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Xerox® Phaser®
Color Printer
Phaser 7500
Color Printer
The color expert.
Office ready.
Xerox Phaser 7500 Color Printer
Give your entire office professional-level color. Now there’s a network-ready printer
that’s robust enough to handle short-run professional-quality print jobs, yet easy enough
to fit right into your busy office. Inspired color control features and printer management
tools simplify printing and give you the power to do more than ever before.
On-demand Productivity
Quality Color You Can Count On.
Save big when you bring your workgroup’s
diverse and high-volume color printing in house.
The Phaser 7500 sports plenty of features that
make it a perfect fit for the office on-demand
print environment.
Produce brilliant, accurate color right “out of
the box.” The Phaser 7500 printer delivers the
tools to make you look like a color expert.
Color By Words:
Unique Color Control
• 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution for sharp,
detailed prints.
Have you ever wanted to change
the color of one object or area in a
printout without affecting the rest of
the page? With this feature there is
no need to go back to square one and
manipulate source files. You simply
select the desired color modifications
from a drop-down list, and Color By
Words will adjust your printout.
• Fast 35 ppm color printing. That means
100 copies of your 20-page color report will
print during your lunch hour. The high-speed
1 GHz processor ensures that both long print
runs and complex jobs with graphics, photos
or charts process rapidly.
• Networked to share. Gigabit Ethernet is
standard, and everyone, regardless of
environment – Microsoft Windows®, Apple
Macintosh® and Linux® – can tap into the
power of the Phaser 7500.
• Increase accountability and reduce costs.
Use accounting features to track and analyze
both color and black-only printing, and to
accurately charge back billing for individuals
or departments.
• Convenient and resourceful. Sized to fit your
workgroup’s space and printing needs, it’s
available as a low-profile desktop printer, or
it can be configured into a highly productive
floor-standing model with three additional
500-sheet trays that can load paper sizes up
to 13 x 18 in.
• Bring more types of jobs in house. Produce
professional-looking brochures, newsletters
and reports with features such as automatic
two-sided printing, booklet printing and collation. Print on an array of media, including
labels and card stock, and sizes up to 47 in.
• So precise, the color you’re matching does
exactly what you expect – it matches. The
secret? It uses the tools of the pros: True
Adobe® PostScript® 3™ ensures that visually
rich documents print reliably and fast, while
Pantone®-approved color tables make sure
that specified colors print accurately and
• Xerox® EA Toner produces the smallest
toner particles in the market – for finer lines,
higher contrast and sharper quality. EA toner
also requires less energy to manufacture and
reduces the amount of toner needed for
printing each page.
• A powerful color technology works behind
the scenes to automatically give you the best
color for each element on the page. Use it to
select automatic presets to match a specific
target, like a press or your computer screen.
Or get creative and use it to fine-tune color
and get special effects without changing
your file.
Original photo not right? Use the Color
By Words drop-down lists and choose
“yellow-green colors a lot more green,”
and “red colors a lot more saturated.”
Picture-perfect results.
• Expert-level tools are built in, including
the Black Trapping feature, which keeps text
sharp and readable whether printed in black
on colored backgrounds or in color on black
Phaser 7500 Quick Facts
Built-in networking
35 ppm color/black-and-white
1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
Print oversize media –
Tabloid Extra
• 2,100 sheet maximum
paper capacity
12 x 18 in.
(7500DX configuration)
25.2 x 26.2 x 30.3 in.
640 x 665 x 770 mm
Simple to Use, Easy to Manage
Running complex jobs doesn’t have to be
complicated. The Xerox® Phaser® 7500 offers
superior printer management capabilities and
innovative features that make it especially easy
to use.
• Effortless printer management with Xerox®
CentreWare® Internet Services embedded
web server. Save time with configuration
cloning and automatic installation. View
job status and troubleshoot right from
your web browser.
• The easy-open access is right up front;
no need to rotate or move the printer to
perform routine maintenance like changing
toner and adding paper.
• Bi-directional communication provides
updates on your print jobs, along with toner
supply levels, from the front panel, your
desktop or even over the web. Pop-up alerts
immediately notify you of any print problems
– and how to fix them.
• Store frequently printed files on the builtin hard drive (standard on 7500DX) for fast,
easy, walk-up reprinting. The Print With
feature lets you include a stored file with
your new print job.
• Peace of mind. A full one-year on-site
warranty and Xerox® Total Satisfaction
Guarantee ensure that your printer will
be on-line, all the time.
100-sheet Tray 1 (multipurpose tray) feeds a
wide range of custom-size media all the way
up to 12.6 x 47 in. banner sheets.
Advanced Security
• Worry-free deployment. Powerful
tools let you control who prints in color,
and when.
500-sheet main tray supports paper sizes
up to 11.7 x 17 in.
1,500-sheet Feeder includes three trays that support
paper sizes up to 13 x 18 in. and boosts total paper
capacity to 2,100 sheets.
• Private data stays secure. Secure Print
holds the job in the queue until a PIN is
entered at the printer, and Hard Drive
Overwrite “shred” data after every job or
on request.
• A good network citizen. Built-in support
for the latest security protocols including
IPv6, 802.1X and IPsec.
Automatic two-sided printing for convenient,
paper saving output.
Optional wheeled stand provides storage for a
complete set of toner cartridges (shown below).
Phaser 7500 Printer Configurations
Phaser 7500N
Phaser 7500DN
Phaser 7500DT
Phaser 7500DX
-Tray, 600-sheet
• 2-Tray, 600-sheet
• 3-Tray, 1,100-sheet
• 5-Tray, 2,100-sheet
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Stand
• Automatic
two-sided printing
• Automatic
two-sided printing
• Automatic
two-sided printing
• Wireless Network Adapter
• Productivity Kit
• Productivity Kit
(includes 80 GB Hard Drive)
• 500 and 1,500-sheet feeders
• Memory upgrade
Xerox® Phaser® 7500
Phaser 7500N
Phaser 7500DN
Up to 35 ppm color / 35 ppm black-and-white
Duty Cycle
Up to 150,000 pages / month
Paper Handling
Paper Input
Phaser 7500DT
Phaser 7500DX
Tray 1 (MPT): 100 sheets; Custom sizes: 3.5 x 3.9 in. to 12.6 x 47.2 in. / 89 x 99 mm to 320 x 1200 mm
Tray 2: 500 sheets; Custom Sizes: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 11.7 x 17 in. / 140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Additional Trays
Paper Output
400 sheets
Two-sided Printing
Tray 3: 500 sheets; Custom Sizes: 5.5
x 7.2 in. to 13 x 18 in. / 140 x 182 mm
to 330 x 457 mm
Tray 3, 4, 5: 500 sheets each; Custom
Sizes: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 13 x 18 in. / 140 x
182 mm to 330 x 457 mm
First-page-out Time
As fast as 7 seconds color / 7 seconds black-and-white
Print Resolution
Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
1 GHz Freescale PowerGUICC™ III
Memory (std / max)
512 MB DDR2 / 2 GB
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, Gigabit Ethernet
Page Description Languages
Adobe® PostScript® 3™, PCL® 5c
Print Features
Booklet printing, Scaling, Watermarks, Custom size paper, Run black, Cover pages, RAM collation, Remote printing, Separation pages, N-Up printing, Banners,
Black trapping
Productivity Kit
802.1X, IPsec, SMNP v3, Secure Print and Hard Drive Overwrite (requires Productivity Kit)
One-year on-site, earn free service coverage with Xerox eConcierge®, Xerox® Total Satisfaction Guarantee
Hard drive: Personal / Personal saved
/ Secure / Proof / Saved Print, Disk
collation, Print-With, PDF-direct
printing, Extended font storage
Device Management
Xerox® CentreWare® Internet Services, CentreWare Web, Email
alerts, Usage Analysis Tool, Configuration card, Job completion
Power: 110–127 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Power
consumption: Standby: 95 W, Printing: 670 W, Power save: 11 W
ENERGY STAR® qualified (Does not include 7500N)
Print Drivers
Windows® Server 2003/Server 2008/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS® X 10.3
and above, Sun Solaris® 8/9/10, SUSE® 10.0 and 11.x, Red Hat® 4,
Fedora Core® 1-5, IBM® AIX® 5I v5.3, HP-UX 11.0/11iv2, Xerox®
Global Print Driver®, Xerox® Mobile Express Driver®
Dimensions (WxDxH)
7500N/DN: 25.2 x 26.2 x 15.7 in. / 640 x 665 x 399 mm; Weight:
145 lbs. / 66 kg; 7500DT: 25.2 x 26.2 x 20.9 in. / 640 x 665 x 532
mm; Weight: 174 lbs. / 79 kg; 7500DX: 25.2 x 26.2 x 30.3 in. / 640
x 665 x 770 mm; Weight: 218 lbs. / 99 kg
Font Capability
139 True Adobe® PostScript® fonts and 81 PCL® fonts
FCC Part 15, Class A, Listed UL 60950-1/CSA 60950-1-03,
CE Mark applicable to Directives 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC
and Section 508 ADA
Media Handling
Tray 1 (MPT): 18 lb. bond to 100 lb. cover / 67–280 gsm; Tray 1
(MPT) Duplex: 18 lb. bond to 80 lb. cover / 67–220 gsm; Trays 2-5:
18 lb. bond to 90 lb. cover / 67–256 gsm; Trays 2-5 Duplex: 18
lb. bond to 80 lb. cover / 67–220 gsm; Media types: Plain paper,
envelopes, transparencies, labels, card/cover, glossy
Color Controls
PANTONE® Color approved solid-color simulations, Xerox® Color
Corrections, Color by Words
What Comes in the Box
• P haser 7500
oner Cartridge (9,600 print capacity1 for CMY and 19,800
print capacity1 for Black)
• S oftware and Documentation CD (with User Manual, Quick
Installation Guide and Warranty Statement)
• Power cord
Operating Environment
Operating: 50º to 90º F / 10º to 32º C; Storage: -4º to 118.4º F /
-20º to 48º C; Relative humidity: Operating: 10% to 80%; Storage:
10% to 85%; Sound pressure levels: Printing: 51 dB(A), Standby:
26 dB(A); Sound power levels: Printing: 6.8 B, Standby: 4.2 B; Warm
up (from power save): As fast as 46 seconds
Standard-Capacity Print Cartridge1:
Cyan: 9,600 pages
Magenta: 9,600 pages
Yellow: 9,600 pages
High-Capacity Print Cartridge1:
Black: 19,800 pages Cyan: 17,800 pages
Magenta: 17,800 pages
Yellow: 17,800 pages
512 MB Memory
1 GB Memory
Duplex Unit
500-sheet Feeder
1,500-sheet Feeder
Productivity Kit
Wireless Network Adapter
For more information, call 1-877-362-6567 or visit us at
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Routine Maintenance Items
Imaging Unit: 80,000 pages2108R00861
Waste Cartridge: 20,000 pages2
110-Volt Fuser and Belt Cleaner Kit
(up to 100,000 pages)2
220-Volt Fuser and Belt Cleaner Kit
(up to 100,000 pages)2115R00062
(Does not include 7500N)
verage standard pages. Declared Yield in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798.
Yield will vary based on image, area coverage and media used.
Average standard pages. Yield will vary depending on job run length,
media size and orientation.
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