ESI-600 Communications Server spec sheet

System highlights (maximum capacities shown)
Total stations
IP stations
Digital stations
Analog stations
Call-processing ports
Central Office (CO) lines
Digital line cards (T1/PRI)1
Voice mail ports
Voice storage (hours)
Station/special-purpose mailboxes
Conference ports (16 members/conference)
Shared-office tenanting (tenants)
ESI Bluetooth® Voice Integration
ESI Presence Management
VIP applications
Mirrored Memory Module (M3) backup
The ESI-600 architecture
allows expansion when
required. Each system
cabinet (one Base Cabinet
and up to three Expansion
Cabinets) mounts in a
standard equipment rack
or on the wall.
Plus other ESI Communications Server features:
Both digital and IP-based
Standard-based design (including SIP support)
ESI’s Verbal User Guide™
Six-level, 100-branch automated attendant
Automatic call distribution (ACD)
ESI phones
— Desktop and cordless models
— Digital and IP
— Some models available with backlit displays
• Optional IP-based features, including Esi-Link
(combines up to 100 ESI systems into one)
Unless indicated by the symbol, items and capacities shown are common to all ESI Communications Servers.2
Growth capabilities
• 624 call-processing ports
• 32 voice mail channels; 1,200 hours of message storage
• Support for dozens of ESI phones in varying combinations,
digital and IP, depending on installation (all-IP: 408 stations;
all-digital: 336 stations)
• Up to eight tenants
• Up to 100 networked Esi-Link-enabled systems
• Up to 188 fully functional analog ports
• Up to 80 60-Key Expansion Consoles
• Three-digit and four-digit flexible numbering plans
• System maintenance via built-in LAN/WAN connection
Standards-based design
• SIP; G.711, G.726, and G.7293 compression; 802.11 100-Base-TX
Ethernet; 802.3af Power Over Ethernet; UDP; DHCP
• QoS: 802.1p prioritization; 802.1q VLAN; DiffServ
Call handling
• Enhanced Caller ID4 allows one-touch automatic message
return with ESI Feature Phones (supports basic Caller ID
features on non-ESI analog phones)
• Account codes for greater accountability
• Intelligent Call Forwarding™ sends original caller’s Caller ID4
information to off-premises number (requires PRI line)
• Caller ID key shows Caller ID4 for last 25 callers, for one-touch
call return
• Live call recording of any conversation or personal “voice memo”;
allows moving and copying recordings to others’ mailboxes
(auto-recording5 available with optional VIP family of applications)
• Live call screening allows listening to an incoming message,
as on a home answering machine; pick up call at any time or
let it go to voice mail
• Highest-grade voice quality (64 kilobit/second sampling) for
voice mail and other voice storage
• Call waiting with Caller ID4
• Virtual Answer Key™ for recording custom greetings to handle
select callers when they’re in call waiting
• Up to 64 conference callers (maximum of 16 persons
per conference)
• Background announce
• Trunk-to-trunk transfer
• Music/message-on-hold (MOH) port and 12 MOH tracks,
three pre-recorded and nine customizable
• Dedicated overhead paging interface
• QuickPage™ for paging notification of held calls
ESI’s Verbal User Guide™
• HELP key on ESI desktop phone provides assistance
• Thousands of prompts for users, administrators, and installers
Built-in voice mail
• 32 voice mail channels; 1,200 hours of message storage
• Blue VOICE MAIL key on ESI desktop Feature Phone6
• Off-premises message delivery (cell phone or pager)
• Urgent message notification
• Multiple mailbox types, including group, broadcast,
informational, cascade notification, guest, and Q & A
• Can restore each mailbox’s 10 most recently deleted messages
• Quick Groups™ for one-step moving of a voice message to
other user mailboxes
• Quick Move™ for saving a message to other user mailboxes
during call recording
• Virtual Mailbox Key™ for monitoring of additional mailboxes
• Off-premises “reach-me” can let someone forwarded to a
voice mailbox still reach the called party at a designated number
• AutoPage™ for alerting users over Feature Phone speakers
(or, if connected, overhead paging system)
Automated attendant
• Six levels, 100 branches; includes off-premises transfer
• Automated trunk-to-trunk transfer
Automatic call distribution (ACD)
• Routes calls within designated departments based on
agent availability
• Reporting
• ACD queue prioritization and overflow routing
Shared-office tenanting
• Up to eight tenants
• Assignment of CO lines
• Each station and ACD department can be assigned to one tenant
• Auto attendant can have different greetings, day/night settings,
and routing to specific locations, just as if each tenant had its
own system
• Separate operator positions for each tenant, or
centralized answering
ESI Feature Phones
• Different models for varying needs
–– 48-Key Feature Phone7 in multiple versions: Digital and IP
(local/remote with 802.3af Power Over Ethernet)
–– 24-Key Digital Feature Phone7
–– 12-Key Digital Feature Phone
–– Cordless Handsets in Digital, (local) IP, and Remote IP versions
• Dedicated feature keys
• Headset operation8
–– 48-Key Feature Phones and Cordless Handsets each include
headset jack
• Features specific to desktop Feature Phones:
–– Four-position tilt; wall-mountable
–– Rugged design resists abuse, spills
–– Large display and built-in speakerphone8
–– Up to 30 programmable feature keys
–– Volume/scroll keys
–– Esi-Dex™ speed-dialing
• Three separate numbers lists: Personal Dex, Station Dex, and
System Dex (uses Caller ID4 information or direct keypad entries)
• Location Dex shows Esi-Link and remote station locations
(if applicable)
• Feature Dex for use with programmable feature keys
Optional ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration
• ESI Cellular Management lets you use an ESI phone to
manage calls to and from a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone
• ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface “pairs” your Bluetooth
headset to your ESI phone, allowing you to answer, originate,
and terminate calls seamlessly, using the headset
Optional ESI Presence Management
• Works with ESI phone system to help you manage comings
and goings into your facility and maintain security
• Shows who is and isn’t on the premises, avoiding wasted pages
• Used with optional ESI TimeLine™ software, can help
eliminate payroll errors and the need for physical time cards
Optional VIP applications for Windows®
• VIP (Visually Integrated Phone) and VIP Professional
–– On-screen interface for call-handling with all ESI features
associated with normal Feature Phone use, as well as
programming Feature Phone
–– Manages voice mail, e-mail, and fax messages from within
Microsoft Outlook9
–– Allows archiving voice mail messages to .WAV files
–– TAPI support (Basic Telephony Service) for use with
Outlook and other TAPI-compliant software, such as ACT!®
and GoldMine®, to provide outbound dialing, “screen pops,”
and more
–– VIP Professional adds more detailed interface,
auto-recording5, one-touch callback, text-messaging,
station status, and more
• VIP PC Attendant Console
–– All features of VIP Professional
–– On-screen management of phone system activity
–– Shows up to 400 stations, voice mailboxes, and departments
at a time, using same color-coding scheme as physical
Expansion Console
–– Displays “OUT” status for off-premises users when used
with optional ESI Presence Management
–– Lets multi-tasking attendant keep eyes on work, yet still
handle calls
• VIP ACD Supervisor
–– All features of VIP Professional
–– On-screen, real-time department performance
–– On-screen agent status
–– Built-in management reports
–– Ability to create custom reports10
• VIP ACD Agent
–– All features of VIP Professional
–– On-screen agent status
• VIP Softphone
–– Features of VIP Professional
–– On-screen access to ESI Feature Phone
–– Audio via PC
–– Virtual Button Window provides single-click, color-coded
access to 30 extensions, mailboxes, departments, and
speed-dial numbers
Optional IP-related features
• Esi-Link connects up to 100 compatible ESI systems over WAN
or the Internet, so they work as one large system
• Desktop IP Phone provides full ESI feature set via IP,
either locally or at remote location; uses industry-standard
compression to reduce bandwidth requirements11
Optional M3 backup device
• Mirrored Memory Module
• Uses RAID technology to back up recordings, system
programming, speed-dial numbers, and voice mail messages
and prompts
Four angle positions
An ESI desktop Feature Phone has four-position tilt and is wall-mountable.
To learn more about ESI Communications Servers, consult their brochure12 or visit
1. PRI on ESI-50; PRI and T1 on ESI-100, ESI-200, ESI-600, and ESI-1000. 2. To support certain ESI Communications Server features, the entry-level ESI-50L Communications Server must be
upgraded to an ESI-50 Communications Server; for more details about this, please consult your Certified ESI Reseller. 3. G.729 not supported on ESI-50. 4. Caller ID information available if
your telephone service provides it. Contact your provider for details. 5. Auto-recording requires VIP Professional-compatible application and optional license. 6. Except for 12-Key Digital
Feature Phone, on which voice mail is accessed via a programmable feature key. 7. Available with backlit display. 8. Not on 12-Key Digital Feature Phone. 9. Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007
required. 10. Creation of custom reports requires Crystal Reports™ (Standard Edition or Professional Edition). 11. Certain minimum LAN/WAN bandwidth and data latency requirements apply.
12. ESI document 0450-1052, available from your ESI Reseller or
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