Sharp LC-24LE250V-BK Product specifications

Features ................................................................. 3
Dear SHARP customer........................................... 3
Introduction ............................................................. 3
Important safety precautions .................................. 4
Connection to a Television Distribution System
(Cable TV etc.) from Tuner .................................6
Environmental Information ..................................... 7
Package Contents .................................................. 7
Viewing the TV ...................................................... 8
TV Control button & Operation ............................... 8
Standby Notifications .............................................. 8
Inserting the Batteries into the Remote .................. 8
Connect Power ...................................................... 8
Antenna/Cable Connection..................................... 9
Notification .............................................................. 9
Specification .......................................................... 9
Viewing remote control ........................................ 10
Teletext .............................................................10
Digital Teletext (for UK only) .............................10
Viewing the Connections .......................................11
Switching On/Off................................................... 12
To Switch the TV On .........................................12
To Switch the TV to Standby ............................12
General TV Operation .......................................... 18
Using the Channel List ......................................... 18
Configuring Parental Settings ............................... 18
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) .................... 18
Programme Options .........................................18
Software upgrade search via user interface .....18
3 AM search and upgrade mode ......................18
Troubleshooting & Tips ......................................... 19
Tv will not turn on .............................................19
Poor picture ......................................................19
No picture .........................................................19
No sound ..........................................................19
Remote control - does not operate ...................19
Input sources - can not be selected .................19
Recording unavailable .....................................19
USB is too slow ...............................................19
PC Input Typical Display Modes .......................... 20
Supported File Formats for USB Mode ................ 20
AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility ...................... 20
Dimensional Drawings ......................................... 21
End of life disposal ............................................... 22
Installing the Stand .............................................. 23
Uninstalling the Stand .......................................... 24
Screw Dimensions ............................................... 25
To Switch the TV Off .........................................12
First Time Installation............................................ 12
Aerial Installation ..............................................12
Cable Installation ..............................................12
Media Playback via USB Input ............................. 12
Recording a Programme ...................................... 13
Timeshift Recording ............................................. 13
Instant Recording ................................................. 13
Watching Recorded Programmes ....................... 13
Recording Configuration ....................................... 13
Quick Menu .......................................................... 14
TV Menu Features and Functions ........................ 15
Picture Menu Contents .....................................15
Advanced Settings ...........................................15
Sound Menu Contents ......................................16
Settings Menu Contents ...................................16
Other Settings: Displays other setting options of
the TV set: ........................................................16
Install and Retune Menu Contents ...................17
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 1
28.01.2013 15:50:09
The mains lead of this product is fitted with a non-rewireable (moulded) plug incorporating a 5A fuse. Should
and of the same rating
the fuse need to be replaced, a BSI or ASTA approved BS 1362 fuse marked
as above, which is also indicated on the pin face of the plug, must be used.
Always refit the fuse cover after replacing the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover fitted.
In the unlikely event of the socket outlet in your home not being compatible with the plug supplied, cut off the
mains plug and fit an appropriate type.
The fuse from the cut-off plug should be removed and the cut-off plug destroyed immediately and disposed
of in a safe manner.
Under no circumstances should the cut-off plug be inserted elsewhere into a 5A socket outlet, as a serious
electric shock may occur.
To fit an appropriate plug to the mains lead, follow the instructions below:
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
Blue: Neutral
Brown: Live
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this product may not correspond with the coloured
markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows:
• The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the plug terminal which is marked N or coloured black.
• The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the plug terminal which is marked L or coloured red.
Ensure that neither the brown nor the blue wire is connected to the earth terminal in your three pin plug.
Before replacing the plug cover make sure that:
• If the new fitted plug contains a fuse, its value is the same as that removed from the cut-off plug.
• The cord grip is clamped over the sheath of the mains lead, and not simply over the lead wires.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 2
28.01.2013 15:50:09
Dear SHARP customer
• Remote controlled colour LCD TV.
• Fully integrated digital/cable TV (DVB-T/C)
• HDMI inputs are for connecting a device that has
a HDMI socket.
Thank you for your purchase of the SHARP LCD
colour TV product. To ensure safety and many years
of trouble-free operation of your product, please read
Important safety precautions carefully before using
this product.
• USB input.
• OSD menu system.
• Scart socket for external devices (such as DVD
Players, PVR, video games, etc.)
• Stereo sound system.
• Teletext.
• Headphone connection.
• Automatic programming system.
• Manual tuning.
• Automatic power down after up to six hours.
• Sleep timer.
• Child lock.
• Automatic sound mute when no transmission.
• NTSC playback.
• AVL (Automatic Volume Limiting).
• PLL (Frequency Search).
• PC input.
• Plug&Play for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista,
Windows 7.
• Game Mode (Optional).
Please read the corresponding instructions of this
handbook prior to the first usage of the device, even
when the usage of electronic devices is familiar
to you. Please take notice of the chapter SAFETY
PRECAUTIONS. Carefully keep the handbook as
future reference. When selling the device or giving it
away, provide these direction for use.
Thank you for choosing this product. This manual will
guide you for the proper operation of your TV.
Before operating the TV, please read this
manual thoroughly. Please do keep this
manual in a safe place for future references.
This device is intended to receive and display TV
programs. The different connection options make
an additional expansion of the reception and display
sources possible (receiver, DVD player, DVD recorder,
VCR, PC etc.). This device is only suitable for the
operation in dry interiors. This appliance is intended
solely for private domestic use and may not be used
for industrial and commercial purposes. We exclude
liability in principle, if the device is not used as
intended, or unauthorized modifications have been
made. To operate your LCD TV in extreme ambient
conditions may cause the damage of the device.
• The illustrations and the OSD in this operation
manual are for explanation purposes and may vary
slightly from the actual operations.
• The examples used throughout this manual are
based on the LC-24LE250V model.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 3
28.01.2013 15:50:10
Important safety precautions
• Cleaning—Unplug the AC cord from the AC outlet before cleaning the product. Use a damp cloth to clean
the product. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.
• Use a soft damp cloth to gently wipe the panel when it is dirty. To protect the panel, do not use a chemical
cloth to clean it. Chemicals may cause damage or cracks in the cabinet of the TV.
• Water and moisture—Do not use the product near water, such as bathtub, washbasin, kitchen sink, laundry
tub, swimming pool and in a wet basement.
• Do not place vases or any other water-filled containers on this product. The water may spill onto the product
causing fire or electric shock.
• Stand—Do not place the product on an unstable cart, stand, tripod or table. Doing so can
cause the product to fall, resulting in serious personal injuries as well as damage to the product.
Use only a cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table recommended by the manufacturer or sold
with the product. When mounting the product on a wall, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s
instructions. Use only the mounting hardware recommended by the manufacturer.
• When relocating the product placed on a cart, it must be moved with utmost care. Sudden
stops, excessive force and uneven floor surface can cause the product to fall from the cart.
• Ventilation—The vents and other openings in the cabinet are designed for ventilation. Do not
cover or block these vents and openings since insufficient ventilation can cause overheating
and/or shorten the life of the product. Do not place the product on a bed, sofa, rug or other
similar surface, since they can block ventilation openings. This product is not designed for
built-in installation; do not place the product in an enclosed place such as a bookcase or
rack, unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.
• The LCD panel used in this product is made of glass. Therefore, it can break when the
product is dropped or impact applied. If the LCD panel is broken, be careful not to be injured
by broken glass.
• Heat sources—Keep the product away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves
and other heat-generating products (including amplifiers).
• To prevent fire, never place any type of candle or naked flames on the top or near the TV set.
• To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not place the AC cord under the TV set or other heavy items.
• Headphones—Do not set the volume at a high level. Hearing experts advise against extended listening at
high volume levels.
• Do not display a still picture for a long time, as this could cause an afterimage to remain.
• There is power consumption always if main plug is connected.
• Servicing—Do not attempt to service the product yourself. Removing covers can expose you to high voltage
and other dangerous conditions. Request a qualified person to perform servicing.
The LCD panel is a very high technology product, giving you fine picture details.
Due to the very large number of pixels, occasionally a few non-active pixels may appear on the screen as a
fixed point of blue, green or red. This is within product specifications and does not constitute a fault.
Precautions when transporting the TV
When transporting the TV, never carry it by holding onto the speakers. Be sure to always carry the TV by two
people holding it with two hands—one hand on each side of the TV.
To prevent the spread of fire, keep candles or other open flames away from this product
at all times.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 4
28.01.2013 15:50:10
Safety Precautions
Read the following recommended safety
precautions carefully for your safety.
Power Source
The TV set should be operated only from a 220-240V
AC, 50Hz outlet. Ensure that you select the correct
voltage setting for your convenience.
Power Cord
Do not place the set, a piece of furniture, etc. on the
power cord (mains lead) or pinch the cord. Handle the
power cord by the plug. Do not unplug the appliance
by pulling from the power cord and never touch the
power cord with wet hands as this could cause a short
circuit or electric shock. Never make a knot in the cord
or tie it with other cords. The power cords should be
placed in such a way that they are not likely to be
stepped on. A damaged power cord can cause fire or
give you an electric shock. When it is damaged and
needs to be replaced, it should be done by qualified
Moisture and Water
In case of storm and lightning or when
going on holiday, disconnect the power
cord from the wall outlet.
Replacement Parts
When replacement parts are required, make sure that
the service technician has used replacement parts,
which are specified by the manufacturer or have the
same specifications as the original one. Unauthorized
substitutions may result in fire, electrical shock or
other hazards.
Please refer all servicing to qualified
personnel. Do not remove the cover
yourself as this may result in an electric
Waste Disposal
• Packaging and packaging aids are recyclable and
should principally be recycled. Packaging materials,
such as a foil bag should be kept away from children
• Batteries, including those which are heavy metal
free, should not be disposed of with household
waste. Please dispose of used batteries in an
environmentally friendly manner. Find out about the
legal regulations which apply in your area.
Do not use this device in a humid and
damp place (avoid the bathroom, the
sink in the kitchen, and near the washing
machine). Do not expose this device to
rain or water, as this may be dangerous
and do not place objects filled with
liquids, such as flower vases, on top.
Avoid from dripping or splashing.
• Do not try to recharge batteries, there is a danger
of explosion. Replace batteries only with the same
or equivalent type.
If any solid object or liquid falls into the cabinet, unplug
the TV and have it checked by qualified personnel
before operating it any further.
Before cleaning, unplug the TV set
from the wall outlet. Do not use liquid or
aerosol cleaners. Use soft and dry cloth.
The slots and openings on the TV set
are intended for ventilation and to ensure reliable
operation. To prevent overheating, these openings
must not be blocked or covered in anyway.
This symbol on the product or on its packaging means
that your electrical and electronic device
should be disposed at the end of its
service life separately from your
household wastes. There are separate
collection systems for recycling in the EU.
For more information, please contact the
local authority or the dealer where you
purchased the product.
Disconnecting the Device
The mains plug is used to disconnect the TV set
from the mains and therefore it must remain readily
Heat and Flames
Headphone Volume
The set should not be placed near to
open flames and sources of intense heat
such as an electric heater. Ensure that
no open flame sources, such as lighted
candles, are placed on top of the TV. Batteries should
not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine,
fire or the like.
Excessive sound pressure from earphones
and headphones can cause hearing loss.
To prevent injury, this device must be securely
attached to the wall in accordance with the installation
instructions when mounted to the wall (if the option
is available).
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28.01.2013 15:50:10
LCD Screen
The LCD panel is a very high technology product with
about a million thin film transistors, giving you fine
picture details. Occasionally, a few non-active pixels
may appear on the screen as a fixed blue, green or
red point. Please note that this does not affect the
performance of your product.
Warning! Do not leave your TV in standby or operating
mode when you leave your house.
Connection to a Television Distribution
System (Cable TV etc.) from Tuner
Device connected to the protective earthing of the
building installation through the mains connection or
through other apparatus with a connection to protective
earthing-and to a television distribution system using
coaxial cable, may in some circumstances create a
fire hazard.
• “HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition
Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered
trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.”
• The DVB logo is the registered trademark of the
Digital Video Broadcasting—DVB—project.
Electrical device not in the hands of children
Never let children use any electrical device
unsupervised. Children cannot always recognise
possible dangers. Batteries / accumulators can be
life threatening when swallowed. Store batteries out
of the reach of small children. In case of swallowing
a battery medical aid has to be sought immediately.
Also keep the packaging foils away from children as
there is danger of suffocation.
Connection to a cable distribution system has
therefore to be provided through a device providing
electrical isolation below a certain frequency range
(galvanic isolator, see EN 60728-11).
Note:The HDMI connection between PC and TV
may cause radio interference in which case it is
recommended to use VGA(DSUB-15) connection.
The Standby Off/On button doesn´t separate this
device completely from mains. Moreover the device
consumes power in the standby operation. In order to
separate the device completely from mains, the mains
plug has to be pulled from the mains socket. Because
of that the device should be set up in a way, that an
unobstructed access to mains socket is guaranteed,
so that in case of emergency the mains plug can be
pulled immediately. To exclude the danger of fire, the
power cord should principally be separated from the
mains socket prior to a longer period of non-usage,
i.e. during vacations.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 6
28.01.2013 15:50:11
Environmental Information
Package Contents
This television is designed to consume less energy
to save environment. You not only help to save the
environment but also you can save money by reducing
electricity bills thanks to the energy efficiency feauture
of this TV. To reduce energy consumption, you should
take the following steps:
You can use Power Save Mode setting, located in the
Picture Settings menu. If you set Power Save Mode
as Eco, the TV will switch to energy-saving mode
and luminance level of TV set will be decreased to
optimum level. Note that some picture settings will be
unavailable to be changed when the TV is in Power
Save Mode.
Batteries: 2 X AAA
If Picture Off is selected, “Screen will be off in 15
seconds.” message will be displayed on the screen.
Select PROCEED and press OK to continue. The
screen will be off in 15 seconds. If you disable Power
Save Mode, Picture mode will be automatically set
to Dynamic.
When the TV is not in use, please switch off or
disconnect the TV from the mains plug. This will also
reduce energy consumption.
Instruction Book
Disconnect power when going away for longer time.
It is highly recommended to activate Power Save Mode
setting to reduce your annual power consumption. And
also it is recommended to disconnect the TV from the
mains plug to save energy more when you do not use.
Remote Control
Please helps us to save environment by following
these steps.
Quick Guide
Repair Information
Please refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Only
qualified personnel must repair the TV. Please contact
your local dealer, where you have purchased this TV
for further information.
1 X Video & Audio Connection Cable
Note: You should check the accessories after
purchasing. Make sure that each accessory is
As the manufacturer ’s specification supports
communication on cable lengths shall be smaller
than 3m.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 7
28.01.2013 15:50:11
To turn the TV off: Press the middle of the button down
and hold it down for a few seconds, the TV will turn
into standby mode.
Viewing the TV
, switch is used for turning the TV on or off.
Standby Notifications
1) If the TV does not receive any input signal (e.g.
from an aerial or HDMI source) for 5 minutes, the TV
will go into standby. When you next switch-on, the
following message will be displayed: “Standby Cause
No Signal” Press OK to continue.
TV Control button & Operation
2) If the TV has been left on and not been operated
for a while, the TV will go into standby. When you next
switch-on, the following message will be displayed.
“Standby Cause No Operation” Press OK to
Inserting the Batteries into the Remote
Lift the cover on the back of the remote upward
gently. Install two AAA batteries. Make sure to
match the + and - ends of the batteries in the
battery compartment (observe the correct polarity)
Replace the cover.
1.Up direction
2. Down direction
3. Programme/Volume / AV / Standby-On selection
The Control button allows you to control the Volume/
Programme/ Source and Standby-On functions of
the TV.
To change volume: Increase the volume by pushing
the button up. Decrease the volume by pushing the
button down.
To change channel: Press the middle of the button,
the channel information banner will appear on screen.
Scroll through the stored channels by pushing the
button up or down
To change source: Press the middle of the button
twice, the source list will appear on screen. Scroll
through the available sources by pushing the button
up or down.
Connect Power
IMPORTANT: The TV set is designed to operate on
220-240V AC, 50 Hz socket. After unpacking, allow
the TV set to reach the ambient room temperature
before you connect the set to the mains. Plug the
power cable to the mains socket outlet.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 8
28.01.2013 15:50:12
Antenna/Cable Connection
Connect the “aerial” or “cable TV” plug to AERIAL
INPUT (ANT) socket located on the back of the TV.
TV Broadcasting
Receiving Channels
Number of Preset
Channel Indicator
On Screen Display
RF Aerial Input
75 Ohm (unbalanced)
Operating Voltage
220-240V AC, 50Hz.
German+Nicam Stereo
Audio Output Power
(WRMS.) (10% THD)
2 x 2,5
Power Consumption
50 W
TV Dimensions DxLxH
(with foot)
153 x 563 x 381
TV Dimensions DxLxH
(without foot)
36 x 563 x 345
temperature and
operation humidity:
5ºC up to 45ºC, 85%
humidity max
Aerial or Cable
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
“Dolby” and the double-D symbol are trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories.
“HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia
Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of
HDMI Licensing LLC.”
Information for Users on Disposal of Old
Equipment and Batteries
[European Union only]
These symbols indicate that equipment with these
symbols should not be disposed of as general
household waste. If you want to dispose of the
product or battery, please consider the collection
systems or facilities for appropriate recycling.
Notice: The sign Pb below the symbol for batteries indicates
that this battery contains lead.
English - 9 -
A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 9
28.01.2013 15:50:12
Viewing remote control
Standby / On
Channel list
Volume up-down
Menu on/off
OK / Confirm
Return / Back
No Function
My button 1 (*)
My button 2 (**)
10. Coloured buttons (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)
11. Mono-Stereo Dual I-II / Current language
12. Fast rewind (in media browser mode)
13. Pause (in media browser mode) / Timeshift recording
14. Programme recording
15. Play (in media browser mode)
16. Stop (in media browser mode)
17. Fast forward (in media browser mode)
18. Subtitle on-off / Subtitle (in media browser mode)
19. Image size
20. Teletext - Mix
21. Media Browser
22. Electronic programme guide
23. Exit
24. Navigation buttons
25. Quick menu On-Off
26. Info / Reveal (in TXT mode)
27. Programme up/down
28. Mute
29. Previous programme / Now (in EPG mode)
30. Numeric buttons
31. AV / Source
NOTE: The Remote Control range is approximately 7m
/ 23ft.
Using My button 1 (*)
Press MY BUTTON 1 for five seconds when on a desired
source, channel or link, until the “MY BUTTON IS SET”
message is displayed on the screen. This confirms that
the selected MY BUTTON is now associated with the
selected function.
Using My Button 2 (**)
Press MY BUTTON 2 for five seconds when on a desired
source, channel or link, until the “MY BUTTON IS SET”
message is displayed on the screen. This confirms that
the selected MY BUTTON is now associated with the
selected function.
Press “ ” button to enter. Press again to activate mix
mode. Press once more to exit. Follow the instructions
displayed on digital teletext screen.
Digital Teletext (for UK only)
Press “ ” button to view digital teletext information.
Operate it with the coloured buttons, cursor buttons
and the OK button. The operation method may differ
depending on the contents of the digital teletext. Follow
the instructions displayed on the digital teletext screen.
When the “ ” button is pressed again, the TV returns
to television broadcast.
English - 10 -
A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 10
28.01.2013 15:50:13
Viewing the Connections
Side Audio/Video
Connection Cable
PC Audio Cable
(Not supplied)
Side AV
AV Connection Cable
YPbPr Video
PC to YPbPr
PC to YPbPr Connection Cable (Not supplied)
NOTE: When connecting a device via the YPbPr or Side AV input, you must use a connection cables
to enable connection. See the illustrations above. | To enable PC audio, you will need to use the SIDE AV
CONNECTION cable’s WHITE & RED inputs. | If an external device is connected via the SCART socket, the TV
will automatically switch to AV mode.| When receiving DTV channels (Mpeg4 H.264) or while in Media Browser
mode, output will not be available via the scart socket. | When using the wall mounting kit (optional), we recommend
that you plug all your cables into the back of the TV before mounting on the wall. | Insert or remove the CI module
only when the TV is SWITCHED OFF. You should refer to the module instruction manual for details of the settings.
English - 11 -
A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 11
28.01.2013 15:50:14
Aerial Installation
Switching On/Off
If you select AERIAL option from the Search Type screen,
the television will search for digital terrestrial TV broadcasts.
To Switch the TV On
Connect the power cord to the 220-240V AC 50 Hz.
” button on the bottom right hand side
Switch the “
under the screen to position “|” so the TV will switch
to standby mode. Then the standby LED lights up.
To switch on the TV from standby mode either:
• Press the “ ” button, P+ / P- or a numeric button
on the remote control.
NOTE: You can press MENU button to cancel.
After all the available stations are stored, the Channel
List will be displayed on the screen. If you like how the
channels are sorted according to the LCN (*), please
select “Yes” and than press OK.
• Press and hold the control switch on the left hand
side of the TV.
Press MENU button to quit channel list and watch TV.
(*) LCN is the Logical Channel Number system that
organizes available broadcasts in accordance with a
recognizable channel sequence (if available).
The TV will then switch on.
Cable Installation
Note: If you switch on your TV via P+ / P- buttons on the
remote control or P/CH+/- on the TV set, the programme that
you were watching last will be reselected.
If you select CABLE option and press OK button on the
remote control. To continue, please select YES and
press OK. To cancel operation, select NO and press
OK. You can select frequency ranges from this screen.
To Switch the TV to Standby
To switch the TV to low power stand by press the “
” button on the remote control or press and hold the
control switch on the left hand side of the TV.
Note: When the TV is switched to standby mode, standby LED
can blink to indicate that features such as Standby Search,
Over Air Download or Timer is active.
To Switch the TV Off
Switch the “
” button on the bottom right hand side
under the screen to position 2 as illustrated,
the TV will switch off.
, so
To power down the TV completely, unplug the power
cord from the mains socket.
First Time Installation
When turned on for the first time, the language
selection screen is displayed. Select the desired
language and press OK.
The First Time Installation (FTI) screen will be
displayed next. Set your preferences using the
navigation buttons and when finished, press OK to
You can activate Store mode option to be available
in “Other settings” menu and your TV’s features will
be illustrated on the top of the screen. a confirmation
screen will be displayed. Select YES to proceed.
Enter the frequency range manually by using the
numeric button.
Note: Searching duration will change depending on
the selected search step.
Media Playback via USB Input
You can connect a 2.5” and 3.5” inch (hdd with external
power supply) external hard disk drives or USB memory
stick to your TV by using the USB inputs of the TV.
IMPORTANT! Back up your files before making
any connections to the TV. Manufacturer will not
be responsible for any file damage or data loss.
Certain types of USB devices (e.g. MP3 Players)
or USB hard disk drives/memory sticks may not be
compatible with this TV. The TV supports FAT32
and NTFS disk formatting but recording will not be
available with NTFS formatted disks.
While formatting a USB hard disk that has 1TB (Tera
Byte) or more fi le capacity, you can experience
problems with the formatting process. Do not
repeatedly quickly plug and unplug the drive. This
may cause physical damage to the USB player
and USB device itself. Do not pull out USB module
while playing a file.
If Home Mode is selected, Store mode will not be
available after the First Time Installation. Press OK
button to continue.
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A01_[GB]_MB95S_4847UK_DVBT_C_24205LED_ROCKER_SILVER16_10081844-10083115_50232547_basic IB.indd 12
28.01.2013 15:50:16
Recording a Programme
IMPORTANT: When using a new USB hard disk drive,
it is recommended that you first format the disk using
your TV’s “Format Disk” option.
Note : To record a programme, you should first
connect a USB disk to your TV while the TV is
switched off. You should then switch on the TV to
enable the recording feature.
To use the recording function, you need to connect
a USB disk or an external hard disk drive to the TV
and the connected USB disk should have at least 1
GB capacity and should have 2.0 speed compatibility.
If the connected USB device does not support 2.0
speed, an error message will be displayed.
Note: Recorded programmes are saved into the
connected USB disk. If desired, you can store/copy
recordings onto a computer; however, these files will
not be available to be played on a computer. You can
play the recordings only via your TV.
Note: Lip Sync delay may occur during the timeshifting.
Radio record is supported. The TV can record
programmes up to ten hours.
Recorded programmes are split into 4GB partitions.
If the writing speed of the connected USB disk is not
sufficient, the recording may fail and the timeshifting
feature may not be available.
It is recommended to use USB hard disk drives for
recording HD programmes.
Do not plug out the USB/HDD during a recording. This
may harm the connected USB/HDD.
Multipartition support is available. The maximum of
two different partitions are supported. The first partition
of the USB disk is used for PVR ready features. It also
must be formatted as the primary partition to be used
for the PVR ready features.
Some stream packets may not be recorded because
of signal problems, so sometimes video may freezes
during playback.
Record, Play, Pause, Display (for PlayListDialog)
keys can not be used when teletext is ON. If a
recording starts from timer when teletext is ON,
teletext is automatically turned off. Also teletext usage
is disabled when there is an ongoing recording or
Timeshift Recording
Press (PAUSE) button while watching a broadcast
to activate timeshifting mode.In timeshifting mode, the
programme is paused and simultaneously recorded
to the connected USB disk. Press
(PLAY) button
again to resume the paused programme from where
you stopped. Press the STOP button to stop timeshift
recording and return to the live broadcast.
Note : You cannot use the timeshift fast reverse
feature before advancing the playback with the fast
forward option.
Instant Recording
(RECORD) button to start recording an
event instantly while watching a programme. You can
(RECORD) button on the remote control
again to record the next event on the EPG. In this
case, an OSD will be displayed, indicating the
programmed events for recording. Press
button to cancel instant recording.
Note: You can not switch broadcasts or view the Media Browser
during the recording mode. While recording a programme or
during the timeshifting, a warning message appears on the
screen if your USB device speed is not sufficent.
Watching Recorded Programmes
Select the Recordings Library from the Media
Browser menu. Select a recorded item from the list (if
previously recorded). Press the OK button to view the
Play Options. Select an option then press OK button.
Note: Viewing main menu and menu items will not be available
during the playback.
Press the
(STOP) button to stop a playback and
return to the Recordings Library.
Slow Forward
If you press (PAUSE) button while watching recorded
programmes, the slow forward feature will be available.
You can use
button to slow forward. Pressing
button consecutively will change slow forwarding speed.
Recording Configuration
Select the Recording Confi guration item in the
Settings menu to configure the recording settings.
Format Disk: You can use Format Disk feature
for formatting the connected USB disk. Your pin is
required to use the Format Disk feature (default pin
is 0000).
IMPORTANT: Note that ALL the data stored on the
USB disk will be lost and the disk format will be
converted to FAT32 if you activate this feature. If
your USB disk malfunctions, you can try formatting
the USB disk. In most cases formatting the USB disk
will restore normal operation; however, ALL the data
stored on the USB disk will be lost in such a case.
Note: If “USB is too slow” message is displayed on
the screen while starting a recording, try restarting the
recording. If you still get the same error, it is possible that
your USB disk does not meet the speed requirements. Try
connecting another USB disk.
Note: Timeshift cannot be used while in radio mode.
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Media Browser Menu
You can play photo, music, and movie files stored
on a USB disk by connecting it to your TV. Connect
a USB disk to one of the USB inputs located on the
side of the TV. Pressing the MENU button while in the
Media Browser mode will access the Picture, Sound
and Settings menu options. Pressing the MENU button
again will exit from this screen. You can set your Media
Browser preferences by using the Settings Menu.
Loop/Shuffle Mode Operation
TV plays next file and loop
the list.
Start playback with OK and
the same file will be played in a
loop (repeat).
Start playback with
Start playback with OK/
the file will be played in a shuffle.
Quick Menu
Quick Settings menu allows you to access some
options quickly. This menu includes Power Save
Mode, Picture Mode, Equalizer Settings,
Favourites and Sleep Timer options. Press Q.MENU
button on the remote control to view quick menu.
See the following chapters for the details of the listed
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TV Menu Features and Functions
Picture Menu Contents
You can change the picture mode to suit your preference or requirements. Picture mode can
be set to one of these options: Cinema,Game,Sport,Dynamic and Natural.
Sets the lightness and darkness values of the screen.
Sets the brightness value for the screen.
Sets the sharpness value for the objects displayed on the screen.
Sets the colour value, adjusting the colors.
Power Save
(When the Mode is Dynamic, Power Save mode is automatically set as disabled.)
To set the Power Save Mode as Eco, Picture Off and Disabled.
This setting controls the backlight level. The backlight function will be inactive if the Power
Save Mode is set to Eco. The backlight cannot be activated in VGA, Media Browser mode
or while the picture mode is set to Game.
If the broadcast signal is weak and the picture is noisy, use the Noise Reduction setting
to reduce the amount of noise.
Advanced Settings
You can change the Dynamic Contrast ratio to desired value.
Colour Temp
Sets the desired colour tone.
Picture Zoom
Sets the desired picture size from picture zoom menu.
Note: Auto (Only available in Scart mode with SCART PIN8 high voltage/low voltage switching)
While watching from HDMI source, this feature will be visible in the Picture Settings menu. You
can use this feature to enhance blackness in the picture.
Film Mode
Films are recorded at a different number of frames per second to normal television
programmes. Turn this feature on when you are watching films to see the fast
motion scenes clearly.
Skin Tone
Skin tone can be changed between -5 and 5.
Colour Shift
Adjust the desired colour tone.
RGB Gain
You can configure the colour temperature values using the RGB Gain feature.
Resets the picture settings to factory default settings.(Except Game Mode)
(in PC mode)
Automatically optimizes the display. Press OK to optimize.
H Position (in
PC mode)
This item shifts the image horizontally to the right hand side or left hand side of the screen.
V Position (in
PC mode)
This item shifts the image vertically towards the top or bottom of the screen.
Dot Clock (in
PC mode)
Dot Clock adjustments correct the interference that appear as vertical banding in dot
intensive presentations like spreadsheets or paragraphs or text in smaller fonts.
Phase (in PC
Depending on the resolution and scan frequency that you input to the TV set, you may
see a hazy or noisy picture on the screen. In such a case you can use this item to get
a clear picture by trial and error method.
While in VGA (PC) mode, some items in Picture menu will be unavailable. Instead, VGA mode settings will be
added to the Picture Settings while in PC mode.
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Sound Menu Contents
Adjusts the volume level.
Selects the equalizer mode. Custom settings can be made only when
in user mode.
This setting is used for emphasizing left or right speaker balance.
Sets headphone volume.
Sound Mode
You can select a sound mode. (If the selected channel supports).
AVL (Automatic
Volume Limiting)
Function sets the sound to obtain fixed output level between programmes.
When you connect an external amplifier to your TV using the headphone jack,
you can select this option as Lineout. If you have connected headphones to the
TV, set this option as Headphone.
Dynamic Bass
Enables or disables the Dynamic Bass.
Surround Sound
Surround sound mode can be changed as On or Off.
Digital Out
Sets digital out audio type.
Settings Menu Contents
Conditional Access
Controls conditional access modules when available.
Confi gures language settings (may change depending on the country
selected) P r e f e r r e d a n d c u r r e n t s e t t i n g s will be available. Current
settings can be changed only if the broadcaster supports.
Enter correct password to change parental settings. You can easily adjust
menu lock, maturity lock(may change depending on the country selected)
and child lock in this menu. You can also set new pin number. (Default pin
code 4725)
Sets sleep timer to turn off the TV after a certain time. Sets timers for selected
programmes. (USB Record)
Displays the recording configuration menu (Usb connection required)
Sets date and time.
Enables or disables selected source options.
Other Settings: Displays other setting options of the TV set:
Menu Timeout
Changes timeout duration for menu screens.
Scan Encrypted
When this setting is on, the search process will locate the encrypted channels as well.
Blue Background
Activates or deactivates the blue background system when the signal is weak or absent.
Software Upgrade
To ensure that your TV always has the most up to date firmware.
Application Version
Displays application version.
Hard of Hearing
Enables any special feature sent from the broadcaster.
Audio Description
Audio description refers to an additional narration track for blind and visually
impaired viewers of visual media, including television and movies. You can use
this feature, only if the broadcaster supports that additional narration track.
Note: Audio description sound feature cannot be available in recording or time shifting mode..
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Auto TV Off
You can set the timeout value of auto off feature. When the timeout value is reached
and the TV has not been operated for a selected time, the TV will go into standby mode.
Standby Search
If the Standby Search is set to On, when the TV is in standby mode, available
broadcasts will be searched. If the TV locates any new or missing broadcasts, a
menu screen will be displayed, asking you whether or not to execute these changes.
Channel list will be updated and changed after this process.
Store Mode
Power Up Mode
If you are displaying the TV in a store, you can activate this mode. Whilst Store
Mode is enabled, some items in the TV menu may not be available.
This setting confrigures the power up mode preference.
Install and Retune Menu Contents
Automatic Channel
Scan (Retune)
(If available)
Displays automatic tuning options. Digital Aerial: Searches and stores aerial
DVB stations. Digital Cable: Searches and stores cable DVB stations. Analogue:
Searches and stores analogue stations. Digital Aerial & Analogue: Searches
and stores aerial DVB and analogue stations. Digital Cable & Analogue:
Searches and stores cable DVB and analogue stations.
Manual Channel Scan
This feature can be used for direct broadcast entry.
Network Channel Scan
Searches for the linked channels in the broadcast system.
Analogue Fine Tune
You can use this setting for fine tuning analogue channels. This feature is not
available if no analogue channels are stored.
First Time Installation
Deletes all stored channels and settings, resets TV to factory settings.
Clear Service List
(*) This setting is visible only when the Country option is set to Denmark, Sweden,
Norway or Finland. Use this setting to clear channels stored.
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General TV Operation
Record / Delete Record Timer
Using the Channel List
The TV sorts all stored stations in the Channel List.
You can edit this channel list, set favourites or set
active stations to be listed by using the Channel List
Configuring Parental Settings
To prohibit viewing of certain programmes, channels and
menus can be locked by using the parental control system.
To display parental lock menu options, the PIN number
should be entered. The factory default PIN number is
0000. After coding the correct PIN number, parental
settings menu will be displayed.
Menu Lock: Menu lock setting enables or disables
the menu access.
Maturity Lock: When set, this option gets the maturity
information from the broadcast and if this maturity
level is disabled, disables access to the broadcast.
After you have selected a programme in the
EPG menu, press the OK button. Select the
Record option and press the OK button. After
this operation, a recording will be scheduled for
the selected programme.
To cancel an already set recording, highlight that
programme and press the OK button and select
the option Delete Rec. Timer. The recording will be
Set Timer / Delete Timer
After you have selected a programme in the EPG
menu, press the OK button. Select the Set Timer
on Event option and press the OK button. You
can set a timer for future programmes. To cancel
an already set timer, highlight that programme and
press the OK button. Then select “Delete Timer”
option. The timer will be cancelled.
Child Lock: When Child Lock is set, the TV can only
be controlled by the remote control. In this case the
control panel buttons will not work.
Note: It is not possible to record two channels at the
same time.
Set PIN: Defines a new PIN number.
Your TV is capable of finding and updating automatically
via the Aerial signal.
Note: If the Country option is set to France, you can use 4725
as the default code.
Software Upgrade
Software upgrade search via user interface
INFO: Displays, in detailed, information on the
programme selected.
Simply navigate on your main menu. Choose Settings
and select Other Settings menu. In Other Settings
menu navigate on to the Software for Upgrade item and
press OK button to check for a new software upgrade.
Note : Internet connection is needed. If an internet
connection is not available, try to upgrade via
broadcast. If a new upgrade is found, it starts to
download the upgrade. Press OK to continue with
the reboot operation.
GREEN: Switches to List Schedule EPG.
3 AM search and upgrade mode
YELLOW: Switches to Timeline Schedule EPG.
While the TV is connected to an aerial signal. If
Automatic scanning in the Upgrade Options menu
is enabled, the TV wakes up at 03:00 and searches
broadcast channels for new software upgrades. If
new software is found and downloaded successfully,
the next time the TV powers up , it will have the new
software version.
Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
Some, but not all channels send information about
the current and next programmes. Press the GUIDE
button to view the EPG menu.
Up/Down/Left/Right: Navigate EPG.
OK: Displays programme options.
BLUE: Displays filtering options.
(RECORD): The TV will start to record the selected
progamme. You can press again to stop the recording.
IMPORTANT: Connect a USB disk to your TV while the TV
is switched off. You should then switch on the TV to enable
the recording feature.
Note: Switching to a different broadcast or source is not
available during a recording.
Note: If the TV fails to come on after the upgrade unplug the
TV for 2 minutes and plug in again.
Programme Options
In EPG menu, press the OK button to enter the
Event Options menu.
Select Channel
In EPG menu, using this option, you can switch
to the selected channel.
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Troubleshooting & Tips
Tv will not turn on
Make sure the power cord is plugged in securely to
wall outlet. The batteries in the remote control may be
exhausted. Press the Power button on the TV.
Poor picture
• Have you selected the correct TV system?
• Low signal level can cause picture distortion.Please
check antenna access.
• Check if you have entered the correct channel
frequency if you have done manual tuning.
• The picture quality may degrade when two devices
are connected to the TV at the same time. In such
a case, disconnect one of the devices.
No picture
• No Picture means that your TV is not receiving a
transmission. Have you selected the correct button on
the remote control? Try once more. Also make sure
the correct input source has been selected.
• Is the antenna connected properly?
• Is the antenna cable damaged?
• Are suitable plugs used to connect the antenna?
• If you are in doubt, consult your dealer.
No sound
• Has the TV been set to mute? To cancel mute, press the
“ ” button, or increase the volume level.
• Sound is coming from only one speaker. Is the balance
set to one extreme? See Sound Menu section.
Remote control - does not operate
• The batteries may be exhausted. Replace the
Input sources - can not be selected
• If you cannot select an input source, it is possible that
no device is connected. if not
• Check the AV cables and connections if you have tried
to connect a device.
Recording unavailable
To record a programme, you should first connect a
USB disk to your TV while the TV is switched off.
You should then switch on the TV to enable recording
feature. If you cannot record, try switching off the TV
and then re-inserting the USB device.
USB is too slow
If a “USB is too slow” message is displayed on the
screen while starting a recording, try restarting the
recording. If you still get the same error, it is possible
that your USB disk does not meet the speed
requirements. Try connecting another USB disk.
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AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility
PC Input Typical Display Modes
The following table is an illustration of some of the typical video
display modes. Your TV may not support all resolutions. Your TV
supports up to 1920x1080.
Supported Signals
PAL 50/60
RGB 50
60 Hz
60 Hz
RGB 60
60 Hz
PAL 50/60
60 Hz
60 Hz
480I, 480P
60 Hz
576I, 576P
56 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
66 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
Side AV
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
60 Hz
576I, 576P
24Hz, 25Hz
30Hz, 50Hz,
(X: Not Available, O: Available)
In some cases a signal on the LCD TV may not be displayed
properly. The problem may be an inconsistency with
standards from the source equipment (DVD, Set-top box, etc.
). If you do experience such a problem please contact your
dealer and also the manufacturer of the source equipment.
Supported File Formats for USB Mode
File Extension
.mpg .mpeg
MPEG Layer 1/2/3
H.264, MPEG1,2,4
MPEG4, Xvid 1.00, Xvid 1.01, Xvid 1.02,
Xvid 1.03, Xvid 1.10-beta1/2, H.264
(Maximum resolution/Bit rate etc.)
MAX 1920x1080 @ 30P 20Mbit/sec
Xvid 1.00, Xvid 1.01, Xvid 1.02, Xvid
1.03, Xvid 1.10-beta1/2, H.264
MPEG 1 Layer 1 /
2 (MP3)
32KHz ~ 48KHz(Sampling rate)
32Kbps ~ 320Kbps(Bit rate)
.jpg .jpeg
Baseline JPEG
max WxH = 15360x8640 4147200bytes
Progressive JPEG
max WxH = 9600x6400 3840000bytes
max WxH = 5760x4096 3840000bytes
.sub .srt
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Dimensional Drawings
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End of life disposal
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Installing the Stand
Please read the following information carefully before attaching the stand to your new Sharp Television.
Installing the Stand
! Before fitting the stand, ensure that the TV is unplugged from its power source.
! Place the Sharp Television (1) on a soft, stable and flat surface, facing down.
! Place the Stand (3) on the stand mounting pattern on the rear side of the TV.
Ensure the Stand (3) is placed correctly and that you can see the screw holes on the back of the Sharp Television.
! Place the Stand Cover (2) on the Stand (3).
! Ensure the Stand Cover (3) is placed correctly and that you can see the screw holes on the back of the Sharp Television.
! DO NOT insert the screws before placing the plastic molding.
! Insert the four screws provided and tighten them gently until the stand is properly fitted.
1. Sharp Television
2. Stand Cover
3. Stand
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Uninstalling the Stand
Please read the following information carefully before detaching the stand of your Sharp Television.
Uninstalling the Stand
! Before detaching the stand, ensure that the TV is unplugged from its power source.
! Place the Sharp Television on a soft, stable and flat surface, facing down.
! Unscrew gently the four screws that attach the foot assembly and remove the screws when they are completely
! Remove the stand and plastic moulding gently from the panel.
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Screw Dimensions
Item Number
Installation of the Screw
To the wall
75 x 75 (W x H)
To the product
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