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Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit
User Guide
1 Plug in extender near your router
1 Plug one end of the ethernet cable into a spare ethernet socket on your router/hub.
2 Plug the other end into the extender; it’s called ‘Broadband Extender’ on the front.
IMPORTANT: to work properly, extender and hotspot must be plugged directly into the wall
socket and not into extension leads.
Broadband Extender
Broadband Extender
3 Plug the extender directly into a wall power socket. Make sure the socket’s switched on.
2 Plug in your home hotspot
1 Plug the hotspot directly into a wall power socket near the device you want
to connect. Make sure the socket’s switched on.
2 Wait for connection to complete. Give it a couple of minutes. If everything’s okay,
the Wireless, WPS/Link and Power lights will be on.
If the WPS/Link light doesn’t light up, see Connection help
Wi-Fi Home Hotspot
3 Connect your devices
You can connect your devices using wi-fi or the ethernet cable.
The hotspot can support separate devices connected to the ethernet ports and wi-fi
at the same time.
To connect using wi-fi
The hotspot supports easy wi-fi connection with its WPS button. If your device also supports WPS, you can use it instead of manually connecting your device. Just follow the instructions on the device you’re trying to connect to the hotspot.
1 Use the wireless connection software or settings on your device to display the list of available wireless networks in your area.
2 Find your hotspot in the list and select it;
it’s called BTHomeSpot-XXX.
3 Enter your hotspot’s wireless key printed on the pull-out card.
The hotspot name (SSID) and wireless
key can be found on the pull-out card at the back of the hotspot.
Wireless network/SSID:
Wireless key:
Admin password:
4 Complete the connection on your device.
Your new Wi-Fi Home Hotspot and your existing wireless broadband router will show up as two separate networks. If your device shows both networks, it’s worth
giving both of them a go as one might be faster and more reliable than the other.
Wi-Fi cloning optional feature
The hotspot supports an additional wi-fi cloning feature that enables it to clone
your router’s name (SSID) and wireless key. If your device (e.g. laptop) is already
configured to connect to your router, it will automatically connect to your new hotspot.
This feature requires your router to support WPS; most recent routers do e.g. BT Home
Hub 3 and later.
1 Plug the hotspot into a power socket near your broadband wireless router (e.g. in the same room). Wait until the Wireless light is steady green.
2 Press the WPS button on your router.
3 Within 2 minutes, press and hold the WPS/Link button on the hotspot for at least 15 seconds, until the Wireless light flashes orange and green.
4 Wait until the Wireless light returns to steady green. Now plug the hotspot back in
where you want to extend coverage and wait for it to restart.
5 When in range, your wi-fi device will automatically connect to the hotspot.
Light status
Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot
What’s happening
Hotspot running normally
Hotspot pairing
Slow flashing
Hotspot in power saving mode
Hotspot turned off or boot-up failed
Hotspot connected to network, high transfer speed
Hotspot connected to network, low transfer speed -
Hotspot booting-up or boot-up failed or hotspot not connected to network or in power saving mode
Wireless enabled, data is being transmitted/received
Hotspot booting-up or boot-up failed, or hotspot wireless disabled
Wireless security disabled on the hotspot or guest network
Slow flashing
Wi-Fi cloning in progress
Fast flashing
Wi-Fi cloning failed
Broadband Extender 500
What’s happening
Extender running normally
Extender resetting, synchronising or power save mode
Extender turned off
Device connected to extender
Data being sent or received
No device connected to extender or device switched off
Extender connected to network
Green: High transfer speed
Orange: Medium transfer speed
Red: Low transfer speed
No connection to network
WPS/Link & Reset Buttons
What do you want to do?
Press and hold
Prepare to join a new network
WPS/Link button for 5 to 8 seconds
Join a new network or start WPS connection
WPS/Link button for 1 second
Reset to factory settings
Reset button for 1 second
Wi-Fi cloning
WPS/Link button for 15 seconds
Connection help
For advanced settings e.g. to change the name (SSID) of your hotspot check the
Frequently Asked Questions at
All the lights are off
• Make sure the hotspot is switched on. Press the Power button to switch on hotspot.
Can’t connect to hotspot using wi-fi
• Make sure you’ve used the correct wireless network and key details printed on the
settings card.
• If you don’t know how to view the list of wireless devices in your area to connect
to the hotspot, see help provided with your device. Or check the Frequently Asked
Questions at
Poor wi-fi performance
• If your new hotspot and your existing wireless broadband router show up as two
separate networks, you may want to try both wi-fi networks as one might be faster
and more reliable than the other.
• Don’t know if you’re connected to the router or hotspot? The easiest way is to compare
the signal strength displayed on your device with the hotspot switched on and off.
• Do not use the hotspot in an area where microwave and electric equipment may
interfere with the wireless signal.
• Try to move the device nearer to your hotspot, which can improve the wireless
signal quality.
• Thick/concrete walls and ceilings may affect wi-fi.
WPS/Link light is off or flashing
• If you are adding the hotspot to your existing network, press the WPS/Link button on
your hotspot for 1 second (Power light starts flashing). Within 2 minutes, press the
Link button on one of the broadband extenders already in your home for 1 second to
complete the connection. The WPS/Link light will be steady green.
• To check if your home’s electrical wiring is affecting your broadband extenders,
try plugging units in the same room. Some old wiring or fuse boxes might affect your
network performance.
• House appliances that draw large amounts of power, like refrigerators, freezers,
microwaves and air conditioning systems, might cause interference with your network.
• For best network performance, use broadband extenders from BT.
• If there are no spare ports on your router/hub, you can unplug one of your existing
devices and use an alternative like wi-fi or purchase a switch.
Reset to factory settings
If your extender or hotspot stops working or becomes unpaired, you can reset both to their
factory settings:
1 Make sure the extender or the hotspot is plugged in and the power socket’s switched on.
2 Press the Link button on the extender for more than 15 seconds or
the Reset button on the hotspot for 1 second to restore factory default settings. Give it a couple of minutes. If everything’s okay, the Power indicator on both will light up.
How to add more Powerline extenders to your existing network
You can expand your home network by adding more extenders to your existing kit.
1 Plug your additional broadband extender directly into a wall power socket.
Make sure the socket’s switched on.
2 Press the Link button on your additional broadband extender for 5 to 8 seconds.
Wait for the Power light to go back to steady green.
3 Press the Link button again, this time for 1 second.
4 Within 2 minutes, press the Link button on one of the broadband extenders already in
your home for 1 second to complete the connection to the network.
5 Wait for connection to complete. If everything’s okay, the Power and Data indicators
on the new extender will light up.
TIP: you might find it easier to plug your new broadband extender in the same
double power socket or near one of your existing ones whilst you set things up.
To connect using the ethernet cable
1 Connect your device to one of the ethernet ports on the hotspot.
You’ll need an ethernet cable for each device you want to connect to the hotspot.
General information
For information on safety instructions, technical information or setting up,
please see the Frequently Asked
Questions at
To find out what to do if your kit is in or outside of the 3 year
guarantee, please see the Frequently Asked Questions at
How to recycle your equipment
The symbol shown here and on the product means that the product is classed as electrical or electronic equipment, so DO NOT put it in your normal rubbish bin.
Your Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit is guaranteed
for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.
Subject to the terms listed below, the guarantee
will provide for the repair of, or at BT’s or its agent’s
discretion, the option to replace the Mini Wi-Fi
Home Hotspot 500 Kit or any component thereof
which is identified as faulty or below standard, or as a
result of inferior workmanship or materials. Products
over 28 days old from the date of purchase may be
replaced with a refurbished or repaired product.
It’s all part of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) Directive to recycle products in the best way – to be
kinder to the planet, get rid of dangerous things more safely
and bury less rubbish in the ground.
You should contact your retailer or supplier for advice
on how to dispose of this product in an environmentally
friendly way.
The conditions of this guarantee are:
• proof of purchase is required
R&TTE Directive & Declaration of Conformity
This equipment complies with the essential requirements
for the Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal
Equipment Directive (1999/5/EC).
• the equipment is returned to BT or its agent
as instructed.
For a copy of the Declaration of Conformity please refer to
This guarantee does not cover any faults or defects
caused by accidents, misuse, fair wear and tear,
neglect, tampering with the equipment, or any
attempt at adjustment or repair other than through
approved agents.
This product uses open source codes available from
• the guarantee shall only apply to defects that
occur within the 3 year guarantee period
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
Box contents
Broadband Extender
Extender 500
Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot
Mini Wi-Fi Home
Hotspot 500
Ethernet cable
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