anti aliased resolution of less than 16ns, sub pixel
scrolling, fine transparency, soft edge, shadows and
glows. Create still titles, crawls, rolls and animations.
Easy to Use
It has never been so easy to add great graphics to your
productions. The CG includes templates that make
novices look like pros. Just select one from the drop
down menu, type in your text and save. Or create your
own templates with Inscriber’s powerful composition
tools, or import elements from Photoshop or another
GS is a recent model from Harris Inscriber which follows
the latest conventions for creating graphics, such as
for grouping, aligning, bolding, etc. So you can be
customizing your own look in minutes.
On-Air Updates
While a production is on-air you can right click an
existing graphic to edit it on the fly, or add new ones via
Fluent Watch-Folders. Great for a surprise guest title.
Harris Inscriber GS CG
Fluent Rapid CG
The Rapid CG option (#171) streamlines the creation of CG graphics. Add the templates
you want and simply type words on them for different titles. To create lots of titles you
can link the templates to a database. Just drag
and drop the database into Fluent Rapid CG.
When you select an item its data will automatically fill the CG templates, even on-air. Now
when you have a database of names and titles,
you do not have to re-key them. It’s great in all
data intensive applications like sports. Fluent
Rapid CG works with XML and other databases.
The GS CG is Unicode based, so it can handle worldwide
languages including Asian characters.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Fluent Watch-Folders
Clips and graphics
easily enter Granite
Fluent Watch-Folders greatly streamlines your live production workflow by enabling
clips and graphics to be sent over a network from your favorite edit stations and
graphics systems. For example, a Final Cut operator can send a clip into a Fluent
Watch-Folder for the 6 o’clock news program, and it will automatically appear in
the Granite System’s Fluent Clip Store for the 6 o’clock news. Late breaking news
can even flow into Watch-Folders during the middle of a live show. When it arrives
the status bar on the multi-view lets the operator know it has arrived, and it shows
up on the PixPad on both the multi-view and the control panel. A recent red carpet
show broadcast to millions of people had seven editors simultaneously feeding
clips and graphics into Watch-Folders during the event.
Granite Server
Arrivals announced on Multi-View
Fluent Macros
Fluent Macros compromise one of the most powerful parts of the Granite system.
They enable highly complex moves and sequences to be set up in advance and executed
flawlessly. And unlike conventional switcher memories that can only recall switcher
moves, Fluent Macros have access to all the devices in the Granite System, including
specific clips, animations and graphics, as well as control of robotic cameras, audio
mixers, etc. For example, a single macro can bring on a dual box, start the animated
background file behind it, fade on the CG title file, zoom one of the cameras, and then
take one of the DVE boxes to full screen.
The Macro player enables Macros to be named and organized, and fired off with a
mouse or touch-screen, or they can be fired from a PixButton on the panel’s PixPad.
Macros can be created by simply recording a series of button pushes, and then edited
using the powerful Macro editor. For example, this illustration on right shows an
animation transition, or “Alpha Wipe” in the Macro Editor, where you can easily
change the file used for the animation, or the number of frames between steps.
Alpha Wipes
Fluent Macros enable Granite to easily perform the latest alpha wipes using your own
graphics. Just open an included transition Macro, point it at your logo, tweak its timing
if necessary, and you have a custom transition. They can be silent, or you can add audio
for a swoosh or other sound effect, which plays out the audio outputs on the Granite
SoftPanels are an exact copy in a web browser or flash of a Broadcast Pix control
panel. A 1ME SoftPanel is standard, and more are optional to enable additional
operators to control Granite, either on the system or from a PC or Mac over a
network. The 2ME SoftPanel option is a soft version of the Broadcast Pix 2ME
control panel in the Granite 5000, and also upgrades the Granite 100 or 1000
to 2 M/E operation (option 105).
1ME SoftPanel
iPixPad and iPixPanel
Expands your creativity with wireless controllers using apps downloaded from the
Apple store. The iPixPad is a free download and replicates a PixPad on an iPhone
or iPod Touch. It has full PixPad control for macros, clips and graphics. Or buy an
iPixPanel app for an iPad, which replicates an entire 1 M/E switcher panel on the
innovative iPad.
2ME SoftPanel
Remote Panels
Granite has two optional remote panels for auxilary outputs and more. The physical remote panel
(option #110) is a 1RU box that connects to the Granite Switcher with a network (TCP/IP) cable. It features
PixButtons, so you can see what is on each source. The output button lets you step through the available
outputs to control. Or press the Macros button and use the same panel to fire off Macros. The soft remote
panel (option #111) is a flash based version of the physical panel that works on a PC or Mac over a network.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Device Control Software Options
Add camera control for the ultimate “one man band”. Use the Panel’s PixPad to select the camera you wish to control and a preset camera position. On the Granite 1000 manually control with joystick tilt, pan and zoom. Push it a little to move slowly, or harder to move faster. Knobs control focus and iris. CCU (Camera Control Unit)
functions, like white balance, can also be accessed from the PixPad.
Sony Control up to 9 Sony cameras with 6 preset positions per camera. Option 800 includes software and
a serial cable to connect to the VISCA connector on the first camera for a 232 daisy chain. Option 811 adds
a serial to 422 converter to increase camera runs from 60 feet (18 meters) to 4,000 feet (1,200 meters).
Option 814 and 818 have 4 or 8 serial ports for wiring in a star configuration.
Panasonic Control up to 12 Panasonic cameras with 99 preset positions per camera. Option 803 includes
Broadcast Pix software. Option 811 is a serial to 422 converter for one camera. Option 814 and 818 has 4
or 8 serial ports for multi-camera configurations.
Telemetrics Control the full line of Telemetrics pan/tilt heads and robotics equipment including pedestals
and tracks. Pedestals enable up and down control. Use any brand of camera. Integrated with Telemetrics
studio software. Option 804 includes Broadcast Pix software.
Hitachi Control up to 9 Hitachi cameras using their Eagle pan/tilt heads. Control up to 31 preset positions
on each camera. Option 801 includes Broadcast Pix software and a serial to 485 converter.
Extend the “one-man-band” to audio. Audio-Follow-Video software enables an audio
mixer to automatically follow all action on the Slate switcher. Unlike many conventional
switchers that utilize antiquated audio protocols, Broadcast Pix uses MIDI, so it works
with many MIDI enabled audio mixers, including Yamaha and Roland, and is more
powerful and more affordable. As each video source goes to air it triggers commands
on the mixer, or even an entire scene memory including volume, fade, pan, echo,
reverb, etc. Option 880 includes software and a USB to MIDI adapter.
Control a ViewCast streamer from the panel. If the streamer encodes multiple
streams at once, you can select a stream, or set of streams, and start, pause or
stop. The status of the streaming is monitored on the panel. Choose from low
cost single-stream ViewCast models to larger multi-stream models. Option 860.
Control an external server from your panel’s PixPad, including servers from
Omneon, Harris and 360 Systems. View clip names on the PixButtons, use
the panel’s motion controls to play, pause or stop. Clips can be set to autostart on transition to air. Option 823 and 824.
From Broadcast Pix
Broadcast Pix is the leading producer of
integrated video production systems.
Its Slate systems excel in hybrid HD/SD/analog
environments and are used in over 70 countries
by leading broadcast, webcast, mobile, cable,
entertainment, mobile, corporate, education,
religious, and government studios. Granite
systems provide HD solutions in 1 and 2 M/E
Broadcast Pix delivers strong customer support
by knowledgeable and helpful service specialists.
Granite 100 & 1000 Systems
Create Compelling Live Video
Slate Portable
Granite Specifications
Granite Options
Standard equipment includes the Granite Switcher, Granite Server, owners manual,
plus a panel with the model 1000. Monitors not included.
• HD I/O: 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50
(1080p upgrade adds 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50)
• SD I/O: 480i/59.94, 576i/50
• DVI Outputs: 1280x720p 59.94/50, 1920x1080i 59.94/50,
720x480i/576i 59.94/50
• Processing: 10-bit 1080i, upgradable to 1080p 59.94/50
• 60Hz(NTSC) or 50Hz(PAL) switchable
• 4:3 or 16:9 switchable
• Requires black burst reference
Granite Switcher Options
120 PowerAux - Enables keys on an aux, plus can output the clip store to aux
126 Keys 4, 5 & 6 adds 3 more keyers each with DVE (not available in 1080p mode)
130 DVI In - External converter from DVI to SDI
131 Analog In - External converter from Analog composite, Y/C, YUV, to SD SDI
132 Analog Out - External converter from SD SDI to Analog composite, Y/C and YUV
140 More Advanced Keyers Increases standard 1 chroma/luma key to 8
203 Redundant Power for Granite Switcher
Control Panel Options
Low Delay (in milliseconds for 60Hz/50Hz)
• 33 ms / 40 ms with gen-locked cameras, even
inside a DVE box with AutoAspect and format conversion
• Add 33 ms / 40 ms for an async source
10 Broadcast Pix 1ME physical control panel (included on Granite 1000)
12 Broadcast Pix 2ME physical control panel, includes 2 ME upgrade
100 1 M/E SoftPanel license (1 is standard with the system)
103 1 M/E SoftPanel licenses, quantity 3
105 2 M/E SoftPanel license includes 2ME control
110 Remote Panel - 1RU for controlling aux outputs & macros
111 Soft Remote Panel - for controlling aux outputs
201 Redundant Power for 1ME Control Panel Control panel ,external
iPixPanel and iPixPad are available from the Apple apps store
Clip Audio
• Analog balanced line-level stereo audio output for clip
store and animations
Granite Server Options
• Harris Inscriber TitleMotion GS CG
• Anti aliased resolution <16ns
• Import formats: .psd, .tga, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .png, scribe
• System drive: 250GB, on Premium dual 250GB
• Media drive: 250GB, upgradeable to 500GB
• Media drive on Premium: four 250GB, upgradeable to four 500GB
• Requires Monitor for multi-view and support second monitor
for multi-view (1 DVI-1 and 1 DVI-D)
• Granite 100 - 48 lbs / 22 kg
• Granite 1000 - 56 lbs / 25 kg
160 Additional Inscriber CG license for remote CG operation
172 Fluent Rapid CG - to connects on-air CG to a database
222 Extra Removable Media 500 (2) Extra 250GB media drives in trays
223 Extra Removable Media 1TB (2) Extra 500GB media drives in trays
320 More Clip Storage for standard server, 500GB
319 More Clip Storage for premium server, 4x500GB
341 Quad Monitor Support - Upgrade dual monitor output to quad monitors
211 Premium Server: quad media drives in RAID 10 array, recovery system drive
with auto backup software, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, rack rails
241 Rack Rails Sliding rack rails for server, 26” depth
243 Longer PCIe cable 3 meters (standard is ½ meter) to connect to Granite Switcher
247 Longer PCIe cable 7 meters (standard is ½ meter) to connect to Granite Switcher
262 Locking HDMI cable for DVI outputs - 2 meters
266 Locking HDMI cable for DVI outputs - 6 meters
Device Control Options
800 Sony Camera Control, for up to 9 Sony cameras (VISCA), RS232 cable
801 Hitachi Camera Control, for up to 9 Hitachi cameras, RS485 converter
802 Panasonic Camera Control, for up to 12 Panasonic cameras, software only
803 Telemetrics camera control, software only
811 RS422 converter for - 1 232 to 422 converter for 1 camera - Requires 800 or 802
814 RS422 star config output - 4 USB to 422 box for 4 cameras - Requires 800 or 802
818 RS422 star config output - 8 USB to 422 box for 8 cameras - Requires 800 or 802
823 DDR Control VDCP Control of 360 Systems or Harris servers (Incl 814)
824 DDR Control of Omneon servers (Incl 814)
860 Streamer control software for ViewCast streamers
880 Audio Follow Video Software to control audio mixers, USB-MIDI adapter
• Granite 100 – 500 watts
• Granite 1000 – 550 watts
• Premium Server adds 50 watts
Granite Switcher
• rack units 3
• inches 19.4 x 16.3 x 5.2
• millimeters 494 x 413 x 133
Granite Server
• rack units 2
• inches 19 x 23 x 3.5
• millimeters 483 x 584.4 x 89
1M/E Panel (on 1000)
• inches 18.5 x 12.5 x 5.5
• millimeters 470 x 318 x 140
Service Options
601/603 On site Training - Day 1 First day of training
602/604 On site Training - More additional consecutive day(s)
605 Commissioning - One day of Broadcast Pix system commissioning
621 100 extend warranty - Adds an additional year of parts and labor
622 1000 extend warranty - Adds an additional year of parts and labor
630 Silver warranty- adds weekend tech support coverage, and more
680 Owner’s Manual - Additional hard-copy of owners manual
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Europe, Africa, Middle East
+31 297 385 940
Aalsmeer, The Netherlands
South America
+55 21 2541 3022 Rio de Janiero, Brazil
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