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VBrick MPEG Network Appliances
VBrick network appliances are low cost, high quality video and
audio encoders/decoders. VBricks enable the transmission and
delivery of DVD quality video and CD quality audio signals over
standard switched Ethernet, ATM, T1/E1, xDSL, satellite, or
microwave networks. VBricks are MPEG compliant, and
support full motion, 30fps NTSC and 25fps PAL video and
audio via standard composite, S-video, or SDI connectors.
VBricks provide DVD quality video – while only using minimum
network bandwidth.
VBrick Easy to Use and Scalable
VBrick Streaming Video
VBricks can be placed anywhere because of their small size.
Locations include mobile TV carts, outdoors for surveillance, or
anywhere you can place a camera. Designed from the ground
up for MPEG encoding and decoding, they do not suffer the
reliability problems associated with PC-based systems.
VBricks have been optimized to stream “real-time/full motion”
video and audio over networks to PCs running StreamPlayer
software or to other VBricks connected to TV monitors. Users
can view, capture, and even edit video right at their desktop.
VBricks support industry standard IP Multicast for streaming
video to any number of PCs in a company, enterprise, school,
hospital, etc. By using video compression “standards” such as
MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, VBricks are compatible with various
software viewing programs such as Microsoft Windows®
Media Player and Cisco IP/TV.
VBrick Interactive Conferencing
Enhancements such as an integral IR remote control allow
users to view programs or set up video conferences over an IP
network at the click of a button. VBricks can even be used as
digital billboards for announcements - meeting agendas,
important messages, etc. Any number of VBricks can be
added to the network – the only limitation is bandwidth.
VBrick Compact and Reliable
VBrick Good Network Citizens
VBricks are also becoming so popular because they are
network friendly. Other solutions on the market today
are expensive and can congest networks. With VBricks,
the IT manager can control the amount of bandwidth
(1 –15 Mbps) used, and prioritize video and audio over
other network traffic.
VBricks are also available as full duplex codecs for interactive
conferencing. The low latency design allows users to have a
natural two-way conversation with DVD quality video and CD
quality audio.
News Distribution
Distance Learning
VBrick 6000
(Video on Demand)
VBrick 3000
DVD/VCR Player
(Store & Forward)
(Internet Transcoder)
(Full Motion, Full Screen
Video Streaming)
VBrick Capabilities
Stream DVD quality video and audio from any source to PCs and TVs over your IP or ATM network
Use StreamPlayer on desktops to view, record, or edit any MPEG video stream
Provide instant video conferencing by using a remote control to connect any two VBricks
Record video to a hard disk on VBSTAR and FTP to another VBSTAR or server at any location
over any network
• Stream that same content at a lower rate over the Internet using VBXcoder
• Capture and view any MPEG video file with VBrick's Video-on-Demand (VBVoD)
Network Applications - VBrick Encoders & Decoders provide the solution
VBrick Corporate & Government
Organizations need to deliver
multimedia information to employees
and students for educational purposes.
Real-time video and audio can
originate from various sources - video
cameras, VCRs, DVDs, cable, etc.
VBricks are ideal for compressing and
formatting the content so that it can be
streamed to any client attached to the
network. Using IP Multicast the video
and audio can be viewed on PCs or TV
monitors. StreamPlayer, a desktop
Windows® software program, allows
users to view, capture, and edit the
video streams. For security, each
stream can be password protected to
allow only authorized users to view or
record it.
VBrick Remote Security and
Process Monitoring
Corporations have invested in reliable
high speed Ethernet networks for dayto-day computer communications. Now,
with VBricks, these same networks can
be used to enhance security systems
as well as increase productivity on the
factory floor.
Classroom Camera
Lecture Hall Camera
DVD/VCR Player
IP Network
During off hours, VBCap can be used
to transcode MPEG-1 video to JPEG
images and allow monitoring over the
Internet. If an assembly line goes
down, engineers can quickly
troubleshoot the problem from a
remote location.
(Liv e Transcoder)
ranscoder) )
Process Monitoring
Shipping Dock
IP Network
By attaching a VBrick network
appliance and standard video camera
to their network, companies can
distribute high quality full motion video
anywhere on the network.
30 0
e Transcoder
ranscoder)) )
Front Door
Web Browser
VBrick Videoconferencing
VBricks use a low delay encoding and decoding scheme to allow two-way interactive television over networks.
Organizations with high speed networks such as switched Ethernet, ATM, or T1/E1 can utilize VBricks for high
resolution, full motion (30fps NTSC/25fps PAL) videoconferencing.
The compact design and infrared remote control make it easy for users to set up conferences instantly. Nonparticipants can also view the conference from their PC by using the VBrick StreamPlayer software.
IP Network
VBrick 3200
VBrick 3200
VBrick Video Trunking & Transport
Broadcasters or any company that needs to transport high quality video from one location to another can use VBricks.
Analog video and audio is compressed using MPEG-1 (1-3 Mbps) or MPEG-2 (1-15 Mbps) and put into a form for
transport (IP, ATM, or T1/E1). At the other end, VBrick decoders can transform the MPEG into NTSC or PAL video
and audio.
Major benefits of using VBricks for this application are high reliability, ease of use, compact design, and low cost.
ATM Network
VBrick 6211
Broadcast Studio
Remote Site
VBrick 6211
Remote Site
Network Applications - VBrick Encoders & Decoders provide the solution
VBrick 1000, 2000, 3000 – MPEG-1 video encoders and
decoders – accepts NTSC/PAL video and audio and
delivers MPEG over Ethernet (IP), ATM, or T1/E1
networks. Video encoding rates from 1 to 3 Mbps provide
full motion DVD quality on PCs or TVs. Available as
encoder only, decoder only, or full duplex encoder/decoder.
VBrick 4000, 5000, 6000 – MPEG-2 video encoders and
decoders – accepts NTSC/PAL video and audio and
delivers MPEG-2 over Ethernet (IP) or ATM networks.
These VBricks provide DVD quality video to PCs or TVs
for one-way streaming or two-way interactive. A modular
design permits two encoders, two decoders, or an
encoder and decoder in the same chassis.
VBSTAR has all of the features found in the VBrick 4000,
5000, and 6000 series, plus a hard drive that can store
over 24 hours of MPEG video. This powerful unit can be
used for applications requiring high quality video to be
distributed over low speed networks.
VBrick Software Solutions
Control, Schedule, Deliver, and Capture . . .
VBrick software is the solution!
VBrick software provides complete control of VBrick video &
audio encoders and decoders. No matter what your application,
VBrick software provides the solutions for your video
networking challenges.
VBrick’s VBVOD is a digital Video on Demand System that
allows you to stream high-quality stored video and audio
to any location on your network. VBrick offers a complete
package that provides superior performance at an
affordable price.
VBrick StreamPlayer
Viewer Software
VBrick StreamPlayer is a
software desktop video
client for Windows® that
empowers desktop PCs to
display & record live and
stored DVD quality video
and CD quality audio
anywhere your network
VBrick VBScheduler™
Scheduling System
VBrick VBXcoder™
MPEG-to-Internet Transcoder
VBXcoder™ is a real-time
MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 to
Internet video transcoding
system. With VBXcoder,
you can have DVD
quality MPEG video in
your private network,
and stream that same live
video over the Internet
at a lower frame rate.
VBScheduler™ is a simple yet powerful scheduling system for
one-way or two-way video over IP networks. The system
automatically configures any VBrick in a network to send or
receive a unicast or multicast audio/video stream at a
predetermined date and time.
VBrick Systems, Inc.
Streaming Distribution System - (SDS)
VBrick’s Streaming Distribution System can be customized to
meet the needs of your organization. The system instantly
streams live MPEG video from cameras or stored video from
VCRs, DVDs or digital files. VBrick can assemble and configure
the system to your specifications. Just connect the SDS to your
Ethernet network and personnel, students or teachers can
immediately view DVD quality video from any PC or TV monitor.
VBrick Key Features:
Plug-and-play turnkey system for streaming DVD quality video
to PCs and TVs
Central management for administrators and distributed control
for end-users
Modular design allows SDS to scale as your needs grow
High powered server provides web based SDS control and
can also simultaneously be used as the VBVoD (Video-onDemand server) or the VBXcoder (Video Internet Transcoder)
VBrick Company Profile
VBrick Benefits
VBrick Systems, Inc. was founded in 1997, and is led by a
veteran team of executives and engineers. VBrick develops,
designs, manufacturers and supports MPEG hardware and
software products that deliver real-time, DVD quality video and
CD quality audio. VBrick redefines communications by enabling
organizations to harness the untapped power of existing
networks to make one and two-way video an essential part of
their operations. The network video appliances are used by
enterprises to deliver video for news and information distribution,
security/surveillance, distance learning, training and video
conferencing. Recognized for its role as an industry leader and
technological innovator, VBrick has received numerous awards
including being named to Red Herring’s 2001 list of the Top 50
private companies most likely to change the world.
• Inform employees – distribute real-time news to everyone in
your company
• Train your staff– employees can watch educational programs
right at their PC
• Reduce travel costs – use your IP network for
multimedia conferencing
• Enhance security– less crime through high quality surveillance
• Educate students – increase school enrollments with high
quality distance learning
• Increase productivity – reduce factory downtime by
monitoring processes
• Transport video – distribute high quality video efficiently
anywhere in the world
VBrick Features
Who uses VBricks?
• High Quality – Full Motion (30fps NTSC/25fps PAL)
MPEG video
• Simple – Install your VBrick in minutes with just a few
cables to connect and settings to choose
• Reliable – VBricks are network appliances not based
on PC architecture
• Flexible – Video can be displayed on a regular
TV monitor or Windows® PC
• Low cost – Deliver video at an affordable price
Universities/K-12 School Systems
Municipalities – Civil & ITS
Hospitals & Clinics
Carriers/Content Providers
Toll Free: 1-800-224-7083
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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