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The new Panamera GTS
Concept Performance
Transmission 18
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Safety 31
Environment 32
Personality 34
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Standard specification 42
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Summary 47
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Sportiness in pure form combined with a Panamera. The Porsche engineers are compelled to push the standards higher.
Perhaps it is this obsession mixed with pure, unadulterated driving pleasure that led them to create the Panamera GTS.
A Gran Turismo – for sports car purists.
The new Panamera GTS | Concept
The Panamera GTS concept.
Ingenuity is about much more than
getting from A to B.
alongside the Porsche name, both on
Panamera GTS. This car does more
and off the racetrack. Three letters that
than simply bridge the engine power
symbolise the marriage of supreme
gap between the Panamera 4S and
performance and superior sportiness in
Panamera Turbo, it emerges as the
a single car that is suitable for everyday
sportiest model in the Panamera range
with a clear focus on performance.
The Panamera model range combines
For this reason, we gave it everything
uncompromising dynamic performance
What exactly is it that distinguishes the
we could to make it more responsive,
with comfort and incorporates everything
Panamera GTS concept? The answer
emotive and sporty, aesthetically and
that Porsche stands for: the passionate
may lie in the following facts: a 4.8-litre
technically, inside and outside. Typical
crafting of highly efficient sports cars.
naturally aspirated engine delivering
Intelligent Performance.
Once again, our engineers have made
316 kW (430 hp) power output and
further advances in this respect.
520 Nm torque, 7-speed Porsche
Four doors and four seats: but you
The result is the Panamera GTS –
Doppelkupplung (PDK) and active
knew this already. It’s time to learn
sportiness in pure form.
all-wheel drive.
about how we paired pure driving
GTS. These are three letters that have
Yet, pure facts alone are not an adequate
secured themselves a place in history
way to describe the character of the new
pleasure with pure power.
For fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, please refer to page 49.
The new Panamera GTS | Concept
[ 01 ]
It was about clear definitions,
and a clear statement.
How can one describe the appearance of
headlights, each with four LED daytime
As a stylish complement, the lower sec-
Panamera Turbo, recognisable by the
running spot lights. These have been
tion of the Panamera GTS is finished in
red brake calipers.
carried over from the Panamera Turbo,
matt black. Starting from the side ends
but with one difference: the inner trims
of the front apron and moving back along
The Panamera GTS is available in the
are finished in black. These are matched
the door sills through to the rear apron
same exterior colours as the other
by the front light units taken from the
and the tailpipes of the sports exhaust
models in the Panamera range. An addi-
Panamera Turbo, with LED light guides
system, the line drawn appears more
tional colour, Carmine Red, is available
as a border for the indicators.
dynamic. In conjunction with the 10 mm
as an option. Set against contrasting
lower suspension, the contour accentu-
black, it creates a sportier effect.
the Panamera models? A low, wide stance,
a sleek roofline: true sports car propor-
Other Panamera Turbo styling features
tions. The front, shoulders and rear all
include the SportDesign front apron with
have instantly recognisable Porsche traits.
large air intakes on the right and left for
For greater downforce and driving stabil­
hatch and the optional logos on the lower
The face that stands out in the crowd.
supplying air to the two GTS-specific air
ity at high speeds, the Panamera GTS is
edge of the front doors add the finishing
filter modules (refer to the ‘Engine’ section
equipped with the Panamera Turbo rear
touch to the overall appearance.
for more information).
spoiler. From a speed of 90 km/h, it
However, the Panamera GTS goes one
step further. Even closer to the road, its
sporty character is even more clearly
The side air outlets behind the front
wheels are finished in high-gloss black.
ates the sporty overall impression.
The ‘Panamera GTS’ logo on the rear
deploys automatically not only upwards
Sportiness in pure form. Be honest, would
but outwards, too.
you have expected the Panamera GTS to
be anything else?
So, too, are the side window trims, the
To cope with the increased engine power
Let’s start at the front. The Panamera GTS
covers of the headlight cleaning system,
output, the Panamera GTS is equipped
is equipped as standard with Bi-Xenon main
the trim strip on the rear and the rear
as standard with 19-inch Panamera Turbo
wheels and the brake system of the
[ 01 ] Panamera GTS in Carmine Red special colour
with 20-inch RS Spyder Design wheels
The new Panamera GTS | Concept
[ 01 ]
The SportDesign steering wheel with
at all four seats are also finished in
alloyed gearshift paddles is fitted as
Carmine Red or GT Silver.
You notice it instantly as you open the
standard. As an option, you can have
door. Uncluttered and ergonomic, the
the steering wheel rim finished in black
The two-tone combinations and natural
interior is typical of a Panamera and, yet,
leather interiors of the other Panamera
it looks sportier. This is achieved by the
models are also available as an option
combination of leather and Alcantara as
Specially conceived for the Panamera GTS,
for the Panamera GTS (the Alcantara
standard, available in a choice of five
an optional trim package with a choice
finish is not included as part of these
interior colours. The seat centres of the
of two colours is available in conjunction
adaptive sports seats, the upper sections
with the black interior. The decorative
of the door armrests, the armrest on the
seams on the dashboard, seats, armrests
What else is worth mentioning? The ‘GTS’
front centre console and the rooflining
of the centre console, doors and floor
logo on the rev counter and the door sill
are all finished in Alcantara.
mats are finished in Carmine Red or
guards in brushed aluminium featuring
GT Silver. The headrests on all four seats
the ‘Panamera GTS’ logo will increase
are embroidered with the ‘GTS’ logo in
your anticipation as you step inside.
the same colour. To match, the seat belts
[ 01 ] Panamera GTS interior with trim package in Carmine Red, carbon interior package and other optional equipment
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
Why is your pulse racing all of a sudden?
Pure physics.
Supreme performance is a concept that will never become clichéd as far as Porsche is
concerned. We’ve devoted far too much passion to it. If you want to know exactly what
the ‘GTS’ logo promises in terms of performance, you would be better off experiencing it
for yourself. In the meantime, we’ve compiled some facts and figures for you.
1.Primary air filter
2.Secondary air filter module, left
3.Secondary air filter module, right
5.PTM (multiplate clutch)
6.Double wishbone front axle
7.Front axle air-spring struts with PASM
8.Multi-link rear axle
9.Rear axle air suspension modules
10.Rear axle vibration damper with PASM
11.Rear axle differential
Panamera GTS
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
520 Nm
316 kW (430 hp)
Torque (Nm)
Power (kW)
This power upgrade was achieved
direct engine response, it also contributes
through a series of measures, including
to a further reduction in the shift times
The Panamera GTS is powered by a
modified intake camshafts with extended
achieved by Porsche Doppelkupplung
lightweight 4.8-litre V8 naturally aspirated
valve lift and a new air induction system
(PDK), which is fitted as standard. It does
engine. It features cast aluminium
with two additional air filter modules
this by deactivating selected engine cyl-
pistons, monobloc aluminium cylinder
each located in the left- and right-hand
inders temporarily during each gearshift.
heads and integrated dry-sump lubrica-
sides of the front apron respectively.
tion for a reliable supply of oil even
Our modifications are reflected in the
when an extremely sporty driving style
Above 3,500 rpm, the flaps on the air
distinctly resonant engine sound
is adopted. Although it is based on the
filter modules are opened to allow the
and can be felt in every bone of your
engine of the Panamera 4S, it develops
engine to draw in air more easily. At high
body. In SPORT PLUS mode, the
22 kW (30 hp) more power and gener-
road speeds, headwind ram pressure is
Panamera GTS accelerates from 0 to
ates 20 Nm more torque. It also has a
exploited to achieve a further increase
100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500
faster-revving engine with a maximum
in power output.
reaches a top speed of 288 km/h.
Revolutions per minute (rpm)
engine speed that has been increased
by 400 rpm to 7,100 rpm. The result
In addition, the Panamera GTS is
In short, the drive system of the
is a maximum power output of 316 kW
equipped with a specially modified
Panamera GTS concentrates 100 %
(430 hp) and a maximum torque of
engine management system. Not only
on the essentials: maximum sports
520 Nm.
does this help the engine to develop
Panamera GTS: 316 kW (430 hp) at 6,700 rpm, 520 Nm at 3,500 rpm
torque quickly for a perceptibly more
For fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, please refer to page 49.
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
Direct fuel injection (DFI).
effective combustion. As the mixture
VarioCam Plus.
Auto start/stop function.
is prepared directly in the cylinders,
remain inactive under particular circumstances, e.g. in very high outside
With millisecond precision, DFI injects
DFI improves the internal cooling of
The Panamera GTS is also equipped
The auto start/stop function is also
temperatures, on extreme uphill
fuel at up to 120 bar directly into the
the combustion chambers compared
with VarioCam Plus which automatically
standard in the Panamera GTS. If, for
gradients, or if battery charge is low,
combustion chamber by means of elec-
with that of a manifold injection system.
adjusts the intake camshafts and
example, you stop at traffic lights and
and will be deactivated if SPORT or
tromagnetically actuated injection valves,
The achievable compression ratio of
switches the lift of the intake valves.
keep your foot on the brake pedal, the
SPORT PLUS mode is activated (p. 28).
thus ensuring homogeneous distribution
12.5:1 helps to ensure a high level of
In the middle and low load ranges,
system will automatically switch the
of the air/fuel mixture, and, therefore,
engine efficiency.
low valve lifts with advanced timing
engine off. This fuel-saving system
reduce fuel consumption and exhaust
restarts the engine as soon as you
emissions and improve smooth
release the brakes.
Sports exhaust system.
output are achieved through high
A key advantage is that there is no
The Panamera GTS is equipped as stand-
valve lifts and retarded timing.
need for you to change your driving
ard with the sports exhaust system
running. High torque and maximum
habits. You can simply carry on as
featuring tailpipes painted in matt black.
How does this benefit you? Extra­
normal. All audio and communication
The exhaust system is made from
ordinary acceleration power with
systems remain switched on and the
long-life stainless-steel alloys. The
comparatively low fuel consumption.
climate control continues to maintain
powerful primary and main catalytic
your selected temperature, despite the
converters heat up rapidly and help
engine being switched off. The engine
to deliver effective emissions control.
restarts if more power or extra cooling
When a separate control button is
output is required.
pressed or SPORT or SPORT PLUS
mode is activated, the sports exhaust
[ 01 ]
The auto start/stop function can be
system switches to a characteristic
activated and deactivated using a
motorsport sound, eclipsing even that
separate button. The function may
of the other Panamera models.
[ 01 ] Sports exhaust system
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
[ 02 ]
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK).
extremely sporty performance. During
an upshift, for example, selected engine
Offering both a manual gearshift and an
cylinders are deactivated temporarily,
automatic mode, 7-speed PDK delivers
which enables the speed of the engine to
sports performance combined with
be synchronised with the speed of the
efficiency and comfort. It enables rapid
transmission more quickly to deliver fast-
gear changes with no discernible inter-
er shift times accompanied by a charac-
ruption in the flow of power. Gears 1 to
teristic motorsport engine sound.
6 have a sports ratio and top speed is
reached in 6th gear. The 7th gear has
In SPORT PLUS mode, PDK is tuned for
a long ratio, which helps to keep engine
maximum performance. Engine torque, for
revs within a comfortable, low range
example, is no longer reduced during an
even at high road speeds.
upshift and drive force is fully exploited
to achieve best possible acceleration.
In keeping with the character of the
Panamera GTS, we’ve made PDK sportier.
What does this mean for you? A drive that
Depending on the gearshift programme
emulates the motorsport experience.
(‘Normal’, SPORT or SPORT PLUS, p. 28),
[ 01 ]
[ 01 ] Porsche Doppelkupplung
gear changes are optimised for sporty to
[ 02 ] PDK gear selector
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
[ 01 ]
SportDesign steering wheel.
Porsche Traction Management (PTM).
force is distributed to the front by a more
powerful engagement of the multiplate
In the Panamera GTS, the SportDesign
Fitted as standard in the Panamera GTS,
clutch. In addition, ASR reduces wheel
steering wheel is fitted as standard and
Porsche Traction Management (PTM)
slip. When cornering, the front wheels
features gearshift paddles and a top
comprises an active all-wheel drive with
only ever receive as much drive force
centre marking on its smooth-finish
electronic and mapcontrolled multiplate
as is necessary to guarantee optimum
leather rim.
clutch with automatic brake differential
lateral stability. In this way, PTM, in inter-
(ABD) and antislip regulation (ASR).
action with Porsche Stability Management
The paddles are made from a strong
The electronically controlled multiplate
(PSM, p. 27) ensures that the perfect
alloy and are ergonomically located
clutch regulates the fully variable distrib­
distribution of drive is achieved every
behind the right and left steering wheel
ution of drive force between the perma-
time: whether on long straights, through
spokes. Pull the right-hand paddle to
nently driven rear axle and the front axle.
tight corners, or on surfaces with differ-
shift up and pull the left-hand paddle
ent friction coefficients. In this situation,
to shift down. A display in the left- and
Through continuous monitoring of driving
traction is additionally enhanced by the
right-hand steering wheel spokes tells
conditions, the electronics are able
automatic brake differential (ABD).
you whether SPORT, SPORT PLUS and
to respond to a variety of situations.
‘Launch Control’ (p. 28) are activated.
Sensors check, among other variables,
Whenever the brake control systems are
the rotation speeds of all four wheels,
required to intervene, PTM decouples the
As an option, it is possible to have the
the longitudinal and lateral acceleration
front axle completely so that PSM inter-
SportDesign steering wheel rim finished
of the vehicle, and the steering angle.
ventions can take place at each individual
in black Alcantara.
If the rear wheels threaten to spin under
acceleration, a greater proportion of drive
[ 01 ] SportDesign steering wheel
[ 02 ]
[ 02 ] All-wheel drive
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
Adaptive air suspension including
Porsche Active Suspension
Management (PASM).
lower than other Panamera models and
PASM is an electronic damping control
the dampers have a firmer setting. As
system. It actively and continuously
soon as SPORT PLUS mode is selected,
regulates damping forces according
the suspension automatically drops to
to driving style and road conditions for
The new Panamera GTS is equipped as
Low Level (15 mm lower). At the same
increased body stability and a more
standard with adaptive air suspension
time, a harder spring rate is achieved
direct steering response. It is possible
including Porsche Active Suspension
through a reduction in the amount of air
to select from three modes: Comfort,
Management (PASM). This combined
stored in the air suspension.
mance and comfort. It features a level-
The manual lift function enables you to
For you, this involves nothing more than
ling system, ride-height adjustment,
raise the vehicle body by 30 mm to
the press of a button and you can feel the
spring rate adjustment and electronic
High Level to minimise the risk of
result: increased driving stability, more
adjustment of damping forces.
grounding, e.g. on car park ramps.* The
comfort and improved performance.
system enhances both dynamic perfor-
purpose of the levelling system is to
With the air suspension at Normal Level,
keep the vehicle level constant automati-
the Panamera GTS already sits 10 mm
cally and regardless of load distribution.
* The vehicle must not be driven at High Level on public roads as the maximum permissible installation height of the reflector units may then be exceeded.
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
Steering and Servotronic.
Wheels and Tyre Pressure Monitoring
[ 01 ]
[ 02 ]
[ 03 ]
[ 04 ]
[ 05 ]
[ 06 ]
[ 05 ] 20-inch Panamera Sport wheel
[ 06 ] 20-inch Panamera Sport wheel painted black
Precise and direct: describes a typical
Porsche steering system – with variable
The Panamera GTS is an extremely
steering ratio. Around the straight-ahead
powerful vehicle, which is why it comes
position, such as during motorway driv-
equipped as standard with 19-inch
ing, the ratio is less direct with no loss
Panamera Turbo wheels featuring a
of agility or feedback from the road.
classic sporty design. Tyre sizes
When the steering wheel is turned fur-
255/45 ZR 19 and 285/40 ZR 19 are
ther, the ratio becomes more direct,
fitted to the front and rear respectively.
allowing easier cornering and parking.
For a wider track, wheel spacers (5 mm)
are fitted at the rear as standard.
Servotronic, the speed-sensitive powersteering system, is available as an
A selection of 19- or 20-inch wheels is
option. At high speeds, the steering
available in our range of options.
is firm and responds with extreme
precision while steering comfort remains
Alternatively, you can select a set of
as high as you would expect. At low
19-inch all-season tyres. A low-rolling
speeds, Servotronic’s ratio adjusts for
resistance version of these tyres is availa-
easy manoeuvring and parking.
ble as an option. These reduce fuel consumption and offer improved durability.
Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM), which
is fitted as standard, sends warnings to
the on-board computer’s display screen
in the event of excessive pressure loss.
[ 01 ] 19-inch Panamera Turbo wheel
[ 02 ] 19-inch Panamera Design wheel
[ 03 ] 20-inch RS Spyder Design wheel
[ 04 ] 20-inch 911 Turbo II wheel
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
Porsche Stability Management (PSM).
brake harder and either of the front
vehicle on uneven ground. The effect is
enters the corner. At low and medium
wheels (in SPORT PLUS mode, both
achieved with the aid of active anti-roll
vehicle speeds, PTV Plus significantly
PSM is an automatic control system
of the front wheels) requires ABS
bars on the front and rear axles which
increases agility and steering precision.
that stabilises the vehicle at the limits of
respond to the current steering angle
At high speeds and when accelerating out
dynamic driving performance. Sensors
of corners, the electronically regulated
continuously monitor driving direction,
PSM comes with two additional
stabilising force that precisely negates
rear differential lock ensures greater
speed, yaw velocity and lateral accelera-
functions: precharging of the brake
the roll of the body.
driving stability. It also serves to improve
tion. Using this information, PSM com-
system, enabling maximum braking
putes the actual direction of motion. If
power to be achieved much sooner;
PTV Plus combined with PDCC is a
faces with varying levels of grip, in the
this direction deviates from the desired
and brake assist, for maximum
system that actively enhances vehicle
wet and on snow.
course, PSM can, for example, initiate
deceleration in a critical situation.
dynamics and stability. Operating in con-
traction at the rear wheels on road sur-
braking interventions targeted at individual
junction with an electronically regulated
For the driver, this means remarkable
wheels in order to stabilise the vehicle.
rear differential lock, it works by varying
lateral vehicle stability, optimum traction
the torque distribution to the rear
as well as a high degree of agility at
wheels. To be more precise, this means
every speed with precise steering and
that when the car is driven assertively
stable load transfer characteristics. In
into a corner, moderate brake pressure
short, it offers pure driving pleasure.
Under acceleration on wet or low-grip
road surfaces, PSM improves traction
using the ABD (automatic brake
Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control
(PDCC) including Porsche Torque
Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus).
differential) and ASR (antislip regulation)
and lateral acceleration by producing a
is applied to the inside rear wheel.
PDCC is available as an option for the
Consequently, a greater amount of drive
Panamera GTS. This is an active anti-roll
force is distributed to the outside rear
For an even more involving driving
system that anticipates and significantly
wheel, inducing an additional rotational
experience, you always have the option
reduces lateral body movement during
pulse (yaw movement) around the vehi-
to deactivate PSM. It is automatically
cornering manoeuvres. In addition, it
cle’s vertical axis. This results in a direct
reactivated, for your safety, only if you
minimises the lateral instability of the
and sporty steering action as the car
The new Panamera GTS | Performance
SPORT buttons and
Sport Chrono Package.
direct and dynamic. When the SPORT
the spring rate. Offering involving perfor-
set to standby while the car is still in
and measure distances, it can also be
button is selected, the electronic engine
mance, PDK is now geared for extremely
SPORT PLUS mode. For safety, it
used as a conventional clock.
management system adapts for sportier
short shift times and optimum shift
remains set to intervene automatically
The Panamera GTS is more sport-oriented
performance driving. In response to
points for the maximum acceleration
only when ABS assistance is required
Another key component is the perfor-
than the other models in the Panamera
pedal input, a more dynamic throttle
available. In automatic mode, PDK
on both the front wheels.
mance display in the optional Porsche
range. You can feel it and you can hear
map opens the throttle valve wider than
responds to the slightest deceleration –
it the moment you start the engine and
would be the case in Normal mode.
even at high engine speeds – with a
Optimum acceleration from a standing
which enables you to view, store and
depress the accelerator. With the SPORT
The throttle response is significantly
swifter brake-induced downshift. In
start is provided by the ‘Launch Control’
evaluate recorded times. It shows the
and SPORT PLUS buttons, both of which
more immediate and a harder rev-limiter
response to downshifts in manual mode,
function. This function is operated via
total driving time, current lap distance,
are available as standard, you have a
is applied. PDK shifts up later and shifts
the electronic engine management
the SPORT PLUS button with the ‘D’ or
lap number and lap times recorded so
choice between two modes to make your
down sooner. Porsche Active Suspension
system initiates a purposeful increase
‘M’ drive position selected. With the left
far. You can view the current fastest lap
Panamera GTS driving experience more
Management (PASM) and the optional
in transmission speed to suppress
foot depressing the brake pedal, the
and the remaining range until empty.
Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDDC)
load-change reactions.
driver fully depresses the accelerator
Travelled distances can be recorded
for maximum throttle. ‘Launch Control’
and defined as benchmark distances.
also switch to SPORT mode to deliver
Communication Management (PCM, p. 36),
harder damping and more direct steering,
In SPORT PLUS mode, the trigger thresh-
now appears in the SportDesign steering
which provides greater agility through
old for PSM is raised for increased
wheel spoke display. Now simply release
longitudinal and lateral dynamics. Agility
the brake and feel the acceleration
is further enhanced when braking for
power unleashed to the road.
The SPORT PLUS button activates
corners with PSM enabling greater
SPORT PLUS mode. The adaptive air
manoeuvrability under braking and exit
The stopwatch mounted on the dash-
suspension of the Panamera GTS drops
acceleration, especially at low speeds.
board is a component of the Sport Chrono
the chassis to Low Level and hardens
For even greater dexterity, PSM can be
Package. Designed to record lap times
The new Panamera GTS | Balance
We plan for every eventuality.
Just to be on the safe side.
Lighting concept.
Engineered body design.
adapts light distribution to suit the cur-
The fully galvanised lightweight body-
In addition to knee airbags and full-size
rent speed and visibility conditions. Also
shell in steel and aluminium produces a
airbags for the driver and front passen-
fitted as standard are the four LED day-
highly resilient passenger cell that offers
ger, the Panamera GTS is equipped as
time running spot lights in each main
high levels of protection in the event of
standard with the Porsche Side Impact
an impact. A system of longitudinal and
Protection System (POSIP). This comprises
transverse members at the front absorbs
side airbags in the front seats, curtain
order to illuminate more of the road at
tight bends and turns. In addition, PDLS
Foresight begins with good visibility.
This is why the Panamera GTS is
The lighting system features a ‘Welcome
energy, disperses the force of impact
airbags along the entire roof frame and
equipped with Bi-Xenon main headlights
Home’ function – a customisable delayed
and minimises deformation of the pas-
side windows from the A-pillar to the
including Porsche Dynamic Light System
switch-off timer that keeps the daytime
senger cell. A rigid bulkhead cross mem-
C-pillar, and side impact protection
(PDLS). Its dynamic cornering light func-
running lights, the taillights and the
ber reduces deformation of the footwell
elements in the doors. Side airbags in
tion swivels the headlights towards the
courtesy lights in the exterior mirrors
and provides improved protection for
the rear compartment are available as
inside of a bend, based on steering angle
switched on until you reach your front
the feet and legs.
an option.
and road speed, and the static cornering
lights activate the auxiliary headlights in
The active bonnet system is designed
with enhanced pedestrian safety in mind.
If the sensors in the front apron detect
For us, sportiness is always measured against the safety on which everything is based.
a collision, this system raises the rear
For a sports car like the Panamera GTS, this matters more than ever.
portion of the bonnet, which can help to
reduce the risk of injury.
The new Panamera GTS | Balance
[ 01 ]
Panamera Turbo. The brake disc dia­
410 mm and 350 mm at the front and
meters are 390 mm and 350 mm at
rear respectively.
the front and rear respectively. The discs
predominantly under braking.
are internally vented and slotted for
PCCB is characterised by its low thermal
of its vehicles by an average of around
improved heat dispersal and braking
expansion, which prevents deformation
1.7 % every year for the past 15 years
Furthermore, the bodyshell of the
even under extreme conditions.
under heavy braking. Furthermore, the
and by 4.6 % from 2006 to 2010.*
Panamera GTS has an alloy content of
ceramic brake discs are totally resistant to
As far as engine output is concerned,
around 23 %. The bonnet, doors, front
The electric parking brake, which
corrosion and offer more favourable noise-
we are already among those manufactur-
wings and rear hatch, for example, are
can be activated manually, releases
damping properties.
ers achieving the lowest CO2 emissions.
made of aluminium, which saves weight
This has been achieved through efficient
and reduces fuel consumption.
Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake
The key advantage of PCCB is the
drive concepts, lightweight construction,
extremely low weight of the ceramic
optimum aerodynamics and low rolling
brake discs, which are approximately
resistance. In this way, Porsche demon-
50 % lighter than standard discs of similar
strates that even high performance
design and size. As well as enhancing
sports cars can achieve moderate fuel
performance and fuel economy, this
consumption and exhaust emission
values in their respective category.
The brake system of the Panamera GTS,
The track-tested Porsche Ceramic
represents a major reduction in unsprung
which features six-piston monobloc
Composite Brake (PCCB) is available
and rotating masses. The results are
aluminium fixed brake calipers at the
on request (only in conjunction with
improved handling, better road holding
How? Through the use of fuel-efficient
front and four-piston units at the
20-inch wheels). The diameters of the
and increased comfort, particularly on
technologies such as direct fuel injection
rear, has been carried over from the
cross-drilled ceramic discs are
uneven roads.
(DFI), VarioCam Plus, auto start/stop and
* T he stated reduction in fuel consumption has been calculated from the fuel consumption figures determined in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) for the respective model years of the vehicles and
in accordance with the respectively applicable European legislation.
electrical system recuperation, whereby
the vehicle battery is charged
Porsche has reduced the CO2 emissions
automatically as you pull away.
[ 01 ] PCCB
[ 01 ]
The new Panamera GTS | Personality
[ 02 ]
This sense of well-being isn’t available
everywhere as standard.
the integrated 4.8-inch colour display are
quick, clear and easy to read. The colour
screen gives access, for example, to
the on-board computer or tyre pressure
information and, in conjunction with
PCM, it displays the navigation system
map. That’s not all. In the Panamera GTS,
An expressive design. Well-conceived
it displays the longitudinal and lateral
technology. A consistently sporty style.
acceleration forces currently acting on
Why should the rules for performance
the vehicle.
be any different for the interior? The
A Panamera GTS generates power effortlessly at all times, on any road. Yet, for all this
interior of the Panamera GTS is sporty,
Adaptive sports seats are fitted as
uncluttered and ergonomic. The layout
standard. With firm padding and high side
is ingeniously designed and functional.
bolsters on the squab and backrest, they
This interior belongs in a sports car. What
offer good lateral support and provide a
strikes you immediately is the elevated
sporty posture. Featuring 18-way electric
for added comfort on long journeys and
steering wheel and exterior mirror on
centre console with controls arranged
adjustment, the seats can be optimally
precision lateral support through corners.
the driver’s side.
into logical groups for fast and direct
adapted to meet your needs in terms of
access by the driver. The steering wheel
seat height, squab and backrest angle,
Also included as standard are seat heat-
The two rear seats offer plenty of leg and
adjusts for both height and reach.
squab length, fore/aft adjustment and
ing for the front seats and a personal
head room, even for taller passengers.
four-way lumbar support. In addition,
memory function for driver and front
The backrests fold down individually with
The five circular instruments with ‘GTS’
the side bolsters on the seat squab and
passenger seat positions and lumbar
a ratio of 40:60 to increase storage
logo on the central rev counter and on
backrest are independently adjustable
support as well as the positions of the
capacity to 1,263 litres.
power, it also offers the highest level of comfort imaginable. At all times, on any road.
[ 01 ] [ 02 ] Panamera GTS interior with trim package in Carmine Red, carbon interior package and other optional equipment
The new Panamera GTS | Personality
[ 01 ]
CDR-31 audio system.
Porsche Communication Management
(PCM) with navigation module.
The CDR-31 audio system features a
With the optional universal audio interface, you have two connections in the
storage compartment of the front centre
7-inch colour touchscreen, giving you
For the Panamera GTS, Porsche
console. The USB port enables you to
quick and easy access to the most
Communication Management (PCM) is
connect and charge supported iPod ®
important functions and menus.
available as an option. Powerful,
and iPhone ® models or you can connect
multifunctional and yet easy to use,
an MP3 player or USB memory stick
The integrated CD radio, with FM dual
PCM is your control centre for audio,
containing MP3 tracks. The AUX interface
tuner and RDS diversity, 30 memory
navigation and communication functions.
is an analogue connection for other audio
presets, dynamic autostore and speed-
The focal point is the intuitive 7-inch
sources. Functions are operated using
sensitive volume control, includes a
high-resolution touchscreen.
the controls on the connected device
sound system with 10 loudspeakers and
a total audio output of 100 watts. An
Radio functions include up to 42 memory
optional integrated CD autochanger holds
presets and an FM dual tuner frequency
The sound is produced by 11 loudspeak-
A navigation module with high-speed hard
at once, such as the current navigation
up to six CDs. On request, it is possible
diversity with RDS, which continuously
ers with a total output of 235 watts. For
drive is included with PCM. For route
map and a list of symbols that represent
to have the CDR-31 combined with the
scans in the background for the best
even more powerful audio performance,
guidance, it is possible to select between
the next driving manoeuvre.
BOSE Surround Sound System or the
signal, and a dynamic autostore. The
PCM can, as an option, be combined with
a 2D display and a 3D perspective. In
Burmester ® High-End Surround Sound
CD/DVD drive plays CDs and audio
the BOSE® Surround Sound System or
some regions, even buildings can be
Available as an option, the quadband
DVDs and is MP3-compatible. A six-disc
Burmester ® High-End Surround Sound
displayed in 3D as well as terrain with
GSM telephone module offers conveni-
CD/DVD autochanger integrated into
satellite image overlay. Split screen
ence and excellent reception.
PCM is available as an option.
mode enables you to view two functions
[ 01 ] PCM
The new Panamera GTS | Personality
BOSE® Surround Sound System.
The system comprises 9 amplifier chan-
playback of DVDs and is thus able to
As an innovator in the field, BOSE® has
nels with a total output of 585 watts.
make full use of the impressive sound
used its considerable experience to
You may wonder why anyone would want
Its 14 loudspeakers and 200-watt active
spectrum of 5.1 digital recordings. Of
adapt the system specifically to the pas-
to listen to music rather than the sound
subwoofer deliver a balanced acoustic
course, you can still play other audio
senger compartment of the Panamera.
of a Porsche. We understand your
pattern and transform your Panamera
sources, such as CDs and MP3s, in
Thanks to signal processing technologies
scepticism, but we do have a compelling
into a concert hall.
stereo or, at the push of a button, in
solution: BOSE . The BOSE Surround
Sound System is compatible with both
In combination with Porsche Commun­i­
the optional Porsche Communication
cation Management (PCM), the BOSE
Management (PCM) and the CDR-31
Surround Sound System enables audio
audio system.
Burmester® High-End Surround Sound
The system has 16 amplifier channels
The tweeters are ribbon-based air motion
this is achieved despite the system’s
with a total output of more than
transformers (AMT) that have been
remarkably low overall weight thanks
1,000 watts, 16 loudspeakers including
designed specifically for the Panamera.
to intelligent Burmester ® lightweight
The sound developed by our research
an active subwoofer with 300-watt class
For unmistakably fine, clear and undis-
technology. The elegantly pure
centre in Weissach is amplified by a
D amplifier, a total diaphragm surface
torted high-frequency sound reproduction
design with galvanised surrounds and
developed by BOSE® for the automotive
sound from Berlin. We’re talking about
area of more than 2,400 cm², and a
with excellent level stability. All loud-
Burmester ® logos on selected loud­
one of the virtual surround modes
industry, it has been possible to achieve
Burmester , a bespoke manufacturer
frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz.
speaker housings are perfectly matched
speakers make it clear that the appeal
generated by BOSE® Centerpoint ® 2.
optimum acoustics by tailoring the
based in Berlin and one of the most
and deliver superior bass foundation,
of the Burmester ® High-End Surround
system to suit the layout of the vehicle
respected premium audio manufacturers
Conceptually, we have broken entirely
definition and impulse accuracy. As yet
Sound System is as much about the
worldwide. As an option, the Burmester ®
new ground. Crossover technology
unequalled, the result is a natural and
visual as it is the audio. Typically
richly textured spatial sound. All of
The BOSE® -patented AudioPilot ® noise
compensation technology uses a
High-End Surround Sound System can be
has been carried over more or less
microphone to continuously measure
Regardless of whether you adopt a
combined with the CDR-31 or Porsche
unmodified from the home audio sector.
the ambient noise inside the vehicle
relaxed or sporty driving style, the result
Communication Management (PCM).
Analogue and digital filters have been
and adapts music playback instantly
is a balanced, faithfully reproduced
optimally defined for their new instal­
and automatically so that a consistent
sound and captivating 360° acoustic
The technologies behind the system are
lation location and finely tuned after
sound is maintained – whatever the
experience delivered to all four seat
from one of the finest Burmester ® premium
extensive in-car audio testing.
driving conditions.
home audio systems. State-of-the-art
and featured like this in a Porsche for
the first time. The extravagance is
un­compromising, the craftsmanship
excellent, the sound phenomenal. The
system owes its eminence to countless
details, and one goal: perfection in sound.
The new Panamera GTS | Personality
ParkAssist and reversing camera.
you’ve selected a cruising speed but
Lane Change Assist.
have begun to gain on a slower-moving
motorways. However, it has no input into
handles. As soon as you touch the door
vehicle steering and can be deactivated
handle, Porsche Entry & Drive checks
ParkAssist is fitted as standard. With
vehicle. The system now reduces the
The optional Lane Change Assist uses
manually at any time.
four sensors installed in the rear end, it
speed of your vehicle by restricting throt-
radar sensors to monitor the areas to the
the key is validated, the door unlocks.
the access code stored in the key. Once
audibly alerts the driver to the presence
tle or by gently applying the brakes until
rear of the vehicle and the blind spots
The engine can then be started and
of obstacles detected behind the vehicle.
your chosen distance from the vehicle in
on either side. Above a speed of 30 km/h,
As an option, the system can be expanded
front is maintained. If the vehicle ahead
the system issues a visual warning signal
to include six sensors in the front end.
slows further, adaptive cruise control
in the exterior mirrors whenever a vehicle
The audible alert is supplemented by a
will decelerate your vehicle accordingly.
rapidly approaches your vehicle from
Designed to minimise active key use,
Porsche Entry & Drive then locks the
visual warning in the central display
As soon as the road ahead clears, your
behind or enters one of your blind spots.
Porsche Entry & Drive is available as
vehicle and activates the engine immobi-
screen in the form of a graphical repre-
vehicle will accelerate back up to the
In this way, Lane Change Assist improves
an option for the Panamera GTS and is
liser and steering column lock.
sentation of the vehicle’s surroundings.
cruising speed originally set.
comfort and safety, particularly on
recognisable by black inlays on the door
switched off using the ignition switch.
Porsche Entry & Drive.
To lock the vehicle, you simply press a
button on the outside of the door handle.
The optional reversing camera (only in
conjunction with PCM and ParkAssist
(front and rear)) facilitates reverse park-
[ 01 ]
ing with the aid of the camera image
[ 02 ]
and guidelines superimposed on the
PCM screen.
Adaptive cruise control.
Available as an option, this enhanced
version of cruise control regulates the
speed of your vehicle in line with the
speed of the vehicle in front. Imagine
[ 01 ] Reversing camera display in PCM
[ 02 ] Adaptive cruise control
The new Panamera GTS | Personality
Standard specification.
Engine, transmission and chassis
Panamera GTS personalisation options
The Panamera GTS specification may
For further information, please refer
Solid colours: Black, Carrara White
Additional air filters with ram-air intake
Exterior colour: Carmine Red
be second to none, but you still have
to the Panamera main catalogue and
SportDesign front apron (in Panamera Turbo Look)
Sports exhaust system featuring tailpipe trims with black paint finish as standard
Interior trim package in Carmine Red or GT Silver
the opportunity to personalise your car
the Exclusive Panamera catalogue.
Bi-Xenon main headlights in black including Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS)
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK)
Sideskirts in exterior colour at no extra cost
Air outlets in wings behind front wheels, in black (high-gloss) including fins
Porsche Traction Management (PTM) active all-wheel drive
‘Panamera GTS’ decorative logo on front doors
In black (high-gloss): side window trims, trim strip on rear hatch, headlight cleaning system
Adaptive air suspension (Normal Level 10 mm lower) including Porsche Active Suspension
covers and diffuser in rear apron
Management (PASM)
Sideskirts in matt black
Brake system of Panamera Turbo with red brake calipers
Adaptive rear spoiler (4-way) with black finish
19-inch Panamera Turbo wheels with 5 mm spacers at rear axle
entirely to your own taste. There is a
comprehensive range of individual
Using the Porsche Car Configurator at
items and equipment packages to, you can see how
choose from.
the personalisation options that you
have selected for your Panamera GTS
For the Panamera GTS, 16 exterior
would look on the inside and outside.
colours (two solid, nine metallic and
five special colours) are available as
Become the designer of your new
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
well as Carmine Red, a special colour
Panamera GTS, and look forward to
Sport Chrono Package
exclusive to this model. On request,
the result: pure driving pleasure.
you can order your Panamera GTS
with a paint finish in virtually any other
Leather interior package in standard colour with selected items in Alcantara:
Black, Platinum Grey, Luxor Beige, Yachting Blue, Marsala Red
SportDesign steering wheel with gearshift paddles
Adaptive sports seats with memory package
‘GTS’ logo embroidered on headrests (front and rear)
Door sill guards in brushed aluminium with ‘Panamera GTS’ logo at front
Passion for the sports car. Once again, our engineers took the direct route and,
thanks to Intelligent Performance, they have managed to deliver 100 %.
The result is a Gran Turismo, built for sports car purists.
The new Panamera GTS.
The new Panamera GTS | Technical data
Technical data
Max. power (DIN) at rpm
Max. torque at rpm
Compression ratio
Front axle
520 Nm at 3,500 rpm
12.5 : 1
Fully independent large-format double
wishbone suspension
4,806 cm3
316 kW (430 hp) at 6,700 rpm
Rear axle
Fully independent multi-link suspension
Power-assisted (hydraulic)
Turning circle
11.97 m
Six-piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake
calipers at front, four-piston
aluminium monobloc fixed calipers at rear,
PDK (7-speed)
discs internally vented and slotted
All-wheel drive
Vehicle stability system
Porsche Stability Management (PSM)
Anti-lock braking system
Standard wheels
Front 9 J x 19 ET 60
Rear 10 J x 19 ET 61
Standard tyres
Front 255/45 ZR 19
Rear 285/40 ZR 19
Some items of equipment featured on or in the vehicles in this catalogue are available as extra-cost options only.
All information regarding construction, features, design, performance, dimensions, weights, fuel consumption and
running costs was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to print. Subject to change without notice.
Unladen weight (DIN)
1,920 kg
Unladen weight (EC)*
1,995 kg
Width (including exterior mirrors)
Permissible gross weight
2,480 kg
1,408 mm
2,920 mm
Luggage compartment volume
445 litres
Top speed
288 km/h
0–100 km/h
4.5 secs
Overtaking acceleration (80–120 km/h)
3.2 secs
4,970 mm
1,931 mm (2,114 mm)
(German Car Manufacturers’ Assoc.)
with rear seats folded down
1,263 litres
(German Car Manufacturers’ Assoc.)
Tank capacity including reserve
100 litres
Fuel consumption/emissions **
Urban in l/100 km
Extra urban in l/100 km
16.1 (15.8***)
8.0 (7.8***)
Combined in l/100 km
10.9 (10.7***)
CO2 emissions in g/km
256 (251***)
***Weight is calculated in accordance with the relevant EC Directives and is valid for vehicles with standard specification
only. Optional equipment increases this figure. The figure given includes 68 kg for the driver and 7 kg for luggage.
***The latest Porsche models are designed to operate on fuels with an ethanol content of up to 10 %. Data determined for
standard specification and in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) in accordance with the Euro 5 (715/2007/EC
and 692/2008/EC) measurement method. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle nor do they constitute part
of the offer. They are intended solely as a means of comparing different types of vehicle. You can obtain further
information about individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre.
***In conjunction with 19-inch all-season tyres (low-rolling resistance version).
The models featured in this publication
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG supports the
are approved for road use in Germany.
use of paper from sustainable forests.
Some items of equipment are available as
The paper for this brochure is certified
extra-cost options only. The availability of
in accordance with the strict regulations
models and options may vary from market
of the PEFC (Programme for the
to market due to local restrictions and
Endorsement of Forest Certification).
regulations. For information on standard
and optional equipment, please consult
Porsche, the Porsche Crest, 911,
your Porsche Centre. All information
Panamera, Spyder, PCCB, PCM, PDK,
regarding construction, features, design,
PSM and Tequipment and other
performance, dimensions, weight, fuel
marks are registered trademarks of
consumption and running costs is correct
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
to the best of our knowledge at the time
of going to print. Porsche reserves the
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
right to alter specifications, equipment
Porscheplatz 1
and delivery scopes without prior notice.
70435 Stuttgart
Colours may differ from those illustrated.
Errors and omissions excepted.
All text, illustrations and other informa-
Edition: 08/11
tion in this publication are subject to the
Printed in Germany
copyright of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
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