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Thank you for choosing a William Optics FLUOROSTAR 110,
William Optics flagship refractor.
This simple step-by-step instruction manual is designed to provide
FLT-110 owners with a better understanding of how to operate
their new telescope by providing precise, updated information.
These instructions will also guide you through how to properly
maintain the FLT-110, and how to operate it at its maximum
Please carefully familiarize yourself with your telescope's parts
and functions before operating it for the first time.
It could easily cause instant blindness or serious damage to your eyes.
To view the sun, use only appropriately designed solar filters that will reject
99.96% of the sun light and heat. Educate your family on how to use this
telescope properly during day and night time observations. For further
information please contact your local dealer.
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Getting to know your telescope
FluoroStar 110 Specifications
FluoroStar 110 Acessories Chart
Connection Instructions (Mounting Rings)
Connection Instructions (2" Diagonal Mirror)
Connection Instructions (Erecting Finderscope)
Connection Instructions (Aligning Finderscope)
Important Notice
Storage and Cleaning
Caution for Safety
Bundled Equipment
Optional Equipment
Recommended for This Scope
Getting to know your telescope
Dew shield cover
Retractable dew shield
Main tube
360 rotatable
focuser lock
360 rotatable
2" nosepiece lock
Focuser knob
2" lock screw
1.25" adapter lock screw
2" to 1.25" adapter
FluoroStar Accessories Chart
Above diagram is only for future connectivity purposes.
Please contact our Authorized Dealers for accessories purchase.
Connection Instructions
( Mounting Rings )
Safely secure the 115mm mounting rings to the WO
Fully extend the dewshield cover before
placing the OTA in the rings.
Remember to insure that the mounting rings
knobs are tight before operations.
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronomical Instruments
Connection Instructions
( 2" Diagonal Mirror )
Loosen lock screw for release.
Remove 2" to 1.25" adapter.
Tighten lock screw.
Tighten lock screw.
Connection Instructions
( Finderscope )
Extract the black plastic screw
and place the finder bracket on
FluoriteStar 110 focuser and
attach with lock screw.
Finder Bracket Lock Screw
Finder Bracket
Connection point
for finderscope bracket.
Insert finderscope into
finder bracket.
Unscrew the knob
of illuminator.
Remove the knob
from finderscope.
Insert illuminator
into finderscope.
Tighten the knob
on finderscope.
Adjust the alignment screws.
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronomical Instruments
Connection Instructions
( Aligning Finderscope )
Align the finderscope pointing at the same object as the telescope.
Alignment Screws.
Find a distant object in the
telescope with a low
power eyepiece.
Align the finderscope by
pointing at the same
object, then loosen or
tighten the alignment
Use a high power
eyepiece and repeat this
View Field of Finderscope.
(with WO Erecting Illuminated
View Field of Telescope.
The Fluorostar 110 is designed to work with both 1 1/4 inch and 2 inch diameter eyepieces in
various focal lengths, for both daytime and nighttime viewing. Because the Fluorostar 110 is well
suited to viewing nebulae, clusters, large galaxies and comets, we recommend the use of high
quality wide angle eyepieces. The WO SWAN ( 72 ) and UWAN ( 82 ) series eyepieces are
available in a variety of focal lengths. Viewing the moon and planets is also impressive at
magnifications of 120X when seeing conditions permit.
This telescope is also well suited for higher power observations with planetary eyepieces.
To calculate the magnification of your telescope and eyepiece combination, divide the telescope
focal length in mm by the eyepiece focal length in mm.
Keep in mind that the atmosphere plays an important role in seeing conditions, and only the
best seeing conditions will support high power viewing. Additional power under less than ideal
seeing conditions will not result in an increase in viewable details, and lower powered eyepieces
should there be used under those conditions. It's easiest to locate objects using low power
eyepieces (20X magnification) and then zoom in by switching to higher powered eyepieces. The
largest field of view will be seen using a 12X low power-wide field of view eyepiece. Also
remember to let the telescope reach thermal stability for optimal results. A triplet lens takes
longer than a doublet to cool down. A stable tripod or mount is recommended for optimal
viewing. This includes high quality photography tripods, and German Equatorial mounts, which
are designed for astronomical use and include precise tracking of celestial objects. William
Optics is marketing a very practical Alt-Az mount too, which will perfectly complement any of its
The Fluorostar 110 has been specifically designed for astrophotography; it will produce excellent
results when used with the proper equipment. Being this a high-end astrophotography
telescope, it should be mounted on a good mount. Please see our website for examples of
photos taken with these telescopes. The Accessories Chart on page 3 provides additional
details on photographic accessories for various CCD, digital and film cameras.
Optional accessories from WO include mounting rings and plates, super high-quality 2" Quartz
star diagonals, and 2" Erecting Prisms (45 and 90 ), all of which provide for superior viewing
and high quality images.
Never aim your telescope or finderscope at the Sun without proper Solar filters installed on the
front of the telescope. Doing so for even a moment may permanently damage your vision.
Proper Solar filters consist of a filters made by reputable manufacturers, designed to fit tightly
over the front of the dew shield. Solar eyepiece filters are not considered safe, and should not
be used. With proper front mounted Solar filters, the telescope will not be harmed by viewing the
Sun. Contact your Authorized WO Dealer for further information on the brands, sizes, and prices
of proper solar filters.
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronomical Instruments
Important Notice
William Optics warranty does not cover damage to the focuser due to inappropriate tension setting.
This focuser is designed to hold many pounds without problems. If nonetheless your setup
requires additional tension adjustment, please use the tension allen screw under the focuser.
In order to avoid sagging or denting of the focuser steel reinforcement, it is necessary to adjust
tension ONLY when the drawtube is FULLY EXTENDED.
Extend the focuser drawtube to its full 115 mm as in the picture here above
before performing adjustment.
Storage and Cleaning
We suggest placing all accessories inside an airtight container with desiccative control.
Secondly, remember to store the telescope in a non-humid environment, never leave it in
a hot heated environment. If not properly stored, it may develop mildew growth and other
preventable build up.
Be particularly careful after a night observation that the lens has no dew on it before
storing the telescope away.
In case the lens surface becomes dusty, smeared, or gets fingerprints or fungus build-up
on it, first of all, remove any surface particle by using an air blower, then carefully proceed
to wiping the lens gently with a lint-free proper soft cloth. Use a lens liquid cleaner to get
the best cleaning result. Make sure you change your cloth to a new one from time to time.
The above-mentioned indications are not necessary if you carefully protect your
The multi-layer paint white finish of your Fluorostar 110 is easy to ruin. Please take care
of the exterior body tube by wiping it down with a slightly damp soft cloth from time to
time. Water should be enough to do the job. Please do not use any organic solvent on
your telescope, for example alcohol, benzene and other hazardous chemical as this
might ruin it.
Caution for Safety
Caution! Never directly view the Sun with your telescope!
Do not aim your telescope at the Sun without a front mounted high quality
professionally manufactured solar filter. Viewing the Sun without the proper protection
may result in permanent severe damage to your eyes, and even cause blindness.
Contact your Authorized WO Dealer if you are interested in purchasing a compatible
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronomical Instruments
and proper solar filter.
Always place the telescope on a flat surface, to prevent it from falling and injuring
yourself or others.
Never use the telescope in the rain or in conditions where it may get wet.
telescope is not designed to be waterproof. If the telescope accidentally gets caught
in the rain, immediately wipe off all water using a clean dry soft cloth. If the telescope
gets totally soaked in water, immediately contact your Authorized WO Dealer for
service instructions.
Do not disassemble or attempt to repair your telescope without a written authorization
from William Optics Corp., as this violates the warranty terms under the limited
product warranty, and negates any guarantee.
Bundle Equipment
1. Aluminum carrying case.
2. Gold plated dew shield cover.
3. 115mm mounting rings.
4. 2" to 1.25" adapter.
5. Various accessories depending on the package.
Optional Equipment
A sturdy tripod for astronomical or spotting scope usage, or a telescope tripod and mount
(Equatorial or Alt-Az).
A mirror diagonal or erecting prism (The 2" WO Dielectric model is strongly recommended
for high quality astronomical viewing. A top quality Dielectric Quartz model is now also
available from WO).
At least one or two high quality eyepieces (9mm to 40mm wide-field recommended)
depending on the application.
For astrophotography, a photo adapter plus a T-Mount connection are necessary.
William Optics offers a TMB-designed reducer / field flattener optimized for the 110mm TMB
Triplet APO lens.
Also available from WO:
WO 2" Star Mirror Diagonals.
WO 2" and 1.25" 45 Erecting prisms.
2.5x Apochromatic Barlow lens.
0.8x Reducer / Field Flattener with CCD camera adapter (will work ok, but we recommend the
FLT field flattener instead).
Super wide angle SWAN / UWAN Eyepieces, 1.25" or 2" versions.
DCL 52, 28, 4337 series "Digital Camera adapter Lens for Digital Cameras and Digital Video".
Digiscoping adapter: universal adapter for any type of digital camera.
WO 2" VR-1 filter improves seeing on bright objects like the Moon.
WO 115 mm mounting rings, saddle plate, dovetail plate combo for equatorial mounting.
WO 2" Extension Tube.
Recommended for This Scope
2" Quartz
Dielectric Diagonal
High-quality dielectric coating (99% reflectivity),
precision-polished quartz flat in our much-admired,
patented mechanics.
Our 2" Diagonals are what you need for your best
observing sessions. Only from William Optics.
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronmical Instruments
Diagonal Mirrors
2" Dielectric
Carbon Fiber Diagonal
99% reflectivity with 1/10 lambda highprecision mirror surface, with elegant
exterior design, with 1.25" adapter.
ZenithStar 80 II ED Doublet APO
The newest ZenithStar II generation Doublet APO is a 80mm ED refractor ideal for everyone who
needs an excellent back-up scope / guiding scope at an excellent price, or a great first APO refractor,
which you can use for planetary work, wide-field imaging, and crisp, high power observations.
SWAN Eyepieces
1.25" Eyepieces
Super Wide Angle (72 ).
9mm, 15mm, 20mm focal lengths.
5 elements in 4 groups, fully multi coated.
2" Eyepieces
Super Wide Angle (72 ).
25mm, 33mm, 40mm focal
lengths, FMC.
Generous eye-relief.
UWAN Eyepieces
Ultra Wide Angle (82 ),
28mm (2"), 16mm (1.25"),
7mm (1.25"), 4mm (1.25").
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronmical Instruments
R e d D o t F i n d e r ( R . D . F. )
This very practical r.d.f. comes with a handy, quick-release bracket included
in the price. Centering your objects in the sky has never been easier!
45 Erecting Prisms
2" 45
1.25" 45
with 2" Barrel
Perfect both for astronomical and terrestrial observations.
Revolutionary and sophisticated design, extra-smooth feel.
2" 90
Erecting Prism
High quality prism, coating and finish, for
good correct-image views of celestial
objects. Perfect in daylight too.
1.25" 45
Photo Adapter
Anodized 2" camera adapter for prime focus
Crafting the Earth's Finest Astronmical Instruments
photography. Standard T ring thread.
E A Z Y- To u c h A l t - A z M o u n t
What is that you prize the most for
your wide-field refractor? It's ease
of use: EAZY TOUCH is the mount
stability, looks and portability. Made
company AOK, this mount allows
you to be ready to go in 5 minutes
even with a 4" telescope!
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