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XM 1200 Spot
XM 1200 Spot
More than just a great light, the XM 1200 Spot is the best possible investment for professionals. Because the XM 1200
Spot offers the best, in all fields. All the functions and all the reliability that service suppliers, installers and lighting designers are looking for in a modern moving head.
At a simply astonishing price, with all the advantages of costs that can be recovered in a shorter time.
Plus totally renewed after-sales service, inclusive of online product assistance, technical support from a new website
packed with easy-to-find information, a guarantee of two years, spare parts immediately available from local dealers and
a host of other features.
The XM 1200 Spot is a new moving-head light fitted with a discharge 1200 W lamp (MSR 1200/SA), particularly suitable for use in concerts, shows, tours and special events, as well as in clubs, theatres, TV studios, permanent installations and all other applications requiring a light with high luminous output and a full set of functions.
The XM 1200 Spot incorporates motorized focussing, a 13°-31° motorized zoom with auto-focus, motorized iris, 2 gobo
wheels (6 indexable 16 bit gobos + open each), CMY linear colour mixing system + colour wheel (7 colours + open), 3
rotating prisms, frost, and electronic or magnetic ballast
The XM 1200 Spot is designed to resist all the rigours of continuous use.
The light body is made in anodized aluminium, with head and fork covering in ABS.
The materials used offer high resistance to mechanical stress and excellent attenuation of vibration and noise.
The protection rating against external agents is IP20.
Beam angle 31°
mt 15
ft 49,21
mt 25
ft 82,02
Beam angle 13°
mt 5
ft 16,40
mt 10
ft 32,81
mt 20
ft 65,62
Philips MSR
Lux center
Foot candles
Diameter cm.
Diameter ft.
Lux center
Foot candles
Diameter cm.
Diameter ft.
Beam angle 13°
Beam angle 31°
Optical unit
The XM 1200 Spot is fitted with a Philips MSR 1200/SA discharge
lamp (GY22 lampholder base), with a colour temperature of 5,600 °K
and a splendid luminous flux of 96,000 Lumens.
Colour rendering is greater than 80, with excellent reproduction of
The lamp ensures stability of colour temperature for its entire lifespan and uniform emission over the whole spectrum, combined with
good operating reliability.
Duration is 750 hours, with replacement recommended before 1000
The lamp can be switched on or off by DMX, and is switched back on
automatically in case of accidental switching off.
The efficient cooling system allows it to always work at the ideal temperature, thereby extending its normal lifespan, offering significant
advantages for users, who in this way can avoid costly early replacement.
In addition, the XM 1200 Spot incorporates various automatic
systems to protect the lamp and reduce power consumption, such as
power attenuation in case of overheating, and "power saving mode"
(reduction of power consumption to 650 W three seconds after shutter closure).
Other recommended lamps: Osram HTI 1200W/SE PP; GE Lighting
CSR1200W SA.
The optical unit is composed of 4 lenses with multi-coated treatment
and a cold-mirror faceted parabolic reflector with dichroic treatment
and heat sink.
The combination of this optical unit with the Philips MSR 1200/SA
lamp gives a uniform and intense beam of light, with a very high light
efficiency (over 20,000 Lux at 5 metres).
The XM 1200 Spot features quick and precise motorized focussing
that gives images great clarity and definition.
The XM 1200 Spot contains a motorized zoom (zoom ratio 2.6:1,
focal length 55-165 mm) with a notable range (from 13° of minimum
beam opening to 31° maximum).
The zoom is complemented by a convenient auto-focus system that
helps operators reduce programming time, avoiding continuous
manual focus adjustments.
XM 1200 Spot
Dimmer / Shutter / Strobe
Two thin aluminium plates control the light emitted by the shutter,
combining 3 functions in a single system.
Dimmer: emitted light is controlled by progressive and linear
Shutter: instantaneous shutter opening/closure.
Strobe: mechanical strobe effect (frequency variable from 0.86
flashes/sec to 6.6 flashes/sec); electronic strobe effect (frequency variable from 6.5 flashes/sec to 25 flashes/sec).
The XM 1200 Spot contains 2 gobo wheels with 6 gobos + open on
each wheel, ideal for adding lively and creative effects to light beams.
The gobos rotate in both directions, and are indexable (16 bits).
Three types of gobo are installed: metal (in special steel); dichro (in
dichroic glass for projecting high-definition images); glass (to reproduce unusual shapes).
Superimposition of the 2 gobo wheels and a third effects wheel
allows a large number of combinations to be created.
Using the motorized focus, it is possible to project clear and sharp
images or to soften their edges with creative blur effects.
Gobo changes with synchronized blackout are also possible.
The gobos can be changed rapidly and without tools, by just removing a spring to extract them and reinsert replacements in the right
The gobos have an external diameter of 37 mm and an internal diameter of 30 mm, with thicknesses between 0.25 and 5 mm.
In addition to the two gobo wheels, the XM 1200 Spot has a third
wheel with a series of effects that permit modifications to the light
beam or changes in the images projected, greatly expanding the
options available to lighting designers.
The rotating and indexable Beam shaper (0°-180°) generates elongated
beams, very useful to light large areas like backgrounds, etc.
The Frost filter projects a broad and homogeneous beam with soft
edges, ideal for giving uniform colour to backdrops, etc.
3 Prisms with 3, 4 and 5 facets, indexable and with variable-speed
rotation in both directions, create highly sophisticated light effects.
The rotation speed and direction of prisms and gobos are independent, giving a vast variety of possible combinations.
The motorized iris, with its fast and silent movements, allows lighting
designers to make linear adjustments to light beam width.
XM 1200 Spot
Pan / Tilt
Pan is 540° in 5.6 seconds and Tilt is 270° in 4.3 seconds.
16-bit movement resolution guarantees high-precision aim.
The carefully balanced distribution of head and fork weights and the high
power of the stepper motors permit instantaneous acceleration with
minimal inertia times.
Repositioning of the head in the last position memorized is automatic and
immediate in case of knocks.
3 different speeds are available, allowing Pan and Tilt movements to be
personalized in lighting designs, but maintaining the same fluidity of movement and stopping precision.
Standard speed (preselected) is ideal for most uses.
Slow permits slow movements, suitable to light particularly sensitive and
elegant moments.
Quicker movements and aiming are possible with Fast, giving greater dynamism to light designs.
The XM 1200 Spot uses a CMY colour synthesis system with 6 palettes for gradual and linear insertion, together with a colour wheel (7
colours + open).
The combination of the CMY system and the colour wheel gives lighting designers a virtually infinite range of colours, from the fullest
through to pale hues, with the possibility of accurately defining
Rainbow effects and colour changes with synchronized blackout are
also possible.
DMX Channels
ch 1
Pan 8 bit
ch 2
Pan 16 bit
ch 3
Tilt 8 bit
ch 4
Tilt 16 bit
ch 5
Movement speed
Pan / Tilt movement speed
ch 6
Mechanical dimmer
ch 7
Dimmer lamp
Electronic dimmer 60-100%
ch 8
Shutter / Strobo
“Shutter; Strobo: 0.86 - 6.6 flash/sec (mechanical);
6.5 - 25 flash/sec (electronic); colour change and
gobo change with blackout sync”
ch 9
Colour wheel
7 colours, rainbow,
CTO filter
ch 10
Colour mode
Colour wheel mode
ch 11
Cyan colour linear insertion
ch 12
Magenta colour linear insertion
ch 13
Yellow colour linear insertion
ch 14
Colour macros
Macro functions (CMY colour combinations)
ch 15
Gobo wheel 1
6 gobos
ch 16
Gobo mode 1
Gobo mode 1
ch 17
Rotogobo 1 / Index gobo 1
Gobo 1 rotation, gobo 1 indexing
ch 18
Gobo 1 index fine
Fine indexing of gobo wheel 1 (16 bit)
ch 19
Gobo 1 shake
Gobo 1 shake speed
ch 20
Gobo wheel 2
6 gobos
ch 21
Gobo mode 2
Gobo mode 2
ch 22
Rotogobo 2 / Index gobo 2
Gobo 2 rotation, gobo 2 indexing
ch 23
Gobo 2 index fine
Fine indexing of gobo wheel 2 (16 bit)
ch 24
Gobo 2 shake
Gobo 2 shake speed
ch 25
Linear adjustment of iris
ch 26
Iris macros
Macro functions (opening / closing of iris)
ch 27
Effect wheel
3 prisms, frost, rotating shaper
ch 28
Effects rotat., effects index
Rotation / indexing of effects
ch 29
Motorized focus
ch 30
Motorized linear zoom (13° - 31°)
ch 31
Reset / lamp
“Projector reset; lamp On / Off”
Low noise
The spotlight head contains heat sensors that maintain cooling fan The connections include 2 XLR connectors (In and Out) with 3 and 5
speed at the minimum needed for efficient cooling.
poles selectable by the user, a particularly useful feature that allows
The accurate dimensioning and positioning of fans optimize airflow any kind of DMX connector to be used.
inside the light and contribute towards low-noise operation.
Input signals
Power supply / consumption
The XM 1200 Spot is fitted with an electronic ballast as standard,
The XM 1200 Spot can be controlled with USITT Standard DMX 512
guaranteeing a stable, flicker-free light beam, long lamp life, low weight
serial digital signals or with RS 232 serial signals.
and practical use with any power supply between 190 and 245 V
(50/60 Hz). Power consumption is 1300 W.
Interface / functions / software
Energy saving function is automatic when the fixture is blacked out.
The XM 1200 Spot can be programmed/configured according to user The XM 1200 Spot is also available with a magnetic ballast, with selecneeds over an interface composed of a LED display and 4 buttons.
table power supply (220/230/240 V). Power consumption is 1300 W.
The functions implemented by the internal microcomputer include
projector calibration, self-testing of various components, information on
operation and lamp status and other critical components, etc.
This greatly simplifies setting-up operations for the projector and the
planning of maintenance work.
Messages shown on the display can be rotated by 180° to permit reading even with the projector inverted.
Installation / fixing
Flight case
Maintenance of the XM 1200
Spot is very simple. No special tools are needed for the
main dismantling operations,
and only a normal flat-blade
screwdriver and a 2 mm Allen
key are required.
Access to the main components (motors, wheels, etc) is
very easy for technicians.
The lamp can be rapidly replaced by unscrewing the three
screws securing the
lampholder on the rear of the
light. The head cover is
removed by turning 4 screws
(two for each half-shell).
The XM 1200 Spot has 4
fixing points on the bottom of
the light and a bracket supplied as a standard accessory, complete with rapid
fast-lock closure/release (1/4
of a turn), to which aliscaf
clamps, etc. can be fixed for
installation on trusses.
In the projector base there is
an additional safety fixing
The XM 1200 Spot must be
installed at a minimum
distance of 1.5 metres from
the objects illuminated.
The single professional flight
case with wheels made
specifically to hold the XM
1200 Spot offers effective
protection in all phases of
transport and storage.
Made in strong plywood and
coated in black scratchproof
paint, the flight case is
finished with aluminium
edges and steel corners, and
is fitted with sunken handles.
CE safety standard
The XM 1200 Spot complies
with all CE EN60598-1
(Luminaires, general
requirements and tests), CE
EN60598-2-17 (Luminaires for
stage lighting, television, film
and photographic studios) and
CE EN 55 103-1
(Electromagnetic compatibility)
safety standards.
The XM 1200 Spot operates
correctly with an ambient
temperature between -10°C
and +40°C.
Designed and manufactured in Italy
530 mm
700 mm
870 mm
610 mm
500 mm
410 mm
530 mm
1000 mm
Lamp: Philips MSR 1200/SA
Colour temperature: 5600°K
Luminous flux: 96,000 Lumens
Colour rendering: 80
Average lamp lifespan: 750 hours
(replace before 1000 hours)
Lampholder base: GY22
Automatic switching on again of lamp in case of accidental
switching off.
Lamp on/off via DMX; reset via DMX
Attenuation of lamp power in case of overheating
Power saving mode (reduction of consumption
to 650 W three seconds after shutter closure).
Other recommended lamps: Osram HTI 1200W/SE PP; GE
Lighting CSR1200W SA
Optical unit
4 lenses with multi-coated treatment
Cold-mirror parabolic faceted reflector with dichroic treatment
Light efficiency: > 20,000 Lux at 5 metres.
Motorized focus
Motorized linear zoom 13° - 31° with auto-focus system
(zoom ratio 2.6:1; focal length 55-165 mm)
Dimmer / shutter / strobe
Linear dimmer
Mechanical strobe (from 0.86 flashes/sec
to 6.6 flashes/sec); electronic strobe
(from 6.5 flashes/sec to 25 flashes/sec).
CMY linear colour generation (6 palettes)
Colour wheel: 7 colours + open (linear selection)
3200°K colour conversion filter
Two-colour beams
Rainbow colour
Colour change with synchronized blackout
2 gobo wheels (personalizable): 6 rotating and indexable
gobos (16 bit) each
Gobo change with synchronized blackout
Gobo dimensions: external diam. 37 mm;
internal diam. 30 mm; thickness 0.25 mm - 5 mm.
Rotating and indexable beam shaper (0°-180°).
3 indexable prisms rotating in both directions (3, 4 and 5
Frost filter
Motorized iris
Pan / Tilt
Pan 540° (5.6 sec.)
Tilt 270° (4.3 sec.)
16-bit resolution
3 different speed ranges with fine control available:
fast / standard / slow
Automatic Pan/Tilt repositioning in case of knocks
Internal microcomputer
Programming and configuration of spotlight with interface
(LED display + 4 buttons)
Functions: calibration, self-testing, operation information,
lamp status, etc.
Display "flip" (rotation through 180°)
Input signals
Input signals: DMX 512 and RS 232
DMX channels
31 DMX channels
2 XLR connectors (In and Out) with 3 and 5 poles
selectable by user
Power supply
Electronic ballast:
Universal power supply 190 - 245 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption: 1300 W
Magnetic ballast:
Selectable power supply: 220/230/240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption: 1300 W
Body: anodized aluminium; head cover: ABS
Dimensions (HxLxD): spotlight (870x530x410 mm); pack
(1000x530x510 mm)
Weight: 44 kg (with electronic ballast),
50 kg (with packing); 54 kg (with magnetic ballast),
60 kg (with packing)
Accessories supplied
Bracket for truss installation.
Professional flight case with wheels
CE safety standards
CE EN60598-1; CE EN60598-2-17; CE EN 55 103-1
Operating ambient temperature
-10° / +40°
ISO 9001 certification
The DTS quality system is certified to the international ISO
9001:2000 standard.
The XM 1200 Spot is guaranteed for two years.
DTS reserves the right to make any functional or design modification to any of its products without any prior notice.
Technical characteristics
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