Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Xcelerator IP?
Xcelerator IP from Vertical Communications is a simple, affordable and integrated telephone
communications and networking device for the small office/home office (SOHO) market. Xcelerator IP
supports one WAN port with up to eight (8) VoIP (SIP-based) trunk connections, four (4) 10/100
Ethernet LAN ports, and one 802.11g wireless access point. It is designed to handle three (3)
incoming PSTN lines, one FXS or single line device and up to twenty-four (24) IP2007 telephones.
What type of customer is right for Xcelerator IP?
Xcelerator IP is designed as an “all-in-one” cost-effective solution for the small office/home office
(SOHO) market and is ideal for:
• Small businesses with up to 24 employees looking for a robust, affordable integrated voice and
data solution.
• Home offices looking for an all-in-one communications solution that’s easy to install and maintain.
What are the main benefits of having an “all-in-one” solution?
Because Xcelerator IP offers everything the customer needs in one compact, affordable device, it
delivers significant cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase, manage and integrate multiple
voice and data components. For the small office/home office (SOHO) business professional,
Xcelerator IP eliminates the need to buy and set up a router, firewall, IP-PBX system, voicemail
system and wireless access. In addition, because the product’s voice and data capabilities are tightly
integrated, Xcelerator IP customers don’t have to deal with the hassle of making everything
interoperate properly. The easy-to-use Setup Wizard and Web-based Configuration Utility eliminate
complexity so that it’s easy to get up and running quickly.
Is Xcelerator IP difficult to install?
Xcelerator IP features an easy-to-use Setup Wizard and a Web-based Configuration Utility to make
installation a snap.
What are the certification requirements for dealers who want to sell Xcelerator IP?
Because of the ease of installation and maintenance, there is no certification required for dealers who
want to sell Xcelerator IP.
Is SIP trunking supported on the Xcelerator IP?
Yes, Xcelerator IP supports up to eight (8) SIP trunks in addition to the three (3) PSTN lines.
What providers support SIP trunking services for Xcelerator IP?
We are currently pursuing certification with a number of SIP providers. At this time, we have certified
Xcelerator IP with:
• BlueMile™
• Quantumvoice
• Simple Signal
Information on ordering SIP connections from these carriers can be found under the Partners section
at Configuration guides for each carrier will be developed and placed on the
Vertical Website as certification is completed.
We are continuing to certify additional carriers and as these certifications are completed, the Partners
section of the Website will be updated to include this information.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which CODECS are supported?
G.711, G.723.1 and G.729 are supported and do not require any additional licensing. However, it is
recommended that all SIP connections be G.711. Xcelerator IP supports G.729, but only a partial
implementation at this time. Calls terminating to the Auto Attendant and voicemail are not supported
using G.729. External and station-to-station calls using G.729 are supported.
Can Xcelerator IP serve as a wireless LAN?
Yes, there is a built-in 802.11g wireless access point. For information on setting this up, please check
the documentation.
Does Xcelerator IP have an integrated firewall?
Yes, the integrated firewall is easily configured. Details are provided in the documentation.
Can Xcelerator IP be networked to other sites?
Yes, Xcelerator IP allows up to ten sites to be networked together. Details are provided in the
What features are supported across networked systems?
Xcelerator IP supports a unified dial plan, intercom calling and call forwarding across the network.
Is fax detection available with Xcelerator IP?
Yes, Xcelerator IP offers built-in fax/modem tone detection.
Is Music On Hold (MOH) supported by Xcelerator IP?
Yes, any .wav or .mp3 file converted into a .vox file can be uploaded to Xcelerator IP system via the
Web-based Configuration Utility. Xcelerator IP does not support an external Music On Hold source.
Is Internal Paging supported by Xcelerator IP?
Yes, Xcelerator IP supports up to three paging groups. In addition, All Call paging is also supported.
Is External Paging supported by Xcelerator IP?
Yes, Xcelerator IP supports External Paging by interfacing a PSTN line to an external paging device.
Is conference calling supported by Xcelerator IP?
Yes, the Xcelerator IP supports three-party conferences.
Is PSTN backup supported by Xcelerator IP?
Yes, in the event of a power failure, Xcelerator IP will automatically switch the first PSTN line to the
single line (FXS).
Can a user manage Xcelerator IP remotely?
Yes, a user can configure and administer Xcelerator IP via the Web-based administrative interface,
which is supported by the built-in Web server, using either a wired or wireless connection.
How are software upgrades managed for Xcelerator IP?
The Web-based administrative interface is used to manage software upgrades to both Xcelerator IP
and IP2007 phones.
How does a user backup Xcelerator IP configuration and voice prompts?
The user should save all configurations and voice prompts to a local PC or network server. This
information can also be pushed to Xcelerator IP via an integrated TFTP server from the local PC or
network server if they need restore the system.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do PC clients and IP2007 phones connect to Xcelerator IP?
Xcelerator IP supports DHCP so that PCs and the IP2007 phones are essentially “plug-and-play.”
This means that when connected, PCs and IP2007 phones will automatically register with Xcelerator
IP utilizing standard SIP protocols. To connect wireless devices, the user would select “Xcelerator IP”
from the list of available wireless networks to register with Xcelerator IP.
What security features does Xcelerator IP offer?
Xcelerator IP supports WEP, WPA and MAC address filtering to establish authentication and
encryption for attached devices and prevent access by unauthorized users.
How does a user route a call to a particular client station based on the DID number?
Xcelerator IP can map a specific trunk to a specific IP2007 phone. In this manner, the calling party is
mapped to that IP2007 when that trunk is dialed directly.
How does Xcelerator IP support contact lists?
The IP2007 telephone supports an internal 400-entry directory per phone. The user can program the
directory from the softkeys via the TUI or via the browser-based administration GUI.
Integrated Voice Messaging System
What kind of voice messaging system is available with Xcelerator IP?
Xcelerator IP features a built-in Flash-based voicemail system.
What is the capacity and scalability of the Xcelerator IP voicemail system?
The voicemail system features 4 ports and supports up to 4 hours of flash-based memory for the
entire system.
What happens if a user exceeds the 4-hour limit?
When the 4-hour limit is reached, the system begins to write over the oldest voicemail files.
Can a user increase the storage capacity for voicemail?
The voicemail storage cannot be upgraded.
How many voicemail boxes are supported?
Up to twenty-four (24) voicemail boxes are supported.
How can a user route voicemail messages to an e-mail inbox?
Each user can set up voicemail to send an e-mail notification when a new voicemail message has
been recorded. The voice message is attached to the e-mail file as a .wav file.
Is the message deleted from the user mailbox when using the voice message export function?
No. The user will have to manually delete the message from their mailbox. There is no support for
synchronization between Xcelerator IP and an external mail server.
How does a user create customized voice prompts for the Auto Attendant?
Users can record customized prompts for the main greeting, after hours greeting, lunchtime greeting,
and holiday greeting. These recordings can either be recorded using a telephone, or recorded
externally and pushed to Xcelerator IP as a .vox file from the administration utility.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do the voice prompts handle multiple languages?
Xcelerator IP supports two sets of voice prompts, making it easy to create voice prompts in two
languages of your choice. Voice files are stored in the .vox format. Documentation is provided with
each Xcelerator IP, detailing the content and recording of all prompts on the system.
Is there any visual indication on the telephone when there is a voicemail message?
Yes, there is a voicemail icon on the left top corner of the LCD. In addition, there is a Message
Waiting indicator on the top of the LCD.
Xcelerator IP Endpoints
What endpoints are supported by Xcelerator IP?
Xcelerator IP supports:
• Vertical IP2007 desk phone
• One single-line analog telephone or analog device (e.g., fax or credit card machine) via the FSX
• A wireless PC
Are these Xcelerator IP2007 endpoints interchangeable with other Vodavi/Vertical platforms?
No, the endpoints are only supported by Xcelerator IP.
Do IP2007 desk phones come with a power adapter?
Yes, Xcelerator IP2007 phones each come with a power adapter.
Is 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE) supported by the Xcelerator IP and IP2007 telephones?
Yes. IP2007 phones can access power either from a supplied power adapter or via an external
managed switch. For PoE, the user simply sets an option switch on the back of the phone to the
desired setting. The default setting is power adapter. When connecting more than four (4) IP2007
telephones to Xcelerator IP, a managed switch must be installed to provide the PoE interface.
However, Xcelerator IP does not support PoE natively. If IP2007 telephones are connected to the
Ethernet ports on Xcelerator IP, the power adapter must be used.
Is the phone wall or desk mountable?
Both are accommodated. A wall mount is included with the IP2007 phone.
Does the IP2007 support a headset?
Yes, headsets are supported via a handset jack on the IP2007, as opposed to a 2.5mm jack.
Can I use the IP2007 phone at my home and connect to Xcelerator IP in the office?
Yes. Remote IP 2007 capability is available. Details are provided in the documentation.
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