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Instruction Manual
Thank you for choosing the SaunaGen® Infrared Sauna!
Revision 1.03.072005
Introduction, benefits, highlights……………………………………………………...2
Installation requirements……………………………………………………………....2
Installation procedure………………………………………………………………….3-9
Operation Warnings……………………………………………………………………11
Trouble Shooting………………………………………………………………………11-12
Packing List…………………………………………………………………………….13
Warranty Registration Card…………………………………………………………...15
1. Introduction
SaunaGen welcomes you to the most affordable infrared sauna in the nation!
We also congratulate you on
your new path to better health! Thousands of users enjoy the benefits of infrared saunas every day.
saunas help you burn calories, reduce toxins, relieve pain and even clear complexions. Now you can enjoy the great
benefits of far-infrared heat within the privacy of your own home.
SaunaGen strives to deliver superior home health products at an affordable price.
Our list of clients grows
daily and we believe that your success is our success. Our staff has over 15 years of combined professional
experience and is ready to provide you with excellent customer service.
2. Health & Beauty Benefits
Relieve pain: The far-infrared rays of a SaunaGen sauna accelerate the blood circulation and supply more
oxygen to the body.
Increased blood circulation diminishes inflammation, relieves pain, and speeds up recovery.
Infrared saunas have also been used to treat bursitis, rheumatism, arthritis, and hemorrhoids.
Increased blood
circulation not only alleviates internal ailments, but also skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and scars. Good
circulation is essential for smooth and firm skin.
Burn calories & fat: The far-infrared rays of the SaunaGen sauna eliminate extra salt and subcutaneous fat.
Burn up to 600 calories in one half hour session versus a half hour of jogging which burns 300 calories, and a half
hour of cycling burns 225 calories.
Relax your body and mind: Use the built-in CD player to listen to your favorite music to relax and reduce
stress. Infrared saunas also improve; often cure insomnia, and other stress related disorders.
Reduce toxins and improve complexions: Sweating in a lower temperature environment activates the sweat
glands and expels toxins from the skin.
a. High quality craftsmanship
b. Automatic thermostat for constant temperature
Timer and buzzer: buzzer sounds 5 minutes before the end of session
d. Digital sensor and thermometer
e. Infrared heating pipes
AM/FM Car Stereo w/ CD player and speakers (room style model only)
1. Installation requirements
a. Do not plug any other appliances into the outlet with your SaunaGen infrared sauna.
b. Install the sauna on a completely level floor.
Do not spray the exterior with water. If the floor is damp, install a floor separator to keep the sauna high & dry.
Do not store flammable objects or chemical substances near the sauna.
Installation procedure
Sauna Room:
1. Structure of Infrared Sauna. See FIG-1
2. One unit packed into two cartons. See FIG-2
FIG-2 two cartons
FIG-2.1 carton no.
Check the C/NO. on both cartons if they are the same. If not, please notify the store/website you purchased your
SaunaGen Infrared Sauna. For example, C/NO: 002 1 OF 2 and C/NO:
2 OF 2
are for one unit. See FIG-2.1
Make sure all parts are present before installing the unit. See packing list below.
A. User manual
B. Bottom board
C. Back Board
D. Left side board
F. Sitting baffle
G. Sitting board
H. Back rest
I. Front board
K. External top board
L. CD Player
M. CD player back cover
P. Left back side board
Q. Right back side board
E. Right side board
J. Internal top board
N. Screwdriver
Towel shelf
3. Place the bottom board in the desired location of your sauna, and make sure which side is the front and which
side is the back. See FIG-3.
Placing bottom floor
Assembling left back-side board
Align the left back side board with bottom board’s corresponding battens; make sure they are in line. See FIG-4
Align the right back side board with bottom board’s corresponding battens; make sure left board fits flush into left
back-side board. See FIG-5
Assembling right back-side board
The latch has a guide tab that must be placed in the guide slot for alignment. Pick up the back panel (hold it upright
to the floor panel) and place the tab in the slot, do not latch at this time. When the back wall and the front wall/side
wall are set together on the floor panel, close and pin the latches. See Figure 6
Align the right side board with bottom board’s corresponding battens, make sure right side board fits flush into right
back-side board. Latch it. See FIG-7
FIG-7 Assembling right side board
Assembling left side board
Align the left side board with bottom board’s corresponding battens; make sure left side board fits flush into left back
side board. Latch it. See FIG-8
Hold the long sitting baffle with heater along the left back side board, and the right side board’s corresponding slot
then place it vertically into these slots. Note: Please make sure this board is in the slot; otherwise the sitting board
will become unstable. See FIG-9
FIG-9 Assembling long sitting baffle
FIG-10 Assembling short sitting baffle
10. Hold the short sitting baffle along the left sideboard, and the long sitting baffle’s corresponding slot then place it
vertically into these slots. Notes: Do make sure this board is in the slot; otherwise the sitting board will become
unstable. See FIG-10
11. Connect the electrical wire in the left and right back board with corresponding wire in the sitting baffle. Note: Please
make sure they are tightly connected; otherwise the heater will not work. See FIG-11
FIG-11 Connecting wire
FIG-12 Assembling sitting board
12. Put the sitting board horizontally on corresponding battens of the right back side board. See FIG-12, 12.1
FIG-12.1 Assembling sitting board
FIG-13 Fix the backrest with screws
FIG-13.1 Fixing backrest with screws
13. Screw the backrest onto the backboard.
FIG-14 Assembling front board
See FIG-13, 13.1
14. Align the front board with bottom board’s corresponding battens, and then latch it with the left and right boards
respectively. Note: Take caution of the glass door to avoid damage. See FIG-14.
15. Take out the car stereo with CD player, check its spare parts, put the stereo into the CD frame. Then screw the
attached stereo support to the stereo. See FIG-15, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3 Note: CD player on selected model only.
Checking CD spare parts
FIG-15.1 Fixing CD
FIG-15.2 Fix the CD to the metal support
FIG-15.3 Lock the CD with its metal support
17. Put all of the wires outside to leave enough space for setting up the top board (section 9). See FIG-16. Open the
door, raise the top board high enough to see if it fits with the surrounding boards, and then put down.
FIG-16 Assembling internal top board
FIG-17 Leading the wires of heaters onto the
board through the corresponding hole
18. During the course of putting down the internal top board, make sure all the wires (mentioned above) and
connecting plugs are slipped through the corresponding holes of the top board. All these wires will be led into
connecting with the controller on the internal top board. See FIG-17
19. All the infrared heaters are pre-assembled. See FIG-18. Connect all the wires and connectors to the
corresponding outlets on the top board. Please be sure that all the plugs are connected tightly.
FIG-18 Connectors on the external top board
FIG-19 Put down the wires into the sauna cabin
20. After that, put down the power plugs of the speakers, temperature sensor, control panel and CD player through
the hole near the fan on the top board. See FIG 19
21. All the wirings from top board should be linked with corresponding connectors of the control panel, the CD player,
the temperature sensor and the radio antenna. Otherwise, the sauna will not function if any connections are
missed. See FIG 20-23.
FIG-20 Link the CD connectors
FIG-21 Link the sensor connectors
FIG-22 Link the control panel connectors
FIG-23 link the antenna connectors
21. Take down the bag of screws affixed to the CD box; use a cross screwdriver to screw in the CD Box over the CD
player. See FIG-24, 24.1
FIG-24 CD player back cover and screws
FIG-24.1 Fix the CD player back cover with screws
Making sure all steps are finished correctly, plug in the power and try using the sauna at first to make sure it will
work properly. Then put the external top board over the internal top board, and take out the power plug through the
corresponding hole in the external top board. See FIG-25
FIG-25 Take out the power plug through external top board
FIG-26 Fix the external board with screw
23. Take the screws affixed on the external top board, then set up the board using the cross screwdriver. See FIG-26
24. Installation completed.
1. Precautions
a. Check all the circuitry and the plug meet all requirements.
b. Set the temperature and time to a comfortable level, normally, 30 minutes at 120ºF.
Drink a cup of water before the sauna session.
d. After 2 hours of continuous use, shut the sauna down for one hour.
e. To avoid burns, do not touch the heating element.
2. Operation
a. Only plug the SaunaGen into a 110-120volt-wall outlet. Do not share the outlet with any other appliances.
the unit into the outlet and use the ON/OFF switch to activate the sauna.
Sauna should be unplugged when
not in use.
b. Press the ‘temperature’ button to increase or decrease the temperature. If the ‘heat’ light is on, the temperature
setting will increase one degree every time the ‘+’ button is pushed. If pressed for three seconds, the setting will
increase quickly. Decrease the temperature in the same manner by pressing the ‘-‘ button.
After the sauna
reaches the desired temperature, the ‘heat’ light turns off.
Press the ‘light’ button to turn the interior light on and off.
d. If the sauna is too stuffy, open the vent in the ceiling or open the front door.
e. After your sauna session, turn off, and unplug the power cable.
To set the time press the ‘function’ button until the ‘time” button blinks. Press the ‘+’and ‘-‘ buttons to set the timer
from 5 to 90 minutes. If pressed for three seconds, the timer will increase quickly. When the display reads ‘05’,
the timer will buzzes then the machine will shut off automatically after 5 minutes. To extend the sauna session,
reset the timer again.
3. CD Player
Please read the instruction of our car stereo with CD player.
1. Safety precautions
a. To avoid fire, do not dry clothes or leave any towels in the sauna.
b. To prevent burns or electric shocks, do not touch or use metal tools on the net cover of the far infrared heater
While in the sauna, do not touch the light bulb. If the bulb needs to be changed, switch it off and wait until the
sauna is shut off and the bulb is cool
d. Do not spray water on the far-infrared tube.
This activity may result in electric shock or damage to the heater
e. Do not use the SaunaGen infrared sauna if you have any of the following conditions:
1. Open wounds
2. Eye diseases
3. Sever sunburns
4. Elderly & weak people, especially those suffering from a disease, pregnant women and infants are
prohibited. Children over the age of 6 years may use the sauna under the supervision of adults.
5. If suffering from a disease directly related to temperature, seek the advice of a doctor before using.
6. Do not place pets in the sauna.
7. Do not use the sauna if you are under the effects of alcohol.
Trouble Shooting:
Possible Causes
What To Do
Indicator light for power
The connector is not connected
Check the connector or replace a new
supply not working
The fuse is burned out
Change the fuse
Indicator light for function
The corresponding indicator light is
Replace the relevant control panel
is not working
The circuit board or components are
Replace the circuit board
Infrared Heater not
The heater is broken
Replace with a new one
heating up
Its life will be shorted gradually for
Of the same specifications
being used for many times
The fuse is burned out:
Replace with a new one of the same
L-Hand fuse holder: For back panel
R-Hand fuse holder: For front panel
The wire junction is loose or the
Check it, and reconnect them tightly
heater’s wire is loose
The circuit board relay is not
Replace circuit board
Malfunctioning of
Some problems with heater
See the 3rd section of heater problem
temperature setting
Senor wire is not functioning
Re-connect or replace the senor wire
The circuit board for temperature
Replace the control panel circuit
controlling is not function
The circuit problems (fuse holder wire
1) Cut off the power, check the power
is loose, junction wire is loose, circuit
supply and voltage;
board components is broken)
2) Find the objects with problems
Odor from the sauna
3) Replace the damage parts
Light bulb is not working
Light bulb is burned out
Replace light bulb
Light bulb wiring is loose
Check connector or reconnect the
light bulb wiring
Speaker is not functioning
The light bulb connector is broken
Replace it
Problems with electrical control panel
Repair or replace it
The speaker is broken
Replace with a new one of the same
The speaker wire is loose
Reconnect the speaker wire
The power indicator light for CD is off
Turn on the switch to start work
CD is damage
Try a different CD
CD-Player is not
Power connector is loose or damage
Check connector or replace it
DC power supply is no power to the
Check DC power supply wiring or
replace the power supply
CD-player is defective
Replace the CD-player
CD-player protection fuses is burnt
Replace the fuses
Sauna is not power up
Power cord is unplug
Plug back power cord to outlet
Outlet has no power
Check outlet or circuit breaker
Fuses (F201) on the circuit board is
Replace the 1A 250V fuse on the
burned out
circuit board
Clean the faceplate with a wet towel, or clean with a small amount of hand-soap mixed with warm water if necessary.
Clean the sauna room with a wet cotton towel, dry with a clean dry towel.
cleaning chemicals on sauna.
Do no use benzene, alcohol, or strong
NOTE: Any chemical that can damage wood material will damage the sauna and
the protection layer that is on the wood.
*** Do not leave the sauna or CD player on for more than 2 hours at a time. ***
Transportation and storage
1. Avoid exposure to rain, snow or strong collisions during transport.
2. Do not store in damp environments.
Packing list
1X Infrared sauna room with floor
*1 to 3X Heating element tubes for PH-I Model
*1 to 5X Heating element tubes for PH-II Model
*1 to 6X Heating element tubes for PH-III Model
*1 to 6X Heating element tubes for PH-C Model
2 X Cup shelves
1X Light bulb
1X Light housing
1X CD player and 2X Speakers
1X CD player back cover
1X Backrest
1X Bag of screws and bolts
1X Hand screwdriver
1X Instruction manual
1. Input Voltage: 110V AC 50-60 Hz
2. Output Voltage: 110V AC 50-60Hz
SaunaGen® Infrared Sauna Warranty
Five-year limited warranty on electrical, heater and cabinetry.
One-year limited warranty on stereo.
Limited warranty on SaunaGen Infrared Sauna replacement parts.
and workmanship.
SaunaGen warrants its products to be free of defects in material
Parts, which become defective within the warranty period, will be repaired except for damage due to negligence,
abuse, misuse, misapplication, unauthorized modifications, improper installation, or normal wear and tear.
SaunaGen will not be responsible for labor incurred by its authorized service agents per pre-established takes in removing, inspecting
and reinstalling the warranty parts. SaunaGen will not cover any labor costs attributable to disassembly and reassembly of the unit.
SaunaGen will not be responsible for labor costs of the routine maintenance, adjustments or alterations to the calibration of the
electrical devices.
Any parts claimed to be defective must be shipped freight prepaid, to SaunaGen and the repaired or replaced product will be returned
to the sender freight collect.
When sent to SaunaGen, the product must be accompanied by the sales receipt or other proof of
purchase date, as well as the sender’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone number and any other information relating to the
sender’s claim.
This warranty applies to products produced by SaunaGen after June 1, 2005.
This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser and terminated upon transfer of ownership.
any product or component used in any industrial, rental, club or commercial purpose.
This warranty shall not apply to
This warranty shall not apply to any claims
arising from the misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper installation, including but not limited to exposure to fire or to excessive
heat, and other hazards of nature.
Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be liable for any special or consequential damages
arising from the use of the product, components, and the parts attached, or installed with it.
for damages arising form the use, installation or servicing of the product.
access to the equipment so that any necessary service may be performed.
invoice or deliver receipt, the date of purchase.
Nor for injury to any person, any claims
The purchaser is responsible for providing adequate
The purchaser must establish, by dated sales slip,
All costs for removing and reinstalling the sauna including the freight charges to and
from customer shall be at the customer’s expense.
Jurisdictional provision:
the laws of the State of California control the provisions of this document.
By accepting this warranty the
buyer subjects itself to the jurisdiction of the laws of the State of California and agrees that place of suit shall be in Sacramento County,
California, USA.
Attached hereto is the warranty card, which must be completed and returned to SaunaGen within thirty (30) days from the date of
purchase of the SaunaGen products.
Failure to return the warranty card within thirty days of purchase will void this warranty without
any further notice.
Please keep the original SaunaGen packagind if further shipping is required.
Please register your SaunaGen® product to receive a full warranty.
Please fill out the following information and mail the
form to the following address within 30 days from the date of purchase:
8173 Belvedere Ave, Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95826
Model (please circle one):
PH I 1-person Sauna
PH III 3-person Sauna
PH II 2-person Sauna
PH C Corner Sauna
First Name: _________________________ Last Name: __________________________
Home Address: __________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________State__________ Zip__________
Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _________________________
E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________
Purchase Date: __________________________________________________________
Dealer Name:
C/No. (located outside of the package) _______________________________________
Optional: Please answer the questions below for us to better serve you and to
improve customer care.
What is the primary reason you purchased SaunaGen Infrared Sauna?
What was the greatest influence on your decision to purchase SaunaGen Infrared Sauna?
What magazines or publications do you subscribe to?
Where did you hear about SaunaGen?
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