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Core Information Machines That Take
Document Creation to A Higher Level
The concept of office productivity is being elevated to a new stage.
Systematising latent information to restructure knowledge creates a new value.
And with the Di3010f/Di3010 digital multifunctional peripheral you now have
the power to match the next-generation office by transforming
documentation to a new and higher form of communication.
Linked / Interactive Communication*
Ultra fast e-mail-based information transmission provides a level of
communication that surpasses time and place.
Network scanning lets you quickly store or distribute paper-based documents as
digital data. It consolidates the management of paper and data information,
which could only be used separately in the past, and promotes more versatile forms
of use for both.
Information can be exchanged with a variety of equipment via Internet,
Intranet, or phone line*2. This smart communication capability lets you select the
best communication means according to your needs.
Requires an optional Printer Controller, Network Interface Card and Scan Unit.
*12 The
* Di3010f exclusively.
Innovative Creations
Original Konica Minolta document management software makes scanned documents
easier to see and use, thus raising their application possibilities to new heights.
Innovative output operation maximises advanced network functions, which precisely
meet office needs and expand the scope of document usage.
Easy / Comfortable Operation
A host of easy-to-use functions enable anyone to operate the machines.
Plus, these advances have been integrated into the product's engineering, resulting in
a truly universal design.
Linking to the Di3010f/Di3010 results in an integrated control system for the paper documents
and PC files, which previously had to have been managed separately. In addition to making it
possible to share information assets throughout the office, this system now creates a workflow
that processes and outputs data according to specific needs, thus allowing a speedier,
more effective use of information.
Document workflow
with the Di3010f/Di3010
Convert paper
documents to data
Create graphic
document files
on PC.
Manage output
over the network
Share and utilise information assets, as well as
perform integrated management of documents
in your workgroup.
Document conversion into electronic data has made
Introducing a new form of information communication
An optional Network Interface Card NC-4 is required.
Expand the scope of communication with e-mail friendly functions
When the optional Network Scan Kit SU-2 or Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3 are attached.
Scanned data can be sent directly by e-mail
Simple One-Touch Panel Operation
[Scan to E-mail]
Data scanned by the Di3010f/Di3010 can be sent directly by
e-mail to a variety of recipients, whether it is inside or outside the
office, or to a mobile PC or your own PC. The one-touch panel
allows you to set recipients and subject titles. This makes sending
e-mail to multiple recipients not only possible, but also easier.
Furthermore, saving and filing used data is simple because now
all data is in e-mail form.
Use the one-touch panel to
designate the receiver.
Now send easy-to-use PDF files
[General-Purpose Image Format Support]
Scanned data that you attach to e-mail documents can be sent
in easy-to-use formats like TIFF or PDF. Now, received data can
be more widely used, and on a variety of different platforms.
Select subjects using the "Choose Subject" menu.
Scan to E-mail
Send large-volume data easily
[E-mail Packet Sending Function]
This function divides large data-filled e-mail before sending
them. Thus, related problems are eliminated even if there
are e-mail addresses where the data amount is limited to
reduce the burden on the network or mail server. Now, there
is no need to compress data, or separate it into smaller files
to send it in several e-mail messages.
Client PC
Client PC
Sharing data within a work group is more efficient with network scanning functions
When the optional Network Scan Kit SU-2 or Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3 are attached.
Quickly convert paper documents into electronic data
Send data straight to a directory on the server
[High-Speed Network Scanner]
[Scan to FTP]
It high-speed scans at 30 pages/min* in high-quality 600dpi,
and converts paper documents into PDF or TIFF format. This
data can then be directly stored onto a PC or a server, using a
simple control panel operations.
* A4 Crosswise
This function lets you scan documents, send them to an FTP
server, and store them in any directory you specify. Client PCs
can then access the server to download the stored documents.
This is a highly effective way to share large volumes of data
that would be otherwise difficult to send via e-mail.
Scan to FTP
PDF data
Share documents by way of the main body's HDD
TIFF data
[Scan to HDD]
By storing scanned documents or image files onto the large,
40GB hard disk, any client PC on the network can check and
download data using their Web browser, or applications that
support TWAIN.
Note: When the optional Hard Disk Drive Kit HDD-6 is attached.
FTP server
Client PCs
dramatic changes in workflow.
that surpasses the concepts of time and place.
Bring greater efficiency to your work with our new fax flow
When the optional Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3 are attached.
Reduce long distance communication costs
[Internet Fax Function]
Send faxes right from your desk
[Direct Transmission from a PC]
Internet use allows you to greatly reduce long-distance transmission fees. In addition, full mode compatibility makes it
possible to send pages and images in high-quality 600dpi as
well as at sizes of up to A3. A communication report lets you
confirm receipt by the destination machine in real-time for
extra reliability.
Note1 : An e-mail environment is required.
Note2 : The receiver's side must have a compatible Internet FAX machine.
Send document data directly to an outside fax via the Di3010f
right from your PC. Now, there is no need to print the data out
before faxing, thus minimising image degradation. You can also
send data to a fax and e-mail address simultaneously to
increase work efficiency.
Faxes can be automatically sorted and distributed
[Fax Forwarding Function]
Cut fax communication costs using
your existing network
[IP Address Fax Function]
Faxes can be exchanged directly by DiALTA unit connected to
your Intranet. This means you can send or receive faxes between
machines over your existing network for zero costs.
You can forward the data from incoming faxes to alternate fax
machines*, or to specific client PCs. This eliminates the work of
distributing faxes manually, and speeds up responses by guaranteeing that faxes don't just sit on the machine unnoticed. You
can also choose to store the data at designated locations, or
forward it to additional users.
* Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3 are not necessary.
Internet Function/IP Address Fax Function
Fax Forwarding Function
Head office
Internet fax
Department A
Internet fax
Overseas customer
Domestic customer
Company A
Company A recipient #1
Company A recipient #2
Company B
Branch office
E-mail forwarding
Client PC
To an individual folder
Individual control
Company B recipient
Client PC
Company C
To a shared server
Shared control
Company C recipient
File server
Department B
For instance, an order that is faxed to Company A recipient #1 can be simultaneously printed and forwarded to Company A recipient #2 to allow speedier information sharing and faster customer response.
Faster, more advanced functions can greatly reduce an your fax jobs
The following functions can only be used with the Di3010f. It does not require an optional Printer Contoller.
Get high-speed faxing over phone lines
Your documents are always assured of correct faxing
[Super G3 Fax Function]
[Rotate Send/Receive Function]
when sending an A4 page containing approx. 700 characters at standard image quality.
* Calculated
This includes only the time spent for electronic transmission of image data, and does not include paper feed
or output times.
Registering frequently used destinations further speeds up the
fax process
[One-Touch Dial, Speed Dial]
Register up to 540 frequently used fax numbers. Plus, you can
register up to 30 numbers in the One-Touch programing function.
The direction of documents stored in memory is automatically rotated
90o to match the size and direction of the paper in the destination
machine. This ensures that you are able to send documents correctly,
and without having the image cut off 90o Image Rotation
or the size reduced. When receiving
faxes, the documents sent from the
other machine are adjusted so that
they will always be output in the
correct direction.
By employing international Super G3 standards and providing
high-efficiency JBIG data compression/decompression as a
standard function, we have achieved less-than-3-seconds*
high-speed faxing over an ordinary phone line. This lets you
send large numbers of documents faster. Photos and other
halftone images can also be sent high speed.
Note : The Rotate Send Function works only when docucments are in the A4 Crosswise position.
The Rotate Receive Function works only when documents are in A4/B5.
Convert documents to electronic data that zips through
results that are innovative and creative.
An optional Network Interface Card NC-4 is required.
Document management software delivers simple, speedy data processing and outputs
Scanned documents are automatically processed into an
easy-to-use, easy-to-see format
[PageScope Cabinet*]
Document files that have been converted to data can be easily
transferred with their images automatically corrected according
to your needs. With easy-to-see thumbnail image displays and
simple drag & drop operations, PageScope Cabinet lets you sort
documents into groups, as well as organise and combine them
the way you want.
* Bundled with the optional Network Interface Card NC-4.
Easy data scanning
Paper documents scanned at high speed by the Di3010f/Di3010
can be automatically forwarded to an FTP receiving folder on specified client PCs. Now, it is not necessary to set an exclusive server.
Note : When the optional Network Scan Kit SU-2 or Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3 are attached.
Utilise documents in your PC regardless
of their format
[PageScope Work Palette*]
Konica Minolta's PageScope Work Palette makes it easy to group
or rearrange documents in simple page units, even when the
documents have been created using different applications. It
also lets you extract the necessary parts of existing data to easily create new documents. Combined with the Di3010f/Di3010
finishing functions, it allows you to quickly create attractive
documents in-house.
* Optional (Adobe Acrobat is required to perform these functions).
Import and Save documents into the widely used PDF format
You can create a PDF file by simple dragging & dropping operation.
This is a simple way to store data in a format that is both easy to
access and easy to use.
Image-correction scans data for easier reading
No longer is there a need to re-scan paper documents when the
image is slanted or off-centred. You can use PageScope Cabinet's
image correcting functions to position them for easier reading.
Slant correction
The edited file is
saved onto your
desktop in PDF form.
Automatically convert documents
into PDF form using simple drag &
drop operation
Use thumbnail images to edit documents while confirming their order
[Page Editing Function]
Easy printing and e-mailing with simple drag &
drop operation
Simply drag & drop documents onto the printer or mailer icons to
print or attach processed data to an e-mail message. And by adding
your most frequently used functions to the launcher area, you can
greatly speed-up your output as well as easily open your files.
The page edit window lets you manage documents in page units,
allowing you to group them or rearrange their order. Editing steps
such as extracting a page from a document or merging documents
can also be performed.
Rearrange document sequences
Thumbnail displays
Just drag & drop the second page of this grouped
document file.
Launcher area
The second and third pages are rearranged into
the correct order.
Combine related documents using a simple
drag & drop operation.
Merged documents can be divided just as easily
in a single step.
your network for
Outputting operations that employ advanced networking functions
Documents can be printed from any client PC on the network
Protect important documents in today's open
network environment
[High-Speed Network Printer]
Combined with the optional Printer Controller, the Di3010f/Di3010
expands into a high-speed network printer. It allows client PCs
connected to the network to print pages up to A3 size, and at a
speed of 30 pages/min*1. IPP protocols are supported, and printing
can even be done from remote PCs and mobile terminals*2.
[Lock Job Function]
Apply a security lock on the output of all confidential data. Now,
outputting locked data is impossible without entering a password
into the control panel. This function helps eliminate sensitive data
from being seen or used by those without authorisation.
*12 A4
* Requires an environment that enables access into the internal network.
Set the password
and Issue a secure
print instruction
Printing is
Print settings are made in our easy-to-understand window
[GUI Print Settings]
The Di3010f/Di3010's handy window with descriptive graphics
enables worry-free print settings, such as paper sizing, stapling, and
additional finishing functions.
Issue a print command
from the Job Operation
menu of the control panel
Enter the
Data is printed,
then the job is deleted
Make detailed device settings from a client PC
[PageScope Light]
Utilise the copier's various finishing functions even when printing
[Finishing Functions]
PageScope Light lets you handle the detailed settings and status
confirmation from your Web browser. Easily make detailed
device settings such as one-touch fax numbers and scanned
data destinations*, right over the network. There is no need to
install any special software because now, the operation is done
entirely with your Web browser.
* When the optional Network Scan Kit SU-2 or Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3 are attached.
Two-sided copying/printing, stapling, hole punching, saddle
stitching, as well as additional finishing functions can be used
both when copying and when printing from a PC.
Note : When an optional Finisher is attached.
Stapling Function
Staple (side)
Corner Staple
Saddle Stitch
Hole-Punching Function
PageScope Suite is Konica Minolta’s unique software group, which together with Konica Minolta’s output
devices provide the most efficient business solutions that best fit today’s various network environments. This
software group, which consists of 3 categories, will accurately solve the numerous problems that occur daily
in the office. By fusing hardware and software, it will provide a rapid increase in business productivity.
Enjoy a host of advanced and versatile copying functions.
Outstanding functions to meet your business needs and increasing office productivity
Quick start-ups for on-demand usage
Complete finishing functions for eye-catching documents
[Short Warm-up]
[Finishing Functions]
The Di3010f/Di3010 switches on to full operating condition in
17 seconds or less*. Less waiting time means that your jobs are
completed faster.
With a finisher mounted, the Di3010f/Di3010 can handle stapling,
hole punching, folding, saddle stitching and additional tasks for
complete booklet production. This lets you create highly attractive
proposals, direct-mail pieces, as well as other materials.
* Di3010f: 22 seconds or less
Booklet Creation
Two-sided copying not only saves paper,
but also allows easy booklet creation
[Standard Duplexing]
The Duplexing function that enables fast two-sided copying in 100%
productivity is provided as a standard function. This not only saves
paper, but also makes it easy to create attractive booklets.
Now, save time performing multiple jobs simultaneously
[Multi-Access Function]
Copying + Finishing
The Di3010f/Di3010 can accept multiple jobs concurrently. For
instance, the units can scan documents* while outputting, or they
can receive print spool data from a client PC, even as they continue
to scan large volume documents. This greatly shortens waiting time,
and makes office work more efficient.
Note : When the optional Printer controller and Network Interface Card NC-4 are attached.
Network Scan Kit SU-2 or Internet Fax & Network Scan Kit SU-3, are attached.
Ordinary copy time
Receive data
Total Time
Multi-job Access copy time
Receive data
Time reduction
Total Time
A compact body and built-in finisher save space
[Compact Design]
Our finisher is completely built-in, which means the units don't
require any space on their sides like conventional finishers do.
Combined with their compact design, you get a truly spacesaving machine.
Coner staple
2 point staple
Hole punching function
Saddle Stitch
Our lamp reveals operating status and paper output
[Status Lamp]
The lamp on the Duplexing Document Feeder indicates the
copier's operating status. It lights in green when printing, and
in red when an error occurs. It also lights when the paper is
discharged to the output tray, to quickly notify you that a fax
has been received or a printing job is finished, so important
documents don't go unnoticed.
Check settings plus make additional outputs with ease
[Memory Recall]
This function allows an initial set of copies to be output separately
as a sample. It enables you to check for function setting errors
prior to outputting a number of jobs.
Memory Recall Output Order
Choose the setting,
then make a single
Check for setting
errors, then adjust
the number of
copies to be made.
Re-setting is
also possible.
Save frequently used forms and combine them with
scanned documents
[Overlay Functions]
Overlay Function allows you to combine your most frequently
used standard forms with newly scanned variable data and
images. Now, there is no need to cut and paste to create your
desired outputs.
Note : The optional Network Interface Card NC-4 and the Hard Disk Drive Kit HDD-6 are required.
data saved in
the HDD
Sort multiple outputs, even without a sorter
[Electronic Sort Function]
The Electronic Sort function can handle multiple output sorting
jobs without a sorter. This eliminates the time consuming work
of sorting documents by hand. Shift Sorting*1 Crisscross Sorting*2
Now, you can sort, copy or print
outputs even without having to
add-on an option.
the Finisher FN-117 is mounted.
*12 When
the finisher FN-117 is not mounted and when A4, B5
* orWhen
A5 sheets are set lengthwise and in crosswise directions.
Print consecutive numbers or category stamps during output
[Water Mark/Distribution Number]
By utilising water marks such as "Confidential," or setting marks
on consecutive pagenumbers, you can automate the manual
stamping that was previously required when preparing important
meeting materials. Combining this with
the finishing functions eliminates the
need for tedious manual work when producing a number of documents.
Convenient for
standard form
Combined and output
Copy the contents of 2 to 4 pages onto a single page
[2 in 1/4 in 1 Copy]
You can copy two or four documents onto a single page. Combining this function with duplex copying, you can copy up to eight
pages onto one copy page. This lets you effectively save on paper
costs, as well as keep copy speed during duplex copying the same
fast 30 pages/min* as that of one-sided copying.
* A4 Crosswise
2 in 1 Copy
4 in 1 Copy
Versatile paper handling supports a wide range of paper sizes
Exchangeable paper trays handle a wide range of paper sizes
[Universal Trays]
Up to four paper-feed trays can be set. Each is a universal tray
that holds paper sizes from A5 to A3. Plus, adjusting the tray to
handle your required paper size is a snap.
A large paper supply of up to 150 sheets accepts a variety of media
[Multiple Bypass Tray]
The 150-sheet Multiple Bypass Tray accepts a variety of media
including thick paper, transparencies, labels and envelopes. The
easy-to-set-tray makes changing
the paper size easier, as well as
makes it possible to handle a wide
range of paper types.
No more worrying about running out of paper while printing
[Auto Tray Change Function]
If the paper in the tray suddenly runs out before a print job is
completed, this function will automatically switch to a different tray that is loaded with the same sized paper. This enables
non-stop output, which reduces the downtime required to replenish the paper supply.
Various sized documents can be copied automatically
[Mixed Original Mode]
Even when you copy different-sized originals, their sizes are
automatically detected and copied onto the correct-sized sheets.
Auto Paper
Auto Size
Note : 90o Image Rotation is unavailable in this mode.
Next-generation specs and design create a link between
Universal design for operator comfort
You demand business efficiency. So it is both vitally important and common sense to eliminate the stress associated
with machine operation. At the same time, superior styling is also a requirement.
Konica Minolta's goal and result – "Comfortable use that appeals to everyone"
Matches the office, matches the operator and
adjusts to an easy-to-use angle
[Tilt Control Panel]
The angle of the control panel can be adjusted to three levels,
7o, 26 o and 43 o, to the working position that best suits the
operator. This enables the user to assume a natural posture, and
assures stress-free operation.
We paid extra attention to the details to
increase your ease of use
[Control Panel with Universal Design]
In addition to the copy and fax essentials, we concentrated on
controls such as display switching and power ON/OFF*, conveniently placing them on the front of the control panel. Further, from a universal design standpoint, we carefully considered the size and layout of the buttons, as well as the screen
displays for your enhanced ease of use.
* The main power switch is located on the side of the machine.
Button labels and
descriptions integrate large, easyto-read characters
and a simple layout.
This button
enlarges the
display indication.
We moved the power
switch from the side of the
machine right onto the
control panel.
The contrast of the display
can be adjusted as needed.
New user friendly body colour
[Two-tone Colours]
We've used darker colours on the top-half of the machine to
boost its visibility and recognition. This new styling combines the practicality of making the paper and operating
buttons easier to identify, with Konica Minolta's modern
approach to product design.
We made the number keys larger and
positioned them for easier operation.
you and your machine.
A number of easy-to-operate features have been
added to the Duplexing document feeder
This high-contrast
scale makes it easy to
check the size of an
[Document Feeder Design]
A handle and easy-to-read scale have been added
to the document feed tray, which is actively used
in copying and scanning. The additions of these
design-based features are what make the Di3010f/
Di3010 even easier to use.
The added handle
improves the grip.
By using a transparent material for the
original guide, the guide setting can be
viewed from a wider direction than
ever before.
A paper path that's easy to locate
[Concentrated Paper Path]
Paper feed parts that see the most frequent
operation have been concentrated in the right
side of the machine. This simplifies the paper
path, and enables problems to be resolved
quickly in the event of a paper jam.
Now, easy one-touch toner bottle
[Toner Front Access Design]
The front access design makes it easy to replace the toner bottle. And the entire bottle
holder pulls out for easy bottle replacement.
Now, no more worrying about soiling the surrounding area with toner.
The easy-handle grip simplifies paper supplying
[New Grip Design]
A new grip has been included for easier handling from either
the top or bottom direction. This feature makes the paper feed
tray simple to pull out, for smoother paper supplying.
By texturing the document handling tray
and discharge area, we made it easier
to grasp pages.
Di3010 Specifications
Warm-Up Time:
Paper Handling
Digital Copier/Printer/Scanner
Laser Electrostatic
256 gradations
64MB (Max.192MB)
Di3010: 17 seconds or less
Di3010f: 22 seconds or less
Power Consumption: 1.5kW or less
677 (W) ✕ 710 (D) ✕ 718 (H) mm
(26-3/4" ✕ 28" ✕ 28-1/4")
74kg (136 lb.)
Type of Originals:
Original Size:
Paper Capacity:
Output Size:
Sheets, Book, 3-D Objects
Max.: A3 (Ledger)
Standard: 1,150sheets (500 ✕ 2+150)
Max.: 3,650sheets (500 ✕ 2+2,500+150)
A6 to A3 (3-1/2" ✕ 5-1/2" to 11-3/4" ✕ 17")
Plain Paper (56-90g/m2)
Thick Paper (91-210g/m2)*
OHP Sheet*
30 pages/min*
5.3 seconds or less*
600dpi ✕ 600dpi
✕ 0.250-4.000 (Preset or Variable)
Text/Photo Mode,
Photo Mode,
Text Mode
1-99, Count-Down,
Interrupting Capability
Copy Speed:
1st Copy:
Exposure Modes:
Multiple Copy:
* Multiple Bypass
* A4 Crosswise
Printer Controller Pi3505e, Pi3505e/PS Specifications
RM5231A (PMC Sierra)
includes copier controller
Pi3505e: Standard: 32MB (Max.224MB)
Pi3505e/PS: Standard: 128MB (Max.320MB)
Operating System: Pi3505e: Standard: Windows98, Me
Pi3505e/PS: Standard: Windows98, Me
MacOS System8.6 or Later
Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX),
Parallel Interface
PageScope Light (Embedded),
PageScope Net Care,
PageScope Network Setup,
PageScope EMS Plug-Ins,
PageScope NDPS Gateway,
PageScope Cabinet
Scanning Function Specification
30 pages/min*
600dpi ✕ 600dpi
Network Protocols:Pi3505e: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX
Pi3505e/PS: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk
Printer Languages: Pi3505e: PCL 5e, PCL 6
Pi3505e/PS: PCL 5e, PCL 6, PostScript 3 Emulation
Pi3505e: PCL Fonts (46 fonts)
Pi3505e/PS: PCL Fonts (46 fonts)
PostScript Font (136 fonts)
* A4 Crosswise
Network Interface Card (NC-4),
Parallel Interface Kit,
Hard Disk Drive Kit HDD-6 (40GB)
32MB Memory (M32-4),
64MB Memory (M64-2),
128MB Memory (M128-3)
30 pages/min*
200dpi ✕ 100dpi, 200dpi ✕ 200dpi,
400dpi ✕ 400dpi, 600dpi ✕ 600dpi
E-mail Format:
Date Format:
* A4 Crosswise
Internet Fax Specification
Internet Protcols:
Transmission Mode: Simple Mode, Full Mode
E-mail Format:
Date Format:
Date Compression Mode: MH, MR, MMR
A4, B4, A3 (If receiving fax machine has capability)
Document Size:
200dpi ✕ 100dpi, 200dpi ✕ 200dpi,
Scan Resolution:
400dpi ✕ 400dpi, 600dpi ✕ 600dpi
(If receiving fax machine has capability)
Di3010f Facsimile Specifications
Communication Line:
Modem Speed:
Transmission Speed:
Scanning Resolution:
Max. Document Size:
7,200/4,800/2,400 bps (Automatic fallback)
Less than 3 seconds*
Standard: 203 ✕ 98dpi,
Fine: 203 ✕ 194dpi,
Super Fine: 406 ✕ 391dpi
Recording Size:
Data Compression Method:
Transmitting Functions:
* A4 Crosswise
A5 Crosswise/ B5 Crosswise/ A4/
B4 lengthwise/ A3 lengthwise
Receiving Function:
G3, Super G3
Timer Transmission,
Confidential Mailbox Transmission, Options
Polling Transmission, Broadcast,
Relay Broadcast, One-Touch Dialling,
Speed Dialling, Group Dialling,
Memory Transmission
Memory Reception,
Polling Reception,
Selective Polling Reception,
Confidential Mailbox Reception
Spare TX Marker STAMP 2
System Options
Printer Controller Pi3505e
Printer Controller Pi3505e/PS
Expansion Memory
M32-4 (32MB)
M64-2 (64MB)
M128-3 (128MB)
Hard Disk Drive Kit HDD-6
Staples MS-2C
Mounts to the SK-1 for stapling.
Network Scan Kit SU-2
Internet Fax & Network
Scan Kit SU-3
Duplexing Document
Feeder AFR-19
Original Cover Kit
2Way Paper Feed Cabinet PF-210
Holds from A5 to A3 paper. Provides storage
capacity for up to 1,000 sheets.
Accepts up to 80sheets for
two-sided copying.
Mail Bin Kit MK-1
Saddle Kit SK-1
Mounts to the FN-117 to
let you designate specific
bins for printer output, as
well as to set bins for
special purposes.
Job Separator JS-203
Mounts to the FN-117 perform
centre stapling and folding.
Punch Kit PK-6
Mounts to the FN-117 for
hole punching.
Built in Finisher
The FN-117 can staple
up to 50 copies per set.
Additional Bin Kit AK-1
Allows you to add up to
200 sheets bins.
Staples MS-5D
Built in Finisher FN-117
and Job Separator JS-203
cannot be attached
TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has determined that this product
Large Capacity Cabinet PF-122
Holds up to 2,500 sheets of A4 or B5 paper.
Copy Desk CD-4M
attached simultaneously.
DiALTA and PageScope are registered trademarks or trademarks of
registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Adobe and PostScript are registered trademarks or trademarks of
Adobe Systems Incorporated. All other brand and product names are
registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
* ENERGY STAR is a U.S. registered mark.
Lets you separate and
designate the location for
copy and print output.
Mail Bin Kit MK-1 and
Saddle Kit SK-1 cannot be
Product appearance, configuration and/or specifications
are subject to change without notice.
meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
Paper Feed Cabinet PF-124
Holds from A5 to A3 paper. Provides storage
capacity for up to 500 sheets.
Konica Minolta copiers and multi-functional peripherals
are designed with the environment in mind.
Meets ENERGY STAR Guidelines
The Use of Recycled Materials
Toner Recycle Mechanism
Production at ISO-Certified Factories
Konica Minolta genuine consumables and parts
To ensure the best possible performance from our copiers in terms of
cost, copy quality, and service life, Konica Minolta extends its
technical expertise as a manufacturer of precision equipment—to the
development and production of high-quality consumables and parts.
For optimum productivity, we recommend the use of genuine
Konica Minolta consumables and parts.
Konica Minolta CS Digital Technologies are incorporated
into the DiALTA Di3010f/Di3010
Image quality, Productivity, Operability,
Image Quality
Reliability, Connectivity and the
Environment. We’ve reexamined these
six features, essential in all business
CS Digital
equipment, to create Konica Minolta’s
unique image information products.
The DiALTA Di3010f/Di3010 using these Connectivity
innovative CS Digital Technologies,
provides efficient document work for
complete customer satisfaction.
This catalogue was printed using
recycled paper and soy ink.
9251-3125-11 O404(E)-B1 Printed in Japan
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