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Car Specific Naviceiver
Compatible with AUDI A3
ZENEC E>GO ZE-NC3131D – Perfect Integration Into Your AUDI A3
In 2008, ZENEC brought the first E>GO onto the market, thereby immediately establishing a completely new category of device: the vehicle-specific
naviceiver. Today, ZENEC is the undisputed market leader in the German
speaking area for in-car multimedia navigation devices. And with the new
product range there are E>GOs to fit into over 40 models of vehicle.
With the knowledge of the peculiarities and specific pitfalls of the individual vehicles in the background, the third E>GO generation now lines
up. Perfectly matched to the respective target vehicles, they come with a
high-resolution digital touch panel, many innovative features and, key for
ZENEC, a simplified ease of use.
E>GO – clever design, perfect system solution
The E>GO concept, honored with two innovation prizes, is a system solution without equal for realizing in-car multimedia and navigation in an ingeniously simple way: E>GOs are a perfect fit – visually and technically – in
the respective target vehicle, without additional bezels, adapters and
hours of installation work. Of particular importance is the perfect integration into the existing vehicle electronics. And this is not just the interface
with the steering wheel remote control. E>GOs are designed to integrate
into the vehicle internal CAN data network in a really uncomplicated way.
Instead of a bunch of compromises, you get a specifically designed system
solution. Straightforward installation, an immense range of functions and
an ingeniously simple concept of operation – that makes E>GO so exceptional and so successful.
E>GO ZE-NC3131D – custom-fit to your AUDI A3
The ZE-NC3131D is a smart specialist, specifically developed for your
AUDI A3. The specific construction, red button illumination and customized styling of the front panel makes ZENEC’s top naviceiver blend in
perfectly with the AUDI model A3 (8P, Sportsback 8PA, Cabriolet).
The ZE-NC3131D is also effortlessly integrated into the existing automotive electronics. The E>GO is linked to the steering wheel remote control
and the driver information system (FIS) via the vehicle-specific CAN bus
interface. The full functionality of factory in-stalled components remains
The ZE-NC3131D is suited for installation into the radio slot of the above
named automobiles without further modifications or additional adapters: simply take out the factory radio, put in the E>GO and drive off...
Phase Diversity FM Dual Tuner
Steering wheel remote control integration
Driver information system integration
The dual tuner of the E>GO is working with an FM
phase diversity circuit that processes the signals of
the two antennas built into the vehicle. A DSP algorithm generates the desired noise and distortion free
FM signal by merging both captured radio signals
into a new audio stream – you always enjoy optimum
radio reception, even under difficult conditions.
The ZE-NC3131D is connected via the vehiclespecific CAN bus interface to the factory installed
steering wheel remote control. A/V sources (radio, CD/DVD, MP3, USB) are operated in identical
fashion as with the OE radio before.
E>GO is a perfect fit: The ZE-NC3131D also supports the driver information system (FIS), that is
connected to the CAN bus. Displayed are turn
key arrows, as well as radio station and track
infos from all audio sources.
High-resolution LCD TFT display
Import/export of user settings
Optimized ease of use
The E>GO has a digital HD WVGA TFT LCD panel.
Its 800 x 480 pixels format ensures high resolution
and crisp images with a high degree of faithful
detail. In particular, video sequences look very
lively thanks to the vibrant colors.
A very user-friendly feature is the export and import function of user settings via the USB port. All
important user settings can be saved in no time at
all on a USB stick and reloaded later.
The clearly designed menus are self-explanatory
and intuitive to operate. Large control fields and
a logically structured navigation ensure that the
E>GO can also be controlled in safety when you
are driving.
All-round information
Simple connection of iPod/iPhone
Easy folder management
Thanks to the infobar function, you will be notified
of incoming calls and/or audio features without
leaving the navigation mode. In other playback
modes there is also a navigation infobar to keep
you updated when to take the next turn or exit.
Connect your iPod or iPhone to the E>GO device
via the USB port of the Media link box. The display
of Apple Album Art is integrated in the iPod/iPhone menu. This menu also gives you the facility to
search for a title or an artist alphabetically.
The folder structures of your iPod/iPhone and also
that of the files stored on your USB stick are completely adopted by the E>GO. Thus you have access
to your files at all times without excessive search
24-bit D/A converter
Easy parking and maneuvering
Individual entertainment
Whether you enjoy playing your songs from CDs or
as MP3 tracks via an iPod, the ZENEC E>GO has a
24-bit digital/analog converter for high signal-tonoise ratios and finest possible resolution of digital
audio formats.
You can also easily connect a rear-view camera to
the E>GO and conveniently control it via the touchscreen. The extensive ZENEC range of accessories
offers you a large selection of different models like
vehicle-specific cameras for your car.
You want to listen to the radio while the backseat
passengers enjoy a video on the head rest monitor
with head phones? The E>GO is designed for M-Zone
operation. This allows the front and rear channels
to be split for the transmission of two different program sources.
High-resolution 3D maps
Topographic maps
Real Junction View
The high-resolution WVGA display of
the E>GO ensures that all maps appear
pin-sharp. 3D orientation points and
very realistic 3D city maps make navigation in big cities even more comfortable for you.
Realistic 3D landscape views lead you
through complex terrains. Choose
between different designs for day and
night. Thanks to GPS time acquisition,
the E>GO can also automatically switch
between day and night modes.
The E>GO also displays the names of
crossroads. And if you wish, it will read
out the street names to you, thanks
to the integrated Text-to-Speech function – in this way you can concentrate
fully on the traffic while driving.
Features like the new photo-realistic
Real Junction View of exit points on freeways, the Lane Assist and the Smartzoom function at junctions and exit
points facilitate orientation, particularly
in complex traffic situations.
Navigation Features
Your Perfect Navigator
ZENEC’s new E>GO has the latest maps of 43 European countries preloaded (with Premium POIs), which appear highly realistic, thanks to
the 3D high-definition rendering of terrain and 3D objects. With 8 GB of
flash memory, more than enough memory remains free for continuous
expansion and unlimited updates of map packages with 3D buildings
and landscape features.
ZENEC’s innovative navigation software makes the destination and route
selection even easier and more intuitive. The quick menu provides straight
access to all sat nav functions. The “Smart“ and “Eco“ route calculation
modes for shorter and/or more economical driving are hard to beat.
Features like the new Real Junction View function, the Lane Assistant or
Navigate through Europe the clever way
Detailed maps of 43 countries in Western and
Eastern Europe give you perfect orientation
throughout Europe. For menu and voice navigation there are 28 different languages to
choose from.
W W W. Z E N E C . C O M
the Auto Zoom at crossings and junctions facilitate orientation in more
complex traffic situations. Part of the extensive feature set is the display of traffic information/guidelines when entering an EU country and
the visual and audible warning to indicate speed limits on major roads.
The TMC/TMC Pro function keeps you up to date regarding potential
traffic jams on the chosen route, while automatic re-calculation of a
suitable detour is a function covered as well.
You can update the E>GO‘s content package, expand the navi-section
with additional maps, or download the newest 3D city maps using the portal: anytime, even in the middle of the
night or abroad during a journey.
The TMC or TMC Pro function gives you timely
information about traffic jams on your route
and possible detours. Simply choose the
appropriate menu to select and show all the
relevant data on the map display.
Latest Map Guarantee
ZENEC’s 30-day Latest Map Guarantee: If updated maps are available within 30 days of
your first use of the device, you can download
them from for free
and install them on your ZENEC device.
• Integrated 3D High Definition navigation, pre-installed map data for
43 eastern and western European countries
• 8 GB internal flash memory for navigation software – the SD/SDHC
card slot stays available for A/V use
• Integrated TMC and TMC Pro receiver, TMC service is functional and
free, the TMC Pro function requires a license (lifetime) to be separately purchased through Naviextras (available for Germany, UK and
France only)
• Graphical user interface and voice guidance in 28 different
• Premium POI database
• 2D or 3D map view with auto-zoom and realistic display of 3D
terrains and 3D landmarks
• Text to Speech function (TTS)
• Eco and Smart Route Planning
• Smart-zoom function at intersections and crossings
• Tunnel mode
• Real Junction View and highway mode with Real Signpost
• Outlook address import
• “Where-Am-I” function
• Trip computer: configurable display of three additional pieces of
information, with the choice of arrival time, journey time, speed,
direction, height above sea level, etc.
• display of traffic information/guidelines when entering an
EU country
• visual and audible warning to indicate speed limits on major roads
• 30 days Latest Map Guarantee
• Map updates via the online-portal:
• external GPS antenna included in the delivery
Reach Points Of Interests fast
Intelligent destination input
Intelligent route planning
Practical trip computer
The E>GO has a Premium POI database
with more than six million entries. Using
the well designed search menu makes it
easy to select special destinations.
To select a destination, you need to
enter only a few letters – the E>GO
completes your input and automatically
proposes appropriate destinations.
So that you can optimize the route exactly as you want, you have a choice
between various route calculation
methods: short, fast, Eco and easy.
The trip computer gives you a summary
of the most important trip data, such as
your average speed, arrival time or real
travel time to destination.
Where Am I? function
Informed in timely manner
Importing your Outlook contacts
Flexible map updates
With E>GO you are well prepared for
all emergencies: Use the Where Am I?
function to find hospitals, police stations, cash machines, filling stations
and much more in your vicinity – a finger tap is all it takes.
Included in the function package is the
display of advisories when crossing EU
borders, together with various warning
messages: information on speed limits,
legal alcohol limits, duty to wear a
warning waistcoat etc.
Have you saved important contacts
on your computer in MS Outlook?
You can easily import these contacts
directly into the navigation software
of the E>GO by using the Naviextras
Via the online portal, you can update the preinstalled map packages at any time or
upgrade it as you wish. Naviextras offers
a large selection of maps for more than
75 countries.
DVD Player
RDS Tuner
A/V Input
Security Code
navigate by touchscreen fast
and comfortably in 43 European countries (including
eastern Europe)
DVD player
plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3,
DVD-MP3, AVI, Xvid and
RDS tuner
with automatic station search,
30 station memory (18 FM/
12 AM) and best station
USB direct connection via
Media link box (included in
the delivery), operation via
rear view camera input,
manually or automatically
activated by putting the car
in reverse
iPod/iPhone direct connection
via optional cable, operation
via touchscreen (also for
iPod/iPhone video)
SD/SDHC card reader
integrated SD/SDHC card
reader to play video files,
music, etc., SDHC compatible
up to 32 GB
integrated Parrot Bluetooth
module for hands-free
operation and audio streaming, upgradable firmware
A/V input
A/V port (RCA) for the
connection of other external
A/V devices like gaming
consoles, etc.
separate A/V playback
zones divided into
front and rear seat
Xvid is the container format
of choice. Over 90% of
present-day AVI files are
encoded with Xvid.
Security code
intelligent anti-theft
protection based on
software monitoring
of the power supply
Connection Options: Limitless Connectivity
Due to the integrated USB port and the various A/V in and outputs, there is almost nothing that cannot be connected to the E>GO naviceiver.
The ZENEC program has a wide palette of multimedia-based additional components that are optimally suited to the E>GO naviceiver. All equipment
– external monitors, DVB-T and DAB+ reiceivers or rear view cameras – can be connected directly to the naviceiver and operated via touchscreen.
Wireless communication via Bluetooth
ZENEC‘s naviceiver enables comprehensive connectivity and the convenience of operating a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone. The E>GO is
equipped with a high-tech Bluetooth module from Parrot, the specialist
for mobile communications – a hands-free unit, that guarantees you a
wide range of functions and maximum compatibility with many mobile
phone models.
Make calls without noise interference
With ZENEC you can make phone calls in excellent quality – either using
the integrated microphone or the multi-directional, freely positionable,
external microphone supplied with your E>GO. Thanks to the innovative
audio DSP, unwanted ambient sounds are filtered out more efficiently, to
offer improved intelligibility.
Easy to operate
Parrot makes for very easy operation when driving. The caller‘s number,
phone book entries and other information are clearly shown on the
naviceiver‘s display. The address book of the naviceiver is automatically synchronized with the mobile phone as well. You can easily search
for phone book entries – simply tap in the initial letters of the contact
you want to dial. This search function is really an enormous benefit for
professional use. Even special characters are no problem thanks to the
multilingual keypad.
Bluetooth always up to date
The firmware of the Bluetooth component can be conveniently updated
using a USB stick, for example if you would like to use a brand new mobile
phone model. Thus, the palette of compatible mobile telephones can be
expanded, keeping the device future proof.
Bluetooth Features:
• Connection of up to 5 mobile phones • synchronization of up to 1,000
contacts with max. 5 telephone numbers per contact • alphabetical
search function for contacts • multilingual input keypad, including special characters and special letters • Quick Dial menu for up to 5 favorite
contacts • memory for dialed and received calls • redialing • switch between hands-free and mobile phone • internal and external microphone
• future-proof upgradable Bluetooth firmware
Making calls in the car in comfort
Easy connections
Fast contact entry search
Comfortable contact management
Use the clear Bluetooth menu to comfortably control all telephone functions
– a touch is all it takes to transform your
car into a telecommunications center.
You can connect up to 5 mobile phones
to the E>GO, each having 1,000 contacts.
The address book of your mobile synchronizes with the E>GO automatically.
The alphabetic search function makes
finding a contact easier: simply tap in
the initial letters. You can search using
up to 15 initial letters.
You can search for a contact in the
phonebook or in the favorites list. But
you can also display the list of outgoing/incoming or missed calls.
Media Link box
Connection of iPod/iPhone
Rear-view cameras
Especially practical: The delivery scope of the E>GO
contains the compact Media link box with a highspeed USB 2.0 port and an A/V input (3.5 mm plug).
With this compact box (with 1.5 m cable extension)
to be stowed away in a convenient place like the
centre console or the glove box, you can quickly
connect or disconnect additional components like
a USB stick, an iPod/iPhone or external MP3 player.
iPod and iPhone can be connected to the Media
link box with the adapter cable ZE-NC-IPS (available separately). This connection, using the USB
high speed bus, not only allows for quick access
to all files, but also the control of audio tracks,
videos or Podcasts via the naviceiver‘s touchscreen. Naturally the iPod and iPhone are being
charged during playback.
The ZENEC produt range includes many diverse
additional components perfectly matched to each
other. For example, the E>GO rear-view cameras.
These replace the original license plate illumination unit of the vehicle and add a high-resolution
camera. The E>GO cameras are easy to install and
are triggered automatically when reverse gear is
Main Features ZE-NC3131D
• 3D High-Definition navigation system
• External GPS antenna
• 8 GB internal flash memory with map data for 43 Eastern and
Western European countries and Premium POI database
• Graphical user interface and voice guidance in 28 different languages
• 2D or 3D map view with auto-zoom and display of 3D terrains and
3D landmarks
• Eco and Smart Route Planning, Outlook address import, Real
Junction View and Real Signpost rendering etc.
• Text to Speech function
• Playback SD/USB: MP3, WMA, AVI, Xvid, H.264 and JPEG
• Intuitive, user friendly HMI in 20 different languages
• 6.2“/15.7 cm 16:9 HD TFT-LCD display with 800 x 480 pixels resolution and
touchscreen control
• RDS dual tuner with 30 preset stations (18 FM/12 AM)
• Multi zone function
• 4 x 50 watts class-D amplifier
• 2 x IR-remote control
• Synchronization of up to 1,000 contacts with max. 5 telephone
numbers per contact
• Alphabetical search function for contacts
• Internal and external microphone
• Future-proof upgradable Bluetooth firmware
• 4.1-CH preamp line outputs
• 2-CH preamp line outputs without volume adjustment
• 2 x composite video outputs (NTSC)
• 1 x A/V-input
• 1 x video input for rear view camera with switching function
• Connectivity for compatible external DVB-T or DAB+ receivers
• DVD loader
• USB 2.0 port (via Media Link box)
• SD/SDHC card reader (up to 32 GB)
• Made for iPod/Made for iPhone
• Playback DVD loader: CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DVD,
• Steering wheel remote control integration via CAN
• Driver information system (FIS) integration via CAN (Audio
information and turn key arrows)
• Soundsystem integration, incl. BOSE Soundsystem
• Red key illumination
Vehicle Compatibility List
Quick-Dial menu
No missed calls
Music over your mobile phone
Clear management
Phone numbers that you use frequently
can simply be saved as favorites – so
you have fast access to your most important contacts at all times.
The E>GO Bluetooth system allows broker calls so that you can conveniently
switch back and forth between two
active telephone calls.
Music stored in your mobile phone can
be played back over the E>GO thanks to
A2DP and AVRCP. The playback is comfortably controlled via the touchscreen.
With the E>GO you never lose track: at
a glance you can see all the connected
mobile phones and manage these
conveniently via the touchscreen.
Model Year
2005 > 2012
AUDI A3 Sportsback
08/2004 > 2012
AUDI A3 Cabriolet
2008 >
The physical dimensions of the OE radio have to be identical with the dimensions of the ZENEC device, to allow installation.
The vehicle must be fitted with a phase diversity antenna system. Please consult your specialty retailer.
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