Application Note - Guide for RSET LED Driver

Application Note - Guide for RSET LED Driver
Application Guide Rev. 1.0
Application Guide for Samsung LED Drivers
Output current can be set by a resistor connected between Rset and Rset.
Connectors type
WAGO 250 Series or Compatible
Wire cross-section
0.5 ~ 1.5
Wire peeling length
7.0 ~ 9.5
Table.1 Terminal specification
Driver output current setting guide
When Rset is not connected, the output current is max
current. The output voltage is limited by max output power.
The output current setting method.
1. Select the Rset value.
(Refer each driver`s specification)
2. Connect the Rset resistor to terminal.
Fig.1 Output Characteristics (50W driver)
If you’ll use the dip type resistor, we recommend preformed
leads resistor as shown in Fig. 3
To reduce the tolerance of output current, Rset higher than
E48 grade are recommended.
(ex. E48, E96, E192)
Please refer to setting guide as shown in Fig. 4. picture and
setting video.
Fig.2 Driver connection & wiring
Fig.3 Preformed lead Resistor
Fig.4 Rset setting picture
Rset Setting Guide
Step 1. Please prepare the preformed vertical resistor so that you can put the two leads into the driver’s Rset
holes more easily.
Refer Rset value in each driver’s specification for current setting.
Step 2. Picture of Driver connection and wiring: Make sure you are putting the resistor into the holes of Rset.
Step 3. Push the button right before Rset holes using flat tip screwdriver. It will make the holes open, and put the
preformed resistor into the holes. Release the button to tighten the holes
Step 4. Pull a little bit the resistor to make sure it tightly captured inside.
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