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Intel® Core™ Processors
Primary Care Clinic Solution (PCCS)
Elevating healthcare with high-performance
data security solution
Cybernet helps secure medical environment with a Primary Care Clinic (PCC) solution powered by Intel® Core™
processors, providing reliable data processing and security
•Enhance data processing. Design a terminal that will provide easy access to data while
speeding up data processing.
•Enhance data security. Prevent data loss with an IT solution designed to meet data security needs.
•Implement space-saving solutions. Make limited spaces work to carry all IT equipment.
• Deploy PCC terminal running on Intel Core processors. Use a mildly regulated terminal
powered by Intel Core processors to replace current POS terminal, improving processing and
easy access to data.
• Utilize data security features of Intel Core processors and McAfee*. Protect data with Intel
Core processors’ built-in security features such as Identity Protection and Anti-Theft Technologies,
and McAfee’s healthcare data security solution.
• Deploy all-in-one PCs. Utilize space-saving solution offered by the PCC system, bringing all
healthcare IT technologies in one package.
Established in 1996, Cybernet
Manufacturing, Inc. is the
pioneer in high-performance,
all-in-one PC technology,
providing space-saving
IT solutions customized
to suit customers’ unique
environments and computing
needs. It designs and
manufactures all-in-one PCs for
multiple markets that include
healthcare, banking, education,
and government, among other
industries. Its all-in-one PC
products include all-in-one PCs
in an LCD monitor, all-in-one
PCs in a keyboard, and medical
grade all-in-one PCs. Cybernet
boasts of products that are
green, energy saving and easy
to install and maintain.
• Improved performance. Intel Core processors provided enough power and performance to run
the hospital information system, electronic medical record and personal health record systems,
allowing faster processing and easy access to data.
• Enhanced data security. Built-in security features provided authentication protection to secure
and prevent data loss.
• Increased reliability. Better and faster performance of the PCC solution ensured continuous,
reliable service from hospital.
• Improved user experience. The new PCC solution helps doctors and nurses update data easily,
improving efficiency in the workplace.
• Gained greater patient trust. Patients now enjoy good quality service from hospitals that have
deployed the PCC solution, ensuring their personal privacy through a system that protects their
personal records
• Strengthened brand image. Partnering with Intel allowed Cybernet to gain more success in the
market, thanks to a good PCC solution that leverages the expertise of a top technology provider.
Healthcare facilities have come to rely on PC technology to run applications for patient care, medical
records, patient management, hospital administration, and laboratory and radiology analysis.
While providing a systematic approach to data filing, using PCs has also put personal and private
information at risk of public leakage or loss.
“Hospitals do not want to cause unnecessary hassle for their patients and their medical personnel.
That is why, they need to invest on a good IT system that will prevent medical data loss and provide
the highest level of security for all the medical data,” said Kelvin Wu, operation manager for Taiwan
at Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc.
Committed to provide the best customized IT solutions, Cybernet introduced the Primary Care
Clinic (PCC) solution through the Cybermed H6 all-in-one PC. This system enables doctors to enter
data, access X-rays and lab results, issue prescriptions and send them to pharmacies, and record all
pertinent patient information.
With the confidential nature of the data, Cybermed H6 should ensure high-quality data security,
as well as provide doctors and medical personnel easy access to this information. To meet this
requirement, Cybernet partnered with Intel to elevate the performance and data security features
of the Cybermed H6 through Intel Core processors.
Intel® Core™ processors-powered Cybermed H6
speeds up data processing and secure sensitive
medical data
“The 2nd generation Intel Core
processor family provide excellent
performance and power for our
Primary Care Clinic (PCC) solution,
providing unparalleled security for
the medical environment which
involves a lot of data and graphics
Kelvin Wu
Operation Manager, Taiwan
Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc.
Enhancing PCC performance
Cybernet and Intel worked together to define
the important features that would make the
PCC system ideal in a medical environment.
From market research, they have discovered
that doctors and patients want a PCC system
that will improve their user experience.
To meet this requirement, Intel designed a
mild regulated terminal that will replace the
current POS terminal. Intel integrated the 2nd
generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processors into
Cybermed H6, providing enough power and
performance to run the electronic medical
record (EMR), hospital information system
(HIS), and personal health record (PHR),
simultaneously. It also boasts of touch and
wireless capabilities to support speedy EMR
input and processing, as well as quickly display
and manipulate medical graphics.
Using Intel Core processors allowed
Cybermed H6 to effectively support
efficient patient registration and made
this information available on the patient
database, consultation room, dispensation
and inventory. It is now able to connect
patient information to the hospital waiting
area, nursing stations, pharmacy counters,
treatment centers, home cares, and patient
examination centers.
Securing medical data
Another important feature that Cybernet
and Intel have identified was making the
Cybermed H6 a reliable solution that can
protect and secure medical data. It should be
able to prevent private and personal medical
information from going to the wrong person or
be exposed to the public by mistake.
Using Intel Core processors on Cybermed H6,
Cybernet was able to address security issues
as the processor has built-in security features
on the silicon itself. These features include the
Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT),
which provides built-in support for two-factor
authentication, adding stronger security than
the usual username and password combination.
Also embedded into Intel Core processor is the
Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT), which
provides initial control over the system at
boot-up to be able to check whether the system
needs to be locked down before the operating
system starts and during normal use.
For additional software security, Intel also
integrated the McAfee healthcare security
software, which allowed Cybermed H6 to
be managed and secured from a single,
integrated platform. The McAfee optimized
security architecture provides protection
against emerging threats while providing
protective access to sensitive data and
reducing security footprint or overhead.
Promoting space-saving solutions
Hospitals often have limited spaces for
computer equipment. Taking this into
consideration, Cybernet made sure that
the Cybermed H6 will be able to provide all
pertinent medical information in one access.
As an all-in-one system, Cybermed H6 brings
high-performance data processing and data
security in one space-saving package that
is easy to deploy and maintain. This enables
doctors and medical personnel to enter data,
access X-ray and lab results, record all data
pertinent to patient visit – all before the
patient leaves the exam room. Besides making
bedside monitoring easily accessible, Cybermed
H6 also brings infotainment within patients’
reach by allowing them to watch their favorite
TV shows or surf the Internet all from one
easy-to-operate PCC system.
High-performance, reliable, and secure
PCC system
The Intel Core processors-powered Cybermed
H6 has created a reliable, speedy, and
high-performance solution that helps keep
hospitals running at maximum efficiency.
Patients are assured that their personal
and private medical information are kept
confidential. Hospitals also enjoy the trust
and confidence of patients, while providing
good quality medical service. With its
space-saving solution, doctors and medical
personnel need not worry about one too
many computer equipment in a limited space.
With the Cybermed H6 running on Intel Core
processors, Cybernet’s customers are able to
deliver the ultimate all-in-one medical PC with
highest performance and reliability in data
processing and protection, providing ‘realtime medicine’ to patients.
“In the future, there will be a big increase
in computing device connected to the
Internet. This poses a big risk in data losses
and security. Providing a PCC solution like
the Cybermed H6 with enhanced security
features from Intel helps Cybernet stay ahead
of its competitors,” said Amy Chong Yew Ee,
Sales Account Manager in APAC OSC, Intel.
A comparison of performance and data security features
Legacy POS
powered by Intel Core processors
Medical data not read
available with higher
risks of being lost
data easily accessible
Medical data is not secure
Fast data processing,
enhance efficiency
and data security
Use of various devices
to set up the system
Integrated system
maximizes space;
less equipment
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