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Jam es Chu
ViewSonic® Corporation is a leading global provider of computer, consumer electronics and
communication products. With headquarters based in Walnut, California, the company’s 22-year
history of providing market-leading LCD display, HDTV, projector, PC, digital signage and digital
photo frame technologies has won ViewSonic more than 2,500 awards around the globe.
Visual Display Expert for More Than Two Decades
• In 1987, ViewSonic was founded in southern California by James Chu.
• In 1990, ViewSonic introduced its first monitor. Since then, it has witnessed steady growth at amazing speeds every year.
• Since 1998, ViewSonic has been the top brand among all U.S. monitor brands. It enjoys a market share of over 20% in the U.S.
monitor market thanks to its high quality and innovative technologies.
• In 1992, 1993 and 1998, ViewSonic was listed among Inc. magazine’s “Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises” in America.
• From 1996 to 1998, ViewSonic was named the “Best Monitor Company of the State” by the Los Angeles Business Journal in
each of the three years.
• In both 1997 and 1998, ViewSonic was listed among PC Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential Companies.”
• From 1997 to 2000, ViewSonic was voted by American channel distributors as the “Most Outstanding Channel Champion.”
• In 2000, ViewSonic officially announced the acquisition of Nokia’s monitor division. It became the biggest monitor brand group
in the world.
• In 2008, ViewSonic established a strategic alliance with AT&T WorldNet.
• By 2002, ViewSonic had won more than 1,000 awards in the global media.
• In 2003, ViewSonic launched the world’s first wireless intelligent monitor in simplified Chinese, V150/V110, in the Chinese
• IDC’s 2003 annual report showed that ViewSonic’s LCD sales volume grew six times higher and CRT sales grew over four times
higher than 2002. It was the fastest growing enterprise in the monitor market in 2003.
• In 2005, ViewSonic won the “Channel Champion” award of CRN magazine. It was the fifth time ViewSonic won the award in
seven years.
• In 2006, ViewSonic announced its latest series monitors based on sophisticated technologies at the 2006 International CES,
including new LCD TV production line, palm-sized portable projector and the world fastest 1ms LCD and other products. It
virtually established the development trend of the entire industry.
• In 2006, thanks to its outstanding performance in the large-screen LCD market and the wide-screen LCD market, ViewSonic
witnessed significant performance increase in the global market in Q2 of 2006, ranking first in the North American LCD market
again, and second in the LCD market of China.
• In 2007, ViewSonic launched the iPod® protector and LCD TV at the 2006 International CES, combining its “Make ViewSonic
monitors everywhere”.
• In 2008, ViewSonic formally released the global 120Hz 3D wide-screen 22" LCD monitor VX2268wm.
• In 2008, ViewSonic launched an unprecedented 120Hz 3D projector, bringing 3D projectors into ordinary homes and announcing
the coming of popular 3D entertainment.
• In 2009, ViewSonic entered the field of 3G smart phones with the establishment of a mobile communication company,
completing its overall strategic growth from 3" screens to 300"screens. It became a global manufacturer of IT, home appliances
and communication industries.
• In 2009, ViewSonic released its PJD6381 projector with short-throw projection ability. It was another major breakthrough of
ViewSonic after it started to further explore the 3D projector market.
• In 2009 launched “ViewSonic On Top” campaign, extending ViewSonic product lines to system products including PC mini, AIO
PC and ViewBook Series in 2009
• In 2010, ViewSonic launched global first 16:10 3D WXGA short throw projector PJD6531w
Digital Signage Made Easy
ViewSonic® has a 20 plus year heritage as a award-winning display technology company and is poised to provide
the best in complete Digital Signage solutions. With display sizes from 10" to 300", we can fill the messaging
requirements of any application. Content management is under control with a variety of options from network
media players to ruggedized, energy efficient PC solutions. ViewSonic’s proprietary Signage Manager Express
Software enables expert control of digital media content with ease. Also we can recommend a digital media player
that is compatible with your favorite digital signage software. Whether the application requires a single 1-to-1
retail or conference room display or a multiple display enterprise wide deployment, we have scalable options to
meet your requirement now and into the future. ViewSonic is making digital signage a realistic, affordable and
smart solution for any business or institution that demonstrates a tangible return on investment.
Complete Digital Signage Solutions.
Video Wall Entertainment and Advertising
Displays: 46" CD4636, 42" CD4233 or 52" CD5233 thin
bezel displays
Media Player: NMP-550 for video content, NMP-635 for
web based and computer generated data
Software: Signage Manager Express for NMP-550,
Best Wave or Friendlyway for NMP-635
The CD4636, CD4233 and CD5233 have internal capability
for setting up a video wall without the need of an
expensive video splitter. Both models feature a
matrix setting that allows for wall configuration,
up to 5x5, using one computer input. The loop
through capability of these displays enables economic,
simple set up for large video images.
Hospitality & Leisure
Designed for use in public display areas as well as meeting room scheduling, digital signage
can communicate with guests by displaying valuable information about events or directions
as well as provide entertainment.
A ViewSonic digital signage solution can even be used across several different geographically
dispersed locations ensuring consistent messaging and strong corporate branding. Create
hotel property specific messages/content and manage it from a single location. Centralized
control is easy and does not require individual onsite management with our network
addressable media players and content delivery solutions.
One-to-One Digital Signage
Display: Any commercial display or TV ranging in sizes 16" – 82"
Media Player: NMP-210 for 480p, NMP-550 for 1080p, NMP-635 for 1080p
Software: Signage Manager Express
Setting up a one-to-one digital signage solution is easy with ViewSonic’s display and
media player options. The screen is divided into 4 zones, one for video, one for a
RSS ticker feed, one for advertising from a PowerPoint slide and one linked to a web
based weather feed.
Multi-screen Arrival and
Departure Scheduling Information
Display: 42" CD4225 commercial display
Media Player: NMP-700 or NMP-635 for web based
and computer generated data
Software: Best Wave or Industry standard
To communicate the same information on all screens, one media
player is required then looped through or split to multiple displays. If the
information requires different information on different screens then one
media player is required for each display screen. In addition, the NMP700 or NMP-635 allows you to divide the screen into multiple zones
adding local weather, RSS computer feeds or promotional information.
Travel & Transport
Providing commuters with current, up to the minute information is critical to keeping a steady flow of
people through any transportation hub. ViewSonic has several solutions which allow for varied content to
be displayed on different screens throughout any facility. Interesting and dynamic messaging deployed
on large screens grabs the traveller´s attention and can assist in maintaining safety when construction
closures, cancelled flights or emergency alerts need to be communicated out immediately. ViewSonic’s
commercial display solutions are designed for mission critical applications that operate 24 x 7.
POS – Product Advertising
Display: 52" EP5202r ePoster display
Media Player: Built-in the ePoster displays
Software: Supplied internally with ePoster displays
Retail messaging is easy with ViewSonic’s new ePoster
family of retail displays. Information is disseminated
through the ePoster’s internal network connection or
locally via the USB port. Free-standing units allow for
placement where you need them.
In-store messaging is perfect for getting customer's attention during their shopping experience.
Great for announcing sale promotions, providing valuable 'point of sale' information or
communicating a multimedia experience with audio, music, or video. A specialist IT department
is not required – it is easy to upload, manage or change content.
Campus Wide Messaging
and Emergency Notification
Displays: 42" CD4225 or 52" CD5233 commercial
displays used throughout the campus
Media Player: one media player, NMP-635 or NMP700, driving its own display
Software: Best Wave
Often campus installations require that each display
is able to receive its own specific information as well
as to display the same information on all screens. The
NMP-635 network addressable media player has its own
IP address and is able to communicate to the master
campus server having direct communication. Also, in the
case of an emergency, a school now has the capability to
communicate on all screens covering the whole campus.
Large college campuses or even suburban schools can all benefit from an effective
messaging system. ViewSonic’s digital displays and media players offer cost-effective
scalable solutions that allow you to get started today without the risk of obsolescence.
Keeping connected to students and communicating dynamic content is easy for
administrators and faculty with a ViewSonic Digital Signage solution.
We have real-time, efficient ways to control internal communications that are important
to successful and dynamic business. A ViewSonic digital signage solution is ready
whenever your messages need to be broadcast. Perfect for training, and communicating
with employees about corporate news, new product offerings and even emergency
information. Choose from a wide variety of display sizes and network media players to
be used for the lobby, boardroom or even campus wide communications needs.
Central Controlled Conference Room Scheduling
10.4" Display screen
800x600 resolution
• Ethernet RJ45 enable
• Wi-FI 802.11b/g (optional)
• Scala-ready
• ViewSonic Signage
Manager Express
Software included
Display: 10.4" EP1020r
Media Player: Built-in ePoster
Software: Signage Manager Express
Timely information can be uploaded, scheduled and readily
changed over a corporation’s network with ViewSonic’s
commercial 10" displays. The model EP1020r has an internal
media player that features its own IP address so it directly
communicates with the central administration office.
Full HD Resolution
With a pixel resolution of 1920×1080, our products support
full high-definition signals of up to 1080p and is able to
display exquisite detail.
Intuitive Software with powerful
functions to create high impact content
The ePoster Manager Express software (included) enables
users to create attractive signage contents in an intuitive
Professional display technology
based perfect effect
Advanced image processing eliminates noise, increases
contrast and detail and optimizes color for rich, vibrant
images. High definition images look unbelievably smooth
and sharp.
Ordinary display picture
Display picture of ViewSonic
multi-media player
Customized automatic start-up and
shutdown time
A user can customize the automatic start-up and shutdown
time through the built-in clock, thus effectively avoiding
unnecessary use and prolonging the service life of the panel
while saving power.
Automatic import of content
User can easily update signage contents and system
settings for the ePoster via the network or plug-in USB flash
drive with ePoster Manager Express software output data,
the system will import signage contents and update the
systems setting automatically.
Setup of background music mode
User may set multiple pieces of music as background music.
Pictures will be displayed in cyclic as the interval length is
Setup of playing interval and
transition effect of pictures
The playing interval and transitional effect of pictures may
be set easily with the help of provided software.
Encrypted content promises safety
The product can encrypt the content, avoiding tampering
and making the publicized information absolutely safe.
*The above functions differ with models of the product.
ePoster Displays
ViewSonic’s new ePoster products make it easy to replace static and expensive backlit printed signs with new high-impact highdefinition digital posters. These new ePoster products feature built-in memory for storing important content as well as a powerful
management tool featuring a content scheduler, duration timer and special effects editor for image transitions. Easy loading of
content is provide through USB port or can be connected to a IP network with the RJ45 Ethernet connection. ViewSonic’s new
ePoster products are available in various sizes and models and can be free standing or wall mounted.
ViewSonic Signage
Manager Express Software
• Publish PowerPoint slides directly to the Player (static only)
• Looping or weekly schedule
• Auto detect IP, MAC address, and models
• Content delivered through LAN networks; or use USB drive/CF for standalone application
• Customise the name of your device, set IP address, and more….
• Multi-Zone support for ViewSonic advance network media player ie. NMP-550
Let’s get start!
1. Select Player
2. Select Schedule mode & Create signage
3. Output to player via USB or Network
Weekly Mode – Multi content at different time slots
Content Scheduler
Time Slot Editor
Create Time or Video Slot
Select Screen aspect ratio
Schedule On/Off setting
Select Screen layout format
Add media files to each zone
Looping Mode – Single Content Looping
Select Screen aspect ratio
Select Screen layout format
Add media files to each zone
Schedule On/Off setting
ePoster Specification
Commercial Displays
ViewSonic offers an extremely wide product portfolio, with screen sizes from 20" to 82". ViewSonic’s commercial displays are
designed for 24/7 operation. Leveraging our heritage and leadership with more than 20 years display experience, ViewSonic’s
display solutions offer award-winning front of screen image quality while delivering the most versatile connectivity in the industry.
These display solutions combined with our broad line of media players provide the perfect solution for any digital signage need.
Supports the display of vertical
The ViewSonic Commercial Display may be placed flexibly
according to your needs for greater visual impact. The
display of a screen vertically will not influence the service
life of the product as an industrial grade LCD panel is used.
RS-232C Daisy-Chain Capable
Full HD Resolution
RS-232C Remote control (double console ports, with one for
input and the other for output) allows multiple displays to be
operated by a PC.
With a pixel resolution of 1920×1080, the product supports
full high-definition signals of up to 1080p and is able to
display amazing detail.
24/7 Operation Reliability
Customized automatic start-up and
shutdown time
ViewSonic commercial displays are equipped with a
professional Public Information Display panel and advanced
cooling technologies that allow reliable operation 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.
User can customize the automatic start-up and shutdown
time through the built-in clock, avoiding unnecessary use
and prolonging the service life of the panel whilst reducing
power consumption.
Supports PIP, POP and PBP mode
Seamless VideoWall with 7.3mm
Narrow Gap
User may play two groups of signals at the same time through
the PIP (Picture In Picture), POP (Picture Over Picture) and
PBP (Picture By Picture ) modes.
A 46” CD4636 with Ultra Slim Bezel can made into a
seamless video wall of up to 5 x 5 (amazingly 230” big
screen) with amazing 7.3mm screen to screen gap.
Screen Saver for Anti-Image
Body/remote controller key lock
Incorporating a built-in Screen Saver function for anti-image
retention gained from the burn-in effect from static images
or messages on screen, prolongs the service life of the
panel. Every 10~900 sec. (by OSD setting) screen will 5
pixels movement at 1(Left upper), 2(Down), 3(Right Upper),
4(Right Upper), 5(Down), 6(Left upper) then Back to Original
User may lock the OSD menu settings through the body/
remote controller key lock technology, so as to avoid
unwanted changes to the settings. User may also restore
the key control through the key lock restore shortcut key.
Supports DDC-CI protocol
User may conduct color conditioning and other settings
through the personalized interface directly rather than the
traditional OSD menu.
*The above functions differ with models of the product.
Commercial Displays Specification
Network Media Players
Available in X86 or solid-state RISC architectures, ViewSonic’s media players offer a range of solutions compatible with all system
and network environments, that can be optimized for any application. All ViewSonic media players are network connectable and
offer local storage to ensure your content is always on screen. In addition, ViewSonic X86 media players feature “watch dog”
timers that protect against screens going dark due to an interruption in content streaming. ViewSonic also includes easy-to-use
content management software “Signage Manager Express” with its solid state RISC players in addition to being Scala Enable.
NMP-210 Cost Effective, Scala Enable Network Media Player
• Connect to any display having a VGA/RCA composite input
• Supports MPEG-1/ MPEG-4 ASP/ Divx(up to 720x480, 4Mbps)
• Includes Signage Manager Express software for quick, easy setup
and management of all your digital signage content
Video Performance:
Skymedi SK8855 Digital Media Processor (Lunux OS)
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
SD/SDHC/MS/MS Pro memory card
Up to 1280x720 resolution
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Video - MPEG 1/2/4; H.264, VC-1
Audio - MPEG-1 (layers 1 & 2), MP3
640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x768, 1366x768, 1920x1080
NMP-635 X86 Scala Ready Network Media Player
Provides excellent performance for motion video applications up to full HD 1080p.
• Suitable for excellent 2D/3D graphics performance supporting
Shockwave Flash and scrolling text
• Connect to any display having a HDMI or DVI/VGA (Adaptor)
• RSS feed support from the web
• USB 2.0 (x4) back and front locations for easy connecting of peripherals
NMP-700 X86 Scala Ready Network Media Player
• Features Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0GHz T6400 Processor
• Intel® X4500MHD graphics processor and 2GB memory
• Connect to any display via VGA and HDMI inputs
• 160GB hard drive and hardware decode enables local playback of high-def videos
• Powerful enough to deliver smooth playback of video and graphics content up to
1080p Full HD
Intel® Atom™ 330 1.6GHz Dual Core with NVIDA® ION™ graphics
10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet , 802.11 b/g/n(Optional)
Video Performance: Up to 1080p resolution
NMP-550 Scala Enable Network Media Player
• Supports a full range of media formats and SMIL-enabled applications
• IP-enabled and includes Signage Manager Express software so you can remotely
control, schedule and manage multiple devices from virtually anywhere
• Download content during non-peak hours and store on the 4GB of local storage
• The small form factor is still powerful enough to deliver smooth playback of up
to Full HD 1080p digital video
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Mobile T6400 2.0GHz 2MB
L2 Cache 800MHz FSB
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T
Intel® X4500MHD
160GB hard drive
Digital Signage Software
We give you choices. ViewSonic offers you software options to create, upload and manage your message to meet any digital signage need. Due
to the complexity of the many media types, your content determines which software solution is best for your application. Adaptable and scalable,
our software solutions reflect the best in the industry for screen design, management and deployment of content.
ViewSonic® Signage
Manager Express Software
• RISC-Based
• Offered on (NMP-200, NMP-210,
NMP- 550, CD1010, EP1020,
EP1220, EP1520)Commercial
Best Wave DisplayIt! Software
• Introducing 2 Updates
• Supports RISC-Based, X86-Based & Mac
• Enterprise Unlimited Users
Friendlyway Composer Software
• X86-Based
• 1:1 Digital Signage Software
• Enterprise Unlimited Users
Signage Manager Express Software:
• Publish PowerPoint slides directly to the Player (static only)
• Looping or weekly schedule
• Auto detect IP and MAC address
• Contents delivered through LAN networks;
or use USB drive/CF for standalone
• Multi-Zone support for NMP-550
Best Wave Software:
• Easy creation of multiple screen zone templates
• Easy to use content scheduler
• Easily place different types of content in the layout
• Enter an IP address
• Schedule content delivery times
Friendlyway Software:
• Create up to six screen zones
• Easy drag and drop operation for placing content into each zone
• Easily place different types of
content in the layout
• Supports WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2,
MPEG4, PowerPoint, Flash, PDF,
Text, web
• Features preview screen before
Digital Signage Business Solution
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey have
implemented over 200 ViewSonic 42" & 52" Commercial
Displays throughout New York’s John F. Kennedy International
Airport . Located throughout the airport and monorail system
for passengers to travel between the terminals, rental car
facility, long term parking, and the train and subway systems,
they are designed to deliver accurate travelling information
such as flight schedules and destination directions to guide
The objective was to create a system that would effectively
assist the passengers to make their train and flights
connections easily and safely. This digital signage project
was honoured by receiving the Gold Award at the Digital
Signage Expo 2010.
Over 150 installations of
ViewSonic Commercial Displays
and Media Players are deployed
around the Metrolink Southern
California Commuter Train
service. To deliver up to the
second travel information to the
passengers and commuters.
Digital Signage Business Solution
Live programs presented at Olympic
Display the industry-leading slimbezel products from ViewSonic and
it’s perfect solutions
Digital Signage launching press event
at Beijing 2009
3x3 video wall presented at Beijing
Industry and Trade Technician College
Dixintong at Shanghai and Beijing
Commercial display at Beijing subway
Successful solutions of commercial displays
ViewSonic Corporation World Headquarters
Walnut, California, U.S.A.
For more product information, visit us at
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