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day two friday edition
The Official Newspaper of CEDIA EXPO 2012 • September 5-8, 2012 • Indiana convention center
Audio Products
Feature Wireless
The latest developments in multiroom
audio and video products at CEDIA EXPO
include a range of traditional audio and
video matrix switchers, multizone audio
amplifiers, and hardwired multiroomaudio systems. But also on the show floor
are video switchers that use HDBaseT
technology to send HDMI video over
long distances, wireless multiroom audio
systems from several companies, and
multiroom audio servers that integrate
with AirPlay technology.
Altona’s (Booth 5443) new highspeed HDMI 4x4 matrix switcher, the
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CEDIA Kicks Off With Smashing Success
The 2012 CEDIA EXPO officially kicked off yesterday morning, with (left to right) vice
chair Larry Pexton, and CEDIA Fellows Ken Erdmann and Jeremy Glowacki cutting the
ceremonial ribbon at the Indianapolis Convention Center main hall. This year’s CEDIA
features 457 exhibiting companies, 92 exhibitors, and has 71 countries represented.
Soundbars, Tabletop Speakers Abound At EXPO
Several companies are launching active and
passive soundbars, high-performance inroom speakers, AirPlay speakers, and other
tabletop speaker systems during EXPO this
week. Here are the details on these speaker
Artison (Booth 3845) will replace its current passive three-channel soundbar with
three new models designed for TVs with
thinner displays. The soundbars comprising the Studio series are 2.25-inches-deep
and positioned as offering both aesthetics
and performance. They are the Studio 39,
Studio 46, and Studio 55.
Current Audio’s (Booth 5167) first two
CED12_DAY2_live.indd 1
active soundbars are the SB65 with 6.5inch wireless subwoofer and the SB8 with
8-inch wireless subwoofer. The later adds
stereo Bluetooth for streaming music from
portable devices. Additional details were
GoldenEar’s (SR16) first soundbar is
the passive, three-channel SuperCinema
3D Array. The company’s highest powered active sub, the ForceField 5, ships
in December. The soundbar measures 49
inches wide by 4.75 inches tall by 2.5
inches deep. It’s designed to minimize
interaural crosstalk in the 150Hz-2,000Hz
range to improve front-stage width and
depth beyond what three separate-butclosely-spaced speakers can deliver, the
company says.
KEF (Booth 1312) is launching its first
powered speakers with USB connection
to PCs, Apple iOS devices, and Android
devices to play back their music. The
$799-suggested X300A two-way speaker
pair is said to perform as well as professional studio monitors, thanks to bi-amplification, use of Class AB audiophile-grade
amps, 96kHz/24-bit USB input, and KEF’s
proprietary Uni-Q driver array.
Martin Logan’s (SR9) Motion 15 bookshelf
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by Lindsey Adler
Navigating the exhibit hall at the Indiana
Convention Center Wednesday afternoon
was almost like jostling for position in the final
lap of the Indy 500.
“The show has been phenomenal for us,”
and the kiosks that sign up new dealers have
been full since 9 a.m., says Mark Fukuda,
president of WAVE Electronics (Booth 1713),
a distribution company that just went national
[see story on page 3].
Chris Bundy, director of product marketing for Atlona (Booth 5443) was particularly
jazzed about rep activity at the show. “We’ve
been really interested in how reps are making everybody’s booth go round,” he says.
“I think if it weren’t for the reps, this show
wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.”
Since 1998, CEDIA EXPO has been the
platform for new product introductions from
D-Tools (Booth 4554), and 2012 has already
reaffirmed this commitment, according to Tim
Bigoness, VP sales and marketing, D-Tools.
“This year so far we had a great launch event.
Many integrators and partners have been
here. The attendance has been great. And
this continues to be the show where we are
going to showcase our new releases.”
Many show attendees cited especially
strong attendance at the education sessions.
Matt D. Scott, president, Omega Audio Video,
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9/6/12 6:52 PM
Cary Audio Launches Hybrid
Headphone Amp
Headphones are in great demand
today, capable of superb sound
quality at a fraction of the price
of great speakers for a personal
listening experience. Cary Audio
(Booth 1321) is introducing the
HH-1 headphone amplifier to
help discerning listeners reach
their greatest sonic potential with
almost any fine headphone.
Cary Audio’s HH-1 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
The HH-1 is a hybrid design,
offering the best performance of both tube possible noise, including the power supply
and solid-state circuits where they can be for the tube heaters, and it uses a high perutilized to their greatest advantage. Tubes formance audio grade toroidal transformer.
Cary Audio president Billy Wright commake their best contribution to the overall
sound when used in the input stage. For ments: “We realize how important excellent
this, we are using a pair of 6DJ8 tubes (one headphones are to many audiophiles, and
per channel). The output stage is a single- made a concerted effort to develop a truly
ended current-sourced MOSFET working world-class headphone amplifier in a very
compact form. By using the best qualities
in Class A at all times.
As in all Cary Audio products, much of both tubes and solid-state, we have
thought has gone into the power supply, come up with a dedicated headphone
which has a major impact on the sound amplifier. We’re very excited to introduce
quality and reliability. In the HH-1, the this new headphone amplifier and establish
power supply is fully regulated for lowest Cary Audio as a leader in this new market.”
Fusion Research Unveils
Premiere Movie Server
Fusion Research is showing the Premiere
Movie Server, its newest movie server product, at Booth 5355. It is the new entry-level
piece and replaces the award winning Studio
Movie Server.
Based upon the recently announced EPIC
platform, the Premiere retails at $2995 with
an internal capacity for approximately 225
DVDs or 45 Blu-ray with the ability to expand
the storage to over a thousand movies for as
little as $495 license fee and adding your own
storage. Premiere also features EasyLoad,
the unattended movie loading service for
both Blu-ray and DVDs. Simply insert the disc
into the front of the server and even without
a display turned on, the system will automatically begin importing the movie.
One of the great values of the Premiere
Movie Server is its ability to add an extra discrete movie feed, using the also new Fusion
Zone Player which retail for $1495. Now two
separate zones can be accomplished for
under $4500 retail.
“I’ve had the chance to be the first
Control4 dealer to test out the new Premiere
Movie Server with the EPIC platform,” says
DYMO Offers Labeling Tool Selection Tips
Finding a labeling tool that’s durable and
provides clean, consistent results that follows industry standards, such as the TIA
606-B standard, can enhance an integrator’s reputation for high quality work and
protects customers’ investments by ensuring they can effectively test, use, trouble
shoot and upgrade their systems. DYMO
Industrial (Booth 5225) national account
manager Al Feaster says that when selecting a label printer, keep in mind that capabilities, ease of use, durability, and practicality
can vary greatly from entry-level ($50-100)
to high-end ($300+) and even within each
price range. Here are additional suggestions
from DYMO:
1) Look for a labeling tool that’s rugged
enough to withstand the environmental conditions of your job sites.
2) Look for brands that offer a consistent
user interface across the product line and
products that feature interchangeable label
3) Pay close attention to memory capabilities for storing labels that can be quickly
reprinted. You also want to choose a labeling
tool that supports appropriate sizes, capabilities and materials for all of your labeling
applications, including vertical wrap and high
quality barcode capabilities, along with heat
shrink tubes and flexible nylon, permanent
polyester, and vinyl materials.
4) Familiar features like QWERTY keypads
and large, easy-to-read screens can make
label printers easier to use.
5) Look for hot keys or shortcut keys
that are programmed to automatically size,
space, align, and rotate text for perfectly
sized labels with just a single touch. In addition, the abilities to automatically calibrate
spacing and to access downloadable patch
panel templates help eliminate guesswork.
Platinum Tools Updates VDV MapMaster
Platinum Tools (Booth 5630) is launching
the new VDV MapMaster 2.0 voice, data
and video tester. Now with cable length
measurement, the VDV MapMaster 2.0 is
now shipping.
“The VDV MapMaster 2.0 now combines cable length measurement with continuity testing, mapping, and tone generator
functions into a single unit,” explains Lee
Sachs, Platinum Tools, Inc. president and
general manager. “Made in the USA, the
VDV MapMaster is capable of identifying
and mapping 19 locations at one time.
Whether the job is residential or commercial, the versatility and added features
of the VDV MapMaster 2.0 makes it an
installer’s best friend.”
Length Mode is used to measure the
length of entire cables and its pin pairs
and allows for viewing and adjusting the
length constant value for video, data, and
voice cables. The VDV MapMaster tests
Cat-6, Cat5e, Cat-5, Cat-4, Cat-3, and
coax cables, as well as shielded cables.
Video and data cables can be connected
to their respective remotes at the same
time to improve testing efficiency. Patch
cables may be tested without removing the
master remote from storage.
With a convenient size and weight of only
6.4 in. x 2.8 in. x 1.4 in. and just 9.0 ounces,
additional features of the VDV MapMaster
include: Tests voice (six wire), data (eight
wire), and video (coax); measures the entire
length of a cable and/or individual wire
pairs within the cable; easy-to-read, extra
large seven-segment LCD screen with large
icons; tone generator with selectable tone
cadence and selectable pins carrying tone;
RJ (voice and data) master remote stores
in bottom of case; map 19 locations at one
time; measures length in feet or meters;
tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens,
reversals miswires and split pairs; displays
Platinum Tools’ VDV
MapMaster 2.0 voice,
date and video tester
“Pass” icon for correctly wired T568A/B and
crossover/uplink; displays “Pass” icon for
correctly wired 6-pin telephone plus “Rev”
for reverse pinned; voltage detection warning icon; long battery life; low battery icon
indicator; auto power off.
Fusion Research’s Premiere Movie Server
Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs. “I
love the fact that you can import both DVD
and Blu-ray right in the front of the box. When
combining with the Control4 two-way IP driver, you have a very powerful movie solution
that is great for any home. With Sony Blu-ray
changers now being discontinued, I think
Premiere has the chance to be the defacto
choice for Control4 installs everywhere.”
Delivers New
OS Wall Mount
OmniMount (Booth 3925) is introducing a
new collection of full motion mounts with
exceptional quality and performance,
the OS35FM, OS60FM and OS120FM.
Designed with patented gravity tilt and
precise tolerances, the products ensure
years of smooth, dependable movement. The sleek look complements the
advanced technology and the collection
accommodates small to large TVs.
“The market is saturated with wall
mounts that offer tilt, but most of them
require manual tensioning or levering to
achieve the desired performance,” says
Brandon Stangl, product manager for
OmniMount. “These products make installation faster and easier, as well as improving user interaction and satisfaction.”
Gravity pivot technology provides
smooth tilt motion, right out of the box.
TVs can be quickly mounted and positioned, and confidently left without worry
of eventual sag or unintended tilt. The
technology still enables smooth adjustment at any time, for achieving a desired
viewing angle or reducing glare. Each
product has cable management for
cleanly routing wires from panel to wall
and leveling for fine-tune adjustments.
The products are die-cast for strength
and style and include quick install guides,
in addition to full-blown instruction manuals, for experienced installers.
The collection consists of three
mounts: OS35FM for 13-37-inch TVs up
to 35 pounds; OS60FM for 32-50-inch
TVs up to 60 pounds; and OS120FM for
42-70-inch TVs up to 120 pounds.
M6 Digital Active Loudspeaker
The M6 Digital Active
Loudspeaker utilizes the
latest DSP Digital Active
technologies pioneered
by Meridian presented
in a unique cylindrical enclosure offering
a Loudspeaker that is
truly magical, as it completely disappears sonically and visually into a
room’s décor. The M6 delivers the performance of a conventional loudspeaker eight times the physical volume, with all
the necessary electronics neatly hidden in its circular base—
combining superb room-filling sound with elegant design.
Series Surge Protection
provides instantaneous protection of
residential AV systems from damaging
surges and is available in a newly introduced family of power distribution units.
Series Protection was designed with robust non-sacrificial
circuitry that ensures system reliability. It also helps ensure
noise-free AV systems by protecting connected equipment
without contaminating the system ground. Every model in
the Series Protection suite automatically disconnects devices
from sustained over- and under-voltage events.
WS100 Wireless Multimedia Speaker System
Built for listeners not network engineers, the WS100 wireless audio system
comprises a pair of
stylish cube speakers with amps and
wireless receiver onboard. The matching, compact monitors, just five inches
in dimension, are precision engineered to deliver clean wideband lossless audio from any computer in seconds. Simply
position the speakers, plug-in the USB transmitter and play
CD quality sound wire-free.
BluWavs HD Audio Headphones
The BluWavs HD Audio
headphones support Bluray movie 7.1 discrete HD
Audio and include a BluWav
“Blender” Audio Console
which allows users to finetune the volume and EQ of
ten discrete surround sound
speakers to meet their personal surround sound listening preferences. The BluWav
Blender includes new technology called PLUSH (Personalized
Leveled Ultimate Surround Headphones). PLUSH allows the
listener to instantly select their own personal audio profile for
the richest, most enveloping surround sound experience.
is a complete digital
device that offers Wi-Fi
network capability and
supports Apple AirPlay.
For instant connectivity to smartphones and
tablets, NAD has also included high fidelity aptX Bluetooth.
The NAD VISO 1 AP features a rear USB port for connection and charging of Apple iOS devices, eliminating
the need for a docking cradle. A USB input and a 24/96
capable optical input is perfect for connecting many digital
devices, as well.
SW6.5, SW8 Compact Subwoofers
Two new stylish
compact subwoofers engineered with
designers in mind,
the SW6.5 and the
SW8 present an aesthetically pleasing
profile that is easy to
blend into any décor.
Pairing a long-throw front-firing woofer with dual long-throw
side-mounted passive radiators, the compact subwoofers
deliver the power of subwoofers four times their size, making
them perfect for any setup requiring more bass in less space.
PLAY70, PLAY40DS ActionMounts
Joining the family of full motion
ActionMount products are
the PLAY70 and PLAY40DS,
designed to give TV users more
screen positioning flexibility for
exercising, gaming and optimizing 3D. The PLAY70 fits
TVs up to 70 pounds and
offers omni-directional movement with only a light touch
and the PLAY40DS has a satin
black finish and double-stud frame for a different look and
more flexible installation.
FLOW.4810 Speaker
The FLOW.4810s are active speakers
with 120W digital class D amplification and 48 one-inch drivers in a point
source array in each speaker. They are
1.5 inches deep on-wall speakers with a
frequency response of 43Hz-20kHz and
are available in both black and white.
They are connected to a Control Hub,
which is available with or without WLAN
streaming and includes an RF remote.
Sources are connected to the Control
Hub and/or streamed to the wireless WLAN version.
MR Home Theater Power Management Components
The MR Family of elegant home theater power management solutions complements any A/V system, while offering
advanced protection from surges/spikes and maximizing
SR 10
Millennia CT 2.1 Speaker System
The Millenia CT 2.1
Speaker System is
an ideal candidate in
connectivity for popular networked audio
devices such as Apple
TV or Airport Express
and the two-speaker
setup promises excellent stereo separation.
The renowned highperformance sound of Paradigm in a compact plug’n play
audio setup with built-in amplifier—no receiver required.
Elite SC Series Receivers
Each SC Series
receiver is designed
to deliver clean and
output with high
efficiency using
Pioneer’s Class D3
amplification technology. The new line is also enhanced with
advanced network features and custom installation set-up
options including Apple’s AirPlay, DLNA 1.5, Windows 7,
Internet radio, PC Setup control, Advanced MCACC autocalibration, multiple HDMI inputs and Pioneer’s proprietary
apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps, including iControlAV2012 and Air Jam.
BakPak Apple IOS App
The BakPak app
allows an Apple IOS
4.3 through the most
current iPad or iPhone
to remotely power
cycle the Power over
Ethernet (PoE) ports
on Pakedge switches
and power distribution units. Installers can do this either on
the job or from anywhere—if a customer in New York wants
their system to be changed and the installer is in California,
they can make the change via their iPad or iPhone. In addition, the app lets installers add multiple jobs/locations to their
project databases, with multiple devices per location.
equipment performance. With auto-resetting voltage protection (AVM) and protection from catastrophic lightning strikes
(Protect or Disconnect circuitry), peace of mind is never out
of reach. These components also account for low-voltage
surges with universal coaxial, telephone, or LAN (RJ-45)
protection. Equally graceful on a shelf, TV stand, or rack, the
MR Family offers a touch of class and elegance with a soft yet
sophisticated industrial design.
T62 Recon Test Set
The Recon Test Set includes the most
sophisticated data in-line discovery and
protection available today, and offers a
complete menu for measuring data, actively
monitoring and detection of high line voltages. It also includes a Digi-Secure feature
that protects digital lines from disruption
by outside test equipment. Its large backlit
display shows information clearly, and with
a glow in the dark keypad the unit can be
used in low light environments.
2-Series Loudspeakers
The 2-Series in-wall and inceiling loudspeakers is an
all-new line of seven custom
installation-ready models that
combine exceptional performance with outstanding value
and easier installation. The
Revel 2-Series offers expanded
installation options for every in-wall and in-ceiling application.
All models, with the exception of the C263LP and C283LP
low-profile solutions, employ the company’s new C-2 dogleg-type clamping mechanism that quickly and securely locks
the speakers into place and can be used with materials up to
two inches thick.
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