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User’s Guide
WASHER SAFETY............................................................. 1
USING THE WASHER....................................................... 2
SET-UP PROCEDURES.................................................... 4
MAINTENANCE................................................................. 4
99 cycles on PN models. Proper wash cycle and wash
temperature should be selected based on the type of load.
For best results, do not overload the washer.
4.To Close the Door
Use the door handle to close the door, making sure
the door is properly latched before placing the washer
into operation.
5.Program Selections
PD Models:
The program can be chosen by pressing one of the
6 buttons on PD models. Choose the correct cycle
depending on the type of fabric and desired wash
temperature. These buttons are located on right
hand side of the display.
1.Before Washing
Sort garments according to the clothing manufacturer’s
recommendations. To avoid damage to the garments and
washer, make sure that there are not any foreign objects
such as nails, screws, needles, etc., in the load. Turn
sleeves of shirts, blouses, etc. inside out. For best results,
unfold garments and mix large and small pieces together.
2.To Open the Door
Open the door by pulling on the door handle or turning the
door handle and pulling.
3.Loading the Washer
The washer has six (6) cycles on PD models and 15
preprogrammed cycles with the option to create up to
1. WHITES.....................................HOT
2. COLORS................................WARM
3. BRIGHT COLORS...................COLD
5. QUICK WASH........................WARM
On all push button controls, one selection selects the
proper wash and rinse temperatures for whites, colors,
bright colors, permanent press, quick wash or delicates.
NOTE: All rinses are in cold water.
An indication on the display shows what stage the cycle
is in at all times.
PN models:
PN models have 15 factory set programs that can be
selected by pressing the required program number. See
program manual for proper factory-set cycle descriptions,
selection, and possibilities.
For PD and PN models, see “Programming Manual”
for instructions on modifying factory settings as well as
available programming and setup options.
Select the desired cycle by pressing the number for that
cycle. If you wish to change cycles, you may do so by
pressing the desired cycle number during the initial water
fill portion of the cycle.
Full Control (PN) Models:
Add powdered detergents and other wash additives prior to
selecting a cycle (see Step 6 above).
Use the keypad to enter the number of the desired cycle.
The name of the selected cycle will be displayed. Press the
button to start the wash cycle. If no wash
cycle is available for the selected program number, INVALID
will be displayed. While the washer is running, the display
will show the following information:
6.To Fill the Dispensers
The dispensers are located on the top, front, or side of the
Dispenser “A”
Prewash – It is recommended you add detergent for the
prewash prior to starting the cycle.
Dispenser “B”
Main Wash – Add powdered detergent or powdered
bleach detergent prior to starting the cycle. You may
add liquid detergent or liquid bleach during the “wash”
cycle. If added at the start of the cycle, it will run into
the washer prematurely.
Dispenser “C” (top dispenser)
Fabric Softener – Add fabric softener prior to starting the
cycle or before the final rinse.
Dispenser “D” (front or side dispenser)
Fabric Softener – Add fabric softener prior to starting the
cycle or before the final rinse.
NOTE: Use only High Efficiency (HE) detergents.
Top Dispenser
Front or Side Dispenser
• R
efer to the detergent manufacturer’s instructions for
proper dosing. Too much detergent can cause poor
wash results and excess sudsing.
• M
ake sure that the lid of the soap dispenser is closed
before starting the washer.
7.Starting the Washer
Coin Operated (PD) models:
Insert payment needed for operation. The display shows
the amount remaining to be paid. If the display shows
SELECT CYCLE, the washer can be started.
Add powdered detergents and other wash additives prior to
selecting a cycle (see Step 6 above).
Select the desired cycle by pressing the button for that
cycle. If you wish to change cycles, you may do so by
pressing the desired cycle button during the initial water fill
portion of the cycle. If a more expensive wash program is
selected, the amount to add will be shown. If the additional
amount is not added, the washer will run the original cycle.
Non-Coin Operated Models:
Add powdered detergents and other wash additives prior to
selecting a cycle (see Step 6 above).
For all models, the washer will not start until the door
latches and the desired cycle button or the “START” button
is pressed. If the door is not closed, close and latch the
door, then press the desired cycle or “START” button again.
During the wash cycle, the cycle progress and estimated
time remaining will appear in the display.
8.End of Wash Cycle
PD models:
The end of the cycle is indicated when the display shows
“0” minutes remaining. You can open the door when the
UNLOCK appears in the display.
PN models:
The end of the cycle is indicated by “unload” appearing
on the display.
To accelerate the wash program, see the “Programming
To Open the Door in an Emergency
NOTE: If the door does not open immediately, wait
approximately 3 to 5 minutes and try again. This washer
features a safety latch and will not unlock until the washer
has cooled to a certain temperature.
If the door will not open after several minutes:
IMPORTANT: This procedure should only be done by a
qualified servicer.
Make sure that the drum has completely stopped and
drained before opening the door. Opening the door while
there is still hot water in the drum can cause serious burns.
Make sure that the remaining water has cooled down
completely before you open the door.
Should the door still fail to open, for example in the event of
a power failure, the door can be opened as follows (power
must be turned off):
1. Remove the lower service panel located on the front of
the washer.
2. A door release cord is located behind the panel on the
left hand side. Pull down on the release cord, then open
the door.
3. Reinstall the service panel.
8.End of Wash Cycle (cont.)
Models with Tilting Feature:
Some models have the ability to tilt forward up to 15°,
allowing easier unloading of the garments.
The washer has a hand-held control that allows the operator
to tilt the washer forward and rotate the drum to the left or
right, as desired.
Tilting Control
NOTE: The Tilting Feature can only be used when
the door is open. Also, the Key Switch must not be
in programming mode.
2. Tilt the washer forward by pressing and holding button 3.
When the washer reaches the tilt position you want,
release the button. (Once the degree of tilt reaches 15°,
the tilting will stop automatically.)
3. Set the direction in which you want to rotate the drum by
pressing button 1 or 2.
NOTE: Never reach into a washer or grab clothes while
the drum is rotating. Let gravity and the rotation movement
empty the washer.
4. Start the drum rotation by pressing button 6.
5. To change the tilt position backward or forward, press
button 4 or 3. Release the button when it reaches the
desired position.
6. After unloading items, press button 4 until washer returns
to original position. Release button and close the door.
To run a new cycle, the washer must be back in its
original, untilted position.
NOTE: The door must remain open when washer is being
tilted back to its original position. If not, a message will
appear on the display.
Washer-related set-up
Adjust washer-related settings in the configuration menu.
Cycle-related set-up
Adjust cycle-related settings in the initialization menu.
PD models:
Price settings can be adjusted in the price menu.
These adjustments must be made by authorized personnel.
For set-up instructions, see the “Programming Manual.”
Tilting Control Buttons:
Sets the drum to rotate clockwise.
Sets the drum to rotate counterclockwise.
Tilts the washer forward.
Tilts the washer back to its original position.
An extra button for additional functions as desired.
Activates drum rotation.
Control Panel
Control Panel:
Key Switch
Emergency Stop Button
To Use the Tilting Feature:
1. Open the door until the Door Tilt Latch secures the door
in the open position.
• Keep the washer clean at all times. Do not allow residual soap
and any cleaners to remain on the washer cabinet or top for
any length of time.
• Clean the detergent dispenser at the end of each business day
as follows:
a. Detergent may be stuck to the detergent box liner.
This can be scraped loose by using a spatula.
b. Flush the loosened detergent with warm water.
• Check the drain valve daily to make sure it is not
leaking during operation. Also make sure the valve
is opening properly.
• Clean the door lip seal of any remaining detergent
or foreign matter.
• Clean door glass of any accumulated debris.
• Once the washer has been properly cleaned, open the door
and the detergent dispenser to allow for air drying. Leave
doors open at night.
• At the end of each business day, it is recommended that you
disconnect the “main” water and electrical power source to
the washer(s). It is not necessary to shut off the water and
power to each individual washer.
• Check door lock functions.
Reinstall all panels and reestablish all safety guards
after maintenance.
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