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Additions and changes to the TASCAM 2488 User’s Guide
Since the original 2488 manual was produced, there
have been a number of changes and revisions which
should be noted carefully before attempting to use
your 2488.
Notes on the use of the CD-RW drive
Media types Do not use 12x or high-speed (over
12x) CD-RW media with the 2488, as these types of
media are not supported. Only use 1x–4x CD-RW
Damaged media If a disc is scratched or dirty,
the 2488 may not operate properly. If this happens,
shut down the unit, and restart it. Do not attempt to
re-use the defective disc.
Compatibility with players In common with
other CD recorders, the 2488 can produce CD-RW
discs, but such discs may not be playable on ordinary
CD players (as mentioned on page 63 of the User’s
Guide). For compatibility with other CD players, we
strongly recommend that you use only CD-R media.
Recorded disc types The 2488 recognizes for
reading (and in the case of CD-RW media, erasing)
only CD-ROM MODE1 or CD-DA discs. Other
types of disc recorded using different standards cannot be read or erased by the 2488,
Ejecting discs It is important that you do not press
the CD-RW drive eject button while the drive is operational. If you do, it may cause problems in the operation of the 2488. We therefore recommend that you
always use the CD EJECT menu item (“CD EJECT” on
page 67 of the User’s Guide) to eject discs.
Notes on the hard disk format
As described in “Disk management and file import/
export” on page 65, the 2488 uses two disk formats
in its internal hard disk.
unused. TASCAM native partitions cannot be
accessed from a host computer using USB.
The FAT partition, used for USB data transfer, is
4 GB in size and the size cannot be changed.
and USB” on page 73 of the User’s Guide, it is mentioned that MacOS 9.0 and above is supported. We
strongly recommend that for best results, MacOS 9.2
is used. Upgrade from 9. or 9.1 if necessary.
The TASCAM native partitions take up the remainder of the disk, and may be 4, 8, 16 or 32 GB in size.
A maximum of four partitions may be allocated.
Note that it is possible to allocate four smaller partitions, and therefore leave part of the hard disk space
Supported operating systems In “The 2488
Formatting As mentioned in “Formatting the
disk” on page 66, you should not turn off the 2488
while formatting the hard disk, as this may prevent
the 2488 from booting.
TASCAM 2488 Additions and Changes to User’s Guide 1
Additions and changes to the TASCAM 2488 User’s Guide
Corrections and additions to the manual
Page 18, step 8 Instead of “or press and hold
Page 66, “Formatting the disk” The infor-
SHIFT and press EQ”, read “or use SHIFT and YES
to turn the EQ on, and use SHIFT and NO to turn the
mation given in the manual is incorrect. The data on
the FAT partition is erased, along with the data on the
native TASCAM partitions, when the disk is formatted.
EQ off”.
Page 59, “Pre-mastering”, step 2 The screen
shows PreMastering, not MASTERING.
Page 62, “TAO recording”, step 7 Instead of
Pages 68, 70 and 74, USB mode Note the
following procedure to close (exit) USB mode.
“The top line of the display gives an indication of the
time remaining for the operation”, read “A progress
bar is shown on screen”.
1 Disconnect the 2488 from the computer, fol-
Page 64, “Playing back CDs using the
2488” As explained in “Playing back CDs using the
2 Press and hold down the EXIT key.
2488” on page 64, the REW and F FWD keys are
used to skip playback forward and backward a track
at a time. They cannot be used for search functions
within tracks.
Page 65, “Disk management” Note that the
FAT partition is FAT-32, not FAT-16 as described in
the manual.
lowing the notes in “The 2488 and USB” on
page 73.
3 When the popup message appears, press the
ENTER key to exit (close) the USB mode.
Note that when USB mode is active, the HD indicator lights steadily. It is th erefore very important that
you follow step 1 above, to ensure the disk is not in
Page 79, “Metronome” Use the CLICK key,
not the screen setting, to turn the metronome on
(indicator lights orange) and off (indicator goes off).
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2 TASCAM 2488 Additions and Changes to User’s Guide
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