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Digital Full Colour Multifunctional System
Intuitively Better, Innovatively Sharp—
Your Colour Document Hub for
Outstanding Performance
Network Print
Network Scan
Speed and Efficiency at Your Fingertips
As a next-generation document hub, the MX-5111N/4111N allows easy fingertip control and intuitive
operation of state-of-the-art functions. A simple flick, tap, or slide on the MX-5111N/4111N’s 10.1-inch
colour LCD touchscreen opens the door to fast 51/41-ppm output, high-quality colour copying, and
effortless network scanning. Along with reliable data security and eco-friendly operation, the MX-5111N/
4111N offers convenient Advanced Preview and Page Editing functions and a high-speed Duplex Single
Pass Feeder. For a performance-enhancing boost, the MX-5111N/4111N supports options for Sharp OSA
(Open Systems Architecture), faxing, document finishing, and Internet browsing.
Next-Generation User Interface
The MX-5111N/4111N’s 10.1-inch colour LCD, Advanced Preview function, and
intuitive operation put control at the tip of your fingers, making it easy for even
first-time MFD users to navigate. Document finishes like stapling and page layout
can be confirmed onscreen before printing out to avoid erroneous printouts and
paper waste. Documents can be previewed in various modes, including 3D, edit,
and thumbnail, to match the task at hand.
Thumbnail preview
One-page preview
Basic screen
Web Bro
Edit mode
A Web browsing option adds
viewing and printing out Web
the MX-5111N/4111N’s LCD
3D preview
Choice of Screen Style
The MX-5111N/4111N offers a choice of six LCD screen colours and a universal-design screen. While the default colour is
green, users can easily select their preferred background style.
Breathtaking Image Quality
Sharp’s second-generation high-grade toner and an improved imaging system combine to allow the full
spectrum of colour reproduction in crisp, sharp detail. Additionally the MX-5111N/4111N is so easy to
operate, breathtakingly high-quality images can be produced with just the touch of a finger.
2nd-Generation high-grade toner
Auto Colour Mode
Ecology of Coccinellidae
Coccinellids are small insects,
ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm
(0.04 to 0.4 inches), and are
commonly yellow, orange, or
scarlet with small black spots
on their wing covers, with black
legs, head and antennae. A very
large number of coccinellid
species are mostly, or entirely,
black, grey, or brown and may
be difficult for
non-entomologists to recognize
as coccinellids. Conversely,
there are many small beetles
that are easily mistaken for
coccinellids, such as the tortoise
Auto recognition
Text comes out crisp
and clear, and
background colour is
automatically removed
Ecology of Coccinellidae
Coccinellids are small insects,
ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm
(0.04 to 0.4 inches), and are
commonly yellow, orange, or
scarlet with small black spots
on their wing covers, with black
legs, head and antennae. A very
large number of coccinellid
species are mostly, or entirely,
black, grey, or brown and may
be difficult for
non-entomologists to recognize
as coccinellids. Conversely,
there are many small beetles
that are easily mistaken for
coccinellids, such as the tortoise
Advanced Environmental
full Internet access for
pages and PDF files via
—without using a PC!
The MX-5111N/4111N boasts state-of-the-art environmental technologies and a range of
eco-functions. A short warm-up time is just one of the pluses making this MFD a real energy
saver. Dramatically reduced power consumption also means that TEC values*1 are significantly
lower than the maximum allowable values determined by ENERGY STAR®.
*1 Typical amount of energy consumed in a hypothetical week measured as stipulated under the ENERGY STAR® programme. Value is for total electricity
consumed during five days of use, cycling between full operation and Sleep mode or turned off, and two days in Sleep mode or turned off.
Lower TEC Value
Max. allowable
TEC value
MX-5111N 27.7% 4.12 kWh*2
14.85 kWh
Warm-Up Time*3
34 seconds
3.55 kWh*
11.35 kWh
30 seconds
75.0 %
*2 Measured at 230V.
*3 Compared to MX-5001N (warm-up time 140 seconds) and MX-4101N (warm-up time 120 seconds).
A Range of Copy/Print Applications
Speedy Document Feeding
The MX-5111N/4111N comes standard with a highly efficient
150-sheet DSPF (duplex single pass feeder), which scans both
pages of two-sided documents up to A3 in size in one pass. Doing
away with the reversing circuit minimises paper misfeeds and vastly
improves reliability. With a scanning speed of 75 originals per
minute* (opm) for both two-sided and one-sided originals, the
MX-5111N/4111N finishes even large projects quickly.
* When feeding A4 sheets in B/W
Built-In Stackless Duplex Module
The MX-5111N/4111N can make two-sided copies and
printouts using its built-in stackless duplex module, effectively
reducing paper costs as well as saving filing space.
Laid out 4-in-1 on each page
Saddle stitch
Custom Images
Customised images prepared by
the user, such as a company
logo stamp or a “TOP SECRET”
watermark, can be used on
Thanks to Multi Shot, two to eight pages of a multi-page
document can be copied and up to 16 pages can be printed onto
a single sheet, reducing paper use. With the optional Saddle Stitch
Finisher, multiple sheets can be automatically centre-stapled
together to make booklets.
* A4, long-edge feeding
Multi Shot and Booklet Making
The MX-5111N/4111N delivers a fast output of 51/41 cpm/ppm*
in B/W and in full colour. The first copy comes out in just 4.1/4.7
seconds in B/W and 5.7/6.7 seconds in full
colour to save valuable time when performing
multiple short-run jobs.
Super-Efficient Colour and B/W Output
Full-colour stamp
Automated Finishing
The MX-5111N/4111N offers plenty of finishing options to suit a
variety of workplaces and applications. Both a space-efficient
Finisher and a 4,000-sheet Finisher option are available for
sorting and stapling. The Saddle Stitch Finisher option for
stapling documents up to 50 sheets can also fold and staple sets
of documents up to 15 sheets to make completed booklets.
Another Saddle Stitch Finisher handles A3W paper with ease. Also
the Punch Module option punches holes in documents for easy
Greyscale watermark
Book Divide
When copying or scanning a booklet or book, the Book Divide
function separates the right and left (or the top and bottom) of a
two-page spread and outputs each page in the original page order.
Scan direction
Scanned via
Large Paper Capacity
An optional 3,500-sheet large-capacity tray
is available for high-volume work, bringing
the total paper capacity to 5,600 sheets.
For extra-large-volume jobs, the Auto
Tray Switching function automatically
switches to another tray filled with
same-size paper.
Each page is output in original page order
Image Positioning
With this function, a scanned image, such as a photo or an
illustration, can be copied onto another document in a position
specified by the user. The output can be confirmed beforehand
using the Advanced Preview function on the LCD.
Supports Most Office Environments
• The MX-5111N/4111N works with the latest and most
commonly used versions of Windows®, Windows Server®, and
Mac operating systems and network protocols—including
IPv6—even in mixed OS environments. You get fast, powerful
network printing via the 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet standard.
• The MX-5111N/4111N supports the PCL6 printer language. For
compatibility with PostScript 3, the MX-PK11 PS3 Expansion Kit
is available.
Paper feeding
Paper for printing
User specifies
Image is printed onto
specified position
: Copy
: Print
: Scan
Improved Imaging System
Easy, High-Quality Copying
Sharp thoroughly revamped its imaging process for the
MX-5111N/4111N; now a high-performance processor, a new
developer, and the second-generation high-grade toner
combine to provide breathtaking image quality. The new toner
expands the colour reproducibility range for a more natural
rendering of clear blue skies, emerald green oceans, and other
colour images. The smaller particle size of the toner and the
developer allows for reduced graininess and clear reproduction of
fine lines, fine text, and halftone colours.
Auto Colour Selection automatically determines whether a page
is colour or B/W and selects the appropriate copy mode for that
page. Auto Colour Mode analyses the contents of each page,
distinguishing between different components, such as photos and
text. These two functions allow the MX-5111N/4111N to print out
maps with crisp, clear text and to automatically remove
unnecessary background colour from newspaper and magazine
copies for clearer output.
Auto Colour Mode
High-Resolution Output
Text comes out crisp and clear,
and unnecessary background
colour is automatically removed
Exotic Tropical Vacations
The MX-5111N/4111N delivers 600-dpi copying and razorsharp 1,200-dpi printing—without sacrificing output speed. Digital
smoothing technology enhances the print and copy resolution to
the equivalent of 9,600 x 600 dpi for incredibly smooth
reproduction of fine lines. Fine-grained photographs, detailed
illustrations and graphs, and small text come out crisp and clear.
Imagine that you are sitting by the
beach, enjoying the sun and a fruit
drink in your hand. You would
probably think of an exotic tropical
vacation with loads of fun and
excitement. Even just the thought of
it feels so relaxing, how much more
when you are actually there. So,
why wait any further? Start
planning your next vacation in one
of the many tropical getaways.
Exotic Tropical Vacations
Here are some of the things that you can do while you are on a tropical vacation. You can bask
under the sun while lying in a hammock, sipping fruit juice from a coconut shell and enjoying
the breath taking view of the sea. This way, you can experience the slow and easygoing life
relieving all the stress from your mind and body.
Auto recognition
Imagine that you are sitting by the
beach, enjoying the sun and a fruit
drink in your hand. You would
probably think of an exotic tropical
vacation with loads of fun and
excitement. Even just the thought of
it feels so relaxing, how much more
when you are actually there. So,
why wait any further? Start
planning your next vacation in one
of the many tropical getaways.
Here are some of the things that you can do while you are on a tropical vacation. You can bask
under the sun while lying in a hammock, sipping fruit juice from a coconut shell and enjoying
the breath taking view of the sea. This way, you can experience the slow and easygoing life
relieving all the stress from your mind and body.
Direct Printing*1
Simultaneous Job Processing
The MX-5111N/4111N can print PDF*2, TIFF, JPEG, and XPS*3 files
without using the printer driver. There is also a USB port beneath
its control panel, which comes in handy when printing data
directly from USB memory devices—an indispensable function for
users who are in a hurry or who want quick machine access
without a PC.
The MX-5111N/4111N makes it easy to simultaneously carry out
multiple jobs. Scanned documents can be copied and e-mailed at
the same time. Also documents can be simultaneously printed and
faxed for ultra-convenient multitasking.
*1: Direct printing may not support all PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and XPS formats. *2: Direct PDF
printing requires optional MX-PK11. *3: Direct XPS printing requires optional MX-PUX1
and MX-ARSM10.
Copy + send
Print + send
Document is printed
(main job)
Same document
sent via fax
USB memory
Network folder
Same document
sent via e-mail
FTP server
Other Key Features
Repeat Layout
Upgraded from the conventional Photo Repeat function, this
function can repeat an entire page layout as a single image onto a
single sheet.
Auto Zoom for Irregular-Size Originals
With Auto Zoom, after the user specifies the required finished size
of a copy, the MX-5111N/4111N will automatically calculate the
appropriate ratio by which to reduce or enlarge an irregular-size
• Tab Copy / Tab Print can copy or print directly onto tabs on
document separators and insert them into assigned positions.
• Card Shot enables one-touch copying of both sides of a card
(credit cards, ID cards, etc.) onto a single page.
• Carbon Copy Print mode automatically outputs multiple
printouts of the same data on plain and/or coloured paper;
convenient for invoices and purchase orders.
• Form Overlay can store office document formatting such as
letterheads and overlay contents in colour, eliminating the need
for pre-printed paper.
• Barcode font compatibility (requires optional MX-PF10)
Layout Print
• Colour Stamp labels your copies with page numbers, the date
or text such as “Urgent” in up to four different colours.
This function repeats an entire page layout as a single image. The
user can specify whether or not to repeat the first page (cover
page) of the document.
• Book Copy is convenient for compiling copies of a book or
bound originals into pamphlet format.
• Multi-Page Enlargement divides an image onto separate
sheets for making posters up to A0 x 2 in size.
: Scan
: Fax
A3 Colour Network Scanning
Drop Out Colour
The MX-5111N/4111N works as a full-colour network scanner
and supports TIFF, PDF, encrypted PDF, compact PDF*, PDF/A, XPS,
and JPEG file formats. Converting any type of paper-based
document, up to A3 in size, into an editable digital file is as easy
as making a copy. Enhanced scan performance improves the
legibility of extremely fine text and allows vivid colour reproduction
in scanned documents. Auto Colour Selection chooses the right
mode for scanning originals containing both colour and B/W
pages (see page 4). Five levels of sharpness and contrast control
enable finely tuned adjustments for optimal image quality.
This function removes chromatic colour from a scanned image,
reducing the data size for compact storage and enhancing the
legibility of B/W text to improve the text recognition rate before
* Requires optional MX-EB11.
Scanned image
Chromatic colour
is removed
12345 USA
12345 USA
Black Letter Emphasis
Multiple Distribution of Scanned Files
With just a few taps on the LCD touchscreen, you can choose
different ways to distribute your scanned documents. Scan to
E-mail sends documents as an e-mail attachment. Scan to FTP
Server scans documents directly to an FTP server for storage. Scan
to Desktop sends scanned documents directly to your PC
desktop. Scan to Network Folder (SMB) sends files to a shared
folder on a networked Windows PC. Scan to External Memory
Device scans documents directly to USB memory devices. Scan to
Fax enables conventional faxing or Internet faxing.
Scan to
Internet fax
When text-heavy documents are scanned, this function improves
the legibility of B/W text while keeping the file size down. Text is
scanned at high resolution while the rest of the document,
including photos and illustrations, is scanned at a lower resolution.
Improved Address Book
With the MX-5111N/4111N’s improved address book format, up to
seven destinations, including e-mail addresses, fax numbers, and
FTP addresses, can be displayed under each registered entry. For
enhanced security, when registering an entry, you can select
whether the information will be open to all MFD users or limited to
only designated users or groups. Since only the viewable addresses
for each logged-in user are displayed, the list of addresses is
narrowed down, making address searches easier.
PC-Fax/PC-Internet Fax
External memory
Directly send a document created on your PC to a recipient’s fax
machine via a phone line or the Internet without printing to paper.
Save time and paper costs while retaining original document quality.
Note: PC-Internet Fax requires optional MX-FWX1; PC-Fax requires MX-FX11.
Client PCs
Super G3 fax
Network folder
FTP server
One Scan/Multi Format
This function allows you to specify image resolution or colour for
each mode of broadcasting employed. For example, when sending
the same image data to both a fax and an e-mail destination, you
can send a B/W version via fax and a full-colour version via e-mail.
LDAP Support
Built-in LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) support
eliminates the need to enter or register full addresses. When you
enter the first few letters of the recipient’s name, the MX-5111N/
4111N displays a list of possible matches from your company’s
LDAP server. Selected addresses can be stored to the MX-5111N/
4111N’s address book.
Economically send and receive faxes to and from other T-37compliant Internet fax machines via the Internet. Thanks to Direct
SMTP support, outgoing Internet faxes do not go through your
mail server, making transmission faster and cheaper.
Note: Requires optional MX-FWX1.
Paperless Faxing with Inbound Routing
Paperless faxing with inbound routing lets you check incoming
faxes via e-mail before printing them out. It can also forward
incoming faxes to destinations—another fax/Internet fax machine,
an FTP server, a network folder (SMB), or a PC desktop—specified
for each sender.
Specify resolution or
colour for each mode
Internet Fax
Fax Data Storage on MFD Hard Disk
The MX-5111N/4111N lets you select important fax data from the
Received Fax Data List, store it on the MFD’s hard disk, and manage
it via the Document Filing function. (See page 6.)
Time-Specified Fax Output
The MX-5111N/4111N can withhold output of incoming faxes
until a user-specified time: during lunch break, for example, when
the MFD is not heavily used.
Document Management on the Hard Disk
You can save processed job data in designated folders on the MFD’s hard disk, making it easy to instantly recall saved documents or jobs for
printing and sending at a later time. This contributes greatly to efficient sharing and distribution of information in your business operations.
Quick File
MFD‘s hard disk
To e-mail or FTP
Fax or Internet fax*2
Print Out
Mirroring hard disk
*1: CMYK print data cannot be resent.
*2: These functions require their
respective options. See page 5 for details.
Quick Filing
Advanced Filing Function
Up to 10,000 pages or 1,000 files* that have
been copied, printed, scanned, or faxed can be
stored by job on the hard disk in a Quick File
Folder. You can easily reuse saved data without
having to reload or rescan the original.
Up to 20,000 pages or 3,000 files* that have been copied, printed, scanned, or faxed
can be stored by job on the hard disk in up to 1,000 folders with customised names and
locations. Enhanced security features require users to enter a 5 to 8 digit password to
access secure folders, protecting your sensitive data. Storage options include Main
Folder for workgroup sharing and Custom Folder for enhanced-security archiving.
* Measured using Sharp’s standard chart (A4 with 6% coverage, B/W). The Quick File Folder shares the hard disk with the Job Build function. The storage capacity will be less
for colour pages.
Easy Access to Stored Files
Easy Sharing of Application Files
Documents stored on the hard disk can be quickly and easily
searched and accessed from the control panel’s LCD via thumbnail
displays and file previews or through a Web browser.
The MX-5111N/4111N’s hard disk enables files created with
applications such as Word and Excel® to be saved in their original
file format and shared across the office network.
File creator
Search results
File Combining
Other users
Web access screen
Separate files
For more effective data utilisation,
two files saved on the MFD’s hard
disk can be easily combined into
one file.
into one
PDFs for PC Browsing
Processed job data can be saved in PDFs for browsing and
downloading on a PC and in dedicated Document Filing formats.
Document is saved to MFD
in original file format
Stored on MFD’s hard disk
Mirroring Kit
To protect the enhanced data handling capability of the MFD’s
hard disk, which provides improved Document Filing functions
and easy sharing of application files, the optional Mirroring Kit
offers hard disk backup and peace of mind.
Sharpdesk for Total Document Management
Sharpdesk is an original Sharp application that provides integrated desktop
management of documents in over 200 file formats, including scanned
paper-based documents and those created with popular applications such as
Word. It allows you to organise, edit, search, and distribute your documents,
all with simple drag-and-drop operation.
User retrieves file
from MFD
• Intuitive desktop display features thumbnail viewing
• Sharpdesk Imaging provides annotation tools for paper-free proofreading
• Sharpdesk Composer combines different types of files into a single
• Optical character recognition converts documents into editable text files
• Output zone distributes files to e-mail, printers, and other applications
• File search allows searching by file name, keyword, or thumbnail
Output zone
Search screen
* Image Compression Tool for converting images into compact PDF files
Powerful Multi-Layered Security
With multiple levels of network and data security to cover a wide range of security needs, Sharp’s security solutions protect your business
assets and bring peace of mind. The MX-5111N/4111N safeguards sensitive data with powerful, enhanced security functions that eliminate
the worry of unauthorised use and guarantee greater protection for your confidential information.
Secure Network Access
Data Security Kit
The IP/MAC address filtering function provides highly secure
Digital copier/printers or MFDs can retain hundreds of pages of
operation by restricting access to the MFDs on your office
confidential information from previous jobs on their hard disks or
network. Only PCs that have either their
internal memory. To
IP/MAC Address Filtering
Data Security System
IP address or MAC (media access
safeguard this information
control) address registered are allowed
from unauthorised access,
Prevents data leak
Copy Data
Print Data
Scan Data
Fax Data
to use the MFDs. Attempted access from
the optional Data Security
an unknown IP or MAC address will be
Kit automatically encrypts
denied, preventing unauthorised use.
and erases the data from
The data generated
The MX-5111N/4111N also supports the
each completed job as well
for each job is
IEEE 802.1X standard for port-based
as the data stored on the
automatically erased
Unknown IP or MAC
once that job is
addresses will be
network access control, which blocks all
hard disk and in the
Data Encryption
Data Erase
denied access
access from unauthorised devices.
address book.
Document Control Function
SSL and IPsec Data Encryption
Document Control prevents unauthorised copying, scanning,
faxing, and filing of confidential documents by embedding copy
prevention data onto a document. When that data is detected,
any unauthorised attempts to copy will be cancelled or will result
in only blank-page output.
To ensure an extremely high level of network security, the
MX-5111N/4111N employs SSL (secure sockets layer) and IPsec (IP
security) data encryption technologies. SSL encryption prevents
data leakage through the network when printing via IPP, browsing
secure Web pages (HTTPS), or communicating via e-mail (SMTP
and POP3) or FTP (FTPS). IPsec, an obligatory part of the IPv6
Internet protocol, encrypts and authenticates traffic between
specified parties.
Note: Requires Data Security Kit. May not work for certain types of
documents or paper.
Example: Unauthorised copying
Data Initialisation
Confidential document
with copy prevention data
Unauthorised attempt
to make a copy
Results in a blank page
User Authentication
The MX-5111N/4111N prevents unauthorised use by requiring
passwords for machine access. This safeguarded solution can
register up to 1,000 users in three access levels as Administrator,
User, or Guest and can designate to which function user
authentication applies. The MX-5111N/4111N works with an
external Active Directory server to extend user authentication
to multiple MFDs and a greater number of users.
The MX-5111N/4111N’s initialisation function allows confidential
information to be erased at the administrator’s discretion via the
MFD’s system settings. Initialising an MFD when it’s taken out of
service prevents data leakage and provides considerable peace of
Hidden Pattern Copy/Print
With this function, a watermark, such as “Confidential” or “Not
for Copy,” can be embedded onto a document. If that document
is copied, the watermark will appear, alerting the user not to
distribute it.
Encrypted PDF with Password Protection
To prevent unauthorised viewing of confidential data, the
MX-5111N/4111N enables scanned PDF data to be password
protected and encrypted for transmission over the network. After
transmission, viewers
can gain access to
the encrypted PDF
only after re-entering
the password.
encrypts the scanned data
Original document
Tracking Information Print
This function prints the MFD user’s name, the date, the MFD’s
serial number, job ID, and other specifics on printouts, making it
possible to track documents and
prevent data theft.
Requests password entry
for viewing the file
YYY/MM/DD_User Name_ID:0000000
YYY/MM/DD_User Name_ID:0000000
Web-Based System Settings
Remote Diagnosis
Administrators can manage
every important setting—
including user access and
security as well as other
controls and configurations—
through a standard Web
browser right from their
The MX-5111N/4111N can be monitored remotely through a Web
browser, letting administrators handle tasks before they become
problems. When action or maintenance is required, the E-Mail
Status and Alert function notifies administrators via timely e-mail
Remote Operation
Web-based device management
Network Utility Software
Sharp Remote Device Manager
(SRDM) gives administrators
centralised, real-time control of
their networked MFDs through
a standard Web browser,
making device cloning,
firmware updates, and
everything else easier and more
The Remote Operation function lets you display the MFD’s main
control panel on your PC screen, allowing you to operate every
major function directly from your desktop*. This function also
enables the administrator to guide an MFD user through necessary
procedures and allows remote MFD operation.
* Requires VNC application.
Web-based SRDM
Outstanding Energy Efficiency
To reduce power consumption, Sharp has applied its advanced technologies across all areas of this MFD, including the hardware, software,
electrical system, and supplies. As a result, the MX-5111N/4111N boasts a low power consumption rate.
• Eco Scan function saves energy by turning off power to the
fusing system during jobs that don’t require any printing, such as
Image Sending and Document Filing.
• Sharp’s belt fusing system
shortens the MX-5111N/
4111N’s warm-up time to
34/30 seconds, contributing
to reduced overall energy
• Based on prior usage patterns, the MX-5111N/4111N
automatically determines the optimal length of time to let elapse
before going into auto power shut-off mode, helping reduce
overall power consumption.
• Power ON/OFF Schedule function automatically turns the
MX-5111N/4111N on or off according to time schedules set by
the administrator.
Power off
Power on
Start of day
Lunch break
• The second-generation high-grade toner has a lower melting
point than conventional toner, allowing fusing to be carried out
with less energy. It also offers a significantly lower consumption
rate than conventional toner.
• For further energy savings,
energy-efficient LED lamps are
employed in the scan unit in
place of conventional xenon
lamps. A new ASIC
(application-specific integrated
circuit) also helps the
MX-5111N/4111N deliver
excellent performance and
energy efficiency.
End of day
10.1-Inch Colour LCD Touchscreen
Action Panel
MFD operation has never been so intuitive, so easy! The
MX-5111N/4111N’s control panel features a wide, clear,
WVGA-resolution LCD touchscreen. Simply touch, tap, flick, or
slide a finger on the screen for effortless control of every
document, function, and setting. For strain-free viewing, the
MX-5111N/4111N’s user interface employs a smooth, bold
scalable font in sizes that vary in line with the content on display.
The Action Panel appears on the right side of the touchscreen to
guide you through operational procedures. The MFD intuits what
actions to take next and the Action Panel
displays shortcut keys and messages
pertaining to those actions.
Advanced Preview
The Advanced Preview function saves you time and effort by
displaying scanned images on the LCD for confirmation and
editing. Document finishes, such as page layout and stapling, can
be checked before the documents are printed out. Previewed
pages can be easily rotated, put in a different order, and deleted
via tap-and-drag editing right
on the LCD. You can even erase
specific parts of a previewed
page and insert blank pages.
Customisable Screen
Edit on the LCD
The Home screen can be customised for individual users by
programming their most frequently used functions and settings
and creating shortcut keys for quick and easy access. The
Enlarge Display mode brings added readability.
On-Screen User Manual
Stored on the MX-5111N/4111N’s hard disk for quick and easy
reference, the user manual can be readily accessed for viewing on
the large LCD.
Universal Design
• The control panel can be tilted to
five different angles* for easy
* If the optional MX-FNX9 finisher is
installed, the number of angles is limited
to two: the top and second from the top.
• Easy-grip handles allow the paper drawers to be grasped from
the top as well as the bottom for easy opening and closing.
Retractable Keyboard (option)
A full-size retractable QWERTY
keyboard slides out from beneath
the control panel to make text input
fast and easy: convenient for typing
things like e-mail addresses and
messages, as well as passwords for
user authentication.
Direct Internet Access
Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture)
The optional Web Browsing Expansion Kit gives you direct
access to the Internet for easy browsing of Web sites on the colour
touchscreen. With such quick access to information, brochures
and user manuals in PDF* format as well as maps and coupons
can be printed out on the spot.
Innovative Sharp OSA* technology allows you to interact with
critical business and network applications right from the LCD
control panel, offering a new realm of control and convenience.
Since Sharp OSA utilises industry-standard network protocols, the
MX-5111N/4111N can easily integrate with document
management systems, enterprise resource planning software,
workflow applications, and more. The latest version of Sharp OSA
can reach beyond the firewall, enabling extensive system
construction and services over the Internet. Sharp OSA brings
benefits such as reducing the costs associated with system
implementation and management, as well as enabling data
sharing across company branch offices or subsidiaries—effectively
enhancing total business efficiency.
* PDF printing requires optional MX-PK11.
Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool
This client-based scan-to-desktop option is the ideal document
management system for small workgroups or offices that don’t have
servers. Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool provides centralised
scan/print user profiles to give everyone in the office easy one-touch
scanning to their PC from any networked MFD—without
complicated settings. Scanned documents can be quickly and easily
printed, filed, previewed, shared, and stored to save time and
improve document workflow. Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool
automatically names PDF files
based on scanned-document
titles and can convert scanned
documents into text with the
OCR engine to create
searchable PDF files.
* Requires optional MX-AMX2 and/or MX-AMX3.
beyond the firewall
System Configuration
1K Saddle
Punch Module
Exit Tray Unit
Fax Expansion
Punch Module
Tray (A4)
Paper Pass Unit
4K Saddle
Punch Module
Stand with
2 x 500-Sheet Paper Drawers
Available at a later date
Sharpdesk 1/5-License Kit
Expansion Memory Board
Sharpdesk 10/50/100-License Kit
Enhanced Compression Kit
Application Integration Module
Mirroring Kit
PS3 Expansion Kit
XPS Expansion Kit
Barcode Font Kit
Stamp Unit
Internet Fax
Expansion Kit
Data Security Kit
Data Security Kit (Common Criteria validated)
Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool 1/5-License Kit
Application Communication
Web Browsing Expansion Kit
Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool 10/50-License Kit
External Account Module
Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool 100-License Kit
Certain options may not be available in some areas.
Specifications for Options
MX-FNX9 Finisher
Paper size
Punch Modules
Non offset
Max. paper capacity
Max. stapling capacity
Staple position
A3W to A5R
A3 to B5
500 sheets (A4 or smaller),
250 sheets (B4 or larger)
50 sheets (A4 or smaller), 30 sheets (B4 or larger)
3 locations (front, rear or both)
MX-FN10 Saddle Stitch Finisher
Paper size
Max. paper capacity
Non offset
Saddle stitch
Offset tray
Saddle stitch tray
Max. stapling capacity
Staple position
A3W to A5R
A3 to B5R
A3, B4, A4R
1,000 sheets (A4 or smaller, except A5R),
500 sheets (A5R, B4 or larger)
10 sets of 11–15 sheets, 15 sets of 6–10 sheets,
20 sets of 1–5 sheets
50 sheets (A4 or smaller), 25 sheets (B4 or larger)
3 locations (front, rear or both)
Max. paper capacity
For the MX-FNX9 MX-PNX1A
For the MX-FN10 MX-PNX5A
For the MX-FN11/FN18 MX-PNX6A
Number of holes
Paper weight
55 to 256 g/m2 *
4 (wide)
* Guaranteed punchable weight is 55 to 128 g/m2.
MX-DE16 Stand with 2 x 500-Sheet Paper Drawers
Paper size (upper and lower tray)
Paper capacity (upper and lower tray)
A3 to A5R
500 sheets each
MX-LC11 Large-Capacity Tray
Paper size
Paper capacity
A4, B5
3,500 sheets
MX-FX11 Fax Expansion Kit
MX-FN11 Finisher
Paper size
Model name
Non offset
Upper tray
Lower tray
Max. stapling capacity
Staple position
A3W to A5R
A3 to B5
1,550 sheets (A4)
2,450 sheets (A4)
50 sheets (A4 or smaller),
30 sheets (A4R, B4 or larger)
3 locations (front, rear or both)
Compression method
Communication protocol
Modem speed
Super G3/G3
33,600 bps to 2,400 bps
Note: All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to 80 g/m2 paper.
MX-FN18 Saddle Stitch Finisher
Paper size
Max. paper capacity
Max. stapling capacity
Staple position
Non offset
Saddle stitch
Upper tray
Lower tray
Saddle stitch tray
A3W to A5R
A3 to B5
A3W to A4R
1,550 sheets (A4)
2,450 sheets (A4)
10 sets of 11–15 sheets, 15 sets of 6–10 sheets,
25 sets of 1–5 sheets
50 sheets (A4 or smaller),
30 sheets (A4R, B4 or larger)
3 locations (front, rear or both)
When using Sharpdesk, Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool, and Sharp OSA,
please ask your Sharp representative about PC system requirements.
MX-5111N/4111N Digital Full Colour Multifunctional System
Document Filing
Engine speed (colour & B/W)
Paper size
Paper capacity
(80 g/m2)
Max. 51/41 cpm/ppm (A4, long-edge feeding)
Max. A3 wide, min. A5R
Standard: 1,100 sheets (two 500-sheet trays and 100-sheet
multi-bypass tray)
Maximum: 5,600 sheets
Tray: 60 g/m2 to 220 g/m2
Paper weight
Multi-bypass tray: 55 g/m2 to 256 g/m2
MX-5111N: 34 sec.
MX-4111N: 30 sec.
Warm-up time*1
[Standard] Copy/print (shared): 3GB
160GB HDD*2
[Option] Print: 1GB
230-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power requirements
Power consumption (max.) 1.84 kW
643 x 761 x 966 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H)
MX-5111N: 127 kg
Weight (approx.)
MX-4111N: 126 kg
Job build, document filing, user authentication (1,000 accounts),
toner save mode, pre-heat/auto power shut-off modes,
advanced preview, etc.
Original paper size
First copy time*3
Continuous copy
Zoom range
Preset copy ratios
Max. A3
[MX-5111N] Full colour: 5.7 sec.
B/W: 4.1 sec.
[MX-4111N] Full colour: 6.7 sec.
B/W: 4.7 sec.
Max. 999 copies
Scan (colour): 600 x 600 dpi
Scan (B/W): 600 x 600 dpi, 600 x 400 dpi
Print: 600 x 600 dpi,
9,600 (equivalent) x 600 dpi (depending on print mode)
Equivalent to 256 levels
25 to 400% (25 to 200% using DSPF) in 1% increments
Metric: 10 ratios (5R/5E), inch: 8 ratios (4R/4E)
Auto paper selection (mixed/random size feeding), auto magnification
selection, paper type selection, auto tray switching, rotation copy,
electronic sorting, network tandem copy, book copy, margin shift,
dual page copy, multi-shot (8/4/2-in-1), cover/transparency/tab page
insertion, pamphlet copy, 2-sided copy orientation change, XY zoom,
B/W reverse, mirror image, duplex copy, job reservation, job programme,
repeat layout, irregular original/paper size input, stamps (watermark,
date, page number, text, stamp), multi-page enlargement, tab copy,
centering, proof copy, auto colour mode, auto colour selection,
auto calibration, sharpness, card shot, original count, edge/centre/side
erase, user stamps, blank page skip, position image, book divide,
hidden pattern print, tracking information print, etc.
Document filing capacity
Stored jobs*10
Storage folders
Confidential storage
Network Printer
Supported OS*11
Network protocols*11
Printing protocols
PDL (emulation)
Available fonts
Features*10 *13
File formats
Scanner utility
Scan destinations
1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi, 9,600 (equivalent) x 600 dpi
USB 2.0, 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
Windows Server® 2003/2008, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows Vista®,
Windows® 7, Mac OS 9.0 to 9.2.2, Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.9, 10.4.11,
10.5 to 10.5.8, 10.6.5
TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/SPX (NetWare), NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk)
LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail printing), HTTP,
Novell Printserver application with NDS and Bindery,
FTP for downloading print files, EtherTalk printing, IPP
Standard: PCL 6 emulation
Option*12: PS3 emulation, XPS
80 fonts for PCL, 136 fonts for PS3 emulation
Network tandem print, RIP Once/Print Many, job retention (proof print,
confidential print), direct PDF/TIFF/JPEG/XPS printing, carbon copy print,
duplex print, font/form download, offset output, pamphlet style,
Sharp Remote Device Manager, printer status monitor, layout print,
IP/MAC address filtering, port/protocol management, binding edge,
N-up (2/4/6/8/9/16), paper/output tray selection, cover/transparency
insertion, fit to page, watermarks, form overlay, auto configuration,
barcode font compatibility, tab print, poster print, margin shift,
secure network communications (SSL and IPsec [LPD]),
tracking information print, hidden pattern print, etc.
B/W Facsimile (optional MX-FX11 required)
Compression method
Communication protocol
Transmission time
Modem speed
Transmission resolution
Recording width
Grey scale levels
Network Scanner
Scan method
Main and custom folders: 20,000 pages*9 or 3,000 files
Quick file folder: 10,000 pages*9 or 1,000 files
Copy, print, scan, fax
Quick file folder, main folder, custom folder (max. 1,000 folders)
Password protection (for main and custom folders)
Push scan (via control panel), pull scan (TWAIN-compliant application)
Push scan: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi
Pull scan: 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi
50 to 9,600 dpi via user setting*4
TIFF, PDF, encrypted PDF, JPEG, XPS*5, compact PDF*6, PDF/A
Scan to e-mail/desktop/FTP server/network folder (SMB)/USB memory
Internet fax*7 (supports direct SMTP), PC-Internet fax transmission*7,
auto colour mode, mixed size original scanning, LDAP support,
direct entry (address, subject, message), 2,000 one-touch dials,
500 group dials, 48 job programmes, broadcasting, long original
scanning (max. 1,000 mm)*8, auto colour selection, card shot,
original count, edge/side erase, drop-out color, one scan/multi format,
book divide, blank page skip, etc.
Super G3/G3
Less than 3 seconds*14
33,600 bps to 2,400 bps with automatic fallback
From Standard (203.2 x 97.8 dpi) to Ultra Fine (406.4 x 391 dpi)
A3 to A5
1GB (built-in)
Equivalent to 256 levels
Duplex transmission/reception, quick on-line transmission,
error correction mode, 2,000 one-touch dials, 500 group dials,
LDAP support, 48 job programmes, broadcasting number registration,
F-Code compatibility (confidential, relay broadcast), polling, memory
transmission/reception, auto reduction (transmission/reception),
rotation transmission/reception, print actual size, 2-in-1 transmission,
long original transmission (max. 1,000 mm), PC-Fax transmission,
timer transmission, inbound routing to e-mail/FTP server/network folder
(SMB)/PC desktop/fax/Internet fax, activity report, anti-junk fax,
dual page scan, mixed size original scanning, card shot, edge/side erase,
original count, etc.
*1: At rated voltage, 23°C. May vary depending on operating conditions and environment. *2: HDD capacity depends on
procurement and sourcing status. *3: Long-edge feeding of A4 sheets from 1st paper tray, using document glass, without
Auto Colour Selection and Auto Colour mode, MFD in fully ready condition. May vary depending on operating conditions
and environment. *4: Resolutions higher than 600 dpi are interpolated. *5: To view XPS files on PCs not running
Windows Vista, you must have the XPS Viewer application installed. *6: Optional MX-EB11 required. *7: Optional
MX-FWX1 required. *8: B/W documents only, scanned at under 400-dpi resolution. *9: Measured using Sharp’s standard
chart (A4 with 6% coverage, B/W). The Quick File Folder shares the HDD with the Job Build function. The storage capacity
will be less for colour pages. *10: Some features require option(s). *11: Optional MX-PK11 required for Mac OS and
EtherTalk. *12: PS requires optional MX-PK11. XPS requires optional MX-PUX1 and MX-ARSM10 (1GB). *13: Some
features are not available according to the printer driver used. *14: Based on Sharp’s standard chart with approx. 700
characters (A4 long-edge feeding) at standard resolution in Super G3 mode, 33,600 bps, JBIG compression.
• Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
• Colour variations to products may occur due to printing.
• Some features require Optional items. Please consult with an authorised Sharp Reseller for details.
• All information and technical details are correct as at machine release date.
• Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brand names and product names may be
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
• The ENERGY STAR logo is a certification mark and may only be used to certify products that have been
determined to meet the ENERGY STAR programme requirements. ENERGY STAR is a US registered mark. The
ENERGY STAR guidelines apply to products only in the US, the EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and
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1,225 mm
761 mm
643 mm
1,762 mm
MX-5111N/4111N shown with options.
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