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March - April 2011
Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive Volvos 1993-2011
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Editor: Scott Hart
Designer: Bryan Cottrell
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May 6, 2011
Infrared Temp Sensor #T1021
SALE $49.95
he Volvo bug first bit me in 2008 whilst living in Belgium,
when I was given a reliable green 1995 850GL by my father
in law to drive around France for a road trip. New to wagons,
I found the versatility of extra cabin space blended with an undeniable safety record impossible to resist. After my last car was written
off due to freeway accident, I headed straight to Volvo and did some
test-drives. I fell in love with the 2004 V70R but it was financially out of
reach. Then I came across a beautiful blue 2002 V70XC Ocean Race
edition and invested immediate interest. Unfortunately I was too late
as it was sold before I could negotiate a formal offer. A second Ocean
Race edition became available interstate and I swooped, again only
to receive a ‘déjà-vu’ experience. Third time lucky. I received a phone
call from the second dealer who had just taken delivery of a very rare
loaded factory manual 2002 XC70 that had originally been a special
order from Sweden. Needless to say, I put down a deposit and secured it immediately. I bought the car and had it shipped on a 2-week
journey across Australia. Mission accomplished.
After previously owned a daily driver, full race built EK Civic Type R,
2 Lexus/Toyota Soarer SC400, a highly modified 400hp Toyota Lexus/SC400 with Adaptronic, Supercharged and Intercooled, modifying
a Volvo to a satisfying level of performance was going to be a real
challenge. Having tasted success on the racing track with the Civic
and with a collection of high-powered V8s behind me, why Volvo?
Why not.
My first intentions were to have a car you
shouldn’t touch. I mean, why would you want
to modify a Volvo. Its something rarely done,
its different and unique in a land saturated by
heavy 6litre v8s and Japanese imports, who
could argue. It is true, Volvos are synonymous
with going slow in the fast lane, annoying other
motorists with straw hats and with no intention
to reach the highway speed limit. People always
comment about thinking outside the square, I
thought about thinking inside the square for a
change. If I am going to pull this off, I need this
XC70 to keep its original Swedish good looks
but with the element of surprise.
First, I have learned Volvos do not like to be
modified. They tend to have that annoying electrical gremlin that surfaces each time you try
touch something. Having said, the principles of
tuning still remain. With an XC70 pre equipped
with factory upgrades such as sunroof, full
powered driver and passengers seats, HU-803
with centre speaker, rear spoiler and LE mircontinued on page 2 • 800-444-6473
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
rors, I had a good platform to begin with. The
very first aftermarket modification part for my
XC70 was an iPd Heavy Duty Turbo Control
Valve. Pleased with the results and positive
support from iPd’s Rob ‘Lucky’ Arnold, I later
bought an iPd Heavy Duty Compressor Bypass Valve and several items from another
tuning company EVOLVE.
My primary aim is to keep my XC70 a
cross country but with the power and performance of a V70R. As both cars share similar
looks, the R has been treated with a bag of
cosmetics that actually work. Who can resist
the big Brembo brakes, 300hp KKK24 turbo
and Xenon headlights and better suspension. Everything is compatible right? Well
not everything.
After installing a costly set EVOLVE
• 2002 Volvo XC70
• 2.4L AWD with TD04HL13G Turbo
• Lifestyle Edition with M58
Manual gearbox (only
one in Western Australia)
• (Special Volvo factory
order from Sweden)
• Dolby Pro Logic II HU803 Head unit + centre
dash speaker
V70R sport springs to lower the stance of
the XC70, the rear became too low and the
camber was so far out I needed new rear
tyres within 3 weeks. Then my front right
shock absorber blew. Needless to say, I paid
the price for incorrect advice on the springs
resulting in the added expense of reinstalling the stock rear springs. The fronts were
again removed and rebuilt with new struts,
XC90 seats and the EVOLVE springs.
As a designer by profession, I like things
to be different. I want my XC70 to be different but I became attached to the gorgeous
interior looks of the R. Having decided not to
fully clone the R into an XC because it would
be too expensive and silly, I put a clear limit
on parts to exchange. First, I sought a rare
blue V70R instrument cluster from Ameri-
• IPD-USA Compressor
Bypass Valve
• EST chrome head unit
dial surrounds
• IPD-USA Turbo Control
• Euro plate surrounds
• IPD-USA silicone Turbo
breather hoses
• V70R downpipe
• V70R white 350cc injectors
• EVOLVE bonnet grills
• 2008 Active Bi-Xenon
• S60R 18” Pegasus Rims
• sport mirrors
• EVOLVE V70R sport
springs with XC90 strut
Stage 4 tune + OBD
software tuning tool.
300hp+ / 450+ Nm
• TD04 HL16T turbo
Waiting to be installed:
• V70R Blue R instrument
cluster w custom LED
back lighting.
• EVOLVE AMS (racing
V70R intake system)
• Rear spoiler
• Limo tinted windows
• V70R blue engine covers
• Full powered passenger
• Sunroof
• Wood interior trim treatment
• R Kelly additional Intake
• S60R steering wheel
Future Plans:
• Colour code and paint
plastic bumper pieces
• iPd R boost gauge
• iPd HD coil packs
• Bridgestone Potenza
RE050A rubber
• V70R Brembo upgrade
• Philips 6000K HID headlights
• 2005 crystal taillights
• Euro silver roof rails
• 1kw 12v power inverter
• S60 AWD rear springs
• Bluepower stereo
• Rebuild clutch • 800-444-6473
ca. This proved to be a testing mission of
patience and persistence as the R cluster
needed a plethora of custom work to function in the XC. After about the 20th attempt
to have the dials illuminated and functioning to a satisfactory level, I moved to the
engine bay. I purchased and installed V70R
blue engine covers and had the OTE pipe re
sprayed silver. This is where the fun really
Early in 2010 I purchased an engine upgrade tuning tool as part of a forum group
buy. This was to increase the power from
200hp to 240hp, bringing the XC70 to life.
Peter Carvall, the tuning guru from the Swedish company AUTOTECH, built the tune and
liaised with me what was needed to have the
performance of an R and add some. Lucky
from iPd has been consistently helpful with
advising what parts I need, supplementary
to his informative videos on the ipd website.
I purchased and had installed a bigger
V70R down pipe, a higher output TD04L16T turbo, a set of higher flowing white
350cc injectors, iPd’s HD CBV, and a new
air intake. Needless to say, this really made
a difference. Other cosmetic purchases followed, including a set of 18” S60R Pegasus wheels, EVOLVE AMS and hood vents,
a Philips 6000k Xenon headlight kit, EST
chrome stereo dials, 3 spoke S60 steering
wheel, full wood-grain interior treatment and
a 1kw power inverter for the tailgate. I had
the roof rails painted in Heavy Duty silver
paint and had installed a set of interior LED
interior lights and a new fire extinguisher.
Over Christmas I took delivery of a set of
rare 2007 Active Bi-Xenon headlights but
they arrived damaged and need to be fully
rebuilt. Another expense I don’t need.
Presently, I am testing a 300+ hp stage 4
tune from AUTOTECH, which is handing me
some challenges. The 16T turbo is pushing
over 20psi and causing a flutter in 4th and
5th gears. Needless to say, first second and
third on throttle pulls the Volvo harder than
my old v8 and with an estimated 450+ Nm
of torque who could argue. The good part is,
it still looks like a slow Volvo XC70 and that
helps keeping the police off my back.
Wanted: Your Volvo Story
Garage Sale is 9:00am to 3:00pm Saturday May 21, 2011
To reserve a spot in the swap meet please call us at 800-444-6473 and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.
Each year for the car show portion of the Garage Sale event we seek out Volvos that stick out from the crowd. We’re looking for Volvo
hotrods, restorations, custom jobs, well preserved originals, etc. If you have a Volvo you’re interested in showing in the car show that you
feel might fit the bill please contact Cameron Daline (
Annual ipd Garage Sale
May 21, 2011 is when the 28th Annual ipd Garage Sale, Swap Meet and Car Show will take place. We look forward to this event each
year and we’re excited to have games, prizes, giveaways, sale pricing on most of our stock and much more. Doors will open to the ipd
sales desk from 9:00am until 1:00pm and the swap meet and car show has been extended to run until 3:00pm. We hope to see you here
for this great event.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
We’ve increased our customer features lately and we’ve had great
responses from our readers because of it. We’d like to continue to
provide the Volvo community with interesting reader content so we
are pleading, yes, even begging for articles. If you have a souped
up 850 wagon that you want the world to know about or even if
you’re in the middle of your S70 series project and want to show
off your progress, let us know and we’d love to feature you and
your ride. If you own a S60 series and have a great trick or tech
tip you’ve discovered, send it on over and we’ll share it with our
If one of the items on your bucket list is to be published in one
of ipd’s famous newsletters, here’s your chance. Don’t deny it,
you know it’s there; if it’s not, add it now and send in your story
so you can check it off your list. Even if you think it’s not print
worthy, that’s okay, let us be the judge of that because we
still want to hear your story. Tell us about how you caught the
Volvo bug, the remedies you’ve tried to get rid of it and what
finally put you over the edge to finally just give up and let the
bug take it’s hold.
Some pictures of you and your Volvo would be great to include along with how your experience with ipd went. It would
be great to also include any ipd upgrades you’ve added and
how our customer service staff treated you.
We look forward to hearing your story and the opportunity
to share it with other sick Volvo lovers who have caught the
same bug.
Send submissions to
Scott’s 2001 XC70 Project Update
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
By: Scott Hart
Here’s the car with the Volvo 2008 accessory Bi-Xenon Projector headlamps installed.
Last spring we wrote a few articles in
our newsletter about buying 5-10 year old
Volvos for s as daily drivers. Sort of a mini
buyers guide of best models and what to
look out for etc. In one of the articles we
showed photos of two cars we picked up
to fix up ourselves, a 2004 V70R that we
have been using to develop out stage
III kit on and a 2001 XC70 that I wanted
to do some minor exterior mods on. The
2004 V70R project was updated in the last
newsletter, which you can read about here.
At the time I was already driving a nice
2001 XC70, but was sort of getting bored
with it. The one I had was dark blue and
didn’t lend itself well to graphics and some
other exterior mods I wanted to do, so I started hunting for a clean white example. I found
one pretty quickly, drove it about a month
to make sure it was a good candidate for a
project. It seemed decent, so I took it off the
road and began the process of modifying it.
First thing was to pull all the XC body cladding off of it and prepare it for paint. The body
cladding on the XC models is a neat idea and
is the main contributor the bold look, however the cladding has been a bit of a sore spot
with XC owners too. As it ages, it discolors
and fades out, making the XC’s look much
older than they are. You can detail the plastic
cladding with products like spray on Stoner
Trim Shine or wipe on Black Again detailers
we sell, but they only last a few weeks before
the body trim is looking dull and dreary again.
My plan was to paint all the trim a nice
matte titanium metallic color that I had seen
on some Mercedes models. This turned
out to be way more expensive that I had
imagined as the textured XC body cladding all had to be sanded down smooth
and primer using a special plastic primer.
It came out looking fantastic in my opinion,
but cost almost $1600 in paint and labor.
Not a feasible solution in my opinion. PSThe body shop that sanded and painted
the body cladding said not to send them
any customers wanting the same modification done as they said they lost money on it!
I have seen some XC’s with painted cladding that wasn’t sanded down and it looks
OK on some colors, but I wouldn’t recommend it on black or other dark colors.
Next, to give my 2001 XC70 a newer appearance I wanted to upgrade the headlights
to the style Volvo used from 2005-2007. In
the process of searching for a good set of
used lights I ran across a photo of an optional Bi-Xenon/Projector headlamp that I hadn’t
seen before. They were really trick and modern looking and I decided to install a set.
That was a learning experience! I learned
that although it can be done, it’s not worth
the trouble and cost in my opinion. They look
great, but the performance increase is minimal. You also end up losing the headlamp
wipers and the amount of wiring modifications required are very significant. With our
resources, I was able to do the conversion for
about $1000, however I would estimate that
by the time you sourced a good set of used
headlamps, modified the wiring harnesses
and made the required mounting modifications, it would cost most folks close to $3000.
I also had the wheels, mirrors and grille color matched when we had the body cladding
painted and that all came out looking fresh.
Here’s the 2005-2007 Style Headlamp
Here’s the 2001-2004 Style Headlamp • 800-444-6473
Volvo Club of America Teams Up With ipd
When we read in a recent issue of the Volvo Club of America magazine that the club had a goal to
double the membership this year, we immediately thought to ourselves that we could help the club
out by offering quick and easy sign up through our website and customer service department. Now
you can easily and quickly join VCOA simply by asking one of our staff to add a membership anytime you call in to place an order or by adding a membership to your shopping cart on our website.
It’s just that easy! On the ipd website, look for the Membership sign up option under the “Universal
Products” category.
The Volvo Club of Americas bi-monthly full color publication “Rolling” features helpful tech tips
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and the people who drive them. Regional chapter events and reports are also included along with
several pages of classified ads for all sorts of things you need!
Check out the details from the clubs brochure below or visit their website at
The bi monthly publication is mailed around the 15th of Jan, March, May, July, Sept & Nov! We
highly recommend it!
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Volvo Club of America
Join the Club! We offer our members the following benefits:
1. Discounts on parts and service at participating dealers and independent shops around the
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4. Access to technical forums with a network of experts.
5. Subscription to our e-newsletter, with the latest updates on events and Volvo-related news.
There are over 30 chapters across the U.S. and Canada.
ipd is all about customer service,
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Whether you’re browsing one of our catalogs, browsing our website or calling us on
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they will do for you. While our website has been very successful for us, we feel that it does not give
you the same level of service that you’ve
come to expect from us. It is for the reason
that we will be launching a new website
later this year that will allow us to better
serve you.
Sampling of new features:
• Product attribute filtering such as
front/rear, left/right, lower/upper, metallic/ceramic, brand, color, size, etc.
• Product filtering based on specific
vehicle year, make, model, engine,
transmission, body style, etc.
• Clear and concise listings of what
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• Ability for us to attach a wealth of
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Installation instructions, frequently
asked questions, tech-tips, videos,
• Unlimited product images plus ability
for customers to upload their own
product images.
• Clear relationships for related products, accessories and comparable
• “My Garage” feature to allow you to
save your Volvo models and shop for
them in a few clicks.
• Product to Vehicle validation at checkout to ensure you are not buying products that do not fit your Volvo(s).
VCOA Membership USA VCOA Membership Canada VCOA Membership International Tech Tip: Spark Plug Gapping
By: ipd staff
There are a number of plug
gapping tools available on the
market today and while most
spark plugs come pre-gapped
is a good idea to at least check
them before installation. From
manufacturer to consumer a
spark plugs trip is a long one,
and throughout its journey it is
subject to some abuse. Since
gapping is checked in the thousandths of an inch (i.e. 0.028)
a small impact makes a big
change. In addition, one spark
plug part number may fit multiple engine configurations to
which each may have a different gap. Checking gap is easy
enough but which type of tool
is the easiest and most useful?
We have found that the bucket
of gap tools on the counter of the
local parts house to be the worst
in general. These half dollar
shaped units are often inaccurate due to the inherent sloping
edge used to measure the gap
with. A better design is the graduated wire style. This gap tool has
multiple wire diameters that are
common gap specifications. By
using this tool you can be sure
that the gap across distance of
the plug electrode is consistent
whereas the style previously
mentioned has a certain inaccu-
racy because the sloping edge
only contacts the far edge of
the plug ground strap. Wire gap
tools also include a ground strap
adjustment wrench. This allows
minute adjustment without having to ‘smack’ the plug against
the concrete. Although these
tools typically sell for around $4$5, a far cry from the $0.25 units
at the parts house, it’s a far better value.
Volvo OEM Spark Plug Sets
ipd now offers Volvo OEM spark plug sets for your Volvo. Volvo plug kits offer premium quality at a reasonable price. Volvo uses NGK Iridium, Bosch Yttrium and Denso
multiple electrode copper plugs that are specifically engineered for each Volvo application. Volvo plugs are packaged as sets and come pre-gapped from the factory.
8692071 Reviewed by David Emanuel from Knoxville, TN
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Due to the variations in spark plug applications, please visit the tune up section of or give our
customer service a call. We’re happy to help. 800-444-6473
I have used these plugs in both of Volvo’s (‘98 S70 T5 and ‘04 V70 2.5T) with consistently great results. I have
read other’s reviews of other plugs giving them fits but never a hiccup with these. Just make sure to check the
plug gap...they aren’t always consistent out of the package.
Bosch Super Copper Core Plugs
Heavy-duty copper core center electrode delivers superior durability and reliability.
Nickel chromium ground electrode means consistent performance and prolonged service life. Nickel-plated rolled threads mean complete anti-seize and corrosion protection.
Metal glass-fused center electrode seal prevents combustion leakage. Angular, fiveribbed insulator design prevents misfire due to current leakage.
850 all, 70 series all S80 all, S60, V70 not R models* S40, V40, V50, C30* C70* 1993-2000 2001-2007 all 2006-2007 (.028” gap)
(.032” gap) (.032” gap) (.032” gap) MQFR7DC
*2004-07 S60R & V70R use unique spark plugs, please see Denso Irridium listings on this page. These plugs
are a colder heat range and they are longer because of the thicker cylinder head casting on the R. This plug is
not for the 2007 S80 or V8 models.
Bosch Platinum Plugs
Only Bosch uses a pure platinum center electrode, heat-fused into an extended insulator which reaches self-cleaning temperature only seconds after starting. Electrode gap
remains virtually unchanged throughout the plug’s longer service life; no need to clean
or re-gap. Heavy-duty tapered ground electrode means extended service life, reduced
electrode temperature, and improved access to air/fuel mixture. Lower ignition voltage
requirement vs. other plug designs delivers reliable cold weather starts and superior
operation under all driving conditions. • 800-444-6473
Spark Plug Applications for FWD/AWD Volvos
Prior to 2004, there was basically one length plug that fit in all FWD/AWD models. In late 2004, Volvo introduced a different cylinder head that was thicker between then combustion champer and the spark plug seat. .
This difference means that these engines use different spark plugs and shorter ignition coil packs.
We believe this thicker head appears on all P1 (C30 / S40 2005- / V50 / C70 2005-) models and late S60/V70
T5 & R models. It also appears that the newer (2007-) 6 cylinder engine uses the longer style plugs. For more
details visit
Denso Iridium Spark Plugs
Denso Iridium plugs are serious power and performance for even the most serious
of performance minded customers. Pure Iridium has a melting point of almost 700ºC
higher than platinum and better withstands overheating, detonation, and oxidation
wear. Denso Iridium plugs are combined with Rhodium for superior heat resistance and
response. With high power and high heat turbo engines, you need all the help you can
battling heat and detonation.
1993-2000 all all 2001-2007 2001-2007 all all 2004-2007 MQIK20
Bosch Tune-Up Kits
Better fuel economy and increased performance are two of the immediate results you’ll
witness after tuning-up your Volvo. It pays to give your Swede a fresh tune-up after 30K
miles. To make tune-up time easier on you, we’ve gathered everything you need in one
convenient package: kits include Bosch distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs. These
quality parts include all-copper conductors rather than the inferior tin found in many
aftermarket pieces.
850, 70 series (non-turbo)
850, 70 series (turbo models) 850, 70 series (non-turbo) 850, 70 series (turbo models) 1993-98 1993-98 1993-98 1993-98 tune-up kit w/standard spark plugs tune-up kit w/platinum spark plugs tune-up kit w/ Iridium spark plugs tune-up kit w/ Iridium spark plugs MQIK121
Note: 1999 and newer Volvos do not have distributor caps, rotors or spark plug wires, but they do still have
spark plugs!
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
850, 70 series non-turbo 850, 70 series turbo C70 non-turbo C70 turbo S80 all, S60, V70 non-turbo S80 all, S60, V70 turbo S40, V40, V50, C30 non-turbo S40, V40, V50, C30 turbo S60R, V70R turbo ipd Spark Plug Wires
S40, V40 4cyl
850, 70 series 5 cyl
spark plug wires by ipd
spark plug wires by ipd
SALE $53.95
SALE $80.95
Bougicord OEM Spark Plug Wires
A properly tuned ignition system is one of the most important factors of any engine. It
will keep your engine running smoothly, economically and will deliver the most power.
The increased heat under the hood may lead to premature degradation of the ignition
wires. These wires are made by the original equipment supplier to Volvo so you are assured of the best quality in replacement wires. Coil wire is included.
850, 70 series S40/V50
1993-98 2000-2004 MQ9135700 MQ1275603 1999-2007 models have distributor-less ignitions and do NOT use plug wires.
Our custom spark plug wires are made with a high quality 8mm silicone jacket and
feature a spiral wound core for maximum electrical efficiency. Each wire set is custom
designed for each application covering over 40 years of Volvo models. Engineered to
meet and surpass OEM quality, our wire sets include factory style metal end connectors
(where applicable). Each wire set includes spark plug and coil wires as well as dielectric
grease used on the plug boots for easy removal at tune-up time.
$56.96 kit
$32.42 kit
Please see the engine section of for current pricing and applications.
Serpentine Belts also available for S80, 2001-2007 S60 and V70, please see the engine section
of for current pricing and applications.
Serpentine Accessory Belts and Tools
You may not know it, but the charging system, power steering and air conditioning in
your Volvo are all driven by a single serpentine accessory belt. These belts have proven
to be pretty reliable, but it is not something you’d find at Joe’s discount auto parts. We
recommend keeping a spare in the trunk along with the required installation tool, available
below. Volvo recommends that the belt be replaced every 2 years or 20,000 miles.
Serpentine Belts
See our website for a complete listing of our serpentine belts
Serpentine Belt Tool Set
850, 70 series
70 series
Serpentine accessory belt tool set
Serpentine accessory belt tool
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Timing Belts and Kits
Timing belt maintenance has never been so important since the 5 cylinder ‘white’ engine
was introduced into the US in 1993. Unlike the ‘red’ engine of days gone past, these new
engines are interference so a broken timing belt means valve and piston damage, an
expensive alternative to belt replacement. Intervals for replacement vary from 70K to 105K
depending on model year. With our available cam locking tool, perfect alignment can be
ensured and no more potential for the camshaft to jump while the belt is off. This job used
to intimidate even the most skilled individuals, but with ipd helping you out, timing belt
maintenance is back in your control. Timing belt kits complete with tensioner, tensioner
pulley, idler pulley and belt.
ipd Performance Coil Kit
ipd’s performance ignition coil restores lost power from the old factory ignition coil
and provides increased performance for highly tuned setups like our stage III kit. Our
kit mounts the coil on rubber isolators to reduce engine vibration and it’s also designed
to work with the ipd short ram intake which insulates the coil from high engine temps by
locating it within the area where cool air enters the intake. ipd performance coil kit fits both
turbo and non turbo 850 and 70 series models from 1993-1998 and takes approximately
30 minutes to install. Includes MSD coil, ipd 8mm silicone coil wire, mounting bracket,
fasteners and instructions to provide a clean, simple installation.
ipd performance coil kit
850 and 70 series
SALE $98.95
HD ignition coils
ipd’s HD ignition coils are a direct replacement for weak or failing factory coils. With a
20% larger secondary widing and spiral wound primary winding, ipd HD Coils outperform
both stock and replacement coils. Specifically designed for longevity and consistent performance our HD Coils are perfect for higher than stock performance levels or as a long
life replacement part in otherwise stock vehicles.
S70/V70 1999-2000, V70/XC70 2001-2007, S60, S80, XC90, C70
S60R/V70R 2004-2007, S40/V50 2005-2011, C30 2007-2011, C70 2006-2011
SALE $44.95
SALE $49.45
Stock Replacement Ignition Coil
These coils have shown a rather high failure rate and tend to require replacement
almost as though they were a maintenance item! If you’re suffering from poor starting,
hesitation when accelerating or even poor fuel economy, weak ignition coils could be the
Due to the variations in applications, please visit the engine section of or give our customer service a call. We’re happy to help. • 800-444-6473
Ignition Coil Boot and Spring
Ignition coil boots can break down and lead to misfires, especially when the oil cap seal
starts leaking and soaks the boots with engine oil. Why replace the whole coil when all
you need is the boot? ipd now has boots in stock for both the standard and R style ignition
Fits coil #30713416 Fits coil #30713417 2005-07 & R models
103mm 96mm
MQ3E3417 $8.95 ea
$8.95 ea
If your car uses the shorter spark plug then use
boot “A”
If your car uses the longer spark plug then use
boot “B”.
A - 103mm boot(3E3416)
B - 96mm boot(3E3417)
Pollen Filters
Nearly all front wheel drive Volvo models are equipped with a cabin pollen filter which
eliminates pollutants and pollen that would normally enter the passenger compartment.
A plugged filter will not only reduce the comfort and protection you and your passengers
enjoy against airborne contaminants, but can also shorten the life of the heater blower
motor. When the filter becomes clogged, it significantly reduces the airflow through the
climate control system, and increases the amount of work load put on the blower motor.
For best protection, and to prolong the life of your heater blower motor, the filter should
be replaced every 15-20,000 miles and even more frequent in highly dusty areas.
Stock Replacement Air Filters
Easy to install and maintain — just discard and replace with a new one when needed.
Check air filter every 10,000 miles. Replace it every 30,000 miles or more often in dirty
or dusty conditions.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Due to the variations in Filter applications, please visit the filters and tune up section of or give
our customer service a call. We’re happy to help. 800-444-6473
K&N Reusable Air Filters
850, 70 series 1993-2000
S60, V70
S80 1999-2006
S40, V40 2000-2004
S40, V50
XC90 5 & 6 cyl all
XC90 V8 all
Filter care kit oil and cleaner
*Not for “R” models
MQ332280 MQ332328 MQ2C9950
SALE $52.00
SALE $51.98
SALE $56.38
SALE $50.85
SALE $51.89
SALE $50.11
SALE $50.11
SALE $50.11
SALE $53.78
SALE $62.86
SALE $12.17
This filter has an international reputation for effective service under the most grueling
conditions. Patented design utilizes surgical cotton in multi-layers, oiled and sandwiched
between wire mesh. K&N filters not only clean the air, but also straighten the air flow.
Under normal conditions cleaning and reoiling is not required until 50,000 miles (without
loss of efficiency!)
Air Filters Exclusively for “R” Models
Upgrade the air filter in your 2004-06 S60R or V70R with our K&N high-flow cleanable
element. A drop-in replacement for the stock paper element, it provides a bit more air
intake sound when accelerating hard and provides long life service since it is cleanable.
Pre-oiled and ready to install.
S60R, V70R
hi-flow K&N air filter
SALE $62.86
ipd Air Management System
The ipd Air Management System (AMS) increases throttle response and provides
a more aggressive intake growl under acceleration. Improved breathing capacity and
lower intake air temperature results in greater horsepower and torque. A byproduct of
our free flowing design is an addictive sound under full throttle and throttle lift (turbo
woosh!!!) as the boosted air is redirected by the diverter valve.
S60R, V70R
ipd air managementsystem
Vacuum Elbow Kit
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
There are two vacuum elbows used on 850 and later models that fit in a variety of
different places. Our kit includes the elbows that most commonly get soft and fail over
time. The elbow that is different sizes on each end is used primarily in two locations.
First, the nipple located on the pass side of the intake manifold behind the power steering pump & second on the intake tube right after the mass air flow sensor. The elbow on
the intake manifold is used on 850s that were built Oct 95 and later and the 70 series
up to 2000 (check your vehicle to be sure). The other elbow is found on the air injection
pump valve vacuum line and solenoid, four are used in that system, and also found on
vacuum tree under the throttle bell crank cover. Look for code “232 LT FT” caused by
elbow air leaks.
850, 70 series
up to 10/95 10/95-2000
6 small single sized elbows
4 small single sized elbows, 2 two-sided elbows
MQ2K2759 $10.56
Oil Filter Housing
Generally the cartridge housing does not require replacement, however if it becomes
cross threaded it can become difficult to install correctly which can lead to leaks. As the
engine heat cycles through use, the filter housing tightens up further, often leading to
very difficult removal wherein some cases the housing will become damaged or stripped
during removal.
Replacement Plastic Oil filter housing
fits all models that use 1275811 oil filter
* We believe 1999 Turbo models had the new cartridge style and 1999 non-turbo models still had the older
spin on style. All models 2000 and newer have the cartridge style filter.
Forgotten Tune Up Items
By: ipd staff
Tunes up items usually consist
of spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Newer cars have gone away
from caps and rotors and many
use a coil over plug system, now
spark plugs may be the only replaceable parts. As easy as this
has become there are still some
forgotten parts that need replacement every so often. Serpentine belts are a vital part of
your engines’ ability to run. With
a broken serpentine belt your
car will lose air conditioning, alternator, water pump, and power
steering. This will make the car
hard to maneuver quick to over-
heat, and drain the battery flat.
These belts break all at once
within a second or two and usually don’t give much warning. A
simple inspection should reveal
a belt with little to no cracks in
the ribbed surface. A few stray
cracks are considered acceptable but anything more than that
is indicative of belt wear. Considering how much effect a broken serpentine belt can have it
isn’t a bad idea to carry a spare.
However, once broken, the belt
can wrap itself around the crank
and drive pulley’s making it even
harder to remove so it’s best
to check the condition every oil
change and replace as needed.
Another item that is easily
overlooked is air conditioning
system. As summer winds down
many of us put air conditioning
repair on the bottom of our ‘to fix’
list. We don’t typically think of the
air conditioning system as being
used much during the fall and
winter months. Fact is, it is used
more often than you might think.
Defrost systems rely heavily on
the air conditioner to properly
and quickly clear the windshield
from condensation built up on
the inside. As the air condition-
ing system operates it has two
effects on the ambient air. Firstly,
and most noticeably, it cools the
air by exchanging the heat into
the evaporator. Secondly it dehumidifies the air. This second
characteristic is what removes
fog from the inside of the windshield. This cooler drier air can
absorb moisture built up inside
the vehicle and provide faster
clearing of the windshield. So if
your A/C didn’t work too well this
summer you can count on that
same level of performance from
your defrost. • 800-444-6473
Mann and Mahle OEM Oil Filters
We’ve discovered that OEM filters are manufactured by both Mahle and Mann, depending on the application. We carry what Volvo carries, so you can be sure that you’re getting
OEM, whichever model you own. See descriptions below for details.
A. Screw-on Filters (Mann)
850 (all), 70 series Turbo (1998 only)
S70/V70/V70XC series non-Turbo, 1998-1999 Case of 10 MQ3517857
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$45.00 Case/10
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$4.95 Each
$45.00 Case/10
$6.60 Each
$9.06 Each
$9.06 Each
$9.06 Each
$9.06 Each
$9.06 Each
$0.25 Each
B. Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mahle)
C. Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mann)
S40, V50 2005-2011, C70 2006-2011, C30 2007-2011 Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mann)
S60 2010-2011 V70/XC70 2008-2011 with 6 cylinder XC60 S80 2007-2011 with 6 cylinder XC90 2007-2010 with 3.2L 6 cylinder
Seal Rings for Drain Plugs
Aluminum seal ring (crush washer) Note: Volvo states that the drain plug crush washer should be replaced at every oil change.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
S70 Turbo 1999-2000 V70/V70XC series non-Turbo 2000 C70 1999-2004 S60 2001-2009 S40, V40 2000-2004 S80 all 1999-2006 S80 V8 2007-2010 XC90 5 cylinder 2003-2007 XC90 6 cylinder 2.9L 2003-2006 XC90 V8 2004-2008 Case of 10 filter cartridges Oil Filter Cap Wrench & Filter Kit
HD Oil filter cap wrench
All models that use oil filter 1275811 All models that use oil filter 1275811
All models that use oil filter 1275811 All models that use oil filter 8692305 & 30750013 HD Oil filter cap wrench and filter kit MQT1275OS
Having the right tool makes all the difference and keeps the simple jobs simple. Starting in
1999 Volvo switched to a paper cartridge style oil filter that is encased in a plastic housing.
Commonly this housing gets damaged or stripped from use of a strap style or clamp style
wrench, making oil changes a hassle. We offer the right tool at a reasonable price that is
perfect for this job and will keep the job simple in the future.
The stamped steel tool is for the average do it yourselfer who’s doing an oil change four
or five times a year, but if you are a mechanic or work on your friends and families cars, you
should probably get the heavy duty versions.
The Magnetic Drain Plug That Helps You Out!
Prevent abrasive particles from recirculating through your oil pump and back into the
pressurized system with our magnetic drain plug. This plug catches and holds metal
particles as they drain into the oil pan. You’ll be able to spot deteriorating engine conditions easily.
850, 70, & 40 series, S60, S80 & XC90 incl. seal ring*
Aluminum seal ring only (also fits stock plug)
SALE $7.15
* Should be replaced at every oil change. Does not fit V8.
Superclean Your Oil
Capture every microspeck of metal that causes engine wear. Debris that your oil filter
alone might not be able to screen. Made of flexible polyurethane. Simply attach it to the
outside of your oil filter and let it do the work.
1993-98 models
oil filter magnet
SALE $10.80
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Not for plastic filter housing on 1999 and newer models.
Bosch Original Equipment Fuel Filters
Changing the fuel filter in front wheel drive Volvos is pretty easy due to the use of
quick disconnect style fittings. Simply slide the connector collar away from the filter
about half an inch and the line will disconnect. Volvo has added a schraeder type valve
(like a tire valve stem) that allows line pressure to be bled off to help reduce the amount
of fuel that is spilled.
Please see the engine section of for current
pricing and applications.
In-Line Magnetic Filters
for Automatic Tranny and Power Steering
Oil flows through your automatic transmission and power steering system to transmit
power, lubricate parts and provide cooling. Contaminants (like dirt, metal fragments and
fibers) result in the oil working like sandpaper. Instead of lubricating, the oil gradually
wears out the parts it’s supposed to protect. Under normal driving conditions, the oil can
be contaminated in just 25 hours of driving.
These filters stop ferrous metal via a magnet. The remaining metal and dirt is stopped
by the paper element.
Installing a Magnefine in-line filter will remove 99.997% of damaging contamination,
making the oil cleaner than when your vehicle first left the factory. And it will keep it that
Fits most Volvo models (not for 40 series).
Automatic transmission fluid filter Power steering fluid filter
* 850, 70 series, S60 and S80 use MQ160 for both A/T filter AND P/S filter.
NOTE: When installing on cars with over 50K miles, the filter should be replaced after 20K miles of use. Subsequent filters can be changed after 60K miles of use. • 800-444-6473
Turbo Drain Pipe Seal Kit
Newer Turbo Volvos have a tendency to leave oil drips. In many cases, the oil drip is
coming from the turbo drain pipe seal (located near the center back side of the engine).
We put together this kit with instructions so that you can fix it yourself and in less than
an hour you can have it repaired. You’ll need a 5mm Allen wrench and 10mm socket.
Turbo models
*Order 2 kits for models with twin turbo T6
Turbo Drain Seal Tool
Turbo drain seal leaks are an all too common problem. Make quick work of this job
with our universal 5mm allen socket. This tool accesses the two allen bolts on the upper
end of the drain pipe where space it limited. Oil leak repairs aren’t so bad with tools like
this. This tool is absolutely required to remove the tubo drain pipe seals on AWD models. For other models use torx 30 - see page 60.
Volvos 1994-2000
turbo drain pipe seal tool
Intermittent cranking without starting can be the most frustrating type of problem to
diagnose. The engine camshaft sensor can be common cause of this type of no start.
The camshaft sensor is referenced at startup by the ECU to determine which valves are
open/closed and compare that to piston position to fire the injectors and ignition coil at
the right time. Typically even intermittent camshaft positions sensor failure will result in a
code stored in the ECU so be sure to check the ECU for codes even if you don’t have a
check engine light on.
The camshaft sensor is located on the back of the exhaust cam and is held on with
Torx 40 fasteners.
Please see the engine section of for current
pricing and applications.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Cam Sensor
Cam Locking Tool
850, 70 series
cam locking tool
Misalignment of the cam shafts during a timing belt replacement in the 5 and 6 cylinder engines can be a costly mistake. Our cam locking tool holds the camshafts in place
during timing belt replacement to prevent unexpected movement and ensure proper
cam shaft alignment. Made from 3/8 inch anodized aluminum plate with 3/16 inch dowel
pins spaced for placement in between the intake and exhaust cam gears.
Don’t forget our service manuals to help you with your general maintenance and
trouble shooting needs! They offer all the information you’ll need to cover most repairs
and services to your Volvo.
V70/S80 UK 850 70 series UK 40 series UK All Volvos S40/V50 2000-05 1993-97 1998-99 1997-99 1990-98 2005-2007 Haynes manual Haynes manual Haynes manual Haynes manual Chilton manual Haynes Manual MQ9L4263
SALE $25.16
SALE $17.96
SALE $25.16
SALE $25.16
SALE $21.56
SALE $25.16
Oxygen Sensors
for Efficient, Trouble-free Performance
Most often the fault given from the on board diagnostic system is a fault with the
oxygen sensor. It is important that the proper fuel mixture is maintained for optimum
fuel efficiency. Be sure there are no other faults before replacing just the oxygen sensor.
These are Bosch oxygen sensors for original equipment fit and function. Be sure to
check the part number on your car first.
Use our oxygen sensor tool for removal. It has a slot machined in it that allows it to be
slipped over the sensor wire for secure removal and installation even in tight spots like
on turbo models.
Check our website for complete listings of our oxygen sensors
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Replacing the oxygen sensor on your Volvo can be a real pain. Since it is installed
directly in the headpipe or exhaust manifold, it will usually be severely rusted or corroded in place. The main sensor lead comes right out of the center of the sensor, so it’s
not possible to use a standard socket. Our “High Leverage” long handle oxygen sensor
wrench allows it to be slipped over the sensor wire for secure removal and installation
even in tight spots, especially when working on turbo models.
Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Got Oil Leaks? It Could Be Your Flame Trap System
Volvo’s refers to their positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system as a ‘flame trap’. This system has been used on Volvo models as
far back as the early 70’s. Its purpose is to recycle or reburn the combustions gasses and unused fuel that leaks past the piston rings
and into the crankcase. The amount of vapors generated in a turbo engine are such that if the flame trap system is clogged it can actually push engine oil past seals on the crankshaft and cam shafts. The system is made up of few basic parts starting with an oil separator
that allows any suspended liquid to condense and drain back down to the oil pan. There are also a number of tubes connecting the oil
separator box to three passages in the engine block, and one tube running to the intake tract just before the turbo. This last tube is where
the positive pressure in the crankcase is sucked out of the engine by the turbo and keeps the internal engine pressure in a slight vacuum.
Infrequent oil changes, rich running engine, poor fuel/oil quality, and hard driving all contribute to carbon buildup which is the main cause
of oil separator box clogging.
Please see the PCV system under the Engine Mechanical section
of our website for your specific model.
14 • 800-444-6473
ipd Oil Cap and HD Seal
ipd’s trick one piece billet aluminum oil fill cap with milled logo is designed for great looks and customization. This cap can be run as is
or it will accept the Ipd and Volvo wheel center caps available below. Made from 6061 aluminum, CNC machined and clear anodized for a
long lasting finish, the Ipd oil cap can be that crowning jewel in your underhood masterpiece.
Ipd’s custom oil cap includes our new Viton F HD seal. If you can’t seem to keep the top of your motor clean and you’ve already done
your PCV system service this seal may just be what you’re looking for. Stock seals seem to need replacement after every oil change but
Ipd’s Viton F seal is made to outlast the factory piece and keep your engine bay clean.
ipd HD oil cap seal also available separately.
ipd oil cap ipd HD oil cap seal all models 1993 and newer
all Volvo models*
For FWD/AWD models - Be sure to let your Volvo technician know you have an ipd HD Viton oil cap seal so they don’t replace it with a short lived stock seal. Stock seals fail
so quickly (get hard/brittle and leak) that good technicians just replace them at every oil change.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
The ipd Billet Oil Filler Caps are engraved with a nice ipd logo in the center,
however you can also install one of the four center caps available separately on our
website to add a little color to your engine compartment if you like.
Wheel Center Caps
We offer three center cap styles to fit most Volvo wheels since 1993. These should fit
all wheels except for the 2000-2004 S40 and V40, which used a slightly smaller center
cap. These caps measure 2.5” across the face and snap into wheel openings that are
60mm ID measured from the front of the wheel. We recommend that you double-check
yours to make sure they’ll fit before ordering.
black /silver
Oil Filter Torque Wrench
Torque Limiting ratchet that prevents over tightening and damaging of plastic oil filter
cartridge housings. The ratchet limits torque to 25 Nm (18 and produces a clicking
action when the correct torque is achieved (tighten until ratchet clicks.)
The ratchet is not torque limited in counter-clockwise direction so it can be used to
loosen an over-tightened housing. This wrench is perfect to use with our T261 oil filter
cartridge cap wrench.
Oil filter torque wrench
Please note that this wrench is only for models with plastic oil filter housings.
SALE $71.95
A. ipd logo center cap
B. Standard Volvo replacement wheel center cap
C. Iron logo wheel center cap
ipd Wheels
We recently got our first shipment of the ipd 19” Pegasus replicas (19X8” with 42mm
offset) in stock and have them in the popular Hyper Silver as well as Matte Black finishes.
Another new feature is that we have upsized the hub bore to 73mm to allow the use of hub
centric rings (included) so now the wheels can safely be installed on the following Volvos.
1994-1997 850 All
1998-2000 S70 & V70
1998-2005 C70
1999-2006 S80
2001-2007 V70
2001-2010 S60
2003-2011 XC90 All
2005-2011 S40 & V50
2006-2011 C70
2007-2011 C30
2007-2011 S80
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
ipd offers three exclusive wheel styles to fit most 1994-2011 Volvo models. All styles are
available in your choice of a hyper silver finish (a multi stage finish that color shifts from
bright silver to dark anthracite depending on viewing angle) as well as a matte black finish.
When you buy your Volvo wheels from ipd, you get the peace of mind that comes with
knowing that the Volvo performance leader since 1963 has done all the legwork to ensure
a safe and proper fitment for you Volvo.
All ipd wheels are designed to use the original factory lug bolts and come with ipd logo
center caps.
Matte Black
Fits 1994-1997 850 all, 1998-2000 S&V 70 all, 1998-2005 C70
All, 2001-2010 S60, V702001-2007 All, 1999-2006 S80 All
Does Not Fit: S40, V40, V50, C30 or C70 2006-201, S60R, V70R 2004-2007 or XC90.
Please call or visit for recommended tire sizes.
VMS Matte Black
18”x 8” 38mm offset MQIPDVMS18838B
IPD Vector
Fits 1994-1997 850 all, 1998-2000 S&V 70 all, 1998-2005 C70
All, 2001-2010 S60 & 2001-2007 V70 All (including S60R & V70R), 1999-2006 S80 All
Does Not Fit: S40, V40, V50, C30 or C70 2006-20011 or XC90.
Hyper Siver pictured
Matte Black also available
Please call or visit for recommended tire sizes.
Hyper Silver Matte Black 18” x 8” 43mm offset
18” x 8” 43mm offset MQ77.0003
IPD Pegasus Replica
Using a hub centric ring program(hub ring adapters for your Volvo will be included
free of charge when you place your order) ipd Pegasus Replicas now fit all the following
1994-1997 850 all, 1998-2000 S&V 70 all, 2005-2010 S40& V50all, C70 All, S60 & V70
All (including S60R & V70R), 1999-2011 S80 All, XC90 All
Please call or visit for recommended tire sizes.
Hyper Silver Matte Black Hyper Silver Matte Black 18”x 8” 43mm offset
18”x 8” 43mm offset
19”x 8” 43mm offset 19”x 8” 43mm offset MQ77.0010
Matte Black
19” Pegasus Wheels Now Available!
Hyper Silver • 800-444-6473
ipd Anti-Sway Bars - The Best Upgrade You’ll Ever Make.
If you really enjoy driving your Volvo, but occasionally find yourself wishing it handled a little better, you should seriously consider
having an ipd safety anti sway bar system installed. Our sway bar kits are now powder coated blue and have been the number one top
selling suspension upgrade for Volvos for over 30 years and if you spend a few minutes on the web you’ll see why. Volvo owners around
the world consistently give ipd swaybar kits excellent reviews for enhanced performance and safety. Flatter cornering, quicker response to
steering input, increased margin of safety and a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers due to reduced body roll.
25mm front, 22mm rear
25mm front, 22mm rear
25mm front, 22mm rear
22mm rear
25mm front, 22mm rear
25mm front, 22mm rear
25mm front, 25mm rear
25mm front, 28mm rear
22mm rear bar 25mm front, 22mm rear
25mm front, 28mm rear
MQ6K5043 (1)
(1) Not for “R” models.
NOTE: Upgrading the anti-sway bars on these models is a skill level 3 procedure. We generally recommend professional installation as it is necessary to lower the engine
sub-frame and a vehicle lift makes the job easier than doing it on jack stands. Although the experienced do it yourselfer can accomplish the install, you should consult the
installation instructions before attempting this job to be certain it is within your mechanical abilities.
ipd Heavy Duty Anti Sway Bar Endlinks
S80, V70, S60, XC90
850, 70 series*
S40, V50, C30
S80, V70, S60, XC90
Rear HD endlink
Front HD endlink
Front HD endlink
Front HD endlink
Front HD endlink
$59.95 ea
$59.95 ea
$59.95 ea
$59.95 ea
$59.95 ea
stock shaft ipd HD shaft
SALE $53.95
SALE $53.95
SALE $53.95
SALE $53.95
SALE $53.95
*Fits C70 through 2004
ipd’s heavy duty endlinks have been manufactured with long life and consistent performance in mind. With a polished ball
socket and increased shaft diameter these units have outperformed the factory endlinks hands down. Whether you are looking for a long life alternative or a superior performance unit for the track, you can get both with a guarantee backed by the
Volvo performance leader.
ipd’s heavy duty endlinks have been manufactured with long life and consistent
performance in mind. With a polished ball socket and 25% larger shaft diameter
(stock is 10mm, ours is 12mm) these units have outperformed the factory endlinks
hands down. ipd has now extended the warranty for our heavy duty units to a full
5 years! So whether you are looking for a long life alternative or a superior performance unit for the track, you can get both with a guarantee backed by the Volvo
performance leader.
The original anti sway bar end links wear prematurely and can begin to clunk and
rattle in as little as 20,000 miles, so if you are hearing some strange noises up front
when going over small bumps etc, have them inspected. If they are worn, upgrade
to our HD versions as the installation price is very affordable and will provide great
long term value.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
850, 70 series (FWD)
70 series AWD including XC & R models
S40, V40
S60, V70 (except AWD)
S60 AWD, V70 AWD
S60R (track spec. w/ slight oversteer)
V70R (track spec. w/ slight oversteer)
S40, V50
S80 (except AWD)
XC90 2.5T, V6, V8
Scan Gauge II - The 3-in-1 Automotive Computer with Code Reader
The ScanGaugeII is an extremely compact automotive
computer designed to read and display information about your
vehicle in real time.
Simply connect the ScanGaugeII to your vehicle through it’s
OBDII port using the included cable, turn the ignition key and
the ScanGaugeII automatically connects to your cars internal
computer - it’s that simple.
Scan Tool / Code Reader
The ScanGaugeII allows you to troubleshoot your own car,
read error codes, and the conditions present when the error
occurred. You can also turn off the “Check Engine” light and
avoid those costly trips to the mechanic. It will tell you when
vehicle is “Ready” to pass OBDII testing. You can also make
and store up to 10 rewritable special codes to send to the vehicle computer.
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
Digital Gauges
Display four gauges at a time from the 12 built-in digital gauges. The information is presented in Real-time! Fuel cconomy, fuel rate, battery voltage, coolant temperature, intake air temperature, engine speed (RPM), vehicle speed (MPH), manifold pressure (not available on
some vehicles), engine load, throttle position, ignition timing, and open/closed loop.
Trip Computer
Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - Each with 11 individually stored parameters. Maximum speed average, speed maximum,
coolant temperature maximum, RPM, driving time, driving distance, fuel used, trip fuel economy, distance to empty, time to empty, and
fuel to empty.
Scan Gauge
SALE $152.95
Foxwell NT300 and NT200
Diagnostic Scan Tools
The NT200 reports all generic codes that a manufacturer is required to make available.
These generic codes are standardized for all 1996 and newer vehicles and the codes
are helpful to get you started in the right direction when diagnosing “Check Engine” light
related problems with your Volvo. If you just want to know the basic issue and have a tool
that can turn the “Check Engine Light” off and most likely won’t be performing any repairs
yourself, then the NT200 is the tool to get.
Be aware that using any scan tool to turn the “Check Engine Light” off rarely makes
the problem that triggered the light to come on go away! If you’re trying to get your car
through an inspection / emissions test, the fact that the “Check Engine Light” is off, does
not mean it will pass. The car has to be driven through several “Drive Cycles’ to ensure all
sensors and systems are functioning properly before he car will be in “Readiness Mode”
and pass an emissions test. On rare occasions the “Check Engine Light” may be set /
illuminated by a momentary blip in the engine management system and after resetting it
may not come back on.
The NT300 will tell you if the car is in “ readiness Mode” and will pass an emissions test,
the NT 200 will not. The NT300 has the generic code function as well as enhanced manufacturers specific code capability that can often be much more helpful when troubleshooting. The NT300 has an onboard manufacturers diagnostic code library that provides much
more detailed information about a a specific code.
For example:
P0130 - Oxygen Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank I Sensor 1) is a common generic code that you might run into
on your Volvo and is what the NT 200 would display if your Volvo was having an oxygen sensor related issue that
illuminated the “Check Engine Light”. The NT300 scan tool will display the Volvo manufacturers code, which will
be much more specific with information such as:
• Open or short in the Oxygen Sensor wiring harness
• Unmetered vacuum leak at the engine
• Bad Oxygen sensor
Here is a link to a helpful website that provides clear explanations of generic OBD-II codes as well as Symptoms,
Causes and Solutions for the code in question.
NT300 Scan Tool
NT200 Scan Tool
all models
all models
SALE $98.95
SALE $53.95 • 800-444-6473
Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets
Our magnetic spark plug sockets are designed to make spark plug installation and removal easier by practically eliminating dropped spark plugs. The powerful magnet within
each socket holds plugs securely, plus the sockets are knurled for extra gripping power.
They’re even warrantied by the manufacturer for life! These magnetic plug sockets also
attract metal particles and keep them from entering the combustion chamber, which is
especially useful when working around ruty exhaust manifolds. Includes both 13/16” and
5/8” sockets to fit the common sizes for early and later model engines.
Magnetic Spark Plug Sockets
$14.95 pair
SALE $13.45 pair
Spark Plug Socket with Extension
Replacing spark plugs in the 4-5-6 cylinder ‘white engines’ is made easier with our
spark plug socket and integrated extension. 3/8 inch drive 11 inch extension with integrated 5/8 inch socket pivots on a 360 degree swivel for additional accessibility. Along
with our 360 degree flex head ratchet you can replace spark plugs in the deep recessed
opening at the top of the head without searching around in your box for the right tools.
Spark plug socket features a rubber insulator holder to keep plugs from falling down into
the head and a high torque swivel head for breaking loose those corroded threads.
Spark Plug Socket with Extension
SALE $16.15 pair
New rotating head ratchet allows for access in tight places without sacrificing leverage. Fine tooth gears allow for small adjustments to get just the right angle, or release
the head and spin it around for quickly running down threads. Features 3/8 drive ratchet
with 360 degree swivel head and extended handle for extra torque. Check our website
for a demonstration video.
360° ratchet
12 Volt Test Light
For installation of automotive electrical accessories, a test light is hard to beat. Our
test light has a 12-foot coiled cord for extended access when checking power and
ground. If you’re installing stereo components, keyless entry, alarms or just need some
help with road side trouble shooting a good test light goes a long way.
12 volt test light
$10.95 ea
Prices subject to change. See website for most accurate pricing.
360° Ratchet
1/4” and 3/8” Drive Torx Bit Set
9 Piece torx bit set
External Torx
If your 850 and later model vehicle has an ABS/Tracs light on and the module is the
culprit (diagnostic trouble codes123-124-213-214-313-314-323-324) you’ll need our
E5 external torx to remove the control unit. The four fasteners are accessed from the
bottom of the unit and require a bit of care to ensure no damage occurs. Better yet, get
our 11 piece external torx set, containing E4 through E20 and tackle those front wheel
bearing fasteners too!
Individual E5 external torx
11-piece external torx set
This set, made in the USA, is made of high strength hardened alloy steel for the professional mechanic (lifetime warranty) and includes 1/4” drive T-10,T15,T-20,T-25, T-27,
T-30 and 3/8” drive T-40, T-45, and T-50 bits. The dual drive sizes may seem unusual at
first, but after using them for awhile, it really makes good sense. The 1/4” drive on the
smaller bits allows them to be used in tight fit areas where a larger socket body and 3/8”
ratchet driver wouldn’t fit. The 3/8” drive on the larger bits insures you’ll be able to break
loose the larger sized fasteners that a 1/4” drive couldn’t handle.
Fuel line release tool
ipd’s fuel line release tool is now available for your
1999 and later model Volvo. Starting in 1999 Volvo
starting using a internal locking fuel line connection
which requires this special tool anytime it is disconnected. Since the fuel line is routed in between the
intake manifold runners and the engine block anytime
the fuel rail or even the intake manifold is removed
you’ll need this tool to allow that connection to come
apart. For PCV service it’s a must so make sure to
pick up our latest fuel system tool for your later model
All Volvos 1999-2011
Torx Key Set
Torx bits have found their way into Volvo since the
late model 240 series and are ever increasing in the
newest generations. Our handy tool sets includes
the most commonly used torx sizes (T10, T15, T20,
T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50) and keeps them
together in two different styles.
Torx key set
P.O. Box 20339
Portland, Oregon 97294
Projector Headlights and Turn Signals
If you’ve ever considered upgrading the headlights on your S or V 70 to a custom style,
now is the time with our new projector lamp assemblies and included matching turn signal
assemblies for a super clean Euro look. Up until now we have chosen to stay out of the
custom headlight market as the offerings for Volvos did not meet our quality requirements.
The fit and finish of these lights is outstanding. The low beam projector lamp dramatically
improves the beam pattern and provide the custom look to set your ride apart from the
crowd. Both hi and low beam lamps utilize commonly available H-7 halogen bulbs (not
included , but you can re-use your originals).
Easy installation in under an hour with common hand tools.
FREE shipping to lower 48 states
free set of Stealth Bulbs
S/V70 1998-2000 C70 1998-2005 S/V70 1998-2000 C70 1998-2005 black projectors w/turn signal
black projectors w/turn signal
black turn signals alone black turn signals alone MQ35.0006
Stealth Bulbs
Stealth Bulbs™ are the best concealment bulbs on the
market; invisible in clear lenses when off and bright amber
when on. They eliminate the “egg-yolk” effect from the front,
side or rear turn signal lenses of your vehicle. Stealth Bulbs
create a clean integrated look that will set your Volvo apart
from the crowd! The exclusive chrome finish provides the
ultimate in stealth appearance compare to the competitions
painted silver bulbs. Every Stealth bulb is Made In The USA and backed with an unparalleled lifetime
guarantee. High quality long life bulbs and proprietary metallic coatings applied by a world
renowned NASA contractor provide years of world class performance.
850 and 70 series rear turn signal
850 front turn signal and parking lamp
S&V 70 1998-2000 front turn signal bulb
All Volvo single element side marker lamps
$29.95 pr
$29.95 pr
$29.95 pr
$29.95 pr
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