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Philanthropists at Heart
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NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Winter 2012
Patrick McFarland ’97
Thanks to our increasingly
digitized world, photos, for
the most part, do not yellow
The technology of our
hand-held world has ensured
that every moment captured
in a photo remains indelibly
crisp and—depending on the
skill of the photographer—
relatively in focus.
We are lucky that the passage of time doesn’t diminish
what a photo contains.
Bridget Maestretti, a senior from Minden, Nev., (center) In November, a photo was
was awarded the Gov. Kenny Guinn Millennium Scholarship snapped in Mathewson-IGT
in November.
Knowledge Center’s Randall
Rotunda of the celebration
of awarding Bridget Maestretti, a senior from Minden, Nev., the Gov. Kenny Guinn Millennium
Scholarship. Standing with Bridget in the photo were her parents, Kelly and Lane, as well as former Nevada First Lady Dema Guinn, her son Steve Guinn, Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall
and former Nevada State Sen. William Raggio
Before I get too far into this column, I have to note that seeing Bill Raggio in such a setting
should not be a surprise. Sen. Raggio, a graduate of our University, whose 38-year service in the
Nevada State Senate is a record, believed that Nevada was at its best when it was educating our
young. I was reminded of the impact of his lifelong advocacy of higher education when I received
the news of his death at age 85 in late February.
If you notice in the photo that accompanies this column, Sen. Raggio stands just off the right
shoulder of Bridget Maestretti, a 3.9 GPA student in secondary education. For scores of our
University’s students, past, present and future, Sen. Raggio occupied this same position. His legislative career provided much of the impetus for the bricks and mortar on many of our campuses;
his spirit was, in the words of Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich, that of
a “master sculptor” who modernized the delivery of higher education in Nevada.
And as influential as Sen. Raggio was, I believe he would be the first to tell you that the state
cannot be expected to provide everything. Scholarships, whether they come in the form of the
Guinn Millennium Scholarship or the hundreds of philanthropic scholarships that we offer our
students in every major area of emphasis at our University, provide the intense murmur of possibility that hums so strongly in every one of our students.
Bridget Maestretti, who hopes one day to become a teacher, is just one example.
“There is no greater feeling,” she wrote in her essay for the scholarship, “than helping a struggling student grasp a concept that will help them move forward and feel success.”
I look at this photo taken in November and am reminded that photos are just pictures. What
gives photos life, and colors them with meaning, are the people and the dreams within each
image. With all due respect to the digital wizardry of modern technology, there is magic to
education. And there is pure wonder in the support of so many who have helped make the hopes
wished for in these photographs become dreams realized for the students of our University.
Marc Johnson • President
Heather Hardy • Provost
John K. Carothers • VP, Development and Alumni Relations
Bruce Mack • Assoc. VP, Development and Alumni Relations
Marc A. Johnson
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
From the President
A photo, hopes wished for, and
dreams realized
Table of Contents
Spring 2012. Vol. 29. No. 3
Philanthropists at heart:
Jennifer and Phil Satre
Senator Bill Raggio, 1926-2012
Honor Roll
Message from the Executive Director
University of Nevada, Reno Endowments
Silver & Blue Society
Foundations & Organizations
New Foundation Endowments
Alumni’s act of giving benefits future students
Foundation Endowments
With the help of scholarships, CABNR senior will graduate debt-free
Board of Regents Endowments
Arnoldsen Scholarship keeps student’s spirit of giving alive
Faculty & Staff
Journalism endowment named for late Reynolds School alumna
Smallwood Foundation helps expand Nevada’s boundaries
Nevada Alumni Association Lifetime Members
Class Endowment Challenge
Leonard family legacy supports liberal arts, journalism and physics
Orvis alumni create endowments to support nursing students
Parent Donors
Philanthropy provides three new escort vans
About Planned Giving / Nevada Legacy Society
Chemistry alumna and husband make planned gifts
Bequests Received
Future Planned Gifts Established By Living Donors
Ghanem legacy paves the way for a new generation of doctors
Family of engineering alumnus continues legacy
Students benefit from legacy of Nevada’s first black female graduate
Athletics – Wolfie Jr. wins Capital One Mascot Challenge
Athletics – Message from the 2011/2012 AAUN President
Honor Court
90 Good Medicine – School of Medicine offers
What I’ve Learned: Thomas J. Hall ’65
99 University News – University researchers team with
industry to bring new technologies to Nevada
107 Bookshelf – Professor Johnson Makoba/ M. Bashir Sulahria ’69M.S., ’72Ph.D.
110 – Message from the President
111 – Class Chat
115 – Kickin’ it with K-von | “The Ebook Blues”
118 – Chapter Updates
122 – Gatherings – Recruitment Events/Pregame Parties
124 – Family Tree Challenge
126 – Remembering Friends
128 What I’ve Done With My Life – Frank McCulloch ’41, ’67
129 Fostering Nevada’s Future – Nell J. Redfield Foundation to fund clinical research at Nevada
About the cover
This issue’s cover, shot by photographer Jeff Dow, features local philanthropists
Phil and Jennifer Satre ‘80M.Ed. in their Reno backyard, which opens to a northern
Nevada mosaic of color and rock. The Satres have announced a $5 million gift to the
University of Nevada, Reno Foundation to benefit the state’s most pressing needs:
health care and K-12 education.
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Visit In this issue:
Feature – For more information and photos about Senator Raggio.
Gatherings – For more photos from all of our events.
What I’ve Learned – For the full-length interview with Thomas J. Hall ’65.
Remembering Friends – For the full obituaries.
three new clinics to serve Nevadans
92 Gatherings – School of Medicine Match Day/48th Annual Scripps
Dinner/ Frank McCulloch Award for Courage in Journalism
94 University for You – Getting down to business:
University helps small businesses
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NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Winter 2012
Philanthropists at heart:
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Jennifer and Phil Satre
hil and Jennifer Satre ’80M.Ed. remember what it’s like to need help paying for
college. Both hail from small, rural California towns, with families who didn’t have the
means to pay for a university education.
They both graduated from Stanford University in 1971, Phil with the help of a football
scholarship—he played middle linebacker—
while Jennifer relied on an academic scholarship and student loans. They both went on to
experience tremendous personal and professional success, but the college sweethearts have
never forgotten the significance of the financial
support that made their education possible.
Through the years they have gone to great
lengths to repay that kindness—with interest.
The Satres have been longtime supporters of
the University of Nevada, Reno, where Jennifer
received her master’s degree in education in
1980. Their philanthropy has reached almost
every corner of campus, including the School
of the Arts and the College of Business. Their
latest gift, $5 million from the Satre Family
Fund at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, benefits the University of Nevada
School of Medicine, the University of Nevada,
Reno College of Education and Wolf Pack Athletics. Through this gift, the Satres endeavor to
address some of the most pressing issues in the
state, including health care and education.
Of the $5 million, $3 million will help with
translational research efforts at the University
of Nevada School of Medicine, $1.6 million
will assist the College of Education with community outreach programs and $400,000 will
benefit Wolf Pack Athletics.
A veteran teacher, Jennifer grew up in
Madera, Calif., graduated from Stanford and
received her teaching credential from UC
Photos by Theresa Danna-Douglas
LEFT: Jennifer ’80M.Ed. and Phil Satre at Phil’s downtown Reno office. ABOVE LEFT: Jennifer Satre, then-chair of the Community Foundation of
Western Nevada, addresses the audience at the foundation’s 2009 annual meeting. ABOVE RIGHT: Phil and Jennifer Satre meet with Annabelle and
Thomas Kozel, professor of microbiology and immunology, and Subhash Verma, assistant professor of microbiology and immunology, at the 2011
welcome reception for Dr. Thomas Schwenk, dean of the University of Nevada School of Medicine.
Phil has served on the board of trustees at
Stanford, where the couple is also involved
in various boards and fundraising committees. In 1989, Phil was named a Distinguished
“Education is the key
to a strong community
and a vibrant state—
economically, socially,
culturally, in all
aspects of life.”
—Jennifer Satre ‘80
Nevadan by the Nevada System of Higher
Education Board of Regents. In 1995, he was
selected best chief executive in the casino and
hotel industries by The Wall Street Journal. The
Philip G. Satre Chair in Gaming Studies at the
University of Nevada, Reno was established
in Phil’s honor in 2005, when he retired from
Harrah’s. Monetary gifts were made by the
company, its executives and members of the
Reno and Las Vegas communities. Today, he
is chairman of the board of directors for International Game Technology and NV Energy,
and serves on the Nordstrom, Inc., board of
Nevada Silver & Blue magazine sat down
with the Satres at Phil’s Reno office to discuss
life in northern Nevada, the future of the state
and the importance of giving back to your
Q: Phil and Jennifer, you have made philanthropy a core part of your life and philosophy.
What motivates your generosity?
Jennifer: I grew up watching my family give
of their time and talent to the community. I
remember my dad serving on a few municipal
boards. My mother was very involved in philanthropic organizations, including the hospital
fundraising board. Neither one of our families
had great wealth, so they never made large
monetary gifts, but both families certainly
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Berkeley. Phil is from Martinez, Calif., graduated from Stanford and earned a law degree
from UC Davis.
After moving to Reno in 1975, the Satres
immersed themselves in their adopted
hometown. Their four children—Malena,
Allison, Jessica and Peter—were born here and
attended local schools. Jennifer was a teacher
at Peavine Elementary School. Phil worked
at a local law firm before joining Harrah’s
Entertainment, Inc. in 1980, where he was
chairman and CEO until his retirement in 2005.
Proud of her status as a Nevada alumna,
Jennifer served three terms on the University
of Nevada, Reno Foundation Board of Trustees
from 2001 – 2006, was board chair in 2006,
and became a trustee emerita in 2007. She was
named University of Nevada Alumni Association Alumna of the Year in 2006.
Jennifer is a trustee and immediate past
chair of the Community Foundation of
Western Nevada, serves as a trustee for Nevada
Humanities and is on the Renown Community Advisory Committee. She was a founding
board member and past chair of the Nevada
Women’s Fund, and received the Nevada
Women’s Fund Hall of Fame award in 2008.
Photos by Theresa Danna-Douglas
LEFT: Jennifer and Phil Satre with the late Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto at the 2006 University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Banquet.
RIGHT: Jennifer Satre accepts the 2006 Nevada Alumni Association Alumna of the Year award from Julie Ardito ’89 (journalism) and the late President
Milton Glick.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
believed in giving back to your community in
one form or another.
Phil: My mother was very involved with my
school and volunteering, and my dad was
in public service because he worked for the
City of Martinez. He was also involved in the
Rotary Club and the Sons of Norway.
Jennifer and I both received scholarships as
undergrads. Stanford would have been very
inaccessible for me, and I think for Jennifer,
without scholarships. I’ve always been grateful.
I’ve also been very influenced by the fact
that the companies I’ve been associated with—
whether it’s Harrah’s, IGT or NV Energy—
also recognize the importance of supporting
higher education. Sometimes it goes both
ways: An executive makes a gift and the company follows his or her lead by also contributing to that organization; or, an executive is
inspired to make a gift because the company
has invested in a particular cause. Even though
it wasn’t our gift, I’m very proud of the named
chair in gaming studies. It’s important to me.
It’s how I made my livelihood. Those things are
influential when you’re making decisions on
your own personal philanthropy.
Other motivating factors in our giving include the confidence we have in the leadership
at the institution. Jennifer and I have known
Dan Klaich (Nevada System of Higher Education chancellor) for 40 years. When you’re
making an investment in the future of the
University, the leadership of the University is
“The University is an
important catalyst to the
recovery of our state’s
economy and the key to its
long-term stability. ”
—Phil Satre
important. The future of the University is still
a concern of ours, and that’s why we’re making
the gift. But we know Dan Klaich as chancellor will provide the kind of leadership that the
Nevada System of Higher Education needs.
Q: Your latest gift encompasses the School of
Medicine, the College of Education and Wolf
Pack Athletics. What factors led you to direct
your gift to these three distinct areas?
Phil: When the University was being cut back
in terms of state funding, and (late University
President) Milt Glick, Jennifer and I started
visiting, we asked Milt where the University
needed help the most, so we could look at
whether our interests coalesced. Milt named
the areas that are included in our most recent
gift, and after his passing, President Marc
Johnson worked with us. Jennifer had a great
influence on designing the education portion.
Q: Jennifer, as a veteran teacher, you have been
involved with Nevada’s youth and an active
advocate for education. What is your greatest
hope for your gift to the College of Education?
Jennifer: Because of my background, I’m
always very interested in education. When I
spoke with the new College of Education dean,
Christine Cheney, she told me about preliminary discussions with the school district about
working in partnership with the University on
best practices for teacher training and student
learning. Long-term, we want the result to be
that K-12 education in our community would
have the advantage of the best minds at the
LEFT: Jennifer and Phil Satre celebrating the establishment of the Philip G. Satre Chair in Gaming Studies on June 15, 2005 at Harrah’s Reno.
RIGHT: Jennifer Satre with her granddaughters: Molly, 2, and Sofia, 1.
University and the best practices for any child.
It’s easy to say, but we truly do believe that
education is the key to a strong community
and a vibrant state—economically, socially,
culturally, in all aspects of life. Without a
strong, effective educational system that is
accessible to all students, our future is much
more precarious.
Q: How does your gift to the School of
Medicine endeavor to improve medical care
in Nevada?
Jennifer: The gift is going to allow the School
of Medicine to have that one final piece: They
have the teaching, they have the practice, and
Q: Phil, as chairman of the board of directors
for IGT and NV Energy, and former chairman
and CEO for Harrah’s, you stand at the forefront of Nevada’s most prominent industries
and have an insider’s perspective on the state’s
economy. What role does higher education
play in the economic development and recovery of the state?
Phil: The University is very important to the
future of this city and the state, particularly as
we deal with the impact of the Great Recession. I think the University is an important
catalyst to the recovery of our state’s economy
and the key to its long-term stability.
The University is important in developing
the talented people who are going to populate
not only the jobs that currently exist, but also
the jobs that will exist as this state changes—
and it’s going to change. We’re going to have
a different kind of economic engine in this
state—we have to, we know that. Some of these
students will be the people who start their own
businesses. We need to nurture them and help
them grow their businesses into the type of
businesses that will allow us to have a sustainable economic environment.
The other part of the University’s impact is
that, to some extent, it affects the quality of life
for everyone in the community, whether it’s
through college athletics or cultural activities.
Ultimately, people love college athletics. This
is one of the reasons why we made this gift to
Wolf Pack Athletics; we see how important it is
to the experience of the community.
Jennifer: “If neither one of us had gone to
the University, we would still be interested
in supporting this institution. We think of
our gift as an investment in the future of the
state we love to call home, and we don’t think
there’s another institution in the north that
can have such a wide-reaching effect on our
community or across the state. We see our
investment as one that is being leveraged for
an even larger impact, because it is the graduates of the University of Nevada, Reno who
will be the future leaders and problem solvers
in Nevada. The stronger the University is, the
stronger the state is.” N
—From an interview in March with Roseann
Keegan, Nevada Silver & Blue associate editor.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Phil: We were influenced by the need to make
the medical school bigger and stronger. We
were very impressed by (School of Medicine)
Dean Thomas Schwenk, and the opportunity
to see what his plans were on a statewide basis.
The medical school serves both the north and
the south, and it’s very important to me that he
brought a broad view to that role.
We desperately need more doctors in this
state, and we need to be competitive in training doctors who can serve the unique requirements of Nevadans.
this will really help the clinical research. The
school will have the ability to retain the best
researchers and students.
Senator Bill Raggio, 1926-2012
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
One of the state’s most important political figures passes away at age 85
Nevada State Sen. William “Bill” Raggio ’48
(political science), ’11HDG had a way of always
eyeing the future and pushing his state toward
its future, though he always did it through the
scrim of the past.
He was the rare person who was as relevant
and imposing in his 85th year as he had been
half a century earlier.
When speaking, he could command a room
in such a way that those who were scheduled to
speak after his remarks did so at their own peril.
“I would shudder whenever I had to follow
Bill,” said University President Emeritus Joe
Crowley, following the news in late February
that the 85-year-old Raggio, the longest-serving state senator in Nevada history, had passed
away during a trip to Australia “No one could
keep up with him in that area, or many others,
for that matter.”
Raggio, a 1948 graduate of the University,
served in the Nevada State Senate from 1972
into early 2011.
There were few others who had a greater
or more profound impact on the state, most
particularly in supporting higher education.
Crowley, a former political science professor
at the University, said Raggio’s ability to embody the ideals of a different era in America,
a time when politics were not so partisan,
helped pave the way for the fourth-generation
Nevadan’s success.
“Well, he’s legendary,” Crowley said, when
asked to take stock of Raggio’s career and its
impact. “I think the contributions that he
made were in part due to his understanding
of what, over the centuries, has helped make
American politics productive in the longterm. There are times when we haven’t done
this very well, and now is probably one of
those times. But Bill had a very fundamental
understanding that we are a nation and a state
of tremendous diversity, in geography, religion,
ethnicity, background. Therefore, the only way
we can solve problems and meet challenges is
to work together, and that involves meeting in
the middle of the road.
“Bill had a very strong commitment to that.
He was able to use his mastery of the legislative
process to do that,” Crowley added. “He was a
consensus-builder in every way: Check your
personal enmities at the door and let’s sit down
and do business. That was Bill’s way. That was
how he got it done.”
What did he get done? The list is too long
to enumerate, and Raggio, in his self-effacing,
deadpan manner, would probably be embarrassed to have his many accomplishments
named. Still, it bears noting that, among his
accomplishments, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the University
of Nevada, Reno Alumni Association in 1997;
the Outstanding Alumnus award from the
University of Nevada, Reno Alumni Associa-
—University President Emeritus Joe Crowley
Photo by Tyler Keck
OPPOSITE: The late Sen. Bill Raggio ’48, ’11HDG and his wife, Dale. TOP LEFT: Then-University
President Joe Crowley presents Sen. Raggio with the 1999 Alumnus of the Year award. TOP RIGHT:
Reno Mayor Bob Cashell, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval ’86, Wolf Pack Football Coach Chris Ault
’69, ’73M.Ed. and Sen. Raggio at a tribute at the El Dorado Hotel & Casino in Reno to honor Dick
’49, ’54M.A. and Fran ’47 Trachok. LEFT: Sen. Raggio receives a doctorate of humane letters from
University President Marc Johnson during the 2011 spring commencement. RIGHT: Sen. Raggio
speaks at the opening of the Center for Molecular Medicine, Aug. 16, 2010.
bers the first time he met Raggio.
“He very much lived up to expectations,”
Johnson said. “He really thought highly of
higher education, and his alma mater. He was
always willing to give counsel, to give advice, to
share his perspective. Bill was incredibly wise.”
After serving in World War II, Raggio returned to his hometown of Reno and
graduated from Nevada in 1948 with a degree
in political science. He was on a fast track
through the late 1950s and 1960s, first as an
assistant Washoe County District Attorney
under another towering figure in the history
of northern Nevada, Jack Streeter, then as D.A.
himself from 1958–70.
He moved up the ranks quickly, serving as
the lead prosecutor in the murder of British
Olympic skier Sonja McCaskie.
In 1972, Raggio was elected to the Nevada
Senate, serving a record 38 years until his
retirement early last year.
In February 2011, Raggio was honored by
the Nevada Faculty Alliance and the Faculty
Senate with “A Hero of Higher Education”
award for his commitment and advocacy
for higher education in
Nevada. In April 2011, he
established two scholarship
For more information
endowments for Nevada
and photos about
students: the Senator WilSenator Raggio
liam J. Raggio Education
Scholarship Endowment
and the Senator William
J. Raggio Free Enterprise
Scholarship Endowment. Both scholarships
will be awarded for the first time in the
2012–13 school year.
Before his passing, Raggio had begun his
appointment as a member of the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Board of
Trustees. N
—John Trent ’85/’87, ’00M.A.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
tion in 1999; the Jake Lawlor Award from the
University of Nevada Athletic Foundation in
1999; the President’s Medal from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2000; the Hero of
Higher Education Award from the University
of Nevada, Reno Faculty Senate and Nevada
Faculty Alliance in 2011; and an Honorary
Doctorate of Humane Letters, awarded by the
University of Nevada, Reno in 2011.
A permanent display devoted to Raggio is located on the first floor of the University’s William J. Raggio Building, the
118,000-square-foot building that houses the
College of Education. It opened for classes in
fall 1997 and was renamed in recognition of
Sen. Raggio’s significant contributions to education in 2003. Within the building is the Raggio Research Center, which promotes research
and programs to support science, technology,
engineering and mathematics education.
University President Marc Johnson remem-
Photos by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Photo provided by Special Collections
“He was a consensus-builder
in every way: Check your
personal enmities at the door
and let’s sit down and do
business. That was Bill’s way.
That was how he got it done.”
Thank You
Thank you for being a part of the University of Nevada, Reno community. We are grateful to the
individuals and organizations who have demonstrated commitment, generosity and leadership
for the University and its land-grant missions of education, research and outreach. Together
we create a thriving and intellectual experience for our students to be the future of this great
state of Nevada and beyond. We hope you will continue to be our partner in this endeavor.
Photo by Jeff Dow
Message from the
Executive Director
Over the past year, the University of Nevada,
Reno has celebrated great accomplishments and
persevered in the face of adversity and tragedy.
A record 18,000 students arrived on campus last
fall, and we are confident that many greater days
are ahead as we push toward a student enrollment
of 20,000. The University of Nevada School of Medicine also welcomed
a new dean, Dr. Thomas Schwenk, and worked closely with him to bring
his vision of translational medicine to Nevada—converting new medical
research into practical applications—in an effort to ultimately strengthen
long-term health care in the state.
Last year brought the end of bricks-and-mortar fundraising campaigns
and a transition to a greater focus on recruiting scholarship funds to help
with rising tuition, as well as a greater emphasis on research dollars to
support the vital, groundbreaking work of our dedicated faculty.
Over the past few years, the University has introduced 800,000 squarefeet of new teaching, learning and research space, including the Davidson
Mathematics and Science Center and the William N. Pennington Health
Science Building. The finishing touches are being placed on the revamped
and rewired Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism, where journalism
students will emerge fully prepared for ever-evolving and tech-savvy
media careers. We are accomplishing all of this during a time when the
state of Nevada is still fighting to recover from the tremendous economic
hardship of the past several years.
At the University of Nevada, Reno, we are proud to play a pivotal role
in the recovery of our great state and nation through the cultivation of a
best-in-class workforce backed by top educators, state-of-the-art facilities
and community partnerships.
Philanthropy makes all of this possible by advancing our ability to
improve the quality of life, economic vitality and cultural diversity of our
state. In a proud bow to our institution’s motto, “Omnia Pro Patria,” or “All
for Our Country,” we invite you to join us as Nevada moves to the top. We
thank you all for your gifts of time, talent and treasure.
John K. Carothers
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Executive Director, University of Nevada, Reno Foundation
(775) 784-1352 or [email protected]
Message from the 2011
Foundation Chair
In the face of challenges to the state of
Nevada, a record-breaking enrollment of more
than 18,000 students have come to this historic
campus, attracted by its beauty, exemplary
academic faculty, state-of-the-art facilities,
exciting sports program and technological
advances throughout the campus.
Moving forward, we will continue to build upon the University’s
proud accomplishments. The University was again ranked by U.S. News
& World Report in the top tier of “best national universities,” up 10 spots
from 2010. U.S. News & World Report also ranked Nevada among the top
100 public schools in the country, listed 16 of our graduate programs
among the nation’s best, and ranked both the College of Engineering
and College of Business as “best undergraduate programs.” Nevada was
also ranked among the world’s top 500 universities by the Center for
World-Class Universities at China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
I invite you to join our growing circle of supporters by making a gift
to Nevada today. Together we are offering resources and opportunities
for students that will transform the state of Nevada and beyond. This is
the most important thing we do, and we couldn’t do it without you.
Mark Knobel ’77 (social services corrections)
2011 Chair, Foundation Board of Trustees
Thomas Hall ’65 (finance)
2012 Chair, Foundation Board of Trustees
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Late last spring, the University community
mourned the loss of President Milton Glick. With
his passing, we lost a great friend, a champion of
higher education, and a leader who was a tireless
advocate for the University.
In the true spirit of the Wolf Pack we have
persevered, strengthened by President Glick’s past guidance and now
legacy. We stayed true to his course of leadership by making important
financial decisions that impacted faculty, staff and students. Although
painful, we hope these changes will make our institution stronger, now
and when we face future hardships.
I am confident that our University will continue to see growth in
enrollment, graduation rates and academic performance. This special
donor issue is filled with the reasons why hope remains strong at
Nevada. The promise of tomorrow is seen in our students who push
through seemingly insurmountable odds; our alumni and friends who
make dreams possible through their generosity; and our dedicated
faculty and staff who are the heartbeat of our institution.
It has been my honor to serve as the 2011 Chair of the Foundation
Board of Trustees. I thank each of you for your guidance, fellowship and
support. Go Pack!
Message from the 2012
Foundation Chair
Foundation Leadership
University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Board of Trustees
Although the University of Nevada, Reno is a state institution, it receives only part of its necessary funding from state
appropriations. The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation was established in 1981 to help the University meet its needs
beyond that base funding by generating private support. The foundation is governed by a volunteer board of trustees who can
serve three consecutive two-year terms. Trustees are made up of University alumni and friends who provide counsel in strategic
planning, education, fundraising and other matters. The following members are serving for the 2012 calendar year:
2012 Executive Committee and Foundation Board of Trustees
Thomas J. Hall ‘65
Law Offices of Thomas J. Hall
Felicia R. O’Carroll ‘76
Kafoury, Armstrong & Co.
Robert E. Armstrong
Vice-Chair, Investment
McDonald Carano Wilson, LLP
Randy J. Brown ‘89
Vice-Chair, Programs and Special Events
Katherine L. Garcia ‘76
Vice-Chair, Audit and Finance
Ronald R. Zideck ‘59
Vice-Chair, Development
Kafoury, Armstrong & Co.
Paul D. Mathews ‘87
Vice-Chair, Nominating
Whittier Trust Company of Nevada
Deane A. Albright ‘71
Member at Large
Terrance W. Oliver ‘71
Vice-Chair, Public Affairs and Advocacy
Albright, Persing & Associates, Ltd.
Steven S. Johnson ‘77
Member at Large
Reno Lumber
Gerald C. Smith
Vice-Chair, Governance
Nell J. Redfield Foundation
Edgewood Companies
Sara M. Lafrance ‘73†
Immediate Past Chair
ex officio
Board of Trustees Members
Opal F. Adams ‘85M.S.
Enviroscientists, Inc.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Edward E. Allison ‘91
Ed Allison, Inc.
Samuel S. Arentz ‘68
Arentz Engineers
Annette Bidart ‘85
Bidart & Ross
Carol Franc Buck
Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Denise Cashman ‘83
Las Vegas Harley-Davidson
Brett E. Coleman ‘84
B&C Western Development
Stuart R. Engs
Dr. William N. Evans
Children’s Heart Center
Catherine Farahi ‘80
Michael J. Klaich ‘82
Muckel Anderson CPAs
Mark A. Lipparelli ’87, ‘93M.S.
Nevada State Gaming Control Board
Kevin McArthur ‘79
Tahoe Resources, Inc.
Gene E. McClelland ’71, ‘78M.S.
McClelland Laboratories, Inc.
Monte L. Miller ‘70
KeyState Corporate Management
Chad Osorno
Wells Fargo Bank
William M. Pennell
William J. Raggio ‘48*
Jones Vargas
Jeffrey R. Rodefer ‘85
Boyd Gaming Corporation
Dan Rovig
Tahoe Resources, Inc.
Mary Ellen Smith
Microsoft Licensing, GP
Ellen F. Whittemore ‘78
Lionel Sawyer & Collins, Las Vegas
Joan S. Zenan
Director and medical librarian, emerita
University of Nevada School of Medicine, Savitt Medical Library
* deceased
Foundation Leadership
Photos by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Board of Trustees—New Members
The foundation board recently welcomed seven new trustees whose terms began in 2012. Pictured from left to right: Opal F. Adams ‘85M.S.
(geology), Samuel S. Arentz ‘68 (mining engineering), Gene E. McClelland ‘71 (chemistry), ‘78M.S. (metallurgical engineering), William M. Pennell,
the late William J. Raggio ’48 (political science), Jeffrey R. Rodefer ‘85 (finance) and Joan S. Zenan.
2012 Emeriti Trustees
Rhonda K. Carano ‘76
Ann M. Carlson ’59, ‘78
Robert A. Cashell ‘76
William A. Chaffin ‘66
E. P. ‘Chuck’ Charlton ‘50
David W. Clark
Kirk V. Clausen
William G. Cobb ‘71
Thomas R. Conklin ‘66
Krestine Corbin
Theodore J. Day
Norman L. Dianda
David L. Diedrichsen ‘97
John M. Doyle ‘63
Joan L. Dyer
Jo Ann Elston ‘56
Frank J. Fahrenkopf ‘62
Barbara J. Feltner ‘82
Gregory W. Ferraro ‘85
Georgia Fulstone ‘52
Frank S. Gallagher ‘77
John S. Gaynor ’66, ‘74
Barbara C. Gianoli
Valerie Glenn ‘76
George Gund ‘81
Joanne G. Hall
Arnold L. Hansmann ‘66
Richard W. Harris ’69, ‘95
William R. Hartman
Dyanne M. Hayes ‘61
Barbara E. Hug ‘54
Eppie G. Johnson ‘51
Ronald A. Johnson ‘62
Helen ‘Jeane’ Jones
Thomas F. Kerestesi ‘72
Eleanor F. Killebrew
Brown ‘51
MacLellan E. King
Jay Kornmayer ‘74
William B. Kottinger ‘54
Sara M. Lafrance ‘73
Keith L. Lee ‘65
Warren L. Lerude ‘61
Kathryn List ‘80
Scott D. Machabee ‘90
Luther Mack
Michael F. Mackedon ‘63
Andrew MacKenzie ‘63
Bernice Martin-Mathews ‘70
Charles N. Mathewson
Dixie D. May
Timothy G. McCarthy
Robert ‘Lefty’ E.
McDonough ‘42
Richard A. McDougal
Dale E. McKenzie ‘66
Mary-Ellen McMullen ‘73
R. James Megquier ‘61
Michael J. Melarkey ‘72
Marilyn R. Melton ’55, ‘86
James L. Mercer ’64, ‘66
Charles J. Merdinger ‘94
Carol L. Mousel
Julie Murray ‘79
James J. Murren
Robert N. Ordonez
Raymond Pike
Janice L. Pine ‘62
Frank R. Randall ‘56
Leslie A. Righetti ‘76
James H. Roberts
Sigmund A. Rogich ‘67
Jeanne A. Russell ‘71
Jennifer A. Satre ‘80
Frederick J. Schwab
Joey E. Scolari
Mike H. Sloan
G. Blake Smith
Austin W. Stedham
Richard M. Stout ‘66
David J. Thompson ‘72
William R. Trimmer ’72, ‘74
Roger S. Trounday ’56, ‘67
Larry Tuntland
Marjorie L. Uhalde ‘67
Peter P. Vlautin ‘68
Patty A. Wade
Ranson W. Webster
Harvey Whittemore ‘74
Marvin L. Wholey ‘64
B. Thomas Willison
Jane C. Witter ‘74
John R. Worthington
Gregg W. Zive ‘67
Ronald M. Zurek
Joseph S. Bradley ‘78
AAUN President
John K. Carothers
Foundation Executive Director
Marc A. Johnson
University President
Bruce A. Mack
Foundation Associate Director and Secretary
Laurie L. McLanahan ‘86
Foundation Treasurer
Jeffrey N. Pickett ‘89
Nevada Alumni Association President
Dr. David M. Ryfe
Faculty Senate Chair
Casey Stiteler
ASUN President
Stephanie T. Vega ’08, ‘10M.S.
GSA President
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
L.S. ‘Buz’ Allen
Mary B. Ansari
Michonne R. Ascuaga
Kristen A. Avansino
Richard P. Banis ‘67
J. Richard Barnard
Riley M. Beckett ‘68
Bruno Benna ‘53
Edna B. Benna
Paul A. Bible ‘62
Mitchell ‘Jim’ J. Bidart ‘68
Candice S. Bielser ‘68
Leslie S. Biller
Reed Bingham
Fred E. Black
William W. Bliss ‘93
Louis A. Bonaldi ’75, ‘77
Joseph S. Bradley ‘78
Janice K. Brady ’63, ‘88
John E. Brodeur ‘72
Philip E. Bryan ‘68
David L. Buckman ‘53
Barbara S. Campbell ‘78
Randall V. Capurro
The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation is a separate nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (TIN: 94-2781749). The foundation
was incorporated in 1981 to provide a mechanism for private individuals, corporations and foundations to make charitable
gifts, bequests and other deferred giving arrangements to support the University of Nevada, Reno. The foundation receives,
invests and administers funds to benefit the University, while honoring the philanthropic intent of its generous donors. Such
funds are made available to the University for general or specific academic purposes.
University of Nevada, Reno Foundation
Financial Statement June 30, 2011 – Summarized Version
Statement of support and revenue, expenses and changes in fund net assets
Unrestricted Restricted Endowment Total
Operating support and revenue:
Donor contributions
University support
Special events and other income
Total operating support and revenue
$343,192 $0 $0 $343,192
$0 $5,542,196 $0 $5,542,196
$39,841 9,567,398 $0 $9,607,239
$0 $2,020,742 $0 $2,020,742
Operating expenses:
Program expenses
Alumni programs
Capital projects
University programs
University scholarships
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Total Program expenses
$383,033 $17,130,336 $0 $17,513,369
$1,628,554 $0 $0 $1,628,554
$1,691,594 $0 $0 $1,691,594
Total administrative and fundraising expenses
$3,320,148 $0 $0 $3,320,148
Total operating expenses
$3,703,181 $17,130,336 $0 $20,833,517
$0 ($6,315,772)
$2,920,427 $3,134,700 $12,198,051 $18,253,178
Additions to permanent and term endowments
Transfers between funds
$0 $0 $5,988,428 $5,988,428
$2,362,782 ($2,353,886)
NET CHANGE IN FUND NET ASSETS $2,158,483 Fund net assets at beginning of year
Fund Net assets at end of year
($65,242) $15,832,593 $17,925,834
$9,922,576 $47,515,686 $84,915,995 $142,354,257
$12,081,059 $47,450,444 $100,748,588 $160,280,091
The accounting firm of Grant Thornton LLP issued an unqualified opinion of the University
of Nevada, Reno Foundation’s audited financial statements for fiscal year 2011.
The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation endowment
92.5 funds are responsibly managed by the Investment Committee of
the foundation, a volunteer committee with expertise
in financial management, which receives independent professional
investment advice from Wilshire Associates.
2011 Foundation Endowment
• Market value as of dates listed below (Includes pooled endowment, unrestricted endowment funds, quasi endowment funds and funds held in trust), as reported annually to the Council for Aid to Education (CAE).
University of Nevada, Reno Foundation
Investment Performance Net of Fees
As of June 30, 2011
S&P 500 Barclays Aggregate
Foundation Policy Index Equity Index
Bond Index MSCI ACWI x-US
3 year average
5 year average
10 year average
Final returns are provided by Wilshire Associates, the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation’s independent investment consultant.
Investment in Endowment
For fiscal year 2011, a total of $5,988,428 was added to the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation’s permanent and term endowments.
Endowment Management
A strategic diversified portfolio mix has positively assisted during these turbulent financial times. As of June 30, 2011, the funds
were invested at the ratio of 42.6 percent in equities, 21.3 percent in fixed income, and 23.8 percent in real estate and alternative
investments. The goal of this allocation is to produce a return that meets spending obligations, maintains or increases the real value of
the endowment, and protects against the effects of inflation. The foundation investment policy is administered in accordance with the
Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act and can be found on the University’s website:
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
1 year return
University of Nevada, Reno Giving
Giving for Calendar Year 2011
January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011 • Includes$1,578,532.05
gifts from all fundraising entities of the University of Nevada, Reno.
Source of Gifts
Designation of Gifts by Donor
Student Support
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Centrally Administered
Programmatic Enhancements
Centrally Administered
Cash Gifts Received for Calendar Year 2011
Expenses for Fiscal Year 2011
July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 • The accounting firm of Grant Thornton LLP issued an unqualified opinion of the University of
Nevada, Reno Foundation’s audited financial statements for fiscal year 2011.
3.67% College of Engineering
3.32% College of Liberal Arts
12.15% College of Science
Centrally Administered
3.10% College of Education
3.10% Health Sciences
School of Medicine
0.97% Libraries
1.66% College of Business
College of Agriculture,
Biotechnology and
Natural Resources
7.97% Reynolds School of Journalism
0.66% Cooperative Extension
3,774,508.76 18.12%
College of Liberal Arts
692,596.46 3.32%
College of Education
645,669.37 3.10%
Health Sciences
646,235.54 3.10%
201,806.23 0.97%
345,715.79 1.66%
1,660,744.35 7.97%
College of Business
Reynolds School of Journalism
Cooperative Extension
School of Medicine
136,604.58 0.66%
3,807,641.59 18.28%
College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources
252,509.40 1.21%
General Scholarships
606,958.63 2.91%
4,767,452.78 22.88%
20,833,517.00 100.00%
Centrally Administered
Total Use By Area NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
764,082.27 2,530,991.25 College of Science
Photo by Jeff Dow
University of Nevada, Reno Endowments
The University of Nevada, Reno total endowment exceeded $235 million as of June 30, 2011. This endowment is comprised
of the following three endowments: Nevada System of Higher Education endowment of $120.8 million (51.5%), the Athletic
Association of the University of Nevada endowment of $5.4 million (2.5%) and the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation’s
endowment of $109.2 million (46%). The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation endowment of $109.2 million includes pooled
endowment, unrestricted endowment funds, quasi endowment
funds and funds held in trust (see page 13).
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
The University of Nevada, Reno has been fulfilling its promise to serve
Nevada and the world as a land-grant institution since 1874. The
knowledge, discoveries and technologies that are nurtured
and created at Nevada in laboratories, classrooms and
libraries improve the lives of people around the world.
With more than 145 degree programs, Nevada offers
exceptional learning opportunities around every corner.
More than 2,900 freshmen enrolled this fall and they are
the highest academically performing first-year class ever.
University of Nevada,
Reno Foundation
endowment and
Nevada System of
Higher Education
(NSHE) endowment
More than 18,000 students are currently enrolled,
the most in our 137-year history. Among this year’s
Athletic Association
students are 46 National Merit and 165 Presidential Scholars,
of the University of
Nevada (AAUN)
another testimony to our growth and outreach. With our freshman-tosophomore retention rate above the national average, we expect to produce even more graduates in the future.
To see a listing of Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents endowment funds that support the University of Nevada, Reno, please see page 24.
To learn more about the University of Nevada, Reno endowments, please contact Bruce Mack, associate vice president for Development and Alumni Relations,
(775) 784-1352 or [email protected]
Silver & Blue Society
Bound by their shared commitment to
the University of Nevada, Reno, members of
the Silver & Blue Society assist the institution
in addressing a broad range of needs—
including future needs that often cannot be
anticipated at the time gifts are made.
To recognize these individuals, the Silver &
Blue Society was formed to honor those who
give an annual unrestricted gift of $1,874 or
more. Members of the Silver & Blue Society
provide for scholarships, new academic
programs, innovative learning opportunities,
faculty recruitment and development, and
enhancements to campus, among a host of
other needs.
The Silver & Blue Society owes its name
to a time when a circle of dedicated men
and women helped create the University
of Nevada. Established as a land-grant
institution in 1874, the school depended in
part on the vision and support provided by
advocates. These supporters knew the value
of gifts beyond the government programs
that were meant to create a thriving
economy for a new, Western state.
The generosity of individuals makes
all the difference in the future of Nevada.
Unrestricted funding is a critical resource
that supports the University’s most
pressing needs.
To learn more about the Silver & Blue Society,
please contact Crystal Parrish, director of foundation
operations, (775) 784-1352 or [email protected]
2011 Silver & Blue Society Membership
Deane ’71 and Judy Albright ‘71
Edward E. Allison ‘91
John Ascuaga’s Nugget
Barrick Gold Corporation
Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc. Elko
Paul A. ’62 and Judith L. Bible ’65
Annette Bidart ‘85
Joseph S. ’78 and Liza M. Bradley ‘96
Thomas W. and Janice K. Brady ’63, ‘88MBA
Randy Brown ‘89
Carol Franc Buck
Ann M. Carlson ’59, ‘78M.Ed
John K. Carothers
Denise ’83 and Timothy Cashman
Bill ’66 and Lorena Chaffin
E.P. ‘Chuck’ Charlton ‘50
Kirk V. Clausen
Cecil J. Clipper
Brett ’84 and Karen Coleman
E.L. Cord Foundation
Harold J. Depoali ‘69
Stuart and Jane Engs
Dr. William N. Evans
Catherine ’80 and John Farahi
Katherine ’76 and Buddy Garcia ‘59
Milton* and Peggy Glick
Thomas J. ’65 and Peggy Hall
Arnold Hansmann ‘66
The Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation
Dyanne M. Hayes ‘61
Barbara E. ’54 and Procter R.
Hug ’53, ‘66HDG, ‘10HDG
Eppie Johnson ‘51
President Marc. A Johnson and
Karen Penner-Johnson
Steve ’77 and Camie Johnson ‘83
Michael J. ’82 and Patrice I. Klaich ‘85
Mark ’77 and Mary K. Knobel ‘88
Jay ’74 and Tamara Kornmayer
Leonard and Sara Lafrance ‘73/
Lafrance Family Foundation
Mark Lipparelli ’87, ‘93M.S.
Bruce A. and Bertie Mack
Paul D. ’87 and Julie A. Mathews
Kevin ’79 and Michelle McArthur
Michael ’72 and Karen Melarkey ‘85
Monte ’70 and Susan Miller
NV Energy
Felicia R. O’Carroll ‘76
Terrance W. ’71 and Linda J. Oliver
Timothy J. and Theresa M. Ortez
Chad Osorno/Wells Fargo
William and Rebecca Pennell
Frank ’56 and Joan Randall
Reno Gazette-Journal
David A. Richwood
A. Dan and Maureen Rovig
Jennifer A. ‘80M.Ed and Philip G. Satre
Gary and Mary Ellen Smith
Gerald and Sharon Smith
James M. Solaegui ’77, ‘85
David J. Thompson ‘72MBA
Patty Wade
Ranson and Norma Webster Foundation Fund at
the Community Foundation of Western Nevada
Ellen F. Whittemore ’78 and Jeffrey D. Patterson
B. Thomas Willison
Jane Witter ’74 and Fred Delanoy
John R. and Christine H. Worthington
Joan Zenan
Ronald R. ’59 and Mary Liz Zideck
Foundations & Organizations
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Foundations and organizations provide generous and invaluable financial support for the students, research and
academic programs of the University of Nevada, Reno. We are pleased to recognize and thank the foundations and
organizations whose gifts were received during 2011.
Photo by Jeff Dow
Foundations & Organizations
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Students take advantage of Reno’s mild spring temperatures to study and take a break outside of the University’s
residence halls. The University of Nevada, Reno offers a variety of on-campus living arrangements, including
single and shared rooms, as well as our newer living-learning communities, designed to integrate student
learning with on-campus residential living by grouping students with similar academic interests.
New Foundation Endowments
New endowments: meaningful and forever
Establishing an endowed fund at the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation transforms lives—those of the
students who will become the leaders of tomorrow, the faculty who inspire them and the researchers who are
finding solutions to society’s problems. An endowed fund also enhances our community, which is continuously
engaged by the University’s many programs and activities. A gift today provides important and meaningful funds in
perpetuity that help make the University known for its teaching, research and service.
The foundation manages the endowment funds with available earnings transferred to the respective University
accounts for the purpose of supporting the donor’s passion, whether it be student scholarships, faculty research or
unrestricted funds to meet the University’s most pressing needs. Gifts can be focused or wide-ranging.
The process for establishing an endowment is simple and requires only a completed agreement along with a gift
or pledge of at least $10,000. Gifts of almost any type of asset—cash, securities, real estate or other property that can
be liquidated—are gratefully accepted.
If you are interested in supporting any of these new endowments, or creating one in memory or honor of
someone, please contact Keiko Weil ’87, director of Donor Relations, (775) 784-1587 or [email protected]
Baker Family Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Theresa Baker ’78 (premedical), ’82M.D., is a hospice medical director and palliative care consultant. As a medical student and a single parent, she
benefited from the assistance of scholarship support. She established this endowment for medical students with financial need, particularly those who
are single parents.
Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award Endowment
Thornton Peace Prize Endowment
William C. Thornton ‘58 (criminal justice) and Professor Emerita Dr. Barbara Thornton ‘57 (pre-law), ‘67M.A. have created endowments to support the
Thornton Peace Prize and the Margery Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award in perpetuity. The Thorntons established the Thornton Peace Prize
in 1970. The Margery Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award was established in 1991 by Barbara and her brother, John, in honor of their mother,
Margery. Award recipients are honored at the annual Honor the Best celebration each spring.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Linda Clift Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Endowment
This endowment was established as a surprise for former clinical faculty member Linda Clift ’74 (nursing) by her husband, Robert, a retired physician,
clinical professor emeritus of the medical school and 1991 President’s Medal recipient. The full-tuition scholarship will benefit master’s students in the
nurse-practitioner program who demonstrate financial need.
Crystal Family Scholar Leader Scholarship Endowment
The Crystal Family Foundation has created an endowment to support the Scholar Leader Scholarship program at the College of Business. The program
provides exceptional student leaders with a four-year scholarship and the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through participation in student
and professional organizations, service projects and internship opportunities.
Gail and Charles Dickson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Although Chuck Dickson wasn’t able to complete his college degree, he supported and encouraged his wife, Gail ’69 (elementary education), ’80M.A.
(elementary education), to continue her studies. She earned her degrees from Nevada while they raised a family. This scholarship was established by
family and friends to help women complete their degrees in elementary education or literacy studies.
Family and Community Medicine Endowment
An anonymous donor made a substantial gift in 2011 to bring this fund to the endowment level. The fund was first established in 2009 by the Las Vegas
Department of Family and Community Medicine to advance its educational and research priorities among its medical students, residents and faculty.
New Foundation Endowments
Fred and Thelma Epper Music Scholarship Endowment
In a tribute to her love and appreciation of music, Thelma Fay Epper established the Fred and Thelma Epper Music Scholarship Endowment through a
planned gift. Epper, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 86, created the endowment to support music students at the College of Liberal Arts.
Michael N. and Esther R. Galli Scholarship Endowment in Medicine
Michael N. and Esther R. Galli Scholarship Endowment in Nursing
The estate of the late Michael Galli ’49 (animal science) made gifts to establish two endowments to benefit students at the University of Nevada School of
Medicine and the Orvis School of Nursing. After graduation, Michael Galli married Esther Romano and spent his career as a Foreign Service officer for the
U.S. Department of State and the Agency of International Development.
Ron R. Gash Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Ron R. Gash passed away in August of 2009 at the age of 45. His father, Ron, established this memorial endowment as a tribute to his son. Recipients are
student-athletes at the University who have demonstrated financial need, with a preference to students from rural Nevada.
The Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation Herz Medal Endowment
The Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation has created an endowment to preserve the legacy of the Herz Gold Medal, presented at each
commencement ceremony to the top graduating senior. The University’s oldest and most prestigious honor was established in 1910 by brothers Richard
and Carl Otto Herz, natives of Germany who opened the jewelry store R. Herz and Bro. Inc. in Reno in 1885. When the Herz family descendants closed the
store and retired, the Hart Foundation stepped in, along with the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, to continue the award. The medal and a $2,500
award will be presented at both spring and winter commencements.
Yoshiko Hendricks Library Endowment
After graduating from the University of Texas in 1970 with a degree in library science, Yoshiko “Yoshi” Hendricks joined the faculty of the University
Libraries. She also taught University courses in Japanese language and culture. She was promoted to emerita status in 1999. She passed away in 2003.
Yoshi’s husband, Neil, established this endowment to support the University Libraries to which she was so devoted.
Dr. Harrie F. Hess Endowment in Psychology
Dr. Harrie Hess ’52 (psychology) established this endowment to benefit the Department of Psychology. Hess taught psychology at the University of
Nevada, Las Vegas until his retirement in 1989. He maintained a private practice that included consulting with the Nevada Test Site in the Atomic Energy
Commission’s Human Reliability Program, which he helped design.
Joe W. Howard Memorial Scholarship Endowment
After graduating from Nevada, Joe “Breezy” Howard ’61 (civil engineering) worked on thousands of civil engineering projects in northern Nevada,
including Top Gun improvements at the Naval Air Station in Fallon. His wife, Janice ’61 (medical technology), their children and friends created the
endowment in his memory to benefit students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Engineering.
At the time of his death in 2008, Peter Krenkel was a professor and dean emeritus of the College of Engineering. He served as dean from 1982-1987
and was a consultant to local, state and federal governments, as well as the World Health Organization. As a tribute to Krenkel’s background in
environmental engineering, his wife, Jessica, established this scholarship endowment for graduate students.
Liberal Arts Scholarship Endowment for International Studies
An anonymous donor has created this endowment in support of undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts who seek to broaden their
horizons through experiences gained from studying abroad.
M.B. Marlowe University Scholarship Endowment
Philanthropy is a value that has been passed down for generations in M.B. Marlowe’s family, dating back to her great-grandfather, who would look
around the community and help out wherever he saw the need. By establishing this scholarship with the University, Marlowe hopes to assist nontraditional students who are starting or returning to college later in life.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Peter A. Krenkel Scholarship Endowment in Environmental Engineering
New Foundation Endowments
John and Rita Marschall Family History Scholarship Endowment
John Marschall began working as a University lecturer in 1969 and became an associate professor of history in 1980. He retired in 2002 as an emeritus
professor. His wife, Rita ’72 (art), was a teacher in the Washoe County School District for 21 years. This is the Marschalls’ second endowed scholarship for
history students.
Norman E. Moller Nursing Scholarship Endowment
The late Norman E. Moller ’65 (political science) wanted to honor the contribution of nurses and the nursing profession with a bequest to the Orvis School
of Nursing, which he established before he passed away in 2010. During his life, Moller received the care of nurses and aides and was grateful for their
compassion and dedication.
Alicia Parlette Scholarship Endowment for Aspiring Journalists
Alicia Parlette ’04 (journalism), was a Reynolds School of Journalism alumna who wrote about her five-year battle with cancer for the San Francisco
Chronicle. Parlette graduated summa cum laude from Nevada and was one of two national Hearst Fellowship recipients. Parlette passed away in 2010.
The endowment was established by memorial gifts from family, friends and supporters.
Catherine Parsons Smith Scholarship Endowment for Music and Women’s Studies
The late Catherine Smith joined the faculty in 1969 as a music lecturer and later became an assistant professor. In her estate plans, Smith provided for
two distributions to support both the Department of Music and the Women’s Studies Program. In an effort to preserve Smith’s memory in perpetuity on
campus, her family elected to combine the funds and create an endowment to benefit both disciplines.
Senator William J. Raggio Education Scholarship Endowment
Senator William J. Raggio Free Enterprise Scholarship Endowment
The late Senator William J. Raggio ’48 (political science), ’11HDG, was elected to the Nevada State Senate in 1972. Demonstrating his dedication to both
the University and the state, Raggio established two endowed scholarships: the first to benefit education students pursuing their student internship
or graduates completing their professional preparation, and a second scholarship to support political science majors during their junior year. Raggio
passed away in February at age 85.
Jeffrey R. Rodefer Family Library Endowment
Jeffrey Rodefer ’85 (business administration), named the 2011 Volunteer Lawyer of the Year by the State Bar of Nevada, created an endowment to benefit
the College of Business and the University Libraries. The Las Vegas resident is a member of the State Bars of Nevada, California, Colorado and Oregon,
and is vice president of legal affairs for Boyd Gaming Corporation.
George S. Ross Scholarship Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
George Ross ’46 (journalism) began his journalism career as a young sports writer on the Nevada campus and later became the managing editor of
the Oakland Tribune. Now in retirement, Ross wanted to give back to the University by creating a scholarship endowment for journalism students at
Edwin S. Semenza Outstanding Medical Student Endowment Award
Nevada Semenza Christian Teaching Endowment Award
Evelyn Semenza Honts English Music Scholarship Endowment
Grace Semenza Drama Scholarship Endowment
Lawrence J. Semenza Accounting Scholarship Endowment
Rena Semenza Safford Scholarship Endowment
Evelyn (Semenza) English ’36 (history), the daughter of Reno pioneers John and Louise Semenza, left provisions in her estate to endow scholarships
bearing the names of her siblings, all of whom attended the University. There are three additional Semenza scholarship endowments at Nevada,
including the John Louis and Louise Ferretti Semenza Scholarship in Business and Social Work, first awarded in 1946. Evelyn passed away in 2010.
Lenard W. and Nelda O. Sledge Scholarship Endowment
A planned gift from the estate of Lenard ’30 (arts & science) and Nelda ’37 (zoology) Sledge has established a general scholarship endowment for students
at Nevada. The Sledges were both teachers, while Lenard later studied and practiced optometry. Lenard passed away in 1994 and Nelda in 2010. New Foundation Endowments
Sontag Entrepreneurship Award Endowment
Rick ‘66M.S. (physics) and Susan Sontag have established an endowment to provide an annual award of $50,000 to a student or group of students
who demonstrate an ability and intention to start or expand a business. Rick is the former owner of Unison Industries, which he sold to General Electric
in 2002. The Sontags later established venture capital firm Bay Companies and The Sontag Foundation, which supports research in brain cancer and
rheumatoid arthritis.
Faith Pedersen Spencer Memorial Library Endowment
Family and friends of Faith Pedersen Spencer, a longtime University employee and volunteer, created an endowment to provide a permanent source of
funds for the University Libraries’ programs, acquisitions and other needs. Faith and her husband John Spencer ’60 (wildlife management), were active
supporters of the University Libraries.
Don Winne Inspirational Student Scholarship Endowment
When College of Business emeritus professor Donald Winne served on the college’s scholarship committee, he often personally funded scholarships for
students deemed “inspirational” based on obstacles they overcame. When he received the B.J. Fuller Outstanding Teaching Award in 2008, he used the
award winnings to create this scholarship. After Winne retired in 2010, contributions from colleagues helped the scholarship reach the endowment level.
When Winne passed away last year, his friends and colleagues again gave to the scholarship.
Alumni’s act of giving
benefits future students
Lenard ’30 and Nelda Sledge ’37 are pictured in their Artemisia yearbook
photos. The couple established a scholarship endowment in their estate
plan to benefit Nevada students.
Nevada Department of Education and district deputy superintendent
of public instruction. He later attended the Southern California College
of Optometry, obtaining his doctorate in optometry in 1948. Lenard
practiced optometry until his retirement in the 1970s.
In 1979, the couple settled at a Leisure World community in Laguna
Hills, Calif. Lenard passed away on Aug. 31, 1994, and Nelda passed
away on Nov. 27, 2010.
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about planned giving opportunities at Nevada, please contact Lisa Riley, Esq., director of the Office of Planned Giving, (775) 682-6017
or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Lenard ’30 (English and history) and Nelda Sledge ’37 (zoology)
made a charitable bequest before their passing to establish the Lenard
W. and Nelda O. Sledge Scholarship Endowment to benefit students at
their alma matter. The first scholarship in their name will be awarded
this fall.
Nelda was born in 1911 to R.J. and Louise Oppedyk. After her
mother’s passing, R.J. moved Nelda and her two older sisters to Las
Vegas in 1918 so he could work for Union Pacific. He later established
the Oppedyk Dairy on 40 acres on the west side of Las Vegas, which
was still undeveloped. The girls watched the construction of the
Hoover Dam and saw the mushroom clouds of the atom bomb tests at
Railroad Pass. Nelda graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1932
and received her bachelor’s degree in zoology in 1937 from Nevada. She
went on to complete her master’s degree at the University of Southern
California and was a teacher in Nevada and California.
Lenard was a noted debater at Nevada, where he was the mayor of
the Lincoln Hall Association and a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa
Kappa Psi, Blue Key, Mask and Dagger, as well as the Honor Roll.
He also served as ASUN historian, was active in band, orchestra and
the dramatic arts, was on the staff of the Artemisia yearbook and the
Nevada Sagebrush, and was the recipient of the Rand, Fitzgerald and
Clark scholarships. After graduation in 1930, he taught English at Las
Vegas Elementary School and became a district supervisor for the
Foundation Endowments
Alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Nevada who make endowment gifts are attracted to the opportunity to ensure
that the institution, or a particular program or activity, will exist in perpetuity. Behind each endowment gift is a personal
motivation—to repay a debt of gratitude for the donor’s own education, to honor a loved one, and/or to make a positive
impact. Endowments may be established through outright gifts, available for immediate investment by the University;
life income gifts, in which the University receives money immediately while providing the donor or a designee with an
income for life; or bequests, which the University receives after the donor’s passing. We are grateful to many individuals
and organizations for establishing these permanent endowment funds at Nevada.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Accounting/ IS Development and Research Endowment
AITP Scholarship Endowment
Alliance with the Washoe County Medical Society Endowment
Philip L. Altick Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Physics
Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment
Alumni College Scholarship Endowment-College of Education
Alumni Lifetime Membership Endowment
Florence Marie Amland Scholarship Endowment
Anne Luckenbill Anderson Scholarship Endowment
Donna Anderson Professorship in Grazing
& Rangelands Endowment
Dr. James T. & M. Elizabeth Anderson
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Anglim-Bateman Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Derrill and Stella Angst Endowment
Dr. John V. Anooshian & Anooshian Family
Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Mary B. Ansari Map Library Endowment
Jerry Antkowiak Scholarship Endowment
Roxie Archie College of Business Scholarship Endowment
Roxie Archie Medicine Scholarship Endowment
Arentz Student Center Endowment
Frank D. Arnold Endowment in Finance
Aaron E. Arnoldsen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Joseph F. & Dolores C. Arroyo Scholarship Endowment
Arthur and Vlasta Atkins Sholarship Endowment
Charles and Doris Bailey Scholarship Endowment
Baker Family Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Arthur Baker III Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Joseph W. & Gale Baldecchi Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Ross and Dorothy Dodd Ballard Scholarship Endowment
John Bancroft Business Community Support Endowment
John Bancroft Medical Scholarship Endowment
Bank of America Scholarship Endowment
Baskerville Scholarship Endowment for Visually Impaired
Basque Studies Program Quasi Endowment
George & Ronald M. Basta Scholarship Endowment
George Basta Business Scholarship Endowment
Harriet Basta Education Scholarship Endowment
Harriet & George Basta Medical Student
Scholarship Endowment
Dean Sam Basta Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Ted E. Batchman Scholarship Endowment
Lura G. Batjer Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mabel McVicar Batjer Scholarship Endowment
Louis S. Bava Scholarship Endowment
Smiley Klaich Bayless Nursing Endowment
Melvin and Mildred Beaver Endowed Scholarship
The Beavers Heavy Construction Scholarship Endowment
Loretta Beckman-Carr Scholarship Endowment
Bruno & Edna Benna-Excellence in the Fine Arts Endowment
Dr. & Mrs. Emanuel Berger Scholarship Endowment
Lowell C. and Frances W. Bernard Scholarship Endowment
Jim Bernardi and Bob Dillard Theater Scholarship Endowment
Mildred Bertotti Scholarship Endowment in Medicine
Douglas Bevans Scholarship Endowment
Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award Endowment
Harold G. Biegler MSM Scholarship Endowment
Janet and Sidney Bijou Scholarship Endowment
Reed Bingham Scholarship Endowment in Public Health
BJG Graduate Scholarship in Structural
Engineering Endowment
Black Eagle Consulting CE Scholarship Endowment
Barbara and Bill Bliss Scholarship Endowment in Journalism
Professor Howard Blodgett Scholarship Endowment
Kathleen H. Blythe Library Endowment
Bohach Police/Firefighter Scholarship Endowment
John Bohach Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dale Bohmont Leadership Award Endowment
Carlos Borland Scholarship Endowment
Frank W. Bowdish Chemical Engineering
Scholarship Endowment
District Judge Grant L. Bowen Distinguished
Library Endowment
Brady, Clift, Scott, Moss, Garey-Sage,
Hald, Gholdoian Endowment
Arthur Brant Endowed Chair in Geophysics
Lilli Brant Reading Room Endowment
Bretzlaff Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Bridge Paper Competition Endowment
Dr. Art and Elaine Broten Scholarship Endowment
Gloria Germain Brown Scholarship Endowment
Victor and Helen G. Brown Scholarship Endowment
Brussard Scholarship in Ecology, Evolution &
Conservation Biology Endowment
Diane K. Bryan Scholarship Endowment
Bullis Education Scholarship Endowment
Leslie Burns & Mary Gray Research Professorship Endowment
John N. Butler Professorship in Extractive
Metallurgy Endowment
H.M. Byars Civil Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Norma and Ellis Byer Internship Scholarship Endowment
CABNR General Scholarship Endowment
CABNR Student Center Equipment & Maintenance Endowment
CABNR Student Internship & Research Scholarship Endowment
Edmund J. Cain Scholarship Endowment
Edward Callahan Scholarship Endowment
Cole C. Campbell Dialogue on Democracy Endowment
Capital Markets Advisory Council Dean’s
Discretionary Endowment
Louis J. & Genevieve G. Capurro Family
Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Ann Carlson Scholarship Endowment
Jay A. Carpenter Endowment
Carson Medical Group Medical Scholarship Endowment
William Cashill Scholarship Endowment
James Cashman III Scholarship Endowment
Alayne Casteel Scholarship Endowment
Cavanaugh Community Volunteer Award Endowment
Zehra and Yunus Cengel Scholarship Endowment
CERA Trust Endowment
CERA Trust Endowment-College of Education
Art Cerfoglio Memorial Scholarship Endowment
CFA Scholarship Endowment
Chair in Mining Engineering Endowment
L.H & M.W. Chanslor Endowment-Unrestricted
Charlton Family Excellence Endowment
Chico Group Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Flora and Thomas Christoff Scholarship Endowment
Charles Chun Scholarship Endowment
City of Sparks Scholarship Endowment
Clark & Sullivan Constructors Endowment
Edna M. Clarkson Memorial Music Scholarship Endowment
J.R. Clarkson Scholarship Endowment
John Robert (Bob) Clarkson Mineral
Processing Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1938 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1939 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1940 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1941 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1942 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1943 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1944 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1945 & 1946 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1947 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1948 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1949 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1950 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1951 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1951 Mackay School of Mines Scholarship
Class of 1952 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1953 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1954 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1955 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1956 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1957 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1958 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1961 Endowment Challenge
Foundation Endowments
Dante Club Research Award Endowment
Sandra A. Daugherty Medical Student
Research Award Endowment
Robert C. Davey Scholarship Endowment
Sharon & Richard Davies History Undergraduate Endowment
Sharon and Richard O. Davies Research Endowment for History
Dana Davis Award Endowment
Howdy Davis Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Willard F. Day Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mae A. Denevi Scholarship Endowment
John A. Dermody Scholarship Endowment
Leonard and Sally Detrick Scholarship Endowment
Delcey Ann Dickerson Memorial Trust Endowment
Gail and Charles Dickson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Carl A. Digino Endowed Scholarship
Kenneth P. and Sandra E. Dillon Scholarship Endowment
Distinguished Visiting Writer in Residence
Endowment in English
Edwin S. Dodson Endowment
Betsy Caughlin Donnelly Scholarship Endowment
Doubrava Family Medical Endowment
Jay S. Dow, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Cherie Lynn Duhart Scholarship Endowment
Eagle-Picher Minerals/V. John Eisinger
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Early Childhood Autism Program Scholarship Endowment
Esther Early Scholarship Endowment
Frances A. Echeverria Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Peter Echeverria Scholarship Endowment
Robert Edgington and Pat Miltenberger
Scholarship Endowment
Elsie H. Edwards Memorial Endowment
Amy E. Egami Memorial Scholarship Endowment
V. John Eisinger Memorial Scholarship Endowment
The Richard and Winifred Elmore Family
Scholarship Endowment
Endowment for the Division of Medical Nutrition
Fred and Thelma Epper Music Scholarship Endowment
Colonel & Mrs. John M. Etchemendy Endowment
Ethics Seminar Series & Research Fellowship Endowment
Jan Evans Library Collection Endowment
Lillian Evansen Memorial Prize-Endowment
Evasovic Family Geologic Field Camp Endowment
Mike Evasovic Scholarship Endowment
Mike Evasovic Scholarship Endowment in Civil Engineering
Christopher Exline Geography Scholarship Endowment
Christopher Exline Land Use Planning Scholarship Endowment
Faculty and Student Social Endowment in English
Faculty Salaries Endowment
Family and Community Medicine Endowment
Kirk Addison Fay Medical Scholarship Endowment
Finance Laboratory Quasi Endowment
Alex Fittinghoff Scholarship Endowment
Lincoln and Meta Fitzgerald College of
Business Scholarship Endowment
Lincoln and Meta Fitzgerald Medical Scholarship Endowment
Lincoln and Meta Fitzgerald Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Jean Amland Fitzpatrick Scholarship Endowment
Carroll H. Flagg Scholarship Endowment
Marilyn P. & William G. Flangas Scholarship Endowment
Forbes and Dunagan, Inc. Scholarship Endowment
Jean Ford Women’s Studies Scholarship Endowment
Fordham Family Civil Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Foreign Languages and Literatures Scholarship Endowment
Susan Forrest Journalism Scholarship Endowment
Foundation Board Endowment
Foundation Board Quasi Endowment
Foundation General Bequest Endowment
Foundation Endowment for Journalism
Don Fowler Endowment For Great Basin Archaeology
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Fox Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Frazier Scholarship Endowment
Kevin D. Freeman Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Friends of the College of Education Equipment
& Enhancement Endowment
Friends of the College of Education Scholarship Endowment
Friends of the Library Endowment
Friends of College of Education Quasi Endowment
Richard Frohnen Teaching Excellence Endowment
Frost Family Scholarship Endowment
Maurice C. and Joyce H. Fuerstenau Scholarship Endowment
B.J. Fuller Accounting Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Mary Fulstone Endowment for Excellence
Richard Fulstone Family Scholarship Endowment
John A. & Robert B. Fulton Scholarship Endowment
John and Lillian Gabrielli Scholarship Endowment
The Michael N. and Esther R. Galli Scholarship
Endowment in Medicine
The Michael N. and Esther R. Galli Scholarship
Endowment in Nursing
Jim & Gina Gardner Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Ron R. Gash Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Cecil Hardin Gay Scholarship Endowment
Blanche Grace Holcomb Gazin Scholarship Endowment
Geography Scholarship Endowment
Geography Lecture Series Endowment
Geography Student Research Endowment
Geological Society of Nevada Scholarship Endowment
Mike Gervasoni Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Virgil Getto Scholarship Endowment
Fred Gibson, Jr. School of Mines Faculty Endowment
Dick and Hank Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jim Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Kathleen M. Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Karen Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Vivian L. Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Goldcorp Endowed Chair in Minerals Engineering
Endowment Honoring Bert M. Goldwater in
Memory of Wayne Albert Goldwater
Philip H. Goodman Award in Residence Excellence Endowment
Helen Goodwin & Robert Snow MacCollister
Curation Endowment
John R. Gottardi Memorial Scholarship
Endowment for Foreign Languages
Granite Construction Scholarship Endowment
Great Basin Paleoindian Research
Guaranteed Fund Endowment
Greater Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce Past
Presidents’ Scholarship Endowment
Helaine Greenberg ElderCollege Endowment
Gloria Griffen Memorial Library Endowment
Grace A. Griffen Chair in History Endowment
Robert Griffin/Clark Santini Memorial Endowment
Carmelina B. Grundel Scholarship Endowment
Edward L. Grundel, Jr. Scholarship Endowment
Clark J. Guild Family Scholarship Endowment
Diana Hadley-Lynch Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Stephen W. Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Carol Elaine Halley Memorial Scholarship
Endowment in Nursing
Herbert W. Hallman Scholarship Endowment
Toby Ann Handelman CABNR Pre-Vet Scholarship Endowment
Toby Ann Handelman Scholarship Endowment in Medicine
Dave Hansen Graduate Student Scholarship Endowment
Walter & Mary Wilma Hargreaves Scholarship Endowment
Mildred Harmon Nursing Scholarship Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Class of 1971 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1958 & 1959 MSM Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1959 Scholarship Endowment
Classic Residents’ Scholarship Endowment
Jean Mary Clawson Scholarship Endowment
Margriet Clevenger Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Linda Clift Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Endowment
Georgia E. Clinger Scholarship Endowment
Molly D. Close Scholarship Endowment
for the College of Engineering
Ty Cobb Scholarship Endowment
Charles Coe Family Scholarship Endowment
College of Business Alumni Association Quasi Endowment
College of Business Alumni Association
Scholarship Endowment
College of Business Career Services Endowment
College of Business Logistics Endowment
College of Business Quasi Endowment
College of Business Technology Endowment
Joan M. Comanor Scholarship Endowment
Theodore E. and Edna H. Conover Memorial
Scholarship Endowment
Contri Construction Scholarship Endowment
Michael Conway Scholarship Endowment
Joan Metcalfe Cope Classified Employee
Scholarship Endowment
Ennis Cosby Scholarship Endowment
Loretta J. Cotner Scholarship Endowment
Walter & Vivian Cox Scholarship Endowment
Crawford Family Scholarship Endowment
Cronenberger Family Scholarship Endowment #1
Cronenberger Family Scholarship Endowment #2
Kathryn & Fredric Cronenberger Scholarship Endowment
Crouch-Wright Scholarship Endowment
Betty Jean Crowley Memorial Endowment for Piano Students
John Joseph Crowley Scholarship Endowment
Joseph Crowley Political Science Endowment
Marie Crowley Geography Scholarship Endowment
Crystal Family Scholar Leader Scholarship Endowment
Mark Curtis Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Ruth Curtis Scholarship Endowment in Visual Arts
Karen Cutler Memorial Scholarship Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Foundation Endowments
Dan Harper Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Marjorie E. and Frank A. Harriman Endowment
The Thelma B. andThomas P. Hart Foundation
Herz Medal Endowment
Hartman Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Col. Daniel M. Harvey Memorial Endowment
The Marguerite Harvey University Scholarship Endowment
Keith Hashimoto Scholarship Endowment
Philip and Eleanore Haskett Scholarship Endowment
Hatch Scholarship Endowment
Clarence Heckethorn Scholarship Endowment
Albert George and Agnes Schmith Heidtman
Accounting Scholarship Endowment
Robert L. Helms Scholarship Endowment for CABNR
Robert L. Helms Scholarship Endowment for
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Allan W. and Barbara Louise Henderson
Scholarship Endowment
Yoshiko Hendricks Library Endowment
Fred Hertlein III Chemistry Endowment
Dr. Harrie F. Hess Endowment in Psychology
Professor Alfred Higginbotham Endowment
Lee D. & Virginia D. Hirshland Scholarship Endowment
Historic Reno Preservation Society Scholarship Endowment
History Professor Scholarship Endowment
Betty J. Heath Hoe Scholarship Endowment
Ralph E. and Rose A. Hoeper Equipment Endowment
Ralph E. and Rose A. Hoeper Faculty Award
for Excellence Endowment
Ralph E. Hoeper-Foresthill Telelephone Co.
Endowment for K-12 Outreach Engineering
Ralph E. Hoeper Professorship in Engineering Endowment
Ralph E. and Rose A. Hoeper Scholarship
Endowment in Electrical Engineering
James D. Hoff, Peace Officers Scholarship Endowment
Claudia W. Hoffer & Arthur H. Williams
Scholarship Endowment
M. Kay Holjes Health Ecology Scholarship Endowment
Richard Holmes Family Scholarship
Endowment in Civil Engineering
Lois L. Honeywell & Clayton C. Honeywell
Scholarship Endowment
Robert C. Hooper Scholarship Endowment
Dennis S. Hoover Scholarship Endowment
Hopping Estate Quasi Endowment For Excellence
Marilyn J. Horn, Ph.D. Graduate Student
Scholarship Endowment
Howard Family Liberal Arts Endowment
Anne Howard Scholarship in English Endowment
Joe W. Howard Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Durward A. Huckabay, M.D. Fellowship Endowment
Procter R. Hug, Jr. Scholarship Endowment
Professor James Hulse Scholarship in History Endowment
John and Frances Wright Humphrey Scholarship Endowment
IGT Computer Engineering Laboratory Endowment
IGT Distinguished Speaker Series Endowment
Independent Insurance Agents of Northern
Nevada Scholarship Endowment
Hugh Ingle Jr. Scholarship Endowment
International Student & Scholars Endowment
Bill Ireland Baseball Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Marshall L. Jacks Scholarship Endowment
Edna K. Jackson Scholarship Endowment
Joseph R. and Sadie E. Jackson Quasi Endowment
Thomas (Tom) A. Jackson Scholarship Endowment
Jacobs Scholarship Endowment
Wendy Jaksick Medical Student Endowment
John W. James Scholarship Endowment
Jenkins Graduate Fellowship in Ecology Endowment
Joseph E. Joerger Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mabel C. Joerger Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Eppie G. Johnson Scholarship Endowment
Officer Larry Johnson Memorial Endowment
Marsh Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Martin B. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Clarence & Martha Jones Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Martha & Clarence Jones Technology Fund Endowment
Denny Jones Material Science Scholarship Endowment
Max Jones Jr. Scholarship Endowment
Mona Sanchez Joplin Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dick Joseph Memorial Scholarship Quasi Endowment
Jim Joyce Endowment in Political Communications
Marilee Joyce Scholarship Endowment
Oliver Kahle Memorial Cancer Research Endowment
Georgianna Kane Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Judith Stammer Kearney Scholarship Endowment
Alice Kellames Memorial Scholarship Endowment
John C. Kelly Entrepreneur Award Endowment
Kenneth C. Kemp Chemistry Scholarship Endowment
Lorin W. and Isabelle Kemp Memorial Endowment
Robert E. Kendall Mining Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Anne and Donald Kenny Scholarship Endowment
Robert S. & Dorothy J. Keyser Scholarship Endowment
L. David Kiley Endowment for the Dean’s Discretionary
Fund for the College of Engineering
L. David Kiley Scholarship Endowment
for the College of Engineering
Ann Kirkwood Scholarship Endowment in Nursing
Donald C. Kitselman Endowment for Anthropology
Robert J. Klaich Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Clark Knauss Scholarship Endowment
Mildred Knezevich Scholarship Endowment
Michael S. Koizumi Scholarship Endowment
Victor & LaVerne Kral Scholarship Endowment
Peter A. Krenkel Scholarship Endowment
in Environmental Engineering
Krump Construction Scholarship Endowment
Leslie J. Krysl Memorial Endowment
Rita Laden Scholarship Endowment
Lambert Scholarship Endowment in Business
Lambert Scholarship Endowment Hydrologic Science
Myrick Land Scholarship Endowment
L.T. Larson Geology Endowment
Lavery Family Quasi Endowment
Theresa Lawson Scholarship Endowment
Robert Laxalt Distinguished Writer Program Endowment
Erin and Patrick Leahy Scholarship Endowment
Alfred F. Lee Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Lemay Award for Excellence in Teaching Endowment
Sara K. Lentz Nursing Endowment Scholarship
The Leonard Family Music Scholarship Endowment
Paul A. Leonard Chair for Ethics and Writing
in Journalism Endowment
Paul A. and Gwen Leonard Memorial Scholarship Endowment
John Leonudakis Business Scholarship Endowment
Lerude First Amendment Scholarship Endowment
Liberal Arts Scholarship Endowment for International Studies
College of Liberal Arts Excellence Endowment
Sven & Astrid Liljeblad Endowment
John M. and Geraldine M. Lilley Presidential
Scholarship Endowment
James A. Linebaugh Family Fellowship Endowment
Melissa Link Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Travis B. Linn Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Journalism
Travis B. Linn Reading Room Endowment
Beverly and Otto A. Linnecke Endowment
William A. and Eleanor M. Lipscomb
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Matthew Morris LoMastro Endowment for FASD
Thomas Lugaski Award Endowment
Lumos and Associates Scholarship Endowment
William J. Lynch Wellness Endowment for
the Sanford Center for Aging
W.J. Lynch Scholarship Endowment
Robert Snow MacCollister Scholarship for Printing Endowment
Ernest W. Mack Scholarship Endowment
Mackay Endowed Chair in Economic Geology Endowment
Mackay School of Mines Curator Endowment
John W. Mackay III Scholarship Endowment
Mackenzie Scholarship in Physics Endowment
Craig M. Mackey Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Raul Madrid Endowment in Economic Geology
William Edward Wilbur Madsen Scholarship Endowment
Makabe/Shimotori Scholarship Endowment
Sgt. Travis Maki Scholarship Endowment
Mallory Foundation Scholar Leader Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth Lee Manning Criminal Justice
Scholarship Endowment
Frank Margrave Scholarship Endowment
M.B. Marlowe University Scholarship Endowment
John and Rita Marschall Family History
Scholarship Endowment
Rita and John Marschall History Scholarship Endowment
Avis Tillie Eby Marsh Scholarship Endowment
Steve Martarano Best Published Article Award Endowment
Steve Martarano Sagebrush Editor Scholarship Endowment
Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center Maintenance
& Operations Endowment
McCandless Graduate Award Endowment for Anthropology
Jessie Patricia McCarthy Comstock Scholarship Endowment
Pauline & Jack McCloskey Medical Student
Scholarship Endowment
McCrea Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Frank McCulloch Award for Courage in Journalism Endowment
Joseph & Leola McDonald Journalism Endowment
Allan C. McGill Scholarship Endowment
Moultrie H. McIntosh & Helen McIntosh McClure Endowment
Victoria L. McIver Scholarship Endowment
Robert B. McKee Jr. Mechanical Engineering Endowment
Gene McKenna Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Foundation Endowments
James Norman & Miriam Isabel McKenzie
Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Robert McQueen Scholarship Endowment
Paul McReynolds Endowment in Clinical Psychology
Robert Mead Undergraduate Research Endowment
Rolan and Rachel Mead Scholarship Endowment
The Meadows Scholarship Endowment
Media Technology Instructional Support Endowment
James E. Melarkey Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mary Lonon Mestmaker Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Michelson Family Scholarship Endowment in Medicine
Jim Mikawa Graduate Assistantship in Psychology Endowment
N. Edd and Nena Miller ASUN Leadership Award Endowment
N. Edd Miller Founder’s Fund for the
School of Medicine Endowment
Robert C. Miller Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mining Endowment
Deputy Franklin Minnie Scholarship Endowment
Bertha Miranda Scholarship Endowment
Rebati Misra Scholarship in Materials Science
and Engineering Endowment
Mike (Merwin) Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Norman E. Moller Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Mono County CABNR Scholarship Endowment
John H. K. Montgomery Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Moran Family Trust in Philosophy Endowment
Moran Family Trust in Psychology Endowment
Moran Family Trust in Special Collections
Ned R. Morehouse Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Morrill Hall Endowment
Morrissey Family Scholarship Endowment
Heather Morsberger Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mountain & Desert Research Endowment
Mousel & Feltner Award for Excellence in Research
Charles G. and Cornelia L. Murray Scholarship Endowment
Myles Family Scholarship Endowment in Nursing
Myles Family School of Public Health Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Robert K. Myles Scholarship Endowment
for Nurse Practitioners
Wilter Ocampo Scholarship Endowment
Edith E. O’Keefe Internship/Scholarship Endowment
Kayoko Okumoto Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Oral History Endowment
Gilbert and Marie Ordoqui Scholarship Endowment
To create an endowment, all
you need is a minimum gift of
$10,000 and a signed agreement.
An endowment is a permanent
fund established for a specific
purpose—faculty, student or
program support. Gifts to endowments, by cash, securities, real
estate, or through a planned gift
or bequest, are invested to create
a lasting resource that grows in
perpetuity. Endowments generate
a steady stream of income while
leaving the principal untouched.
To learn more about establishing
an endowment at Nevada, please
contact Bruce Mack, associate vice
president for Development and
Alumni Relations, (775) 784-1352 or
[email protected]
Ort Biology Scholarship Endowment
Arthur Emerton Orvis Professorship Endowment
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Endowment
The Margarete V. Oesterle Memorial Endowment
Marilyn L. Owen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Keith Papke Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology Endowment
Nick and Vaslie Pappas Medical Scholarship Endowment
Nick and Vaslie Pappas Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Alicia Parlette Endowment Fund for Aspiring Journalists
Genevieve Swick Paroni Library Endowment
Walter A. and Genevieve M. ParoniMackay School Endowment
Stella Mason Parson Scholarship Endowment
PBS & J Civil Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Matthew Pearce Scholarship Endowment
Evelyn M. Pedroli & Mike Conway Scholarship Endowment
Pelter Endowment for Nursing Research
Marjorie L. Peterson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Nancy Cord Phelps Scholarship Endowment
Marshall & Chrissie Phillips Scholarship Endowment
Lillian Piantanida & T. J. Walker Scholarship Endowment
Carol E. Piekarz Memorial Scholarship Endowment
William F. & Nadine M. Pillsbury University
Libraries Endowment
Beth and Jon Price ThinkQuest Earth Science Endowment
Psychology Operational Endowment
Quasi Endowment Unrestricted Investments
Senator William J. Raggio Education Scholarship Endowment
Senator William J. Raggio Free Enterprise
Scholarship Endowment
Dorothy Raggio Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mark William Raggio Business Scholarship Endowment
Nell J. Redfield Foundation Engineering
Scholarship Endowment
Flo Reed Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jonathan H. Reeder Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Robert Reeves Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Reno Kiwanis Club Scholarship Endowment
Donald W. Reynolds Chair in Business Journalism Endowment
Reynolds Technology Endowment
Donald W. Reynolds Chair in the Ethics of Entrepreneurial
and Innovative Journalism Endowment
Donald W. Reynolds Chair in New Media
Technologies Endowment
William Richards Scholarship Endowment
E.W. Richardson Endowed Excellence in Teaching
Florence Rittenhouse and Edith R. Hedges
Scholarship Endowment
Rita Roberts Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Steven Arland Roberts Endowment for Research
Harry J. Robinson Memorial Lecture Endowment
Jeffrey R. Rodefer Family Library Endowment
Roesler Family Scholarship Endowment in Engineering
Josh Romeis Hydrology Graduate Research Endowment
James & Cleo Ronald Memorial Fellowship Endowment
Harvey N. Rose Ski Scholarship Endowment
George S. Ross Scholarship Endowment
Silas E. Ross Jr., M.D. Memorial Endowment
Olena Rougeau Scholarship Endowment
RSVP of Washoe County Amos Tinkey Endowment
Helen Eddy Rutherford Nursing Endowment
Helen R. Rutherford Nursing Scholarship Endowment #1
Helen R. Rutherford Nursing Scholarship Endowment #2
Klaus & Mary Ann Saegebarth Scholarship Endowment
Rena Semenza Safford Scholarship Endowment
M. Saiid Saiidi Scholarship Endowment
John Sala Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Margaret Ryan Sampson Scholarship Endowment
Donald and Gay Sandberg Scholarship Endowment
Sandorf Family Endowment for the Arts
Irving Jesse Sandorf Electrical Engineering
Minority Student Scholarship Endowment
Graham & Jean Sanford Gerontology Endowment Fund
John Sanford Memorial Award Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Nahas Scholarship Endowment
National Society of Professional Engineers Endowment
Nebe-Guisti Student Travel Endowment
Sandra Kay Neese Memorial Scholarship Endowment
John H. Nelson Graduate Student Scholarship Endowment
Warren Nelson Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Helmut Netuschil Applied Mineral Exploration
Scholarship Endowment
Nevada Boys State Endowment Board of Directors
Nevada Rangeland Resources Commission
Applied Science Endowment
Nevada Repertory Company Programmatic Endowment
Nevada Semenza Christian Teaching Endowment Award
Nevada State Fair Scholarship Endowment
Nevada Woolgrowers Association Graduate
Fellowship Endowment
William J. “Hoot” Newman Hydro Scholarship Endowment
Newmont Professorship in Minerals Engineering Endowment
Ana Ciaburri Nickles Prize Endowment
John and Marie Noble Endowment Historical Research
John and Marie Noble Scholarship Endowment
Northern Nevada Italian Association Scholarship Endowment
William J. & Helen G. Norton Scholarship Endowment
Judy Nowland & Harry M. Chase, Jr. Scholarship Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Foundation Endowments
Satre Endowment For Education Dean’s Future Scholars
Satre Family Education Scholarship Endowment
Satre Family Fine Arts Quasi Endowment
Philip G. Satre Chair in Gaming Studies Endowment
Ella Savitt Journalism Scholarship Endowment
School of Medicine Alumni Class Endowment
School of Medicine Professorship in Surgery Endowment
Ray F. Scoffield Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Scott Motor Company Scholarship Endowment
Hugh Scott Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Edward “Ted” Scripps, II, Reynolds School
of Journalism Atrium Endowment
Thomas J. Scully Medical Scholarship Endowment
Paul Segal and Harold Freeman Memorial
Scholarship Endowment
Jack B. Selbig Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Evelyn Semenza Honts English Music Scholarship Endowment
Edwin & Mary Semenza Medical Student
Scholarship Endowment
Edwin S. Semenza Outstanding Medical
Student Endowment Award
Grace Semenza Drama Scholarship Endowment
John & Louise Semenza Scholarship
Endowment for Social Work
Lawrence J. Semenza Accounting Scholarship Endowment
Beverly Hug Sharp Education Scholarship Endowment
George Shaw Scholarship Endowment
Sheckler Estate Quasi Endowment
Shepperson Annual Humanities Book Award Endowment
Wilbur Shepperson Endowment for Scholarships in History
Hyung K. Shin Award for Excellence in Research Endowment
Young-Ai and Hyung Shin Distinguished
Visitor Program Endowment
Silver State Schools Credit Union Faculty
Challenge Endowment
Silver State Schools Credit Union Scholarship Endowment
R.J. Simcoe Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lenard W. and Nelda O. Sledge Scholarship Endowment
Slemmons Lecture Series Endowment
Alicia L. Smalley Memorial Scholarship
Endowment for Social Justice
Josephine and Noah Smernoff Nursing
Faculty Research Endowment
Barbara Smith Campbell & Donald Cassidy
Scholarship Endowment
Catherine Parsons Smith Scholarship Endowment
for Music and Women’s Studies
Fred W. Smith Endowed Chair
Dr. George Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Ivan Sessions Smith Scholarship Endowment
SNI Professional Scholarship Endowment
Solso Award for Outstanding Scientific
Achievement Endowment
Sontag Entrepreneurship Award Endowment
Sparks/Reed High School Scholarship Endowment
Faith Pedersen Spencer Memorial Library Endowment
Adrienne “Binkie” Spina Memorial Endowment
Margueritte Starr Scholarship Endowment
Joe and Marge Stein Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Alyce Steinheimer Scholarship Endowment
Milton Steinheimer Scholarship Endowment
Vonita & Larry Stephens Scholarship Endowment in Nursing
Vera Stern Internship & Research Scholarship Endowment
Stetson-Beemer Insurance Scholarship Endowment
Stevenson Family Quasi Endowment
Lawrence Stoffel Music Scholarship Endowment
H. Stoneson Firehouse Scholarship Endowment
J. Dietrich Stroeh Scholarship Endowment in
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Joseph Stuntebeck Geography Scholarship Endowment
M. Bashir and Julie C. Sulahria Scholarship Endowment
Sgt. George Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Frank M. Sweder Kiwanis Club Scholarship Endowment
Wallace E. Taber Endowment
Mary Elizabeth Talbot Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Michael Paul Taormina Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Judy Taylor Trent College of Education Scholarship Endowment
JoAnne Nelson Taylor Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Rich Taylor Scholarship Endowment
T. Lyle Taylor Scholarship Endowment
Technology Endowment Journalism
Geoffrey David Terrile Scholarship Endowment
Theatre Department Scholarship Endowment
Barbara A. & Robert P. Thimot Scholarship Endowment
Barbara A. & Robert P. Thimot Scholarship
Education Endowment
Robert P. & Barbara A. Thimot Scholarship
Engineering Endowment
Adam Gregory Thomas Legislative Internship
Scholarship Endowment
Bruce R. Thompson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Marion G. Thompson Charitable Trust Endowment
Thornton Peace Prize Endowment
Evelyn B. Thurston Memorial Endowment
Jean & Herb Tobman Scholarship Endowment in
Memory of Alan Tobman & Alan J Martin
David Tomac Scholarship Endowment
Kris Tower Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Matt Trabert Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dolores Saval Trigero Memorial Endowment
Joseph C. Trinastic Scholarship Endowment
George D. Turner Family Endowment for
Graduate Assistantships in Engineering
Paul D. and Ollie B. Turner Scholarship Endowment
George and Mary Tweedy Scholarship Endowment
Undergraduate Research Endowment
United Federal Credit Union Office of
Field Experiences Endowment
University of Nevada Cycling Team Endowment
University Club Scholarship Endowment
University of Nevada Ski Team Advisory Endowment
University Women’s Club Scholarship Endowment
University of Nevada Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Catherine Urban Scholarship Endowment
Janet Usinger Scholarship Endowment
Ed Valterra Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Van Allen Scholarship Endowment
Peter Vardy
Faculty Endowment for Engineering Geology
Dean Vernon and Martha Scheid Award Endowment
Vintage NV/Southern Wine & Spirits Scholarship Endowment
Visiting Scholars Seismology Endowment
William Walbridge Scholarship Endowment for Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science Engineering
Mary A. Wallace Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Wilbur R. & Mary A. Wallace Engineering
Dean’s Discretionary Endowment
Wilbur R. & Mary A. Wallace Class of
1950 Scholarship Endowment
Wilbur R. Wallace Electrical Engineering
Scholarship Endowment
Wilbur R. & Mary A. Wallace Environmental
Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Mildred Evasovic Ward Scholarship Endowment
Washoe County District Board of Health
Scholarship Endowment
Laura Nelson Watkins Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Josef Waxler Memorial Scholarship Endowment
WCMS John Stapleton Scholarship Endowment
Carolyn B. Webster Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Wedco, Inc. Scholarship Endowment in Electrical Engineering
Jeffrey K. Wessel Endowed Scholarship
Alma S. and George N. Westergard Scholarship Endowment
Dixie O. Westergard Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Western Nevada Supply Scholarship Endowment
David P. Westfall Award for Academic Excellence Endowment
Robert and Twyila Whear Internship/Research Endowment
Robert G. & Leslie H. Whittemore Scholarship Endowment
Ralph Whitworth Scholar Leader Scholarship Endowment
Louis Wiener, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jeanne Elizabeth Wier Scholarship Endowment
Richard W. Wilcox Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jim Wilson UNR Football Scholarship Endowment
Winn Scholarship Endowment
Mines Library Chrysie Winn Memorial Endowment
Don Winne Inspirational Student Scholarship Endowment
Elmer A. Winter Endowment in Economic Geology
Ruth M. Winter Memorial Scholarship Endowment
JohnD Winters Family Scholarship Endowment
Eva N. Wire Scholarship Endowment
Wishart Family Scholarship Endowment
for Science and Engineering
Hans Wolfe Scholarship Endowment
Women in Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Dorothye G. & Andrew J. Woodard Scholarship Endowment
Edward J. and Hilda B. Wunner Endowment for Research
Don Yardley Endowment in Economic Geology
Chuck Yeager/ASCE Auxiliary Scholarship Endowment
Sandra Mitts Yoffie Scholarship Endowment
Ray Yori Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Louis G. & Anna York Vierra Scholarship Endowment
Young Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment
Joan S. Zenan Professional Development Endowment
Joan S. Zenan Medical Library Discretionary Endowment
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
With the help of
scholarships, CABNR senior
will graduate debt-free
ate a new generation of conservation-oriented students and professionals, and I was happy to be one of them.”
Keehn credits scholarship support at Nevada for paving the way to
graduation. In addition to helping her father support the family with
rent and bills when she is able, Keehn pays for her own car insurance,
gas, food, clothing and all costs associated with school.
“Before I could even begin the challenge of college-level classes, I
had to face the roadblock of college tuition—a fearsome opponent for
a would-be first generation college student with parents who were not
able to set aside money for a college fund,” Keehn says. “Since the start
of high school, I have forced myself to stay on top of my responsibilities, taking on full-time and part-time jobs in addition to doing well in
school so that I would be able to pay for college tuition and expenses.”
Her hard work has paid off. In addition to her four-year Randall
Scholarship and the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship, Keehn
received a National Smart Grant for students in the sciences; the Gilman
International Scholarship; the Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Scholarship; the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship; the Honors Undergraduate
Research Award and the Nevada Association of Conservation Districts
Scholarship; among others.
“Scholarships help me pay for tuition so that I can focus on my school
work instead of my weekend job, allowing me to perform in my classes
to my full potential,” Keehn says. “By graduating debt free, I can jump
right into internships and career prospects without having to sacrifice
opportunities for the sake of finance.”
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting CABNR, please contact Lynda Buhlig, executive director of development, (775) 682-6013 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
For the past four years, Nevada senior Jade Keehn has sought scholarship support so that she may graduate in May debt-free.
“My principal goal is not to go into debt, so I make a serious effort
every year to apply for scholarships,” Keehn says. “I also studied abroad
and paid for it through scholarships, and have received grants for my
undergraduate research.”
Today, students are shouldering more of the cost of higher education.
According to the University’s director of financial aid and scholarships,
Tim Wolfe, students at Nevada took out student loans totaling $62.2
million for the current school year, up from $56.1 last year—an 11 percent increase in just one year. “We endeavor to provide as much student financial aid as possible,”
Wolfe says. “In fact, our students receive $8,500 a year on average, and
70 percent of our total student population receives some kind of financial aid.”
Keehn, a Class of 2012 wildlife ecology and conservation major,
is a recipient of the Randall Scholarship, a four-year scholarship for
conservation biology, natural resources management or range management majors at the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural
Resources. The scholarship was established by alumnus Frank Randall
’56 (business administration) and his wife, Joan, to benefit students who
value the preservation of open space.
“Not only did the Randall Scholarship make college possible for me,
but the scholarship also came from a family that was strongly rooted in
conservation,” Keehn says. “The Randalls wanted to do their part to cre-
Jade Keehn, Class of 2012, is the recipient of the Randall Scholarship, a
four-year scholarship for an entering freshman majoring in conservation
biology, natural resources management or range management.
Board of Regents Endowments
We are grateful to those who have created endowments with the Nevada System of Higher Education for the
benefit of the University of Nevada, Reno. Most of these endowments have been supporting Nevada’s students and
programs for decades and have grown to provide substantial earnings. These endowed funds ensure excellence at
Nevada for generations to come.
Saber Abdel-Ghafer Scholarship Endowment
Thomas M. Abraham Library Endowment
Jewett W. Adams Scholarship Endowment
Advertising Association of Northern Nevada (A2N2)
Foundation Journalism Scholarship Endowment
Agriculture Award Endowment
Agriculture Graduate Research Scholarship Endowment
Buck and Randy Aiazzi Scholarship Endowment
Henry and Edith Albert Scholarship Endowment
Henry Albert Senior Public Service Prize Endowment
Alumni Football Scholarship Endowment
Fred M. Anderson Scholarship Endowment
Fred M. Anderson Jr., M.D. Memorial Endowment
Anonymous Endowment
Anthropology Research Museum Endowment
Armstead Scholarship Endowment
ASUN Scholarship Endowment # 1
ASUN Scholarship Endowment #2
Mary A. Atcheson Music Scholarship Endowment
Atmospherium Endowment
G.B. and Shirley Avansino Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dr. M. Ronald Avery Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
John Bagby Memorial Scholarship Endowment
John A. Bailey Professional Expectancy
Award Endowment in Counseling
Camillo Barengo Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Agnes Barringere Music Memorial Endowment
George M. and Ronald M. Basta Scholarship
Endowment in Engineering
George and Harriet Basta Medical Science
Equipment Endowment
George M. Basta Men’s Basketball Recruiting Endowment
George M. and Harriet M. Basta Men’s Intercollegiate
Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Mr. & Mrs. O.G. Bates Scholarship Endowment in Business
Beckwith Memorial Endowment
Carolyn Beckwith Endowment
Enfield B. Bell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Florence E. Belz Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Guy E. Benham Memorial Scholarship
Endowment in Mathematics
Guy E. Benham Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Music
Barbara Bennett Scholarship Endowment
Philo S. Bennett Scholarship Endowment
Robert P. Bick and Lucile M. Bick Endowment
George G. Bierkamper Graduate Student
Research Fellowship Endowment
Vivien K. Billick Scholarship Endowment
Block “N” Endowment
Richard R. Blurton Award Endowment for Overall
Excellence in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Cleo Seaton Bowman Scholarship Endowment
Captain Terry Cryder Brannon Memorial
Scholarship Endowment
Chester A. Brennen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
William A. Brodhead Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Frank O. Broili Scholarship Endowment
An endowment refers to assets
that are invested in perpetuity,
unlike expendable funds which are
typically used for immediate needs.
The University’s endowment is not,
as many may think, a single “pot”
of money that can be used as the
University wishes. Many separate
endowed funds comprise the
endowment, and each has its own
stipulations about how the income
may be used, as specified by the
donor. As the University’s endowment grows through prudent
investment management and gifts,
the endowment will help to ensure
the strength and stability of the
University. Endowment income
provides stability against downturns in the economy, budget cuts
and other changes. To learn more
about supporting existing endowments at Nevada, or establishing
a new endowment, please contact Bruce Mack, associate vice
president for Development and
Alumni Relations, (775) 784-1352 or
[email protected]
Howard E. Browne Scholarship Endowment
Richard P. Bryan and John R. Bryan Scholarship
Endowment in Engineering
Burnett Scholarship Endowment
John N. Butler Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Marye Williams Butler Scholarship Endowment
Scott Campbell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Helen Coe Carter Endowment for Medical Research
Ronald J. Chadek Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dust Case Scholarship Endowment
Robert H. Case Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Azro Eugene Cheney Scholarship Endowment
J. E. Church Endowment
Peter Cladianos, Sr. and Antonia Cladianos
Scholarship Endowment
Clark County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship Endowment
Charles Elmer Clough Scholarship Endowment
Isabel M. Crain Biomedical Research Scholarship Endowment
Isabel M. Crain Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Roy E. Crummer Foundation Scholarship Endowment
Laura M. Cummings Scholarship Endowment
Charles Francis Cutts Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Gerald Dales Scholarship Endowment
Mary Dalton Scholarship Endowment
Dalzell and Frank Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Frances E. Dant Endowment
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil
War Scholarship Endowment
Bob Davis Scholarship Endowment
Friends of Sammy Davis, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Willametta K. Day Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Francis R. Dean Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lino and Estelle Del Grande Scholarship Endowment
Jessie DeWar Scholarship Endowment
Maude F. Dimmick Scholarship Endowment
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Dixon Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dorothy Ellen Drew Medical School Endowment
Ted S. Ede and Ruth Holland Ede Endowment
Patti S. Egger Memorial Endowed Graduate Art Scholarship
Ronald H. Einstoss Memorial Endowment
Eldorado Hotel/Alumni Football Endowment
Sadie L. Elliott Scholarship Endowment
in Elementary Education
James B. Ellis Journalism Scholarship Endowment
William J. and Effie E. Engel College of Business Endowment
Carl and Eleonora Esping Scholarship Endowment
Helen Fallini Scholarship Endowment
James Fasules Endowment
Alseno and Louise Oppio Fenech Memorial Endowment
Harold and Catherine Fitz Scholarship Endowment
Lincoln and Meta Fitzgerald Endowment
Max C. Fleischmann Agriculture Scholarship Endowment
Max C. Fleischmann Freshman Scholarship Endowment
Board of Regents Endowments
Max C. Fleischmann School of Home
Economics Scholarship Endowment
Max C. Fleischmann Regular Student Scholarship Endowment
Fleischmann-Ladino Dairy Endowment
Charles E. Fleming Range Management
Scholarship Endowment
Joe and Renee Francis Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Katie Frazier/Native American Alumni
Association Scholarship Endowment
Anna C. and Walter Frey Scholarship Endowment
Robert Lardin Fulton Lecture Endowment
Reynold Clayton Fuson Endowment
R.C. Fuson Lectureship Endowment in Chemistry
Daniel Jackling Endowment #1
Daniel Jackling Endowment #2
Anita L. Janssen Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Charles S. Jensen Endowment
Lubertha Miller Johnson Scholarship Endowment
Carrie Brooks Layman Scholarship Endowment
Hedvig and Sigmund W. Leifson Scholarship
Endowment in Physics
Guy L. Leonard Memorial Endowment in English and Physics
Guy L. Leonard Memorial Endowment in Philosophy
Richard C. Inskip Family Practice Scholarship Endowment
Thelma Ireland Scholarship Endowment
Irreducible Fund Endowment
Through the high-tech support of the @One computer lab in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center,
students have access to computers, scanners, printers and the expertise of @One staff. In addition to
three general computing areas in the Knowledge Center, there are also three computer training labs:
the AT&T Computer Instruction Lab, the Sierra Pacific Dynamic Media Lab and the Instructional
Design Lab.
Virginia M. Johnson Scholarship Endowment
Alan Ladd Johnston Scholarship Endowment
Dick Joseph Memorial Scholarship Endowment
George Marion Kaiser Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mildred Kappler Scholarship Endowment
Nora Kawamura Student Aid Scholarship Endowment
Betty Klaich Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mamie Kleberg Endowed Chair in Historic Preservation
Richard Kleberg Agricultural Scholarship Endowment
Kratter Chair in Geriatric Medicine Endowment
The Kunce Family Scholarship Endowment
Willard J. Larson Scholarship Endowment
Jake Lawlor Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Justin Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Jimmie and Beany Beanblossom Levithan Lookout
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Adele Mayne Liddell Scholarship Endowment
Parker Liddell Scholarship Endowment
Louis E. Lombardi, M.D. Endowed
Professorship in Family Medicine
Finlay J. MacDonald Agriculture Scholarship Endowment
Mackay Endowment
Fred MacKenzie Theatre Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Gordon Macmillan School of Veterinary Medicine Endowment
James H. Macmillan Scholarship Endowment
Dr. George R. Magee Memorial Scholarship Endowment
T. Douglass Magowan Ski Scholarship Endowment
Marion Mallory, Jr. College of Business
Scholarship Endowment
H. Edward Manville, Jr. Endowed Chair for Internal Medicine
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Robert A. Hanson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Gerald and Mabel Hartley/Mackay School
of Mines Library Endowment
Sara Louise Hartman Historic Preservation Endowment
Sara Louise Hartman Memorial Endowment
Hartman-Kanning Trust Scholarship Endowment
Royal D. Hartung Industrial Education
Scholarship Endowment
Charles Haseman Memorial Endowment
Richard Hellmann Scholarship Endowment
Raphael Herman and Norman B. Herman
Scholarship Endowment
Mrs. Carl Otto Herz Scholarship Endowment
Albert and Emily Hilliard Memorial Endowment
H. Hamer Holloway Memorial Scholarship Endowment
August and Emma Frisch Holmes Art Memorial Endowment
August and Emma Frisch Holmes Chemistry
Memorial Endowment
Emma Elizabeth Frisch Holmes Memorial Endowment
Harry F. Holmshaw Scholarship Endowment
George H. Hopkins Endowment
Devin Hosselkus Scholarship Endowment
Houghton Foundation Endowment #1
Houghton Foundation Endowment #2
Beverly and Clinton Howard Endowment
S. Frank Hunt Endowment
Jim Hunter Memorial Endowment
Photo by Jeff Dow
John Wayne Gattshall Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Noble H. Getchell Endowment
Gignoux Family Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Mining
Frances S. Gignoux Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Joseph B. Ginocchio Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Russ Goebel Athletic Scholarship Endowment
William E. Goodfellow Endowment
Samuel A. Goudsmit Memorial Lectureship Endowment
Graduate Student Association Endowment
Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Scholarship Endowment
Daniel and Elizabeth M. Grant Memorial Endowment
Alleta Gray Memorial Music Scholarship Endowment
Greater Reno Italian Golf Association Scholarship Endowment
Mel Grevich Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Fifth-Year Athletes
Board of Regents Endowments
Harold Marks Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Charles and Mary Marshall Student Endowment
The Honorable William O’Hara Martin and Louise
Stadtmuller Martin Scholarship Endowment
George T. Marye and Marie D. Marye Endowment
Rose Sigler Mathews Scholarship Endowment
George B. and Jane C. Maxey Scholarship Endowment
Herbert E. McCoskey Endowment
Howard McKissick Jr. and Sr. Scholarship Endowment
Murdock and Kathryn McLeod Scholarship Endowment
Melton-Gannett Endowment
Perle Mesta Scholarship Endowment
Vaughn N. Minas Scholarship Endowment
Michelle Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Elaine Mobley Scholarship Endowment
Joe E. Moose Research Award Endowment
Lloyd and Martha Mount Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Mountain and Desert Research Endowment
NEH Endowment for Western Traditions
Nelson/Watkins Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Nevada AIME Endowment
Lucy Nieder Endowment # 1
Lucy Nieder Endowment # 2
90,000 Acre Grant Endowment
Larry Noble Memorial Scholarship Endowment
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Daniel A. and Edith E. O’Keefe Mackay
School of Mines Endowment
Mark Oppio Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lillian Orchow Psychiatry Prize Endowment
Al Pecetti Memorial Endowed Art Scholarship Endowment
Budd Pecetti Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Owen Peck Scholarship Endowment
William D. Phillips Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Paul R. Pinching Memorial Athletic Scholarship Endowment
Vail Pittman Memorial Endowment
Theodore H. Post Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Maida J. Pringle, R.N. Scholarship Endowment
Lawrence “Larry” E. Pyle Memorial Scholarship Endowment
E.J. Questa Scholarship Endowment
Dorothy Quinn Scholarship Endowment
Jackelin Rea Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Douglas Paul Rennie Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Reno Newspapers, Inc. Scholarship Endowment
Harvey A. Reynolds and Thelma Threlkel
Scholarship Endowment
Louella Rhodes Garvey Endowment
James and Irene Rice Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Warren V. Richardson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Katherine Riegelhuth Scholarship Endowment
John-Douglas Robb Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Rob R. Robertson Pre-Medical Scholarship Endowment
Sidney W. Robinson Memorial Award Endowment
Sig Rogich Scholarship Endowment
Rosalie Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Margaret Elizabeth Rousseau Endowment
for Historical Research
David Russell Endowment
Robin Ryser Memorial Research Endowment in Psychology
Dr. V.A. Salvadorini Endowment for Excellence in Pathology
Mary Lou Sartor Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Ruth E. Saviers Scholarship Endowment
Savitt Medical School Library Endowment
School of Medicine Alumni Association
Scholarship Endowment
Roy R. and Russell T. Schooley Scholarship Endowment
Chester M. Scranton and Blanche Wyckoff Scranton
Memorial Scholarship Endowment
John Louis and Louise Ferretti Semenza Scholarship
Endowment in Business and Social Work
Craig and Yolande J. Sheppard Memorial
Scholarship Endowment
Aileen Rothrock Shewalter Scholarship Endowment
A gift to endow a faculty position makes a lasting contribution
to strengthen the University. The
gift will help recruit leading professors and secure a solid education for our students, who reap
the benefits of such gifts.
A named chair or professorship goes on for as long as the
University endures. It becomes a
tradition unto itself, developing
its character and reputation, not
just for the donors, but for the
faculty holders of the position. To
learn more about establishing an
endowment at Nevada, please
contact Bruce Mack, associate vice
president for Development and
Alumni Relations, (775) 784-1352 or
[email protected]
William H. Shewan Civil Engineering Scholarship Endowment
Sigma Nu Alumni Club Scholarship Endowment
Teresa Simmonds Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lillian Snyder Scholarship Endowment
Sol, Ella and Ronald Savitt Journalism Endowment
Sol, Ella and Ronald Savitt Scholarship Endowment
Southern Nevada Nutrition Scholarship Endowment
Herbert E. Splatt Scholarship Endowment
Norma Janet Splatt Scholarship Endowment
Frederick and Anna Stadtmuller Memorial
Scholarship Endowment
Stadtmuller-Field Scholarship Endowment
Bertha Standfast Morrill Hall & Scholarship Endowment
George and Viola Stanek Medical Student
Scholarship Endowment
John Leland Starratt Scholarship Endowment
Dr. George Steinmiller Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Lillie Stock Testimonial Endowment
Dr. Frank C. Stokes Scholarship Endowment
Storrs Student Nurse Scholarship Endowment
Charles H. Stout Endowment
Charles H. Stout Journalism Scholarship Endowment
Streeter Science Writing Award Endowment
Bettie Stufflebeam Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Richard G. Sugden, M.D. Scholarship Endowment
Reuben C. Thompson Scholarship Endowment in Philosophy
Jack T. Thurston Memorial Scholarship Endowment
for Academic Excellence in Chemistry
Dr. F. Donald Tibbitts Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth Jerry Tyson Scholarship Endowment
United Airlines/Wolf Club Scholarship Endowment
U.S.S. Reno Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Ken Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Von Tobel Endowment
Wagner Family Scholarship Endowment
Phyllis J. Walsh Medical School Endowment
Olin W. Ward Scholarship Endowment
Donald R. Warren Endowment
Robert O. Weede Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Seneca C. and Mary B. Weeks Professorship Endowment
Joseph W. Weihe Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Frederick and Beatrice Weisenburger
Undergraduate Student Endowment
George S. Weiss, M.D. Family Practice Endowment
Charles I. West Medical Society Scholarship Endowment
Whalen-Hastings Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Glen E. Whiddett Biomedical Graduate
Student Scholarship Endowment
Glen E. Whiddett Medical Student Scholarship Endowment
Glen E. Whiddett Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Juanita White Endowment for Enrichment Programs
Dr. Thomas S. White Scholarship Endowment
Louis Wiener, Jr. Biomedical Scholarship Endowment
Louis Wiener, Jr. Medical Scholarship Endowment
George M. Williams NSA Scholarship Endowment
Rita Hope Winer Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Frederick and Beatrice Weisenburger
Medical Student Endowment
Harriet Barbara Wolf Scholarship Endowment
Fuji Woon French Prize Scholarship Endowment
Loni Dee Yopp Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Music
Marion L. Young Scholarship Endowment
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Arnoldsen Scholarship
keeps student’s spirit of
giving alive
“The Arnoldsen family has gone through so much, and it makes it
that much more important that I live up to the scholarship and Aaron’s
legacy,” says Drisdale, a community health sciences senior.
Jenn Emkjer, Class of 2012, says receiving the Arnoldsen Scholarship has encouraged her to “pay it forward.” Last year she was the lead
organizer for a major blood drive in Reno, and in December, she helped
Endowed scholarships can be created with a minimum
gift of $10,000, contributed in full or built to the endowment level of $10,000 in one-to-five years. Once fully
funded, the principal is invested and an annual award is
made. The principal is untouched, so the endowment can
last into perpetuity. Donors can specify their scholarship
endowment purposes. The annual payout is approximately
4.5% or $1,125 for every $25,000 given. To learn more, please
contact Melanie Perish, director of development, university
scholarships, (775) 682-6544 or [email protected]
raise $1,000 for local children and families who receive assistance from
the Children’s Cabinet.
“Words cannot express how appreciative or thankful I was, and still
am, for this scholarship,” Emkjer says. “I found out more information
about Aaron Arnoldsen’s family and the hard work they put into raising
funds to provide scholarships for students, and let’s just say I truly am
moved by what kind-hearted people they are.”
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting student success at the University of Nevada, Reno, please contact Keiko Weil, ’87, director of donor relations,
(775) 682-5964 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
There are few events in life—if any—that parallel the grief of losing
a child. Several scholarships at Nevada have been created by grieving
parents and friends as a way to carry forth their child’s memory and
find meaning in the midst of tragedy.
In 1993, Aaron Arnoldsen was in his junior year at the University
when he was killed in an accident a few blocks from campus while
returning from a Nevada basketball game. Aaron’s Sigma Nu fraternity brothers, Mike Dillon ’94 (political science) and Ty Windfeldt ’95
(health science) approached the Arnoldsens with the idea of hosting
a memorial golf tournament each year, with the proceeds going to a
scholarship endowment in Aaron’s name.
“When Aaron passed in 1993, my husband, James, wished to do
something in his memory,” says JoAnn Arnoldsen, Aaron’s mother and
wife of the late James Arnoldsen ’67 (social psychology). “Mike and Ty
got together and quickly came up with the idea of the tournament—it fit
perfectly with Aaron’s spirit of giving and zest for life.”
Since 1994, the Aaron Arnoldsen Memorial Scholarship fund has
awarded more than $80,000 to 76 Nevada students, and the annual
Aaron Arnoldsen Memorial Golf Tournament has become one of the
area’s most popular and enduring charitable events. Now in its 18th year,
the scholarship committee still includes Aaron’s immediate family, including his younger sister Alisa Armon ’96 (management), and Aaron’s
friends from Reno High School and the University.
Mike Dillon recalls brainstorming with Windfeldt about the tournament and scrawling the idea down on a cocktail napkin.
“We had no idea how successful the tournament would become,” Dillon says. “Aaron’s family started the endowment, and this tournament is
about their wishes and their goals of supporting young Nevadans who
need a little extra help in obtaining a world-class education.”
Arnoldsen Scholarship recipient Jeanette Drisdale, Class of 2012, says
the story behind the scholarship has deepened its significance.
Student Jeanette Drisdale, Class of 2012, front, with several members
of the tournament committee, including Alisa ’96 and Brian Armon ’93
(far left), Michael Kimmel, Ann Marlow ’93, Mike Dillon ’94, JoAnn
Arnoldsen, Randy Miller ’93, Mike Vance ’92, Ty Windfeldt ’95 and
Julie Rowe ’94.
Faculty & Staff
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Thank you to faculty and staff who generously help build Nevada’s quality and prestige. Gifts from our faculty and
staff tell our alumni and friends that those closest to the University—those who know it best, from the inside out—
believe so strongly in the success of Nevada and its students that they willingly support the institution not just on
the job, but also through their personal philanthropy. Faculty and staff see firsthand what a difference private support can make, and they choose to support programs throughout campus, often through payroll deduction. We are
grateful to these current, emeriti and former faculty and staff, or their surviving spouses, who made a gift to Nevada
during 2011.
Faculty & Staff
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Faculty & Staff
Photo by Monique Sady
Faculty & Staff
The late Alicia Parlette ’04 (journalism), photographed at a friend’s wedding.
Journalism endowment named for
late Reynolds School alumna
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting the Reynolds School of Journalism, please contact Kristin Burgarello,
director of development, (775) 784-4471 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
A scholarship endowment has been established in honor of the late Alicia Parlette ’04
(journalism), a Reynolds School of Journalism alumna who wrote a 17-part series about her
five-year battle with cancer for the San Francisco Chronicle. The Alicia Parlette Endowed
Scholarship for Aspiring Journalists was funded by memorial gifts from family, friends and
supporters. The first award will be made this fall.
Parlette was an accomplished student who graduated summa cum laude from Nevada
and was one of two national Hearst Fellowship recipients. That same year, while the 23-yearold was working at the Chronicle as a copy editor, she was diagnosed with alveolar soft part
sarcoma. Parlette’s editor asked if she would write about her experiences for the newspaper.
Readers followed Parlette through her cancer treatments, trials and triumphs. She ultimately
passed away April 22, 2010.
“Alicia Parlette was the epitome of the dedicated journalism student who set her standards
high not only in the classroom, but in putting what she learned to work in the student newspaper Nevada Sagebrush,” says Warren Lerude ’61 (journalism), Reynolds School of Journalism professor emeritus and 1977 Pulitzer Prize winner. “She aspired to a career as an editor,
but after being stricken by cancer rose to extraordinary professionalism as a writer of her own
story in the San Francisco Chronicle. The series, Alicia’s Story, went online and through multimedia around the globe as readers and viewers shared her courage in telling her story.”
Parlette, who had aspired to become a journalist since the fourth grade, was honored at the
University’s 2005 Robert Laxalt Distinguished Writer Program and received a 2005 Outstanding Emerging Journalism award from the Society of Professional Journalists. She was
honored posthumously as the University of Nevada, Reno Alumni Association’s Outstanding
Young Alumna at the 2010 Homecoming Gala.
To read Parlette’s articles and blog about her journey, visit
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Thank you alumni for your generous and active support of your alma mater. Alumni chose to make gifts to their
class fund (please see Class Challenge on page 43) and to scholarships and programs throughout campus. Alumni
philanthropy is an important and vital source of funding, and alumni giving makes a difference. U.S. News & World
Report uses yearly alumni participation as a measure of alumni involvement for its annual rankings. Nevada was again
ranked in the top tier of “best national universities,” up 10 spots from last year. We are grateful to these alumni who
made a gift to their alma mater during 2011.
Photo courtesy of Jason Man
Jason Man, Class of 2012, center, at Cerro Chirripo, Costa Rica’s highest peak, during his studies abroad
in April 2011. He is pictured with Justin Bonanno of Canfield, Ohio, and an unidentified student from
Newfoundland, Canada.
Smallwood Foundation helps expand
Nevada’s boundaries
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting scholarships at Nevada, please contact Melanie Perish, director of
development, university scholarships, (775) 682-6544 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
For many students, the dream of studying abroad remains just that—a dream. Through the Frances C. and William P. Smallwood Foundation, Nevada students are continuing their studies throughout the world and gaining experience many students can only describe as “life-changing.”
Since 2010, the Smallwood Foundation Studies Abroad Scholarship has enabled more than 50
students to move beyond the boundaries of Nevada and into the world through the University Study
Abroad Consortium. This year, the Smallwood Foundation will realize the dreams of another 25
Scholarship recipient Justin Lopez, Class of 2013, aspires to volunteer with the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders. Lopez recalls his time in Santiago, Chile,
as “the most thrilling, enlightening and memorable time of my life.”
“Even though I was set on studying abroad, my family and I had been struggling financially last
year, and I was unsure how I would be able to finance the trip,” says Lopez, who is also a National
Merit Scholar. “I can’t imagine how different my world view and outlook on life would be had I been
unable to go.”
Jonathan Carral, Class of 2013, would like to start a non-governmental organization working with
disadvantaged children in developing countries. Through the Smallwood Scholarship, he was able to
spend more than a year studying in Chengdu, China.
“I was overjoyed when I found out about the scholarship,” says Carral, an international affairs major. “Financially, my parents and I weren’t able to cover the expenses associated with studying abroad.
It was because of these scholarships and individuals who help to provide them every year that I was
able to study in China for three semesters.”
Jason Man, a geography major from the Class of 2012 and treasurer of the campus Geography
Club, echoes the sentiment of many students who have studied abroad with the help of scholarships:
“It it weren’t for the Smallwood Scholarship and others, this trip would not have been possible,” he
“I’m just very thankful for the opportunities that these scholarships have made possible to me, and
I encourage anyone out there to apply for every scholarship they can find,” says Man, who spent four
months in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. “All they have to do is try. That’s what I did.”
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
The Nevada Alumni Association
is proud to recognize their lifetime
members. Thanks to the generous
support of these alumni and friends of
the University of Nevada, the Association
is able to continue providing quality
programs and events. If you’d like to join
the Nevada Alumni Association, please
visit for a complete list of
membership levels and benefits.
Gary Aldax ’92
Eileen F. Aragon ‘02
Christopher A. Aramini ’88
Kim E. Aramini ’89
John L. Aramini ’88
Maria Aramini ‘58
Virgil Aramini ‘58
John L. Aramini ‘88
Jeffrey J. Ardito ‘84
Julie L. Ardito ‘89
Courtney P. Atkinson ‘10
Oliver C. Aymar ‘37
George W. Ball ‘57
Marguerite D. Ball ‘74, ’79
Misty J. Barker-Cryer ‘99
Jessica Barlow Daniels ‘04
Stacy F. Barry ‘94
Mike E. Barry ‘94
David C. Bartholomew ‘63, ’65
Rhett K. Beaman ‘97
Derek A. Beenfeldt ‘93, ’11
Shannon V. Bell ‘95
Dennis Bell
Bruno Benna ‘53
Karen Beyer ‘61, ’04
Erik Beyer ‘63
Henry Bills
Lynn D. Bills
Ann Bingaman
Kelly E. Bland ‘91
Annette M. Bland
Todd I. Blonsley ‘89, ’92
George A. Bonari ‘85
Susan E. Bony ’83
Paul S. Bony ’83
Joanne H. Botsford ‘57
Peggy Lear Bowen ‘71, ’72, ’79
Liza M. Bradley ’96
Joseph S. Bradley ‘78
Janice K. Brady ‘63, ’88
Marilouise Brayer ‘64
Ted F. Brayer
William M. Brown ‘68
Judith A. Brown
Randy J. Brown ‘89
Natalie M. Brown ‘99
Chad N. Brown ‘01
Kevin A. Brown
Daniel E. Bryant ‘93, ’98, ’06
Cindy Buchanan ‘95
Susan E. Buckley ‘75
Michael Buis
Scott L. Burau ‘75, ’76
Kristin G. Burgarello ‘97
Nicholas S. Butler ‘02, ’06
Alison M. Butler ‘05
Todd L. Cabral ‘91
Wayne M. Cameron ‘91
Patricia C. Capello ’87
Michael J. Capello ’82, ’91
James G. Capistrant ‘70
Kimberly A. Carhart ‘95
Ann M. Carlson ‘59, ’78
Scott J. Carothers ‘03
Lynn A. Case ‘65
Thomas S. Case ‘64
Timothy D. Casey ‘84
Richard A. Catlin ‘08
Karen Catlin
Jeffrey L. Ceccarelli ‘76
Rhonda J. Ceccarelli ’83, ’93
Christopher R. Chadwick ’05
William A. Chaffin ‘66
Lorena L. Chaffin
Paul B. Chaffin ‘06
E. P. ‘Chuck’ Charlton ‘50
Georgene B. Chase ‘87
Beiyi Chen ‘90
Emily Ching ‘94
Dawn M. Cica ‘84
Matthew B. Clafton ‘93
Kathleen Clafton
Delores I. Clewe ‘69
Press S. Clewe ‘73
William C. Crawford ‘76
Kathryn L. Crawford ‘75
Nevada Alumni Association Lifetime Members
Randi F. Grinsell ‘91, ’96
Trinidad J. Guillen ‘95
Courtney Guillen ‘97
Maria C. Haga
Sherrie A. Hald ’92
Melany A. Hall ’96
Stephanie Hanna ‘96
John R. Hanna ‘96
Alicia C. Hansen ’02, ’05
Joy L. Hansen
Michael Hansen
Mary W. Harmon ‘93, ’97
Richard L. Harmon
Thomas R. Harris
Phyllis D. Harris ‘87
Sarah A. Harvey ‘05
Dyanne M. Hayes ‘61
Richard M. Helgren ‘67
Lorraine M. Henson ‘88
Michael L. Henson ‘88
Robert J. Herb ‘82, ’85
David G. Hillis ‘07, ’10
Christina Hillis
James F. Huckaby ‘71
Dorothy H. Huffey ‘61
Frieda M. Hulka ’87, ‘92
Mari Hutchinson ‘97
Daniel K. Inouye ‘07
James W. Jackson ‘76
Crista A. Jacobe-Mann ‘03
Kathleen A. Jameson ‘80, ’92
Richard E. Jameson ‘80
Jeannie M. Janning ‘02
Christy K. Jerz ‘97
Ryan C. Jerz ‘04, ’07
Stephen E. Johnson ‘92
Ted Johnson
Ryan J. Johnson ‘99
Richard K. Johnson ‘99
Julia J. Johnson ‘02
Marilyn J. Johnson
Jaculine C. Jones ‘64, ’70
Robert G. Jones ‘70
Ronald G. Jones ‘98
Erica L. Jones ‘98
Christopher R. Jones ‘05
Beth Jones
Linda M. Jones
Monica Juarez-Morse ‘97, ’05
Desiree D. Judd ‘97, ’06
Julie L. Kelly ‘00
Benjamin W. Kennedy ‘97
Kristen C. Kennedy ‘98
L. David Kiley ‘50
Colleen M. Killingsworth ‘87
Ryang K. Kim ‘70
Joanne Kimball ‘54
Daniel J. Klaich ‘72
Denise A. Klaich ‘73
Michael J. Klaich ‘82
Patrice I. Klaich ‘85
Mitchell E. Klaich ‘02
Alicia M. Klaich ‘03
Kris Kolhoss
Timothy S. Koopmann ‘76
Sheldon M. Kop ’79, ’83
Stephanie S. Kruse ‘91
Bernard C. Kwok ‘81, ’84
Charlotte L. Lacombe ’02, ’08
Rita M. Laden ‘96
Steven Laden
Diane L. Lancaster ’86
Theodore S. Lancaster ’86
Alexander J. Lang ‘07
John W. Langhans ‘77
Rick Lawton ‘70
Kristen A. Layman ‘93
William Layman ‘95
Romeo J. Lazzarone ‘03
Sarah B. Ledon ‘00
Carlos R. Ledon ‘01
Ronald D. Lemmon ‘55
Warren L. Lerude ‘61
Robert N. Lesselles ‘78
John M. Lilley
Geraldine Lilley
Ralda L. Lindstrom ‘90
James A. Linebaugh
Stephanie A. Lingle ‘05
Aileen Longfellow
Tammy S. Love ‘02
John M. Luick ‘98
Lisa M. Lyons ‘88, ’97
Jon E. Madsen ‘62
Gregory Maestas ‘97
William A. Magrath ‘73
James L. Mann ‘03
Barbara R. Marcus ‘61
Marc T. Markwell ‘95
Patrick M. Martinez ‘95
Julie Martinez ‘97
Caroll A. Massie
Gennie McClelland
Richard E. McGough ‘85
Caroline McIntosh ‘94, ’76
Samuel P. McMullen ‘73
Mary-Ellen McMullen ‘73
Anita M. Meffley ‘47
Larry A. Mefford ‘76
Michael J. Melarkey ‘72
Karen L. Melarkey ‘85
Kevin C. Melcher ‘79, ’81
Joe F. Melcher ’53
Margaret P. Melcher
Ann M. Melcher ‘80
Marilyn Melton ’55, ‘86
Andrea L. Menicucci ‘85, ’87
Kelly W. Miller ‘02, ’96
Wendy S. Miller ‘97, ’03
Walter Minato
Mae Minato
Leslie A. Monroe ‘72
Robert P. Morin ‘04
Michele E. Morris ‘05
Michael W. Morrissey ‘72
Jessica M. Muehlberg ‘02, ’07
Elizabeth C. Munley ‘55
Paul C. Nannini ‘69
Sharon F. Nannini
Joseph P. Nannini ‘00, ’10
Katie J. Nannini ‘00
John P. Naphan ‘77
Deborah L. Nelson ‘67
Gregory C. Neuweiler ‘79
Karen G. Neuweiler ‘01
Kari A. Newberg ‘89
William C. Newberg ‘88, ’92
Norman E. Newbold ‘75
Richard D. Newbold
‘75, ’80, ’85
Klaus T. Nielsen ’62, ’65
Catherine Nielsen
Jason P. Norris ‘04
Marlene Olsen ‘74
Marian E. Osgood ’74, ‘85
Edwin P. Osgood ‘58
Patrick J. Osgood ’88, ‘92
Shalese L. Palmer ‘08
Stephen J. Park ‘99
Nicholas J. Pavich ‘80
Lillian D. Pavich
Melanie A. Peck ’06
Michael D. Pennington ‘95
Justin G. Persons ‘03
Jennifer M. Peterson ’00, ’07
Edward S. Peterson, ’93
Thomas Pfoh ‘96
Jeannie Pfoh
Jeffrey N. Pickett ‘89
Sandra E. Pickett ‘90
Deborah A. Pierce ‘86
Susan R. Pintar-Kop ’77, ’81
Dale E. Porter ‘92
Robyn L. Powers ‘70
David A. Pressler ‘82
Rosemary A. Pressler ‘87
Andrea K. Pressler ’97
Craig B. Questa ‘75
Kyle D. Ramos ‘76
Thomas A. Ramos ‘77
Frederick J. Ramsing ‘00
Elizabeth S. Ray ‘78
Ronald E. Reafs ‘66, ’70
Emilie Reafs
Phoebe A. Reed ‘98
William C. Reed
Genevieve M. Reilley ‘77
Paul O. Reimer ‘50
Thomas R. Reviglio
Richard J. Reviglio
Anthony T. Reviglio
Brian L. Rexwinkel ‘99
Richard D. Reynolds ‘80
Patricia A. Richard ‘89, ’92
Jennifer M. Richards ‘99, ’05
Michelle Richards
Melarkey ‘82
David D. Ritch ‘80
Melanie A. Robbins ‘06
Gregory R. Rock ‘88
Norman M. Rockwell ‘64
Jeffrey R. Rodefer ‘85
Philo M. Romine ‘66
Patrick H. Ronan ‘94
James ‘Todd’ T. Russell ‘69
Jeanne A. Russell ‘71
Pamela A. Rutherford ‘94
Marilyn I. Ryder ‘66
Gloria T. Sandoval ‘81, ’86
Brian E. Sandoval ‘86
Kathleen K. Sandoval ‘92
Ronald G. Sandoval ’82, ’83
Lauren J. SankovichBashista ‘98
Robert T. Saxton ‘07
Colleen M. Schaar ‘94
Denise L. Schaar-Buis ‘91, ’07
Carla L. Scheurer ‘72
Hans J. Scheurer ’73, ’75, ‘01
Margaret A. Schieberl ‘82
John P. Schlegelmilch ‘88
Stefanie A. Scoppettone ‘96
Mitchel B. Selking ‘84
Carl L. Shaff ‘59, ’64
Annette Shaff ‘96
Matthew L. Sharp ‘89
Cristin B. Sharp ‘01
Perry B. Shirley ‘62
Seton A. Sibert ‘94
James F. Simonelli ‘96, ’98
Hera K. Siu ’82, ’84
Whitney E. Smith ‘09
Barbara A. Snitselaar ’76,’79
Elliot E. Sparkman ‘04
Richard S. Staub ‘73
Janet L. Staub
Elizabeth N. Stengel ‘10
Jason A. Sterrett ‘02
Tara L. Sterrett
Bruce D. Storey
Bette L. Storey ‘00
Timothy W. Suiter ‘91
Bret F. Summers ‘97
Tiffany Summers ’97
Carly J. Sweder ‘06, ’11
Janet Q. Swobe ‘56
Chester C. Swobe ‘54
Carol R. Tavernia-Driscoll ‘79
Angela D. Taylor ‘85, ’91, ’04
Kenneth H. Tedford ‘74
Kaci C. Thomas ’99, ’01
Gregg M. Thomas ‘76
Scott Thomas
Barbara C. Thornton ‘57
William C. Thornton ‘58
Jane M. Tors ‘82
Ryan W. Tors ‘83
Gail M. Trounday ‘56
Roger S. Trounday ‘56, ’67
Steven R. Trounday ‘81
Russell A. Umbraco ’65
Kitty E. Umbraco
Christopher E. Vargas ‘95
Katherine L. Vargas ‘94
Charles W. Walsh ‘86
Lizabeth A. Walsh
Charles E. Watts ‘04
Katie M. Weigel ’96, ’98
Martin Weigel ’97
Gregory D. Wellons ‘88
Frank R. Wheeler
Annette F. Whittemore ‘74
Harvey Whittemore ‘74
Rondalyn Wiggins-Langhans
Edward A. Wilson ‘69
Ty Windfeldt ‘01
Paul J. Winkelman ‘89
Jane C. Witter ‘74
Lori B. Wohletz
Leonard R. Wohletz ’98
Laurence O. Woods ’02, ’09
Richard D. Wood ‘02
Crystal S. Woods ‘04
Joseph E. Wyatt
Fran M. Wyatt
Jill A. Yamashita ‘00, ’03
Chul H. Yim ‘04
Osamu Yoshida ‘04
Denise Y. Young ’81, ‘82
George S. Yount
Thomas M. Yturbide ‘96, ’00
Sheri R. Yturbide
Mimi W. Yu
Ronald R. Zideck ‘59
Mary Liz Zideck
Gregg W. Zive ‘67
Amy J. Zurek Carothers ‘01
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Jack I. Crowell ‘53
Maud-Kathrin Crowell
Timothy A. Crowley ‘92
Joel W. Cryer ‘97
Ruth M. Curtis ‘48
Carol L. Del Carlo ‘72
George H. Del Carlo ‘72
Donald A. Del Porto ‘85
Frankie Sue DelPapa ‘71
Sanford A. Devries ‘71
Andrew J. Dieringer ‘48
Marie E. Dieringer ‘45
Vida L. Dietz ‘75, ’96
Kenneth P. Dillon ‘92
Michael F. Dillon ‘94
William A. Doherty
‘80, ’87, ’00
William L. Drake ‘98
Christopher R. Driscoll ’08
Stephen W. Driscoll ‘78
Larry K. Dunn ‘80
Brenda M. Eldridge ‘01
Jerry Eldridge
B. Jean Ely ’85
Ted G. Ensslin ‘49
Dorothy E. Ensslin
Lani L. Estill ‘87
Amy Fahsholtz-Ames ‘93
Jacquelyn Ferek ‘95
Gary A. Ferris ‘94
Mark A. Finley ‘94
Elizabeth L. Flippin ‘03
John H. Frederick
Jason M. Frierson ‘96
Thomas R. Fuetsch ‘79
K. Justin J. Galli ’02
Megan M. Galli ’02, ’07
Kerri L. Garcia ‘92
L. Gene Gardella ‘65
Diane A. Gardella
Jane A. Gardner ‘86
Russell S. Gardner ‘90, ’96
Mika B. Garrett ‘02
Gary L. Ghiggeri ‘72
Madge M. Ghiggeri
Gary L. Ghiggeri ‘02
Amy A. Ghilieri ‘10
Joseph S. Gilbert ‘00
Earl P. Gilmore ‘51
Marianne Glaser ‘47
Mary H. Glover
Michael B. Goldwater ‘05
Joseph W. Goodnight ‘00
Scott R. Gragson ‘89
Jill J. Gragson ‘90
Lewis A. Green ’10
Bridget K. Gregory, ’81
John W. Grinsell ‘91, ’96
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Total Gifts Since Inception
Up to the
Alumni, are you up to the
challenge? 10 good reasons to give to your class fund:
Nevada alumni are loyal and supportive of their alma mater. Nearly 4,700 alumni
made a gift to Nevada in 2011. Their names can be found starting on page 40.
Your class fund becomes a permanent endowment when your class gifts total
Alumni support is becoming more critical as state funding diminishes.
No gift is too small and every gift makes a difference. You may think that your $25
gift couldn’t possibly have an impact, but it all adds up.
Your gift demonstrates confidence in your education and enhances the prestige of
the University of Nevada, Reno, upholding a proud 137-year history.
Your participation matters. U.S. News & World Report uses yearly alumni participation as a measure of alumni involvement for its annual rankings. Nevada was again
ranked in the top tier of “best national universities,” up 10 spots from last year.
Nevada was also ranked among the top 100 public schools in the country, had 16
graduate programs listed among the nation’s best, and both the College of Engineering and College of Business were ranked as “best undergraduate programs.”
Higher national rankings increase the value of your degree. Rankings also affect the
University’s ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest students.
Your gift might be doubled—or tripled. If your employer or your spouse’s employer
has a matching gift program, your donation can be matched 1:1 or more. To find
matching gift companies, please visit
Your gift is tax-deductible and you will promptly receive an acknowledgement of
your gift.
10.Making a gift to your class fund is easy. Visit our secure online site at http://giving., choose “Class Challenge” under designation and indicate your class year
under comments.
To join your fellow classmates in supporting the Class Endowment Challenge, contact Bruce Mack,
associate vice president of Development and Alumni Relations, (775) 784-1352 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
2011 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Class of 1938 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1939 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1940 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1941 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1942 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1943 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1944 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1945 & 1946 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1947 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1948 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1949 Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1950 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1951 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1951 Mackay School Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1952 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1953 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1954 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1955 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1956 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1957 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1958 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1959 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1960 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1961 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1962 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1963 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1964 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1965 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1966 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1967 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1968 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1969 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1970 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1971 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1972 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1973 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1974 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1975 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1976 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1977 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1978 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1979 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1980 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1981 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1982 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1983 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1984 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1985 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1986 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1987 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1988 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1989 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1990 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1991 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1992 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1993 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1994 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1995 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1996 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1997 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1998 Endowment Challenge
Class of 1999 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2000 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2001 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2002 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2003 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2004 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2005 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2006 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2007 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2008 Endowment Challenge
Class of 2009 Endowment Challenge
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Class of
Do you know someone who
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
The Nevada Alumni Association is now
accepting Alumni Council member nominations
DEADLINE: AUGUST 1, 2012 – The council meets three times a year and is the governing body of the Nevada
Alumni Association. Contact 888.NV ALUMS or [email protected] for more information.
Class year
Zip Code
Nevada Alumni Association
Morrill Hall Alumni Center
University of Nevada, Reno/0164
Reno, Nevada 89557-0164
Please use a separate sheet for additional nominations.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Leonard family legacy
supports liberal arts,
journalism and physics
helps promote community among students studying English. That sense
of community is a big part of the reason I’ve enjoyed my time as an
Through the years, the Leonard family has also created the Paul A.
Leonard Chair for Ethics and Writing in Journalism Endowment; the
Paul A. and Gwen F. Leonard Memorial Scholarship Endowment; the
Leonard Family Music Scholarship Endowment; the Professor James
Hulse Scholarship in History Endowment; the Jim Bernardi and Bob
Dillard Theater Scholarship Endowment; the Edwin Booth Award for
Service to the Theatre and the Leonard Conference Fund in Philosophy.
In addition, the Guy L. Leonard Memorial Endowment in Philosophy
funds the department’s Guy L. Leonard Lecture Series and the Paul and
Gwen Leonard Ethics and Politics Lecture.
“Scholarships are a key factor in making it possible to get a college
education,” Leonard says. “We need more of them. I hope that my fellow
alumni, especially the class of 1971, will contribute as they can to the
University’s scholarship programs.”
The Leonards’ names are engraved in the University’s Honor Court
in recognition of their lives and long-term dedication to the University.
The family also made a significant gift to the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, and the Paul and Gwen Leonard Faculty and Graduate
Reading Room is named in their honor.
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting the College of Liberal Arts, please contact Stuart Golder, director of development, (775) 784-1222 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
At Nevada, the Leonard family name has been synonymous with
higher education and philanthropy for decades. The Leonard’s legacy at
the University began in the 1930s with the late Gwen ’37 (history) and
Paul Leonard ’36 (journalism), and continues today through several
endowments bearing the family name and through the efforts of their
daughter, the Rev. Jackie Leonard ’71 (speech/theatre).
“When I was in college and graduate school, I was blessed with
parents who could afford to pay for my education,” says the Rev. Jackie
Leonard. “The cost of higher education was much less then. These days,
much has changed, particularly the state of the economy. Now, more
than ever, students need financial assistance.” English and political science major Aaron Benedetti, Class of 2012, is
the recent recipient of the Guy L. Leonard Memorial Endowment Scholarship in English and Physics, established by the Leonards in memory of
their late son, Guy Leonard ’77 (philosophy), who was hit and killed by a
drunk driver the same year he graduated from Nevada.
Benedetti, 22, says the Leonard scholarships have helped create a
culture of recognition and community among students and faculty at
the College of Liberal Arts.
“Sometimes the kind of recognition a scholarship provides can
serve as motivation, or it can improve work ethic,” Benedetti says. “The
culture of recognition in the department is one of the qualities that
English and political science major Aaron Benedetti, Class of 2012,
leads a meeting of the campus Creative Writing Club. Benedetti is the
undergraduate president of the club and a recipient of the Guy L. Leonard
Memorial Endowment Scholarship in English and Physics.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo by Patsy Ruchala
Bob and Linda Clift ’74 (nursing) have been longtime supporters of the Orvis School of Nursing.
Bob, a clinical professor emeritus of the medical school, established a scholarship in honor of Linda.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Orvis alumni create endowments to
support nursing students at Nevada
The Orvis School of Nursing Alumni Association has established a scholarship endowment to
support nursing students at Nevada.
The association was established in 2005 to provide a network for nursing alumni, faculty and
students in support of excellence in nursing education, research and community service. Chapter
members created the scholarship in 2009 to support a nursing student in his or her senior year.
As the nursing alumni association grew, so did support for the scholarship. Under the leadership
of Linda Clift ’74 (nursing), chair of the scholarship committee, the association chose to move
from an annual scholarship to an endowed scholarship to ensure support for current and future
generations of nursing students.
“An endowed scholarship is perpetual, because it consists of a sum of money that is invested for
the purpose of generating investment earnings that support an annual award,” Clift says. “Initiation of the fund would require a minimum deposit of $10,000. Of course, our association was
short by several thousand dollars, even factoring in future membership dues.
“A proposal and challenge was brought to the association’s steering committee—to raise
$10,000 by the end of 2013,” Clift adds. “Currently, the organization is working diligently to accomplish this goal.”
The first recipient of the scholarship in 2009 was Justin Johnson. The 2010 recipient was Jim
Fletcher, and the scholarship was awarded to Michael Coudriet in 2011.
Late last year, Clift’s husband, Bob, a retired physician, clinical professor emeritus of the
medical school and 1991 President’s Medal recipient, surprised her with the news that he had
established an Orvis School of Nursing Endowed Scholarship in her honor, initiated by a $115,000
gift. The Linda Clift Nurse Practitioner Endowed Scholarship provides fully paid tuition for two
years to a qualified graduate student in the nurse practitioner program. Clift says the gesture
moved her to tears.
“It was an overwhelming and selfless gift of love—one that certainly fills a need in the graduate
program, where support has been less available in the past,” Clift says.
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting the Orvis School of Nursing, please contact Christina Sarman, director
of development, (775) 784-6009 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo by Jeff Dow
Nevada students gather in a dorm room in Lincoln Hall. Named for
President Abraham Lincoln, it was built in 1895 to serve as a men’s
residence hall. Along with Manzanita Hall, Lincoln Hall is the oldest
continuously operating residence hall in the Western United States.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Who do YOU think should win?
2012 Nevada Alumni Assocation Award Nominations
Nominee’s Name____________________________________________________
Nominee’s Phone _________________________ Graduation Year____________
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Nominee’s Address__________________________________________________
Professional Achievement Award
An alumnus/alumna of the University with an outstanding
record of career accomplishments.
University Service Award
A friend or graduate who has demonstrated dedication,
commitment and service to the University.
Alumni Association Service Award
A friend or graduate who has rendered special and
outstanding service to the Nevada Alumni Association.
Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
Suggested Award (check one):
Professional Achievement Award
Alumni Association Service Award
Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
University Service Award
Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award
Alumnus of the Year Award
Your Name_________________________________________________________
City _____________________________________ State____________________
Email _____________________________________________________________
Please include 1-4 pages of supporting material with this form. You can also
nominate online at
A graduate who is not more than 15 years past graduation and has an
outstanding record of career accomplishments, and/or whose dedication,
commitment and service to the Nevada Alumni Association has
significantly enhanced alumni programming.
Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award
The award recognizes a specific chapter that has made significant
contributions to alumni, students and friends of the University of Nevada
and the Nevada Alumni Association during the past year.
Alumnus of the Year
A graduate who has rendered special and outstanding service
to the University and by personal achievement has
brought distinction to the University.
Please fill out the nomination form, along with 1-4 pages
of supporting material, by May 15, 2012. Please mail to:
Nevada Alumni Association
Morrill Hall Alumni Center
University of Nevada, Reno/0164
Reno, NV 89557-0164
Thank you parents for your generous support. Parents of alumni and current students generously support the
Parents Fund and other programs throughout campus. The Parents Fund provides for student support programs
that benefit the general educational experience and the quality of life for the student body as a whole (see Parents
Fund on page 57. We are grateful to these parents who made a gift to the Parents Fund and other programs at
Nevada during 2011.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Parent Donors
Photo by Billy Jesberg
Stephanie Vega, Graduate Student Association president, Casey
Stiteler, ASUN president, and Megan Barrett, Campus Escort
supervisor, are flanked by two of the new escort vans.
Philanthropy provides
three new escort vans
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting the Campus Escort Service or other
student support services, please contact Lynda Buhlig, executive director
of development, (775) 682-6013 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
The University has received funding for three new passenger vans
for the ASUN Campus Escort Service, a free service that provides
prompt safety escorts and more than 30,000 rides to students, faculty,
staff and visitors per academic year. The vans were funded by donations to the University Parents Fund and through the generosity of
the Stern Family Foundation, the Bring Bri Justice Foundation and
Carson Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Additional support was provided by
ASUN and the Graduate Student Association.
Lauren Denison of the Bring Bri Justice Foundation said the
nonprofit became involved with the program because it aligns with
the foundation’s commitment to the safety of all women and children
in Nevada.
“The fact that you can call and be escorted to your car ensures
your chances of getting to your vehicle safely,” Denison says. “We
thought it was a very worthy program.”
The ASUN Campus Escort Service is still seeking to replace an
additional aging van at a cost of approximately $25,000.
During the spring semester, the service is offered seven days a
week from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Closures coincide with school breaks and
holidays. A property or recognized unit of the University, including
Greek houses, must be the start or end of the journey and be within a
2-mile radius of campus. For a free, safe ride, call (775) 742-6808.
About Planned Giving
As you consider a gift to Nevada, you need to balance the wishes of your family, your personal lifestyle and your
financial resources with your love for the University of Nevada, Reno and your desire to contribute to its success.
Keeping this balance requires careful planning, and the University’s Office of Planned Giving can help you make the
most informed decision possible. Planned giving provides you with options and opportunities to include Nevada
in your overall financial and estate plans. Generally these are gifts or commitments made in the present with the
benefit to Nevada deferred until a future date. However, planned gifts may include outright gifts of appreciated
property, including securities, real estate and gifts of tangible personal property. Some planned gifts can provide
lifetime income for you or a loved one.
The Office of Planned Giving encourages and assists the tradition of partnership between the University and its
alumni, parents and friends.
For more information on planned giving opportunities, please contact Lisa M. Riley, Esq., director of the Office of
Planned Giving, (775) 682-6017 or [email protected]
Planned Giving Advisory Council
David Bianchi ‘68
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Steven Brown ‘66
RBC Wealth Management
Richard Cunningham
Lionel, Sawyer & Collins, Attys.
Harold Depoali ‘69
Whittier Trust Company of Nevada
Heidi Foster
American Wealth Management
Julia Gold
Law Offices of Julia S. Gold
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Thomas Hall ‘65
Law Offices of Thomas J. Hall
Cheryl Johnson
Wells Fargo Bank
Mark Knobel ‘77
Avansino, Melarkey, Knobel
& Mulligan, Attys.
Brian Loy
Sage Financial Advisors, Inc.
Ken Lynn
Hill Lynn Investment Group
James Marren ‘98
Edward Jones Investments
Kyle McCann ‘05, ‘11M.S.
Prutzman Wealth Management
Michael Melarkey ‘72
Avansino, Melarkey, Knobel
& Mulligan, Attys.
George ‘Bart’ Mowry ‘74
Maupin, Cox & LeGoy, Attys.
Nevada Legacy Society
Join others like the Paronis (above right), who have
chosen to make a planned gift to the University of
Nevada, Reno Foundation. Nevada Legacy Society
members are invited to special University events and receive a membership lapel pin.
Contact us to learn more about
your planned giving options. We
can also work with your financial
adviser or estate planner to help you
customize your gift.
Joyce Newman ‘73
Newman Appraisal Services LLC
Soraya Tabibi Aguirre
Holland & Hart, Attys.
Mark Quinlan ‘78
Executive Insurance Consultants
Nicole Vance ‘96
Law Offices of Nicole M. Vance
Timothy Riley
Holland and Hart, Attys.
Richard Wait
RS Wait, Chtd., CPAs
Don Ross
Woodburn & Wedge, Attys.
Michael Wallace ‘82
New York Life Insurance
Vicki Schultz
Schultz Financial Group
Sandra Wilson
Law Offices of Sandra O. Wilson
R. Bryan Sedway
Sedway Financial
Ronald Zideck ‘59
Whittier Trust Company of Nevada
Thomas Seeliger
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Jacqueline Surratt
O’Sullivan Financial Advisors
Phyllis K. & Bruce E. Belnap ‘52
Judith L. ’65 & Paul Bible ‘62
Gail A. Bradley ‘97
Iain L. O. Buxton
Jean Guisti Carbon ‘68
Jenifer Christman ‘92
Charles H.* & Cecil J. Clipper
Peter L. Comanor
Mike Conway ‘69, ‘76
Jody L. ’71 & James M.
Copenhaver ’70, ‘71
Edward C. Coppin ‘62
Fifi Day ‘59
Frankie Sue Del Papa ‘71
Sally H. & D. Leonard Detrick
Joseph J. Eberle ‘62
Harry W. Edwards ‘62
Sandra A. Eisinger
*Evelyn Semenza English ‘36
David H. Fenimore ‘88
Barry S. Frank
Donald Frazier
Wayne A. Frediani ‘72
Robert G. Fregoso ‘72, ‘77, ‘84
Elizabeth & Carl T. Fuetsch ‘66
Dorothy* & George
W. Gillemot
Barbara ’73 & John
G. Gonzales ‘71
*Edward L. Grundel ‘43
Wilma S. Hall ‘45
William A. Harrigan ‘48
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Left: Genevieve (Swick) Paroni ’48 (chemistry). Top: Students light candles at orientation.
Chemistry alumna and husband make planned gifts to
University Libraries and Mackay School
Genevieve (Swick) Paroni ’48 (chemistry)
arrived at the Nevada campus with little means
to pay for college. Raised during the Great
Depression by her widowed mother, “Gen”
worked in the campus dining halls during the
school year, waited tables at restaurants during the summer and helped her mother run a
boarding house at a mine near Eureka, Nev.
Through her trademark tenacity, she earned
a degree in chemistry and spent her career as
a teacher in Eureka and Wallace, Idaho. The
chemistry classroom at Wallace Junior-Senior
High School is named in her honor, and she
was inducted into the Eureka County High
School Hall of Fame in 2008. She became the
first woman to serve on the Wallace City Coun-
cil and served for many years on the Wallace
Public Library Board.
Gen held a great affection for the state of
Nevada and its land-grant university, and was a
longtime supporter of the University Libraries
and the Alumni Association. Together with her
husband, Walter Paroni, the couple included
gifts to both the University Libraries and the
Mackay School of Mines in their estate plans.
The Paronis were charter members of the Nevada Legacy Society, established to honor those
who have included the University Foundation
in their estate and financial plans.
Gen passed away at the age of 84 last year.
Walter passed away at age 88 in 2010. During
Gen’s memorial service, her daughter, Andrea
Paroni Storjohann, read tribute messages from
more than a dozen of Gen’s former students.
Gen and Walter met in Eureka, where Gen
was a teacher and Walter was working as a
mining engineer. Gen asked Walter if he would
help her with a geology class and cast a line
that’s infamous in Paroni family lore: “Come
up and see my rocks sometime,” she said. Walter would say he never had a chance after that.
Walter worked for the California Department of Transportation, the Eureka Corporation and the Hecla Mining Company in Silver
Valley, Idaho. Like his wife, Walter took pride
in mentoring young people in his profession.
—Roseann Keegan
Ginny A. Knowles ’92
& George C. Hill
Claudia W. Hoffer ‘61, ‘63
Willem Houwink
Betty & James W.
Hulse ‘52, ‘58
Michael J. Humphrey ‘75
Madra M. & Christopher
E. Jay ‘75
Jeannette & Donald Jenkins
Linda M. & Paul E.
Jorgensen ‘93, ‘95
Mary Ann ’94 & Roger
H. Keith ‘99, ‘03
Marlene B. ’87 & Babak
Patricia ’74, ’76, ‘80 &
John W. King ‘82
Edgar F. Kleiner
Peter A.* & Jessica Krenkel ‘05
Barbara ’96 & Dale Lazzarone
Janet & Warren L. Lerude ‘61
Lucille N. ’56 & William
R. Lindsay
Bonita E. ’67 & John
G. Madden ‘67
William Flagg Magee ‘67
Ann M. ’80 & Kevin C.
Melcher ’79, ‘81
Anne & Brian D. Menzel ‘71
Mary M. & Charles J.
Merdinger ‘94
Lois Merritt Mikawa ‘80, ‘87
*Mrs. N. Edd Miller ‘69
William H.* & Marian A. Mogel
Anne O. & Robert G.
Nelson ‘81, ‘85
Linda J. & Terrance
W. Oliver ‘71
Stanley W. Paher ‘69
Genevieve* ’48 &
Walter A.* Paroni
Cecilia Parr-Norton ‘67
Karen Harvey Petroni ‘59
Nadine M. Pillsbury
Lala D. & Dale J. Placey ‘67
Robyn L. Powers ‘70
Glenda M. Price ‘59
John A. Reed
Sharon Retz
Diane & Lloyd L. Root ‘48
George S. Ross ‘46
Mona L. ’52 & John
L. Sandorf ‘53
Cassandra L. & Scott S. Smith
Robert D. Smyly
Mati A. & Thomas E.
Stephens ‘68
Isabel M. & George W. Story ‘51
Ronald L. Turner
Wilbur R. Wallace ‘50
Frank R. Wheeler
Arthur H. Williams ‘66
Karen L.’70 & Steven
E. Williams
Hilda B. Wunner
Joan S. Zenan
Mary Liz & Ronald
R. Zideck ‘59
Bold denotes Nevada Legacy Society Charter Member
* deceased
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
For more information on planned giving opportunities and the Nevada Legacy Society, please contact Lisa M. Riley, Esq., director of the Office of Planned Giving (775)
682-6017 or [email protected]
Bequests Received
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
We are tremendously grateful to Nevada’s alumni, friends and faculty who chose to remember the University
through their estate gifts. These generous gifts, which come to Nevada upon the donor’s passing, support a wide
range of programs. Planned giving options can be discussed confidentially with our planned giving director (see
Planned Giving on page 58). We give thanks to these deceased donors who remembered Nevada through a
bequest gift received during 2011.
Future Planned Gifts Established By Living Donors
Nevada alumni, friends and faculty often provide for their future gifts to Nevada in their estate plans. These
living donors chose to remember Nevada by designating the University in their trust, will, retirement plan or other
planned commitment. The Nevada Legacy Society recognizes and honors individuals who have included the
University in their estate and financial plans (see Nevada Legacy Society on page 58). Though these gifts will only
be realized in the future, we are grateful to these individuals who have chosen, during 2011, to document their
planned gift to Nevada.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Thank you University friends for your generous support. Our friends have a special appreciation of and affinity for
the University and its missions of education, research and outreach. Our friends give to new and existing endowments, often gifting in honor of, or in memory of, a special person (see New Foundation Endowments starting on
page 22, or existing Foundation Endowments starting on page 24). We are grateful to these Nevada friends who
made a gift during 2011.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Ghanem legacy paves the
way for a new generation
of doctors
treating Elvis Presley, Liberace, Michael Jackson and President Bill Clinton’s mother, Virginia Kelly. Ghanem’s widow, Jody, says he was actually
a “doctor to all walks of life,” known for treating famous entertainers
as well as extending free medical care to casino employees during a sixyear worker strike.
When Ghanem was diagnosed with cancer, he established the Dr.
Elias and Jody Ghanem Charitable Foundation as a way to continue to
serve the residents of his community and the entire state. After Ghanem
died in 2001, his close friend Mike Sloan, now an executive at Fertitta
Entertainment, suggested that the foundation establish a scholarship
to honor his late friend. Donations poured in from family, friends and
several of the casino properties.
The scholarship has been awarded each year since 2002, providing
more than $300,000 to assist four students in the School of Medicine.
Recipient Dr. Ryan Adams ’97 (criminal justice), ’06MD is an anesthesiologist in Fort Collins, Colo.; Dr. Jarrod Mosier ’07MD practices emergency medicine in Tucson, Ariz.; Dr. Betsy Huang ’08MD is a pediatric
resident at UCLA; Dr. Taylor Klein ’11MD is a family medicine resident
at the University of New Mexico.
“Elias wanted to give back to the community that was so wonderful to
him and our children,” Jody Ghanem says. “Medicine was who he was,
so if we can help someone reach their dreams, that is what he would
want out of his hard work.”
To others facing similar challenges, Ulrich offers this advice: “Do not
give up on yourself. Know that you are worth it. The best investment
you can make is in yourself.”
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting the School of Medicine, please contact Stefanie Scoppettone, director of development, (775) 682-9143 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
At age 16, Mike Ulrich left high school and went to work as a dish
washer to support himself and his single mother. He never imagined he
would be finishing his first year of medical school just 10 years later.
“I never thought that someone like me could go to medical school,”
says Ulrich, Class of 2015. “The pressures were high for us to make ends
meet. My mom didn’t make a lot of money. The minute I turned 16, the
idea was that I could get a job right away and help support my family.”
Guided by mentors and sheer determination, Ulrich later passed
the GED, attended the College of Southern Nevada, transferred to the
University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduated with a bachelor’s degree
in biology. His gumption paid off: Just months before entering the University of Nevada School of Medicine, he was awarded the Dr. Elias F.
Ghanem Medical Scholarship, the only scholarship offered at the School
of Medicine that provides full financial backing, including tuition, fees,
books and a housing stipend for all four years of study.
“I was overwhelmed; there’s no other way to say it,” Ulrich says of the
scholarship. “I didn’t realize there were people out there interested in
this type of philanthropy.”
Unbeknownst to Ulrich at the time, he had much in common with
the late Dr. Elias Ghanem, a prominent Las Vegas physician. Ghanem
was born in 1939 to a poor Lebanese family in Haifa, Israel, arriving in
the United States in 1963 with $90 in his pocket and a dream of becoming a doctor. Ghanem went on to earn a scholarship for Duke University, but the path was difficult. He lived in his car while trying to make
ends meet.
Years later, Ghanem would be known as the “physician to the stars,”
University of Nevada School of Medicine student Mike Ulrich, Class
of 2015, (right) studies a human brain with professor and neuroscience
course director Christopher von Bartheld. Ulrich is the recipient of the Dr.
Elias F. Ghanem Medical Scholarship.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo by Robert Cook
The late Joe “Breezy” Howard ’61 (center) is surrounded by his family, many of
whom are Nevada alumni, in a 2008 photo. His wife, Janice ’61, is at his side.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Family of engineering alumnus
continues legacy
A family with a growing Nevada legacy has endowed a scholarship in honor
of the family patriarch, Joe “Breezy” Howard ’61 (civil engineering). The Joe W.
Howard Memorial Scholarship for engineering majors was established through
memorial contributions by friends and family following his death in January
2010. Last year, the family made additional donations to bring the scholarship to
the endowment level and create an enduring memorial for Howard’s good works
in the community.
“Paying for college is difficult for students right now,” says Diane Lancaster ’86
(chemical engineering), Howard’s daughter. “We’re hoping this scholarship helps
engineering students get through their education and do great things with their
degree. They’re the future of our state.”
Family members who helped create the endowment include Howard’s wife
of 48 years, Janice ’61 (medical technology); daughter and son-in-law Diane and
Ted Lancaster ’86 (electrical engineering); son David Howard ’91 (biochemistry),
’98Ph.D. (environmental science and health), ’04MD; and daughter and sonin-law Susan ’92 (physical sciences), ’93 (mathematics), ’96M.Ed. (educational
leadership) and Lee Roberts ’94 (mechanical engineering).
Howard served in Korea from 1952-54 as a sergeant first class and commander of his platoon. Following honorable discharge, he joined the Army Reserve
and began his engineering studies at Nevada. After graduation, Howard and
four other principals purchased SE&A Engineers and Associates. His projects
included Top Gun improvements at the Naval Air Station in Fallon and the Greg
Street expansion in Sparks, and he was awarded Engineer of the Year from the
Reno Chapter of the Nevada Society of Professional Engineers. He was active in
numerous professional and community organizations, including the Airport
Authority of Northern Nevada, for which he served as member and chairman.
He was president of the Truckee Meadows Branch of the American Society of
Civil Engineers and the Nevada Chapter of American Public Works Association.
He was also a volunteer for the Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program.
“He was such a good man and cared so deeply for his family and the community,” Lancaster says. “We loved him for his sense of humor, his integrity and
his wisdom. We will always remember him as a moral and humble man who was
a wonderful father and husband and who was our role model.”
Lancaster’s eldest son, Stephen, is a freshman at Nevada studying—of
course—engineering. “And the legacy continues,” Lancaster says.
–Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting the College of Engineering, please contact Maryanne
Cameron, director of development, (775) 682-9503 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Current students benefit
from legacy of Nevada’s first black female graduate
roommate or eat in restaurants with her peers. There had never been a
black student-teacher in the area either, so special arrangements had to
be made when it was time for her to complete her student teaching.
Since she was poor, Parson spent the northern Nevada winters without
a coat or a bedspread. She worked at the campus cafeteria steam tables
and as a domestic on weekends to cover her living expenses.
Despite these challenges, Parson graduated and excelled personally
and professionally, with the Claude and Stella Parson Elementary School
named in her honor. After retirement, Parson enrolled in the marriage
and family therapy master’s program at the University of Nevada, Las
Vegas. In 1986, she earned her master’s degree in counseling at age 59.
Parson also began a legacy of higher education for black women in her
own family, which includes her daughters, Jacqueline Parson-Barker ’77
(elementary education) and Naida Parson ’89Ph.D. (psychology), and her
granddaughter, Latoyshia Parson-Brass ’02 (psychology).
Her legacy also continues with the many Nevada students she’s helped
over the past decade. Tia Brass, Class of 2015, says receiving the scholarship was divine timing since her family was struggling financially.
“I was so shocked I couldn’t believe my eyes,” says Brass, a community
health sciences freshman and member of Sisters on a Move, a campus
group focused on volunteerism and sisterhood. “I immediately began
thanking God and proceeded to call my mom. She was so happy and
explained that the scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time.”
Like Parson in 1948, Brass is now able to attend the University with
her tuition covered.
“I can focus more on my school work, rather than worrying about
how my parents are going to pay for tuition and other things I need for
school,” Brass says. “I’m very thankful to have received this scholarship. I
can’t express my gratitude enough.”
—Roseann Keegan
To learn more about supporting student success at the University of Nevada, Reno, please contact Keiko Weil, ’87, director of donor relations, (775) 682-5964 or [email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
At a time when segregation still governed American life, Stella Mason
Parson ’52 (English) became the first black woman to graduate from the
University. The daughter of a sharecropper, Mason molded a life that
included a 33-year teaching career in Clark County, three children who
earned their own degrees, an elementary school named for her and her
late husband, Claude, and a 2002 University of Nevada, Reno President’s
Medal for her accomplishments.
Parson arrived on campus in 1948 with the help of a scholarship
from the Las Vegas chapter of the American Association of University
Women. In 2002, she paid tribute to the scholarship support that made
her education possible by creating the Stella Mason Parson Scholarship Endowment for women
of African-American descent.
The life she created for herself in Nevada is
far from her early life in Louisiana, where her
parents were sharecroppers on a plantation. The
plantation owner would let her parents work on
the property, in-theory giving them a share of the
profits in return. But the dishonesty of the plantaStella Mason
tion owner kept them perpetually indebted to him,
Parson ’52
and eventually, the family was forced to flee.
Parson migrated West with her father as a young girl, eventually
settling in Las Vegas and becoming the first in her family to graduate
from high school. After graduation, Parson took a job as a maid. Her
employer was so impressed with Parson’s tireless work ethic that she
arranged for the AAUW to offer Parson a scholarship to Nevada. She
became the first black woman to attend a university in the state.
With racial segregation still in play, Parson was not allowed to have a
Student Tia Brass, Class of 2015, is a recipient of the Stella Mason Parson
Scholarship Endowment, a scholarship for black women established by
the University’s first black female graduate.
Thank you to the following corporations for your generous support of Nevada. Companies in our community and
beyond provide critical funding for the University and its missions of education, research and outreach. Many corporations also administer matching gifts programs which can double, or even triple, the impact of gifts to Nevada. To
find matching gift companies, please visit our matching gift site at We are grateful to
corporations and their matching gifts programs for providing gifts to Nevada during 2011.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Corporate matching gifts are a
great opportunity for your gift to
Nevada to be doubled or even
tripled. To see if your employer
or your spouse’s employer has a
matching gift program, please visit
our matching gift site at http:// To learn
more about matching your gift
to Nevada, please contact Rachel
Kaiser, annual giving coordinator, (775) 682-6000 or [email protected]
Earn your EMBA online from one
of the best business schools in
the country — our part-time MBA
program was just ranked top five in
the nation by BusinessWeek.
Find out more at
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Why choose the
Online Executive MBA
from the University of
Nevada, Reno?
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Joe Lovano and The Collective
Thursday, April 26, 7:30 p.m.
50th Anniversary Celebration
with The Mingus Big Band
Friday, April 27, 7:30 p.m.
conce !
t in JA s and clinic
s th
April 26-28, 2012 • 784-4046 •
Festival Showcase and Awards
Saturday, April 28, 6:30 p.m.
Thank you to our
generous sponsors for
50 successful years!
Photo by Jeff Dow
New graduates of the University of Nevada, Reno fill the historic Quadrangle during Commencement. This spring, a projected record number of Nevada students will receive their diplomas. The
advanced degree ceremony will be held Friday, May 18, while the undergraduate ceremony is set for
Saturday, May 19.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Photo courtesy of Nevada Athletics
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Wolfie Jr. wins Capital One
Mascot Challenge
It turned out the bite of a wolf is mightier
than the sting of a yellow jacket as the University of Nevada’s Wolfie Jr. won the 10th annual
Capital One Mascot Challenge.
After 16 weeks of non-stop texting and
online voting by thousands of dedicated Wolf
Pack fans, Wolfie Jr. went undefeated in the
regular season and knocked off Buzz of Georgia Tech in the championship match. With the
win, he gets his claws on the $20,000 prize for
Nevada’s mascot program.
It was estimated that Wolf Pack fans cast
over 17 million votes to lead Wolfie Jr. to the
prize, while a record 45 million votes were cast
during the season-long competition.
“We are proud of what our students and
community accomplished for Wolfie Jr. and
the University of Nevada,” said Dr. Marc Johnson, president of the University of Nevada.
“Our campus has an extraordinary amount of
spirit and pride, and we’re pleased to showcase
it on a national level.”
Wolfie Jr. found out that he won the national
championship at the Capital One Bowl in
January where he received the $20,000 check,
and Wolf Pack fans found out their efforts had
paid off in a national Capital One commercial
that aired during halftime of the bowl game in
Orlando, Fla.
According to Nevada cheer coach Kim
Anastassatos ’97 who joined Wolfie Jr. at the
game, she almost couldn’t believe that the
University of Nevada had prevailed.
“It was almost surreal that all of those weeks
had come to that moment. We almost couldn’t
believe that it was happening and that we had
won,” she said. “So many people had supported us, and when the commercial appeared, I
got hundreds of text messages. It was like Wolf
Pack nation exploded!
“It was a little sad to be so far away from
all of the people who had supported us. Our
fans were amazing and we are so appreciative
to our community for all of the support and
voting over the 16 weeks of the Capital One
Mascot Challenge.”
With the $20,000 prize, Nevada will be able
to add more scholarships for the Wolf Pack
spirit program and buy the new costumes the
mascot program needs. Capital One will also
use Wolfie Jr. in their advertising for the Capital One Mascot Challenge over the next year.
But Anastassatos said the impact of winning
the Capital One Mascot Challenge will be even
To support student-athlete scholarships and donate to the Pack Educational Fund, call (775) 682-6973.
Wolfie Jr. celebrates his win in the Capital
One Mascot Challenge at the Capital One
Bowl in Orlando.
greater than the benefits of the prize money.
“It is publicity for the University of Nevada
that we could never pay for. So many people
know about our program now and want to be
a part of it,” she said. “We used to have one or
two students try out to be our mascot and now
we will have 20.”
Wolfie Jr. joins an elite group of mascots
that have held the Capital One National
Mascot of the Year title over the past 10 years.
Past winners include: “Monty” of University of
Montana (2002, 2004), “Cocky” of University
of South Carolina (2003), “Herbie Husker” of
University of Nebraska (2005), “Butch T. Cougar” of Washington State University (2006),
“Zippy” of University of Akron (2007), “Cy”
of Iowa State University (2008), “Bearcat” of
University of Cincinnati (2009) and defending champion “Big Blue” of Old Dominion
University (2010).
Nevada honored Wolfie Jr.’s victory at a basketball game in February, and a banner commemorating his national championship will
hang in the rafters at Lawlor Events Center.
—Rhonda Lundin, associate athletics
director for communications
Message from the 2011/2012
AAUN President
We are just wrapping up another great year for
the AAUN and Wolf Pack Athletics! Two of the
most memorable moments of this year were
seeing our own Wolfie Jr. win the Capital One
Mascot Challenge and enjoying the fantastic
season of the Wolf Pack men’s basketball
team. In addition, Nevada Athletics raised more than $5 million in
scholarship and programmatic support and saw the graduation rate
of our student-athletes hit its all-time high of 78 percent. None of
these accomplishments would be possible without the support of our
wonderful alumni, community and fans.
We are thrilled to make the move to the Mountain West Conference
on July 1 and embrace the competitive challenges and new rivalries
that it will bring. And we are equally thrilled to be a part of the new
intercollegiate athletics affiliation that will begin competition in 201314. Expect to hear more about that affiliation in the coming months
as the presidents of the universities involved work through the
operational details.
This is an exciting and unprecedented time for college athletics, and
I encourage you to get involved to help the Wolf Pack sustain the
success that has allowed us to be a part of it. For more information
about how you can help or to join our Move to the Mountain
campaign, visit or contact the
athletics development staff at (775) 682-6973. GO WOLF PACK!
Joseph S. Bradley ’78
Nevada Athletics Financial Information for Fiscal Year 2011
(5%) Facilities Maintenance, Rental
(19%) Ticket Sales
(3%) Debt Service
(16%) Development
(25%) Direct State
(3%) Guarantees
(2%) Memberships/
(2%) Marketing
(13%)$ NCAA/WAC
Promotions, Fundraising
$ 5,228,514
$ $ $ $ 2,144,240
(2%) Medical Expenses
(2%) Recruiting
(34%) Salaries
(4%) Direct
(5%) Other
Institutional Support
(1%) Program Sales,
(2%) Broadcast,
(10%) Team
Television, Radio
Concession etc.
(6%) Other
(25%) Student Aid
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
(4%) Game Expenses
(2%) Equipment
(10%) Student
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Honor Court
The University of Nevada, Reno Honor Court was dedicated in 1997 and
celebrates the contributions of campus and community leaders. The Honor
Court is situated at the south end of campus adjacent to the University’s historic
Quadrangle. The towering elm trees nearby were planted in 1908, and the Quadrangle, modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s design for the University of Virginia, is
listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Honor Court is anchored to the south by a dramatic 45,000-pound, 20foot granite obelisk listing the University’s philanthropists. A series of distinctive
pillars, carved from 200,000 pounds of white granite mined from the nearby
Sierra Nevada range, features the names of major donors, award-winning faculty,
students, employees and community members who have contributed to the
University’s history and success.
The centerpiece of the Honor Court is a gazebo with trellises of blue and white
flowering wisteria. The vines and the adjacent rose garden are among the plants
selected for the Honor Court by the University Arboretum. A natural boulder
fountain—which traces a granite silhouette of the mountains beyond—flanks
the Patron area of the Honor Court. The engraved pillars, ranging from 10- to
14-feet-tall, from rough-cut to polished granite, were arranged by the Honor
Court’s designer and sculptor, Johannes Schwartlander. Struck by the beauty of
the campus, his design incorporated historical elements and the natural grandeur of the area.
The Honor Court was constructed solely through private gifts and the philanthropy of local contractors who provided much of the labor and materials at
no cost. Expertise in splitting boulders was provided by faculty in the Mackay
School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, while the architectural design was the
work of the renowned firm of Backen, Arrigoni and Ross.
Each year, names are engraved into the Honor Court in proud recognition of
the accomplishments and support of those who contribute to excellence at the
University. Individuals and organizations receiving the University’s most prestigious awards or contributing major donations to the institution are recognized.
Categories include Distinguished Nevadan, Honorary Degree, President’s Medal,
F. Donald Tibbitts Distinguished Teacher, Distinguished Faculty, Distinguished
Service, Foundation Professor, Outstanding Researcher, Classified Employee of
the Year, and the top student award, the Herz Gold Medal.
For more information about the Honor Court, please contact Keiko Weil ’87, Donor Relations director,
(775) 784-1587 or [email protected]
E.L. Cord Foundation
Robert & Janice Davidson
Max C. Fleischmann Foundation
Claude I. Howard
International Game Technology
W.M. Keck Foundation
Gwen F. & Paul A. Leonard
Lied Foundation Trust
Charles N. & Ann Mathewson
Wilbur May Foundation
Newmont Mining Corporation
Old College, Inc. Warren Nelson, Chairman
Nell J. Redfield Foundation
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Graham & Jean Sanford
Del E. Webb Foundation
Donna Anderson
Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc.
Daniel J. & Althea M. Brimm
Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Robert A. & Nancy Cashell
E.L. Cord Foundation
Joseph L. & Maude R. Cramer
Francis E. Dant
Robert H. & Madge Lee Davis
D. Leonard & Sally Detrick
First Interstate Bank of Nevada Foundation
Foundation for Research
Goldcorp Inc.
John A. Harrah
Thelma B. & Thomas P. Hart
Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Ralph E. & Rose A. Hoeper
Glad Burgeni Holmes & August Holmes
Charles & Ruth Hopping
Durward “Huck” & Susan Huckabay
Howard R. Hughes
International Game Technology Community Foundation
Herbert N. & Maree W. Jacobs
Clarence & Martha Jones
John & Kathleen Kelley
Ann Kirkwood
City of Las Vegas
Richard & Ruth Lavery
Dorothy Lemelson
Lemelson Foundation
Lied Foundation Trust
John S. Livermore
Honor Court
Edith Albert
Nazir A. & Mary B. Ansari
Roxie Archie
Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc.
George Basta
Edna “Peter” Bateman
Josephine Beam
Bruno & Edna B. Benna
Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc.
ACSPECT and Nevada Business
& Science Foundation
Reinhard Bruch
Fritz B. Burns
Emily S. Carricaburu
E.P. ‘Chuck’ Charlton
Judy Nowland Chase &
Harry M. Chase Jr.
William & Effie Engel
Carl & Eleonora Esping
Fairweather Foundation
Kirk Addison Fay
Ford Motor Co.
Don D. & Catherine S. Fowler
Don Frazier
R.C. Fuson
Albert & Jean Garbian
Jody Ghanem
Barbara C. Gianoli
Glamis Gold Ltd.
Seymour Schulich Foundation
Clarence & Edna Schutte
Scripps Howard Foundation
Doris H. Shupe
John Ben Snow Trust
Hazel E. Stone
Wesley Elgin Travis
USA Funds
Laura Nelson Watkins
Marguerite Wattis
Petersen Foundation
Beatrice & Fred Weisenburger
George Whittell
Jerry & Betty Wilson
Andrew J. & Dorothy G. Woodard
Gwen F. & Paul A. Leonard
Leonette Foundation
Sven & Astrid Liljeblad
William J. Lynch
Dixie D. May
Victoria McIver
Azad McIver
Rollan D. & Marilyn R. Melton
Robert K. & D. Jean Myles
National Geographic Society
Education Foundation
Nevada Mining Assoc., Inc.
American Medical Association
Education & Research
Derrill & Stella Angst
Aristocrat, Inc.
Bank of America
BankAmerica Foundation
Josephine Beam
Bruno & Edna Benna
Jeanette M. & Michael J. Bidart
Peter S. Bing
Richard W. Blakey
Kathleen & Isabel Blythe
Russ & Peggy Boynton
Timothy J. Bray
Lynn Bremer
Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc.
John & Deborah Brodeur
ACSPECT and Nevada Business
& Science Foundation
Reinhard Bruch
Ann Jones Carlson
Helen Coe Carter
Cashman Equipment Co.
Lon & Joyce Chaney
E.P. ‘Chuck’ Charlton
Chefs For Kids Foundation
James L. Christensen
William Andrews Clark, Jr.
Clark & Sullivan Constructors
Helen Close Foundation
Loretta J. Cotner
Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation
Leon P. Crawford
Marie Crowley Foundation
Theodore J. Day
Willametta K. Day Foundation
Dorothy Ellen Drew
Julie & William A. Douglass
Peter Echeverria Family
Echo Bay Management Corp.
Photo by Peter Spain
Chefs for Kids Foundation
Robert & Janice Davidson
Debbie & T.J. Day
Willametta K. Day Foundation
Maud F. Dimmick
Peter Echeverria Family
Elko County Board of
John Shaw Field Foundation
Don Frazier
Reynold Fuson
Gannett Foundation
Bently Nevada Corp.
Joseph B. Ginocchio
William E. Goodfellow
Leslie B. & Mary Gray
Robert A. & Grace A. Griffen
Robert J. Hartman
James R. Herz
The William and Flora
Hewlett Foundation
Christina M. Hixson
Glad Burgeni Holmes
Clayton C. Honeywell
Francis W. ImMasche
Daniel C. Jackling
Joseph R. & Sadie E. Jackson
Alan Ladd Johnson
Eugene W. Kanning
Frank R. & Mildred Kappler
Lorin W. & Isabelle Kemp
Dorothy Lemelson
Lemelson Medical, Educational
& Research Foundation
Paul A. & Gwen Leonard
William J. Lynch
Gordon & Dorothe Macmillan
Marion Mallory, Jr.
Marshall R. Matley Foundation
Jessie P. McCarthy
Hubert E. & Genevieve McCoskey
Victoria McIver
Azad McIver
Nevada Bell
Nevada Scottish Rite Foundation
Newmont Mining Corp.
John & Marie Noble
Daniel A. & Edith E. O’Keefe
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
Roger B. Primm
Frank R. & Joan Randall
William S. ‘Si’ & Marilyn Redd
Reno Cancer Center, Inc.
Reno-Sparks Convention
& Visitors Authority
Reviglio Family
Ralph J. Roberts
Helen Rutherford
Phil & Jennifer Satre
Silver Benefactor Gina Gardner ’89 (finance), director of
development for University scholarships Melanie Perish,
and Silver Benefactor Jim Gardner ’60 (mechanical
engineering) at the 2011 Honor Court Celebration.
E. James Greenwald
George Gund, III
Thelma B. & Thomas P. Hart
Allan W. & Barbara L. Henderson
Patrick S. Herz
The William and Flora
Hewlett Foundation
Lois L. Honeywell
Willem Houwink
Durward “Huck” & Susan Huckabay
Harry C. Huneycutt
Mildred K. Jackson
Lori M. & Mark A. James
Lubertha M. Johnson
Thomas B. Johnson
Kennecott Corp.
Robert S. & Dorothy J.
Keyser Foundation
Mildred Knezevich
Kresge Foundation
Ronald M. & Susan J. Krump
Dorothy Ginsberg Lemelson
Lemelson Foundation
Nevada Scottish Rite Foundation
Northern Nevada Italian
Association, Inc.
Moya Olsen Lear
Optim, Inc.
Robert J. Parlasca
Peppermill Resort Spa Casino
Marguerite Wattis
Petersen Foundation
Marcella N. Phillips
Pierce Manufacturing
Malcolm K. Poon
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
Q & D Construction, Inc.
Roger B. Primm
Reviglio Family
Reynolds Electrical & Engineering
Edgel Richardson
Helen Rutherford
Saint Mary’s Health Network
Phil & Jennifer Satre
Charlotte M. Scarlett
Russell T. Schooley
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
William J. Lynch
Finlay J. MacDonald
Mackay Family
Mallory Foundation
H. Edward, Jr. & Doris Manville
Wilbur May Foundation
Michelle & Kevin McArthur
Jessie P. McCarthy
Agnes B. Momand
Nevada Science Foundation
Newmont Mining Corp.
Lucy Simpson Nieder
Nightingale Family Foundation
Daniel A. & Edith E. O’Keefe
Arthur E. & Mae Z. Orvis
The Bernard Osher Foundation
William & Wanda Peccole
Budd Pecetti
William N. & Myriam Pennington
Lincoln Piazzo
Vail & Ida Pittman
Frank R. & Joan Randall
Reno Orthopaedic Clinic
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Helen Eddy Rutherford
Phil & Jennifer Satre
Sol & Ella M. Savitt
Sierra Pacific Resources Foundation
Budd O. Stevenson
Sunbelt Broadcasting Co.
Helen M. Thomas
Marion G. Thompson
Richard L. Wagner
Washoe Medical Center, Inc.
Norwest Bank
Whittemore Family Foundation
E.L. Wiegand Foundation
Edwin L. Wiegand Trust
Jerry & Betty Wilson
W. Howard Winn
Honor Court
Northern Nevada A2N2
Ahmanson Foundation
Syed N. and Fara Ahmed
Fred & Jean Allegretti
Alliance with the Washoe
County Medical Society
Ed & Joann Allison
AMAX Foundation
American Culinary Federation
American Honda Foundation
American Pacific Corporation
American Society of Newspaper
Photo by Peter Spain
Scripps Howard Foundation
Silver Legacy
Lex A. Simpson
John Ben Snow Trust
Charles H. Stout Foundation
Wallace E. Taber
Barbara A. & Robert P. Thimot
Jean & Herb Tobman
Dorothy Towne Foundation
Mary & George Tweedy
Catherine Urban
USA Funds
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Silver Benefactors Edward ’62 (physical sciences) and
Debra Coppin are pictured at the 2011 Honor Court
Celebration. The event is held annually to recognize those
who contribute to the excellence of the University.
Jack Van Sickle Foundation
Evelyn Walker
Laura Nelson Watkins
Irma Weede
Western States Petroleum Assoc.
Thomas & Juanita Greer White
Harvey & Annette Whittemore
Shelby Wilbourn
Claudine B. Williams
Jerry & Betty Wilson
W. Howard Winn
Robert A. Wise
Harriet B. Wolf
Bertha M. Woolverton
Stanley B. Wright
Marion L. Young
A. Carlisle & Company of Nevada
Emma Lee Adams
Advertising Association of
Editors Foundation
Arthur G. & Eliza Anderson
Fred M. & Anne Anderson
Janet Andrews
AngloGold North America, Inc.
Derrill & Stella Angst
Annenberg Foundation
Samuel, Jr. & Mary Arentz
Samuel, III & Trudie Arentz
Mildred Arnold
Friends & Family of Aaron
E. Arnoldsen
Dolores C. Arroyo
John Ascuaga’s Nugget
Associated General Contractors
of America, Nevada Chapter
Atlantis Casino Resort
Skip & Kristen Avansino
Thomas Bahan
Dorothy Dodd Ballard
John M. & Marie M. Bancroft
Richard P. & Carolyn J. Banis
Bank of America
Susan T. & Dennis Banks
Living Trust Barker
Malcolm & Audrey Barr
Earl Beanblossom
Carolyn Beckwith
Florence Belz
Bruno & Edna Benna
Virginia S. Bennett
Dorothy Benson
Kathleen A. & Robert R. Bentley
Gilbert E. Bento
Roger A. Bergmann
Tami N. & Lawrence B. Bernard
Berry-Hinkley Industries
Paul A. & Judith L. Bible
Jeanette M. & Michael J. Bidart
Sidney & Janet Bijou
Vivian Billick
Reed & Eiko Bingham
Roger Bissett
William W. Bliss
Ira Blundell
Boomtown Hotel & Casino
Grant L. & True G. Bowen
John L. & Derwent C. Bowen
Russ & Peggy Boynton
Liza M. & Joseph S. Bradley
Janice K. & Thomas W. Brady
Arthur & Lilli Brant
Lynn Bremer
Mabel Stanaway Briggs
John & Deborah Brodeur
Frances Cafferata & C.
Donald Brown
Gloria Germain Brown
ACSPECT and Nevada Business
& Science Foundation
Reinhard Bruch
Leonard & Helen Buck
Frank H. & Eva B. Buck Foundation
Carol Franc Buck Foundation
Rose M. Bullis
Florence Ann Burgess
Letha Burnett
Lucy Grimes Burton
John Butler
Tosca L. Byars
Norma J. Byer
Cheri & Jack L. Byrom
Jerry R. & Judi Cail
Edwin L. & Kathryn L. Cantlon
Louis J. Capurro Family
Ann Jones Carlson
Loretta B. Carr
Denise & Timothy Cashman
Virginia Casson
E.P. ‘Chuck’ Charlton
Clinton I. Chase
Chefs For Kids Foundation
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
Anine Christenson
Clara Chun
Circus Circus Hotel Casino
Jean Mary Clawson
Linda S. & Robert C. Clift
Helen Close Foundation
Cathleen & William Cobb
Karen G. & Brett E. Coleman
Thomas R. & Mary L. Conklin
Ted E. Contri
Edward C. Coppin
Cordex Exploration Company
William & Camille Cosby, Jr.
Loretta J. Cotner
Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation
Walter & Vivian Cox
Isabel M. Crain
Joe & Joy Crowley
Marie Crowley Foundation
L/F Technologies
Ruth M. Curtis
Charles Cutts
Gerald & Virginia Dales
Louise Davies
Robert M. Daugherty
Robert C. Davey
Dana J. Davis
Willametta K. Day Foundation
Donald J. & Suzanne R. Decker
Joanne De Longchamps
David & Marsha Deming
William Denevi
John & Sue Dermody
Hazel DeSimone
Delores J. & Anthony W. DeSio
D. Leonard & Sally Detrick
Zoe A. & James C. DeVolld
Di Loreto Contruction &
Development, Inc.
Norman L. & Laura Dianda
Lorraine Dickinson
Carl A. Digino
Digital Equipment Corp.
James K. & Jean S. Dobey
Doctors’ Management Co.
Lorraine & Mario Domini
Elizabeth C. Donnelly
Byron A. Donzis
Sterling M. & Joan M. Doubrava
Sterling M. & Kathryn L. Doubrava
Jack R. Douglass
Joseph E. Duhart
Joan L. & Lloyd T. Dyer
Ruth Ede
Walter & Randy Edwards
Sandra A. Eisinger
Eldorado Hotel Casino
Clara Hanson Elia
Elkhart Brass Manufacturing
Co., Inc.
Mendy K. & Steven P. Elliott
Dick & Win Elmore
Jo Ann & James F. Elston
Larry S. & Evelyn S. English
Roxie & Jerry Enneking
Thelma Fay Epper
Fritsi H. & Harry R. Ericson
Kerry & Scott Esslin
Helen Essroger
Frank B. Evans
Mike Evasovic & Sons
Fairweather Foundation
John Farahi
John ‘Jack’ F. Fegely
Stuart Feigin
William R. & Barbara J. Feltner
Edward L. Fenimore
Bob & Audrey Ferrari
Jo Allan & Gary A. Ferris
First Independent Bank of Nevada
First Western Savings Assoc.
Harold & Sue Fitz
Mike & Marisa Fitzgerald
Douglas Houston Ford
Ford Motor Co.
Prella E. & John W. Fordham
Donald D. & Catherine S. Fowler
Sidney & Elvira Fox
Don Frazier
Freedom Forum
Larry & Barbara N. Friedlander
Frehner Construction Co.
Walter & Anna Frey
Richard N. & Georgia A. Fulstone
John A. & Claudia L. Fulton
Ann W. & Robert D. Funk
Dan & Heather Gaddis
Juanita Garat
Gina A. & James N. Gardner
Robert A. Gardner
Gardner Engineering, Inc.
Louella Garvey
Jose & Gloria Gastanaga
Eleanore Gaylord
Genentech, Inc.
Geological Society of Nevada
Noble Getchell
Elias F. & Jody Ghanem
Barbara C. Gianoli
Fred D. Gibson
John Gignoux
Kathleen & Dick Gilbert
Peggy & Milton Glick
Mary H. & Joel F. Glover
Russell Goebel Family
Honor Court
Diana R. Lynch
William J. Lynch
Robert & Helen G. MacCollister
Genie & Luther Mack
Micol Mackenzie
John D. Mackey
Nancy C. & Alan S. Maiss
Louise Mallory
Charles & Mary Marshall
Edgar Marston
Wilbur May
Agnes & Ed McCaffrey
Jack & Pauline McCloskey
Charlotte J. & Richard W. McConnell
Joseph McDermott
McDonald Carano Wilson LLP
Anna McDonnell
Genevieve & E. W. McKenzie
McKenzie Properties
Susan S. & Jack A. McLeod
Mary-Ellen & Samuel P. McMullen
Nancy K. & Robert W. Mead
Rachel K. Mead
Alan Means
Paula & Craig C. Meckley
Lynn D. & R. James Megquier
Michael J. Melarkey
John Midby & Associates
Lois Merritt & James K. Mikawa
Robert C. & Michi Haga-Miller
Maya Miller
Vaughn Minas
Model Dairy
Ogden F. Monahan
Ned R. Morehouse
Morrey Distributing Company
Colleen A. Morris & Steve LoMastro
Patricia T. & Michael W. Morrissey
John & Edda Morrison
Carol L. Mousel
Charles & Cornelia Murray
Luella Murray
Robert & Eva Nahas
National Geographic Society
Education Foundation
Martin & Paula Naughton
Patricia & Lloyd L. Nelson
Warren Nelson
Nevada CPA Foundation for
Education & Research
Nevada Gaming Foundation
Nevada Insurance Education
Nevada Mining Assoc., Inc.
Nevada Scottish Rite Foundation
Nevada State Bank
Nevada State Medical Assoc.
Nevada Women’s Fund
Kelli R. & Sonny L. Newman
New West Distributing
John & Marie Noble
Marjorie North
Northern Nevada Foundation, Inc.
National Italian American
Sports Hall of Fame
Dorothy J. Nyswander
Margarete Oesterle
Linda J. & Terrance W. Oliver
Moya Olsen Lear
Optim, Inc.
Ormat Technologies, Inc.
Public Resource Associates
Lawrence E. Pyle
E.J. Questa
Dorothy Quinn
William J. Raggio
Ray Heating Products, Inc.
Rayrock Mines, Inc.
Donald G. & Lempi S. Reed
Thomas J. Reidy
Reno Advertising Club Foundation
Reno Heart Physicians
Reno Hilton
Photo by Peter Spain
Mario & Yvonne Isola
Joseph R. & Sadie Jackson
Jaksick Family
John W. James Family
Katherine P. & Stephen H. Jenkins
Camie & Steve Johnson
Marsh & Dorothy Johnson
Martin B. & Betty V. Johnston
Robin Joyce
Kafoury, Armstrong & Co.
William & Bridget Kahl
Frank R. & Mildred Kappler
Richard & Mary Karlson
Nora Kawamura
William M. & Judith S. Kearney
Donald & Lorraine Kelley
Fred & Sophia Kelley
Kennecott Corp.
Robert S. & Dorothy J.
Keyser Foundation
L. David Kiley
Eleanor Killebrew-Brown
Claudia L. & Omer L. King
Richard Kirman
Marjorie Kitselman
Leslie Kitselman
Patrice N. & Michael J. Klaich
Lawton Kline
John S. & James L. Knight
Knights Templar Educational
Molly Flagg Knudtsen
William Kottinger
Marvin Kratter
Jim & Linda Kuraisa
Sara M. & Leonard Lafrance
Domenico Lambertucci
Ledbetter Family
Marc & Alice LeDuc
Robert & Joy Leland
Charitable Trust
Lemelson Medical, Educational
& Research Foundation
Jackie L. Leonard
Modesto L. & Lois K. Leonardi
Leonette Foundation
Warren & Janet Lerude
Joseph B. & Norma A. Libke
Sven & Astrid Liljeblad
Lincy Foundation
Sheila D. & Travis B. Linn
Otto & Beverly Linnecke
James H. & Eugenia L. Lloyd
Robert L. J. Long
Shiela Lonie
Edith Lovelock
Kathleen & Dr. Gary W. Loveman
Adriano B. Lucatelli
Juanita Ludwigs
Mary K. ’88 (journalism) and Mark Knobel ’77 (social
services corrections), 2011 chair of the Foundation Board
of Trustees, with Silver Benefactor Ron Zideck at the 2011
Honor Court Celebration.
Sandra & Alfred H. Osborne
Bernard Osher Foundation
Joanne G. & Gary N. Owen
Angelo Pardini
Carl Parise
William D. & Janet L. Parish
Brooks Park Family
James Carlton Patterson III
William & Andrea G. Pelter
The PENTA Building Group
Peppermill Resort Casino
Marquerite Wattis Petersen
Foundation Inc.
Gregor & Dion Peterson
Robert & Nancy Phelps
Phelps Dodge Corporation/
William F. & Nadine Pillsbury
Russell Pinching
Pinson Mining Co.
Placer Dome, Inc.
Lala D. & Dale J. Placey
Roger B. Primm
Reno Orthopaedic Clinic
Reno Rodeo Foundation
Reviglio Family
Justin & Alyce Reyneri
William E. Richards
Edgel Richardson
Bradley H. & Vivian Roberts
Rita W. Roberts
Joseph H. & Yerda M. Robertson
Henry L. Rolling
John Tom Ross
Ross Products Division Abbott Laboratories
Henry H. Rushing
Ruth Irene Russell
Helen Rutherford
Klaus & Mary Saegebarth
Rena Safford
Saint Mary’s Regional
Medical Center
John L. & Mona L. Sandorf
Sands Regency Hotel Casino
Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp.
Phil & Jennifer Satre
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Grand Chapter of Nevada
Order of the Eastern Star
Granite Construction Co.
Leslie B. & Mary Gray
Carmelina B. & Edward L. Grundel
Clark J. Guild, Jr.
Clark J. Guild, Jr. Foundation
Arlene Hall
Arthur & Joanne Hall
Thomas Hall
Herbert Hallman
Luke Hancock Foundation
Dent N. Hand
Harold & Hazel Handelman
Barbara A. & Arnold L. Hansmann
James W. & Sandra P. Hardesty
Herbert Walter & Mary Wilma
Massey Hargreaves
Tony Harrah
William A. Harrigan
John T. & Pauline Harris
Richard W. & Ann Marie Harris
Thelma B. & Thomas P. Hart
Mabel L. & Gerald B. Hartley
Paul Hartman
Daniel & Marguerite Harvey
Sheri E. & Frederick R. Harvey
Lynda & Pierre A. Hascheff
Philip & Eleanore Haskett
Eric M. & Suzanne Hatzenbiler
Richard Hawkins
Health Management Solutions
Betty J. Heath Hoe
Edith Rittenhouse Hedges
Robert L. & Pauline F. Helms
Christine L. & Holmes
G. Hendricksen
Fred Hertlein
Harold & Irene Herz
H. Haydon Hill
William & Mary Hill
Wynne Hill-Smith
Emily Hilliard
Leo Hoefer & Elly Werner
Eleanor Holloway
Alma Holmshaw
Homestake Mining Co.
George Hopkins
Charles & Ruth Hopping
Houghton Foundation
Geoffrey Stoneson House
F. Clinton & Beverly Howard
Barbara E. & Procter R. Hug, Jr.
Cheryl A. Hug-English &
Harry A. English
Chitha & Roshan Hulugalle
John E. & Frances W. Humphrey
Harry Huneycutt
S. Frank Hunt
Independence Mining Co., Inc.
Honor Court
Sidney & Vera Stern
Lillie Stock
Frank Stokes
Stonefield, Inc.
Charles H. & Elizabeth W. Stout
Charles H. Stout Foundation
Nana G. Sullivan
John & Kimberly Sweatt
Foundation of San Diego
Judy Trent
Tektronix Inc.
Photo by Peter Spain
Ruth Saviers
Grant & Bette Sawyer
Richard & Rae Ann Schuster
Arthur Scott
Scott Aviation
Blanche Scranton
Cynthia J. Scripps & Jeff A. Wachs
Christy L. & Edward W. Scripps, Jr.
Edward ‘Ted’ Scripps, II Family
Jean Wilton Scripps
Kathy & William H. Scripps
Kay P. & Thomas A. Seeliger
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Distinguished Nevadan Dorothy Gallagher ’47 (premedical), ’11HDG, Dr. Thomas Gallagher, Dr. Karen
Penner-Johnson, University President Marc Johnson,
and Sally and Dr. Frank Gallagher ’77 (pre-dental).
Albert D. Seeno
Leo V. & Diane E. Seevers
Patricia & Ronald Semenko
Grace Semenza
Shell Oil Co. Foundation
Sim & Kate Sheppard
Lewis Shuman
Silicon Graphics
Silver Legacy
Silver State Credit Union
James Skinner
Frances C. & William P.
Smallwood Foundation
Jean & Robert J Smeath
Noah Smernoff
John Ben Snow Trust
Anton & Arlene Sohn
Diana M. Solter
Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada
Herbert & Norma Splatt
Bertha Standfast
Margueritte Starr
Alyce & Milton Steinheimer
Texaco Foundation
Barbara A. & Robert P. Thimot
Patricia H. & Douglas A. Thomas
Bill & Linda Thomason
William C. & Barbara C. Thornton
Charles C. Thorp
Timken-Sturgis Foundation
Amos Tinkey
Tim & Pam Tolan
Dorothy Towne Foundation
Kathleen S. & William R. Trimmer
Enid & Joseph Trinastic
Patricia A. Tripple
Thomas & Ann Trudell
Erol Turer
George Dee Turner Family
Howard W. & Rose M. Turner
The Clarkson Co.
USA Funds
Hazel Van Allen
Jack Van Sickle Foundation
A.J. Villalobos
Robert A. Wagner
Wal-Mart Foundation
Evelyn Walker
Robert C. Wallace
Wilbur R. & Mary A. Wallace
Phyllis Walsh
Eric L. & Sally M. Wang
Laura Nelson Watkins
Ranson W. & Norma Webster
Mary Weeks
Sonie Weiss
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Weyher Brothers Co.
Glenn & Christine Whiddett
Thomas & Juanita Greer White
Jesse Whited
Louis Wiener, Jr.
Wilhelm Hoppe Family Trust
Hazel Mae Wilson
James Wilson
JohnD & Kathleen Winters
Robert A. Wise
Jane Witter
Veronica & Simon L. Wong
Andrew J. & Dorothye Woodard
Terry S. & H. David Woodin
Ethel C. Wright
Hilda B. Wunner
Thomas Wyatt
Stephen A. & Elaine Wynn
Yamana Gold
Joan S. Zenan
Mary Liz & Ronald R. Zideck
Jimmie W. Ralls
Frederick W. Reid
Ellen N. Santina
Denise L. Schaar-Buis
Charles Schulz
Elaine B. Steiner
George D. Sullivan
Clint R. Ulrich
Linda A. Vogedes
Philip L. Altick
Eleanore Bushnell
John N. Chappel
Richard O. Davies
William A. Douglass
Jerome E. Edwards
Donald D. Fowler
Robert M. Gorrell
Anne B. Howard
James W. Hulse
James C. McCormick
Paul W. McReynolds
Robert W. Merrill
Carol A. Parkhurst
Ann Ronald
Wilbur S. Shepperson
Hyung K. Shin
Ross W. Smith
Barbara K. Thornton
Leonard B. Weinberg
David P. Westfall
Employees of Bert Acree
Eva B. Adams
the Year
Mary B. Ansari
Dawn E. Arnold
Donna F. Brown
Robert F. Butler
Patricia A. Chambers
Susan A. Chern
Dagmar M. Copenhaver
Debi A. Dearman
JoAnne W. Gipson
Linda L. Gorelangton
Cheryl Hinman
Michelle L. Hoyt
Kristen L. Kabrin
Alice H. Kellames
Arlene Kramer
Amy Poetschat
Mena Porta
Jewell T. Radcliffe
Nazir A. Ansari
John J. Ascuaga
Raymond C. Avansino
Walter S. Baring
Richard T. Barrington
George M. Basta
Clara I. Beatty
Bruno Benna
Edna B. Benna
Dorothy E. Benson
Donald E. Bently
Lowell C. Bernard
Norman Biltz
Minnie P. Blair
Kittie Bonner
Mildred N. Bray
Newell E. Broadbent
Merwyn H. Brown
Norman D. Brown
Albert E. Cahlan
James W. Calhoun
Thelma Calhoun
Louis S. Cannon
Louis J. Capurro
Robert A. Cashell
John E. Cavanaugh
Margery E. Cavanaugh
Donald Cavin
Henry H. Cazier
James E. Church
David W. Clark
Tyrus R. Cobb
Walter J. Cox
Thomas O. Craven
Joseph N. Crowley
Frances E. Crumley
Walter Cuchine
Angela D. Dandini
Fred J. de Longchamps
Norman L. Dianda
Louis M. Dixon
Carl F. Dodge
Charles R. Donnelly
Fred H. Dressler
Vernon ‘James’ Eardley
Joseph H. Ely
Frank J. Fahrenkopf
Billie Fast
Monte Fast
Barbara J. Feltner
Jean E. Ford
Peter P. Frandsen
Charles W. Fulkerson
Mary Fulstone
Charles D. Gallagher
Dorothy S. Gallagher
Morris F. Gallagher
Thomas H. Gallagher
Frank F. Garside
Paul S. Garwood
Vincent P. Gianella
Norman D. Glaser
Milton D. Glick
Mary L. Gojack
Nancy A. Gomes
Archie C. Grant
Leslie B. Gray
Robert B. Griffith
Clark J. Guild
Marshall A. Guisti
Preston Q. Hale
Jesse J. Hall
Wesley W. Hall
William Harrah
Katherine Mackay Hawkins
Robert L. Helms
Honor Court
Jack F. Clarke
Richard O. Davies
Neal A. Ferguson
Leah M. Gorbet
David A. Hansen
James R. Kidder
Rita M. Laden
John P. Marschall
Patricia K. Miltenberger
Berger B. Nelson
Walter F. Nicks
Carol Ort
Daniel L. Pease
Arthur C. Roberto
William E. Sparkman
Brian J. Whalen
Cleborne D. Maddux
Emmanuel A. Maragakis
Ardythe A. McCracken
Stephen McFarlane
Robert W. Merrill
Glenn C. Miller
Manoranjan Misra
Bruce T. Moran
John H. Nelson
Thomas J. Nickles
John H. Peacock
Ronald A. Phaneuf
David P. Westfall
Richard A. Wirtz
William A. Zamboni
Esmail D. Zanjani
David A. Ake
Phillip C. Boardman
Philip L. Altick
Glendel W. Atkinson
Diane Barone
Berch Berberoglu
Joel Berger
Bruce E. Blackadar
Gary Blomquist
Morris R. Brownell
James N. Brune
Ian G. Buckle
Richard D. Burkhart
Thomas F. Cargill
Scott E. Casper
John C. Cushman
Richard O. Davies
Stephen C. Destjeor
Bruce M. Douglas
William R. Eadington
Kent M. Ervin
Eva L. Essa
Victoria M. Follette
Catherine S. Fowler
Donald D. Fowler
Maurice C. Fuerstenau
Beatrix T. Gardner
Robert A. Gardner
William T. Gerthoffer
Peter J. Goin
Faramarz Gordaninejad
Chaitan P. Gupta
Mae Sexauer Gustin
Donald L. Hardesty
Rodney E. Harrington
Thomas R. Harris
Steven C. Hayes
Joseph R. Hume
Kathleen D. Keef
Kwang Jin Kim
Thomas R. Kozel
John G. Lenz
David A. Lightner
Photo by Peter Spain
Link Piazzo
Marvin Picollo
Edward L. Pine
Vail Pittman
Marilyn Redd
Si Redd
Edward C. Reed, Jr.
Donald W. Reynolds
Sigmund Rogich
Phillip G. Rose
Charles H. Russell
Helen R. Rutherford
Robert H. Sanford
Ella M. Savitt
Sol Savitt
Byrd Sawyer
A.L. Scott
Edward W. Scripps
Albert G. Seeliger
Charles E. Seitz
Sister M. Seraphine
Fred Settelmeyer
J. Harvey Sewell
Hugh A. Shamberger
Chris H. Sheerin
Noah Smernoff
Alfred M. Smith
Arthur M. Smith
Louis P. Spitz
Sallie Springmeyer
Frank Curry Stokes
Charles H. Stout
Elizabeth W. Stout
Jack B. Streeter
William D. Swackhamer
Vincent L. Thompson
Barbara C. Thornton
Clarence J. Thornton
William C. Thornton
C. Harold Van Zee
Sue E. Wagner
Thomas P. Walker
Wallie Warren
Robert C. Weems
Roland D. Westergard
Harold F. Whalman
Sessions S. Wheeler
Thomas C. Wilson
Kathleen ‘Kay’ Winters
Bertha S. Woodard
William K. Woodburn
Foundation Professor and emerita faculty member
Ardythe McCracken at an Honor Court pillar bearing the
names of Foundation Professor honorees through the years.
Kambiz Raffiee
James T. Richardson
Dale S. Rogers
Ann Ronald
Mehdi Saiidi
Kenton M. Sanders
David A. Schooley
Richard A. Schultz
Richard A. Schweickert
Lawrence T. Scott
Emma Sepulveda Pulvirenti
Robert S. Sheridan
Hyung K. Shin
Marilyn G. Smith
Ross W. Smith
Paul F. Starrs
Yvonne Stedham
Stephen N. Tchudi
William S. Templeton
Baldev K. Vig
Sean M. Ward
Michael A. Webster
Leonard B. Weinberg
Steven G. Wesnousky
Michael P. Branch
Richard D. Burkhart
James R. Carr
Indira Chatterjee
Christine O. Cheney
Richard A. Curry
Sergiu-Mihai Dascalu
Dana J. Davis
David E. Ehrke
Christopher H. Exline
John H. Frederick
Billy ‘B.J.’ Fuller
Cheryll A. Glotfelty
Alan A. Gubanich
Frederick C. Harris
Gary J. Hausladen
David W. Hettich
Jennifer M. Hill
Dale W. Holcombe
Anne B. Howard
Kenneth C. Kemp
Larry J. Larsen
Harold E. Lemay
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Lynn C. Hettrick
Howard Hickson
Joyce A. Hollister
Thomas K. Hood
Claude I. Howard
Albert H. Huber
Barbara E. Hug
Procter R. Hug, Jr.
Fritzi N. Huntington
Harold J. Jacobsen
Cherie Jamason
Clarence K. Jones
James A. Joyce
Phyllis B. Kaiser
Gilbert H. Kneiss
Ray Knisley
K. O. Knudson
Molly Flagg Knudtsen
Ralph W. Lattin
Glenn J. Lawlor
Paul D. Laxalt
Robert P. Laxalt
Paul A. Leonard
John S. Livermore
Ioannis A. Lougaris
Forest B. Lovelock
Melvin E. Lundberg
William Macdonald
Luther Mack
Edgar J. Marston
John E. Martie
Ernest Martinelli
Louise J. Marvel
John R. McCloskey
Jean McElrath
Leo E. McFadden
Harvey F. McPhail
Rollan D. Melton
Peter Merialdo
Albert A. Michelson
Maya P. Miller
Laura E. Mills
William H. Moffat
Warren L. Monroe
Edda H. Morrison
Marvin L. Moss
Evelyn Mount
John V. Mueller
Myrtle Tate Myles
Warren L. Nelson
Jacqueline Nightingale
Leon Nightingale
William A. O’Brien
Stanley M. Pargellis
Edna B. Patterson
Dorothy Patterson Elton
Andrea Pelter
Myriam R. Pennington
William N. Pennington
Honor Court
William J. Berg
Julius Bergen
Lloyd V. Berkner
Anne G. Berlin
Ellin M. Berlin
Rose V. Berry
Alan A. Bible
Paul A. Bible
Benson D. Billinghurst
William W. Bliss
Horace P. Boardman
Jeanne L. Botts
Photo by Peter Spain
Rosella Linskie
James C. McCormick
Margaret E. McIntosh
Scott A. Mensing
Elwood L. Miller
Gary M. Norris
Carol B. Olmstead
Gailmarie Pahmeier-Henry
Donald C. Pfaff
Eric C. Rasmussen
Fred ‘Fritz’ A. Ryser
Hugh L. Shapiro
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Over 250 guests celebrated the engraving of more than 60
awardees and benefactors at the Honor Court Celebration
last June.
Paul F. Starrs
F. Donald Tibbitts
Eric L. Wang
Steven G. Wesnousky
Donald W. Winne
Edward A. Zane
Brewster Adams
Eva B. Adams
Charles F. Aked
Robert A. Allen
Arthur G. Anderson
Frederick M. Anderson
Mary B. Ansari
Milton B. Badt
John M. Bancroft
Bud L. Beasley
Donald E. Bently
Emmet D. Boyle
William ‘Bud’ O. Bradley
Robert M. Brambila
Daniel J. Brimm
Richard H. Bryan
Daniel F. Byron
James D. Cameron
Cole C. Campbell
Jay A. Carpenter
Nancy Cashell
Edward I. Cassidy
Azro E. Cheney
James E. Church
Hannah K. Clapp
Walter V. Clark
William E. Clawson
Roswell K. Colcord
Joseph N. Crowley
Alessandro Dandini
Grace M. Dangberg
Mark H. Dawson
Janice G. Davidson
Robert M. Davidson
J. Edward Day
Evelyn J. de la Rosa
Joanne De Longchamps
Susan D. Desmond-Hellmann
Carl F. Dodge
Samuel B. Doten
Vernon ‘James’ Eardley
Edgar Eather
Howard P. Eells
Russell R. Elliott
Mary W. Emery
Edward S. Farrington
James Fife
Max C. Fleischmann
Sarah H. Fleischmann
Charles E. Fleming
Peter P. Frandsen
Donald Frazier
Maude Frazier
Dorothy S. Gallagher
Noble H. Getchell
Fred D. Gibson
George W. Gillemot
Louis D. Gordon
Charles H. Gorman
Robert M. Gorrell
Oscar W. Griswold
Clark J. Guild
George Gund
Morris Hadley
Royce A. Hardy
George Brinton M. Harvey
Robert Heizer
Charles B. Henderson
Roger W. Heyns
Robert C. Horton
Claude I. Howard
Dolores C. Huerta
Procter R. Hug, Jr.
Procter R. Hug, Sr.
John Hume
Neil D. Humphrey
C. V. Isbell
Helen ‘Jeane’ Jones
Helena E. Joy
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Walter Kohn
Charlton G. Laird
Richard E. Lapchick
Paul D. Laxalt
William P. Lear
John T. Ledger
Jerome H. Lemelson
Sven S. Liljeblad
Louis E. Lombardi
Malcolm Love
Effie M. Mack
Luther Mack
Katherine A. Mackay
H. Edward Manville
Anne H. Martin
Robert C. Maxson
Dixie D. May
Charles E. McAllister
Patrick A. McCarran
Frank W. McCulloch
Joseph F. McDonald
Russell W. McDonald
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Marilyn R. Melton
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N. Edd Miller
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Allen H. Neuharth
John D. Noble
Charles A. Norcross
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Mike O’Callaghan
Tasker L. Oddie
George F. Ogilvie
William E. Ogle
Moya Olsen Lear
William E. Orr
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Stanley G. Palmer
Andrea Pelter
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Key Pittman
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Jose Ramos-Horta
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Debbie Reynolds
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Katherine Riegelhuth
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Eugene A. Salet
Irving J. Sandorf
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Gerald C. Smith
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Bonnie M. Smotony
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Lester D. Summerfield
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Honor Court
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Dimitri Y. Shlyakhtenko
Lily H. Shu
Karen A. Smith
William I. Smyth
Honor Court Celebration 2011 guest speaker Amber
Burroughs ’11 (human development and family studies),
center, with her mentor, former College of Education Dean
William Sparkman and his wife, Susan.
Adele M. Murdough
Margaret Muth
Judith A. Nash
Lucinda L. Newell
William A. O’Brien
Audrey W. Ohmert
Alice L. Organ
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Bonifacio Yturbide
Nicholas P. Zappas
Andrew N. Zeiser
Ethel R. Zimmer
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012 • Honor Roll of Donors – Jan.1-Dec. 31, 2011
Jose A. Ardanza
Richard W. Arden
Oscar Arias
Lynn J. Atcheson
John M. Bancroft
Richard P. Banis
Frank N. Bender
Ondra L. Berry
Margaret J. Boynton
Russell F. Boynton
Joan S. Bradley
David L. Buckman
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Robert E. Buss
Dudley G. Cate
Robert C. Clift
Thomas R. Conklin
Mark Curtis
Theodore J. Day
Ralph Denton
Norman L. Dianda
Paul S. Dugan
Joan L. Dyer
Jo Ann Elston
Fritsi J. Ericson
Christopher H. Exline
Dolores M. Feemster
Rosemary Flores
Jean E. Ford
Elaine D. Frankovich
Georgia Fulstone
Jerry L. Hall
Thomas J. Hall
William C. Helming
Holmes G. Hendricksen
Wilton F. Herz
Jerry Holloway
Dorothy H. Huffey
International Game Technology
Joseph R. Jackson
James W. Johnson
Alyce Jones
Helen ‘Jeane’ Jones
Martha H. Jones
James A. Joyce
Daniel J. Klaich
Dorothy Lemelson
Gwenevere F. Leonard
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J. Kay Loudon
William R. Lummis
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Stella Mason Parson
Ann Mathewson
Charles Mathewson
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Dan Miles
Patricia K. Miltenberger
Bertha Miranda
Mary Lou Moser
Marvin L. Moss
D. Jean Myles
Jacqueline Nightingale
Leon Nightingale
Robert M. Nitsche
Sandra D. O’Connor
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William D. Parish
Robert I. Pearce
Owen C. Peck
Andrea V. Pelter
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David L. Phillips
Jack T. Reviglio
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John F. Rhodes
Bradley H. Roberts
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Ralph J. Roberts
Frederick J. Schwab
Edward W. Scripps
Patty Sheehan
Ada F. Taylor
William C. Webb
June F. Whitley
W. Howard Winn
Kathleen ‘Kay’ K. Winters
Hans R. Wolfe
Ronald R. Zideck
Gregg W. Zive
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Foundation Board Chair Pilot
Grandad Alumni President
Ski Instructor Attorney
Church Elder
What I’ve Learned
Thomas J. Hall ’65 (finance)
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
received the school’s
prestigious Hodes
Prize for authoring the
best paper of the year.
That award helped me
obtain a clerkship with
David Zenoff, chief
justice of the Nevada
Supreme Court, which
provided me with a
good start to my legal
career in Nevada where
I eventually opened
A senior in high school, Tom Hall (back row, fifth from left) and other northern
my own firm in 1985. I
Nevada high school leaders pose in front of the statue of John Mackay during
laugh today thinking I
a 1961 leadership conference sponsored by the University.
went to Northwestern
as a ditch digger and
returned working for the Nevada Supreme experiences at Nevada as gifts and greatly value
the opportunity to give back—not only to my
My involvement with the Nevada Alumni alma mater—but to my church and community.
Association began shortly after I finished law
While at Nevada, I learned that the
school in 1971 when I worked in the Nevada opportunities for personal growth and learning
Attorney General’s office for the summer. were limitless. The University environment
There I met Jack Swobe ’56, who invited me created a circle of instructors, mentors, friends
to an alumni meeting. After attending several and acquaintances who
meetings, I served on a committee, became an have remained with me
officer, and eventually became president.
my entire life. Nevada
For the full version
I became a pilot in 1966 and found a way to gave me an opportunity
of the interview
marry my passions for education and aviation for growth, the tools for
through the Reno Air Racing Foundation. As learning, and the will to
its chair, I co-founded Pathways to Aviation, an proceed and excel.
educational outreach program designed to
From a conversation in February with Crystal
inspire local youth through aviation education
Parrish, director of foundation operations. Tom,
and air racing history preservation. Through
a 1965 Nevada finance graduate, is the 2012
this program, we bring public aviation speakers
Foundation Board Chair. He received his juris
to campus and provide free airplane rides to
doctorate from Northwestern Law School in 1971
local kids. I also co-founded the University’s
and runs his own law firm in Reno, specializing in
Aero Club.
real estate and water law. Tom served as Nevada
I really believe that where there’s a will, there’s
Alumni Association president for three terms,
a way. With a good education, nothing can
receiving the association’s Service Award in 1980. He
stop you, so long as you set your goals and
received the University’s President’s Medal in 2000.
persevere in achieving them. I also recommend
Tom was Heavenly Valley Ski Resort’ s attorney for
finding a mentor for guidance, something I
19 years and became a ski instructor at Sky Tavern.
did not take advantage of while a student at
Hall has served on and chaired many local boards
Nevada, but did so at Northwestern, which
and associations.
helped me tremendously. I consider all of my
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
My dad was a flight instructor and my mom
was a dance instructor, so I have always been
in love with education through the culture
of my family. I was valedictorian of my high
school and, in 1961, the University of Nevada
invited northern Nevada high school leaders
to attend a leadership conference. I met many
of my future classmates, fraternity brothers
and student leaders, including Paul Bible ’62
(economics), who co-chaired the event.
At Nevada, I studied real estate and finance,
and I took classes that taught the social
graces—dance, bowling, tennis and golf. I took
a public speaking course in which I was asked
to prepare a speech as the final examination, to
be delivered in competition with my classmates.
I was lost for any good ideas and went to the
old Clark Library to consider my fate. I picked
up a volume of poems and turned to one
entitled “Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way”
by Eliza Howe. I incorporated that poem into my
speech, won my class competition, and placed
second in the department-wide contest. That
gave me confidence and a life philosophy that
has stuck with me through many years.
Beyond academics, I enjoyed the social
aspects of college. I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Fraternity in the fall of 1963 and learned about
the fellowship and fraternal relationships of
good people striving to make progress in
their lives.
After graduating from Nevada, I spent a
couple of years digging ditches for my dad’s
water company at Lake Tahoe and operating a
floor covering business. Neither fulfilled me, and
a friend suggested I attend law school. I reviewed
law school catalogs and everything jumped out
at me. It was like going from black and white to
Technicolor. I took the LSAT and was accepted at
Northwestern Law School in Chicago, Ill. It was a
sink or swim mentality at law school, and I was
petrified my first year. But my life philosophy
kicked in, and I told myself that I could succeed.
I took a course in government and land
that required writing a 30-page paper. I
wrote about Nevada subdivision law and
ood Medicine
By Anne McMillin, APR
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Dr. Daniel Spogen, chair of the Department of
Family and Community Medicine in Reno, and
nurse practitioner Gena Turner talk to patient
Richard Scoggin in the Patient-Centered Family
Medicine clinic on the Reno campus.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
School of Medicine offers three
new clinics to serve Nevadans
With a mission of improving the health of
Nevada’s diverse population, the University of
Nevada School of Medicine has recently added
several new medical
services to the school’s
Anne McMillin,
clinical offices in Reno
APR, is the public
and Las Vegas to help
relations manager
meet the growing
for the School of
health care needs of
the state. As the state’s
only public medical
school, the research-intensive, communitybased School of Medicine has served Nevada’s
residents statewide for more than 40 years.
Patient-Centered Family
The School of Medicine’s Patient-Centered
Family Medicine clinic is a new, primary care
program located on the Reno campus in the
Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Center for
Community Wellness and Sports Medicine.
The program focuses on organizing medical
care around the patient, working in teams and
coordinating and tracking care over time.
“Our primary goal is to give patients the
best possible medical care by building a trusting partnership between you, as an informed
patient, and the health care team. The center of
this team is you, the patient,” said Dr. Daniel
Spogen, chair of School of Medicine’s Department of Family and Community Medicine in
Reno, who spearheaded the new program.
Educating patients so that they can make
the best health care choices possible is a top
priority at Patient-Centered Family Medicine,
which complements the existing Family Medicine Center in the Brigham Building.
“The patient with the proper education can
participate in their health care,” Spogen said.
“Armed with that information, they tend to
make better health care decisions.”
The team approach involves physicians
overseeing and directing patients’ health care.
Other health care professionals including
nurses, nurse practitioners, dieticians and
physical therapists work together with the
physicians to provide care that is coordinated
and sensitive to patients’ needs
With collective responsibility for patients’
health, clinic staff take the initiative to call to
remind patients to make appointments for
routine preventative care, such as blood pressure checks, lab work, gynecological exams
and well-baby care.
“Until now, the patient had to remember to
make an appointment to come in for care. We
are taking some of that pressure off,” Spogen
Other patient resources, including roundtable group visits centered on a particular
condition and webcam chats between patients
and providers, are also planned.
The Patient-Centered Family Medicine
clinic is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Appointments may be made by calling (775)
Travel medicine
The prospect of travel abroad can be exciting, yet daunting. In addition to deciding
where to stay, what to see and booking transportation, there is something else to consider:
Will your destination affect your health?
Travel to many parts of the world, whether
for a professional conference or an exotic vacation, means taking extra precautions to ensure
a healthy stay outside the United States.
Those planning a trip overseas, especially to
an underdeveloped country, now have a School
of Medicine resource in northern Nevada
offering pre- and post-travel health consultations, including an in-depth analysis of a
traveler’s itinerary and assessment of potential
health risks that might arise.
Diabetes center
Dr. C.K. Kannan, professor of endocrinology; Layla Ajuziem, medical assistant; Shelly Shockley,
nurse practitioner; and Dr. Kenneth Izuora, assistant professor of endocrinology, treat and educate
southern Nevada diabetes patients at the Diabetes Center in Las Vegas.
County, which has a nearly 8 percent prevalence of diabetes, increased access to critical
diabetes education services.
The Diabetes Center, which is part of the
School of Medicine’s Department of Internal
Medicine in Las Vegas, affords patients the
chance for one-stop clinical care in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes disorders, according to medical director Dr. Kenneth Izuora.
The Diabetes Center’s multidisciplinary
management team is directed by endocrinologists and includes nurse diabetes educators
and dieticians, who can address the multiple
organ system pathology of diabetes and the
complexities of treatment.
“The problem with traditional practice is
you don’t have this concentration of providers,” Izuora said. “The new team approach
means that there will be multispecialty involvement to ensure the best treatment.”
Diabetes education is a collaborative process through which people with or at risk for
diabetes gain the knowledge and skills needed
to modify behavior and successfully manage
the disease and its related conditions. Services
offered by the center, located in the School of
Medicine’s Patient Care Center at 1707 West
Charleston Blvd., in Las Vegas, include diabetes self-management education, group diabetes
classes, and nutrition counseling.
These services are provided by certified
diabetes educators, such as Shelley Shockley,
“We find out what our patients are interested in learning, and then provide them the
tools and equipment to help them improve
their health,” Shockley said.
The center will also serve as a venue to train
medical students and residents, and conduct
clinical trials. As a regional center of excellence, the center works to increase diabetes
research in southern Nevada in collaboration
with scientific investigators throughout the
The diabetes center received funding from
an $800,000 grant awarded to the School of
Medicine’s Department of Internal Medicine
as part of an appropriations bill passed by the
U.S. Senate.
Open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
appointments may be made by calling (702)
671-6469. N
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition
that affects many organs in the body. Nearly
26 million people in the United States have
diabetes and as many as 79 million more have
prediabetes, according to the CDC. And the
rate is increasing.
By 2050, one in three adults could have
diabetes if current trends continue. When diabetes is not managed adequately, it can result
in several serious complications, including loss
of vision, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke
and amputations.
The University of Nevada School of Medicine Diabetes Center in Las Vegas was recently
named an accredited diabetes education program by the American Association of Diabetes
Educators. This will allow residents of Clark
Photo by Edgar Antonio Nuñez
Dr. Steven Zell, a board certified internist,
who is also certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine, offers age- and genderspecific adult preventive health exams and
provides patients with recommendations for
appropriate screening and laboratory testing
to optimize health while traveling, especially
to underdeveloped countries. He is located in
the School of Medicine’s Internal Medicine
and Multispecialty Clinic at 1500 East Second
Street, Suite 302, in Reno. The clinic is certified
by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to administer the Yellow Fever vaccine,
required for travel to some countries in subSaharan Africa and tropical South America.
While not required, vaccinations against
Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid fever and influenza, as well as boosters for tetanus and polio are
often recommended prior to travel, based upon
one’s itinerary and past vaccination history. In
addition to any required or recommended vaccines, the School of Medicine’s travel service
includes advice on avoiding common travel
medical conditions such as diarrhea.
Through the International Society of Travel
Medicine, Zell has access to a network of
more than 1,400 travel experts and colleagues
worldwide. Through the society, he can help
arrange medical care for travelers abroad or
get current medical updates on global health
risks in specific destinations.
Travel medicine appointments with Zell
may be scheduled by calling (775) 784-7500.
Photo by Matt Lush
Photos by Edgar Antonio Nuñez
Photos by Anne McMillin
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
University of Nevada School of Medicine Match Day
On March 16, 55 students of the Class of 2012 learned
the results of the National Resident Matching
Program. Nine graduates will stay in the state to enter
into residency programs offered through the
University of Nevada School of Medicine.
(1) Geno Genasci is heading to Kaiser Permanente in
Oakland, Calif. to pursue internal medicine, Dustin Riley is
staying at the School of Medicine’s Reno campus for family
medicine and Gabriel Edwards is heading to Spokane,
Wash. for diagnostic radiology.
support to fourth-year students at Match Day.
(2) Ellen Webb gets an assist from Milad Motarjemi, a
(5) Ashley Connell, Rebecca Michael and Jamie Stokke,
rush to find out which residency program they matched.
(3) Erika Frank, anesthesiology, UC San Francisco; Veronica
(6) Fourth-year medical students, Jillian Peterson, Hector
Miguel, Jr., Karishma Bhardwaj and Deepa Nanayakkara,
view a presentation of where fellow classmates matched at
residency programs throughout the US.
M.D./Ph.D. student, in placing her name on the map at the
University of Michigan for her anesthesiology residency.
Janhunen, pediatrics, University of Utah; Susie Hunter,
internal medicine, University of Washington; and Alia
Moore, internal medicine, University of Colorado.
(4) Third-year medical students, Dustin Holland, Kristen
McKinnon, Whitney Shofner-Michalsky, Katrin Lamprecht,
Brittany Dye, Kara Pinjuv, and Yusria Malik, lend their
(7) Thomas Schwenk, M.D., dean of the School of
Medicine, congratulates fourth-year medical students
Brandon Radmall, Charles Calvo, Michael Schlepp, Kyle
Clarke and Hector Miguel, Jr. on their residency matches.
Photos by Amy Beck
48th Annual Scripps
Dinner & Lecture
(1) Dean Al Stavitsky gives ‘the hat’ to Wright Thompson.
(2) Scripps Scholarship recipients Ben Miller and Phillip
Corbitt, Scripps intern Gianna Cruet, President and CEO of
the Scripps Howard Foundation Mike Philipps, Wright
Thompson, Ed Scripps, Cindy Scripps, Will Scripps and
scholarship recipients Juliana Bledsoe and Melissa Brouse.
(3) Thompson and scholarship recipient Phillip Corbitt.
(4) Kristin Loebbecke, Dean Al Stavitsky, Ron Turek, Ann
Carlson ’59, ’78 M.Ed. and Vice President of Development
and Alumni Relations John Carothers.
(5) Reynolds Visiting Chair in the Ethics of Entrepreneurial
and Innovative Journalism Mike Fancher.
Frank McCulloch Award for
Courage in Journalism
Frank McCulloch ’41, ’67 HDG, established the Frank
McCulloch Award for Courage in Journalism
Endowment in 2009. This year’s recipient, Barbara
Davidson, a photojournalist for the Los Angeles
Times, was the second recipient. She’s a two-time
Pulitzer Prize winner, most recently for feature
photography on her project, “Caught in the
(6) Dean Al Stavitsky, Barbara Davidson and Reynolds
Chair of Media Technology Larry Dailey.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
The Scripps family, Reynolds School of Journalism
graduating seniors and graduate students, alumni,
friends and donors all gathered for the 48th Annual
Scripps Lecture and Dinner. Four Reynolds School
students received the Ted Scripps Scholarship and
President Marc Johnson welcomed the school’s new
dean, Al Stavitsky, and his wife, Kristin Loebbecke.
This year’s Scripps Speaker, Wright Thompson, a
writer for and ESPN The Magazine, was a
crowd favorite.
niversity for You
Melanie Peck ’06M.A.
Getting down to business
Nevada Small Business Development Center helps businesses
statewide start up, streamline and stay on top of their game.
Tucked away in the Ansari Business Building on the Reno campus is the headquarters of a mighty economic generator: the Nevada Small Business Development Center. Serving the entire state, this unit within the College of Business has helped countless businesses start, streamline and
succeed—with services that are either low cost or free.
With offices in Carson City, Elko, Ely, Fallon, Hawthorne, Henderson, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Pahrump, Reno and Winnemucca, as well as many
services offered online and/or in Spanish, the Nevada Small Business Development Center reaches to all corners of the state and supports the state’s
diverse population of entrepreneurs and business owners. And, in conjunction with the University’s Business Services Group, the center helps business small and large. From sole proprietorships and ma and pa startups to casinos and airports, the College of Business has services geared toward
any business in the state.
Since its inception in May 1985, thousands have been helped by the Nevada Small Business Development Center. Here are just a few of the many
stories to be told of businesses—large and small—and entrepreneurs who found pathways to success via the center.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Photo by Jeff Dow
Krys Bart, president and CEO of the RenoTahoe Airport Authority on the tarmac of the
Reno-Tahoe International Airport.
Center for Regional Studies produces
low-cost, high-quality economic
impact study for Airport Authority
Krys Bart, president and CEO of the RenoTahoe Airport Authority, can’t say enough about
how great the Center for Regional Studies at the
Nevada Small Business Development Center is.
Bart hired Brian Bonnenfant, program
manager for the Center for Regional Studies,
to conduct an economic impact study for the
Reno-Tahoe International and Reno-Stead
airports. She was more than pleased with the
result, as well as the value she received.
“The study they did was incredibly good
and inclusive, and it came at a very reasonable
cost,” Bart says.
The study, which was published last October, cost close to $30,000, which is about a
fifth the cost of such studies if done by private
consultants, she notes.
“If we had gone outside the community to
do this, it may have had a fancier cover and
more fluff, but we would have paid in the
neighborhood of $150,000,” says Bart, who has
previous experience commissioning economic
impact studies.
The Center for Regional Studies is largely
self-funded, but nonprofit, which allows the
center to offer high-quality reports at low cost,
Bonnenfant notes. “We are very affordable.”
Clients who use the center’s services “get very
accurate data at half the cost, if not less, than
for a consultant,” he adds, confirming Bart’s
For the Airport Authority study,
Bonnenfant was able to draw on expertise
in the College of Business, which houses the
Nevada Small Business Development Center.
Associate Dean and Foundation Professor
Kambiz Raffiee is an expert on the airline industry and the economic impact of transportation systems.
Bart notes that contrary to popular wisdom,
the Airport Authority does not operate on tax
dollars. “We are a quasi-governmental organization and we operate like a private entity. We
generate our own revenue.”
Thus, it was an additional advantage to her
that Bonnenfant and Raffiee not only delivered
the study, but also gave presentations to the
Airport Authority’s board of directors, presided at a press conference, and were available
to the media to answer questions.
“The credibility lies in having the University
stand behind the results,” she says. “When you
consider the time involved in delivering the
study and in giving the press conference, the
value is incredible.”
The study wasn’t just about one business,
Bart notes. The airport is a community of businesses—the airlines, rental car agencies, concessionaires. Not to mention, the Reno-Tahoe
International Airport has U.S. Customs and
serves as a hub for national and international
distribution and manufacturing businesses.
“Our airport can handle anything that
flies,” she says, adding that by November,
the airport anticipates adding charter cargo
flights from China to Reno. “It’s cheaper to
fly directly, non-stop into Reno from China,
she says, noting that Reno is north of San
Francisco and west of Los Angeles and at least
Center plumbs deep
data for businesses
a variety of “deep data,”including data on real
estate from multiple listing services, data from the
state’s departments of employment and taxation,
the Office of the Secretary of State, as well as U.S.
Census and other databases, some of which are
confidential and not accessible to the public.
In addition, the Center for Regional Studies,
which is within the College of Business’ Nevada
Small Business Development Center, tracks
what happens at various county commission
and planning commission meetings and inputs
it into its own database of approved-unbuilt
development projects. By tracking the growth on
paper—as well as actual growth—the center can
project anticipated population growth and analyze
its impacts and benefits.
Using secure computers and strictly maintaining
You need data. We have data.
For virtually any business question, the Center
for Regional Studies has an answer.
“If someone wants to start a flower shop or a
pizzeria—or whatever type of business—we
can take our demographic data and look at
comparable, competitive businesses near the
location where the entrepreneur wants to open
shop, says Brian Bonnenfant, program manager for
the center. “We will be able to tell them that they
will need to project for a certain revenue range
to stay in business. This helps them determine
feasibility—Is it all going to work out?”
The Center for Regional Studies has access to
300 nautical miles closer to China than either
California city.
By using the center, Bart also knew that
the results would not be colored by politics.
“If they had come out with results that were
negative, we would have had to accept them
because we know there was no political influence. When you use the Nevada Small Business Development Center [the administrating
entity of the Center for Regional Studies], it’s
factual, not political. They use hard data.”
When running a business, hard data and
real facts are the only things that matter, she
notes. “You want to see real results, not results
colored by local politics.”
“Our community has been mischaracterized,” Bart says, “We’re a university community, not a gaming community. The University is
an asset that needs to be touted worldwide. By
partnering with entities such as the Economic
Development Authority of Nevada [EDAWN]
and the University, we really have the opportunity to grow business in this region. We’ve
barely begun.”
To find out more about the Center for
Regional Studies at the Nevada Small Business
Development Center, contact Brian Bonnenfant,
(775) 784-1771 or [email protected], or visit N
confidentiality, the center pulls various databases
together via a geographic information system (GIS)
software program and analyzes it in a variety of
ways, as needed by clients.
“People think that there’s someone out there
who’s collecting all this data, and all we have to do
is hit the F10 key and it all comes out.”
While it’s not as simple as hitting a function
key, the Center for Regional Studies can help
entrepreneurs and established businesses select
the best location for operations, understand
current market trends and development patterns
and predict where the local economy is headed.
To find out more about the Center for Regional
Studies, contact Brian Bonnenfant, (775)
784-1771 or [email protected]; or visit http://
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
“We had a leg up with Dr. Raffiee,” Bart
says. “We have this expertise right in our backyard, and it’s expertise that is readily available
to everyone. When you consider the standing
of the College of Business at the University—it
is so well known and has a national reputation—why would you not use these services?”
Bonnenfant notes that clients of the Center
for Regional Studies have access through his
office to many resources within the University,
including expert faculty.
Raffiee says doing the study was important, not only to the Airport Authority, but
to the community: “Aviation is an important
industry influencing economic growth and development in Nevada. Air transportation is an
integral part of the transportation infrastructure of Nevada and plays an important role in
achieving a successful economic development
and diversification plan in the state. Northern
Nevada’s economy grows as its air service
expands, thus Reno-Tahoe International and
Reno Stead Airports catalyze business enterprise, job growth, and investment throughout
the region.”
The study found that the two airports had
a total economic impact of $2 billion and a
total employment impact of 22,138 jobs in all
industries and sectors in northern Nevada in
fiscal year 2010.
Photo by Robert Cinkel
Automotive Collections manager Jay Hubbard,
executive director Jackie Frady and senior
support services manager Barbara Clark with a
rare 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster
in the National Automobile Museum.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
The lights are on: National Automobile Museum
saves big after free energy consultation
The National Automobile Museum in Reno
is saving close to $30,000 a year on lighting
costs after working with Peter Millar, an energy management specialist in the University’s
Business Environmental Program within the
Nevada Small Business Development Center.
The vintage vehicles have never gleamed so
Jackie Frady, the executive director of the
National Auto Museum (The Harrah Collection) in Reno, says she had resigned herself
to lower quality lighting if the museum was
retrofitted to become more energy efficient, but
was delighted with the unexpected outcome:
“Because the savings were substantial, the
museum had anticipated lighting quality
would be sacrificed to achieve this result,”
she says. “It was the opposite, as there was
markedly enhanced quality. The colors of the
museum’s automobiles are truer and richer
and the exhibition galleries are more vibrant.”
The museum, which opened in 1989, is one
of the most comprehensive public displays of
automobiles in the Western Hemisphere with
more than 200 cars, and has been named one
of “America’s five greatest automobile museums,” by AutoWeek magazine. The building
comprises more than 105,000 square feet on
one floor and is located on the Truckee River
in downtown Reno.
Millar says it was “a pleasure” to work
with Frady and her team at the auto museum
because they were open to new ideas and were
willing to take the time to bring in vendors and
test various lights. “Some bulbs would blind
you if you looked directly at them,” he says,
adding that light bulbs give off light in different
colors along the spectrum, and some colors
don’t work in a display setting, such as the auto
museum. In addition, some vendors’ bulbs
were of inconsistent quality. More than 600
lamps were replaced during the retrofitting.
Millar also reviewed documentation,
contracts, warranties, as well as grant applications. “I nurture these projects along,” he says,
noting that it took about a year to conduct the
project from analysis through product testing,
to installation.
After much testing and review, the auto
museum decided to go with LED replacement
bulbs from a local distributor backed by General Electric Co. The project was such a success
that GE is now using the auto museum’s
retrofit as “a game-changing example” of how
a business that needs high quality lighting can
benefit from a retrofit, Millar notes. The old
bulbs used 90 watts of power, the new ones
just 17.
While the annual energy savings alone were
substantial—$18,000, nearly $30 per fixture—Millar found maintenance and cooling
savings, as well.
“The auto museum had one key person
who was constantly changing bulbs because
the old bulbs burned out quickly,” he notes. In
addition, the new bulbs are cooler than the old
ones, which results in lower air conditioning
“The ROI (return on investment) was close
to 100 percent,” Millar says. “That’s like having
a bank account that pays you the cost of your
investment after one year. The savings over
the first year pay for the project, and the next
year you get your investment back and, again
through each subsequent year.”
Millar uses sophisticated evaluation tools
to look at ROI versus the capital costs. He can
also determine what inaction would cost over
the coming years. “What would be the cost of
doing nothing?”
Says Frady: “The National Automobile
Museum (The Harrah Collection) is extremely
grateful for the services Peter Millar provided
with a recent lighting retrofit project. The successful results achieved with this project were
due to his involvement, expertise and commitment. As a non-profit organization, this help
was invaluable and the long-term benefits will
make a meaningful difference,”
Millar holds a master’s in environmental
engineering from Stanford, has won national
awards for energy-efficient product development and is named on a number of patents internationally and in the United States, including the patent on a window technology being
used in the Empire State Building retrofit.
To find out more about the Business Environmental Program, call Christopher Lynch,
director, (775) 834-3687 or (800) 882-3233; or
visit: N
Family-owned business
thrives in Sparks
Mel Schlicker and his wife, Marlene, and son,
Don, in their Ziegler & Ames offices in Sparks.
After Mel Schlicker decided to move his
distribution business from Bellingham, Wash.
to Sparks, Nev., he contacted Rod Jorgensen,
the director of counseling and management
consultant with the Nevada Small Business
Development Center.
“We’d been eyeballing Reno for several
years,” Schlicker says. “We had a very viable
business in the state of Washington, but we left
because of the attractiveness of Nevada, and in
particular, this specific part of Nevada.”
Schlicker and his wife, Marlene, and
son, Don, run Ziegler & Ames, a wholesale
distributor of cremation urns, whose primary
market is family-owned funeral homes across
the United States and in Canada.
Jorgensen says that this location is ideal
for distribution centers, especially those that
import from China such as Ziegler & Ames:
“A product from China can be here from
Oakland in three hours on I-80. This area
works well as a hub.”
Since starting Ziegler & Ames six years
ago, the Schlickers had outgrown their facility
twice and needed to move. “If you’re going to
pick up and move down the road, you might
as well keep going,” Schlicker says, adding that
moving to Nevada was wise:
“I would shout loudly that of all the decisions I’ve had to make in my life businesswise,
this is one of the most intelligent ones—to
move the business here. This is great place to
do business. You guys rock!”
For starters, facility costs are significantly
lower here than in Washington, he notes:
“We moved from a 7,000-square-foot facility to a 24,000-square-foot facility, which was
much newer, much nicer,” he says. The facility
in Sparks also had 2,000 square feet of custombuilt office space and laser-engraving space,
where the company personalizes urns.
“I’m here for the same price it was going to
cost me to stay in the smaller facility,” he says,
noting that the long-term agreement he signed
has escalation clauses that were fair. “It wasn’t
a ‘move you in and the first year’s rent is low
and then we’re going to sock it to you’ kind of
But, financing the move was not so simple.
“We had a huge issue with getting the U.S.
Small Business Administration loan. We
needed to change banks and have the collateral
for the loan be the house we were selling in
Washington—something that had largely
never been done.
“Rod helped me write and draft the documents for the Small Business Administration
and for the bank. He made the problem go
“What we’ve pulled off—with the great assistance of Rod and his team—is a wonderful
Even with supply-side problems in 2011
caused by labor issues in China, “We still grew
by 20 percent,” Schlicker says. “I attribute
much of our success to the guidance we received from Rod.”
Jorgensen notes, “Most small businesses
don’t have a board of directors or advisory
board. I’m a sounding board.”
The Nevada Small Business Development
Center offers free and confidential counseling
services to small business owners and
prospective small business owners. To find out
more, contact Rod Jorgensen, (775) 784-4337 or
[email protected]
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
The Business Environmental Program
within the Nevada Small Business
Development Center works with new and
existing businesses helping them stay in
compliance with environmental regulations,
minimize or reduce waste and pollutants, and
fill out permit applications, according to the
program’s director, Christopher Lynch.
“We are a neutral third party that people
can come to and ask questions,” he says.”All
services in the Business Environmental
Program are free and confidential.
The program is statewide, with offices in
Reno and staff located in Las Vegas. Lynch says
he helps new businesses make sure they’ve
“dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s before they
even get started,” so that there is less backand-forth with regulatory agencies at the local,
state and federal level.
“We’ve found that we can help them
through the regulatory maze and put together
a better permit application in the first place, so
they get approved.”
In addition, the program helps existing
businesses assess environmental and energy
“Businesses should address environmental
and energy issues just like any other business
issue—proactively,” he says. “Don’t just
manage your business to compliance
standards. You should look at how you operate.
Maybe you could use less hazardous materials,
so you don’t need a permit in the first place. Or,
you could use different solvents or chemicals to
lessen your environmental footprint.”
To find out more about the Business
Environmental Program, call Christopher Lynch,
director, (775) 834-3687 or (800) 882-3233; or
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
BEP guides
businesses through
regulatory maze
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Lisa Mantkus, RN, MEP-C, in her office at
Sierra Health Mart Pharmacy in south Reno
where she provides hormone and supplement
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
A nurse educator focuses her passion for
women’s wellness
Lisa Mantkus, a registered nurse, had known
she wanted to do more in our community to
educate women about their health. But it wasn’t
until she took the Nevada Small Business
Development Center’s 13-week NxLeveL for
Entrepreneurs training class that she zeroed in
on her goals and mission.
“The class literally allowed me to become
laser-focused on my vision and not fearful of
what I was trying to do in our community,”
Mantkus says. “It was not like any other class
I’d ever taken.”
Mantkus had been working as a nurse educator for the past three years at Sierra Health Mart
Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy, with
three locations: south Reno—where Mantkus
has her office; downtown Reno and Incline
Village; when she took the class last fall. She still
works there, but after taking the NxLeveL class,
she wanted to “change the world, one woman at
a time.”
“The class was about ‘life’ educating versus
‘here’s your chapter, read it and you’ll be
quizzed,’” she says. “They brought in speakers
who have ‘been there done that’ in business:
those who succeeded; those who struggled;
those who failed, but picked themselves up and
reinvented themselves.
“It was eye-opening for many of us in the class.
And, they said, ‘We are here to support you.’”
Now, Mantkus consults with clients on
women’s wellness and hormone replacement
therapy. Following the consultation, which
costs $125, she collaborates with Sierra Health
Mart Pharmacy’s pharmacists and the patient’s
doctor to develop a care plan.
“When women think about hormonal
changes, they don’t necessarily think about
perimenopause. They just think about the ‘Big
M,’ menopause,” she says. “But perimenopausal
symptoms can start as early as 10 to 15 years
before menopause.
Perimenopause is the transition period prior
to menopause in which women’s hormones are
often out of balance. It can begin as early as a
woman’s 30s. Menopause begins at an average
age of 51 in the United States.
Women in perimenopause “deal with a lot
of issues: emotional ups and downs, hot flashes,
night sweats, feeling as if they’re going to jump
out of their skin. They rage one moment, cry
the next.”
Most women will try to seek help from their
doctors, Mantkus says, but due to the volume
of patients, doctors’ time with patients is often
limited. Mantkus spends an hour with each
“I look at each patient as the best murder
mystery ever I’ve read, and I’m resolved to find
out who did it, how they did it, and I’m going to
catch them.” But she, notes, “This isn’t cookie
cutter medicine. Everyone is different.”
Kathy Carrico, statewide training director
for the Nevada Small Business Development
Center, says that many people who own a business are in it alone. While their spouses may be
supportive, they “don’t really get it.” NxLeveL
instructors not only get it, they care.
Carrico says: “NxLeveL combines the technical side of business with the human side. Our
instructors really care. The instructor is always
someone who has been in business. This class
is gold.”
To learn more about NxLeveL classes,
contact Kathy Carrico, statewide training
director, (775) 784-6879 or [email protected];
or visit and click on the Education &
Training tab.
NxLeveL classes
NxLeveL for Start-up Micro Businesses
is the next NxLeveL class offered by the Nevada
Small Business Development Center. It begins
May 9 at the Redfield Campus in south Reno.
A micro business is defined as a business with
fewer than five employees. Cost: $195 for the
15-week class , including books. The class is
offered in English and Spanish. .
NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs is offered in
Reno and Las Vegas in spring and fall, as well
as in other cities. The next class will be held in
Las Vegas beginning May 14 at the Las Vegas
Latin Chamber of Commerce. Cost: $195 for
the 13-week class, including books.
To learn more about NxLeveL and other
businesses classes, contact Kathy Carrico,
statewide training director, (775) 784-6879 or
[email protected]; or visit and click on
the Education & Training tab.
University News
Photo by Mike Wolterbeek
University researchers team with industry to
bring new technologies to Nevada
pus,” which will bring faculty and industry
representatives together to share technology
interests and identify potential faculty-industry partnerships; and “Community Support
Network,” a virtual panel of community
business experts who review technology summary briefs and provide feedback on the value
proposition of the technology and/or suggest
relationship links in the local community.
“The partnering clinic is an ‘inside out’
approach to building relationships while the
‘Industry on Campus’ program is an ‘outside
in’ approach that may be better suited to building relationships locally,” Heck said.
Members of the business community are
invited to get involved by visiting http://tto.dri.
—Mike Wolterbeek ’02
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
faculty members and science and business stuWith its new Industry/Faculty Partnering
dents have begun reaching out to companies
Clinic, the Technology Transfer Office for the
who have products in areas of faculty technical
University and the Desert Research Institute is
expertise. The goal is for faculty to learn about
engaging the community in the work of scientists who are helping develop new technologies company technology needs and industry
trends so that faculty can develop research
for Nevada.
proposals that will lead to new products.
The new clinic is one of three programs the
“While we have matched mentors and reTechnology Transfer Office has instituted to
searchers for the four technologies of focus for
engage the community in an effort to enhance
this first session, we are looking for more for
technology transfer, economic development,
future clinics, as well as people to help with our
and the relationship between the institutions
other community engagement
and the local business commuprograms,” Heck said. “It’s
nity. Tech transfer is the pracexciting to see the enthusiasm
tice of transferring scientific
local industry experts have to
findings from one organization
participate with us. We’ve been
to another for further developFOUNDATION FOR
fortunate to gather significant
ment so that new products
support from members of the
or processes in such areas, as
Northern Nevada SCORE
medicine, educational tools,
program—a service associaelectronic devices or renewable
of retired executives—and
energy can become available to
other members of the business
the public.
“We’ll get business involved
The four technologies for
early in all phases of technolthe first session of the partnering clinic include
ogy development and marketing,” said Ryan
water purification and energy production
Heck, director of the Technology Transfer Ofsystems, computer algorithms to aid in drug
fice. “These programs will lay the foundation
discovery, and plants genetically engineered
for new technologies that have real potential
to produce gasoline and enzymes to produce
for success in the marketplace and increase
insect pheromones and flavorants/fragrances.
our ability to find the right partner to get the
The other two community programs that
technologies to market.”
Heck has instituted are “Industry on CamTeams that include community mentors,
A distillation system patented by the University
is powered by this salt-gradient solar pond that
traps solar heat at the bottom of the pond where
the brine can reach and sustain temperatures
greater than 195 degrees. The collected thermal
energy powers the distillation system, which is
designed to increase water clarity and quality in lakes. Francisco Suarez, a student in the
graduate program of hydrological sciences,
shows off the pond that also can be used directly
for heating or for other low-temperature thermal
applications. The membrane distillation system
was developed by Amy Childress, chair of
the Department of Civil and Environmental
Engineering, and a participant in the inaugural
Industry/Faculty Partnering Clinic.
Photo by Jeff Dow
University News
Maragakis visits
White House
years that this country is talking about, as a
national priority, creating more engineers.”
Maragakis referred to President Kennedy’s
1961 challenge to send a man to the Moon.
“President Kennedy helped make engineering cool again,” Maragakis noted.
“It is indeed a great honor to have participated in this event and to represent an
institution that values and fosters excellence in
engineering education,” Maragakis said.
Maragakis added that it is not just engineering that makes the University’s role so
crucial. Science, business,
education and the liberal
arts all contribute in key
For a longer version of
ways to creating the most
this story, visit: www.
well-rounded graduates
To see a video of President Obama
addressing the deans, visit: http://vimeo.
—John Trent ’85/’87, ’00M.A.
Clayton Middle School
students don Nevada gear
Wold Pack mascot Alphie at Clayton Middle
School’s “College Days” assembly. The
University’s student-owned store, the Nevada
Wolf Shop, donated 655 T-shirts to the school.
Clayton Middle School in Reno sets aside
its uniform policy on Fridays and allows
students to wear college and university gear.
These “College Days” are intended to help
Clayton’s 655 students visualize themselves
as college students.
After learning about the Clayton initiative,
ASUN and the University’s Student Services
Division decided to show their support—in
a big way. At an all-school assembly on Dec.
23, every Clayton student was presented a
Nevada T-shirt, donated by the University’s
student-owned store, the Nevada Wolf Shop.
“The sixth-grade and middle-school years
are the ideal time to reach out and help
young scholars prepare themselves for higher
(history) recently told the Reno Gazette-Journal, which reported on the “College Days”
and Clayton’s transition into a Pre-Advanced
Placement Academy.
Wolf Pack mascot Alphie, ASUN President Casey Stiteler, representatives of the
University’s Alumni Association Advisory
Council and University faculty and staff
members helped distribute the T-shirts with
Clayton teachers, staff and parent volunteers.
“Our University is amazing, and I want all
of these students to be reminded of that every
time they wear their new shirts,” Stiteler said.
Photo by Kevin Murphy
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
President Barack Obama greeted a roomful
of engineering deans at the White House
Feb. 8 with a pledge to “use the bully pulpit to
emphasize how important your work is.”
College of Engineering Dean Manos
Maragakis attended the White House Engineering Education reception, which celebrated
the efforts of engineering deans for their
commitment to retain and graduate more
engineering students.
After the event, Maragakis said: “It’s a new
era for engineering education. Engineering has
been recognized as a national priority, and the
University is ready to take advantage of it.’
Maragakis and other deans from leading
engineering programs were invited to
attend the event where the creation of a
unique partnership to measure, evaluate and
celebrate excellence in retention, graduation
and diversity in engineering education was
President Obama also pledged to create
10,000 new engineers each year above the normal annual total, Maragakis said. “This would
be a doubling of the engineering workforce in
only a decade.”
The annual number of engineering graduates in the country has stagnated to around
120,000. By comparison, nations such as
China and India produce greater numbers of
engineers, with universities there featuring 50
percent of majors in areas such as science and
““The President of the United States has now
said, ‘This is a priority because this country is
about technology, it is about innovation, and
this is how we must grow the economy.’
“This is a strong message. I don’t care about
the politics of it. This is the first time in 50
Over the past six years, the College of
Engineering, with offerings such as the worldrenowned earthquake engineering laboratory,
has seen its student enrollment grow from 1,200
to more than 1,700.
education,” said Shannon Ellis, vice president
of student affairs at the University. “We want
these students to know their options include
the tier-one University in their hometown.”
“It’s about getting kids to believe in themselves,” Clayton Principal Bruce Meissner ’94
—Jane Tors ’82
Photo courtesy of Mark Lemos
New University renewable energy, public
policy graduate certificate available
—Mike Wolterbeek ’02
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
An online graduate certificate in renewable energy. The multi-disciplinary curriculum
includes elements of several engineering discienergy that provides an opportunity to study
plines as well as science, business and policy/
the policies and practices in the diverse fields
political science.
of renewable energy is now being offered at
The first three courses, which were offered
the Nevada.
this spring, are Alternate Energy Fundamen“With an emphasis on renewable energy by
tals, Public Policy Analysis and
the Governor’s Task Force on
Fundamentals of Biofuels.
Economic Development, this
“The development of this
should be a popular program,”
program has been an objective
said Nancy LaTourrette of the
for two to three years,” said
College of Engineering. “The
Manos Maragakis, dean of the
program provides a breadth of
College of Engineering. “This
understanding of the different
new certificate program can
aspects of renewable energy
have a significant impact on
in a traditional semester-long
workforce development and
time frame.”
advancement in the field of
The online, 12-credit
renewable energy for Nevada.
certificate is designed for
We’re pleased to be able to offer
professionals, including busithis valuable program that relates to a core
ness staff and managers, practicing engineers,
economic emphasis for the state.”
government regulators and others interested
Other courses for the multi-institutional
in developing knowledge in the diverse fields
program include Operation of Contemporary
of renewable energy or who may be impacted
Power Systems; Solar and Renewable Energy
by policies and practices relating to renewable
Utilization; Practicum in Biofuels; Renewable Energy Policy; and Business Issues in
Sustainability and Renewable Energy. Additional courses are planned in geothermal and
wind energy.
The graduate certificate in renewable energy
is a collaboration among the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science and Liberal Arts at
Nevada and the Desert Research Institute and
the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Funding comes through a Department of
Energy Nevada Renewable Energy Consortium grant administered by the Nevada
System of Higher Education and NV Energy.
The University of Nevada, Reno was one
of the first in the country to offer a multidisciplinary renewable energy minor degree
in 2007.
NV Energy, through Sierra Pacific Resources Foundation, donated $500,000 to
create the industry-education partnership that
allowed the College of Engineering to develop
the undergraduate program.
The renewable energy minor provides
students with technical skills, economic
and political background, and analysis and
design skills that will help them to apply
the knowledge gained in their major to the
important national issues of alternative and
renewable energy.
“This graduate certificate is a logical extension to the renewable energy minor degree,”
Maragakis said. “With our collaborative
renewable energy center at the University, our
work with other institutions and comprehensive research in alternative energy, it’s exciting
to be able to grow curriculum that contributes
to economic development.”
Course designers and instructors are
experts in their respective renewable energyrelated fields at Nevada research institutions.
For admission, enrollment and course requirements, please visit www.extendedstudies., or call (775) 784-6925.
University News
The University of Nevada, Reno harvests algae
at its Valley Road Field Lab for successful algaeto-biofuel research.
University News
Joe McDonald’s Facebook profile, created by the
University’s Special Collections Department.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Special Collections ‘revives’ University
students Joe McDonald and Leola Lewis
In 1911, a young Joe McDonald and Leola
Lewis, a freshman and junior, were meeting at
University of Nevada’s Morrill Hall to study in
the basement library, living the day-to-day life
of college students, doing the typical activities
that college students did—without the Internet,
without technology, without social media.
McDonald and Lewis, just starting to court,
probably would have had Facebook pages
if they could have. The University’s Special
Collections and University Archives provides
a new opportunity, 99 years later, for Joe, who
would become president of Reno Newspapers,
Inc., and Leola, his wife-to-be, to have those
Special Collections staff has spent much time
researching the lives of McDonald and Lewis,
with support, photos and manuscripts provided by the McDonald family. The research has
explored where they lived in Reno when they
attended the University and when they married each other nearly 100 years ago. Through
Facebook postings, Donnelyn Curtis, director
of Special Collections, and her team have resurrected their lives and personalities, shared their
moments and memories from what the couple
left behind in photos and writings, and from
Reno and campus newspaper stories and other
historical accounts.
Curtis saw Facebook as an opportunity to
teach and engage students in history by reliving
the lives of two undergraduates at the University just setting out to pursue their careers and
raise their family.
“I had the strangest dream. I walked up
the little hill above campus and there were
these huge brick buildings—like cathedrals! I
walked up some stairs into one of them called
a “Knowledge Center” and there was a counter
that said “library services” but it wasn’t a
library, because people were eating, and talking
and laughing, and I didn’t see bookshelves.”—
Joe McDonald, Facebook post
“We thought that it would be interesting
to resurrect Joe and Leola and relive their
younger years,” Curtis said. “Everyone is on
Facebook, especially students. It gives currentday students a chance to know what happened
historically on campus and to experience the
vivid lives of the couple.”
Special Collections plans to expand into
other time periods using more Nevada alumni.
The department is doing two things: first,
imagining what real individuals who lived in
the past would have done with Facebook and
related technologies such as digital photography and audio/video; and second, imagining
that their Facebook friends could go back in
time through learning about and interacting
with them.
“It’s awakening to learn about my grandparents’ years as students at the University
and how their experiences shaped them as a
couple,” said Margaret McDonald, one of the
McDonalds’ granddaughters. “We are learning
about the history of Reno through their eyes as
typical college students at the time.”
Curtis said she would like to experiment
with having graduates from the late 1950s
and early 1960s maintain their own Facebook
pages for their college-aged selves. The idea is
to replicate the alumni’s social lives of the time
through Facebook and share their memories as
though they were students, with technical support and some digital historical content from
Special Collections and University Archives.
Joe and Leola’s pages have been receiving
more attention lately.
“It seems that their friends are really interested in finding out how life was back then,”
Curtis said. “They are eager to see the development in their career and relationship as well as
the University’s history itself.
“It’s an experiment, and we’ll keep it going
as long as it is useful and interesting,” Curtis
added. “In talking to a few people, I think they
are enjoying reading the
updates and seeing the
photos. “We’re working
For more about
on how to add more audio
Joe and Special
Collections visit:
and video.”
Special Collections
received approval from
Joe’s granddaughter,
Peggy McDonald, to carry out the project. The
department gladly accepts materials that document Nevada and University history.
For more information, contact Curtis at
(775) 682-5669 or [email protected], or “friend”
Joe McDonald and Leola Lewis on Facebook to
keep up with their past.
—Natalie Savidge ’04
University News
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Andrea Napoli freely admits that there are
two Andreas, really.
On the one hand, there is the meticulous,
process-driven, planning-minded Andrea.
This is the person who can look at a stretch of
road and see the unassuming blacktop come
Andrea Napoli, a graduate student in the Department of Geography’s Land Use Policy Program, is
alive before her eyes with the possibility of
the University’s reigning national mountain bike downhill champion and a recent recipient of the
multiple uses for pedestrians, automobiles and
Kuck Memorial Scholarship, a national award honoring student-athletes for their achievements in
bike users.
the areas of cycling safety, advocacy and education.
It’s the same Andrea who can be out with
friends on a mountain bike ride along the
ridges near her old home in Lake Tahoe, riding achievements in the areas of cycling safety,
“Introducing people to biking at an early
for fun, yet also thinking of the ride in terms
age helps, too, which is why I volunteer for the
advocacy and education.
of another building block, another natural
Reno Kiwanis Kid’s Bike Program,” she says.
“I’m completely honored to have been
progression, in her skill as a mountain biker.
“I help refurbish bikes to be given to kids.”
selected,” she says of the award that capped an
“When I ride for fun,” Napoli says, “I’m
She plans to help with the Kiwanis’ bike safety
“amazing season.”
pretty conservative and generally don’t take
classes this spring.
Napoli’s impressive advocacy efforts have
a lot of chances, for better or
Thanks to her participation with the
included walking audits of
worse, I suppose. I’m more
University’s cycling team over the past two
the Reno/Sparks Bike and
about ‘baby steps’ and workseasons, Napoli says her enjoyment and apprePedestrian Plan through her
ing up to things to build my
ciation of the sport has never been greater.
graduate program’s student
“It certainly has made bike racing a lot
club, the Northern Nevada
When Napoli races,
of fun,” she says of being part of the team.
Student Planning OrganizaSAFER IN
however, an entirely different
“Some of the races that I compete in outside
tion; as well as doing research
Andrea surfaces.
of collegiate racing have competitors who
on “Complete Streets” and
“Downhilling,” Napoli, who
take themselves very seriously, which can take
“Safe Routes to School”
won the USA Cycling Colaway from the fun of racing. College racing
programs; and volunteering
legiate Mountain Bike National Championship with the Reno Kiwanis Kid’s Bike Program. In
and the team aspect of it all, however, is such a
in downhill in late October, says, “requires
welcoming environment.
addition, Napoli has become involved with the
a lot of confidence. When I’m racing, I feel
“We all want to win, of course, but the team
newly formed Campus Cycling Coalition, an
totally different. It’s like I don’t have time to
atmosphere is more about having a good time
ASUN club advocating cycling in and around
think and I just do it. I often get in a zone when campus.
rather than killing your competition,” she
I’m racing where I’m just too distracted to pay
adds. “It could be your first time on a bike and
“I feel very strongly about making biking
attention to my ‘self-preservation’ voice …
you’re dead last in the race, but your Nevada
safer in communities,” she notes. “I’m doing
who’s probably screaming at me.”
teammates are going to yell and scream for you
what I can to contribute here in Reno.
Either way, having two sides, one a bit mejust as loud as they did for the Wolf that won it.
In visiting other bike– and pedestrian–
thodical and one a bit intuitive, one brimming
That’s how we roll.”
friendly communities, Napoli has been struck
with long-term plans and professional ideas
Napoli will graduate
by the fact that she would often see entire
and the other full of the passion and simplicity
in May and would like to
families out on the road, biking or walking,
For a longer version of
of a single, thrilling moment, has made Napoli
land a job doing biking
this story, visit: www.
an extremely well-rounded individual.
and pedestrian planning,
“Biking is such a great form of
In December, Napoli, a graduate student
preferably in the Renotion and exercise, and because we’ve been
in the Department of Geography’s Land Use
Tahoe area.
designing our streets to only accommodate
Policy Program and a member of the Nevada
Her number one deciding factor if she must
automobiles for so long, the safety of those
Cycling team, was named the recipient of the
relocate: “Are there good trails? At least I know
biking and walking is jeopardized … First and
Joshua Kuck Memorial Scholarship, a national
I have my priorities straight,” Napoli says.
foremost, improvements need to be made to
award given through the USA Cycling Develallow cyclists to feel safe. If that happens, more
—John Trent ’85/’87, ’00M.A.
opment Foundation in honor of outstanding
people are likely to give it a try.”
Photo by Rachel Dolbier
A downhill racer
on her way up
Photo courtesy ROTC program
University News
ROTC Ranger Challenge team wins again
Two and a half months of intense workouts
and training led the University’s ROTC Ranger
Challenge team to another victory at the annual regional Ranger Challenge competition
Nov. 19 in Las Vegas. Nevada’s team has won
the competition five out of the last six years.
The time–based competition consists of a
physical fitness test—push-ups, sit-ups and a
2–mile run—followed by nine rigorous events
conducted over a 10K course. Each event
is designed to test the physical and mental
toughness of each team. Ranger Challenge is
the equivalent of a varsity sports team.
The elite, nine-member team must include
at least one female and at least one member
from each class, freshman through senior.
Team captain Zachary Betts, Class of 2012,
said that in addition to maintaining a full
course load at the University, team members
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Photo courtesy Micah Gill
typically woke up as early as 4:30 a.m. Monday
through Friday and spent weekends training
to strengthen and build endurance.
The nine events included map reading,
a leader reaction/problem-solving course,
land navigation/orientation, first aid, a rope
bridge–building exercise designed to simulate
a river crossing, a situational awareness test
in which each person had to memorize the
location of an item placed along the course,
disassembling/assembling an M-16 rifle, and a
mystery event that tests teams on their ability
to respond to an unanticipated problem. This
year’s mystery event involved “low–crawling”
and carrying 50 sandbags under a simulated barbwire fence no higher than about 20
inches off the ground, and finally stacking the
sandbags in a pile. The clincher, according to
senior military science instructor Sgt. 1st Class
Nevada ROTC cadets to
participate in cultural
understanding program
Twelve cadets from the University’s
Army ROTC program have been chosen to
travel abroad this summer as part of the U.S.
Former ROTC cadet Ryan Spinuzzi-Nichols ’11
(international affairs) teaches English in
China in the summer of 2009 as part of the
U.S. Army’s Cultural Understanding and
Language Proficiency Program. This year, 12
cadets from the University have been chosen
through a national competitive process to
participate in the program.
Army’s Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program. The cadets were
awarded the slots in the program through a
competitive, national process that considers
several factors, including applicants’ GPA,
physical fitness, as well as an essay.
“Our students did very well in this
competitive process,” said Major Michael
Minaudo, chair of the Military Science
Department. “This affords them with an
opportunity to truly experience and become
The University of Nevada, Reno Ranger
Challenge team, whose motto is, “I will do today
what you won’t, so that I can do tomorrow
what you can’t.” TOP ROW: Micah Gill
(junior), Kevin Beck (freshman), Chris Wallace
(sophomore), Brandon Castinado (sophomore),
Michael Colyer (sophomore), Chris Imus
(freshman). BOTTOM ROW: Cameron Ripley
(freshman), Jasmin Herrera (senior), Jacob
Ziolkowski (sophomore), Zachary Betts (senior),
Jerel Abas (junior), Mary-Ann Ong (freshman).
Scott King, was that after the team had stacked
the sandbags, they were advised that the first
person across was a “casualty,” who had to be
carried under a bridge and over a low wall.
“That was a gut check,” King said. Fortunately,
the first person on the Nevada team was not a
In between events, the team ruck-marched
the 10K course carrying about 50 pounds in
their rucksacks.
The Nevada team came in first with a time
of 4 hours and 27 minutes, beating UNLV;
California State University, Fullerton; University of Alaska, Fairbanks; and two teams from
San Diego State University.
Cameron Ripley, one of the few freshmen
who survived the cut to be on the team this
year, said, “Although it was extremely tough,
everything we did trained us to be the best.”
—Claudene Wharton, ’86, ’99M.A. and
Melanie Peck ’06M.A.
immersed in a different culture.”
The students will volunteer in a variety
of countries, including Vietnam, Tajikistan,
Singapore, Rwanda, the Philippines, Namibia, Mali, Honduras, Guatemala, Croatia
and Cambodia. They will teach English to
children, work with those who have disabilities, rebuild weak infrastructure and work
with foreign militaries.
The U.S. Army funds the monthlong
program, which includes a stipend for the
Travis Salley, a junior majoring in music,
said he applied to the program to learn a new
point of view. He will spend his summer in
“It will provide me with a perspective of
cultural and societal norms outside of my
American way of life,” Salley said.
—Claudene Wharton, ’86, ’99M.A.
Photo by Sue Moore
Korean ambassador
visits northern Nevada
to arrange for us to host this rare opportunity in Nevada to discuss Asian trade and
economic issues,” Mosier said. “His experience
and relationships with those involved in these
issues has made this discussion possible.” Cargill has been a visiting scholar at the
Comptroller of the Currency at the U.S.
Treasury, Bank of Japan, Japanese Ministry
of Finance, Japanese Ministry of Posts and
Telecommunications, Federal Reserve Bank of
San Francisco, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, East-West Center at the University of
Hawaii and the Bank of Korea. He has served
as a consultant to the National Credit Union
Administration, the World Bank, Central
Intelligence Agency and the International
Monetary Fund. Cargill framed the discussion around
three topics:
• Current Asian trade and economic issues,
including the Free Trade Agreement,
export-based versus domestic-driven economic development, housing bubbles in Korea and the United States, and demographic
challenges facing many Asian countries.
• Asian security issues, including China’s
increasing influence throughout Asia and
North Korea’s support of Iran’s nuclear/missile program.
• The Pacific Century, the idea that the 21st
century will be dominated, especially
economically, by the states in the AsiaPacific region.
—Claudene Wharton, ’86, ’99M.A.
University Honor’s
Program student IVON
took a chance when she
submitted a video in the
Dr. Pepper’s Million
Dollar Tuition Giveaway explaining why
she deserved scholarship money. That
chance led to Padilla-Rodriguez winning a
$100,000 scholarship after beating out
thousands of other applicants. With the
scholarship money, the English and
history major now has the financial ability
to fulfill her dream of attending law
school. Padilla-Rodriguez attended the
United States Hispanic Leadership
Institute Conference in Chicago this
spring, and as a freshman ran for College
of Liberal Arts senator for ASUN.
With a master’s of arts in
writing already under
her belt, CRYSTAL
stranger to the
academic world. Named
the 2012 Graduate
Student Regent Scholar by the Nevada
Board of Regents, Colombini will
complete a doctorate degree in English
with a focus in rhetoric and composition
this spring. Colombini taught English
abroad in several locations, including
China and Greece, before becoming a
graduate student at Nevada. During her
time at the University, Colombini has
taught many English classes, presented
numerous seminars and co-authored
several articles, all while maintaining a
consistently high GPA.
—Megan Akers, Class of 2013
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Asian trade issues, including the Free Trade
Agreement signed by President Barack Obama
in October, are often discussed by state leaders trying to find ways to improve Nevada’s
economy. Nevadans had a rare opportunity
to hear about Asian trade and economic issues firsthand from the ambassador from the
Republic of Korea to the United States, Han
Duk-soo, as well as the former ambassador
from the United States to the Republic of
Korea, Kathleen Stephens. The two held a discussion and answered
questions at a presentation moderated by
economics professor Thomas Cargill at the Joe
Crowley Student Union Theater Dec. 1.
Before his appointment as ambassador in
January 2009, Han served as the 38th prime
minister of the Republic of Korea, chairman of
the Presidential Committee on Facilitating the
United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement,
minister of finance and economy, and president
of the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade. Stephens served as ambassador
from September 2008 until October 2011 and
is a career minister in the U.S. Foreign Service.
Before serving as ambassador, she was principal deputy assistant secretary of state for the
U.S. Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs,
responsible for overall bureau management and
public diplomacy and for management of U.S.
relations with Japan and Korea. The ambassadors came at the invitation of
Cargill and the Department of Economics in
the College of Business. Greg Mosier, dean
of the college, and Elliott Parker, chair of the
department, also attended. “We are very happy that Dr. Cargill was able
The presenters at the event, left to right,
included College of Business Dean Greg Mosier,
former Ambassador Kathleen Stephens,
economics professor Thomas Cargill and
Ambassador Han Duk-soo.
Outstanding physics
student MUIR
recently named the 2012
Undergraduate Student
Regent Scholar by the
Nevada Board of Regents. Morrison
received the Barry Goldwater Scholarship
in spring 2011, a fellowship scholarship
awarded to students in the math, science
or engineering fields. Morrison is from
Quincy, Calif., and originally came to the
University because of its affordability, but
was impressed by the quality and rigor of
the physics program. He plans on
working in theoretical physics and
graduates this spring.
University News
Faces on the Quad
Photo courtesy Sophie Glogovac
University News
Two Nevada students awarded prestigious
Gilman International Scholarships
While most Nevada students were enjoying
their winter break, third-year student Sophie
Glogovac was preparing for the trip of a
lifetime. She is spending her spring semester
studying abroad in Costa Rica.
Glogovac and fellow Nevada student Ashley
Walker were recently awarded the Benjamin
A. Gilman International Scholarship by the
U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute
of International Education. They were two of
the 31 University Studies Abroad Consortium
students selected this semester from nearly a
thousand who applied throughout the country.
The Gilman Scholarship is open to undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens, have
been awarded a Federal Pell Grant and are applying for or are accepted into a study abroad
“The Gilman Scholarship is a wonderful
award, said McKenzi Swinehart, scholarship
program adviser for USAC. “Hundreds of students around the country benefit each year.”
Scholarship recipients are able to choose
their destination and area of study. Glogovac
will be using the award to study Spanish in
Costa Rica, while Walker will study both
French and Spanish in Europe.
Glogovac left for Costa Rica in mid-January and will spend five months there. Her
coursework will allow her to fully immerse
in the Spanish language and the Central
University of Nevada, Reno
Lake Tahoe
June 11-July 27, 2012
Music Camp
July 22-28, 2012
Nevada students Sophie Glogovac (pictured in
Costa Rica) and Ashley Walker are two of 31
recipients of the prestigious Gilman International
Scholarship this semester, which enabled them to
study in Costa Rica and Europe this spring.
American culture.
“I am looking forward to meeting all of the
locals and broadening my use of the Spanish
language,” Glogovac said.
Under the terms of the scholarship, all
recipients are required to perform a service
project promoting the scholarship program
and international education at their home
institution or in their local community. For
her service project, Glogovac plans to create
a funding branch within the Dean’s Future
Scholars to search for funding and grant opportunities for first generation, low-income
students to study abroad.
To learn more the scholarship and study
abroad programs, please contact Kelly Corrigan, (775) 784-6569 or [email protected]; or,
visit the USAC website at
—Rachel Sa-Onoy, student writer
summer 2012
Wolf Pack
Calling all Wolf Cubs!
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
ExtendedStudies Youth Camp Programs
Summer camps at the University of Nevada, Reno offer fun and learning
opportunities for Wolf Cubs of all ages and abilities. Many camp sessions
are led by notable University faculty and students, including Wolf Pack
coaches and athletes. Visit our camps online and see what’s planned for
you during Summer 2012, including music and the arts, sciences, math,
adventure, sports and much more . . . calling all Wolf Cubs!
Learn more and enroll today at
(775) 784-4062 or 1- 800-233-8928
Extended Studies
University of Nevada, Reno
ook Shelf
Makoba authors new book on
development strategies for Africa
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
contends that a “triple partnership” is the only
Nevada sociologist Johnson Makoba conway that sustained economic development
tends that widespread corruption, economic
mismanagement, lack of accountability, lack of and poverty reduction can be achieved in the
region. He asserts that the massound leadership in government
sive amount of development aid
and the nascent private sector will
channeled into the country over
continue to weigh negatively on
the past two decades has done
struggling sub-Saharan African
very little to reduce poverty in the
countries, unless these sectors colcountry or improve the peoples’
laborate with nongovernmental
organizations and microfinance
“They must seek to engage the
institutions to bring about real
state, the private sector, and nonprogress.
governmental sector and donor
In his new book, Rethinking DeJohnson W. Makoba
agencies, in the development provelopment Strategies in Africa: The
cess. All these actors are critical to
Triple Partnership as an Alternasustainable development,” Makoba said
tive Approach—the Case of Uganda, Johnson
Makoba grew up in rural Uganda amid the
Makoba, associate professor and sociology
social, economic and political devastation that
department chair in the College of Liberal
began in the early 1970s during the Idi Amin
Arts, uses Uganda, his home country, as a case
regime. He was determined to “study hard to
make a career and be able to help others to find
Makoba has been researching development
strategies for Africa for more than 20 years and self-help solutions to poverty.”
Novel by alumnus explores
Indo-Pakistan relations
Photo courtesy of Bashir Sulahria
—Claudene Wharton, ’86, ’99M.A.
makes actions
and emotions
accessible to
those of us
whose understanding of
relations is
limited chiefly
to newspapers
and video
clips,” Tchudi
added. “As
fiction, Five
Rivers on Fire is a wonderful contribution to
global understanding in our time, and is an
excellent read.”
Five Rivers on Fire, published by Xlibris, is
available through your local bookstore’s order
desk or the online stores of Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, and Xlibris. You may also order an
author’s signed copy by calling (775) 762-8131.
Learn more at
—Roseann Keegan
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
show courage in helping each other and refuse
M. Bashir Sulahria ’69M.S. (renewable
to betray family and friendship bonds.
natural resources-forestry), ’72Ph.D. (hydrol“Bashir Sulahria’s Five Rivers on Fire is
ogy/hydrogeology) was 7 years old when his
an eloquent, richly historical,
Muslim parents fled their village
culturally complex narrative of
in Pakistan, barely escaping an
two boyhood friends who become
attack by Hindus and Sikhs.
separated just before the partition
“My elders painfully recounted
of India and Pakistan in 1947,”
our people’s horrific and heroic
said English professor emeritus
actions during the 1947 IndoStephen Tchudi. “The book is also
Pakistan partition,” Sulahria said.
a page-turner, filled with natural
“Throughout my school years and
drama among carefully evoked
career in Pakistan, my advanced
characters, as families struggle to
studies and decades of work in
Bashir Sulahria
survive, regain normal lives, and
the United States, the stories lay
remain constant to their cultures
dormant, only to resurface when
and beliefs, all complicated by a state of semithe U.S./Afghan/Pakistan conflict intensified,
permanent war and military acculturation.
causing the innocent to suffer once again.”
“Bashir’s personal history, parallel in many
His new novel, Five Rivers on Fire, follows
respects to the experiences of the central charordinary families of different faiths who,
acters, adds great authenticity to the novel and
despite enduring ethnic and religious violence,
After earning
his bachelor’s
degree in sociology in Uganda in 1978,
Makoba went
on to study at
UC Berkeley
in 1981, where
he earned
his master’s
and doctoral
degrees. Soon
after he began
teaching at
Nevada in 1990, he founded his own nonprofit
organization to provide financial and educational services to poor women and children in
Uganda. The organization, the Foundation for
Credit and Community Assistance, has served
more than 16,000 women since 1996.
Rethinking Development Strategies in Africa,
published by Peter Lang, is available at Amazon and other outlets.
Home Means
vada. Always Nevada.
Once Ne
Message from the President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110
Kickin’ it with K-von | “The Ebook Blues” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115
Chapter Updates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118
Gatherings: Recruitment Events/Pregame Parties . . . . . . . . . . . 122
Family Tree Challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124
Remembering Friends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Class Chat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111
Message from the President
Dear Nevada Alumni,
Back in December, as I was heading out the door in capand-gown for Winter Commencement to speak to the new
graduating class, my son Ethan asked me what I was doing.
I responded, “Daddy is president of the Alumni Association, and
Jeff Pickett ’89
this is one of my new responsibilities.”
“What’s an alumni?,” he asked. I gave him the rudimentary answer that you
would give an 8-year-old kid.
As I left the house and was driving in my car, I thought more about his question.
What does it really mean to be an alumni?
One thing for sure, I knew the true answer was beyond the simple answer I gave
my son.
So, what does it really mean to be an alumnus of the University of Nevada? And
what inherent responsibilities do we have as alum?
With the year ahead of us, I brought this question before the entire Alumni
Council—and now I bring it you—with the challenge of looking beyond the
obvious answer.
As we move through our second year as a Tier 1 institution (ranked by U.S. News
& World Report), my goal is to work with the council and many of you to tangibly
define the answer.
We all know there is strength in numbers, and bound with our common passion
and love for our University, I believe the Alumni Association should be a driving
force behind the continuing success and standing of our alma mater.
Once Nevada. Always Nevada.
Jeff Pickett ’89, President
University of Nevada Alumni Council
See you in cyberspace! Visit these sites and search for
“Nevada Alumni” or “Nevada Silver & Blue”.
Nevada Alumni Council
Executive Committee
Jeff Pickett ’89
Julie (Van Houk) Rowe ’94
Past President
Rita (Mann) Laden ‘96Ed.D.
Chad Blanchard ’93, ’03M.S., ‘09MBA
Vice President for Student Outreach
Ty Windfeldt ‘95
Vice President for Membership and Marketing
Ro Lazzarone ‘03
Vice President for Community Outreach
Seema (Bhardwaj) Donahoe ‘02
Vice President for Chapter Development
Board Members
Mary-Ann (Merlo) Brown ’85, ‘96M.A.
Nick Butler ‘02
Matt Clafton ’93
Tim Crowley ‘92
Jim Dakin ’74, ’79M.Ed.
James Eason ‘95
Jill (Johnson Fielden) ‘91
Cary Groth (Director, Intercollegiate Athletics, ex-officio member)
Stephanie (Clemo) Hanna ‘96
Buzz Harris ‘90
Caesar Ibarra ‘00
Robert Jones ‘70
Casey Stiteler (ASUN President)
William Magrath ‘73
Deborah Pierce ‘86
David Pressler ‘82MPA
Erin Russell ‘00
Brian Saeman ‘98
Lauren Sankovich ’98
Victor Sherbondy ’95, ‘00M.A.
Tim Suiter ‘91
Jocelyn Weart ‘00
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Staff Members
Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. All other trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
John K. Carothers
Vice President, Development & Alumni Relations
Bruce Mack
Associate Vice President, Development & Alumni
Amy J. (Zurek) Carothers ‘01
Director, Alumni Relations
Christy (Upchurch) Jerz ‘97
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Juliane Di Meo
Alumni Program Manager
Hope Hepner
Administrative Assistant II
William G. Cobb ’71
Nevada Alumni Lifetime Member
Nevada Alumni Annual Member
David W. Lowe ’59 (journalism) is serving
his second term on the board of directors of
Valley Electric Association, Inc., the power
company that serves Pahrump, Sandy Valley,
Amargosa Valley, Beatty and Fish Lake, Nev.
David is currently the board secretary.
Michael E. Kearney ’78
Class Chat
Richard A. Mitchell
of Higher Education. He resigned this
position upon his current appointment.
Michael E. Kearney ’78 (accounting) has
joined the Las Vegas office of the national
law firm Ballard Spahr. Michael will work
as counsel in the business and finance
department. His practice focuses on complex
commercial transactions, mergers and
Richard A. Mitchell ’82Ph.D. (English) is
a professor in the English and Humanities
Department at Alfred State College, N.Y. Rick
had three of his original poems, “Opening
Days,” “Coupons,” and “Charlie’s Store,”
published in the Fall/Winter 2011 edition of
The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Prior to his current position, he taught
at SUNY Delhi, N.Y. and at North Country
Community College in Saranac Lake, N.Y.
George V. Allison ’60 (political science)
was recently awarded the 2011 Judge Howard
D. McKibben Model of Professionalism
Award. This award is given by the Nevada
State Bar and in conjunction with the
Professionalism Summit Committee and
the Washoe County Bar Association. It is a
lifetime achievement award that recognizes
a member of the Nevada State Bar who is
committed to the rule of law and embodies
the principles of respect, courtesy and civility.
William G. Cobb ’71 (economics) has been
appointed as a United States Magistrate Judge
for the District of Nevada. Bill was a member
of the Board of Regents of the Nevada System
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Fran ’47 and Dick ’49, ’54M.A. Trachok were honored Feb. 12 by several hundred friends at the Eldorado Casino
for their 60 years of contributions to northern Nevada. Speakers included Gov. Brian Sandoval ’86; Reno mayor
Bob Cashell; former state Sen. William Raggio ’48, ’11HDG; Nevada head football coach Chris Ault ’69, ’73M.Ed.;
and University president Marc Johnson. (See photo Page 7.) Dick was a top Wolf Pack athlete in football and track,
becoming head football coach and athletic director. Fran is a former school teacher and long-time civic leader.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
William F. Magee ’67 (history) received the
Governor’s Volunteer Service Award for
the Texas Department of Criminal Justice,
Substance Abuse Treatment Program in
2004. Bill’s work on this program is ongoing.
Wolf cubs
Michael F. Dillon, Jr. ’94
(political science) and his
wife, Siobhan McAndrew,
would like to introduce
their daughter, Riley Quinlan Dillon. Riley was born
on May 4, 2011 and she
plans to graduate from the
University of Nevada, Reno
on her birthday in 2033.
Dawn R. Lawrence ’95
(speech communications),
’97M.A. (speech communications) and Benjamin
M. Roelofs welcomed
their daughter, Olivia Ella
Roelofs, on Jan. 6, 2012.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Dana M. (Weikel) Searcy
’05 (management) and
her husband, Adam, are
pleased to announce the
birth of their daughter,
Lucy Elizabeth, born Jan.
9, 2012.
Misty C. Shore ’05
(accounting/information systems) and Arlo
C. Schenk ’08 (nursing)
welcomed their daughter, Sadie Aspen, a little
earlier than expected
but in good health, on
Sept. 17, 2011.
Harold S. Peterson
’08Ph.D. (atmospheric
science) and his wife,
Kelly, celebrated the
birth of their first child,
Jessica Ann Peterson,
on Oct. 19, 2011.
Darren J. Welsh ’88
(political science) and his
wife, Madeleine, would
like to introduce their son,
Myron James Webster
Welsh. Myron was born
Sept. 23, 2009.
Gregory S. Wood ‘97
(journalism) and Erin Wood
celebrated the birth of their
son, Taylor Steven, on Jan.
19, 2012.
Rachel A. (Balvin) Graffam
’07MBA and Daniel R. Graffam ’08 (civil engineering)
welcomed their daughter,
Charlotte Josephine Graffam, on May 20, 2011.
Brenda A. (Lewis)
Jahnke ’86M.S.
Dennis G. Eckmeyer ’83 (industrial
mechanics) has earned the Chartered
Financial Consultant professional designation
from the American College, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Candidates for this designation must complete
a minimum of eight courses and 16 hours of
supervised examinations. Dennis has been in
the financial services industry for 25 years and
has been a financial adviser with New York
Life and Eagle Strategies for seven years.
Jeffrey P. Salomone ’83 (premedical),
’90M.D. has been elected the 25th president
of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of
Trauma. Jeffrey is an associate professor of
surgery at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.,
and practices trauma and critical care surgery
at Grady Memorial Hospital.
Lauren (Belaustegui) Ohlin ’84 (journalism),
’90M.A. (speech communications) was
named Outstanding Fundraising Professional
for 2011 by the Association of Fundraising
Professionals Sierra Chapter. Lauren was
a journalist and editor for 10 years before
entering the field of fundraising. She has
more than 15 years experience helping nonprofits, colleges and K–12 schools raise funds.
Currently, Lauren is the grant analyst for
Washoe County School District in Reno. She
also serves as president-elect for the statewide
Grant Professionals Association.
Thomas R. Putney ’85M.S. (geology) received
an Engineering Excellence Award from the
American Council of Engineering Companies
for his work on the Bay Creek Park Brownfield
Redevelopment Project. This project
transformed a contaminated site into a public
gathering place which provides public access
to the estuary, an interpretive center, farmer’s
market, a place for fishing and crabbing and a
location for outdoor events.
Thomas E. Verducci ’85 (finance) has been
with The Hartford for almost 25 years. Tom
is the team lead for the State of Nevada
Employee’s Deferred Compensation Plan.
Brenda A. (Lewis) Jahnke ’86M.S. (nursing)
serves as the director of clinical education for
Northern Nevada Medical Center. Brenda
has more than 29 years of experience in
clinical and academic education, quality
improvement and project development.
Daniel B. Moore ’86 (mining engineering)
A Silver and Blue
A Golden Opportunity
Once Nevada. Always Nevada
by calling 888.NV ALUMS or 775.784.6620.
For more information, visit or call 888.NV ALUMS.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
M AY 18-19
2 0 12
Hurry – There’s still time to RSVP
John E. Boyd ’88
recently joined Allied Nevada Gold
Corporation as vice president of technical
services in their corporate office in Reno.
John E. Boyd ’88 (accounting) has been an
Edward Jones financial advisor in Reno for
the past 19 years. John was recently named a
principal with the firm’s holding company, the
Jones Financial Companies, LLLP. He is one
of only 41 individuals chosen from more than
42,000 associates across the United States and
Canada to join the firm’s 323 principals. John
will remain in Reno and continue to serve
investors throughout the area.
Stephanie S. Kruse
Mark L. Zimmerman ’92
Mark L. Stovak ’90 (biology), ’95M.D. is the
program director of the Sports Medicine
Fellowship Program and the Family Medicine
Residency Program at the University of Kansas
School of Medicine-Wichita. Mark and his
wife, Leslie A. Greenberg ’95M.D., have three
children, ages 11, 8, and 6. Leslie recently
opened a private medical practice, Greenberg
Family Medicine, in Wichita, Kan.
Stephanie S. Kruse ’91MBA is president
and CEO of KPS3 Marketing, a full-service
marketing, advertising, public relations and
digital agency founded in 1991. As CEO,
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Robin M. (Snegg)
Krueger ’98
Stephanie takes a lead role in organizational
strategy and business development. She is also
the chief strategist for clients in the marketing,
branding and communications/PR realms.
Sean A. Sever ’91 (journalism) was appointed
communications director for the Nevada
Department of Transportation. He will oversee
NDOT’s public information, multimedia,
customer service, hearings and photography
sections. Sean lives in Carson City with his
wife and three children.
Mark L. Zimmerman ’92 (mathematics),
’04M.A. (teaching of mathematics) is viceprincipal at Incline High School in Incline
Village, Nev. He has made it his personal
mission to be a positive role model for
students, to provide them with a challenging
academic curriculum and to furnish them
with every tool available so they may achieve
the utmost success. Mark began his teaching
career at McQueen High School in Reno as a
math teacher and assistant football coach. He
helped lead the McQueen football team in 10
state championships.
Brett Scolari ’96 (health science), a
stockholder in the Reno office of the statewide
law firm Jones Vargas, has been named
to the board of trustees for the Renown
Health Foundation. The board of trustees
is responsible for planning, governance,
management, budget oversight, community
representation and fundraising. In addition
to his commitment to Renown, Brett is also
a board member for the Joshua L. Anderson
Memorial Foundation and Reno Continental
Little League.
Wolf Pack pride warms the South Pole
Brett Scolari ’96
Sgt. Bartley James O’Toole ’11 (criminal justice), a survival equipment specialist in the Nevada Air National
Guard, unfurls a Wolf Pack flag at the South Pole. O’Toole recently returned from a mission supporting the
National Science Foundation’s United States Antarctic Program. “Everything used by the NSF in Antarctica,
including food, clothing, supplies and personnel, is brought in on National Guard LC-130 Hercules aircraft,”
O’Toole said. Along with two other Nevada National Guard members selected by the New York National Guard,
O’Toole flew daily supply and personnel missions, medical evacuations and search-and-rescue missions
throughout the continent. They flew about eight missions each day in temperatures that ranged from 20
degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees below zero.
—Roseann Keegan
Brandon H. Camp ’97 (marketing) recently
purchased LeFiell Company, a capital
equipment manufacturing operation located
in Stead, Nev. Brandon worked in their
marketing department while attending college
and became their marketing director before
leaving the company in 2000 to pursue a
multi-state sales position for another company.
Brandon has been a local business owner since
returning to his adopted hometown of Reno
in 2005.
Rachael M. Austin ’04
Robin M. (Snegg) Krueger ’98 (human
development and family studies) is the
director of community development at
Northern Nevada Medical Center. Robin
brings experience in public speaking, fund
development and community building to her
new position. She serves on the board of The
Chamber and is the 2012 chair of leadership
Reno Sparks.
Kirsten D. Mashinter ’98 (English), ’03M.A.
(teaching English as a second language) has
accepted a job with PH International working
in the Republic of Georgia as a teacher-trainer
for the English Language through Civic
Education Program.
Barry G. Collier ’99 (general studies) is
vice president and commercial loan officer
at Heritage Bank of Nevada. His role is to
identify, develop and maintain lending and
banking relationships with businesses within
the community, and manage the credits for
companies who have suffered through this
challenging economic cycle.
Sadie Jo Smokey ’00 (English) joined
Logan Simpson Design, an environmental
planning and landscape design firm in Tempe,
Ariz., following a 10-year career as a news
reporter for The Arizona Republic. Sadie Jo
resides in Phoenix with her husband and two
daughters, Isabella, 6, and Sadie, 2.
Deanna R. LeBlanc ’01 (elementary
education), a fourth-grade teacher at East
Valley Elementary School in Fernley, Nev., was
named Nevada’s Teacher of the Year for 2011.
Deanna has taught at East Valley for five years.
Rachael M. Austin ’04 (accounting/
information systems) has been promoted
to senior manager at Muckel Anderson
Kickin’ it with K-von | “The Ebook Blues”
Younger folks are supposed to adopt new technology.
Yet, I ditched my eBook in a week with no apology ...
While reading on the plane, the stewardess began to cough.
“We’re about to land, sir. You need to turn it off.”
Couldn’t touch it with wet hands, but I like to read poolside.
Didn’t trust it near my nephew—he threw one in the water and it died.
Couldn’t easily shop for a digital book.
Even though the salesman promised, “It’s easy on a Nook!”
On the computer, you have to buy from Amazon.
But when I tried to download, they said I did it wrong.
My friend said, “It’s easy, just upload and then transfer.”
but, I called customer support, and it just rang with no answer.
Isn’t there something nice about seeing a book on a shelf?
Just picking it up with your hands all by yourself?
Between my cell phone, laptop and MP3—what a hassle.
Can I not look at a screen for even a little bit, Apple?
Is that cool with you guys at Sony and Samsung?
If not, implant it in my eyeball and let’s just be done.
Every time I shut the book down, I kept losing my place.
I couldn’t figure out how to put a bookmark in the space.
To the librarian I said, “This works here I think.”
She had no idea what I was talking about; just looked at me and blinked.
When I was about to finish a story on my Kindle,
The screen went black as the battery did dwindle.
This could be one thing my grandparents got right.
I’m sticking with old-fashioned books, so I can happily read them each night!
K-von ’03 (marketing) is a Nevada alum and professional comedian.
Visit or for info and updates.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Reka P. Danko ’03 (speech pathology),
’08M.D. is now board certified as a diplomate
by the American Board of Internal Medicine.
Reka is a hospitalist at Northern Nevada
Medical Center.
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Reka P. Danko ’03, ’08M.D.
CPAs. Rachael is responsible for directing
the audit department, including researching
new accounting and auditing standards,
managing staff training, coordinating
peer review and internal inspections, and
regulating firm policies encompassing all
audit and accounting services. Rachael serves
as treasurer on the Artown Board of Trustees
and is on the Northern Nevada Community
Housing Resource Board, a nonprofit lowincome housing board.
Ashlie D. Teixeira-Smith ’05 (nursing),
’11M.S.N. recently joined Northern Nevada
Medical Group as an advanced practice
nurse. Ashlie has more than five years
experience in trauma, surgical critical care and
Alexis C. Thayer ’07 (accounting),
’08M.A.C.C. has been promoted to senior
associate at Muckel Anderson CPAs. In her
new role, Alexis will oversee audits of nonprofit and government organizations and will
continue to prepare individual, corporate,
partnership and exempt tax returns.
Nonie A. Wainwright ’08 (journalism) has
been hired by The Glenn Group as a public
relations assistant account executive. Nonie is
responsible for handling daily client activities
while managing and monitoring the strategic
direction and long-term client goals. Before
joining The Glenn Group, Nonie served as a
public relations/marketing graduate assistant
for the University of Nevada, Reno School of
Arts and as a media assistant for the Wolf Pack
Athletics Media Services. While attending the
Alexis C. Thayer ’07,
Nonie A. Wainwright ’08
University, Nonie served as the swimming
and diving team captain. She lead the team
to win two consecutive WAC Conference
Championships and personally had nine “Top
8” conference finishes.
J. Matthew Martin ’09M.J.S. has been elected
to the board of trustees of the National Judicial
College by the Board of Governors of the
American Bar Association.
Ashlie D. Teixeira-Smith
’05, ’11M.S.N.
Nevada Alumni Lifetime Member
Nevada Alumni Annual Member
Submissions are due
May 14, 2012 and can be sent
to: [email protected] We edit all
submissions for style, clarity and length.
Our Pack Tracks travel program offers Oceania Cruises
to exciting destinations worldwide—and the fun part is
traveling with fellow Nevada alumni!
In 2012: Historic Reflections, British Isles Odyssey, Cradle
of History, South Africa In 2013: Tahitian Jewels
For more information, visit
or call GO Next travel at 800-842-9023
Once Nevada. Always Nevada.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
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& see the world!
Welcome to the new Nevada Wolf Shop!
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Chapter Updates
TOP LEFT: Sigma Alpha Lota sisters enjoy the last game of the 1999 football season. TOP RIGHT: Alumni Band members Skip Staton, Daniel Barthel ’04, ’10M.M. and Aaron DeJan ’95 (in blue and white shirts) join
in the tube pyramid during Homecoming 2010. LEFT: Representatives from the Washoe County School District and the University’s Center for Student Cultural Diversity pose with featured speaker Tim Wise Feb. 29
in Reno. From left: Reginald Stewart ’03M.Ed., ’10Ph.D., Jody Lykes ’12, Tiffany Young ‘02, Wanda Shakeenab, Tim Wise, LaQuenta Ganyon, Fatima Rivas ‘02, D’Lisa Crain and Ellen Houston ‘96, ’05M.A. RIGHT: Kari
Emm ‘01 and Sandy Emm ’02, members of the Native American Alumni Chapter, attend Nevada Against Racism with Tim Wise Feb. 29 in Reno.
Alumni Band
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Kiara (Donohue) Wolf ’92, ’97M.Ed., [email protected]
Do you find yourself automatically falling in step with
whoever is walking next to you? Do you ever wonder what
happened to the flag person who thankfully never hit you during
a show? Whenever you hear “The Star Spangled Banner,” do you
steel yourself for the cannon blast at the end? Do you ever tell
band stories and realize people are staring blankly at you? If any
of these describe you—you need to join the Alumni Band.
We keep in touch through a monthly newsletter and our
Facebook page and meet annually at Homecoming. For more
information on how you can become reconnected with people
who share your experiences, contact Kiara Wolf at [email protected] Join the fun, because band friends are
The Center for Student
Cultural Diversity
Alumni Chapter
Ellen Houston ’95, ’05M.A., [email protected]
The Center Alumni Chapter proudly took part in “Color Blind:
Nevada Against Racism,” a lecture by Tim Wise, prominent antiracist author and educator. The Feb. 29 event was attended by
700 students, educators and community members, culminating
a slate of Black History Month programming. Wise’s thoughtprovoking message provided a unique opportunity for attendees
to experience a critical examination of race in America.
The Center Alumni Chapter is busy preparing for Annual
Intercultural Month (AIM), a celebration of cultural diversity on
campus held each April. Center alumni will be out in force at
events such as the Annual Stompin’ with the Pack Step Show,
Ally Week, the Hawaii Club Luau, Salsabration and the Own
What You Think anti-hate speech campaign.
For a complete list of AIM events, visit
thecenter or contact the Center for Student Cultural Diversity,
(775) 784-4936.
Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas
Fallon Alumni Chapter
Tina (Luke) Dakin ’71, ’84M.Ed., [email protected]
TOP: The Business Student Council hosted the 2012 College of Business Honors and Awards Banquet, where the College of Business Alumni
Association recognized four scholarship recipients. BOTTOM: The Dental Alumni Chapter participates in the Give Kids a Smile program Feb.
4 in Reno. From left: David White, Aimee Snell ’02, Brandi Dupont ’95, Julio Escobar ’02, Rebecca Rores, Eric Escobar ’99, Emily Whipple,
Ashley Swan and James Mann ’03.
College of Business
Alumni Association
Melissa Molyneaux ’06, [email protected]
Dental Alumni Chapter
David White, [email protected]
Dental alumni were busy celebrating the 10th anniversary of
the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program Feb.
4. Dentists provided free dental care for 68 local children through
Health Access Washoe County, a community health center.
Native American
Alumni Chapter
Sherry Rupert ’05, [email protected]
The Native Alumni Chapter currently has two scholarships
available—one for an incoming freshman and the other for a
continuing University of Nevada student. Each is a $500 annual
scholarship. Alumni fundraise throughout the year to provide the
scholarships to a Nevada high school graduate who is an enrolled
member of a Nevada tribe. For an application, please visit http:// The application deadline is June 1.
Mark your calendar: The American Indian graduation
ceremony will be May 6 at 3 p.m. in the Joe Crowley Student
Union. During the ceremony, students are recognized for their
accomplishments and given an honorary stole.
If you are interested in joining the chapter, please contact Kari
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
The College of Business Alumni Association is excited for the
21st Annual COBAA Golf Tournament May 10 at Wolf Run Golf
Course. If you are interested in playing or sponsoring, please
contact Anthony Puckett ’08, (775) 982-8611.
Our most exciting announcement is the first edition of the College of Business alumni magazine. We’ll be sending out a survey
to come up with the new name of this publication. In addition, we
will be offering advertising opportunities. If you are interested in
advertising, please contact Melissa Molyneaux, (775) 823-4674.
To stay up-to-date, join our LinkedIn group and Facebook
page. We’re looking forward to your involvement, as we build
relationships with alumni and students. Thank you for your
ongoing support. We encourage you to consider beginning or
renewing your COBAA membership to assist us in supporting
the college.
In collaboration with the Churchill Arts Council in Fallon, the
Fallon Alumni Chapter participated in the Patio at Oats Park Arts
Center’s Brews and Blues grand opening event. We provided the
“dogs” as a complement to the brews. The partnership worked
well for both groups, as we reached folks who did not know of
the alumni group.
It’s easy to fill a bus with a noisy crowd for a Wolf Pack game!
Fans came out of the woodwork to take our rooter busses to the
Nevada vs. UNLV football game Oct. 8 and the Nevada vs. Fresno
State basketball game Jan. 21. As always, proceeds benefitted
Fallon scholarships.
For additional information regarding upcoming events,
visit us on Facebook: University of Nevada Alumni Association
Fallon Chapter.
LEFT: Michael Coudriet ’98, ’11 received a scholarship from the Orvis School of Nursing Alumni Association, which helped him to achieve his goal of a nursing degree in December 2011. MIDDLE: Alex and Jordan
(Rasmussen) Traverso ’99 enjoy a mystery stop during the Sacramento Alumni Chapter Mystery Bus Trip Jan. 28. RIGHT: Steve Park ’99, Sacramento Alumni Chapter president, and Eppie Johnson ’51, Sacramento
Alumni Chapter co-founder, board the Sacramento Alumni Chapter Mystery Bus Jan. 28.
Emm ’01, (775) 682-5928 or [email protected], or Sherry Rupert,
(775) 687-8333 or [email protected]
Nevada Football
Alumni Chapter
Jim Farley ’99, [email protected]
The Nevada Football Alumni Chapter is making final preparations for its annual golf tournament and reunion June 1 at 1 p.m.
at Lakeridge Golf Course. This is a great fundraiser that enables
current players to attend summer classes, which in turn helps the
Wolf Pack maintain its high graduation rate.
Football alumni interested in playing in the tournament,
joining us for reunion festivities, renewing membership or just
contacting old football teammates should visit our new social
website at, or contact Jim Farley,
[email protected], or join us on Facebook: Nevada Football
Alumni. Go Wolf Pack!
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Orvis School of Nursing
Alumni Association
Jan (Pritchard) Brady ’63, ’88MBA, [email protected]
OSNAA awarded its annual scholarship this past fall to a senior nursing student, Michael Coudriet ’98, ’11. Michael is a Reno
native who is married with three children. He has a degree in
education and has been a high school teacher and youth pastor.
A nursing career “spoke” to him, and he graduated in December
from Orvis School of Nursing. Michael is now employed at
Renown Regional Medical Center. OSNAA is proud to have helped
such a deserving student achieve his goal.
OSNAA is looking forward to converting its scholarship fund
to an endowed scholarship fund. This will insure that we will
have an ongoing source of funds to award scholarships to future
nursing students.
Students need scholarship funds now more than ever, and
Nevada has a critical nursing shortage. To reach our goal, we
need the help of every alumnus. If you have not made a donation
or a pledge, please do so this spring. There are several ways to
donate: Write a check for a lump sum, make a monthly pledge
that is conveniently drawn automatically from your bank account
or divide your donation into periodic payments.
To learn more about membership in OSNAA and our scholarship endowment fund, visit and
select Orvis School of Nursing Alumni Association.
Sacramento Alumni Chapter
Steve Park ’99, [email protected]
The Sacramento Alumni Chapter’s Annual Mystery Bus Trip
found 40-plus revelers in the Gold Country for libations, good
Italian fare and some really swell camaraderie. First stop—the
Ione Hotel for starters-plus. Following the directions of organizers Eppie Johnson ’51 and Kyle Ramos ’76, the harried bus driver
eventually found the “city” of Jackson and the iconic Italian
restaurant, Theresa’s Place. Fine food and beverage were capped
off by spumoni ice cream. It just does not get better than that.
The trip raised $2,700 for our chapter scholarship fund.
We meet the second Tuesday of each month for lunch. For
more information, visit, or
contact Steve Park, chapter president, (916) 367-6345 or [email protected]
USAC Alumni Chapter
Michelle Cobb, [email protected]
The USAC Alumni Chapter teamed up with the College of
Business Feb. 15 in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center
for a brand new workshop. Past and present USAC students
gathered to learn the importance of studying abroad and how to
incorporate it into resumes and job interviews. The presentation
gave students a chance to discover new ways to think about
their future careers. This new workshop focused on how to
better market studying abroad experience to pursue careers
and standout in the job market. According to the Open Doors
Report on Institute of International Education, only 1 percent of
U.S. students currently study abroad. The USAC Alumni Chapter
was especially excited about the event since one of the chapter’s
goals is to provide USAC students with more information and
support upon their return to campus.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Northern California Recruitment Events
For the third consecutive year, the Nevada Alumni
Association and Office for Prospective Students
teamed up to cosponsor several recruitment
events. The first two were held in Sacramento and
Diablo, Calif., March 20 and 21.
Nevada alumni work hand-in-hand with the
University at these receptions, talking to
prospective students and their family members
Photos by Theresa Danna-Douglas
about the institution and what it means to be part
of the Wolf Pack family.
Scott Westlake and his parents through the college
financing process.
(1) More than 225 prospective students and their family
members attend the East Bay Recruitment Reception at
Diablo Country Club March 21.
(5) University student ambassador Molly Ogren answers
questions about dorm life for Parrish Chavez and his family.
(2) University student ambassadors Lisa Gilbert, Elizabeth
Nubel and Karmel Kwan pause to strike a pose.
(3) Alumnus and University student ambassador Kyle
Eisenreich’08 talks about getting involved on campus.
(4) Financial aid counselor Johnell Cropper ‘06 walks
(6) Director of admissions, Steve
Maples ’96M.A., ‘02Ph.D.,
speaks to Michael Nalewaja and
Clarissa Kitada about the
opportunity to graduate from
Nevada in four years.
For more photos of
all of our Gatherings
Photos by Dave Smith
Photos by Edgar Antonio Nuñez
Pregame Parties
After the Wolf Pack beat Bucknell at home during
the NIT, alumni traveled to Palo Alto on March 21 to
watch the team take on Stanford at Maples Pavilion
(photos 4 & 5).
(1) Amanda Hawkins ’05, Jaymie Morris ’82, Scott
Gragson ’89, Lynda (Lewis) Buhlig ’84 and Denise (Koval)
Cashman ’83.
(2) BACK ROW: GSA President Stephanie Vega ’08, ‘11M.S.,
Jeff Long, Jake Butera ’11, Trevor Macaluso ’11, ASUN
President Casey Stiteler. FRONT ROW; Kevin Zafiris and Katie
(Gibes) Zafiris ’07.
(3) Wolf Pack fans Justin Edwards, Mark Glodowski ‘04,
Neil Henderson, Paul Angrick, John Snow, Brad Platt ‘00
and Andrew Maurins ‘07.
(4) University of Nevada President Marc Johnson, Karen
Penner-Johnson, Jane Witter ’74 and Hard Rock Hotel &
Casino Vice President of Sales and Catering Mike
Larragueta ’91.
(5) Sam Bradley, Gina Bradley, Donald Cabano and Joe
Bradley ’78.
(6) Steve Martarano ’79, Jane (Cook) Beckett ’68, Riley
Beckett ’68, Steve Park ’99 and Bill Chaffin ’66.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
As the Nevada Alumni Association hit the road for
basketball pregame parties, fans followed the Pack
from Las Vegas to Palo Alto! On March 1, Nevada
alumni gathered at Sean Patrick’s Pub in Las Vegas
for a viewing party as Nevada beat New Mexico
State (photos 1 & 2).
The next week Northern Nevada fans traveled to Las
Vegas for the WAC Tournament where they gathered
on March 8 at the Pink Taco in Hard Rock Hotel &
Casino for the Wolf Pack Athletics pregame party
co-sonsored by the Alumni Association (photos 3 & 4).
Photos by Christophe Testi
Nevada Alumni Association
Murphy Family
Terence J. Murphy
Geological Engineering 1985
Matthew T.
B.S. & M.S. Biotechnology 2011
Karen J. (Wadlow)
Chemical Engineering1985
Brandon Murphy
Senior in Electrical
Amy Murphy
Terence and Karen (Wadlow)
Murphy at Commencemnt 1985
Terence, Amy, Matthew, Karen and Brandon Murphy, 2011
Building on the past. Planning for the future.
The Murphy family has made the University of Nevada, Reno a family tradition. It all started with
Terence and Karen—both 1985 Nevada graduates—taking advantage of Nevada’s Prepaid Tuition
program for their three children. By building for their future, it has allowed their oldest son to
graduate, with their youngest son set to earn his degree soon and their daughter planning on
attending in Fall 2014. But they’re not stopping there; they hope to keep the tradition alive with
future grandchildren, as well.
Towle Family Tree
Thomas O. Towle
H. Vivian
(Marshall) Towle
Economics 1929
Guy W. Yates, Jr.
Economics 1963
Susan N. (Towle)
Education 1963
Guy W. Yates, III
Thomas O. Towle,
Management 1961
William M. Towle
Mary Ellen (Yates)
Journalism 1991
Guy W. Yates,
Jr., 1963
Thomas Towle Jr.
and fellow student
Paul Speer set out
on a road trip.
Thomas O.
Towle, 1929
Thomas O. Towle and H. Vivian (Mars
hall) Towle, 1934
Family. Friendship. Tradition.
It all comes back to Nevada.
Mary Ellen (Yates) Olson and Susan N.
(Towle) Yates, 1991
They may not have the largest Nevada family tree, but the Towle-Yates family’s roots nevertheless
run deep. Thomas Towle started the tradition way back in the 1920s, and it’s one that has been
passed on through the generations. Although family members over the years have been born in
various states throughout the country, they’ve always somehow been drawn back to the University of
Nevada. You could even say their alma mater is a member of their family now.
How many University of Nevada, Reno alumni make
up your family tree? Let us know, and you could all be
featured in an upcoming issue of Nevada Silver & Blue.
For details, visit or call 888.NV ALUMS.
emembering Friends
W. Erle Simpson
Nancy (Howell)
Martha P. (Herz)
Cooke ’45
Donald D. Wicker, emeritus faculty of
Alexey D. Kanwetz
Stephen A. Lage
Jan. 29, 2012—Reno, Nev.
V. Beth Miramon
Dec. 25, 2011—Reno, Nev.
W. Erle Simpson
Feb. 10, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Nancy (Howell) Spina
Feb. 3, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Martha (Hansen) Jones (arts and
Feb. 8, 2012—Reno, Nev.
(See opposite page for more information.)
Howard M. Gallaway ’33 (mechanical
Jan. 21, 2012—San Carlos, Calif.
Kathleen A. (Hansen) Ewald ’39
Donald D. Van Dyken
Dec. 7, 2011—Reno, Nev.
Diane N. Wyness
Margaret M. (Pearson) Gregory
’39 (home economics)
Jan. 2012—Reno, Nev.
Dec. 21, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Eugene M. Glick, emeritus faculty of
obstetrics and gynecology
Jan. 9, 2010—Chico, Calif.
Robert M. Gorrell ’80HDG,
emeritus faculty and former dean of the
College of Liberal Arts
Dec. 25, 2011—Reno, Nev.
(See opposite page for more information.)
Dee W. Henderson, assistant vice
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Janet S.
MacDonald ’65
family medicine
Nov. 11, 2011—Henderson, Nev.
Jan. 14, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Leroy A.
Streshley ’47
provost of Extended Studies
Jan. 7, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Barbara W. Larsen, emerita faculty of
social work
Dec. 8, 2011—Sparks, Nev.
Julie K. (Anderson) Schorr, nursing
July 28, 2011—Supply, N.C.
Dec. 14, 2011—Reno, Nev.
Martha P. (Herz) Cooke ’45
Feb. 15, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Vincent S. Keele ’46 (chemistry),
’55M.Ed. (guidance/counseling certificate)
Jan. 2012—Sparks, Nev.
Leroy A. Streshley ’47 (range
Dec. 3, 2011—Austin, Nev.
William J. Raggio ’48 (political
science), ’11HDG (humane letters)
(See page 6 for more information.)
Feb. 24, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Clair F. Earl ’55 (chemistry)
Dec. 14, 2011—Reno, Nev.
John J. Hanifan ’56 (business
Jan. 13, 2012—Fallon, Nev.
Gerald A.
Hollis L. Elder ’74 James G. Sanford
Kitzmann ‘62M.S.
John E. Shevlin ’56 (civil engineering)
Feb. 6, 2012—Pleasant Hill, Calif.
William R. Ernst ’59 (accounting)
Dec. 19, 2011—Glendale, Ariz.
Margaret D. Calhoun ’61 (education)
Jan. 6, 2012—Rochester, Wash.
William L. Harper ’61 (business
Dec. 4, 2011—Reno, Nev.
Ronald V. Toomer ’61 (mechanical
Sept. 26, 2011—Bedford, Tex.
Gerald A. Kitzmann ‘62M.S.
Donna L. Keislar
Michael V. Colpo
Emily A. (Norris) DeGiovanni ’77
Jan. 12, 2012—Reno, Nev.
James G. Sanford ’84 (accounting)
Dec. 16, 2011—Reno, Nev.
Norman J. Waller ’85 (agricultural
Jan. 20, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Le Roy A. Lindstrom ’86 (electrical
Jan. 11, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Mary T. Manti ’93 (nursing)
Jan. 2, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Jan. 6, 2011-New Paltz, N.Y.
Mark A. McCoy ’95 (health science)
Feb. 1, 2012—Fernley, Nev.
Claudia A. (Judson) Chesney ’65
Ruth McKnight ’95M.A. (counseling
Janet S. MacDonald ’65 (accounting)
Carol T. (Andt) Tweet ’95 (social
work), ’97M.S. (social work)
Dec. 21, 2011—Sparks, Nev.
Jan. 7, 2012—Carson City, Nev.
Jolene K. Stockwell ’66 (nursing)
Jan. 19, 2012—Sparks, Nev.
Charles R. Dickson ’71Ph.D.
Jan. 18, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Craig I. Ihara ’72 (management)
Jan. 2, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Gary B. Schudlich ’72 (management)
Feb. 23, 2012—Reno, Nev.
William C. McCalla ’73 (predental)
Jan. 1, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Hollis L. Elder ’74 (nursing)
Dec. 16, 2011—Reno, Nev.
and educational psychology)
Jan. 22, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Feb. 9, 2012—Sparks, Nev.
Donna L. Keislar ’96 (nursing)
Jan. 29, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Michael V. Colpo ’98M.A. (English)
Dec. 7, 2011—Reno, Nev..
Louise B.
Fraser ’01
(social work)
Dec. 12, 2011—
Reno, Nev.
For the full obituaries
S. Lane ’01 (criminal justice)
Jan. 20, 2012—Miami, Fla.
Martha and Clarence Jones ‘31 (electrical engineering) and
then-University President Joe Crowley.
Martha (Hansen) Jones (arts and science)
Feb. 8, 2012—Reno, Nev.
Martha Jones passed away Feb. 8, 2012, in Reno. She was
born in Sacramento, Calif., on Nov. 3, 1912, to Charles Hansen
and Lucinda Washington Hansen. In
1927, the family moved to Reno when
Martha father purchased the Lindley
and Company wholesale grocery branch
store. Martha graduated from Reno High
School in 1929, attended the University
of Nevada for two years, and received her
bachelor’s degree in public school music, piano and voice with
minors in English and history from the College of Pacific in
1933. She earned her music teaching certificate in 1934.
Because of the Great Depression, there were no music
teaching positions open in California schools, so Martha
returned to Reno and became a substitute organist at Renoarea churches.
In 1935, Martha married Clarence Jones ‘31 (electrical
engineering), who was working with Reno Newspapers,
Inc. as a circulation manager. They had two daughters, Ann
Carlson and Charlotte McConnell.
Martha became the regular organist for the First United
Methodist Church in 1942 and retired in 1967. She served as
church secretary for several years and held countless offices
on the local, district and conference levels in the Methodist
Church. For 12 years, she was the executive secretary of the
Methodist Employed Women’s group for the 10 Western
states. Martha served as executive secretary of the Reno
Camp Fire Girls during the war years in the 1940s and in
1986 received the Friend of Camp Fire Award for 60 years of
outstanding support. For 15 years, she was employed as a
bookkeeper for the Nevada Engraving Company.
Robert M. Gorrell ’80HDG, emeritus faculty and
former dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Dec. 25, 2011—Reno, Nev.
Committee Distinguished Scholar and the University’s
Distinguished Faculty Award. In 2001, he was inducted into
the Nevada Writer’s Hall of Fame.
For many years, Gorrell was best known for his enduring
collaboration with fellow University English Professor
Charlton Laird, The Modern English Handbook, first published
in 1953.
Over the next several decades, The Modern English
Handbook became a successful English textbook that was
used on college campuses throughout the country.
As his academic career was winding down, Gorrell’s
writing life continued to take off. From 1982–95, he penned
the popular language and usage column, “Straight Talk,” in
the Reno Gazette-Journal.
In addition to his newspaper column, Gorrell produced
several books, including: Watch Your Language: Mother
Tongue and Her Wayward Children; Murder at the Rose;
and What’s in a Word: Etymological Gossip About Some
English Words.
—John Trent ‘85, ‘87, ‘00M.A.
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
Gorrell, 97, a member of the Nevada Writer’s Hall of Fame
who continued to write books following his induction in
2001, died at his Reno home on Christmas Day.
Gorrell’s career at the University began in 1945. Over
the next 35 years, he was an English professor and
department chair, dean of the College of Arts and Science
and vice president for academic affairs. Growing up in
Indiana, he had been a newspaper writer and printer. Early
in his career, he was a Fulbright lecturer at universities in
Sydney and Helsinki.
His honors included the National Council of Teachers
of English Distinguished Lecturer, Nevada Humanities
Martha belonged to a number of organizations and devoted
a significant amount of time volunteering. She was especially
proud of being the author of the History of the First United
Methodist Church in Reno, which she wrote in 1968 and
updated in a reprint of the book in 1980.
Martha and Clarence were generous philanthropists whose
donations to the University of Nevada, Reno and the University
of Pacific have been well-recognized. They helped fund
the renovation of the former journalism building (now the
Clarence and Martha Jones Visitor Center) and provided major
support for the College of Education, the School of Medicine,
the College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts. The
Clarence & Martha Jones Special Collections and University
Archives in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center is named
in their honor, and their names are engraved in the University’s
Honor Court.
Martha was awarded the President’s Medal from the
University of Nevada, Reno in 1985 and named Distinguished
Alumna of the Year for University Service at University of
Pacific in 1986. She was inducted into the Nevada Women’s
Fund Hall of Fame in 1988 and became a Junior Achievement
Laureate in 1995.
She is preceded in death by her parents, her husband,
Clarence, and her brother, Charles Hansen. She is survived by
her two daughters, Ann Carlson ’59 (business), ’78 M.Ed. and
Charlotte McConnell, both of Reno; three grandchildren and
five great-grandchildren.
Memorial donations may be made to the University
of Nevada, Reno Foundation, Clarence & Martha Jones
Scholarship, Mail Stop/162, Reno, NV 89557.
Nevada Silver & Blue • Spring 2012
Described as a force in journalism for more
than 50 years, Frank McCulloch ’41 (journalism), ’67HDG launched his career in journalism
as a student journalist at Nevada, as editor of
the campus newspaper, Sagebrush. Following
graduation, he got his start at the United Press
in San Francisco. He then returned to Nevada
to uncover links between organized crime and
casinos in the 1940s as a reporter with the Reno
Evening Gazette.
McCulloch was hired by Time magazine and
wrote the 1955 cover story on Thurgood Marshall
and conducted the last interview given by Howard
Hughes, then one of the world’s richest and most
mysterious men. Hired as a managing editor by
the Los Angeles Times in 1960, McCulloch helped
transform the newspaper into a world-class publication. He left the Los Angeles Times to cover
the Vietnam War for Time in 1963 and during
his four years there was widely regarded as one of
the most respected journalists covering the war.
From 1975 to 1985, McCulloch worked for the
McClatchy newspapers, first as managing editor of
the Sacramento Bee, then as executive editor of all
McClatchy newspapers. Reflecting his passion for
work, McCulloch was named in seven libel suits—
all successfully defended—during his McClatchy
years. These lawsuits helped establish protections
that journalists benefit from today.
Although he spent his career at the side of
the top publishing families in U.S. history—the
Chandlers, the Luces, the Hearsts—he inspired
and championed the work of others from behind
the scenes. McCulloch led a generation of reporters including Karsten Prager, whom he hired in
Saigon and who later became international editor
for Time; author and Pulitzer Prize winner David
Halberstam; Lowell Bergman of the New York
Times and Frontline (PBS); and many others.
Days after retiring from McClatchy at age 65,
McCulloch was hired by the San Francisco Examiner, where he worked as managing editor until
1991. From 1991 until 1994, he served as board
member and special consultant to the Center for
Investigative Reporting, the nation’s oldest nonprofit investigative reporting organization, based
in California.
In October 2003, McCulloch was recognized
by the Center for Investigative Reporting for his
lifetime achievement as a reporter and editor.
Today, McCulloch is retired, though he says
he still dreams about the newsroom every night.
He said that without the Reynolds School of
Journalism, he’d “still be pitching hay in Fernley …
It’s dead true. It’s not an exaggeration.”
McCulloch’s history runs deep with the
University. In 1967, he received an Honorary
Doctorate and was the Commencement speaker.
Frank McCulloch ’41 (journalism), ’67 (honorary doctorate of humane letters)
He is a past Alumni Council president, served
twice as a Scripps speaker and, in 2009, received
the first Reynolds School Distinguished Alumnus
Award. Later that year he established the Frank
McCulloch Award for Courage in Journalism
Endowment, which is awarded to a journalist
who embodies the courage McCulloch showed
throughout his career as a journalist.
Another thing I’m proud of is starting,
maintaining and establishing investigative
reporting at the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento
Bee and San Francisco Examiner. Investigative
reporting deals with misdeeds, inefficiency
or any kind of corruption within institutions
that have considerable public consequence. It
inevitably leads to libel suits.
The first job in which I formally ran investigative reporting was at Time Life news service. We had three of the best investigative reporters
in the country: Sandy Smith, Denny Walsh
and Bill Lambert. Denny Walsh left and went
to work for the Sacramento Bee. About year
and a half later, I joined him and we had the
start of a great investigative team. We created a
corporate investigative group there with three
reporters: Denny from Sacramento, a reporter
from Modesto and one from Fresno. During
the five or six years of the team’s existence,
seven libel suits were filed against us, and we
won every one of them.
Investigative reporting is more formalized
now. The Center for Investigative Reporting (which used to be run on contributions)
began in a little office in San Francisco. It has
now moved to UC Berkeley and has become a
major force in journalism education. I’m also
proud that I took the Los Angeles Times into
coverage of minorities—particularly blacks
and Hispanics. Those minorities had been
ignored except for crime news before I became
managing editor.
What are your fondest memories
from your days at Nevada?
What advice would you give someone
just starting out from college?
I really enjoyed all four years at Nevada.
Those years were enormously pleasant and rewarding for me. I had three professors that I was
impressed with: S. Allen Lough, chemistry; Paul
Harwood, English; and Anatole Mazur, political
science. They were all supreme lecturers and
experts in their areas.
I pitched a no-hitter in inter-fraternity
baseball. That’s not a bad memory. We won the
inter-fraternity baseball championship that
year, and I pitched every game.
I wouldn’t presume to advise physics majors
or medical students. I’ll stick to journalism
students. One premise I suggest you follow is
not only to gather facts—which you certainly
have to do—but be honest. If you’re honest
with yourself as a reporter, you’ll find over
and over again that your own conscience and
judgment will tell you the way things stand
at the moment. If you have 49 facts that say a
building is painted red and one uneasy feeling
that it is an illusion, be honest with yourself and
find out why you feel that way. More often than
not, you’ll discover your impression was right.
Being honest is a quality in journalists that is at
least as important as all other good practices.
It’s one of the things that distinguishes superb
journalism from good or adequate journalism.
Photo provided by Frank McCulloch
What I’ve Done With My Life
Frank McCulloch ’41, ’67HDG, right,
interviews a U.S. Army Special Forces colonel
in command of a South Vietnamese camp
under siege, circa 1966.
What have you done that you are
most proud of?
I’m enormously proud of the creation and
maintenance of the Frank McCulloch Award
for Courage in Journalism. I am happy that it
will continue for future generations of journalism students.
Photo by Dave Smith
Fostering Nevada’s Future
Nell J. Redfield Foundation to
fund clinical research at Nevada
physician faculty in writing and publishing
articles, making presentations about research
results and extending studies performed
in a single location to a wider set of clinical
practices—investigational methods collectively
referred to as “translational research.”
“Translational medicine is neither isolated
‘basic’ research nor can it be described merely
as ‘clinical’ research. It is typically disciplinary,”
says Dr. Daniel Shapiro, chairman of internal
medicine at the School of Medicine in Reno. “It
attempts to rapidly apply targeted basic science
results to clinical practice.
“Clinical observations may prompt
basic scientists to conduct these targeted
investigations,” Shapiro adds. “As a result,
the yield of translational research is greater
and the time required to apply basic science
to clinical care is shorter than in the typical
research cycle.”
Students will receive hands-on experience
during research rotations in the third and
fourth year and in residencies, ultimately
providing the students with a career model
that combines practice and research. The
northern Nevada patient community will
benefit from being closer to the source of
practice innovations.
“Advancement of clinical research is
important to the growth of the School of
Medicine and to the betterment of the
community,” says Jerry Smith, Redfield
Foundation trustee. “We are pleased to be able
to partner with the medical school in this most
worthy undertaking.”
The Redfield Foundation has been a major
supporter of the University for decades,
including substantial support for the William
N. Pennington Health Sciences Building, the
Nell J. Redfield Foundation Auditorium in the
Davidson Mathematics and Science Center,
the Sports Medicine Fellowship, the Student
Outreach Clinic and the Redfield Campus.
To learn more about supporting the School of Medicine, please contact
Stefanie Scoppettone, director of development, (775) 682-9143 or [email protected]
—Roseann Keegan
NEVADA SILVER & BLUE • Spring 2012
From a research center to a patient’s bedside,
the delivery of new medical discoveries can
take upward of 17 years. Now, with the help of
a $1.5 million pledge from the Nell J. Redfield
Foundation, researchers at the University
of Nevada School of Medicine endeavor to
impact medical practice and patient treatment
by providing the treatments of tomorrow—
today. Current research projects at the School
of Medicine range from pediatric genetics to
AIDS diagnostics.
“The Redfield Foundation’s commitment to
support the development of a robust clinical
research enterprise will enhance our ability to
improve medical care in Nevada and to train
more and better medical students, residents
and fellows,” says Dr. Thomas Schwenk, dean
of the School of Medicine.
To shorten the time between medical
discovery and practical application, the School
of Medicine will begin by assembling a clinical
research team charged with supporting
Dr. Elijah Johnson, a Department of Surgery
faculty member at the University of Nevada
School of Medicine, right, studies X-ray images
with radiologist and former School of Medicine
student Dr. Matthew Ripplinger ’06M.D.
Five out of five doctors agree.
Dr. Amanda Casey
’99, ‘06MD
member since ’11
Dr. Derek Beenfeldt
’93, ‘11MD
Dr. Harry English
’77, ‘81MD
member since ’06
lifetime member
Dr. Patrick Osgood
’88, ‘92MD
lifetime member
Dr. Cheryl HugEnglish ’78, ‘82MD
These local docs all support their University.
If you ask us, their most impressive credentials aren’t found on their walls, but rather in their
wallets. As card-carrying members of the Nevada Alumni Association, these University of
Nevada School of Medicine graduates are all staying connected to their alma mater, including
the latest news, events, discounts, campus happenings, updates on fellow grads and more.
Talk about a healthy outlook on life.
Nevada Alumni Association | • 775.784.6620 • 888.NV ALUMS
Once Nevada. Always Nevada.
member since ’06
MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Lombardi Recreation Center | ASUN Bookstore | Silver & Blue Outfitters | The Lil’ Wal | Somersett Golf & Country Club | and 250,000 more local and national vendors.
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