SE-W3D is a wireless Dual phone which is composed of one
base and one handset. The base is a high quality speaker phone,
which is ideal for conference calls. The handset has blue back
lighted graphic LCD. Device rings for incoming calls. You can
make/receive a call via the handset without the limitation of
USB cable, just like using a mobile phone.
1. Skype and PSTN in one.
2. 2.4GHz ISM Band, suitable for Europe, USA, Japan etc
3. Handfree with digital echo cancellation
4. Large graphic LCD with blue backlight
5. Review Skype/PSTN contacts and call list on handset LCD
6. Device rings for all incoming calls
7. FSK/DTMF caller ID for PSTN
8. Multi-language caller ID display feature
9. Auto-select RF channel to improve the quality of voice
10. Twenty contact books are available.
Technical Data
Standby time: More than 100 hours
Talk time: More than 10 hours
Quick Install
Radio range: 50 meters (160 ft)
When installing wireless Dual phone initially, please install
Battery: 460mAh (Li-battery)
SkypeMate first.
System Requirements
If wireless Dual phone is installed without SkypeMate
1. Window 2000\XP\Vista
installation in advance, the window will show as below:
2. 400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port
3. 128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space
4. Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup
Package Contents
1. One handset
2. One base
3. One user manual
4. One installation CD
5. One USB cable
6. One universal power adaptor
In this case, please click “cancel” button, unplug wireless Dual
7. One Telephone Line
phone and install SkypeMate first. Then plug wireless Dual
phone according to the instruction.
Install SkypeMate
(1) Insert SkypeMate installation CD or download SkypeMate
software, then install it.
(2) The window will show as below:
as below:
Note: This driver can only be installed by administrator, if you
are restricted, please exit the installation and reinstall it from an
Click the button “Continue Anyway” to continue, then the
program will show as below:
administrator account.
(3) Click the button “Next” to continue.
1) If Wireless dual phone is not connected to computer, the
window will show as below:
2) Please plug in wireless dual phone and click the button
“Retry” to continue.
(4) If you use Windows XP, the window of program will show
Click the button “Finish” to finish the installation.
Double-click the icon
on the desktop to run SkypeMate.
Install wireless Dual phone
Register Handset to the base
Connecting your base to your PC
If the LCD shows
Connect the base to the PC’s USB port with USB cable.
registered to the base. Please do the following steps:
, that indicates the handset has not been
(1) Press and hold the C key on the handset (approx.3 secs.)
until four beelines is displayed on the LCD.
(2) Press and hold the Handfree key (approx.3 secs) until the
LCD shows
. That indicates the handset has been
registered to the base.
Install battery
Please install the battery as the picture shows. The LCD shows
. If nothing is shown, please place the handset on the base,
the battery will be charged.
1 Using the USB Wireless Phone
1.1 Handset’s Keypad Instruction
End a call or refuse a Skype incoming call.
: Press to scroll ring style at ready state, else input “#”.
(1) Press
to display the Skype contacts list.
(2) Press
to call the Skype ID displayed on
the LCD.
(3) Press
by pressing
to play dial tone, then input
:Handfree Key
(3) Press and hold to register the handset.
Speaker light:
(1) The speaker light will flash, when pressing the Handfree key
to call out.
to call the PSTN number displayed on the LCD.
C: (1) Press to clear any number you input.
(2) Press to display the contacts book.
(3) Press to delete the call history.
/ : Up/Down
(2) Press to send DTMF message while talking.
(2) Press to open speaker at ready state.
(2) Input PSTN phone number, press
(1) Press to input digital numbers.
(1) Press to activate the Handfree function when talking.
PSTN phone number to call out.
(3) Press
0-9: Digital keys
1.2 Base station’s Instruction
to put call on hold, release call
(1) Press
: Hang up
to scroll incoming/outgoing call list/ Skype
during a call via handset.
(2) The speaker light will be on when Handfree function is
activated, otherwise it is off.
Charging indicator light:
(1) When the handset’s battery is full, the light will be on.
(2) When the handset’s battery is flat, the light will flash.
(3) When the handset is taken away from the base, the light will
be off.
contacts list/contacts book.
1.3 Run Skype
1.4 Run SkypeMate
(1) Download Skype software and install it (
The version must be or higher.
Double-click the icon
on the desktop, the Skype program
will pop up the window as shown below:
(2) Run Skype and log in with Skype account.
Create a Skype account as shown below:
Select the first option “Allow this program to use Skype”, click
“OK” button.
After software startup, the icon will appear in the system tray
shown as below:
Note: If you make wrong selection, please go to Skype, choose
“Tools-> Options-> Privacy->’Manage other programs’
access to Skype”, choose the needed option, click
“Change” button to open the “Manage API Access
Control” window, and make another selection.
That indicates the Skype is successfully connected to Internet. If
After running SkypeMate, the icon will appear to the system
the icon is shown as
tray as shown:
, you have to check your Internet
That indicates the device and Skype are connected successfully.
If the icon is shown as (the phone is green and the outside is
grey), please run Skype first.
If the icon is shown as
(the phone is red and the outside is
(3) Input number and call out:
Press digital "11" on the handset’s keypad, then press
call out.
1.5.3 Call PSTN user from PSTN Contacts
green), it means USB Wireless Phone is connected incorrectly.
(1) Press “C” key to review PSTN contacts.
Please reconnect USB Wireless Phone to PC.
(2) Press
1.5 Make a Call
(3) Press
1.5.1 Call Skype user from PC contacts
1.5.4 Call PSTN by digital key
(1) Press
(2) Press
to review Skype contacts.
to select a contact.
to select a contact.
to call out.
(1) Press PSTN number using digital keys
(2) Press
to call out.
again to call out.
1.5.2 Call Skype user by Speed-Dial
1.5.5 Call from the Contacts Book
(1) Add a friend (for example: bbc456) to Contacts
(2) Press
(2) Assign Speed-Dial for it, for example "11"
(3) Press
to call out the related Skype ID, press
call out the related PSTN number.
(4) If the contacts book has no Skype account, press
switch to Skype contacts list.
(3) Press
(1) Press “C” key to display contacts book.
to scroll the contacts book.
1.5.6 Call contact from call list
(1) Go back to ready state, press
to display the call list.
(2) Select a contact, if prefix is
, press
to call out.
(3) Select a contact, if prefix is
, press
to call out.
1.5.7 Make SkypeOut call
1.6.2 Answer a PSTN call via handset
Press "00" + "country number" + "phone number", then press
When a PSTN call comes in, the device will ring. Pick up the
Example: call someone in Beijing, China, please press
handset to answer the call, or press
00861012345678, and then press
------------------------country code
city code
1.6.3 Answer a call via base
(1) When a call comes in, the device will ring. Press Handfree
key to answer the call.
-------------------destination number
(2) Press Handfree key again to end the call.
1.6.4 Double-channel calls function
(1) You can input “+” instead of “00”.
(1) During one call, when a new call comes in, you will hear the
(2) If you want to use this function, you should buy
prompt tone, the LCD will display the quantity of on-going
SkypeOut Credit from first.
1.5.8 Activate Handfree while making a call
(1) Enter the number on the handset’s keypad and press
to call out.
(2) Press the Handfree key, the speaker light will flash.
(3) Place the handset on the base.
(2) When a Skype call comes in, press
to answer the call.
(3) When a PSTN call comes in, press
to answer the call.
(4) Press PC to switch to Skype call when in PSTN call.
(5) Press PSTN to switch to PSTN call when in Skype call.
PC again to release the call.
(5) Press the Handfree key to end talking.
1.7 Contacts
1.6 Answer a call
(1) Right click the icon
1.6.1 Answer a Skype call via handset
When a Skype call comes in, the device will ring. Pick up
(6) When in Skype call, press PC to hold the current call, press
(4) The speaker light will be on.
handset to answer the call, or press
to refuse it.
to refuse it.
on the taskbar and select
(2) The window will show as below:
: Modify contacts list
: Use this function to quickly search contacts list
: Import contacts from computer.
: Save contacts to computer.
(3) Click “Add” to add contact:
: Add a friend name (for example:Tom)
: Add Tom’s PSTN Number (for example: If Tom
is in Beijing, China, please input 00861012345678)
: Add Tom’s Skype ID(for example: sky_123456)
: Delete contacts list
: Exit ContactsBook.
1.9 Advanced
1.8 State Instruction
(1) Ready state
(1) Right click the icon
a. Skype online
b. Skype offline
c. Missed call
in the system tray and select
(2) The window will be shown as below:
(2) The icons displayed in call list
a. Incoming call
b. Outgoing call
c. Missed call
(3) Battery condition
(3) Run when Window starts: Select to enable this feature.
(4) If SkypeMate is not run, LCD will display as below: In
this status, you could work with PSTN but not Skype
SkypeMate will be launched automatically when Window
(4) Click the button “OK” to save the setup.
1.10 Auto-select RF channel
This function is effective to improve the quality of handset’s
voice. The handset will change the RF channel automatically
when the voice is not so good.
(1) Select “DeviceOption” tab in “Advanced” window.
(2) The window will be shown as below:
(3) Select Auto selection RF Channel to enable this function.
(3) Enter the number from the PC’s keypad.
(4) Click the button “OK” to save the setup.
Note: The USB Wireless Phone used in one room should use a
1.11 Select RF channel manually
different channel, please make sure to select a channel
If there are more than one USB Wireless Phones in the room,
which is not used by other USB Wireless Phones.
and the quality of the voice is not so good, please select the RF
(4) Click the button “OK” to save the setup.
channel manually
(1) Right click the icon on the taskbar and select Advance.
(2) The window will be shown as below:
CE Mark Warning:
turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try
This is a Class B product. In a domestic environment, this
to correct the interference by one or more of the following
product may cause radio interference, in which case the user
may be required to take adequate measures.
· Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
FCC Statement:
· Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation
· Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different
from that to which the receiver is connected.
is subject to the following two conditions:
· Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) This device must accept any interference received, including
interference that may cause undesired operation.
Warning: Changes or modification made to this equipment not
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the
expressly approved by the manufacturer. May void the FCC
limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the
authorization to operate this equipment.
FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference in a residential
installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate
radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in
interference to radio communication. However, there is no
guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular
installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to
radio or television reception, which can be determined by
Do not on any account put your old equipment out with
the domestic refuse.
For the sake of the environment, please use your local
authority’s collection point set to return and recycle old electric
and electronic equipment.
You can find out which recycling firm is responsible for your
neighbourhood by contacting your local authority.
Batteries must not be put in the domestic refuse either!
All consumers have a statutory duty to take all batteries
to a collection point in their municipality / district or to a retail
store so that they can be disposed of in an
environmentally-friendly way. regardless of whether they
contain toxic substances.
All batteries should be fully discharged before they are returned
for disposal.