Transmisor inalámbrico XYR 6000.pdf

Transmisor inalámbrico XYR 6000.pdf
XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters
Honeywell OneWireless XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters break down the barriers to monitoring variables in
areas where traditional hard-wired transmitters are too costly, difficult or time consuming to implement. These
instruments are designed for applications with no access to power, that are remote or difficult to access, that
require frequent changes in instrumentation schemes, or where manual readings are typically taken.
The XYR™ 6000 transmitter family includes instruments
for accurately monitoring gauge pressure, absolute
pressure, differential pressure, temperature, and
corrosion. The line also includes an analog input interface
for adding wireless capabilities to 4-20 ma devices.
The instruments wirelessly transmit to a gateway or to
multiple communication nodes. These nodes wirelessly
intercommunicate, forming a managed, secure and
redundant network. Each gateway can communicate with
multiple wireless nodes accepting the signals of up to 400
transmitters. The gateway also interfaces with a PC-based
Wireless Server, which offers configuration capabilities
and communications with your control system. The
gateway and each associated node is also an 802.11 b/g
wireless interface for flexible remote communications.
Enjoy the Benefits of Wireless Technology Today
Designed to integrate seamlessly with XYR 5000
transmitters and meet future wireless standards,
Honeywell provides future compatibility and scalability.
Improve Product Quality
With XYR 6000 transmitters, you can easily increase the
number, frequency and types of measurements.
Additionally, you can improve accuracy and consistency
by replacing manual readings with automated online data
collection. Online communication with your control system
also helps ensure precise time tracking of information for
use in troubleshooting process problems.
Ensure High Uptime
With more frequent measurements and early detection of
asset problems, you can reduce or even prevent incidents.
Reduce Maintenance and Operational Cost
These transmitters allow you to monitor a range of assets
to support proactive, predictive maintenance. Additionally,
XYR 6000 transmitters help identify potential problems
that can be costly in terms of excess use of energy and
raw materials. Once XYR 6000 instruments are in place,
you also can redirect personnel who recorded data
manually to more productive tasks.
Meet Regulatory Requirements
XYR 6000 can help meet regulatory requirements by
recording changes and sending data to the control system
for date and time stamping. In addition, the instruments
allow flexible monitoring of process variables throughout
critical phases of your process. In fact, the transmitters can
even move with the process.
XYR 6000 transmitters support safety by making data
available in the control room and thus reducing human
exposure to hazardous areas and products. The
transmitters also help improve water treatment processes
and reduce environmental impact by enabling online
measurement of additional remote variables, such as waste
pond level, which are often measured only locally.
Enhance Flexibility
Because XYR 6000 transmitters are so easy and affordable
to install, you can add or change measurements as needed.
This flexibility supports process improvement and
development of new and better products in pilot plants.
XYR 6000 Wireless Transmitters
Choose Honeywell’s OneWireless solutions to
implement an industrial wireless infrastructure,
providing significant benefits beyond avoiding the
wiring costs.
Multi-functional mesh: Single network supporting
both sensors and 802.11 Wi-Fi applications for simple
network management.
Time: Simplified installation leads to faster startups and
accelerated profits. Local and remote device
configuration provide extra flexibility.
Multi-speed monitoring: Meet plant condition
monitoring needs for alarms and events with onesecond updates and standard configurations.
Range: The instruments transmit measurements up to
610 m (2,000 ft).*
End-to-end industrial security: Protect plant
information and ensure safe operations with advanced
communications encryption.
Reliability and performance: Optimize performance
by sharing the airwaves and prioritizing messages so
critical information is received first. Features a robust
architecture with latency control and redundancy for
safe wireless control.
Scalable: Customize to your business needs, from a
single sensor to a total in-plant network utilizing limited
Multi-protocol: Allow connection to any plant system
and inherently support transport of existing protocols.
Open: Provide choices based on existing 802.11
standards for cost-effective solutions.
Proven partner: Choose a partner with proven
applications, a robust installed base and expert
Overcome Measurement Hurdles
Cost: Going wireless means faster, easier installation
and wire savings of $10 to $40 foot.
Self-contained and predictable power
management: Ensure uptime, day or night, with no
additional devices and with optimal use of the 10-year
battery shelf life.
Global solution: Standardize on one product for best
use in worldwide facilities.
Investment protection: Support and expand existing
products with a solution ready for emerging standards.
Accuracy: Gauge pressure, differential pressure,
temperature and analog input devices offer exceptional
accuracy of ±0.1% of full scale readings at reference
Reliability: Reliable XYR 6000 transmitters feature long
battery life (up to 10 years) and a low-battery alarm.
Self-checking software and hardware continuously
monitor operation to identify and report device
parameters that are out of specification. In addition,
signal interference is avoided by employing Frequency
Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). This technique
modulates the data signal with a carrier signal that
periodically “hops” from frequency to frequency across a
wide band of frequencies.
Ruggedness: Rated for industrial use, XYR 6000
transmitters go where you don’t want to go-hazardous,
remote or hard-to-access locations.
* Line of sight. Actual range may vary depending upon plant
OneWireless and XYR are trademarks and Experion is a registered
trademark of Honeywell International Inc.
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