Agilent 1290 Infinity LC – The UHPLC Debate is over

Agilent 1290 Infinity LC
The last word in HPLC and UHPLC performance.
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Agilent 1290 Infinity LC
Welcome to the infinitely better liquid
chromatography system.
Innovative new technology delivers more resolution per time,
more sensitivity and more flexibility
The debate is over. The advantages of smaller particles — speed, resolution and sensitivity — were developed
40 years ago. The technology took a giant step forward in 2003 when Agilent introduced the first totally porous
sub-2 µm particle columns, the ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Throughput (RRHT) columns. The availability of
other advanced particle columns provided additional ways to achieve further gains in separation power per time
by using higher flow rates.
Today, about a dozen vendors offer dedicated UHPLC systems. All of them operate at different pressures, flow
rates, system volumes, temperatures and detector sensitivities. So each system suffers from performance
limitations for specific column dimensions or particle technology. And methods transferability between these
systems is either impossible or requires redevelopment and revalidation.
Here’s why the 1290 Infinity LC is the last word. With the
Agilent 1290 Infinity LC, you’re no longer limited in your choice
of column dimension, particle type, mobile and stationary phase,
flow rate or pressure. Whatever the chromatography requires
for optimum performance, the system can handle it, thanks to its
unique power range and next-generation technology. This also includes the new ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD)
1.8 µm columns—the only columns for up to 1200 bar operation.
The 1290 Infinity LC is also the first system to give you a foundation
for methods transfer to or from any Agilent or non-Agilent UHPLC
or HPLC system. In short, infinite capabilities are available to
solve all your HPLC, UHPLC and LC/MS challenges.
Who can argue with that?
The power range of the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC is the widest
available, combining ultra-high pressures up to 1200 bar and
high flow rates up to 5 mL/min for maximum chromatographic
performance, compatibility, flexibility and investment protection.
Infinitely more powerful
Agilent’s new 1290 Infinity Binary Pump gives you maximum
chromatographic performance, compatibility and flexibility.
Active damping combines with lowest delay volumes—facilitated by propriety multi-layer technology in the new Agilent
Jet Weaver mixer—to provide ultra fast gradients and superior LC/UV and LC/MS performance.
Infinitely more sensitive
Featuring an innovative optical design—including Agilent
Max-Light cartridge flow cells with optofluidic waveguides—
the new 1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector delivers a new level
of UV sensitivity and baseline robustness. For LC/MS, Agilent
Jet Stream Thermal Focusing technology significantly increases
MS and MS/MS sensitivity by improving the spatial focusing of
electrospray droplets.
Infinitely more flexible
New Agilent Quick-Change valves in the new 1290 Infinity
Thermostatted Column Compartment enable resource-saving
ultra high-throughput, multi-method and automated method
development solutions. A totally new module—the 1290
Infinity Flexible Cube allows fixed-loop injection mode for ultra
fast cycle times, or automatic backflushing of the needle seat
for a new benchmark in lowest carryover.
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1290 Infinity Binary Pump
Infinitely more powerful.
With more than enough power to handle any UHPLC or HPLC challenge, the 1290 Infinity LC’s all-new, advanced technology fluid delivery
system opens the door to virtually limitless separation and throughput possibilities. Highlights include:
• “Infinite” power range —up to 2 mL/min at 1200 bar and 5 mL/min at 800 bar—enables unprecedented
speed and resolution, as well as compatibility with methods developed on other platforms
• Lowest delay volumes down to 10 µL—enable ultra-fast gradients for LC/MS and LC/UV applications
• Dual-core microprocessor-controlled active damping—compensates for solvent properties and provides real-time
flow optimization to ensure negligible noise and highest precision
• Silicon carbide pistons with superior thermal behavior —provide higher seal lifetime and instrument uptime
• Integrated, high efficiency degassing—offers fast change-over of solvents for purging and priming the pump
Solvent Selection
Jet Weaver
High Resolution
Pump Drives
Silicon Carbide
Purge Valve
Heat Exchanger
Innovative Jet Weaver mixer—based on multi-layer
microfluidics technology—combines highest mixing
efficiency with lowest delay volumes to virtually eliminate detector noise.
1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector
Infinitely more sensitive.
To achieve unmatched detector sensitivity for both UHPLC and conventional HPLC analyses,
the Agilent Max-Light cartridge cells with optofluidic waveguides improve light transmission
to near 100% efficiency without sacrificing resolution caused by cell dispersion effects.
Compromising refractive index and thermal effects are almost completely eliminated,
resulting in significantly less baseline drift.
nitrogen sheath gas
• Lowest noise and highest linearity—with 10 mm Agilent Max-Light cartridge cell
• Ultra sensitivity—with unique 60 mm Agilent Max-Light high sensitivity cartridge cell
• More reliable and robust peak integration process due to less baseline drift
• Multiple wavelength and full spectral detection at a highest sampling
rate (160 Hz) —keeps pace with the analysis speed of ultra-fast LC
• Programmable slit (1 to 8 nm)—provides optimum incident light conditions
for rapid optimization of sensitivity, linearity and spectral resolution
• RFID tags for flow cell and lamps ensure data traceability and usage tracking
• Engineered for simplicity and ease of use —cartridge design allows fast,
easy exchange of flow cell
Agilent Jet Stream Thermal Gradient Focusing Technology for LC/MS. Super-heated
nitrogen sheath gas surrounds the nebulizer
spray, increasing desolvation efficiency. More
ions and fewer solvent droplets enter the
sampling capillary, resulting in greater signal
and less noise.
Deuterium Lamp
Diode Array
Max-Light Cartridge Cell
Optofluidic waveguides. Agilent
Max-Light cartridge cells utilize
total-internal reflection in noncoated fused silica fiber.
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1290 Infinity Autosampler
Infinitely more flexible.
Based on an advanced, flow-through design, the 1290 Infinity Autosampler offers high precision injection of both large and small volumes
without the need to change sample loops. Designed for fastest injection times with no sample losses, the autosampler delivers:
• Highest precision—over an injection range from 0.1 – 40 µL
• Lowest hydraulic volumes—for fastest gradients
• Peltier temperature control from 4 to 40°C—for thermally-labile samples
• Overlapped injections —for shorter injection cycles and higher productivity
• Best carryover performance —through inert seal and needle seat material
Agilent’s new 1290 Infinity Flexible Cube adds even more sampling
capabilities and allows you to select the optimum injection mode for
your application. Automated needle seat backflushing helps to reduce
carryover dramatically and prevents blockages. Or you can switch
to fixed-loop injection mode for absolute lowest delay volume with
fastest possible cycle times.
Next-generation flow-through design ensures highest precision injection of all
sample volumes.
Sample loop
From pump
Flush pump
From solvent
Sample loop
To column
Fixed-loop injection mode enables lowest delay volume and fastest cycle times.
Flush pump
From pump
To column
From solvent
Automatic needle seat backflush dramatically reduces carryover.
1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment
Infinitely more productive.
With a temperature range from 10 degrees below ambient up to 100°C, the 1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment provides
infinitely better flexibility to optimize a separation on the speed and selectivity. New Agilent Quick-Change valves pave the way for ultra
high-throughput, multi-method and automated method development solutions.
• Temperature stability specification of ±0.05 degrees—for repeatable retention times
• Maximum application flexibility through Peltier cooling and heating—for two independent
temperature zones from 10 degrees below ambient up to 100 °C
• Low volume heat exchangers —for lowest peak dispersion
• Spacious column racks —provide room for three 30 cm columns or many more shorter columns
• Door-open sensor —for improved safety and usability
Agilent Quick-Change valves give you easy access to capillary
fittings, and the valves’ RFID tags provide information such as
valve type, pressure range and number of valve switches.
Agilent’s advanced 1290 Infinity Thermostatted Column Compartment saves
valuable lab time by enabling you to automatically select multiple columns and
solvents and quickly optimize temperature selection. You can combine two, or even
three, column compartments — for up to six independent column temperature
zones with thermostatted valves.
Walk-up users can select optimum separation methods without tedious manual
column changing, making the column a simple method parameter in your analysis.
Or the system can be used for fully-automated methods development, from modeling through experimental proof.
Column 2
Eluent pump
Achieve throughputs of 2,000 samples per day
Column 1
A special high throughput configuration of the 1290 Infinity LC
enables maximized productivity for laboratories with high sample
loads. While one column is used for the analysis, the second
column is washed and regenerated by a regeneration pump. With
this high throughput configuration, cycle times can be reduced
by up to 50 percent.
To learn more about the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC system, visit
Want to maximize the performance and
productivity of your new 1290 Infinity LC?
Agilent Value Promise—10 years of
guaranteed value
For every LC analysis requirement—from leading edge
methods development to high throughput routine analyses—
Agilent LC and LC/MS supplies and ZORBAX LC columns
give you the sensitivity, accuracy and reliability you need
to achieve expert results every time.
In addition to continually evolving products, we offer something
else unique to the industry—our 10-year value guarantee.
The Agilent Value Promise guarantees you at least 10 years
of instrument use from your date of purchase, or we will credit
you with the residual value of that system toward an upgraded model. Not only does Agilent ensure a safe purchase
now, we help ensure your investment is as valuable to you in the
long run.
Agilent Service Guarantee
Agilent Advantage Service not only protects
your investment in Agilent instruments—
it connects you with our global network of
experienced service professionals, dedicated
to helping you get the highest levels of speed, resolution, and
performance from every system in your lab, every day.
New ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition columns—introduced
with the 1290 Infinity LC—deliver the resolution and peak definition
you need, as well as rugged and reliable performance over the extended
operating range of the 1290 Infinity LC. The RRHD columns are available
in popular ZORBAX bonded phases providing flexibility and scalability
between Agilent instruments.
An infinite level of control for your 1290 Infinity LC
For more information
As the industry-standard chromatography data system (CDS)
for Agilent instrumentation, Agilent ChemStation provides bestin-class instrument control for the new 1290 Infinity LC. The
new graphical user interface gives you all important status information at a single glance, as well as a visual representation
of all configured instrument modules with direct access to all
method setpoints. ChemStation helps to boost the productivity
of the widest range of common separation techniques—
including Agilent GC, LC, LC/MS, CE and CE/MS, as well
as a number of third party detectors. It is a robust, scalable
CDS ideally suited for applications in all industries, from early
product development to quality control.
Extensive customization capabilities,
including regulatory compliance,
give you the flexibility to supChemLaunch
port different workflows.
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