Associated Equipment TEAM ASSOCIATED RC10T4 Instruction manual

Special Functions
XP SC200
Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
Product No. #29140
Congratulations on your purchase of Team Associated’s XP
SC200 ESC. Perfect for trucks, buggies, and road racing
vehicles, this competition inspired Electronic Speed Control
(ESC) utilizes the latest digital technology and features
easy programming with LiPo Low Voltage Cutoff and
Reverse Lockout modes.
The XP SC200 can be programmed to disable Reverse for
competition driving and to disable the LiPo Low Voltage
Cutoff when using NiMH batteries.
Disable Reverse - With the ESC connected to the battery,
press and hold the set button and switch the ESC on.
Reverse will now be disabled. Follow the same
procedure to enable reverse.
Disable Low Voltage Cutoff - While the ESC is on, press
the SET button twice. The LED will flash green 5 times to
indicate that the ESC is in NiMH mode. To return to LiPo
mode, press the SET button 2 times and the LED will flash
red 5 times to indicate that the ESC is in LiPo mode.
Special Feature
Easy Setup and Programming
The SC200 ESC features internal protection from
overheating. This function protects the SC200 against
overheating during operation. If the ESC’s temperature
exceeds safe levels, operation of the motor will be
temporarily suspended. However, steering operation will
remain unaffected. During this period, the setup LED will
flash green and red simultaneously. Once the ESC has
cooled to normal operating temperature, motor operation
will be restored.
LiPo Low Voltage Mode
Overheating may be caused by one or more of the following:
Utilizes latest SMD MOS-FETS
Competition Inspired Engineering
Driving in reverse in excess of 8 seconds
Short Circuit Protection
Use of a motor that exceeds the factory limit
Real-Time Braking
Reverse Lockout For Competition Use
Gear mesh or drivetrain components are too tight or
other drivetrain problems
Oversized Heatsink
Inappropriate gear ratios
Compact Size
Repeatedly going from full-reverse to full-forward
Using full brakes too often
Inadequate air flow to the ESC
Voltage Range
Internal Resistance
Momentary Load (1 sec.)
Brief Load (30 sec.)
Continuous Load (300 sec.)
BEC Voltage
Function Check
LED Status
Partial Throttle
Bright Green
Full Throttle
BEC Current
Partial Throttle
Bright Red
Yes w/lockout
Full Throttle
Reverse Limit
Motor Limit
Overload Protection
Set-Up Procedure
Dimension (mm)
Yes (8 seconds)
17+ turns
Dim Green & Red
Low Voltage Cutoff Engaged
Flash Green & Red
Thermal Protection Engaged
Flash Green & Red
Digital/Push Button
49 x 36 x 28
Before installation of the ESC, read the instruction
manual thoroughly.
Make sure that the suppressor capacitors have been
soldered to the motor.
Install the ESC in a position that allows easy access to all
connectors and the set-up button.
Motor Supression
Install the ESC so that the power cables are not in close
proximity to the receiver and/or antenna. Interference
may result.
Please also refer to the instruction manual supplied with
your radio-control system.
ALWAYS unplug the battery after every use and when the
vehicle is not in use.
NEVER leave the vehicle unattended while the battery is
plugged in.
NEVER run the vehicle through water or wet grass. Water
may enter the ESC causing a short circuit and possibly a fire.
NEVER operate the motor with a separate battery while the
motor is connected to the ESC.
NEVER remove the original battery or motor connectors.
Doing so will void the warranty.
ALWAYS observe the correct polarity when connecting the
motor and battery. Reverse polarity will result in damage to
the ESC and/or other electronic components.
DO NOT let the heatsink touch any metal objects or bare
wires. Damage to the ESC will result.
ALWAYS be sure that the ESC is mounted so that ample air
flow is available for cooling. Never cover the ESC.
ALWAYS observe the ESC’s motor limit.
Use of an incorrect motor will void the warranty.
Set-Up Procedure
Before beginning the setup procedure, be sure to set the
transmitter’s throttle and brake EPAs to 100%, set the
throttle trim to neutral, and set the car on a stand so that
the wheels are not touching the ground.
Turn on transmitter
Plug the battery into the ESC
Switch the ESC on
Press the SET button for at least 3 seconds using the
plastic screwdriver supplied
5. The LED now flashes red/green to indicate that the
ESC is in setup mode
6. Leave the throttle at neutral and press the SET
button again
7. The neutral setting is now stored and the LED
lights green
8. Move the throttle trigger/stick to full throttle and press
the SET button again
9. The full-throttle setting is now stored, and the
LED lights red
10. Move the brake trigger/stick to the full brake/reverse
and press the SET button
11. The full brake/reverse setting is now stored, and the
LED lights simultaneously 3 times.
12. Then the red/green LED remains on.
Setup is now complete and the ESC is ready to use.
Incorrect polarity will damage your ESC and may
cause a fire.
ESC damage or radio interference may occur if the
motor is used without suppressor capacitors.
Never use Schottky diodes with forward/reverse
electronic speed controls.
Do not return the equipment to the point of purchase as
they are not authorized to honor warranty claims or perform
service. Remove the equipment in question from the model.
We recommend using a shipper’s tracking service. Team
Associated is not responsible for any items lost in transit.
Please include the following with your product return:
1. Your full name, mailing address, telephone number.
2. A note, inside the box, describing in detail the problems
you are having or the service you are requesting.
3. A copy of the original sales receipt.
Once received, warranty service will be performed and items
returned promptly. You will be notified by telephone when an
item does not fall under the terms of the warranty and
service charges are required.
Please see for details
regarding Team Associated’s XP Lifetime Product
Replacement Policy.
Your ESC is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer’s
defects at the time of purchase. ESCs that have been
mishandled, abused, or damaged by the user are not
covered under warranty. Associated Electrics, Inc. is not
liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect,
incidental or consequential, or from any special situation,
arising from the use, misuse, or abuse of this product.