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Effective May 1 2010
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Digital. Speed. Performance. Reliability.
large sensor
for your
digital back
up to
Mamiya DM Series
Mamiya 645DF Camera
DSLR Camera System
Camera Body
Legendary Mamiya quality comes to large sensor DSLR’s with 22, 28,
33, 40, and 56 megapixel models. Mamiya has partnered with fellow
pro photographic industry leaders Schneider®, Phase One® and Leaf®
to produce the DM series of professional digital cameras. Images can
be processed using either of the included software solutions – Capture
One™ by Phase One or Leaf Capture™ – or you can choose to use Adobe®
Photoshop® Lightroom® (not included) allowing the widest variety of
professional processing software options available.
The next level of digital medium format performance has arrived – the
Mamiya 645DF camera, with autofocus speeds up to 30% faster than
previous models. Using a new companion series of leaf shutter lenses,
the Mamiya 645DF offers substantial performance upgrades for owners
of virtually any brand digital back, including Leaf®, Mamiya®, Phase One®
and Sinar®.
Mamiya DM22 and DM28
In large sensor digital photography, price and performance are usually at
opposite ends of the digital spectrum. Normally you have to pay more —
a lot more — for better quality, performance and features; certainly for
the latest technology. The new Mamiya DM22 and DM28 Digital Camera
Systems based on the AFDIII camera totally change that way of thinking.
The 645DF lets you select the best shutter for each shooting situation –
either the integral focal plane shutter, which can be used with any of the
optional 15 existing Mamiya 645AF system lenses, or one of three optional
new lenses containing an integral leaf shutter for flash sync speeds of
up to 1/1600 second. The 645DF camera body is designed to be used
exclusively with digital backs.
There is no substitute for top-quality digital files. With the DM22 and
DM28 you can be confident premium quality 22- and 28-megapixel
sensors producing true 16-bit/channel RAW files will result in richly
detailed images that leave a vibrant and lasting impression.
322-122 Mamiya DM22 Camera Kit
322-128 Mamiya DM28 Camera Kit
The Mamiya 645DF is a full-featured camera with 35mm handling and
speed. It boasts an available image capture area almost three times larger
than a 35mm DSLR. With digital controls and LCD displays, it also features
19 custom settings for fully personalized digital photography.
321-100 Mamiya 645DF Camera Body
Mamiya DM33, DM40, and DM56
Designed to deliver the highest attainable image quality in
practically any photography situation. Featuring 33, 40, and
56 megapixel sensors precision-matched with the world’s
greatest optics results in exquisitely detailed image files,
even when severely cropped. The large sensors (up to 56mm) coupled with
a lush 16-bit/channel color palette, provide exceptional color accuracy and
rich high dynamic range photographs in just a single capture. Other digital
camera systems simply cannot compare.
The heart of the DM33, DM40, and DM56 systems is the new “DF”
camera-core technology developed by Mamiya, which features two userselectable shutter systems — leaf or focal plane.
Three Mamiya-Schneider leaf-shuttered lenses (55mm, 80mm, 110mm) are
also available for use with the DM33, DM40, and DM56 or one of 15 other
optional Mamiya optics for use with the cameras’ focal plane shutter system.
322-133 Mamiya DM33 Camera Kit
322-140 NEW! Mamiya DM40 Camera Kit
322-156 Mamiya DM56 Camera Kit
Remote Viewing App for
Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
The new LC Remote app for the Mamiya
DM system allows photographers
additional creative freedom by enabling
one or more Apple®iPhone®and iPod®Touch
devices to act as remote image viewers. View, zoom,
and pan hi-res RAW images from any of the Mamiya DM
models, while you shoot tethered to a Mac using the
Leaf®Capture workflow application.
Clients can view images for your shoot from the comfort
of your Wi-Fi enabled client room. Assistants can
check focus even when at a distance from your main
computer. Stylists can see what the camera sees – all
without crowding around the photographer or main
computer area. Imagine the possibilities!
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Digital. Speed. Performance. Reliability.
Mamiya DM Series Digital Backs
Featuring 16-bit per channel image capture and recording, this new series
of medium format technology continues Mamiya’s tradition of the richest
high-res shooting experience. Four models in resolutions of 22, 28, 33,
40, and 56 megapixels offer professional image quality at a range of
pricepoints for the professional photographer.
These new digital backs are compatible with the following camera systems:
Mamiya 645AFD, 645AFDII, 645AFDIII and 645DF, Mamiya RZ67 (via
optional adapter), Mamiya RB67 (via optional adapter), and 4x5 view
camera (via optional adapter).
Mamiya DM22 Digital Back
Mamiya DM28 Digital Back
Mamiya DM33 Digital Back
NEW! Mamiya DM40 Digital Back
Mamiya DM56 Digital Back
Leaf Shuttered Lenses
Df, DM33, DM40
& DM56
The new leaf shutter digital lenses from Mamiya and Schneider-Kreuznach
help the Mamiya 645DF achieve breathtakingly high flash sync speeds up
to 1/1600 second. Designed by Schneider-Kreuznach and manufactured
by Mamiya, the lenses are perfect matches for the latest high-resolution
digital backs. This trio of lenses allow you to use pro strobe gear in even
the brightest conditions.
321-201 Mamiya Sekor 55mm f/2.8 LD D Lens
321-202 Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/2.8 LS D Lens
321-203 Mamiya Sekor 110mm f/2.8 LS D Lens
Mamiya RZ, digital back
and laptop not included
for Digital
Mamiya Focal Plane Shutter Lenses
There are more than a dozen lenses designed and manufactured by
Mamiya for the 645 DF and 645AF series. They range from the ultra-wide
angle Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D to the close-focusing Sekor AF 150mm f/2.8
IF D to the Sekor Zoom AF 75-150mm f/4.5 D to the powerful 300mm
f/4.5 APO telephoto. Today’s Mamiya lenses are specifically formulated for
the critical demands of today’s high resolution digital backs. We can help
you choose the correct lens assortment depending on your needs.
Mamiya RZ67 Adapter Kits
Make your Mamiya RZ into a new digital camera
Your Mamiya RZ camera system can be made into a versatile high
resolution digital camera. It’s easy! Simply add the appropriate adapter to
one of the Mamiya DM Digital Backs. You will enjoy the ease of your RZ’s
integrated bellows focusing, sharp leaf shutter lenses, and rotating back
features – but now with the added benefit of being digital.
Mamiya DM to RZ Pro IID, requires separate focusing screen
Mamiya RZ, RZ Pro II Adapter Kit for DM22, DM33
Mamiya RZ, RZ Pro II Adapter Kit for DM28, DM40
Mamiya RZ, RZ Pro II Adapter Kit for DM56
210-613Sekor AF 28mm f/4.5 D Aspherical
Ultra-wide Angle Rectilinear 210-600 Sekor AF 35mm f/3.5
210-616 Sekor AF 45mm f/2.8 D 210-602 Sekor AF 55mm f/2.8
210-612 Sekor Zoom AF 75-150mm f/4.5 D
210-603 Sekor AF 80mm f/2.8 D
210-609 Sekor AF 55-110mm f/4.5 Zoom
210-610 Sekor AF 105-210mm f/4.5 Zoom
210-614 Sekor Macro MF 120mm f/4 D (Manual Focus) 210-606 Sekor AF 150mm f/2.8 IF D
210-611 Sekor AF 150mm f/3.5
210-608 Sekor AF 300mm f/4.5 APO
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
A Wireless World
MiniTT1 and FlexTT5
Radio Triggering System
PLUS II Transceiver
PocketWizard goes TTL providing
“slide-n-shoot” simplicity with the new
ControlTL™ system and MiniTT1™
Transmitter and FlexTT5™
Transceiver for Canon E-TTL and
Nikon i-TTL* flash systems.
Now you can get perfect off-camera
flash photos in any environment – around corners,
out‑of‑sight and in bright sun. Canon and Nikon* users can use the
20 ControlTL channels for automatic or manual flash control of single or
multiple off‑camera Canon E-TTL II or Nikon i-TTL* flashes at speeds up to
8fps. These amazing units are also compatible with any PocketWizard for
triggering manual flash or remote cameras.
The low-profile MiniTT1 Transmitter (2.8 x 1.95
x1.28 inches) slides into the camera’s hot shoe. The
FlexTT5 Transceiver, also low-profile (3.6 x 2.8 x 1.41
inches), can be used as transmitter or receiver for
remote flash and camera triggering. Additionally, a
Basic Trigger Mode enables triggering any standard
PocketWizard from virtually any camera.
The PocketWizard PLUS II is compact, with a
short, unobtrusive, rubberized antenna. The total
height of the transceiver and antenna is less than
6.5 inches, and it weighs in at 6 oz. The PLUS II
features sturdy locking rings for hot shoes. Power
is from two AA batteries, which are good for about
60 hours of operation or an optional AC adapter.
MultiMAX Transceiver
All are important to sports and wedding photographers who need to
balance flash with ambient and often want to use wide apertures in bright,
outdoor sunlight.
Upgrades that provide new functionality and expanded operation are
available free on line essentially making the system “future-proof.”
801-150 PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver for Canon
801-153 PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver for Nikon*
Up to
1600 FT
801-125 PocketWizard PLUS II
804-105 Optional AC Adapter for PLUS II
ControlTL creates new camera capabilities including
Second curtain sync with remote Canon Speedlites or
any PocketWizard controlled flash, HyperSync™, for
up to 1/8000 sec with full-power flash, and optimized
HSS/FP flash with Canon Speedlites.
801-140 PocketWizard MiniTT1 Transmitter for Canon
801-143 PocketWizard MiniTT1 Transmitter for Nikon*
The PLUS II is the industry’s first auto-sensing
wireless transceiver. Simply inserting a connecting
cord into the camera or flash socket automatically
sets it to transmit or receive at distances up to
1,600 feet with triggering speeds up to 12 frames
per second. Easy to use controls set the PLUS II for
one of four channels and firing flash units at local,
remote or both locations. It is truly the answer for
today’s photographer on the move.
*Nikon model available 2nd Quarter 2010
The MultiMAX offers the most advanced
transceiver technology in the industry
and it’s easy to see why. Selective QuadTRIGGERING
Triggering, for example, provides the
photographer with the ability to control
flash units and/or cameras in four separately
controllable zones (ABCD) without ever leaving the
camera position.
The MultiMAX is the only radio system that offers
true trigger confirmation feedback, up to 1600 feet
away, without the need for signal repeaters or
daisy-chained radios. As with all PocketWizard
receivers, the MultiMAX is fully compatible with
Sekonic’s new exposure meters configured with the
plug-in transmitter module. Now, you can trigger
flash units and/or cameras with your Sekonic
L-758DR, L-358 or C-500R meter and PocketWizard
Digital Radio Receivers.
802-450 PocketWizard MultiMAX
804-107 Optional PW-AC-2 AC Adapter $295
FlexTT5/MultiMAX Remote Cables
Used for camera triggering with the FlexTT5. With the MultiMAX (version 6.x
and newer), these cables plug into the six-contact ACC port and enable
remote toggle ON/OFF of camera’s pre-release function (like pressing the
shutter button halfway).
PocketWizard MiniTT1/FlexTT5
30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
802-452 802-453 802-454
Money back, no questions asked.
If you’re not completely satisfied,
just return it to the store.
N90M-ACC Nikon MD
CM-N3-ACC Canon MD
N90M-ACC-ND Nikon D700
CM-E3-ACC Canon Rebel
N-MCDC2-ACC Nikon D90
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Studio. Stage. Location.
Sekonic L-758CINE
Successful lighting depends on precision metering. Come in and let us
help you explore the capabilities of Sekonic’s full line of spot, incident,
reflected, cine and flash meters. Sekonic has long been trusted by
advertising, commercial, fashion, landscape and wildlife photographers in
addition to Hollywood and stage lighting directors. Models are available
with or without built-in PocketWizard® triggering systems.
The L-758CINE DigitalMaster is the ultimate
light-measuring tool for cinematographers, and
videographer. It offers the most extensive range
of fps (frames-per-second) and shutter angle
settings to meet the requirements of the latest
digital video camera features and settings.
Key Features include: Extended sensitivity range:
From 0.10 To 180,000 Footcandles; 0.07 to
190,000 Foot Lamberts; extended analog scale
from f/0.5 To f/64; independent or combined
memorized measurements for both incident and
reflected spot; selectable auto power off; and
17 custom function settings.
The new Sekonic PRODIGI COLOR C-500 is the
world’s first color temperature meter calibrated for
both digital and film. The color temperature meter,
long a regular tool for professional photographers
using film, has now been re-engineered for today’s
digital formats. It is critical for those photographers
who carefully color-match their workflow from
beginning to end. In fact, it is the first step in
the process.
401-760 L-758CINE
Most photographers are surprised to learn that
today’s state-of-the-art DSLR’s and capture
software’s are incapable of compensating for various
color lighting problems common to many shooting
situations. A few examples are mixing daylight with
incandescent, mixing any indoor lighting with flash
or when filling with on-camera flash in open shade
on a clear day. The Sekonic PRODIGI COLOR C-500 Color Meter provides
the information needed to properly evaluate and then deliver consistently
faithful color.
Sekonic L-358 Flash Master
The best selling meter in its class, the Sekonic L-358
takes incident readings of ambient, flash, or a
combination of both with flash-ambient analysis
in one-tenth stop increments. A large,
illuminated display clearly indicates
exposure settings, reading mode and
film speed as well as digital percentage- Seller
of-flash readout.
Also available in the “R” version and the first color meter to incorporate
a flash triggering radio transmitter module.
Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster
Additional features include weather-resistant
design, accumulated flash measurement, EV, and cine
speeds. Optional reflected light attachments enable
spot metering. Also optional is a wireless transmitter
enables firing of PocketWizard® radio triggers for
complete freedom.
401-358 L-358
401-621 Optional Transmitter Module The L-758 is the first multi-function exposure meter that
can be programmed to match the unique exposure
profile of your digital camera or film system. This
amazing process, using Sekonic’s new DTS program
and exposure targets, simply delivers the highest
exposure accuracy you will ever experience.
You can measure ambient light or flash or
a combination of both in either incident or
1-degree-spot reflective modes. Exposure
readouts include shutter speed
and aperture display in full, half
or third stops, ambient-flash
analysis, brightness difference,
and exposure latitude.
The L-308S is the smallest and lightest full-featured
light meter you can buy. It reads both ambient and
flash and simply sliding the lumisphere in place
changes it from reflected to incident measurement.
An easy-to-read display indicates exposure settings
to one-tenth stop accuracy.
The Flashmate, pocket-sized, easy to stow away
at only 2.5W x 4.3H x 0.9D inches and weighing in
at 3.4 ounces, reads a full range of still and cine
aperture shutter/FPS rate.
Come in for a personal demonstration. We can explain the
differences and help you make the right choice.
Sekonic L-308S Flashmate
Quad-Triggering buttons on the face of the
meter let you control multiple, PocketWizard®
wireless triggers.
401-758 L-758DR
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
TRIPODS / monopods / heads
The Finest Tripods Money Can Buy
The New Generation of Induro
Continuous innovation and a dogged commitment
to quality has kept Induro a leader in the premium
quality tripod and support gear market. As a
result, professionals and enthusiasts around the
world reach for an Induro when they head out on
assignment or board an airplane for a vacation
or holiday trip. One look at the new generation of
Induro products and you will understand why
Induro is the finest tripod money can buy.
Induro Carbon 8X
CT-series CT113 Tripod
New Spider Design
with wider stance and
V-pattern cross braces
A few of the key enhancements:
— Newly designed spider (the heart of any tripod) with
wider stance and V-pattern cross braces for higher
load capacity and up to 35% greater stability
— Magnesium spider for added strength and lighter
weight than aluminum
— New ergonomic leg lock grips perfectly fit your
hand for maximum performance. The textured
rubber surface provides a better grip, even when
wet or when you’re wearing gloves
Rubber Feet and
Stainless Steel Spikes –
CT & AT Series only
New Dust and MoistureResistant Ergonomic
Leg Lock Grips – except
Adventure series
Induro Aluminum Alloy 8M
AT-series AT214 Tripod
INDURO ALLOY 8M AT-Series tripods are made
from the highest grade Aluminum Alloy and
magnesium and are designed to offer the
uncompromising quality, strength and
durability demanded by professionals and
serious photographers, at a reasonable
price. Like all tripods in the new Induro
family, the AT Series incorporates the
new enhancements that make Induro
tripods more rugged, stable and
capable of higher load capacity.
58.7 in
22.8 in
Induro Adventure
AKB1 Tripod Kit
2.7 lb
17.6 lb
ADVENTURE AKB-series tripod kits
come complete with tripod, head
and carrying case. Ease of operation, quality
and strength are integrated into a lightweight,
compact design. The tripod is made from an
advanced combination of magnesium and
aluminum alloy and features quick lock
legs, a precisely matched interchangeable
ballhead and a quick release plate.
Quick LOCK
470-011 AKB1 Tripod Kit
470-011 AKB1
To accommodate uneven terrain,
awkward shooting situations or for low
angle shooting, the Adventure Series
Tripod provides a 3-position leg
angle adjustment. Also available in
other models to suit your needs.
Also available in other models to
suit your needs.
62.2 in
26.4 in
3.6 lb
12.8 lb
Also available in other models to suit your needs.
— New leg angle locks provide better contact
between the legs and the spider for greater stability
471-113 CT113 — L arger, redesigned center column locking collar
for better grip and increased stability
— A unique threaded accessory mount socket lets
you attach articulated arms, clamps and other
mounting devices directly onto the tripod
INDURO CARBON 8X CT-Series Carbon Fiber
tripods are the strongest, most stable tripods
ever offered. This enhanced series offers up
to 35% greater stability, rigidity and higher
load capacity than earlier models. They’re
ideal for backpackers, nature, wildlife,
landscape, photojournalists, travel and
location photographers. CT-Series
tripods are made of high quality 8-layer
carbon fiber tubing, 60% stronger than
conventional carbon fiber material.
Each leg lock has a specially
designed dust and moistureresistant seal and each tripod
includes interchangeable rubber
feet and stainless steel spikes.
65.8 in
21.5 in
4.4 lb
22 lb
Come in and select from our huge inventory. We’ll help you find
the right product for your application.
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
TRIPODS / monopods / heads
The Finest Tripods Money Can Buy
Induro Carbon 8X
CM-series CM14 Monopod
INDURO CARBON 8X CM-series Carbon Fiber monopods offer the
support needed in tight spaces or for stability and mobility in
fast moving shooting situations. They're made of 8-layer carbon
fiber tubing which is up to 60% stronger overall than conventional
carbon fiber material and have up to twice the load capacity
of earlier models. They’re ideal for Sports, Nature, Landscape,
Travel and in the studio. Half turn leg locks provide fast setup and
incorporate a specially designed dust and moisture-resistant seal
to assure reliable performance in virtually any environment.
57.9 in
18.9 in
0.7 lb
17.6 l
Induro Aluminum Alloy
8M-series AM25 Monopod
The INDURO ALLOY 8M AM25 monopod is made from the
highest grade precision machined Aluminum Alloy and offers the
uncompromising quality, strength and durability demanded by
professionals and serious photographers, at a reasonable price.
Features extruded Aluminum Alloy legs for maximum strength
and has increased load capacity (up to twice the capacity of
earlier models). Ideal for a wide range of shooting situations. Half
turn leg locks provide fast setup and the large rubberized foot
insures slip-free operation on any surface. Also available in other
models to suit your needs.
472-525 AM25 Monopod
57.9 in
16 in
1.1 lb
22 lb
Induro BHD-series
BHD1 Ballhead
INDURO BHD-series ballheads
offer high load capacities,
large ergonomic locking
knobs, adjustable drag and
tension control, independent
panning control and Arca-Swiss
compatible QR mounting plates housed
in a precision-machined Magnesium alloy
body. All heads have 3/8-16 base mount. Also
available in other models to suit your needs.
Induro GH-series Gimbal Heads
When using very long, heavy telephoto lenses for sports or bird/nature
photography, standard panheads and ballheads aren’t the optimum solution.
Induro Gimbal heads are designed to make vertical
and horizontal tracking of fast moving objects
quick and easy. Balancing a camera/lens system
by positioning the equipment at it’s center of
gravity on a gimbal head makes it essentially
“weightless,” allowing the equipment to stay in
place at any angle without needing to be “locked
down.” This provides a level of control and
freedom of movement not possible with any other
support system.
The GHB2’s convenient calibrated vertical scale and height adjustable lens
platform make it easy to consistently place your camera/lens combination at
the right position for repeatable results and perfect balance. The compact,
portable GHBA and GHB1 provide outstanding results at unbeatable prices.
The GHBA attaches to professional ballheads (like the BHD-series) that
accept Arca-Swiss style release plates. Includes Arca-Swiss compatible
Quick Release Plate.
1/4-20 QR Plate
1.1 lb
Limited by
Limited by
tripod capacity
Limited by
tripod capacity
1/4-20 QR Plate
Requires ballhead
with Arca-Swiss
style mount
2, 3 & 4
1.7 lb
1/4-20 QR Plate
3.2 lb
*For matching tripod or monopod series, refer to the first numeric digit of tripod model number.
Also available in other models to suit your needs.
471-514 CM14 Monopod
1/4-20 QR Plate
1.1 lb
26.4 lb
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
TRIPODS / monopods / heads
Professional Quality at an Unbeatable Price
Travel Angel
Benro A-258EX
Aluminum Tripod
Ultra-compact Tripod
The Benro A-258EX Aluminum Tripod is a
high-quality tripod that has lightweight,
highest quality aluminum alloy legs for
top performance at an economical price.
By utilizing components constructed
of magnesium, the tripod is actually
lighter and stronger than die-cast
aluminum components. The new
Benro "Quick Lock" Leg System
has set the standard in flip
lock technology. Its rugged
construction, reliability and
ease of operation brings
leg locking systems to a
new level!
Weight, load capacity, folded
length and maximum tripod
height are very important
considerations for photographers
who travel. However, large, heavy
tripods are not easy to carry, and
traditional lightweight tripods are
often limited in maximum height
and stability. Now, the Benro
Travel Angel gives you the best
of all worlds.
They’re easy-to-carry so you’ll want them
with you at all times. The unique 180 degree
foldover design allows them to be folded into a
compact package (as small as 13.1 inches!) that
can easily fit into backpacks or luggage. However,
when you need quick setup, excellent maximum height (up to 62-inches)
and a rigid, stable support, Benro Travel Angels are impressive performers!
Travel Angels are available in 8-layer Carbon Fiber for
maximum performance in a lightweight package or
Aluminum for top performance at a more economical price.
Benro Travel Angel kits include a single-action (BH) or
dual-action (B) ballhead. Also available in other models.
Benro Travel Angel Carbon w/B Ballhead Kit (TRCB)
456-069 TRCB069
54.3 in
13.1 in
1.8 lb
456-269 TRCB269
61.3 in
14.6 in
3.5 lb
Benro Travel Angel Aluminum w/BH Ballhead Kit (TRA)
457-169 TRA169
59.6 in
14.9 in
3.3 lb
457-269 TRA269
62.6 in
15.7 in
4.0 lb
Benro Travel Angel Aluminum with B Ballhead Kit (TRAB)
458-069 TRAB069
54.3 in
13.1 in
2.6 lb
458-169 TRAB169
58.5 in
14.1 in
3.3 lb
Also available in other models.
65.2 in
13.2 lb
26.4 lb
8.8 lb
13.2 lb
13.2 lb
17.6 lb
The use of the latest materials such
as high quality, low vibration 8-layer
carbon fiber tubing and magnesium
components, makes this series of
tripods ideal for Nature, Wildlife
and Landscape photographers.
The strong, but lightweight
materials make transporting
easy and the flip locks make
one-handed height adjustments
fast and easy.
Also available in other models.
When you need added stability, but can’t use a tripod, Benro
monopods are the perfect support solutions. Choose between
the Benro MA Aluminum series (shown) for top performance at an
economical price or the Benro MC Carbon series for the lightest
weight and maximum performance. The new Benro “Quick Lock”
Leg System has set the standard in flip lock
technology. It’s rugged construction, reliability
Quick LOCK
and ease of operation elevate leg locking
systems to a new level! Also available with
“Twist Locks” and other sizes.
61.0 in
61.0 in
19.9 in
19.9 in
1.5 lb
1.2 lb
39.6 lb
39.6 lb
22.0 lb
Quick LOCK
58.7 in
19.3 in
2.8 lb
4.4 lb
Benro Carbon C-Series EX Tripods with fast
handling Quick Lock legs offer rugged build,
quick setup and uncompromising stability
for any shooting situation.
Benro Monopods
21.2 in
Benro Carbon
C-158EX Tripod
Quick LOCK
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
17.6 lb
TRIPODS / monopods / heads
Professional Quality at an Unbeatable Price
Benro Flexpod Tripod
Benro BH-2M Ballhead
Convertible Center Column Tripod
Benro BH-Series ball heads are produced
using the latest in precision machining and
manufacturing technology to ensure smooth and
secure operation. BH-Series ball heads
are ultra-small and lightweight without
compromising stability. A patented, dual
locking, dovetailed quick-release plate
enables fast and secure camera mounting
and dismounting without having to worry
about accidentally unseating the camera. The single,
one-touch adjustment knob allows for quick and precise
one-handed camera positioning.
The Benro Flexpod is a professional grade
tripod featuring a convertible center column
design. The center column is easily
repositioned from vertical to horizontal,
functioning as a cross-bar with angle
adjustment flexibility. The range covers
360° horizontal and 180° vertical
arcs while the column itself can be
positioned and locked quickly – in
any position – with the locking
knobs. Useful for macro and
nature photographers. Available
in models with Quick Lock (EX)
(shown) or Twist lock (M8) legs in
Carbon Fiber or Aluminum.
450-724 BH-2-M Ballhead
450-724 BH-2-M
1/4–20 QR Plate
1.1 lb
17.6 lb
Also available in other models.
452-297 C-297EX
70.7 in
452-298 C-298EX
68.4 in
453-198 A-198EX
65.8 in
453-297 A-297EX
72.7 in
25.8 in
21.5 in
3.5 lb
3.7 lb
26.4 lb
26.4 lb
19.7 in
26.2 in
3.5 lb
4.8 lb
13.2 lb
22.0 lb
Benro 3-Way HD–28 Panhead
Benro HD Series 3-Way Panheads offer
smooth, independent +90/-45° vertical
and +90/-25° horizontal tilt, and a
360° panning range. A separate panning
lock is provided, and graduated scales
make it fast and easy to reposition. The
3-Way Panhead can support a pro‑SLR
or a medium format system. The
convenient built-in bubble level
allows fast camera leveling
and the dual locking quick
release system provides
extra security.
450-762 B-1
1/4–20 QRP PU-50 0 & 1
0.8 lb
26.4 lb
1.9 lb
17.6 lb
* For matching tripod or monopod series, refer to the first numeric digit of tripod/monopod model number.
The Benro DJ-80 monopod tilthead
provides a perfect camera platform for
any Monopod. A built-in quick release
system offers rapid mounting and
dismounting of any camera or lens while a single
locking knob provides front-rear axis tilt control.
An integral high visibility bubble level allows fast camera leveling. The Dual
Locking Quick Release System provides extra security.
450-741 DJ-80 Monopod Tilthead
450-741 DJ-80
1/4–20 QR Plate
0, 1 & 2
0.6 lb
Come in and select from our huge inventory. We’ll help you find
the right product for your application.
Benro DJ-80
Monopod Tilthead
All heads have 3/8–16 base mount. Also available in other models.
1/4–20 QR Plate
Benro B-1 ballhead offers manual drag control,
smooth independent panning control, positive
locking knobs and quick release mounting
plates. All housed in a precision-machined
black anodized aluminum body. The Benro
Universal Quick-Release System is designed
to the same specifications
as the Arca-Swiss system,
and is also compatible with
other similarly designed quickplate
release systems. Accurate
360-degree panoramas can be easily orchestrated using the graduated
panning scale for accurate image alignment. The separate lock and drag
adjustment knobs help to avoid confusion when working fast.
450-762 B-1 Ballhead
450-752 HD-28
Benro B-1 Ballhead
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
8.8 lb
Powerful and Precise
D1 Studio Kits
The D1 monolights are available
in packaged systems to save
time and money, especially
beneficial to photographers just
starting out. Choose from
250, 500 or 100 watt-second
systems – with or
without Air Remote
technology for
radio control of
output as well as
sync. Kits include 2 D1
units, 2 small umbrellas,
2 light stands, case and either Air Remote or
sync cord.
Monobloc System
Ask any professional photographer why they use Profoto strobes and the
answers are identical: consistency, consistency and consistency. And, oh
yes, Profoto’s are the most durable and trouble-free units on the market.
So it’s not surprising that the new D1 line of digital compact electronic
flashes follow that philosophy. Consistency is important for two reasons:
precise exposure from flash-to-flash and precise color temperature. These
are important qualities for photographers who want an quality professional
lighting in a monolight design. The new Profoto D1 monolight system,
available in 250, 500 or 1000 watt-second versions, can be adjusted from
full to 1/64th power in 1/10th stop intervals. This gives you a range of
seven f/stops in precise, repeatable and consistent output.
901050 901052
Profoto D1 Studio Kit 250/250
Profoto D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Profoto D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Air w/ Air Remote Profoto D1 Studio Kit 250/250 Air w/ Air Remote
Profoto D1 Studio Kit 1000/1000 Air w/ Air Remote
Profoto D1 Air Studio Kit 250A/250A w/o Air Remote
Profoto D1 Air Studio Kit 500A/500A w/o Air Remote
Profoto D1 Air Studio Kit 1000A/1000A w/o Air Remote
D1’s have other important qualities: quick recycling time (0.1–0.8 second),
short flash duration (1/100th–1/2600th sec), compact size (11.8" x 5.1")
and weight designed for portability (5.3 lbs); this for the 500 watt-second
version. The units are fan cooled and offer a white light slave for triggering,
while models designated "Air" also offer a radio receiver for use with
the Profoto Air system. Offering full control of power, modeling light and
triggering from up to 1000 ft. away.
And with the Air Sync USB accessory, You can also use a PC or MAC to
control every aspect of your lighting from your computer.
The D1’s come with a 300-watt quartzhalogen proportional modeling light,
covered by protective glass. The unit
can be used with any worldwide
voltage, from 90-130 and
200‑240 volts without having
to change the modeling light.
D1 Air Series
The Air series gives you complete control of up to 127 strobes wirelessly.
You can adjust lighting ratios, modeling lights, even turn units off and on
from your camera with optional Air Remote or Air Sync.
For 40 years Profoto has set
the standard in professional
electronic flashes. The D1 line
is keeping with that reputation.
Profoto D1 Air 250
Profoto D1 Air 500
Profoto D1 Air 1000
D1 Series
Same as above without the remote capabilities built-in.
Profoto D1 250
Profoto D1 500
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Industry Standard
FREE AcuteB Head ($800 value)
Versatile packs designed for the demanding
studio photographer or “pro on the go.”
The Acute2R compact generators can be
operated symmetrically or asymmetrically
and feature a 6-stop range of control, fully
proportional modeling lights, arc proof
safety design, built-in photo slave with
on/off switch and are multi-voltage
for worldwide use. These units offer
recycling times as short as .09 sec.
and flash durations as fast as 1/3200
sec. The Acute 2R model features a
built-in 32-channel PocketWizard® Digital Radio Receiver
for wireless triggering.
AcuteB 600R
Acute2R 1200 ProValue Pack
NOW $2,982
Acute2R 2400 ProValue Pack
NOW $3,585
Similar to the Profoto Acute2R
system, the Acute2 is identical
except the standard Acute2 systems
do not include the PocketWizard radio
system. Acute2 packs can be fired by
the sync cord (included) or by the built-in
white light slave.
100608 Softlight White Reflector
NOW $2,640
Acute2 2400 ProValue Pack
ne Acute2 2400Ws Generator & two Acute/D4 Fan-cooled
Heads with Zoom Reflector
NOW $3,244 Come in for more information on the Profoto Gear that is right
for you or visit
NOW $5,918
WAS $7,398 WAS $6,982 NOW $5,586
WAS $10,617 NOW $8,494
The Softlight White Reflector, known as
“the beauty dish,” provides a very soft,
wraparound light (65 degrees) that delivers
extremely soft shadows. The reflector can
easily be positioned near your subject to
produce flattering light for stylized beauty
or portrait photography.
ne Acute2 1200Ws Generator & two
Acute2 Fan-cooled Heads with Zoom Reflectors
900696 Acute2 2400 ProValue Pack WAS $4,055 900874 D4R 2400 Generator
900873 D4R 1200 Generator
900878 D4R 4800 Generator
Softlight White Reflector
Acute2 1200
ProValue Pack
900695 Acute2 1200 ProValue Pack WAS $3,300 The D4R renders constant results no matter
how many flash heads are used. Four
asymmetric adjustable lamp connections
with power stability flash-to-flash, with no
output deviation. With precise control in
1/10 f-stop increments over an 8 f/stop
range, flash output and color temperature
remain consistent every time. Computer
control for up to 127 power packs from
a single computer. The D4R includes a built-in
PocketWizard® digital radio receiver for wireless triggering.
ne Acute2R 2400Ws Generator with built-in PocketWizard
Radio Receiver & two Acute/D4 Fan-cooled Heads with
Zoom Reflector
900796 Acute2R 2400 ProValue Pack WAS $4,481 $2,600
AcuteB 600R
D4R 2400
ne Acute2R 1200Ws Generator with built-in PocketWizard
Radio Receiver & two Acute2 Fan-cooled Heads with
Zoom Reflectors
900795 Acute2R 1200 ProValue Pack WAS $3,727 FREE
The AcuteB 600R (600Ws) generator
provides high performance in a small,
battery-driven flash. 160 full power flashes
from a single charge. The AcuteB 600R features
a 7 f-stop range (down to 9Ws), in 2/10 step
adjustments, interchangeable batteries and
standard Profoto Acute heads can be used with a
modeling light adapter. Includes a built-in PocketWizard® digital radio
receiver for wireless triggering.
All Acute2/2R ProValue Packs also include a power cord,
sync cord, UV-coated protection dome, quartz flash tubes,
250 watt modeling lights and plastic transport caps.
included with any purchase of
AcuteB 600/600R before 6/30/10.
Profoto Softboxes
Profoto softboxes offer a removable internal diffuser
that provides additional versatility. With the internal
diffuser attached, the light is even; when removed,
the illumination is focused in the center of the
box with a gradation out to the sides and
ends. Requires the Profoto Softbox Mounting
Ring – sold separately.
Softbox 2x2 ft. RF Softbox Mounting Ring
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Light Shaping Tools for Today’s Pros
With two families of Creative Light Softboxes, the only limitation is your
imagination. Both the Flat Front (FF) Softboxes and the Recesses Front
(RF) Softboxes have a unique high-efficiency silver lining that ensures
more light reaches the subject than other softboxes. Both RF and FF
Softboxes feature removable interior and external diffusers. All Creative
Light Softboxes are constructed with reinforced stitching, ensuring no light
is lost through the seams and flexible steel rods rather than aluminum
or fiberglass. The rigidity of steel maintains the shape of the softbox
regardless of working conditions. Finally, rods are color coded to make
assembly simple.
All Creative Light Softboxes include a high quality, soft-sided storage case.
RF Softboxes
2 inch
Creative Light RF softboxes offer a
design that is perfectly even from
edge to edge. The front diffuser is
recessed from the edge of the softbox – this
slight deviation from the FF profile permits the
two inches at the edge of the softbox to act
as its own barndoors, effectively reducing the
amount of spill. Of course, if the image requires
even more control a complete set of Soft Grids
are available for the most popular sizes for even
further lighting control.
Softbox 60x90cm/2x3' RF
Softbox 30x90cm/1x3' RF
Softbox 30x120cm/1x4' RF
Softbox 40x60cm/1.3x2' RF
Softbox 90x120cm/3x4' RF
Softbox 90cm/Ø3' RF
Softbox 60x60cm/2x2' RF
Softbox 150cm/Ø5' RF
FF Softboxes
100% FRONT
Creative Light Flat Front (FF)
softboxes are silver-lined and have
an exterior diffuser that stretches
over the outer edge of the softbox. This
allows for 100% coverage of the front
surface. The even illumination permits
multiple boxes to be stacked together to
create larger, near-seamless light sources
for bigger subjects.
Softbox 60x90cm/2x3' FF
Softbox 40x40cm/1.3x1.3' FF
Softbox 40x60cm/1.3x2' FF
Softbox 30x90cm/1x3' FF Softbox 90x120cm/3x4' FF
Softbox 20x30cm/.8x1' FF
Each Creative Light speedring offers the solid steel
softbox collar combined with the individual mounting
flange for your specific brand of light. Speedrings
offer 360 degree of rotation so regardless of which
softbox you are using, or what brand of flash you are
using, full control is still possible.
100821 Profoto 100829Bowens/Calumet
100823 Bron Pulso
100832 Bron Visatec 100835 Comet 100828 Dynalight 100830 Elinchrom 100827 Hensel Expert 100833 Multiblitz Profilux 100834 Multiblitz Varilux 100825Quantum/Sunpack
100826 Novatron 100824 Photogenic 100837 Photona 100836 Propet A 100831 Nikon/Canon 100822 Speedotron 100838 Sunstar 100839 Alien Bees/White Lightning X Series $90
Light Sheds
Light Sheds by Creative Light are
collapsible photo studios that
are perfectly designed for small
product photography. Light Sheds
have metal frames covered in
a translucent fabric to provide
perfectly even illumination. The
six‑sided construction means
lights can be placed anywhere
outside the box.
Perfect for small product
photography with flash or hot lights, Light Sheds come standard with two
removable colored background fabrics that attach with Velcro® to ensure
they stay in place. Changing the look is as simple as changing or removing
the fabric. To add additional versatility, use your own backgrounds to
create a custom look.
100897 Light Shed 50cm
100898 Light Shed 80cm
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Light Shaping Tools for Today’s Pros
Creative Light Reflectors offer a simple alternative to adding lights. The
simple, spring-loaded designs pop open and instantly achieves its full
size. Creative Light reflectors are perfect for bouncing light to diffuse the
light, open shadows, increase contrast or to change the light direction. The
outer rings in the Creative Light Reflectors are made from galvanized zinc,
ensuring that even if they get wet, the metal ring will not rust or discolor
the fabric. All Creative Light Reflectors come with a high quality, soft-sided
storage case.
These traditional round reflectors are available in the most popular fabric
combinations and offer extraordinary performance at a very low cost.
Reflector White/Silver 50cm/20"
Reflector White/Silver 95cm/38"
Reflector White/Silver 120cm/48"
Reflector Translucent 50cm/20"
Reflector Translucent 95cm/38"
Reflector Translucent 120cm/48"
Reflector White/Gold 50cm/20"
Reflector White/Gold 95cm/38"
Reflector White/Gold 120cm/48"
Reflector White/Sunlight 50cm/20"
Reflector White/Sunlight 95cm/38"
Reflector White/Sunlight 120cm/48"
Reflector Holder $24
The starting point of most photographers lighting toolboxes, umbrellas offer
versatility and convenience in one easily portable package. Special alloy
composites mean the frame, locking mechanism and joints are flexible
enough to handle the use and abuse of the real world, while being rigid
enough to hold its shape when it really counts – on set. The universal 8mm
shaft guaranties compatibility with all brands of flash. All Creative Light
Umbrellas come with a high quality, soft-sided storage case.
Umbrella Translucent 65cm/25"
Umbrella Translucent 85cm/33"
Umbrella Translucent 105cm/41"
Umbrella White 65cm/25" Umbrella White 85cm/33"
Umbrella White 105cm/41"
Umbrella Silver 65cm/25"
Umbrella Silver 85cm/33"
Umbrella Silver 105cm/41"
Regardless of the type of photography
you do, Creative Light Stands will
support your efforts. Computeraided design allows for the
reduced weight of these aluminum
alloy light stands without sacrificing
durability or structural integrity you
expect in a professional duty light
stand. By simulating use through
software, key stress points
are reinforced, while the
center of gravity is precisely
positioned, allowing these light
stands to be lightweight yet offer the
stability of much heavier products.
Stand LS22 Background Stand
Stand LS38 8' Stand
Stand LS48 8' Stand
Stand LS56 6' Travel Stand Stand LS413B 13' Lightweight Boom
Stand LS413 13' Heavy Duty Stand
Come in and select from our huge inventory. We’ll help you find
the right product for your application.
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Protect. Transport. Access.
Black Label Satchel – Medium
Shootout Sling
Tenba’s new “Black Label” is a collection of premium, handcrafted camera
bags and satchels. The collection is aimed at the professional or serious
enthusiast who wants a bag with upscale design and features, highestgrade materials and robust construction.
The new Sling design from Tenba is unique in its ability to be converted
from a “quick-draw” shooting bag to a long lens bag configuration. The
Sling Bag is carried on the back with a single, contoured and padded
cross-chest strap. This design allows it to be instantly swung around in
front of the photographer, providing immediate access
to a primary camera with mounted lens, for fast
shooting right out of the bag.
Tenba Black Label bags are constructed of a specially-laminated sandwich
of ballistic nylon and open-cell foam, giving them shape, “body” and
outstanding exterior protection from abrasion, water, stains, tears and
punctures. Trim and handles are made of perforated upholstery leather,
inspired by luxury car interiors. Seat belt webbing, military matte-black
YKK® zippers, Duraflex® closures, and massively reinforced stress points
assure strength and long-term durability. Three slim, lightweight photo
satchels for single camera setups with room for a spare lens and flash.
Available in black in small, medium and large sizes.
638-442 Medium – Black 638-441 Small – Black
638-443 Large – Black
Movable padded walls within the bag allow the
“quick-draw” compartment to be fitted precisely to
the main camera/lens combination, and also create
additional spaces for extra bodies, lenses and
accessories. These walls can be completely removed,
turning the Sling into a vertically-oriented long lens
bag. Other features include Tenba’s fast-deploying
WeatherWrap™ rain cover, a strap front-mounted
phone/audio pouch, auxiliary security strap, and a
variety of accessory pockets and compartments.
Despite the special materials and arsenal of features,
the Medium Sling weighs in at only 35-46 ounces,
depending on configuration.
The Small Sling is identical to the Medium in every
way except for size. It will fit a regular sized SLR
without the added depth of a vertical grip/booster
(actually 2 bodies if necessary), plus lenses,
accessories, and a tripod or monopod.
632-631 Medium – Black/Olive 632-632 632-633 632-641 632-642 632-643 Medium – Silver/Black
Medium – Black/Black
Small – Black/Olive
Small – Silver/Black
Small – Black/Black
Black Label Shoulder Bag – Small
Elegance and flexible capacity is brought to you in a new line of
extraordinary quality Black Label shoulder bags. The small shoulder bag
has space for an SLR body with a full complement of lenses, flash and
accessories. It can be configured to hold an extra camera body if needed.
Available in black in small and large sizes.
638-444 Small – Black 638-445 Large – Black
Come in and select from our huge inventory. We’ll help you find
the right product for your application.
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Protect. Transport. Access.
Shootout Backpack – Medium
Roadie Universal
Water-repellent, dobby/diamond ripstop nylon shell – an optimum
combination of light weight and durability. Jumbo, padded side pods can
be used as separate accessory pockets or pass-through hatches for instant
interior access. Photo and laptop insert is removable for reorganization,
storage, or to convert the entire bag to a standard, soft backpack for
clothing or other “non-photo” travel. Movable panels in both side pods
create QuickAccess™ hatches directly into main compartment. Special,
weather-sealed zippers keep the elements out. Available in black/olive,
silver/black, and black/black (shown), and other sizes from mini to large.
The Roadie Universal is the latest addition to Tenba’s Roadie series of
rolling photo/laptop cases. This new Universal model is designed to get
your camera and laptop on board with you for most international flights.
If this case won't fit, your next option is pretty much a sandwich bag. As
with the other cases in this series, the Roadie Universal is wrapped in
heavy-duty ballistic nylon, and all enclosures feature genuine YKK zippers.
Compression straps on the side of the case will fit virtually any size tripod
or monopod, and a reinforced cup at the bottom keeps the tripod from
dragging on the ground while you wheel the Roadie around.
632-313 Medium – Black/Black $189.95
48 OZ
The padded camera insert has space for 2 DSLR bodies with lenses
attached, ready-to-shoot, with enough room for 4 to 5 additional lenses and
flash equipment. The center channel can fit long lenses up to 400mm 2.8.
Just like with the other Roadie cases, the camera insert is removable, so you
can easily change out camera systems, or use it as a carry-on suitcase.
Black with Gray Trim
Shootout Ultralight Backpack
If you're heading to outdoor locations and want a convenient way to carry
2 DSLR's, a selection of 5 to 7 lenses, flash, accessories and more, the
Shootout Ultralight on your back is the way to go. Weighing less than
three pounds, the Shootout Ultralight ensures an incredibly comfortable
carrying experience. Each bag is built with the absolute best materials
and hardware, for all-season protection under the most extreme weather
conditions. Remove the Switchback™ module to convert from photo use to
travel daypack. Huge, laminated mesh pockets hold cables, color cards,
small reflectors and more. Innovative features throughout give you fast
access to your equipment so you never miss a shot. Available in black/
olive, silver/black and black/black.
632-513 NEW! Black/Black
Roadie Photo/Laptop Case – Small
Holds a DSLR setup (1-2 bodies, 5-6 lenses and flash) plus laptop
computer (adjustable to fit sizes up to most 17-inch models), cables,
media cards, and lots of accessories. Fits under most airline seats and
meets overhead standards. Five-section handle extends to full, comfortable
walking height, easing the strain on your back and shoulders when wheeling
long distances. Exterior of weather-repellent ballistic nylon with ripstop
reinforcement overlays produces a lightweight yet travel-tough combination.
The photo section features fully-adjustable, removable padded dividers and can
be configured to accommodate a DSLR with up to a 300mm 2.8 mounted lens.
638-321 Small – Black with Gray Trim Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Protect. Transport. Access.
Messenger Bag – Large
Messenger Daypack
Sleek, lightweight, street-smart satchel holds a ton, yet hugs your body,
moves with you and doesn’t cramp your style. Removable photo insert
lets you to convert it quickly from camera bag to book bag, school bag,
briefcase or general-purpose carryall. The Quick Access™ zipper lets you
get at the contents without opening the main flap. Padded compartment
holds and protects a laptop – up to 17-inches. Over 20 pockets and
compartments keep mobile hard drives, cell phone,
audio player, cables, chargers, pens and
business cards organized and easily
accessible. Removable photo insert
provides padded storage for a DSLR
body with three lenses and a flash.
Also available in small size to fit
7 color
most 15–inch laptops. Available
in Black, Olive, Blue, Burnt Orange, choices
Chocolate, Plum or Platinum.
The Tenba Messenger Daypack is a casual, understated, lightweight
outdoor backpack on the outside, but serious business on the inside.
Features the best hardware money can buy. Genuine YKK® zippers,
Duraflex® clips and adjusters – everything selected for toughness and
long-term reliability. Incredibly tough, 1000 Denier, military-grade nylon
exterior is weather- and abrasion-resistant, yet lightweight. Slide your
laptop in through the secure, dual-closure top flap. Put your DSLR and 2
extra lenses in the front tilt-out insert. Remove the padded camera insert
to convert from photo use to laptop/travel daypack. The Quick Access
zipper lets you grab a cell phone, mp3 player or similar item without having
to take the backpack off. Add all your accessories (there’s even space for
lunch), slide yourself into the incredibly comfortable backpack harness,
and hit the road – no matter where that road leads. Available in Black,
Olive or Burnt Orange.
638-238 Large Messenger Bag – Platinum 638-228 Small Messenger Bag – Platinum 638-291 NEW! Messenger Daypack – Black
Messenger Wrap
Each wrap is a square of portable padding designed to be rolled, folded
or wrapped into virtually any configuration, form-fitted safely around
contents, and secured to itself. Wraps provide an extra layer of protection
to everything from camera lenses and mobile hard drives to compact
laptops, portable DVD players and much more. Each wrap has a smooth,
no-scratch interior nylon lining, a flexible foam center, Velcro® corners
and a soft knit, brushed-nylon, Velcro-compatible back. They take up
negligible storage space and weighing only ounces,
wraps are ideal for safeguarding electronics and
other fragile items inside a suitcase, duffel bag
briefcase, messenger/courier bag or other
unpadded or lightly-padded cases.
Tenba Messenger Wraps are available
in three different sizes: 10-, 16- and
22-inches square – to suit a wide variety
of equipment. In addition, the four
available colors – Black, Olive, Blue or
Burnt Orange – make it easy to organize
and identify contents.
638-283 Messenger Wrap – 22-inch – Blue
638-273 Messenger Wrap – 16-inch – Blue
638-263 Messenger Wrap – 10-inch – Blue
Messenger Camera Bag
This is the classic, fast-moving, and body hugging design preferred by the
world’s best photojournalists for years. Lightweight yet protective, everything
within fast reach. Customizable interior, loads of accessory pockets, and
exclusive, innovative features geared to the real-world needs of the working
pro. A bag that works hard, but doesn’t call attention to itself. Available in
Black, Olive or Burnt Orange.
638-344 NEW! Messenger Camera Bag – Burnt Orange
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Protect. Transport. Access.
& Stylish
Mixx Photo Daypack
Mixx Large Shoulder Bag
Great for travel, all-day outdoor shooting, or any other time you want to spread
the load. Tenba’s Quick Access side hatches let you reach inside and grab a
lens or flash while the pack is on your back. Top section houses a variety of
pockets and organizers for small accessories, with room left over for lunch.
Ventilated shoulder straps and padded waist belt make for a very comfortable
carry. Capacity: 1-2 DSLR bodies, 3-5 lenses, flash and accessories.
Available in Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red or Black/Orange.
The perfect bag for your complete DSLR camera system. Movable/foldable
padded dividers create a perfect, protective fit for your camera. About a
dozen pockets, compartments and other storage spaces keep everything
organized and readily at-hand. Fast-access, oversized top flap protects it
all.Capacity: DSLR body with 3-4 lenses, flash and accessories. Available
in Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red or Black/Orange. Also available in a
Small size.
638-655 Mixx Photo Daypack – Black/Orange
638-623 Mixx Shoulder Bag Large – Black/Blue
638-613 Mixx Shoulder Bag Small – Black/Blue
Airbook 11X14
Mixx Large Top Load
For a fast-shooting, single camera/single lens combination, this holster style
bag is the way to go. Slide in your DSLR with lens, close the full zip-around
top and you're ready to go. Carry with the included shoulder strap or wear on
your belt. A half-dozen compartments hold portable electronics and other
small accessories. Capacity: DSLR body with one lens and accessories.
Available in Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red or Black/Orange. Also
available in a Small size.
638-644 Mixx Top Load Bag Large – Black/Red (shown)
638-634 Mixx Top Load Bag Small – Black/Red
638-702 638-701
Our sales staff has been trained on these products and can
help select what’s right for you.
When a portfolio is shipped to a print committee or potential commercial
or portrait client, the way that it is shipped inevitably becomes part of the
presentation. A sloppy brown box makes a bad first impression. The way
that a book is transported also determines how many times it can make
the rounds before it has to be retired because it’s too beat up. Tenba
Airbooks are designed to move portfolios and prints safely, time after
time. The core of the Airbook is Tenba’s patented Air Case frame – a multilayered skeleton of air-channeled plastic panels, high-density foam, and
specially-molded framing components – all wrapped with soft, brushed
tricot to protect, cradle and elegantly present the contents. Airbooks are
designed to make your portfolio or prints look like the most important thing
in the universe. Available in 8.5x11, 11x14, 11x17 or 16x20.
Airbook 11x14" Book – Black (shown)
Airbook 8.5x11" Book – Black
Airbook 11x17" Book – Black
Airbook 16x20" Book – Black
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
ColorEdge CG Series
Designed for imaging professionals with color critical applications such
as digital photography and commercial design, EIZO ColorEdge Graphic
Monitors show all the details in your images from the deepest shadows to
the finest highlights. How can you make editing decisions if you are not
seeing all the information from your image? All ColorEdge monitors feature
hardware calibration for accurate grayscale and color gradations and
backlight compensation for consistent, even color and brightness all day
long. Includes an industry best five-year warranty with 24/7 tech support.
Basic Monitor Correction for Photo Enthusiast
ColorEdge CG243W
24-inch Widescreen Monitor + Hood
With the CG243W, you’ll
get outstanding color for
just about any imaging
task such as pre-press,
digital photography,
video editing, and post
production. Features
include a wide color
gamut, IPS panel, and a
DisplayPort input. With
its 1920 x 1200 native
resolution and 850:1 contrast
ratio the CG243W is ideal for
all imaging applications. The
ColorEdge CG243W includes DVI inputs and comes complete with
a monitor hood.
CG243W – Black
There’s a reason your blues aren’t always true. Same goes
for your reds, greens and every color in-between. What you’re
seeing onscreen isn’t necessarily accurate – it all depends on
your monitor. huey is an easy-to-use monitor color correction
tool that automatically adjusts the color of your monitor so
what you’re seeing is spot on. huey can even adjust your
monitor for changes in room lighting. Everything becomes more
accurate and predictable: digital photos just as you remember
the scene, game graphics with the intense edge
you’re after, and a Web-browsing experience that
delivers colors you can trust. huey is easy to use
on any CRT, LCD and laptop monitor. Essential
for any photo or digital enthusiast who needs
absolute color and clarity.
Advanced Monitor Calibration for Photo Enthusiast
ColorEdge CG222W
22-inch Widescreen Monitor + Hood
The wide gamut LCD panel reproduces 92% of the Adobe RGB color space
so it can display most colors in a photograph taken in Adobe RGB mode.
This means it covers almost all of the CMYK color spaces used for printing
so it produces a reliable soft proof when calibrated. It also incorporates a
newly developed integrated
circuit to produce uniform
color and brightness from
corner to corner. With the
bundled ColorNavigator
software and a 12-bit
look-up table, the CG222
delivers accurate and reliable
hardware calibration so soft
proofing can be done with
It’s all about the color; color in your photos, color in your designs, color
on-line and more importantly color on your display.
Whether you are editing photos to print, sell or share
with others or shopping on-line, you deserve to see the
right color on your display. Photographers understand
that to obtain the true color from capture to edit to
print; a color-managed workflow is essential and a
calibrated monitor is first-step. The hueyPRO delivers
extensive controls in an affordable, easy-to-use
solution. hueyPRO allows you to trust the colors you
see onscreen.
The hueyPRO is ready to bring your display to life
with a new level of color-clarity and precision.
Designed with the world’s first built-in ambient
light sensor, hueyPRO’s increased color accuracy
combined with the ability to calibrate multiple
monitors delivers the solution you need to accurately
view your images. With its customizable White point and Gamma
combinations, enhanced LCD calibration and advanced help, the hueyPRO
is the answer to your color needs.
——1680 x 1050 native
——800:1 contrast ratio
——200 cd/m2 brightness
——178° viewing angle
——Dual DVI-I inputs
CG222W-BK – Black
634-721 Tenba Air Case – RS-E21 for EIZO CG222W
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Manage Your Color Workflow
i1Display 2
Professional Monitor Profiling Solution
i1Display 2 raises the standard, delivering unparalleled
functionality for high-end professional monitor calibration and
profiling results. With i1Display 2, you can precisely calibrate
and profile all types of displays – including LCDs, CRTs and
laptops to ensure you are seeing your images correctly.
The award-winning i1Display 2 delivers unrivaled color
controls including Workgroup Match, Ambient Check
and Match, Push Button Calibration and Validation –
all essential tools for professional photographers and
designers to attain accurate color throughout the digital
workflow, whether in their own studio or in a collaborative
production environment.
EODIS2 i1XTreme
Complete Color Management Solution
i1XTreme is the one measuring device for both emissive (monitors) and
reflective (print) modes. Easy-to-use, step-by-step software interface
means no extra manuals are needed. There’s also a new “how to video” for
scanning test charts and “optical beep” added for even greater usability.
i1Display 2
ColorMunki Photo
RGB & CMYK Solution
Your new best friend for accurate matching
of prints to display with color perfection.
ColorMunki Photo delivers the latest technology
to profile and calibrate displays, printers
and projectors with a completely integrated
all-in-one device. Includes DigitalPouch™ for
image transport with accurate color data and
ViewSafe™ notification on receiver side, and
PhotoColor Picker for measuring spot colors and
creating custom color palettes from images and color libraries,
with preview ability for different light sources and out of gamut indicators.
So whether you work on a PC or Mac, ColorMunki Photo is the innovative
new way to bring your photos from screen to print accurately, simply
and affordably.
The i1XTreme has a laptop mode for better, more neutral laptop LCD
profiles. In addition, luminance settings match multiple monitors to each
other. Gray balance optimization on monitors provides more neutral and
better defined grays. It’s the ideal color tool to measure, mix and share
spot colors, capture both flash and ambient light and build CxF files –
all with the powerful i1Share software.
You can edit profiles with the i1Match Editor which includes simple editing
functions for the most popular editing needs. You can also create digital
camera profiles with the new Digital Camera module with simplified
features for the most popular photo settings – contrast, exposure, color
saturation, shadows and highlights (requires optional SG target).
The i1Xtreme is upgradable to full automation with i1iO scanning table, and
offers one push button monitor calibration (PBC) support for EIZO CG18,
CG19, CG21 and LaCie Electron b4 monitors.
Ideal for Wedding, Portrait and Nature Photographers, or any
passionate advocate.
All-in-one true spectral device with built-in white calibration tile profiles:
——LCD & Laptop Displays
——RGB & CMYK Printers
——Digital Projectors
ColorMunki Photo is your new best friend. So no matter how you show your
work, the world will see it exactly the way you intended.
CMUNPH ColorMunki Photo
■ Profile module Included in package
■ Available with additional upgrade
■ Profile module NOT available
The ColorChecker is a checkerboard array of 24 scientifically-prepared
colored squares in a wide range of colors. Many of these squares represent
natural objects of special interest, such as human skin, foliage and blue sky.
These squares are not only the same color as their real-life counterparts, but
reflect light the same way throughout the visible spectrum. Because of this
unique feature, the squares match the colors of natural objects under any
illumination and with any color reproduction process.
The ColorChecker provides a totally non-subjective standard of comparison to
help determine the true color balance of any color rendition system. It provides
the needed standard for comparing, measuring and analyzing differences
in color reproduction in various processes, avoiding costly mistakes.
Come in for a personal demonstration. We can explain the
differences and help you make the right choice.
ColorChecker – 8 x 11.5 inches Mini ColorChecker – 2.25 x 3.25 inches Prices and specifications are subject to change without notification
Raw Color Power
for Adobe® Workflow
Superior color results
in a fraction of the time!
Quickly and easily capture accurate
color, instantly enhance portraits and
landscapes and maintain color control –
from capture to edit.
ColorChecker® Passport Includes:
— 3 Photographic Targets:
Classic Target
Creative Enhancement Target
White Balance Target
— Camera Calibration Software:
Adobe® Lightroom® Plug-In
Desktop Application
— Protective Case and Lanyard
Download PDF