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User’s Manual
Dear Parent,
At VTech®, we know that there is nothing more special than watching your baby
discover something new for the first time. These moments become even more
rewarding when you see your baby share and smile in the excitement of these
important discoveries. That is why VTech® created the V.Smile Baby Infant
Development System, a unique grow-with-me development system designed
especially for the youngest learners aged 9 to 36 months. The learning grows as
your baby grows!
The V.Smile Baby Infant Development System combines a baby-friendly
wireless activity panel, age-appropriate curriculum, entertaining images, and
fun early learning activities into a unique experience for babies and parents to
share together. The V.Smile Baby Infant Development System engages even
the littlest learner with three grow-with-me play modes: Play Time, Watch &
Learn, and Learn & Explore. Babies go from playing with the activity panel,
to watching educational videos complete with baby sign language, to directing
their own play on the TV screen by choosing subjects they want to learn.
As part of the V.Smile Baby Infant Development System, VTech® offers a
library of Baby Smartridges based on popular children’s environments that
engage and invite your baby to play and discover. Each Baby Smartridge
features a variety of learning activities, baby sign language, ‘grow-with-me’
play, and lovable characters to guide your baby on a learning journey.
“V.Smile Baby extends the classic activity center into an interactive,
enriching educational experience for infants and toddlers especially when
played with a loving adult,” says Dr. Lise Eliot, neuroscientist and author
of What’s Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First
Five Years of Life.
“The traditional activity center, which includes different shapes, colors and
sounds, will captivate your baby, while the interchangeable Baby Smartridges
will reduce boredom and introduce your child to a variety of important earlylearning concepts and vocabulary.”
At VTech®, we are proud to provide parents with a sensory-rich learning tool for
their little ones. Tapping into a baby’s natural curiosity, creativity and passion for
learning, VTech® makes every encounter an opportunity for discovery. We thank
you for trusting VTech® with the important job of helping your child grow.
Your Friends at VTech®
To learn more about the V.Smile Baby Infant Development System and other
VTech® toys, visit www.vtechkids.com
A gang of lovable little animals will drive home lessons in shapes, colors,
numbers, animals, and music while engaging your little one in exciting play.
The Learn & Discover Home Baby Smartridge™ also introduces your baby to
first words with baby sign language!
Step 1: To Begin Play
To begin play, slide the ON/OFF Switch on the activity panel to the ON (
position. Next, slide the TV Play/Play Alone Switch on the activity panel to the
TV Play (
) mode.
EXIT Button
TV Play/Play
Alone Switch
ON/OFF Switch
Step 2: Choose Your Play Mode
Slide the Mode Selector Switch on the activity panel to the Play time Mode, the
Watch & Learn Mode or the Learn & Explore Mode. When you have selected
a play mode, press any button to continue.
Getting Started
Step 3: Selecting An Activity
Press a shape button to choose one of the five activities. In the Watch & Learn
Mode, the Baby Sign Language activity will be added. Press the large purple
button to select the Baby Sign Language activity.
3 Modes of Play
Play Time Mode (Suggested ages 9 months and up)
The Play Time Mode is designed specifically with curious
babies in mind. This mode of play allows babies to explore
each of the activities with the press of a button. Babies will
be rewarded with fun animations, sounds and basic learning
Watch & Learn Mode (Suggested ages 18 months and up)
The Watch & Learn Mode functions as a learning video.
With over thirty minutes of stimulating images and playful
animations, toddlers will be introduced to a variety of learning
curriculum including baby sign language, colors, shapes,
numbers, vocabulary and much more.
Learn & Explore Mode (Suggested ages 24 months and up)
The Learn & Explore Mode is geared for the toddler who
has the knowledge from the previous two modes and is
ready to direct his/her own learning. Simple directions and
questions allow toddlers to apply the new information they
have acquired.
Exit Button
When you press the EXIT button within an activity, it will return you to the activity
selection screen. When you press the EXIT button within the activity selection
screen, it will return you to the mode selection screen.
Educational Curriculum
Bunny’s Color Bubble Bath
Puppy’s Stacking Number
Squirrel’s Shape Adventure
Colors, Objects
Kitty’s Perfect Band
Baby Sign Language
Shapes, Shape Characteristics, Objects
Animals, Animal Sounds, Animal
Musical Instruments, Musical Styles,
Music, Sing-Along Songs
First Words
Squirrel’s Shape Adventure
Bunny’s Color
Bubble Bath
Birdie’s Animal Buddies
Numbers, Counting
Kitty’s Perfect
Birdie’s Animal
Baby Sign
Puppy’s Stacking Number Blocks
Bunny’s Color Bubble Bath
Bunny is ready to take a bubble bath. Look at the rainbow of color bubbles!
Game Play
Play Time mode: Press the color buttons to explore colors.
Watch & Learn mode: Watch bunny introduce each of the
colors as he presents several objects in each color.
Learn & Explore mode: Direct your own learning by choosing
your favorite color.
At the end of each activity, you will be rewarded with a fun song!
Puppy’s Stacking Number Blocks
Puppy loves to count. Join puppy as he counts blocks and other fun things
in his home.
Game Play
Play Time mode: Press the color buttons to learn numbers
one to five.
Watch & Learn mode: Puppy will teach about numbers,
numerals and counting.
At the end of each activity, you will be rewarded with a fun song!
Squirrel’s Shape Adventure
Learn & Explore mode: Help puppy count his blocks by
pressing the correct number of buttons when asked.
Squirrel is going on an adventure looking for shapes. Can you help him?
Game Play
Play Time mode: Press the color buttons to fill the sky with
different shaped balloons.
Watch & Learn mode: Squirrel will introduce five different
shapes and their characteristics with related objects.
Learn & Explore mode: Help squirrel look for shapes by
answering simple questions.
At the end of each activity, you will be rewarded with a fun song!
Birdie’s Animal Buddies
Peek-a-boo, I see you! Come and play with Birdie and all of his friends.
Game Play
Play Time mode: Press the color buttons to see Birdie’s
friends play peek-a-boo from behind related objects.
Watch & Learn mode: Birdie will introduce all of his friends
and fun facts about each one.
Learn & Explore mode: Time to play hide and seek with all of
the animals. Where could the animals be hiding?
At the end of each activity, you will be rewarded with a fun song!
Kitty’s Perfect Band
It’s the perfect time to learn about music! Kitty loves music and has a variety
of musical instruments and styles she wants to introduce.
Game Play
Watch & Learn mode: Kitty will introduce a variety of musical
styles and a wide range of musical instruments and how they
are played.
Learn & Explore mode: Kitty and her band will sing six different
songs. Don’t be shy, sing along with the animals!
Play Time mode: Press the color buttons to be introduced to
an assortment of musical instruments and their sounds.
At the end of each activity, you will be rewarded with a fun song!
Baby Sign Language - First Words
Game Play
This activity only appears in the Watch & Learn mode. Teach
baby to start talking with their hands. Research has proven that
babies who sign speak earlier, experience less frustration, and
benefit intellectually. Watch as the babies introduce first word
signs including drink, milk, ball, hat and book.
1. Keep your V.Smile Baby™ clean by wiping it with a slightly damp cloth.
Never use solvents or abrasives.
2. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat.
3. Remove the batteries when not using it for an extended period of time.
4. Avoid dropping it. NEVER try to dismantle it.
5. Always keep the V.Smile Baby™ away from water.
A very small percentage of the public, due to an existing condition, may
experience epileptic seizures or momentary loss of consciousness when
viewing certain types of flashing colors or patterns, especially on television.
While the V.Smile Baby™ Infant Development System does not contribute
to any additional risks, we do recommend that parents supervise their children
while they play games in front of a television. If your child experiences dizziness,
altered vision, disorientation, or convulsions, discontinue use immediately and
consult your physician.
Please note that focusing on a television screen at close range for a prolonged
period of time may cause fatigue or discomfort. We recommend that children
take a 15-minute break for every hour of play.
Please note that if you try to insert or remove a Baby Smartridge™ without
first turning the unit OFF, you may experience a malfunction. If this happens,
and the console does not respond to pressing the ON/OFF button, remove
the batteries from the console unit. Then, reinstall the batteries.
If you have a problem that cannot be solved by using this manual, we encourage
you to visit us online or contact our Consumer Services Department with any
problems and/or suggestions that you might have. A support representative
will be happy to assist you.
Before requesting support, please be ready to provide or include the
information below:
The name of your product or model number. (The model number is typically
located on the back or bottom of your product.)
The actual problem you are experiencing.
The actions you took right before the problem occurred.
Internet: www.vtechkids.com
Phone:1-800-521-2010 in the U.S. or 1-877-352-8697 in Canada
VTech® Electronics North America, L.L.C. and its suppliers assume no
responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from the use of this handbook.
VTech® Electronics North America, L.L.C. and its supplies assume no
responsibility for any loss or claims by third parties that may arise through the
use of this software. VTech® Electronics North America, L.L.C. and its suppliers
assume no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by deletion of data
as a result of malfunction, dead battery, or repairs. Be sure to make backup
copies of important data on other media to protect against data loss.
COMPANY: VTech® Electronics North America, L.L.C.
ADDRESS: 1155 West Dundee, Suite 130, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA
TEL NO.: 1-800-521-2010 in the U.S. or 1-877-352-8697 in Canada.
FCC Notice:
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class
B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed
to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential
installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency
energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may
cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no
guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this
equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which
can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged
to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna
• Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from
that to which the receiver is connected
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help
Caution: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party
responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the
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