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Photon Solar Racer Kit
Model AK-590
Learn all about solar energy and how to convert it to useful
applications. You will build this exciting sleek solar car that runs on a
high efficiency solar cell. Have your friends build one too and have fun
racing them. No soldering required.
The solar car comes in clear plastic. The car can be painted any color
scheme that you desire (paint is not supplied). Photo is painted to
illustrate how your car could look.
Space Explorer Solar Kit
Model 101-SP
This vehicle is the “sport utility” type of solar car able to slowly rumble
like a tank over grass, small stones or obstacles, and up slopes up to
40 degrees. The Space Explorer comes complete with solar panel
and 18 exciting experiments. Size is approximately 8” long by 4 1/4”
wide. It can also operate on 2 “AA” batteries (not included).
Solar Sport Racer Kit
Model 110-SO
The Solar Sport Racer Kit is fun and easy to build. This
kit has 9 exciting experiments to help you gain practical
knowledge of solar power. The kit comes complete
with high energy solar panel and can even run on 2
“AA” batteries (not included).
Solar Educational Kit
Model AK-530
Now you can experiment with solar energy . . . the energy source of the future. Our solar educational
kit is designed to let you build your own solar models. This kit comes complete with:
• Solar cell module
• Solar energy booklet explaining the whys and hows of
solar energy.
• Small DC motor
• Screws and nuts
Wire with motor clips
Colored spinner discs
Paper airplane and bird models
Plastic turntables with 4 sizes: 5/8”, 1”, 1 1/2” and 2”
Plastic fan-spinner
The solar cell modules, when placed in direct sunlight or close to incandescent light, provide the electrical energy
for countless practical applications. Solar energy uses are limited only by your imagination!
Solar Power Training Course
Model SK-20
Learn the why’s and how's of solar energy. Find out how
you can harness the power of the sun to convert light into
electricity into a multitude of uses: light a bulb, sound a
buzzer, power a fan and many others. The solar cell
comes complete with 8 solar cells, electric motor,
propeller, buzzer, light bulb, wires and hardware. Training
manual included.
None of our OWI Kits require soldering (unless otherwise noted).
(Sound/Touch Sensor)
Soccer Robot
(Wired Control)
Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this
informative, intelligent and entertaining robot kit. If it
comes in contact with an object or hears a loud noise
(such as hands clapping) via its touch/sound sensor,
Hyper Peppy will automatically reverse, then turn left
before embarking on a new course.
Assembled Electronic Printed Circuit Board.
Movement: 3 wheels driven by a DC motor, ratchet
mechanism. Control:
Sound sensor including
condenser microphone/transistor.
“AA” x 2 each (not included).
There will be many hours scoring goals on the living
room coffee table with SOCCER ROBOT.
SOCCER ROBOT has six operational kicking
mechanisms and includes a control box and ball. It
runs forward, backward, turns left or right, and
executes 360 degree turns. It will even help develop
your hand/eye coordination skills.
Assembled Electronic Printed Circuit Board.
Movement: 6 legs driven by 2 DC motors in a crank
motion. Control: Wire remote.
“AA” x 2 each (not included).
OWI - 969K (PCB Unassembled) - Soldering Req’d
(Infrared Sensor)
(Light & Sound Sensor)
Now OWIKIT brings the Sumo tradition to your home.
The super warrior, SUMO ROBOT, can be controlled to
assail and overpower its opponent or retreat to prepare
for battle. An infrared sensor beam is emitted when
detecting an opponent. Upon detection, it instructs the
brain of SUMO to “charge”, thereby creating a bonafide
wrestling match!
Movement: 2 tractor style wheels powered by 1 DC
motor. Control: Infrared sensor/detectable range:
approx. 350mm (max.). “AA” x 2 each (electronic
circuit), “AA” x 2 each (mechanical) (not included).
Moon Walker II begins to walk when it detects a change in light
intensity or sound commands, and continues its four-legged
voyage until instructed by an internal timer to stop.
This kit presents an engaging opportunity to learn about some of
the mechanics, operation and history of robots. When assembled,
this robot uses a phototransistor to sense changes in light (such
as turning on a lamp) and a condenser microphone to sense
changes in sound (such as clapping). It converts those stimuli
into electrical signals to power a motor, and the robot walks
forward for a preset time. When it stops, affecting another change
in area light or sound may activate it again. The sensors may be
adjusted for different sensitivity levels. Printed circuit board preassembled. “AA” x 1 (not included).
OWI - 979K (PCB Unassembled) - Soldering Req’d
(Wireless Remote Control)
(Infrared Beam)
Powered by a wireless remote radio controller, Cyclone
responds instantly to commands of ‘spin’, ‘swivel’,
‘forward’, ‘backward’, ‘left’, or ‘right’. Six different
frequency settings offer a multitude of challenges,
including speed races or timed, maze competitions.
Control sticks afford the user complete control even as
Cyclone swivels wildly from left to right. Cyclone
provides basic knowledge of wireless remote
controllers, principles of gear mechanism and is
destined to windstorm users to a world of fun!
“AA” x 4 each (body), “AA” x 2 each (controller) (not
With its radical walking style, this intelligent
robot avoids interference by emitting an
infrared beam which detects obstacles in its
path. It then sends command signals in the
form of electronic pulses to alter the rotating
direction of its motor to evade these obstacles.
Printed circuit board pre-assembled.
(Infrared Sensor)
TURBO 2000
(Optional Solar Power)
This cyber bug possesses a sonic tracking system, and is
fortified with a multitude of sensors: photo transistors to
detect a black line, tracking memory to memorize its last
track of the black line, and two red LEDs that to tell you
which side of the light sensor is activated.
Hyper Line Tracker follows a designed course. By using an
infrared emitter, light sensor circuitry, and tracking memory,
it demonstrates how robots “see” a pathway. Make a path
with a black felt tip marker or black tape and watch how
infrared sensors enable the robot’s motors to make course
corrections. Printed circuit board pre-assembled.
“AA” x 4 each (not included).
This OWIKIT explores propulsion principles and includes
mini-construction projects that teach the basic principles of
electricity and solar energy (optional).
Put the pedal to the metal and be amazed with this lightning
fast speedster. You’ll be blown away by its serious air
propeller and its direct motor drive for “speed” - or by its
“power/torque” when down shifting. The solar panel (sold
separately) is juiced with a 1.4V, 350mA source of pure
power. For the educationally-minded guardians, this fire
plug kit includes mini-construction projects that teach basic
principles of electricity and solar energy (optional).
“AA” x 2 each (not included).
“AA” x 2 each, 9V x 1 each (not included).
OWI - 972K (PCB Unassembled) - Soldering Req’d
OWI - 973K (PCB Unassembled) - Soldering Req’d
(Solar Power)
(Triple Action)
Knight Invader is a super race car that includes miniconstruction projects, teaches the basic principles of
electricity, and demonstrates three different modes of
This sleek super racer has it all and a little more.
KNIGHT INVADER can blow a fierce force of air to
propel it off the starting line and challenges any
contender to try and keep up with it when changed into
direct motor drive. When on a mission, KNIGHT
INVADER can secretly change its transportation mode
to solar power (sold separately).
“AA” x 2 each (not included).
(Beginner Experience Series Only)
A “teacher-friendly” learning
guide about robotics and/or
electrical technology that
provides activities, concepts,
and research assignments.
Over 30-page curriculum.
Sleek, powerful, unearthly, and very cool . . . this futuristic
solar car is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of
alternative energy. It features and aerodynamic sports car
shell design, a 4-wheel chassis, a powerful 1.4V, 350mA
solar cell (included) and a transparent plastic body that can
be painted or left clear to display the car’s inner mechanical
construction. The steerable front axle, rear wheel and
adjustable (directional/angle) solar panel mount are all
independent parts, allowing for separate solar projects.
The Triple Action Solar Car Kit is also available: (1) The twoway battery source allows for battery or solar power; (2) the
kit design is an aerodynamic racer or tractor; and (3) it
features a multi-speed transmission. “AA” x 1 pc. (not incl.).
A complete teacher resource
written by teachers for student
OWIKIT robots (except 007
Capture students
interest in simple and advanced
robotics. Over 110 pages long,
complete with answer keys,
appendix and teacher guides.
reproducible, printed student
activities for OWI’s Robotic Arm
Trainer with PC/Mac computer
Concepts of Robotics in
Worldwide Web format. Includes
software and over 25 pages.
A must for grades 6-12
computer teachers who try to
help their computer students
understand value conflicts and
ethical choices associated with
Over 40 pages & 1 diskette that
is PC/PowerMac compatible.
None of our OWI Kits require soldering (unless otherwise noted).
(Solar Power)
(Solar Power)
This kit introduces the fundamentals of solar power
through hands-on experiments. The sun or any
intense mobile light can power the solar battery
(included). A multiple function switch (solar [1.4V,
350mA] or battery) allows this kit to be energized day
or night, indoors or outdoors. The user can explore
different types of energy and energy conversion with
this land and water vehicle. Learn what materials solar
batteries are made from and the characteristics of
solar batteries, advantages, and disadvantages of
solar power.
Have fun in the sun with our safe, encapsulated minisolar panel. This sturdy panel will endure handling
without breakage or cell damage traditionally
associated with solar cells.
Create various
experiments by exposing and positioning the panel at
the energy source. Intended for use to familiarize
students or hobbyists with fundamental silicon solar
cell principles, and practical applications of solar cells.
Mounting bracket not included.
Current: 350mA. Voltage: 1.4. Compatible with:
OWI-654, OWI-655, OWI-6567, OWI-6577.
(Wired Control)
The Robotic Arm Trainer teaches the basic robotic sensing
and locomotion principles while testing your motor skills as
you build and control the arm. You can command this unit
with its five switch wired controller with lights to grab,
release, lift, lower, rotate wrist, and pivot sideways 350
degrees. After assembly, observe the dynamics of gear
mechanisms through the transparent arm. Five motors and
five joints allow for flexibility and fun! For educators and
home schoolers, you’ll find the robotics technology
curriculum and personal computer interface useful tools.
“D” x 4 each (not included).
IBM PC Interface - (IBM-007) • Curriculum - (RTC-007)
Navius is controlled by black and white patterns on a
disk, which are read by an infrared sensor. Particular
patterns activate either of two wheels or make the
robot pause. These on/off commands illustrate the
basic principles of binary coding. To change a
movement program, the operator simply creates a new
disk pattern.
Printed Circuit Board Movement: 2 Wheels driven by 2
DC motors. Control: Infrared sensor, infrared photo
interrupter, transistors, and IC.
“AA” x 2 each, 9V x 1 each (not included).
(Limited Edition)
By building and programming WAO G, you can set up
membership functions and learn basic logic control
principles. Also, WAO G can draw straight lines,
circles, and even words by putting a pen into its
The keyboard consists of 26 switches, which are used
to input a series of commands. There are 8 movement
command keys, 4 program keys, and 3 demonstration
“AA” x 3 each, 9V x 1 each (not included).
WAO II is an intelligent robot with a four-bit micro-computer.
Through its 26 keys, you can input a motion program. There
are 8 movement command keys, 4 program keys, and 3
demonstration keys. WAO II also has a pen mechanism in
the middle of its body which allows it to draw simple letters
and designs.
Programmable through keyboard or personal computer by
utilizing an optional interface (sold separately).
“AA” x 3 each, 9V x 1 each (not included).
IBM PC Interface - (WII-IBM) • Apple II Interface - (WII-AP)
Limited Edition IBM PC Interface - (WII-IBM)
(Beginner Soldering)
(Beginner Soldering)
Beamster is a new Beginner Soldering Series kit requiring
only a soldering iron and a few tools to create a multifunctional flashlight. BEAMSTER is ideal for emergency or
everyday use aboard a boat, during camping, or while at a
scout meeting. Activating the light is as easy as adjusting
the four position slide switch: Beam or halogen light,
fluorescent lamp (full power), fluorescent lamp (energy
saving power), or off. It also features a 90 degree
adjustable halogen light head, and a magnet on the back so
you can mount it in a hands-free position.
Specifications: Power: “AA” x 4 each (not included).
Fluorescent Tube: U tube 5W, Bulb: Halogen Bulb 5.2V 0.5A. Dimensions: 180mm x 54mm x 38mm
Make it, then listen to your favorite radio station and
appreciate your accomplishment. Students and
hobbyists place electronic components and learn basic
principles of radio wave technology and soldering skills
with this hands-on AM RADIO circuit board kit. Place
your components/resistors, condensers, and
integrated circuits together, then solder them on a
functional circuit and ‘voila’, an AM RADIO!
Specifications: Control: 2 AM radio frequencies
535kHz - 1605kHz. Power Source: “AA” x 2 each (not
included). Body size: 235mm x 80mm x 240mm.
(Limited Edition - Soldering)
(One Touch Selector)
A condenser microphone and a printed circuit board
control this OWIKIT. Each time its sound sensor hears
your command, it reacts. Command it to spin left, stop,
proceed forward, and stop.
S-Cargo is a sequential command, two-wheeled robot.
Using the hand-held sound activator, clapping your
hands or making any other loud sound controls it. For
each sound S-Cargo will begin a new action. The
sequences of commands are forward, stop, clockwise
spin, and stop.
“AA” x 1 each, 9V x 1 each (not included).
A great Science Fair project item! If you need speed
variations, then look no further. Drive pulleys, cars,
wheels, or fans with high torque or speed. Adjustable
mounting brackets allow for flexibility in project
application. With one touch of the slide switch, three
gear ratios are possible: 6.8:1, 45.97:1, 310.74:1 or
17.68:1, 119.52:1, 807.93:1.
Motor Performance at maximum efficiency: Voltage:
1.5 - 3.0. Speed: 6,992 RPM. Current: 0.663A.
Voltage: 6.02GCM 0.591MNM. Size: 60mm (L) x
25mm (H) x 35mm (H). Weight: 143 g.
WII-IBM - PC Interface & Software for WAO II or WAO G
IBM-007 - Interface & Software for Robotic Arm Trainer
Connects to an IBM compatible computer’s parallel port; download routines
from BASIC programs. Eliminates repetitive code entry.
Features programming, saving, editing, and downloading capabilities.
Computer or manual control. System Requirements DOS: PC 386 (or better),
parallel port, DOS 4.2 (or higher), 2MB RAM min., and 300k hard disk free
space. System Requirements for Windows: Windows compatible mouse,
Windows 95 or 98, 4MB RAM min, 4MB hard disk free space.
WII-AP - Apple II Interface & Software for WAO II
Connects to an Apple II, IIe, II+ or GS computer. Software allows programming
in BASIC (Applesoft II Basic required). Edit, transfer, save and load any
movement program.
Deluxe Telephone Kit
Model AK-750
• Fully modular
• Last number redial
• Desk/wall mount
• Tone/pulse switchable
• Ringer with ON/OFF switch
• Neon lights flash when
phone rings.
• Hearing aid compatible
• Full color assembly manual
• Lighted dial keypad
• Transparent blue case
• FCC approved
Talking Clock Kit
Model AK-220
These easy-to-build kit will teach you how electronic voices are
made. No soldering is required and our full color assembly manual
takes you step by step in putting it together. Features hourly reports
and rooster crow for alarm.
Requires 2 “AA” batteries (part # 590001)
Electronic Stapler Kit
Model AK-920
Crystal clear case lets you see the multi-colored gears.
Motor driven for quiet operation.
Learn how gears work.
Uses standard staples.
Staples up to 12 sheets.
Full color, easy-to-understand assembly manual.
Requires 4 “AA” batteries (part # 590001)
35mm Camera Kit
Model AK-540
with Training Course
Now you can learn all about photography with our new
Camera Kit. Our training manual will teach you
everything you need to know about light, film, speed,
exposure, development, and much more. And best of
all, you have a working camera “you built” when your
Electronic Crystal Radio Kit
Model MX-901
• Safe, Solderless, Educational, and Fun!
• Easy-to-read Instructions Included.
• Crystal Diode Converts RF to Audio
• Tune in Your Favorite AM Stations!
• Learn How Radios Work
• Includes Earphone
• For Ages 10 and up.
No Batteries Required!
Action Kit Lab
Model MX-902
• Safe, Solderless, Educational, and Fun!
• Easy-to-read, Illustrated, Lab-Style Manual
• Discover how an electric bell is constructed
and how it’s made to ring.
• Build your own operating motor - It’s easy, it’s
fun, it’s Safe!
• Find out how a generator makes the
electricity that makes things work.
• Meter measures the amount of electricity
used in your experiments.
• For Ages 10 and up.
Requires 2 “AA” batteries (part # 590001)
Just a Few of the
Many Exciting Experiments
• Controlling motor’s forward/reverse
rotation with generator.
• Fan using motor and generator.
• Electromagnet and reverse polarity.
• Operating the electric bell with
• Color mixing with rotating color disc.
Electronic Keyboard Kit
with Training Course
Model AK-900
Have you ever wondered how musical
instruments work? Well now we can teach you.
Our new Electronic Keyboard Kit has 37 mini
keys, 8 different tempo’s and timbers, 4 custom
drummers and even a demonstration song. After
following our detailed assembly manual, you will
be ready to play all of your favorite songs.
Requires 4 “AA” batteries (part # 590001)
available in
Model AK-200
Stereo Cassette Player Kit
with Training Course
• Transparent Case
• High Resolution
• Includes Headphones
• Belt Clip
• Full Color Assembly Instructions
(Model AK-250 only).
Model AK-250
Easy-to-build kit teaches you basic mechanical and
electronic circuits. You will have fun building this kit
and learning how a tape player works. Lesson
manual teaches magnetic recording, audio amplifier
theory, speed control, mechanical switching and
much more. Comes complete with all parts including
Stereo Head Phones. Clear plastic case allows you
to show your friends your accomplishments.
Requires 2 “AA” batteries (part # 590001)
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