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Minolta Auto Meter
Ambient Light Measurement
Flash Measurement
Analyze Function
Calculation Function
Memory Function
Brightness Difference Function
Custom Setting
The quadrant proportion display function
which is compared with element of ambient light and flash
light and the S/A/H functioln are installed
Ambient Light Measurement
The shutter speed can be
specified in the range of 30
minutes to 1/8000 second.
(selectable between 1, 1/2 and
1/3 stop increments).
The measured value is displayed
in the LCD window as digital and
analog data. If the shutter speed
is changed after measurement,
the displayed measurement data
is automatically changed according
to the change in shutter speed.
The Auto Meter VF covers a
wide measurement range of
EV -2.0 to 19.9 (for incident
light measurement, according
to ISO 100). When the Auto
Meter VF is set to Cine mode, it
can be used with cine cameras.
(8 to 128 frames/sec., 10 stops)
Flash Measurement
For flash measurement, select Cord type or NonCord type according to measurement conditions.
With the Cord setting, when the Sync Cord of the
flashbulb is connected to the Sync terminal, the
measured value can be displayed simply by
pushing the measurement button. With the NonCord type, pressing the measurement button sets
the Auto Meter to standby for measurement.
When the flash is emitted, the Auto Meter takes
the measurement.
Names of parts
q Receptor head
Swivels 270ー and accepts the Flat Diffuser.
w Power button
e S/A/H (shadow / average / highlight) button
Sets the Auto Meter VF's caluculation function; desired function is selected using the
up/down dial. (Shadow / highlight available only for reflected-light measurements.)
r MEMORY button
Stores the present measurement in memory. Up to 10 measurements can be stored.
t Data panel
Easy-to-read to give you the information you need at a glance.
y ISO button
For setting the main ISO using the up/down dial.
u Display-selector button
Changes display units between f-number and EV readout.
o Measuring button
i MODE button
Changes the measurering mode.
!0 Up/Down control
Adjusts shutter-speed and ISO values; shutter-speed renge: 1/8000 sec. -30min.
in 1/3-stop increments (ambient); 1/500-1 sec.
in 1/3-stop increments (flash); cine-speed range: 8-128 frames/sec.
!1 Battery chamber cover
!2 Sync terminal
!3 Accessory-receptor jack
Analyze function
Calculation function
lighting, the Auto Meter VF measure the flash and ambient
measurements previously stored in memory or bias exposures
lighting almost simultaneously. The degree to which the flash
when taking reflected-light measurements to reproduce
light contributes to the overall exposure is then shown on the
highlights or shadows more accurately.
When taking measurements under mixed flash and ambient
Use the Auto Meter VF's caluculation functions to average
analog analyze scale in the display. The analyze scale is
divided into four sections (
). One section (
) corresponds
First reading
First reading
to a flash component of approx. 25%. For example, when three
sections of the analyze scale are lit (
), it indicates that the
Shadow biasing
Highlight biasing
ratios of the flash light and ambient light are approx. 75% and
approx. 25%, respectively. After taking a measurement, the
shutter speed can be changed and the results will be
recalculated. Slowing down the shutter speed causes ambient
light to become more dominant in the exposure; speeding up
the shutter speed increases the influence of flash lighting. The
analyze scale lets you easily predict the results, so you can set
the exposure to provide the results you want: mainly ambient
A First reading
B Second reading in memory
Average exposure
light to eatch the mood, mainly flash light to overpower the
ambient light, or something in between.
Ratio between flash
and ambient light
Flash light Ambient light
25% of exposure is from flash.
Exposure is domimated by ambient light with virtually no
infuence from flash light
Ambient light is dominant, but flash light also has some
Ambient light and flash light contribute the same
amounts to the exposure.
Flash light is dominant, but ambient light also has some
Exposure is dominated by flash light with virtually no
influence from ambient light
50% of exposure is from flash.
75% of exposure is from flash.
Monitor function
Use the Auto Meter VF's brightness difference function to adjust
lighting ratios or check the uniformity of background brightness
Flash light
Ambient light
Flash light
Ambient light
Flash light
Ambient light
when taking product shots, portraits, etc. Simply measure your
reference point, press the S/A/H button, and then measure
Shutter speed
Shutter speed
Shutter speed
other areas of the scene; the meter will display the brightness
difference in terms of ±EV in 0.1EV increments.
Analyze scale
While pressing measuring button
The Auto Meter VF's memory has space for two separate
readings. Both stored data and current measured data are
displayed simultaneously on the analog scale. Memory markes
also indicate the number of readings you have stored. This
feature makes it easy to analyze the contrast range of your
subject or lighting ratio or to view several separate readings in
relation to one another.
Reference point value
Difference for other measured point
Custom Settings
Whenever necessary, you can specify the shutter speed
stops (1, 1/2 or 1/3-stop), F No. display mode (F number
+ 10-level intermediate value display, or F number direct
reading display) and exposure correction value (EV -10 to 10).
Receptor method:
Digital exposure meter for measurement of ambient light and flash light
Incident: Spherical Diffuser, Flat Diffuser (Optional accessory)
Reflected: Viewfinder 5° (Optional accessory), 40° Reflected Light Attachment (Optional accessory)
Photoreceptive element:
Silicone photocell
Measurement mode:
AMBI: Ambient light measurement
CORD: Flashlight measurement with the Sync Cord
NON.CORD: Flashlight measurement without the Sync Cord
Measuring range (ISO 100): Ambient light For incident light measurement: EV −2.0 to 19.9
For 40° Reflected Light Attachment:
EV 2.5 to 24.4
For Viewfinder 5°:
EV 2.5 to 24.4
Flashlight For incident light measurement:
FNo. 1.0 to 128 + 0.9 stop
For 40° Reflected Light Attachment:
FNo.1.0 to 90 +0.9-stop
For Viewfinder 5°:
FNo.1.0 to 90 +0.9-stop
±0.1 EV
Calibration constant:
For incident light measurement: C = 330 (Spherical Diffuser), C= 250 (Flat Diffuser)
For reflected light measurement: K = 14
Display range:
F number: FNo. 1.0 to 128 + 0.9 stop (0.1-stop)
EV value: −17 to 40.8 (0.1-stop)
Shutter speed: For ambient light: 30 min. to 1/8000 sec. (1, 1/2 or 1/3-stop)
For flashlight: 1 to 1/1000 sec. (1, 1/2 or 1/3-stop)
Frame rate: 8 to 128 frames/sec. (10 types)
ISO sensitivity: 3 to 8000 (1/3-stop)
Exposure difference display: −10 to +10 (0.1-stop)
Analog scale: F No. 1.0 to 90 (1/2-stop)
Analyze scale: Ratio between flash and ambient light 0 to 100%(25%-stop)
Other functions:
Analyze function, Memory function, Exposure calculation function(S/A/H), Monitor function, and Indication correcting function (−10 to +10, 0.1-stop)
Power supply:
One AA alkaline battery
Battery life:
Approx. 50 hours : continuous reading in AMBI
Operation temperature range: −10 to 50°C, Relative humidity 85% or less. (at 35°C, no condensation)
Storage temperature range: −20 to 55°C, Relative humidity 85% or less. (at 35°C, no condensation)
Connection plug for external light-receiving device (with cap), Sync terminal
Dimensions (W x H x D):
59 x 147 x 26 mm (2-5/16 x 5-3/4 x 1 in.)
125 g (4.4 oz) without battery
Standard accessories:
Spherical Diffuser, Strap, Case
Note: The performance and appearance of the product described in this document are subject to change without notice.
Optional Accessories
Flat Diffuser
This diffuser is used to measure the lighting ratio between main and auxiliary light sources to determine illuminance values, and to take exposure readings for flat surfaces
such as paintings.
Viewfinder 5°
Viewfinder 5° feature 5° angles of acceptance respectively, and enable spot metering of
subjects from a distance . The meter can thus be used to accurately measure small
areas of a scene.
Reflected-Light Attachment II
The reflected-light attachment has 40° angle of acceptance, which corresponds to the
angle of view seen with a 50mm lens on a 35mm SLR camera.
Mini Receptor
For photomacrography and close-up work, this remote receptor plugs into the socket
on the meter's receptor head. The Mini Receptor can be used to measure incident light
in places that are otherwise inaccessible to the meter's receptor head.
Sync Cord III
The Sync Cord III is a 5-meter long cord that connects to the meter, flash unit, and
camera's sync terminal simultaneously, making possible meter-flash and camera-flash
synchronization without changing connection.
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