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Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by MILLENNIA MEDIA, INC. could
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2. Inspection: Inspect packing box(es), HV-3D, and cable(s) for damage, unusual marks, or shortages. It is your responsibility to report damage, shortage, or misshipments in a timely manner.
Millennia Media and/or its dealers will not be responsible for claims arising from damage in
shipping, nor will claims for shortage or misshipments be honored, more than 10 days after ship
3. Read this manual carefully and completely before attempting to use the HV-3D. Improper
operation could result in damage to product. It is the user's responsibility to understand the
safe use and operation of this device.
4. The shipping box of the HV-3D system will include (1) Owner's Manual, (2) HV-3D, (3) a
UL approved power cord, (4) Owner's Registration Card. Fill out the Owner's Registration
Card and return to Millennia Media at your earliest ability.
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HV-3D is a trademark of Millennia Media, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their
respective holders. Serial numbers are located on the rear left side of each unit. We suggest
that you record the serial numbers in the space provided below. Refer to it whenever you call
an authorized Millennia Media repair facility or the manufacturer. Make sure that you return
your completed warranty card immediately.
Features and specifications subject to change without notice.
© 2000- Millennia Media, Inc., All rights reserved
Serial Nos. ______________________________________________________________
Purchase Date ___________________________________________________________
Where Purchased _________________________________________________________
For your safety and the safety of others, be sure to read and understand all safety and operational instructions before attempting to use the HV-3D. WARNING: The HV-3D internal
circuitry carries lethal voltages. Carefully observe all warnings, precautions, and instructions
on the HV-3D and as described in the instructions supplied with the unit.
Do not attempt to use the HV-3D in, near, or around water or in unusually moist environments,
such as near a sink or swimming pool. Prevent liquids or any other materials or objects from
spilling or falling into the HV-3D unit.
Be sure to allow adequate ventilation to HV-3D and avoid using or installing unit in close proximity to heat sources, such as heaters, stoves, radiators, power amplifiers, spotlights, or other heatproducing appliances or equipment.
The HV-3D Power Supply should be connected to a power source only of the type described in
the operating instructions or as marked on the Power Supply. Route the power cord so that it is
not likely to be walked on or pinched by having objects placed on it. Pay particular attention to
plugs, receptacles, and the point where the AC power cord exits the HV-3D.
For your safety, it is extremely important that the grounding pin of the 3-wire power cable (included with unit) be inserted into a grounding type 3-pin power outlet. If you are unable to insert
the plug into an existing outlet, contact an electrician to install a properly grounded 3-pin power
outlet, preferably that with OFI protection, if available.
This unit should be repaired or serviced by qualified personnel whenever:
· The AC power cord has been damaged, or
· A 130 Volt DC microphone cable has been damaged, or
· Objects have fallen or liquid has spilled into any HV-3D unit, or
· The unit does not function properly or exhibits a marked change in performance, or
· The unit has been abused, dropped, or damaged, or
· The unit has been exposed to rain or moisture
Lethal voltages are found inside the HV-3D chassis. The user should not attempt to repair or
service this unit. All servicing and/or repairs should be referred to Millennia Media.
If, after reading all instructions, precautions, and warnings, you have remaining questions, please
contact Millennia Media directly before attempting to use your HV-3D. Retain this owner’s
manual as a record of your purchase to aid positive identification in the event of loss.
READ THIS!! The HV-3D operates with lethal operating voltages —
the voltage inside the HV-3D can kill you. Never, under any circumstances,
remove the top cover. Refer to a qualified electronics technician any and all
Congratulations on your purchase of the Millennia Media HV-3D High Voltage Microphone
Preamplifier. The HV-3D is the result of meticulous listening tests on numerous circuit, topology,
and packaging designs. Your HV-3D is a finely tuned instrument intended for critical professional
applications — we feel it offers the world's most sonically neutral microphone preamplification.
With the emergence of 24+ bit digital audio, recording engineers are faced with a new requirement for undistorted dynamic range. The HV-3D meets this challenge exceptionally well.
Before connecting power to the HV-3D, assure that the rear panel voltage selection fuse block
switch is set correctly. In the USA, the HV-3D is shipped with the voltage selection block set to
100-120 VAC. If you change the voltage selection block to 200-240 VAC usage, be sure to
change both fuses to the correct types. See "Rear Panel" instructions for proper fuse requirements.
The HV-3D enclosure measures 19" wide x 3.5" high x 12.5" deep and is designed for mounting into a standard 2U, 19" equipment rack. If the HV-3D is mounted in a road case or other
rack which is prone to strong vibration or shock, it is recommended that the rear of the HV3D be supported or otherwise reinforced to withstand such conditions. The HV-3D runs cool
but should be mounted with at least one rack space open above and below the unit.
The HV-3D is designed on a common ground topology. For high quality operation, and for your
own safety and the safety of others, do not defeat the purpose of the earth grounding pin on the
A/C power cord.
Back-to-back Zener diodes protect the super-matched bipolar input transistors against high transient energy spikes common when inserting and extracting XLR connectors. However, to maintain
top performance and protect the HV-3D's sensitive front-end, it is advised that you do not insert or
extract XLR connectors with preamp AC power on. Get in the habit of turning preamp power off
when inserting or removing microphone input or line output cables.
Millennia Media has long enjoyed a reputation for what many engineers call the world's most
musically accurate and dynamically stable microphone preamplifier. With B&K (DPA) high voltage
mic input option, a fully balanced audio path, enormous non-padded input and output headroom,
superior technical specifications, world-class internal componentry, optional A/D conversion, and
unparalleled sonic performance, the HV-3 series of microphone preamps is already becoming a
true classic in the professional audio industry — and will remain contemporary well into the next
century. Hence, Millennia Media.
Conventional 3-pin female XLR input jacks for use with all conventional balanced microphones, both phantom
and non-phantom powered. Provides +48V Phantom powering. Standard input impedance is approximately
6,200 ohms. Pin 1 is ground. Pin 2 is positive polarity. Pin 3 is negative polarity. Connector contacts are Neutrik
Galvatronic gold plated. It is suggested that XLR cable connectors used with the HV-3D employ identical plating.
Four pin female XLR connector for use only with B&K (DPA) models 4003, 4004, 4009, and 4012 microphones. On HV-3D units without this option, a metal plate will cover the unused XLR holes. Pin 1 is
ground. Pin 2 is not connected. Pin 3 is +130 Volts DC power, and pin 4 is unbalanced audio signal. Connecting
anything other than the above listed B&K (DPA) models to this connector may result in serious damage to
microphone, the HV-3D unit, or both. Connector contacts are Neutrik Galvatronic gold plated. It is suggested
that XLR cable connectors used with the HV-3D employ identical plating.
Conventional three pin male XLR connectors providing balanced, line level microphone output. Pin 1 is
ground. Pin 2 is positive polarity. Pin 3 is negative polarity. The line level output is capable of driving 600 ohm
loads and long, high capacitance cables. Outputs may be configured in an unbalanced configuration by either
grounding one of the audio polarities (pin 2 or pin 3), or taking one audio polarity directly as an unbalanced
signal. In the former configuration, the output is automatically increased by 6 dB. Connector contacts are Neutrik
Galvatronic gold plated. It is suggested that XLR cable connectors used with the HV-3D employ identical plating.
A barrier terminal which ties earth ground to audio ground. If ground "hum" loops are experienced when
using the HV-3D, removing this jumper may help. Using this jumper to lift ground, the integrity of the chassis/
earth ground connection is never compromised. Do not defeat the earth grounding pin on the AC plug.
(5) AC VOLTAGE MAINS SELECTION "100-120" or "200-240"
A power entry module with a removable fuse holder block. This fuse holder block is selectable for 100 to
120 Volt or 200 to 240 Volt worldwide mains powering. The fuse block contains two fuses — one fuse is
in series with the hot power line while the other fuse is in series with the neutral power line. Both fuses
must be installed. To change the mains voltage selection, remove IEC power connector and assure that the
HV-3D is not connected to mains power. With a non-conductive tool, gently pry the fuse block away from
the power entry module. Remove the two fuses and replace both with type as shown below. Slide out the
internal PC Board, turn it over, and reinsert the PCB so that the desired AC mains voltage appears in the viewing
window. Double check that the fuses installed correspond to the AC mains voltage range which appears in the
viewing window. Gently push the fuse block back until flush and snug.
For 100-120 VAC mains 2 ch, use 5 x 20 mm,400 mA, slow blow, 250 V, Littelfuse 218 or equiv.
For 100-120 VAC mains 4 ch, use 5 x 20mm, 630 mA, slow blow, 250 V, Littelfuse 218 or equiv.
For 100-120 VAC mains 8ch, use 5 x 20 mm, 1.00 A, slow blow, 250 V, Littelfuse 218 or equiv.
For 200-240 VAC mains 2 ch, use 5 x 20 mm, 200 mA, slow blow, 250 V, Littelfuse 218 or equiv.
For 200-240 VAC mains 4 ch, use 5 x 20 mm, 315 mA, slow blow, 250 V, Littelfuse 218 or equiv.
For 200-240 VAC mains 8 ch, use 5 x 20 mm, 500 mA, slow blow, 250 V, Littelfuse 218 or equiv.
(6) POWER ENTRY "IEC Power Receptacle"
An IEC-type AC line-power receptacle for use with removable cords. Use only the power cord
provided with the HV-3D unit or equivalent U/L approved type SV, SVT, SJ, or SJT AC power
supply cord. Do not defeat the third pin earth ground. If ground lifting is desired, remove the
Earth/Audio Ground Jumper strap (item number 4 above).
Detented, 36-position gain control employing a superior quality Grayhill mil-spec gold plated
rotary switch. Switch gain is approximately 1.5 dB per step and is inter-channel matched to
better than 0.08 dB at all settings. After a brief warm-up period, adjustment of this switch is
virtually silent. Two illuminating pushbutton switches (Green and Amber) determine the gain
"range" of the rotary switch. When the pushbutton switches are not depressed (non-illuminated),
the mic preamp gain provided is as printed on the front panel (9.0 dB, 10.5 dB, 12.0 dB, etc..).
When the green pushbutton switch (only) is depressed and illuminated, add 18 dB to the gain
settings as printed on the front panel. When the green and amber switches are both depressed and
illuminated, add 36 dB to the gain settings as printed on the front panel. For example, with both
pushbutton switches depressed and the rotary switch at 12:00 o'clock position, the preamp gain
would be 54 dB (18 + 36).
Illuminating pushbutton switch which provides phantom power (+48VDC) to the microphone
inserted into that channel. When this switch is depressed (illuminated red), phantom power is
applied simultaneously through dual 6.81k ohm resistors to pins 2 and 3 of the three pin
female XLR input. Use phantom power with condensor and other microphones requiring
traditional phantom supply. CAUTION: Applying phantom power to ribbon microphones
could damage them. Do not use phantom with ribbons, moving coil, and other microphones
which do not require phantom power. Use care, as well, to not insert or extract mic cables
from the HV-3D when phantom power is active.
Illuminating pushbutton switch which selects the four pin XLR input (+130VDC) for B&K (Danish Pro Audio) high voltage microphones type 4003, 4004, 4009, and 4012. When this switch is
depressed (illuminated amber), the HV-3D receives mic-level audio from the four pin XLR input.
If you are using a B&K (DPA) high voltage microphone with four pin XLR connectors, depress
this switch so that it illuminates. If a conventional microphone is used, do not depress this switch.
The HV-3D will not combine ("mix") both conventional and high voltage microphones on one
channel. NOTE: The HV-3D is designed to provide uninterrupted DC power to B&K (DPA) high
voltage microphones, regardless where this switch is set. Use care that high voltage microphone
cables are not inserted or extracted from the unit when power is on.
(...continued on page 8)
The green "signal present" (SP) LED indicates that a nominal signal is present at the microphone
input. It is set to illuminate in the neighborhood of -35 dBu. The red "overload" (OL) LED has
been set to illuminate when the balanced output reaches a level of +25 dBu. However, the HV3D can produce unclipped, undistorted levels over twice this voltage. Hence, the overload LED is not an
indication of preamp clipping. Rather, it is a general reference showing a nominal "system" peak
level. If clipping is occuring in your recording path, check all devices connected after the HV-3D
and reduce system gains accordingly. In the event that B&K (DPA) 4004 or 4012 microphones are
used with hazardous sound pressures (over 130 dB, SPL), an attenuator may be required between
microphone and preamp.
LED which, when illuminated, shows that the HV-3D unit is powered up and active.
Rocker switch for switching AC line power on and off.
THD + Noise, 20 Hz - 30 kHz, 35 dB gain
Frequency Response -3 dB points
Frequency Response, Interchannel Deviation
Maximum Input Level
Maximum Output Level
Input Impedance
Output Impedance
Noise (Common source)
(30 ohm source)
(150 ohm source)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
Three-pin XLR Polarity
Four-pin XLR Polarity
< .0007%, typ .002 % maximum, +27 dBu out
Sub 2 Hz to beyond 500 kHz
< .10 dB
+23 dBu
+32 dBu
6,200 ohms, nominal
24.3 ohms
-73 dB @ 60 dB gain (-133 dB EIN)
-71 dB @ 60 dB gain (-131 dB EIN)
-68 dB @ 60 dB gain (-128 dB EIN)
> 70 dB @ 35 dB gain, 100 mV, to 20 kHz
> 85 dB typical
Pin 2 = positive polarity, Pin 1 = ground
Pin 1 = ground, Pin 2 = no connection
Pin 3 = +130 VDC (limited to 7 mA)
Pin 4 = unbalanced audio
Power Consumption
Power Requirements
Fuses (2 required)
Internal DC Power
Net Weight
30 Watts (4 ch), nominal
100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, selectable
2 ea (5 x 20mm, slow-blow, 250V)
see "Rear Panel" section of manual for values
+130V, +48V, +25V, -25V
19" W x 12.5" D x 3.5" H
aproximately 25 pounds (8 ch)
Millennia Media reserves the right to change specifications, delivery, and pricing without notice.
At present, Danish Pro Audio (formerly Brüel & Kjær Pro Audio Division) manufactures two
families of 4000-series professional recording microphones. One family is +48VDC phantom
powered, the other is +130VDC direct powered. A primary difference between omni families
(4003/4 vs. 4006/7) is that the high voltage microphones are transformerless whereas the
phantom powered varieties are transformer coupled. Millennia Media has used both varieties
extensively with symphony orchestra, choir, jazz ensemble, pop recording, and so forth. We
have found the transformerless high voltage omni version to perform substantially better than
its transformer-coupled omni counterpart. The transformerless version (4003) sounds generally "clearer" and more true to the source; especially during wide frequency and amplitude
extensions. And this is saying a lot considering that DPA's transformer-coupled microphones
sound extremely pure.
The following is a brief summary of certain DPA high-voltage microphone products and
specifications. Most of this material is taken directly from DPA's documentation is is thought
to be accurate, however, Millennia Media assumes no responsibility for errors or subsequent
changes in the following specifications. Those desiring up-to-date information concerning DPA
microphones should contact DPA directly.
SPL (max)
FREQ (-3dB)
15 dB(a)
154 dB SPL
8 Hz - 30 kHz
< 30 ohms
50 mV / Pa
24 dB(a)
168 dB SPL
8 Hz - 45 kHz
< 30 ohms
10 mV / Pa
19 dB(a)
168 dB SPL
35 Hz - 25 kHz
< 30 ohms
9 mV / Pa
A number of options are available for the 4003 microphone. One grid, the 0777, provides
superior omnidirectional response throughout the high frequencies. Another grid, the 0297,
provides a high frequency presence boost. The standard grid provides the most accurate
response on-axis. A development called the APE (acoustic pressure equalizer) tailors the 4003
to respond like vintage M-50 or newer TLM-50 microphones. The various APE attachments
boost mid to high frequencies arriving on axis without exhibiting proximity effect at lower
frequencies. When used with various grids, numerous polar patterns and response curves can
be achieved.
DPA offers a service of factory-matching new pairs of microphones for tight stereo tracking of
sensitivity and frequency response. Millennia Media highly recommends this service and can
assist customers in obtaining these microphones. The HV-3D micamp circuits maintain nearperfectly flat, inter-channel matched frequency response and less than 1/4 degree of
interchannel phase error — a perfect compliment to a factory-matched pair of DPA microphones.
Millennia Media will repair this product, free of charge, in the USA, in the event of defect of
materials or workmanship for one (1) year following date of purchase. This warranty is extended
only to the original purchaser. This limited warranty covers failures due only to defects in materials
and workmanship which occur during normal, intended use and does not cover damage which
occurs in shipment or failures which are caused by products not supplied by Millennia Media. This
limited warranty does not cover failures which arise from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, faulty installation, improper adjustment, alteration or modification of
product, incompatibilities, line-power surges, acts of God, or service performed by anyone other
than Millennia Media or its authorized agent. Vacuum tube failures are not covered under warranty.
There are no express warranties except as listed above. Millennia Media shall not be liable for
special, subsequent, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, including, but not limited to:
damage to recordings, microphones, mixing consoles, or any associated equipment, downtime
costs, loss of goodwill, or claims of any party dealing with purchaser for such damages resulting
from the use of this product. All warranties, express and implied, including the warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the applicable warranty period
set forth above.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or
length of time an implied warranty remains in effect. As such, the above exclusions may not apply.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which can vary
from state to state.
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