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Energy Management – Booth 1023
Allen-Bradley PowerMonitor 5000 Power Quality Meter.....5
Essential Components – Booth 419
Allen-Bradley PowerMonitor 5000 Power Quality Meter.....5
Allen-Bradley IO-Link Solutions.....6
Allen-Bradley Food and Beverage Inductive Proximity Sensors.....7
Allen-Bradley Process Terminal Block.....8
Allen-Bradley Electronic Circuit Protection Module.....9
Allen-Bradley T/H Trigger Action E-stop.....10
Allen-Bradley Integrated Motion on Ethernet/IP Encoder.....11
Allen-Bradley VersaCube Rectangular Multi-position Inductive Proximity Sensor.....12
Allen-Bradley Dual-port EtherNet/IP Adapter.....13
Allen-Bradley E300 Electronic Overload Relay.....14
Allen-Bradley IEC International-style Limit Switches.....15
Allen-Bradley Micro800 Motion Feedback Axis Plug-in.....16
Allen-Bradley Micro800 DeviceNet Scanner Plug-in.....17
Allen-Bradley Micro800 Remote LCD Display.....18
Allen-Bradley Micro820 20-pt Controller.....19
Allen-Bradley Next Generation Uninterruptible Power Supply.....20
Allen-Bradley Connected Components Tools.....21
Allen-Bradley Intrinsic Safety Barriers…..22
Industrial IP Advantage – Booth 1223
Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100 Wireless Access Point.....23
Allen-Bradley Stratix 5900 Security Appliance.....24
Information Software – Booth 1123
FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition v4.0.....25
FactoryTalk Metrics v11.0.....26
FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI.....27
Integrated Architecture – Booth 1205
Allen-Bradley VP Food-Grade Servo Motor.....28
Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive DSL Feedback Converter.....29
Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock Dual-Port Ethernet with QuickConnect Modules…..30
Product-by-booth Table of Contents
Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix Controller.....31
Allen-Bradley FLEX HART-enabled Isolated Analog 8 Input Module, Extreme Environment.....32
Allen-Bradley Modules ControlLogix Isolated Analog Modules.....33
Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 Network Safety Servo Drive.....34
Allen-Bradley XM-124 Standard Dynamic Measurement Module.....35
Allen-Bradley Dynamix 1444 Series Monitoring System.....36
Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Design and Configuration Software v22.....37
Intelligent Motor Control – Booth 721
Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2100 and 2500 Motor Control Centers.....38
Allen-Bradley Option Module for ATEX Certification of Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series Drives..39
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 AC Drive.....40
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series Drives.....41
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage Drives.....42
Process Solutions – Booth 1235
Rockwell Automation AADvance Workbench 2.0 for Safety and Critical Control.....43
Rockwell Automation ControlLogix HART I/O Modules.....44
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Library of Process Objects 3.0.....45
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Sequencer Object.....46
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx System Release 3.0.....47
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Virtual Image Templates 3.0.....48
Safety Solutions – Booth 401
Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix Controller.....31
Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GSR-830 Safety Relay.....49
Allen-Bradley SafeZone Mini Safety Laser Scanner.....50
Solutions & Services – Booth 735
Rockwell Automation Industrial Data Center.....51
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Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMICI).....52
Hammond Power Solutions Inc.....55
Hardy Process Solutions.....57
Helm Instrument.....58
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MTE Corporation.....64
MYNAH Technologies.....65
Panduit Integrated.....66
Pentair Equipment Protection (Hoffman®).....68
Posital FRABA Inc.....72
Powerit Solutions.....73
Prosoft Technology.....74
Spectrum Controls Inc.....78
Yaskawa Motoman.....83
Allen-Bradley PowerMonitor 5000
Power Quality Meter
The Allen-Bradley PowerMonitor 5000 power quality meter includes core power and energy metering
capabilities, and takes energy monitoring to the next level with additional features, including: a virtual wiring
correction, sag/swell detection alert, more conditional set points and single-cycle metering.
This scalable power meter can be fully integrated into a plantwide network. When connected with other
PowerMonitor 5000 meters, the patent-pending system event snapshot tool offers a systemwide event
picture with a view of the upstream and downstream process for a better understanding of the energy
structure and its potential impact to equipment. The meter provides detailed power-quality data that, when
used with FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix software, can offer a powerful set of data analytics for insight into
power quality issues and energy management activities.
Booth 1023 – Energy Management
Sarah Larson
Rockwell Automation
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley IO-Link Solutions
Allen-Bradley IO-Link enabled technology provides seamless visibility of field devices across the Rockwell
Automation Integrated Architecture system. IO-Link is an open-standard protocol that allows field devices to
“talk” to the industrial Ethernet network cost-effectively, while providing detailed diagnostics, device identity
information and multiple bit I/O data messages. The IO-Link enabled technology provides premier
integration to Allen-Bradley controllers, IO-Link masters such as ArmorBlock I/O, and field devices such as
Allen-Bradley photoelectric and inductive sensors.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Food and Beverage Inductive
Proximity Sensors
The Allen-Bradley food and beverage inductive proximity sensors are designed to address the most
demanding applications in the food and beverage industry. These sensors withstand high-pressure and
high-temperature washdowns, while offering superior resistance to corrosion and damage caused by harsh
cleansing agents. Subjected to rigorous chemical compatibility testing by ECOLAB, these sensors have
been certified as compatible with some of the most commonly used caustic cleaning agents and
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Process Terminal Block
Allen-Bradley process terminal blocks are designed to improve the way signal routing and distribution are
performed. In process applications, incoming signals from field instrumentation devices are often connected
using terminal blocks within marshaling panels to help organize and route signal wires to the control panel.
With the increase of field devices in a process plant, the efficient use of panel space becomes critical.
These new screw-connection process terminal blocks provide significant space savings with their small size
and multifunctional capabilities. Whether retrofitting an existing cabinet, or building a new panel, these
terminal blocks are ideal for reducing the footprint of the panel and saving on installation time.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Electronic Circuit Protection
The Allen-Bradley electronic circuit protection module provides solid-state protection for secondary circuits
off-switch mode power supplies. Faster than the self-protection of the power supply, the module is
designed to accommodate inductive and capacitance loads to help users reduce nuisance tripping.
The module monitors input voltage and output current. If a load circuit draws excess current, the four-circuit
module clamps off all the circuits and indicates which circuit caused the fault. As a result, maintenance
technicians can focus on that circuit to identify and correct the cause of the over-current condition before
resetting the module.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Trigger Action E-stop
The Allen-Bradley trigger action e-stop is designed and constructed to perform consistently in the most
demanding industrial environments. Key features of the new product include its global acceptance, tamper
resistance and state-of-the-art illumination. Trigger action functionality provided in a 30.5 mm form factor
delivers e-stop operators that meet global requirements.
The mounting nut installs from the back of the panel making it inaccessible when the control cabinet door is
closed during normal machine operation. Additionally, the e-stop mushroom caps are factory installed and
non-removable, further increasing tamper resistance. The illuminated device uses state-of-the-art super
bright LED technology. Full-voltage devices employ the new Universal LED technology, accepting a wide
range of 12 through 130V AC/DC input supply voltage.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP
The Allen-Bradley integrated motion on EtherNet/IP absolute encoders are designed for motion control
applications that require feedback-only axes. These encoders support the standard motion instruction set in
the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer application. By providing auxiliary feedback directly
through an EtherNet/IP network, these encoders eliminate the need for point-to-point wiring. They can be
used in a variety of network topologies, such as linear, ring or star, and they leverage CIP Sync, a time
synchronization extension that is fully compliant with IEEE 1588.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley VersaCube Rectangular
Multi-position Inductive Proximity Sensor
The Allen-Bradley VersaCube rectangular multi-position sensors are an economical and versatile solution
for long-range sensing needs in a convenient, compact package. Weld-field immune models are available
with the choice of AC/DC or DC. Specific DC weld-field immune models offer equal sensing capabilities for
all metals.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Dual-port EtherNet/IP Adapter
The Allen-Bradley Dual-port EtherNet/IP adapter provides an internal network connection for Allen-Bradley
PowerFlex 70, 700, 700H, 700S and 7000 AC drives; PowerFlex DC drives; and Allen-Bradley SMC Flex
and SMC-50 smart motor controllers. The adapter is field-installable and provides a convenient way to
control, configure and collect data over an EtherNet/IP network. The communication adapter supports
linear, star and ring topologies, as well as device-level ring (DLR) functionality. DLR-based networks help
reduce configuration time and costs by minimizing the number of managed switches and reducing cabling
needs. Users can create a single fault-tolerant DLR network for high-machine availability. If one device on
the EtherNet/IP network fails, the other devices can continue operation. DLR is a global ODVA standard.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sarah Larson
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley E300 Electronic Overload Relay
The Allen-Bradley E300 electronic overload relay includes a modular design, communication options,
diagnostic information, simplified wiring and integration with the Rockwell Automation Integrated
Architecture system. The relay provides flexibility, reduces engineering time, and maximizes uptime for
important motor starter applications.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sarah Larson
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley IEC International-style
Limit Switches
The Allen-Bradley 802K non-safety and 440P safety limit switches have a range of options including snap
action or slow break/make with two or four contact configurations and a choice of actuator heads. The head
can be rotated in 90 degree increments for easy mounting. Operation of these limit switches is achieved by
the sliding action of the guard or other moving object deflecting the plunger or lever. Equipped with the
same specifications as the 440P switch – with the exception of the safety TÜV certification – the 802K
switch is ideal for non-safety applications.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Micro800 Motion Feedback Axis
The Allen-Bradley Micro800 motion feedback axis plug-in allows high-speed counters to be added to
Micro800 controllers. When used with a Micro800 controller’s PTO axis, the plug-in can provide position
feedback from the servo drive for position verification. It also can be used with an encoder for position and
velocity monitoring. The plug-in supports 5V differential line driver input up to 250kHz and 24VDC input up
to 100kHz. It provides an easy and intuitive way to collect position and velocity information or to add
additional counters when the embedded counters are not sufficient.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sandra Sim
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Micro800 DeviceNet Scanner
The Allen-Bradley Micro800 DeviceNet Scanner plug-in enhances the communication capabilities of
Micro800 controllers with support for up to 20 nodes of PowerFlex AC drives or Allen-Bradley
CompactBlock LDX I/O. This additional support reduces the wiring and installation costs for larger standalone machine applications, such as conveyor applications where drives and I/O are distributed over longer
distances. Auto scan eliminates the need to configure the network using special tools or software.
Engineers can program a controller with the DeviceNet plug-in using Allen-Bradley Connected Components
Workbench programming and configuration software with device-specific function blocks to ease
programming of control and diagnostics.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sandra Sim
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Micro800 Remote
LCD Display
The Allen-Bradley Micro800 remote 3.5 inch LCD display is an essential accessory for the Micro820
controller. It supports four or eight lines of ASCII text, has a keypad with programmable function keys, and
is rated IP65 for mounting through a cabinet door when used as a simple operator interface. It can be used
to configure the controller and support DIN-rail mounting next to the controller. The new display includes a
system menu (available in several languages) to view and edit program variables, and also has the ability
to set the controller’s Ethernet address. The USB port serves as a programming port to the controller using
Connected Components Workbench programming and configuration software.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sandra Sim
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Micro820 20-pt Controller
The Allen-Bradley Micro820 20pt controller is specifically designed for smaller standalone machines and
remote automation projects with embedded Ethernet, serial ports and a microSD slot for data logging and
recipe management. The controller can function as a remote terminal unit (RTU) for remote machines with
support for Modbus RTU and transmission control protocol. It has embedded support for four thermistor
temperature inputs for use as a direct digital control for building management systems. More capabilities
can be added by including up to two Micro800 plug-in modules.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sandra Sim
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley 1609 Next Generation
Uninterruptible Power Supply
The Allen-Bradley 1609 next generation uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is uniquely designed to provide
back-up AC power to the control cabinet. If necessary, the 1609 UPS will facilitate the safe shut-down of an
industrial personal computer, programmable logic controller, data-logging human-machine interface or any
other critical device in the control scheme. Without a 1609 UPS in place, users are at risk of nuisance
power dips, extended down-time and potential machine damage – all of which can result in significant and
costly challenges.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Connected Components Tools
The Allen-Bradley Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit provides information for quick and easy
implementation of common control tasks in machine design. The preconfigured building blocks allow for
concentration on machine design and performance, rather than time-consuming programming and
The newest version of the toolkit includes an enhanced user interface and automated generation of design
components, including CAD files, bill of materials, human-machine interface screens and logic programs.
Connected Components Workbench programming and configuration software supports Allen-Bradley
Micro800 controllers, PowerFlex drives, PanelView component graphic terminals and other select AllenBradley devices. Connected Components Workbench release 5.0 adds configuration support for the
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 drive. The new developer edition will utilize FactoryTalk activation and feature
additional functionality.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Sarah Larson
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Intrinsic Safety Barriers
The new Allen-Bradley intrinsic safety barriers convert and/or condition signals from hazardous location
field devices (such as sensors and condition transmitters) into low-energy, intrinsically-safe signals that can
interface with equipment in the safe area. Packed with features to simplify the design and installation of
process control applications, the safety barriers can be interfaced with analog or digital I/O and feature
optional signal-conditioning capabilities. Suitable for use in Div 2/Zone 2 hazardous locations, intrinsic
safety barriers feature all the necessary approvals, including UL, CSA, FM, ATEX, IECEx and CE.
Booth 419 – Essential Components
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100
Wireless Access Point
With its IEEE 802.11n rated enhancements, the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100 wireless access point delivers
the most advanced performance, functionality and reliability in its class of robust wireless communications.
The wireless access point is offered in three form factors, including wall/mast, DIN rail and on-machine, and
has industrial ratings for shock, vibe and temperature for a variety of application needs.
Designed with multiple-input/multiple-output antennas, the Stratix 5100 wireless access point provides
multipath digital signal processing. It transmits and receives multiple data streams through multiple
antennas at different phases to accomplish constructive interference leading to increased reliability, range
and coverage. Supporting dual radio capabilities – 2.4GHz and 5Ghz radios – the wireless access point
provides flexibility and the ability to support VLANs, QoS and RADIUS for segmentation, priority handling
and authorization.
Booth 1223 – Industrial IP Advantage
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Stratix 5900 Security Appliance
The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5900 security appliance provides a rapidly deployable, highly available, reliable
and secure solution designed specifically for machine-to-machine applications. Fully integrated with Cisco
IOS software, the Stratix 5900 security appliance delivers enterprise-class features including highly secure
real-time control communication, routing, firewall, VPN and intrusion protection capabilities.
Automation and IT professionals can use this security appliance to create secure tunnels that extend the
manufacturing zone across remote locations or geographies, or set up cell/machine protection via firewall
Booth 1205
Integrated Architecture
Booth 1223
Industrial IP Advantage
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition v4.0
FactoryTalk Historian Supervisory Edition (SE) software v4.0 provides users with a more scalable solution
for larger historian deployments. The performance improvement could be up to 5 times 3.x revision. The
backfill of archive feature will now provide an easier approach for bringing older data into the new historian
deployment. Microsoft Office 2013 support helps users visualize historian data in the latest Microsoft Excel
deployments. The decoupling of advanced server option will provide specific functionality required to
access historian data in third-party systems via OLEDB or OPC DA/HDA servers.
Booth 1123 – Information Software
Karen Dyches
Rockwell Automation
FactoryTalk Metrics v11.0
Performance metrics – like equipment and material use and overall equipment effectiveness – can provide
customers with critical insight into how well they are managing their production operations.
FactoryTalk Metrics enables manufacturers of all types and sizes to increase production, reduce costs, and
increase quality using existing equipment and labor more effectively. This is accomplished through
accurate reporting of real plant-floor activity. New product highlights include:
Manual workcell option for machines with no control system
New manual data editing operations
Web services for creating custom UIs
FactoryTalk VantagePoint v5.0 bundled
Booth 1123 – Information Software
Karen Dyches
Rockwell Automation
FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI v5.0
FactoryTalk VantagePoint enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software v5.0 adds capabilities for
mobile access, enterprise reporting with example reports using SQL queries of the unified production model
(UPM), and type system enhancements that accelerate time to value in building the UPM. Additional
Microsoft SharePoint integration with SharePoint Excel Services makes Excel reports more scalable, and
integration between FactoryTalk ProductionCentre and the VantagePoint EMI UPM provides expanded
MES capability.
Booth 1123 – Information Software
Karen Dyches
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley VP Food Grade Servo Motor
The Allen-Bradley VP food-grade servo motors combine high-efficiency, high-torque capability with features
specifically designed to meet the unique needs of many food and beverage applications. These highperformance motors address the challenges of food environments by incorporating improved sealing
techniques and noncorrosive food-grade fasteners and coatings. The durable, improved food-grade white
paint allows the motors to be mounted above the food line, adding installation flexibility.
Building on the foundation of the VP low-inertia servo motor, the VP food-grade motors use just a single
cable. The feedback, motor brake and motor power are included in one cable – simplifying wiring and
reducing inventory.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive DSL
Feedback Converter
The new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive converter is designed to convert HIPERFACE feedback to
DSL. With the new converter, users have the flexibility to use a variety of motors with their Kinetix 5500
drive, including any of the HIPERFACE feedback Allen-Bradley MP-Series motors and actuators: MPSeries low inertia, MP-Series stainless steel, MP-Series food grade, and MP-Series medium-inertia rotary
motors, and the MPAR, MPAI, MPAS and MPMA linear motors.
The converter kit is powered by the drive, which means there is no external power supply eliminating parts
and installation time. It attaches directly to the drive’s DSL feedback port.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley 1732E ArmorBlock Dual-Port
Ethernet with QuickConnect Modules
The new Allen-Bradley 1732E ArmorBlock dual-port Ethernet QuickConnect modules have 5-pin mini
auxiliary power ports. Three ArmorBlock QuickConnect modules are available for use with the
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756-L6x and 1756-L7x and Allen-Bradley GuardLogix 1756-L6xS, 1756-L7xS
or third-party controllers. The QuickConnect functionality enables the modules to power up and establish a
network connection within 500ms. This reduces tool-idling time and increases productivity. Each
ArmorBlock QuickConnect module is equipped with dual-port Ethernet for linear topology, as well as dualport auxiliary power connectors for daisy chain of 24V DC power. These modules also come with 6 KB of
built-in FRAM data memory to facilitate retention of information such as batch processing and equipment
lifecycle management, and other possible applications.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Sandra Sim
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix Controller
With the release of the Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix controller, Rockwell Automation extends the
ControlLogix platform to round out the On-Machine space. This SIL3 safety controller supports the full
temperature range of ControlLogix, while offering global certifications and ratings for IP67 washdown
protection. With dual independent Ethernet ports, Armor GuardLogix supports device-level ring (DLR)
network topologies, simplifying integration of components in the control system and reducing system cost.
With memory capacity for the most demanding applications, the Armor GuardLogix controller delivers SIL3
safety control to customers in the automotive and entertainment industries, provides resiliency from loss of
one network connection and allows replacement of devices without stopping production.
Booth 401 – Safety Solutions
Steve Ludwig
Rockwell Automation
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley FLEX HART-enabled Isolated
Analog 8-Input Module, Extreme Environment
The Allen-Bradley FLEX 1794-IF81HNFXT HART-enabled isolated analog 8-input module for extreme
environments is an enhanced version of the current 1794-IF81H module. It can operate at temperatures
between minus 25 C to 70 C and includes a modified input filter, conformal coating and is RoHS-compliant.
It has eight isolated input channels with an independent HART modem per channel. It is also HART 7.0
compliant with the exception of multidrop and burst mode support. It has new capabilities such as dynamic
run-time control of HART communication and auto-configuration of a HART device with user-supplied PV
damping, PV upper- and lower-range values and PV units code.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Sandra Sim
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Isolated Analog
Rockwell Automation continues to build on its Integrated Architecture with the addition of three new isolated
analog modules, making the Logix Control Platform more technically capable than ever before. Seven
existing I/O modules have been re-architected into three new designs with increased channel count, higher
precision, faster response times and interface capabilities that are second to none. The same channel-tochannel isolation levels and onboard features (scaling, alarming, etc.) are still available, but the tag
structure has been modified to accommodate modular automation and system definitions independent of
hardware configuration, making these modules more suitable for the process industry.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 Network Safety Servo
The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 network safety servo drive is designed to integrate control, motion and
safety – all on a single network. With the network safety capabilities in the drive, the zones are no longer
hard wired, which reduces wiring costs and installation time for safe torque-off. The new Kinetix 5500
network safety drive is in compliance with global safety standards, SIL 3, Ple.
Using the same configuration environment for Kinetix servo drives and Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drives, the
new network safety drive provides an easy to use integration of motion and safety. With the configuration in
the controller, the time for automatic replacement and safety validation is significantly increased.
Booth1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley XM-124 Standard Dynamic
Measurement Module
The Allen-Bradley XM-124 module is an intelligent, two-channel, general-purpose monitor. The module
supports monitoring of shaft, casing or pedestal vibration in rotating equipment such as turbines, motors,
pumps, compressors, fans and most other common rotating machinery where real-time condition
monitoring or protection is required. The XM-124 module is capable of dynamic measurements from as low
as 0.2 hertz (12 CPM), making it ideal for almost any speed or type of machine, from hydro turbines to
high-speed turbo compressors. The XM-124 module accepts input from any eddy current probe, standard
accelerometer, or any voltage output measurement device such as a velocity or pressure transducer. In
addition to dynamic inputs, the module accepts one tachometer input to provide speed, phase and order
analysis functions, making it capable of calculating over 14 critical parameters per channel. The module
includes a single onboard relay – expandable to five – and two 4-20mA outputs.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Dynamix 1444 Series
Monitoring System
The Allen-Bradley Dynamix 1444 series dynamic measurement module is a four-channel, general-purpose
monitor capable of serving almost any industrial machinery protection or condition monitoring application.
The module supports measurements of dynamic inputs such as vibration and pressure, as well as static
inputs such as thrust, eccentricity and rod drop. It can be used for monitoring shaft, casing and pedestal
vibration, shaft and rod position, casing expansion and other critical dynamic and position measurements
on rotating and reciprocating machinery.
To achieve this degree of adaptability the module combines an extraordinarily flexible firmware and an
incredibly powerful multiprocessor hardware platform.
The 1444-DYN04-01RA module is designed specifically for integration with Allen-Bradley Logix controllers,
connected across an industrial Ethernet network. This makes the 1444 series unequaled in its ability to
serve as a synergetic member of a larger total facility control and information management system.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Design and
Configuration Software v22
Rockwell Automation launched Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer in 2012 to begin the
development of an integrated design environment that enables users to easily program and configure all
aspects of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system.
In Studio 5000 v22, the system organizer provides an additional, central way to contextualize information to
those who need it, when they need it. For example, users will be able to organize information by the
specific plant site, line, machine or task. The new library management feature provides a more efficient
workflow for users to manage and store reusable content throughout the lifecycle. In addition, the modular
animation feature will allow users to add parameters to programs – interconnecting programs to reuse
blocks of machine and process for improved intellectual property management.
Booth 1205 – Integrated Architecture
Paul Whitney
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2100 and 2500
Motor Control Centers
Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2100 and 2500 motor control centers (MCCs) include the new Allen-Bradley
E300 overload relays for improved diagnostics to help users monitor motor performance and proactively
address motor issues – all on embedded EtherNet/IP. The MCCs also include an option for Allen-Bradley
PowerFlex 525 AC drives with standard embedded EtherNet/IP for up to 22kW/30Hp.
Allen-Bradley IntelliCENTER software v5.0 supports the new products and helps users remotely monitor
and diagnose an MCC system. The software architecture integration improves configuration time and
enhance troubleshooting and maintenance.
Booth 721 – Intelligent Motor Control
Stephanie Winterhalter
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Option Module for ATEX
Certification of Allen-Bradley PowerFlex
750-Series Drives
A new ATEX option module enables Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series AC drives to be used in systems
that require control of motors that are located in potentially explosive environments. When used with an 11Series I/O module and the ATEX daughter card option module, the PowerFlex 753 and 755 drives are TÜV
certified to stop providing energy to motors when motor temperature becomes too high. This helps to
eliminate the risk of explosion due to an over-temperature condition in the ATEX-certified motor. The
PowerFlex 750-Series drives feature a wide power range of 0.75 to 1500 kw and 1 to 2000 horsepower,
with all drive models using the same option module to achieve certification for ATEX Directive 94/9/EC – a
European Union directive that describes what equipment is allowed in an environment with a potentially
explosive atmosphere.
Booth 721 – Intelligent Motor Control
Stephanie Winterhalter
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 AC Drive
The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 AC drive helps users simplify equipment design and operation, and
speed installation and configuration. The latest in the 520-Series of next-generation compact drives, the
PowerFlex 523 AC drive features a modular design in power ranges from 0.18 to 11 kw or 0.25 to 15
horsepower at 100 to 600 volt input. Its flexible installation, energy savings and motor control options are
ideally suited for stand-alone machines. Users can easily configure the drive through its human-interface
module, Allen-Bradley Connected Components Workbench programming and configuration software.
Configuration has been made easier using Allen-Bradley AppView groups of pre-defined parameters for
common applications that can be applied “as is” or customized. PowerFlex 520-Series AC drives require
less panel space, have small clearance requirements for ventilation, and are rated for operation down to
minus 20 C (minus 4 F) and up to 70 C (158 F).
Booth 721 – Intelligent Motor Control
Stephanie Winterhalter
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series Drives
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series AC drives represent a comprehensive drive family with a growing
selection of features and options. Designed for flexibility, productivity and ease of use, these drives boast
an impressive power range extending from 0.75 kw/1 horsepower all the way up to 1500 kw/2000
horsepower and are available at 400/480/600/690 volts. And, because application conditions and
environments vary, PowerFlex 750-Series drives are available with a wide range of packaging alternatives.
In addition to wall-mount enclosures that offer a choice of environmental ratings and flange mount for extra
protection, PowerFlex 755 AC drives above 250 kw/350 horsepower feature a free-standing, floor-mount
design with a variety of packaging options ranging from highly flexible IP00 open styles to pre-engineered
power option bays, wiring bays and versatile empty option bays. Coordinated lineups with motor control
centers help customers reduce their footprint, cut installation time, decrease components and generate less
Booth 721 – Intelligent Motor Control
Stephanie Winterhalter
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage
Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 medium voltage AC drives now offer enhanced torque control capabilities.
Ideal for heavy-industry applications, such as hoists, drag lines, winches and test stands, the PowerFlex
7000 drive can deliver 100 percent torque at zero speed. This new capability continuously controls torque
around zero speed and provides a higher drive speed and torque response required for these applications.
Booth 721– Intelligent Motor Control
Stephanie Winterhalter
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation AADvance Workbench 2.0
for Safety and Critical Control
The AADvance Workbench 2.0 helps process safety applications get up and running faster. Ideally suited
for applications that require a flexible architecture, distributed safety and mixed SIL Levels, the AADvance
Workbench is a complete design, configuration and maintenance software environment.
The Workbench is validated to international standards, including IEC61508, IEC 61511 and ISA54, and is
certified by TüV for functional safety control installations. In addition, the AADvance system allows
companies to protect people, equipment and the environment by ensuring continuous operation of their
Booth 1235 – Process Solutions
Marilyn Muscenti
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation ControlLogix HART I/O
Requirements for product consistency/quality are elevating the importance of the control system to deliverrepeatable data 24/7.
The analog I/O’s ability to deliver accurate measurements and allow field device remote configuration and
diagnostic impacts this requirement. The Allen-Bradley ControLogix system incorporates solutions that
accommodate analog interface for higher levels of accuracy, HART capability and electrical isolation –
whether for “green” requirements or a DCS retrofit.
HART I/O modules provide full analog capability with the benefit of HART protocol for use locally or remote
mounting. They offer eight or 16 channels of analog input or output data with accompanying HART digital
information. These modules deliver:
• Convenience – Configure and monitor the analog and digital data from HART devices from a single
• Value – Devices can be interfaced directly to these modules, eliminating additional HART multiplexers,
lowering installation costs.
• Flexibility – With a variety of selectable features (range, time stamping and filter frequencies) they are
ideal for control and asset analog data and management applications.
Booth 1235 – Process Solutions
Marilyn Muscenti
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Library of
Process Objects 3.0
The Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Library of Process Objects is a predefined library of controller code
(add-on instructions), display elements (global objects), and faceplates that let users quickly assemble
large applications with proven strategies, rich functionality and known performance.
Built with consideration given to international standards such as color, functionality and symbols, these
objects are a good fit for many industry sectors.
Booth 1235 – Process Solutions
Marilyn Muscenti
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx
Sequencer Object
The Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Sequencer Object provides users with a quick and easy way to
automate procedures. It provides a flexible, controller-based, step sequencing solution independent of
application servers and software.
Users can automate procedures directly through a standard user interface without the need for custom
programming. The PlantPAx Sequencer Object can be employed for both simple and complex sequences
without costly re-engineering and testing, simply by adding the extra steps of the new larger process.
Leveraging the same configuration, networking and visualization environment associated with larger-scale
systems, the PlantPAx Sequencer Object provides system integrators, equipment builders and end users
with cost-effective options when integrating into a plantwide control system.
Booth 1235 – Process Solutions
Marilyn Muscenti
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Process
Automation System Release 3.0
The Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system includes all the core capabilities expected
in a world-class distributed control system and more. Built on a standards-based architecture that enables
multidisciplined control and easily integrates with a broad range of devices, it provides plantwide control
and optimization, unified IT infrastructure using EtherNet/IP, scalable and flexible architecture, and a global
network of local support.
The new system release provides enhancements to enable easier adoption of virtualization technologies in
an end-user's private cloud infrastructure. In addition, it offers additional system architecture options,
simplifies and streamlines plant operator workflow, and drives engineering efficiencies.
Booth 1235 – Process Solutions
Marilyn Muscenti
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Virtual Image
Templates 3.0
Rockwell Automation has launched the industry’s first production-grade virtual image templates to help
users quickly deploy preinstalled system servers, operator workstations and engineering workstations on
their virtualization infrastructure. The PlantPAx Virtual Image Templates deliver the core system elements
as preconfigured, drop-in templates on a USB hard drive. Delivered in an open, virtual-format file, and
officially supported and tested for use with VMWare vSphere, these templates take the time required to
install, update and activate a new system down to mere minutes.
Booth 1235 – Process Solutions
Marilyn Muscenti
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GSR-830
Safety Relay
The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GSR830 is a cost-effective and easy-to-use software-configurable safety
relay for safety applications with four to 10 safety circuits and up to two or three zones. Designed in the
compact Allen-Bradley Micro830 controller package, the GSR830 safety relay uses the Allen-Bradley
Connected Components Workbench programming environment. The workbench provides users with a
single programming environment for both standard and safety control devices, easing design and start-up.
The I/O and communication port expansion via function plug-ins makes the GSR830 safety relay a flexible
solution that saves precious panel space. Complementing the existing Guardmaster GSR family of
manually configured relay modules, the GSR830 safety relay closes the gap between single-function relays
and complete Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture solutions.
Booth 401 – Safety Solutions
Steve Ludwig
Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley SafeZone
Mini Safety Laser Scanner
The Allen-Bradley SafeZone mini safety laser scanner is a compact device that has a single configurable
safety field and up to two warning fields. Designed for stationary and mobile applications, it has a scanning
angle of 270 degrees. The safety configuration and diagnostic Windows-based software simplifies
programming of the scanner. This scanner is a flexible, rugged, cost-effective solution suited for a wide
range of industrial safety applications. Common uses for this safety scanner include personnel detection in
front of a machine or equipment hazards, particularly when a safety mat solution would require a
nonstandard or irregularly shaped configuration.
Booth 401 – Safety Solutions
Todd Bissell
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation Industrial Data Center
Virtualization has become widely adopted as a standard in the information technology industry and is a
growing trend in the manufacturing and production industries. Rockwell Automation now offers the
Industrial Data Center to help realize cost savings through a pre-engineered, scalable infrastructure that
enables users to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on virtualized servers.
This pre-configured solution eases the transition to virtualization, saving time and money. To eliminate the
need to order multiple pieces of equipment and hiring the correctly certified IT professionals to get it up and
running, Rockwell Automation has created a suite of equipment from industry leaders that is preconfigured
specifically for all production industries. All equipment is shipped together and a Rockwell Automation
engineer will come on-site and execute the installation.
Booth 735 – Solutions & Services
Angelique Fehr
Rockwell Automation
AMCI 3-in-1 Motion Controller Combines
EtherNet/IP and Rugged IP67 Rating
The AMCI 3-in-1 integrated motion control package incorporates IP67 protection and rugged M12
connectors for exceptional durability. The M12-connector option eliminates the vulnerability associated
with RJ45-style connectors in industrial environments where cable flex and contaminants are a persistent
issue. The optional IP67 rating offers superior protection in washdown environments such as food and
beverage, industrial rinses and other harsh conditions.
The SMD23E combines a NEMA frame size 23 stepper motor, powerful DC-powered microstepping drive
and motion controller into a single package to ease installation and reduce cabling. Communication with the
PLC or PAC (host controller) is handled via EtherNet/IP, and programming is done directly through the host
controller’s software. This cost-effective solution provides a complete axis of motion control with
guaranteed performance and compatibility across a range of applications.
Booth 1115 – AMCI
Bob Alesio
Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI)
Endress+Hauser Liquiline Multichannel Analytical
Transmitter CM44x new with EtherNet/IP™
The Liquiline CM44x multiparameter transmitter with ISEmax CAS40D and Oxymax optical COS61D
sensors accurately and efficiently measures the levels of ammonium, nitrate and dissolved oxygen.
Seamless integration into Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture™ is now possible with
EtherNet/IP™ communication protocol.
With Memosens technology, one controller can now be used for all parameters. The modular four-wire
transmitter is available in versions from one channel to eight channels, and can be extended at any time.
Users can easily swap or mix and match any combination of sensors, because the CM44x transmitter
recognizes the sensor and will begin operating immediately. Memosens sensors are pre-calibrated and
sensor-specific data is stored in the sensor.
Booth 1335 – Endress+Hauser
Tracy Doane-Weideman
Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology™
With the new and innovative Heartbeat Technology™, it is possible to monitor, diagnose and verify a flow
meter’s capabilities to ensure proper operation and function. Heartbeat Technology is continuously online
evaluating a meter’s diagnostics and sensor integrity. In the case of a diagnostic problem, actionable
remedy instructions are provided for fast and safe troubleshooting. The self-monitoring Heartbeat
Technology significantly extends calibration life cycles.
Through Heartbeat Monitoring, continuous quantitative data can be used to enhance process operations
and helps users make proactive improvements to reduce maintenance costs. Product safety is assured
with Heartbeat Technology’s safe and simple usage. A traceable, verification report can be activated via the
local display, Web server or available system integration interfaces without interrupting the process.
Greater flow-meter confidence is achieved with Heartbeat Technology™ by ensuring higher process
reliability regardless of conditions.
Booth 1335 – Endress+Hauser
Jerry Stevens
HPS Centurion® R Series Line Reactor
Hammond Power Solutions is introducing a new line of reactors to reduce product size and improve
performance. The Centurion® R line reactors provide extra protection for drives, and are now UL listed for
both open core and enclosed configurations. They are available in standard ratings from 0.5HP to 1200HP,
up to 600V (690V with de-rating) and are fully compliant with UL, CSA, IEC and NEMA.
The powerful and reliable HPS Centurion® R Line Reactors are built to satisfy the power
quality needs of the most demanding drive processes and can be integrated with Allen-Bradley
PowerFlex® drives. Hammond Power Solutions offers users this cost-effective solution in electrical noise
reduction, power-line disturbances, reflected motor voltages and nuisance tripping.
Booth 1538 – Hammond Power Solutions Inc.
Mike Van Gheem
Hammond Power Solutions
HPS EnduraCoilTM Cast-Resin Transformer
To complement its VPI offering, HPS has introduced a new line of cast-resin transformers, the HPS
EnduraCoilTM.. HPS EnduraCoil transformers are designed and constructed for maximum performance in
harsh environments. These cast-resin transformers are CSA certified and suitable for even the most
challenging commercial and industrial applications, generally found in data centers and marine,
petrochemical, and pulp and paper industries.
The coils of the HPS EnduraCoil are formed with mineral-filled epoxy that is reinforced with fiberglass and
cast to provide complete, void-free resin impregnation throughout the entire insulation system. This
innovation allows greater electrical dependability and additional resilience, resulting in better performance
of withstanding short-circuits.
Booth 1538 – Hammond Power Solutions Inc.
Mike Van Gheem
Hammond Power Solutions
Hardy HI 6500 Weight Processor
The Hardy HI 6500 series of weight processors is designed for seamless integration into Rockwell
Automation manufacturing platforms with standardized EtherNet/IP, AOPs, AOIs and faceplates to reduce
the total cost of design, development and deployment (TCD^3).
The HI 6500 will process and output stabilized weight data from analog load cells commonly found in noisy
industrial weighing applications. The HI 6500 is perfect for systems integrators, OEMs and machine
builders for inventory management, batch, blending, filling, dispensing, check weighing or any other
application where stable, fast and precise weight-based controls are critical functions.
With the largest screen in its instrument class, the HI 6500 weight processor can display weight readings
from up to four instruments at the same time on one display, which serves as an easy-to-use scale
interface. Delivered with the Hardy Process Toolbox™, service and support are made easy with C2®
(automatic calibration), IT (Integrated Technician®) and an embedded Web server. The Hardy 6500 series
is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership and save users valuable integration time.
Booth 1240– Hardy Process Solutions
Rodger Jeffery
Hardy Process Solutions
Helm Instrument Co. Inc.
HM1734-LCP Load Cell Power Module
The HM1734-LCP Load Cell Power Module is a self-contained power bridge designed to provide bridge
excitation. The excitation voltage is +5 VDC. It’s designed for installation on the din rail next to the
HM1734-WM Weigh Scale module for an easy user interface. The power module can accept up to four
load cells and is well suited for interface with load cells configured at less than 350 ohms.
Booth 1441 – Helm Instrument
Mary Tice
Helm Instrument
Helm Instrument Co. Inc.
HM1734-PLM Strain Gage Input Module
The HM1734-PLM is a single channel strain gage input module designed for dynamic-force monitoring.
The module, with 12-bit resolution and a 100 microsecond conversion rate, will accept input from the Helm
HT-400 strain gage sensor and any industry standard 350 ohm load cell. The module monitors high and
low alarm settings and is capable of accepting a cam input for high speed processes. The HM1734-PLM
module is ideal for a variety of tonnage monitoring applications including pharmaceutical tablet
manufacturing, metalforming, thermoforming and various assembly operations.
Booth 1441 – Helm Instrument
Mary Tice
Helm Instrument
Enhanced EFM Exporter for KEPServerEX
Many oil and gas pipeline flow devices and flow computers have the ability to store raw historical flow data
and perform computations on this data. KEPServerEX drivers with electronic flow measurement (EFM)
capabilities poll devices and retrieve data on an interval basis. The EFM Exporter Plug-In for KEPServerEX
creates appropriately formatted output files that may be uploaded into flow analysis or accounting plug-in
software, such as FLOWCAL and PGAS for custody transfer purposes, or now be directly imported into
SQL databases. The EFM Exporter is included in Kepware’s EFM Product Suite for KEPServerEX, which
also includes ABB Totalflow, Enron Modbus, Fisher ROC/ROC+, and OMNI Flow Computer drivers. Visit to learn more.
Booth 1509 – Kepware Technologies
Torey Penrod-Cambra
Kepware Technologies
Security Policies Plug-In for KEPServerEX
The Security Policies Plug-In for KEPServerEX allows administrators to selectively assign security access
permissions to individual objects (such as channels, devices and tags) based on the role of a user
interacting with the Runtime project. The plug-in is used in conjunction with the server’s User Manager,
which is used to manage user groups, users, and default security settings. Changes made to the security
access permissions will be applied dynamically as they occur, and do not require the Runtime to restart or
reinitialize. Because the Security Policies Plug-In provides role-based security down to the tag level, it
delivers the functionality and flexibility needed to help meet security requirements in even the most complex
automated environments. Visit to learn more.
Booth 1509 – Kepware Technologies
Torey Penrod-Cambra
Kepware Technologies
L3100 Series Ground and Phase Detector
The EL3100 meets the NEC 250.21 and the CEC 10-106(2) requirements for ground detectors for
ungrounded AC systems. It also can be used as a phase-voltage indication system for grounded threephase systems. Three high-intensity green LEDs can indicate the presence of phase-to-ground voltage by
dimming one of the lights, while one red LED indicates a ground fault. The low-voltage remote LEDs are
panel-door mounted and allow an operator to view the status without being exposed to high voltage or
having to open the door. In addition, the LEDs are waterproof and can be used in outdoor applications.
Booth 601 – Littelfuse
Eva Jelezova
Industrial Shock Block SB6100
The Littelfuse Industrial Shock Block is the first and only UL listed Industrial GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit
Interrupter) for personnel protection at 480V/600V. A ground fault occurs when there is a break in the
intended electrical path resulting in electricity trying to get to the ground by the shortest path, which could
be through a person. This can result in electrical shock and even death. The SB6100 detects leakage
current by monitoring the ground wire for continuity and interrupts the circuit if it senses a change in the
current, significantly reducing or eliminating the shock potential. This product is ideal for people protection,
especially in areas where water is consistently present, such as in food and beverage facilities, processing
operations, and water and wastewater plants. SB6100 provides reliable and superior personnel protection
compared to any other product on the market.
Booth 601 – Littelfuse
Eva Jelezova
MTE Corporation’s SineWave GuardianTM
Motor Protection Filter
Improve efficiency, motor life and the bottom line with the new SineWave GuardianTM from MTE – the
power quality experts. Motor protection and power quality don’t have to be a mystery. MTE makes it easy.
Case in point: the new SineWave Guardian filter. This best-in-class filter delivers unequalled performance
in cleaning the PWM waveforms generated by VFDs.
It virtually eliminates high-frequency content and voltage peaks, thereby reducing motor heating and lowing
audible noise to give you extended motor life – and less downtime. The SineWave Guardian also offers
incredible reliability and durability. It runs cooler and tolerates higher ambient temperatures, making it ideal
for a variety of applications from steel mills to oil fields. Its modular design and smaller footprint make it
easier to integrate and install. It all adds up to the best sine wave filter, and the best value, on the market
Booth 635 – MTE Corporation
Chad Burks
MTE Corporation
MYNAH Technologies
MiMiC Simulation Software v3.5
MYNAH Technologies has released MiMiC v3.5, dynamic, multi-purpose simulation software for plant lifecycle business results. MiMiC addresses the need to improve the operations of process plants through the
use of dynamic simulation for control system development, testing and optimization, operator training,
process hazard analysis review and operational excellence (OPEx) initiatives. MiMiC v3.5 Simulation
Software offers:
Complex Dynamic Models for Less Time and Cost – MiMiC v3.5 includes seven new Advanced
Modeling Objects that are easy to configure and maintain, significantly reducing the time and cost
required to develop dynamic process simulations.
Operator Training Systems Easier to Build and Maintain – MiMC’s Instructor Station application
includes significant enhancements for quicker instructor training screen building and better run-time
Easier Integration with PlantPAxTM Simulators
MiMiC provides the easiest integration with PlantPAxTM systems of any dynamic simulation
platform. MiMiC v3.5 offers significant enhancements for direct connection to Physical PLC and
RSLogix ™ Emulate using EtherNet/IP and Open OPC.
Booth 1212 – MYNAH Technologies
Noelle Hasser
MYNAH Technologies
Panduit Integrated Network Zone System
As rapid advancements in networking, computing, data storage and software capabilities increase the value
of automation systems, engineers are under pressure to refresh machine and plantwide systems with
solutions that merge information and control data.
The Integrated Network Zone System enables seamless communications between control rooms and the
manufacturing floors within industrial facilities. Available in three family configurations, the system includes
an Allen-Bradley Stratix Industrial Switch for faster deployment. Additional functionality and benefits
One part number that includes all the physical infrastructure and Allen-Bradley components
NEMA-rated 4/12 enclosure with structured cabling and cable management integrated together
Factory-assembled, tested and validated for optimal performance – UL508
Segregates high power with touch-safe environments
Significantly reduces the amount of effort and complication when integrating the plant floor and
enterprise networks, with up to a 75 percent reduction in deployment time
Reduces downtime with a network system that provides simple and easy moves, adds and
changes (MACs)
Booth 1327 – PANDUIT
Paul Herbst
Panduit Opti-Core® IndustrialNet™
PCF Fiber Cables and LC Connectors
Fiber cabling is becoming pervasive in the industrial automation market. Robust fiber is required for
industrial applications including direct connect, device-level rings and uplinks. Users are often cautious
when considering whether to deploy fiber, with concerns that fiber cabling is too complicated and expensive
to specify, design, and install.
Panduit introduces industrialrated Polymer Coated Fiber (PCF) Media for harsh, industrial environments
where demand for mechanical integrity and reliability is high.
A reliable fiber media that is easy to terminate
Terminates like a CATV 'F' connector – in less than a minute.
No polish is required after the crimp. The cleave tool cleaves the fiber at the tip of the connector.
Performs connector end-face cleaving in seconds.
No need for conduit.
Fiber networks result in higher bandwidth and long distances, faster convergence, high security
applications and high EMI/noise.
Deploying Panduit Polymer Coated Fiber (PCF) Cable
Booth 1327 – PANDUIT
Ted Bourlard
Hoffman® Vortex A/C Enclosure Coolers,
Hazardous Locations
Hoffman® Hazardous Location Vortex A/C Enclosure Coolers keep electrical and electronic enclosures
cool, clean and protected. With almost no moving parts, these enclosure coolers deliver dependable
operation. A slight pressurization is maintained in the enclosure to keep electronic components clean and
dry. Vortex A/C models are also thermostatically controlled to maintain cabinet temperatures within a
specified range to ensure electronic components remain cool and operational. Certified to Class I, Division
2, Class II, Division 2, and Class III, Division 2, these coolers are a highly reliable and virtually
maintenance-free cooling solution to be used in hazardous environments.
Booth 801 – Pentair Equipment Protection
Lisa Salmi
Hoffman® Purge and Pressurization Offering
For applications that must reside in hazardous areas, Hoffman® provides its Purge and Pressurization
offering. Purging an enclosure removes potential explosive gases. Pressurization maintains a higher
pressure inside the cabinet that keeps outside explosive gas from entering. Using a purge and
pressurization system on a general purpose enclosure provides an economical solution for many
applications, especially larger control cabinets where thick-wall, heavy-cast steel enclosures are
unavailable or impractical.
The Hoffman Purge and Pressurization offering meets IEC Ex, ATEX, FM, and UL approvals covering
IEC/EN 60079-2 and NFPA 496 requirements which makes it ideal for global applications.
Booth 801 – Pentair Equipment Protection
Brian Mordick
Hoffman® ZONEX™ Enclosures
For applications that must reside in hazardous areas, Hoffman® provides its ZONEX™ offering. Hoffman’s
ZONEX offering is available in Stainless Steel Type 304 and 316 and Glass Reinforced Polyester. Screw
cover versions are ideal for small simple terminations while the hinged offering provides for larger
equipment protection. All ZONEX enclosures provide for either interior panels, DIN rails or both in mounting
internal equipment. ZONEX meets demanding industry standards while providing superior corrosion
protection for terminations and equipment.
ZONEX is ideal for protecting equipment and terminations when the enclosures are located in hazardous
areas. It meets NEC 500, NEC 505, IEC Ex, and ATEX requirements which make it ideal for global
Booth 801 – Pentair Equipment Protection
Brian Mordick
Hoffman® Hazardous Location Enclosure
Hoffman Hazardous Location Breather Drains prevent moisture build-up within hazardous approved
enclosures in hazardous environments. With IECEx and ATEX approval, these drains are ideal for
preventing the formation of condensation when an installation is subject to fluctuations in temperature in
hazardous locations.
Hoffman Hazardous Location Window Kits are IECEx and ATEX certified and are designed to be used on
Increased Safety enclosures in hazardous environments. Window frames are made with heavy-gauge Type
316 stainless steel.
Hoffman Hazardous Location Hole Seals are designed for use in hazardous environments to seal extra
push-button holes, conduit openings and knockout openings against dust, dirt, oil and water.
Booth 801 – Pentair Equipment Protection
Lisa Salmi
Explosion-Proof Rotary Sensors from
The POSITAL-FRABA IXARC rotary sensors with explosion-proof housings are ATEX and IECEx-certified
for use in environments with potentially dangerous levels of explosive gases or dust. These reliable and
highly accurate devices are available in single- or multi-turn versions and can be ordered with the most
commonly-used communications interfaces, including DeviceNet, CANopen and EtherNet/IP (forthcoming).
SSI IP67-rated seals and housing protect the internal components from dust and moisture. A wide range of
mounting and coupling options are offered to ensure that these sensors are easy to integrate into new or
existing motion control systems. IXARC explosion-proof rotary sensors are especially useful in oil and gas,
mining applications, chemical plants, woodworking factories and grain milling operations.
Booth 1628 – Posital FRABA Inc.
Jarrod Orszulak
Powerit Solutions Spara Demand Manager
Spara Hub™ and Spara Demand Manager technology link industrial facilities with the smart grid so
customers can effortlessly control energy use for savings and sustainability. Spara DM™ uses
sophisticated load prediction and control algorithms, built-in load-shedding intelligence, and data drawn
from industrial equipment, electricity meters and utility transmissions to optimize facility energy use.
Customers define rules for controlling loads, and then use the system to manage energy use for cost
savings, efficiency, and maximum feasible participation in demand response and other smart grid
programs, without compromising production.
Offering a suite of demand management solutions, Spara DM brings real-time utility pricing information to
energy use decisions and automates a facility’s response to grid status. Spara supports the following
strategies: meaningful peak demand control, demand response participation, and dynamic pricing
response. Spara is designed to interface with existing automation equipment and a broad range of
industrial loads.
Booth 943 – Powerit Solutions
Jack Perkins
Powerit Solutions
EtherNet/IP to Allen-Bradley Remote I/O or DH+
Gateway AN-X2-AB-DHRIO
The ProSoft Technology AN-X gateways are powerful migration tools designed to allow Allen-Bradley
ControlLogix PACs to control Legacy I/O platforms such as Remote I/O, DH+, Modicon S908, Texas
Instruments 505, and GE Genius. The AN-X gateways also allow classic Allen-Bradley PanelView terminals
and Allen-Bradley drives on remote I/O to be upgraded to a new PanelView Plus 6 or PowerFlex drive on
Booth 1101 – ProSoft Technology
Ken Roslan
ProSoft Technology
802.11abgn Fast Industrial Hotspot RLX2-IHNF
The 802.11abgn Fast Industrial Hotspot is an advanced, high-speed wireless Ethernet solution designed for
critical manufacturing and process control systems. It offers a broad range of industrial wireless
capabilities, including unique features such as Fast Roaming and advanced packet handling, ideal for highspeed material handling and manufacturing systems.
These new capabilities provide seamless high-speed Ethernet connections for machines and platforms
traveling long distances in assembly plants, crane systems, automated guided vehicles and mining. The
secure, high-speed wireless network reduces project costs, while improving productivity by eliminating
mechanical festooning, rails and slip rings for economical and reliable mobile applications. For more
information please visit
Booth 1101 – ProSoft Technology
Ken Roslan
ProSoft Technology
Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP for CompactLogix
L3s & L2s, MVI69E/L-MBS & MVI69E/L-MBTCP
ProSoft Technology announces scalable solutions for Allen-Bradley CompactLogix users who need
connectivity to Modbus Serial and Modbus TCP/IP solutions. These modules enable CompactLogix
controllers to communicate to devices using the Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.
The Enhanced Modbus communication module (MVI69E-MBS and MVI69E-MBTCP) families are high
performance products designed for all applications and offer 10,000 words of data, as well as two isolated
serial ports (MBS) and additional Client/Server commands (MBTCP).
The Lite Modbus communication modules (MVI69L-MBS and MVI69L-MBTCP) offer 240 words of I/O data
and are designed for small to mid-range applications. Lite modules offer a single isolated serial port (MBS)
and fewer Client/Server commands (MBTCP).
The Enhanced and Lite Modbus and Modbus TCP families have tight integration into Rockwell Software
RSLogix 5000 software and support back-up of their configuration data in the controller for simplified
disaster recovery. They also feature remote diagnostics and configuration over Ethernet. The ProSoft
Enhanced and Lite communication modules come with an Add-on Profile and an Add-on Instruction to
reduce commissioning time.
Booth 1101 – ProSoft Technology
Ken Roslan
ProSoft Technology
Modbus Serial Module for CompactLogix L1s and
Point I/O Adapters
ILX34-MBS232, ILX34-MBS485
If you need in-chassis Modbus Serial connectivity for your Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 L1 controller
or distributed Point I/O system, ProSoft Technology has the solution with our ILX34-MBS232/485 modules.
The modules can be configured as a Modbus Master or Slave and communicate via RS232, RS422 or
RS485. We have used the Rockwell Automation “Premiere Integration” technology, such as Add-on Profiles
and Add-on Instructions, to simplify module configuration. We have also stored the configuration of the
module directly in the Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 project for disaster recovery. The modules can also
be removed and reinserted under power, reducing maintenance time.
Booth 1101 – ProSoft Technology
Ken Roslan
ProSoft Technology
Spectrum Controls
1734 2-Channel Point HART Output
The release of our two-channel analog output module with HART protocol for the Allen-Bradley 1734
POINT I/O™ platform, along with Spectrum Controls' previously released Analog+HART and Universal
input modules for POINT I/O, provide powerful new functionality to OEMs, solution providers and end
users, especially in distributed I/O and small to mid-range process applications. POINT I/O modules offer
granularity and low cost of ownership, with easy installation into compact panel spaces. Additionally, these
1734 universal and HART modules serve as expansion I/O for Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ 5370 L1
controllers, bringing the robust capabilities of Logix-based control systems to smaller machines, and
providing cost effective plant-wide integration.
As with all Spectrum Controls I/O solutions, the new POINT I/O Universal and HART modules use licensed
Rockwell Automation technology, can be set up with your existing RSLogix software, and are supported by
Rockwell Automation’s TechConnect program.
Booth 1015 – Spectrum Controls
Neal Meldrum
Spectrum Controls
Spectrum Controls
2080 4-Channel Thermistor Input
Plug-In Module
The 2080 Thermistor module is your low cost solution for temperature measurement that can provide fully
linearized temperature measurements or a wide range of resistance inputs. Compatible with Allen-Bradley
Micro830 and Micro850 controllers, the new 2080sc-NTC module is easily configured using your existing
CCW programming software.
Features such as input type, open circuit detection, and high- and low-range alarms are individually
programmable for each channel. With 4 channels of thermistor/resistance input, NTC thermistor support, as
well as 250 VDC channel-to-chassis ground isolation; the 2080 Thermistor module offers the functionality of
a dedicated analog input module without compromising performance or price.
The 2080sc-NTC is well-suited for applications that require low-cost temperature measurement.
Applications include upstream and downstream temperature measurement in air handlers, ambient zone
temperature measurement, and air flow measurements.
Booth 1015 – Spectrum Controls
Neal Meldrum
Spectrum Controls
Spectrum Controls
WebPort: New Release Version 1.4
Avoid expensive, time-consuming site visits. Extend your service model by proactively tracking your critical
data. WebPort increases uptime and improves efficiency through remote access and active monitoring.
As the proven solution for Rockwell Automation Virtual Support Engineer, WebPort is a complete remote
access solution with unmatched ease-of-use, end-to-end connectivity, data access and event notifications.
The Complete WebPort solution couples the WebPort hardware with the WebPort Connects cloud-based
service to provide a secure global VPN connection, without the high cost of building and supporting a VPN
infrastructure. The Complete WebPort solution promises remote programming, diagnostics, reporting,
alarming, definable user roles, cloud storage, data logging and much more!
As a part of the 1.4 release, the cellular WebPort has been upgraded to a more robust, international 3G
modem. Other upgrades include one-to-one network address translation (NAT), FTP enhancements,
reporting upgrades, improved VPN connection, and Modbus emulator.
Booth 1015 – Spectrum Controls
Neal Meldrum
Spectrum Controls
Spectrum Controls
New InView EtherNet/IP™ Comms Module
Whether it’s process alarming, safety messages, inventory data or congratulating the team, InView delivers
the right information at the right time to the right place.
With the new EtherNet/IP Comms module, InView is now Web-based, OS independent, and best of all,
easy-to-use! Replacing the old Rockwell Automation IMS software with a new, easy-to-use user interface,
served directly from the Comms module, has transformed the entire InView programming experience.
Compatible with existing InView projects, the new Comms module only displays the relevant settings to the
user, and utilizes context-sensitive help to guide the user each step of the way.
InView message displays are available in a variety of sizes and offer varying display lines, character sizes,
message colors, fonts and messaging effects. Messages are viewable up to 450 feet away, depending on
the model. The displays can be integrated with existing networks, including Ethernet/IP, ControlNet and
Booth 1015 – Spectrum Controls
Neal Meldrum
Spectrum Controls
Tolomatic’s ERD Series Electric
Rod-style Actuators
Tolomatic’s ERD electric cylinders are now available in six models with forces up to 4,500 lbf (20.01 kN)
and a variety of ball screw and roller screw lead options. This expanded force range can handle
applications for replacing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. ERD electric cylinders are available in 300series stainless steel with IP67 or IP69K options. Two new sizes (ERD25 and ERD30) employ a hygienic
USDA approved design. ERD is a perfect solution for food and beverage processing applications or any
extreme environment requiring wash-down protection or corrosion resistance. Models are available in
reverse parallel or in-line motor mounting configurations for most food grade or stainless-steel servo or
stepper motors, and the ERD is compatible with all Allen-Bradley servo motors. Strokes can be
incrementally configured from 0 to 40 inches (0 to 1016 mm). ERD cylinders are perfect for volumetric
filling, pumping, cutting/chopping, diverting/sorting, pressing, machine changeovers and more.
Booth 1525 – Tolomatic
Aaron Dietrich
Tolomatic Inc.
MLX100 Robot Gateway Yaskawa
Motoman Robotics
Yaskawa Motoman Robotics presents the most innovative way to program robots with full functionality
using the familiar Allen-Bradley PLC/PAC interface.
The MLX100 Robot Gateway™ module plugs into the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix chassis and
communicates with the processor on the back plane. The gateway module is packed with the motion
planner and robot kinematics.
A wide range of Motoman® robots with payloads varying from 5 kg to 300 kg are available on this platform.
Booth 309 – Yaskawa Motoman
Shishir Rege
Yaskawa Motoman Robotics
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