How to Use Weldmount Wire Ties

How to Use Weldmount Wire Ties
Installing Weld Mount Wire Ties - Manual Mix Kit
Step 1
We Recommend A Solvent Wipe Of The
Substrate With Alcohol Or MEK To Remove Any Grease, Oil, Mold Release Or
Dust To Improve Adhesion.
Step 3
Dispense The Required Amount Of Adhesive Onto The Vinyl Sheet. Dispense Only
What you Will Use In 10 Minutes.
Step 5
Spread The AT-4020 Adhesive On The
Back Of The Wire Tie Mount Using The
Mixing Stick To Coat Most Of The Surface. Do Not Use Excessive Adhesive.
Step 2
Insert The Manual Plunger Into The End
Of The Cartridge And Remove The Cap.
As There May Be Air Voids In The Tube
Discard The First Bit Of Adhesive
Step 4
Thoroughly Mix Parts A & B Together.
Failure To Adequtely Mix The Adhesive
Could Lead To Bond Failure
Step 6
Press The Tie Mount Into The Substrate
Pressing It Down Firmly Until Some Adhesive Comes Out Past The Bottom. The
Adhesive Will Kick In 20 Minutes And You
Can Begin To Work With The Parts After
40 Minutes
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