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EN Warranty
Product overview
Charge the battery
Switch On/Off
Pairing and connecting with a Bluetooth device
Re-connecting with a Bluetooth device
Disabling the Bluetooth connection
Adjust the Volume
Listen to music
Auxiliary input
Product care
Thank you for purchasing this Macrom product. Should your
product need warranty service, please return it to the shop
where you buy it or to the Macrom distributor in your country.
The warranty does not cover damage due to improper use
and or installation, incorrect connections to power supply
and audio video sources, exposure to excessive humidity,
unauthorized repair attempts or modifications.
M-BTP20 can play music from a compatible music player. The
operating range is within 10 meters. M-BTP20 is compliant
with the following Bluetooth® specifications: Bluetooth V2.1
+ ADR and supports A2DP profiles. Auxiliary audio input 3,5
mm audio connector. Power supply input 5V DC - 0.5 A.
Product overview
(Multi Function Button)
Pairing mode,
Volume down
Volume up
Pairng indicator LED
On/Off switch
Auxiliary Input
indicator LED
USB micro charging port
Charge the battery
Use the Micro USB cable provided with the
product to charge the battery. Plug it in the
connector located on back side of the unit,
then plug the other end into a compatible
USB charger or a USB port of a computer.
The charging indicator LED is steady red
while charging or turned off if the battery
is fully charged. For a faster charge please
remember to power off the unit before
charging the battery. The fully charged
battery allows up to 8 hours of continuous
music playback.
Switch On/Off
To switch ON, turn the ON/OFF switch
to the ON position. The unit prompts five
tones and pairing indicator LED blinks.
To switch OFF, turn the ON/OFF switch
to the OFF position.
Pairing and connecting with a Bluetooth device
To enter pairing mode make shure the unit is powered ON
then press the MFB key, the unit prompts two tones and the
pairing indicator LED blinks. From the Bluetooth function of
the device to be paired search for new device named “MINI
SPKR”. Select it and if requested enter “0000” passcode.
When pairing is completed successfully the pairing indicator
LED is steady and the unit prompts one tone. If the pairing
procedure is not successful, please switch off the unit and
repeat the above steps. The specific pairing procedure may
vary, so please refer to your device user manual for further
Re-connecting with a Bluetooth device
Every time the unit is switched on, it will connect to the last
connected device automatically and the unit prompts a tone
once is connected.
Disabling the Bluetooth connection
To unpair a Bluetooth device that is already connected, press
and hold the MFB key until the pairng indicator LED blinks
and the unit prompts a tone.
Adjust the Volume
To adjust the unit volume while listening to music press the
volume up or down keys.
Listen to music
Connect the unit to a compatible music player that supports
A2DP profile. To play or pause music from the unit short
press MFB key.
Auxiliary input
To connect a device to the auxiliary input use the cable
provided with the unit. If a connector is plugged in the
auxiliary input the Bluetooth function is automatically
disabled. Bluetooth functions is automatically resumed
when the connector is removed from the auxiliary input.
Product care
Please remember that your Macrom product is an electronic
device, and so needs to be treated with care.
Do not subject it to mechanical shock or vibrations.
Do not subject it to eccessive heat.
Keep it away from water and excessively humid areas.
Keep it away from high electromagnetic fields.
There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Opening the
product or try to repair it will terminate the warranty.
The BLUETOOTH ® worldmark and logos are registered
trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc and any use of
such marks by ALDINET S.p.A. is under license.
The MACROM brand is a registered trademark of ALDINET
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