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Global Positioning System
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Top/Bottom View ....................................................................................................9
Left/Right View........................................................................................................9
GPS (Global Positioning System) ............................................................................10
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Safety Instructions
Please read this section carefully and
follow all the instructions given.
This will help ensure reliable operation
and extend the service life for your
Keep the packaging and the user
instructions for future reference or
enquiries at a later date. If you pass the
article on to another person, you must
pass on these instructions.
• Never open up the housing of the
appliance or the power adapter. These
contain no user-serviceable parts. If the
housing is opened there is a danger to
life from electric shock.
• Do not place any objects on the
appliance and do not exert any pressure
on the display. Otherwise there is a
danger that the screen will break.
• To avoid damage, do not touch the
screen with sharp objects. Use only the
stylus provided.
• There is a risk of injury if the display
breaks. If this should occur, use
protective gloves to pack the broken
parts and contact customer support to
arrange for disposal. Then wash your
hands with soap, since there is a
possibility that chemicals may have
• Never allow children to play with
electrical equipment unsupervised.
Children do not always correctly
recognize possible danger.
• Remove the power adapter from the
outlet, switch the appliance off
immediately, or do not actually switch
it on, and contact Customer Service …
if the power adapter or the attached
plug become scorched or damaged.
if the housing of the appliance or the
power pack becomes damaged or fluids
leak into it. Components must be
checked by Customer Service in order
to avoid damage!
Data Security
• Every time you update your data make
backup copies on an external storage
medium. The supplier does not assume
liability for data loss or damage to data
storage units, and no claims can be
accepted for damages resulting from
the loss of data or for consequential
Operating Environment
• Keep your navigation system and all
connected devices away from moisture
and avoid dust, heat and direct sunlight,
especially in the car.
• Make sure you protect your appliance
from getting wet. (e.g. from rain and
hail, at all times.) Please pay attention
that moisture can even build up in a
protective pouch because of
• Avoid heavy vibrations and shaking.
• Avoid the device from releasing itself
from its holder, for example when
braking. In stall the device as vertically
as possible.
Failure to follow these instructions
may lead to damage to your appliance.
Ambient Temperature
• The appliance is most reliably operated
at an ambient temperature of between
41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C) and at a
relative humidity of between 10% to
• In the powered down state the appliance
can be stored at between 32°F to 140°F
(0°C to 60°C).
• Store the appliance in a safe location
to avoid high temperatures (e.g. when
parking or from direct sunlight).
Electromagnetic Compatibility
• When connecting additional or other
components the “Electromagnetic
Compatibility Directive”(EMC) must be
adhered to. Please also note that only
screened cable (maximum 10ft) should
be used with this appliance. For optimal
performance, maintain a distance of at
least 3 metres from sources of highfrequency and magnetic interference
(televisions, loudspeaker systems,
mobile telephones and so on.) This will
help avoid malfunctions and loss of
Battery Operation
Your appliance is operated with a
removable battery. In order to prolong the
life and efficiency of your battery and to
ensure safe operation,follow the
instructions below:
• Warning: Danger of explosion if
rechargeable batteries are not charged
properly. Only replace with the same
type of battery or a similar type
recommended by the manufacturer.
Never open the rechargeable battery.
Do not throw the rechargeable battery
into fire. Dispose of the used batteries
following the manufacturer’s
• Batteries cannot withstand heat. Avoid
the appliance and the integrated battery
becoming overheated. Failure to comply
with this instruction may lead to damage
to and even explosion of the battery.
• Use only the original power pack to
charge the battery or the car adapter
from the optional navigation kit.
• The batteries are special category
waste. When disposing of the appliance
ensure that this is done correctly.
Contact Customer Service for more
Care of the Display
• Avoid scratching the display surface
as this is easily damaged. It is strongly
recommended to use a display
protection mylar to avoid scratches.
Please ask your nearest dealer for this
accessories. The foil on the display at
delivery is purely for protection during
• Ensure that no traces of water remain
on the screen. Water can cause
irreversible discoloration.
• Use only a soft , lint-free cloth to clean
the screen.
• Do not expose the screen to either
strong sunlight or ultraviolet radiation.
If you wish to transport the appliance
follow the instructions below:
• Following transport of the appliance
wait until the unit has acclimatized
before using it.
• In the case of wide fluctuations in
temperature or humidity condensation
or moisture may form inside the
appliance and this can cause an
electrical short-circuit.
• In order to protect the appliance from
dirt, knocks and scratching, use the
protective case.
• Before traveling ensure that you are
aware of the power and
communications provision at your
destination. Before traveling obtain any
power or communications
adapters(modem, LAN, etc.) That may
be needed.
• When shipping your appliance use only
the original packaging and advise the
carrier accordingly.
• When passing through the hand luggage
control at airports, it is recommended
that you pass the appliance and all
magnetic storage media (external hard
drives) through the X-ray system (the
machine on which you place your bags).
Avoid the magnetic detector (the
structure through which you pass) or
the magnetic wand (the hand device
that the security staff use), since this
may corrupt your data.
When connection your appliance be sure
to correctly observe the following
• The outlet must be in the vicinity of the
appliance and must be easily accessible.
• Only use the mains adapter on
grounded sockets at 100-240V~AC,
50/60Hz. If you are unsure about the
power supply to the place of use, ask
the relevant energy supplier.
• Use only the power adapter provided
with your appliance.
• For additional safety, we recommend
the use of a surge protector in order to
protect your appliance from damage
by electricity spikes or lighting strikes
on the power network.
Power Through Car Adapter
• The car adapter should only be
connected to the lighter socket of a car
(car battery =DV12V ,no trucks!). If you
are in any doubt about the power
source in your car, contact your car
• Arrange cables so that no-one can tread
on them or trip over them.
• Do not place any items on the cable.
When the unit is not in use for a long time,
please switch the Power On/Off switch
to unlock position and recharge the battery
every other time, otherwise the battery’s
lifetime would be shortened.
The following guides you step by step
through the initial set up of the navigation
Firstly, remove the foil for protecting the
device during transportation from the
How to access to the navigation system
Press Sleep/Wake up button on the unit
for about two seconds to wake up the unit
(Note: Sometimes the unit will not be woken
up by reason of low battery, please charge
the battery. When charging the indicator
light is red). The brand logo will appear
and your device will display the application
screen after a few seconds.
Attention: According to the charging status
of the accumulator installed. It is necessary
for the device to be charged before the
initial setting up can run through.
Charging Battery of the Navigation
You have different options to charge the
battery of your navigation system:
• With the help of the network adapter.
• By means of the car adapter.
• Do not interrupt the charging process
before the battery is fully charged. It will
take a few hours for the navigation system
is fully charged.
• Note: You can use the navigation system
during the charging process, but the
power supply must not be interrupted
during initial set-up.
• Leave the mains adapter connected to
the navigation system for around 24
hours, so that the backup battery can be
fully charged.
• You can leave the main adapter
connected, and this is very handy for
continuous operation. However, the
mains adapter also requires power even
when it is not charging up the battery of
the navigation system.
Working with memory cards
Your navigation system supports MMC and
SD memory cards.
Inserting memory cards
1.Carefully take the memory card out of its
packing (if included). Take care not to
touch or dirty the contacts.
2. Push the memory card carefully into the
card bay. The side of the memory card
wearing the label must point upwards.
The memory card should slightly lock in
Removing memory cards
• Do not remove the memory card while it
is accessed. This could result in loss of
1.To remove the card press lightly onto the
upper edge until it ejects.
2. Pull the card out without touching the
3. Store the memory card in the packing
or in another safe location.
• Memory cards are very fragile. Take care
not to dirty the contacts and not to force
the card.
Accessing Memory Cards
• The appliance only supports memory
cards in the FAT16/32 file format. If you
insert a card prepared with a different
format (e.g. in cameras, MP3 players),
your navigation system may not recognize
it and will ask you to format it again.
• Warning: Formatting the memory card
irretrievably wipes out all data.
• Likewise you cannot just copy files onto
the memory card. In some cases they
must be converted by the Microsoft
ActiveSync program.
Data Exchange VIA Card Reader
You can transfer or synchronise data via
ActiveSync. This is also the correct method,
in particular, if files are to be transferred
that must be converted into a navigation
system-readable format.
However, if you wish to copy large quantities
of data (navigation maps) to the memory
card, these can also be stored directly to
the memory card.
Many computers already have memory
card devices. Insert the card in this and
copy the data directly to the card.
Because of the direct access significantly
faster transfer will be achieved.
Push the adapter connector into the guide
on the right of the network adapter. Push
the Network Adapter (2) into a power point
that is easily accessible.
Push the cable of the Network Adapter (1)
into the network adapter connection of the
navigation system.
Resetting The Navigation System
There are two options for resetting the
navigation system.
Soft Reset
This option restarts the navigation system,
without reinstallation being necessary. A
soft-reset is often used in order to
reorganize the memory. In doing so all
programs that are running are interrupted
and the working memory is reinitialized.
Choose this option if your navigation
system is not responding or working
Perform the soft-reset as follows: Screw
off the end cap of the pointer and carefully
press the point of the end cap into the
reset opening on the left side of your
Safety Instructions for Navigation
The bundled product CD contains a
comprehensive instruction manual.
Tips for Navigation
• Do not manipulate the navigation
system while driving to protect yourself
and others from accidents!
• In the event that you do not understand
the voice instruction or if you are in any
doubt about what to do at the next
intersection, then the map or arrow
display will provide you with a quick
orientation. Only look at the display
when you are in a safe driving situation!
• Attention: The road layout and driving
rules take precedence over the
instructions of the navigation system.
Only follow the instructions when
circumstances and driving rules permit
it! The navigation system will guide you
to your destination even when you have
to deviate from your planned route.
• The direction statements of the
navigation system given do not release
the driver of the vehicle from his or her
duty of care or personal responsibility.
• Plan routes before you leave. If you
want to plan a new route whilst on the
road stop driving.
• In order to receive the GPS signal
correctly, metal objects may hinder
reception. Attach the navigation system
onto the inside of the windscreen or
near the windscreen with the sucker.
Try out different positions in your vehicle
in order to find the best reception.
Notes for Use In A Vehicle
• Take care that the holder does not
present any risk to safety, even in the
case of an accident, when installing it.
• Take care that the cable does not
impede any safety components.
• The display of your navigation system
may show “light” will reflect light. Please
take care of not being “blinded” during
• Take care that the cable does not
impede any safety components.
• Do not mount the components within
the operating range of any airbags.
• Check the secure adherence of the
suction cup at regular intervals.
• The power plug will consume power,
even if no device is connected. Remove
it when not in use to avoid draining the
• Check all safety equipment in your car
after installation.
Additional Notes for Use on A Bicycle
Or A Motorcycle
• Pay attention during installation that the
ability to steer is not impaired.
• Do not cover any instruments during
Mounting The Navigation Set In A Car
Attention! Only fix the holder for the
navigation system to the windscreen, if it
does not impede the view. Should this
not be possible, Then mount the holder
with the enclosed suction plate in any
way that will allow peril-free and safe
Installation Of The Holder Of The
Navigation System
• Hint: If you want to fix the holder to the
wind screen, then you can skip steps
1 and 2.
1.Remove the protective foil from the
sticky side of the suction plate.
2.Fix the suction plate to a suitable
location on the dashboard. Take care,
that the surface of the dashboard is
clean and press the suction plate
strongly onto the surface.
• To obtain a strong and secure hold the
suction plate should not be used for 24
Mounting The Navigation Set On A
Flexible neck
3.Mount the car holder to the flexible neck.
Note the labels on the flexible neck.
The arrow labeled CLOSE must point
in the direction of the fixture. The
connection closes with a noticeable
clicking sound.
4.Place the holder with the suction head
onto the suction plate (or directly onto
the wind screen) and press the lever on
the suction head downwards. The
suction head will stick itself firmly to
the suction plate.
5.Place the navigation system into the car
holder by placing it initially in the lower
noses and then pressing it down gently
until the holder clicks in.
1.Place the clip (1) and the Retaining Plate
(2) together and fix them to your bicycle
handlebars by pulling them across the
handlebars from below and pushing one
of the rubber rings (3) supplied between
the clip and the handlebars. The flat site
of the support points in your direction. As
the material is elastic, you can care fully
bend open the support, lay it around the
handlebar and push it together again.
2. Place the holder for the navigation system
(4) on the Retaining Plate (2) as illustrated
above. Push the holder for the navigation
system downwards until it clicks in audibly.
Please pay attention that the holder must
only be used in one direction.
3.Fix the complete holding device with the
supplied screw (5) and tighten it slightly
by hand.
4.Now insert the navigation system into the
holder. You must pay attention to a firm
seating of the clip holder.
5. Set the inclination angle by screwing the
bicycle holder in according to your
requirements. Now turn the screws fingertight.
Connecting The Navigation System In
The Car
Note: After assembly, protect your
navigation system from dust and dirt using
the storage pocket. The storage pocket
does not protect against rain or moisture.
Take care that the navigation system does
not exposed to moisture. This may
damage the electronic parts.
When you use the navigation system,
make the navigation system upright with
the GPS antenna (13) will get a strong
signal. If the signal is not good, please
adjust the direction of the GPS antenna
to receive the signal.
When the battery is in a low voltage, you
can recharge it in the car:
1.Plug the jack (1) of the connection cable
into the corresponding receptor at the
bottom of your navigation system.
2.Insert the power adapter (2) now into
the cigarette lighter socket and ensure,
that it will not lose contact while driving.
This could cause a malfunction.
• Hint: Remove the power adapter from
the cigarette lighter socket when ending
a trip or when parking the car for a
extended period of time.
Front View
1. Touch Screen
Display the output of your appliance. Tap the screen
with the stylus to select menu commands or input
2. Battery Charge Indicator When the battery is charging the Indicator is red, When
the battery is fully charged, the Indicator will turn to
Back View
3. Reset button
4. External aerial interface
5. Stylus
6. Loudspeaker
Press it to reset the unit.
Playback language statements and warnings.
Take the pen out of its compartment in order to use it,
and replace it after use. The pointer pen is required for
operating the touch screen.
Playback language statements and warnings.
Top / Bottom View
7. Sleep/Wake up Button
8. USB Interface
Press and hold Sleep/Wake up button for about two
seconds to Wake up the unit.
Interface for connecting to a PC by means of the
ActiveSync Cable (for data matching).
Left / Right View
9. Volume+/10. Battery On/Off
11. SD/MMC Slot
12. Headphone Interface
13. AC Adaptor Port
Use it to change the volume level up or down.
Switch to turn the power On/Off.
Accepts an optional SD (Secure Digital) or MMC
(Multi MediaCard) Card for removable storage.
Connects to a pair of stereo headphones.
Connection to external power supply.
GPS(Global Positioning System)
automatically. Follow the instructions
on the screen.
GPS is a satellite-backed system for
determining your position. With the help
of 24 satellites revolving around the earth,
it is possible to determine your position
on earth with the accuracy of a few meters.
The satellite signals are received by the
antenna of the built-in GPS receiver, which
must have a “line of sight” to at least 4 of
• By limited line of sight (e.g. in tunnels,
between houses, in woods or also in
vehicles with metal-coated windows) it
is not possible to determine the position.
The satellite reception however
automatically picks up again as soon
as the obstacle has been passed and
the line of sight is reestablished again.
• Please note that your appliance is preset
to not shut down automatically after a
few minutes without activity. You can
Change this preset in the Settings mode.
• If the GPS receiver has not been active
for some hours, it must orientate itself
again. This process may take a while.
• The memory card must always be
inserted into the device during the use
of the navigation system.
• A Soft Reset will have to be carried out
to restart the navigation system, if the
memory card is removed during its use,
even for a short time.
Set the date and time by means of the
Settings button and the date/time control
button, if this has not yet taken place. Set
the applicable time zone, if available.
Staring Navigation
1.Press the Sleep/Wake up button for
about two seconds to wake up your
navigation system.
2.The navigation software will start
automatically or after clicking on the
navigation control button, according to
the version.
3.Press the menu icon to enter the
destination and the address of your
navigation destination. Then start the
navigation by clicking on Navigate. YOU
will receive the route information on the
screen, augmented by language
statements, after a short time, if the
satellite reception is adequate.
Please take information about the further
operation of the Navigation software from
the comprehensive User Handbook on
the Navigation CD. In addition, brief help
is available to you on your navigation
system. You will reach it by means of the
Options/Destination Entry icon and by
selecting the help function.
Note: The GPS-receiver will require some
minutes for initialization when deployed
for the first time. Even when GPs signal
reception is indicated the navigation could
be imprecise. In all future instances it will
take about 30-150 seconds until a correct
GPS-signal is available, sufficient “sight”
of the satellite is a prerequisite.
Memory Card Quick Installation
This option is only available to you if your
navigation system is equipped with a
prepared memory card. In this case, you
will ready be able to use the Navigation
function of your device after a short time,
without carrying out the pre-installation
on a PC.
• The initial setting up must be carried
out as described on page 15 in any
• The following installation limits the
Navigation to the area which is preinstalled on your memory card.
You must carry out these steps to put the
navigation into operation in your car:
1.Read and adhere to the safety
instructions on p.2 and following and
p.23 and following.
2.Install the remaining components of
the navigation system.
3.Press the Sleep/Wake up button to
start your navigation system. If the
instructions of Step1 have not yet been
executed, then do it now. The battery
should be charged. The accumulator
will be charged by means of the car
power supply if necessary.
• Insert the pre-installed memory card in
the navigation system. The installation
of the navigation software will start
Software Installation On Your PC
In order to be able to deploy self-defined
cards on your navigation system you must
install the corresponding navigation
software on your PC.
1.Before installing the navigation software
ensure that ActiveSync is installed and
your navigation system is connected
GPS(Global Positioning System)
with your PC via the ActiveSync-cable.
2. Place the CD 1 with the navigation
software in your CD drive. The
installation will start automatically.
3. Follow the program instructions.
driver which can take some minutes.
Repeat the connection search if it fails
the first time.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
The program will now set up a
partnership between your PC and the
Contents of The Navigation CDs
It is possible for several CDs to be
contained in the scope of the delivery
according to the version. Content of the
CD 1 contains the PC application,
digitalized card material and the data
material for restoring the content of the
memory card fast. Additional material on
the card will be located on the optional
CD2. The PC application will be installed
on the computer and used to set up your
own card details. Apart from this, it will
support the recreation of data on the
memory card.
Installing Microsoft ActiveSync
In order to transfer your data between
your PC and your navigation system you
need the Microsoft ActiveSync program.
The cost of the navigation system includes
a license for this program which can be
found on the Support CD.
Attention: Important files can be
overwritten or changed during the
installation of software. You should create
a hard disk backup, in order to be able to
have access to the original files in the
case of possible problems following the
installation. You must have administrator
rights to install the software under
Windows 2000/XP.
Attention: You should not connect the
navigation system to your computer yet.
1.Insert the Support CD and wait until the
program starts automatically.
Note: The Auto Run function is probably
deactivated if it does not function. The
Setup program on the CD must be
started, to start installation manually.
2.Choose the language, click then Install
ActiveSync and follows the instructions
on the screen.
3.Connect the navigation system to your
computer with the assistance of the
ActiveSync Cable, while the connection
options are checked. To do this, push
the USB connector into a free USB port
on your computer. The hardware
installation assistant recognizes now a
new appliance and installs a suitable
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