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Higher Fidelity
“…the most awesome components made in the world.”
Rick McCallum, Producer, Star Wars…
The founders
Bob Stuart studied Psychoacoustics,
Boothroyd and Stuart met in Cambridge,
Electronic Engineering and Management at
discovered shared interests and philosophies
Imperial College, London. A passion for
in audio equipment design and founded
music soon led him to specialise in audio
Meridian in 1977. Since then, their designs
for Meridian Audio have gained much critical
and industrial acclaim, winning the coveted
Design Council Award for Outstanding
British Products an unprecedented three
times in addition to many other international
The latest G Series, 800.4 DVD and 808
CD players, the 861.4 Processor and DSP
Loudspeakers represent the culmination of
Allen Boothroyd trained as a mechanical
these many achievements.
engineer, going on to study industrial design
at the Royal College of Art.
Bob’s passion for music plays a major part
in his desire to ensure that the quality of an
original recording is maintained indefinitely.
As a result, Meridian Lossless Packing
(MLP) technology was developed by the
Meridian research team. These efforts were
rewarded when MLP was mandated by the
world’s leading audio experts as the lossless
compression scheme for the DVD-Audio
standard – a significant achievement for any
audio company. Today, MLP is at the heart
not only of DVD-Audio and DualDisc, but
also of the emerging high-definition media
specifications, HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
Lifestyle technology
There is one concept that has informed and
Add vision to sound, and the effect is even
inspired Allen Boothroyd and Bob Stuart
more pronounced. Our DVD players, video
– and Meridian as a company – from the
processors and projectors present film-like
beginning, and it’s a simple one: enjoyment.
images of vibrant colour and crystal clarity.
Pictures so lifelike, you are drawn into them
Thus, the central focus of Meridian’s
– unaware, now, that you are looking at a
internationally acclaimed components,
screen. You enjoy the movie more.
loudspeakers and systems is to enhance
your enjoyment and quality of life, through
Meridian brings you closer to the
home entertainment. Our goal is to help you
performance; closer to the heart of the art.
enjoy the movies you watch more, and get
A Meridian system is the ultimate lifestyle
more out of the music you listen to. Even
enhancement, enriching your life and soul.
the award-winning styling and appearance of
The Meridian MCD-Pro was the world's first
audiophile-quality Compact Disc player. It not
only showed the potential of CD, but the promise
of digital audio as a whole.
Meridian’s ‘Lifestyle technology’ components is
We deliver enhanced enjoyment in
designed to enhance your surroundings.
many ways. Pioneers in the art of digital
technology, we built the world’s first
From a compact stereo system to a custom
audiophile-quality Compact Disc player
home theatre installation, the message is
over twenty years ago. Fifteen years ago we
the same. When you’re listening to music
invented the DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
on a Meridian system, you are brought
loudspeaker, completing a pristine digital
closer to the music and the performers. We
link from the studio to your listening
reproduce all the auditory ‘clues’ that help
room. Our systems often out-perform
you create an image. We help recreate the
the monitoring on a soundstage – movies
space in which the performance takes place,
have never sounded so good. Now, as
whether it’s a world-famous concert hall or
exclusive manufacturers, distributors and co-
the virtual space created in a rock studio.
developers of Faroudja® video products, we
Every nuance and detail is made clear – you
deliver the picture to match.
hear and understand on a deeper level. You
enjoy the music more.
But technology is no more than a means to
an end – and in the case of Meridian, the end
is the enjoyment that your lifestyle deserves.
Experiencing is believing
Just as enjoyment
is the goal, so
reading about
enjoyment is
simply not enough.
We encourage
you to experience
Meridian audio and video
Meridian excels
entertainment products and
at complete, fully
systems for yourself. Whether
integrated systems, and the
you’re looking for a component
Meridian Digital Theatre is the ultimate
to complete or enhance your
expression of this concept. Meridian is the
existing setup or a complete
only company currently capable of offering a
super-quality, totally digital path from disc to
Meridian Digital Theatre, contact
screen and speaker, for maximum quality and
introduces Meridian
realism of both sound and vision.
audio and video systems and
or emailing us – details at the back of this
components, from digital loudspeakers to
brochure) and arrange a demonstration.
your nearest dealer (a list is available
at or by calling
Yet equally, Meridian components play well
amplifiers, analogue controllers to digital
with others. Our CD and DVD players
surround processors (another first for
Then bring your favourite music and/or
provide accurate, additional sources for your
Meridian) – from a simple, superb-quality
movies, sit down, take the Meridian System
existing system; our power amplifiers will
compact stereo system to a full home
Remote Plus in hand, and press Play.
drive your preferred loudspeakers perfectly.
theatre installation.
With the choice of analogue and/or digital
Only then will the sweetness of the sound
inputs and outputs on our controllers
If you need more technical information than
and the naturalness of the image truly
(preamplifiers) and surround processors,
the overview provided here, your dealer can
become clear. Try it. We promise you’ll
Meridian can easily blend in and become a
provide a data sheet for each product, or
enjoy the experience – and that you’ll want
part of your life.
you can find it on our web site.
to enjoy it forever.
A unique performance
Our stylish DSP loudspeakers – a concept
we invented over 15 years ago – replace
passive crossovers, external digital to
analogue converters and power amplifiers.
Everything is in the speaker cabinet. The
crossover is digital – offering DSP capabilities
such as optimisation and bass enhancement
that are simply impossible in the analogue
domain – resulting in the performance you
would expect from a loudspeaker four
times the size, with a smoother, more
natural sound that no conventional design
can match. An individual precision digital
converter handles each frequency band,
each driving its own amplifier. Amplifiers are
wired direct to the drivers they power just
inches away – for the ultimate in control and
Cabinet construction is equally unique,
employing carefully designed combinations
of laminated, bonded, metal and wood
to minimise vibration, and damped with
poured resins to ensure that the enclosure
in no way colours the sound. We treat
our loudspeakers like the quality musical
instruments they are: a fact reflected in
their elegant, stylish appearance. Meridian
loudspeakers enhance their surroundings
with their looks as well as their sound.
The type of system you want
Stereo, multichannel or home theatre
2-channel Audio
A stereo system has a place in every home,
and Meridian systems deliver the very
best from your Compact Disc library and
other sources, including fully optimised
stereo reproduction of recordings made
in surround-sound. Meridian offers superb
CD and DVD players that can be coupled
with our analogue stereo (and dual-mono)
controllers and amplifiers as well as all-digital
systems consisting of as little as a player and
a pair of our DSP Loudspeakers.
Multichannel Audio
With powerful and versatile surround
controllers in both our G Series and 800
Reference Series, Meridian systems are
ideal for multichannel operation, some units
supporting as many as 12 loudspeakers.
Employ our DSP loudspeakers, or choose
analogue versions of our surround
controllers with our multichannel amplifiers,
and your choice of loudspeakers.
The Meridian Digital Theatre
— Music & Film
The Meridian Digital Theatre is the ultimate
expression of surround sound and image
for film and for music. In addition to superb
sound, Meridian home theatre systems
deliver unequalled high-definition images,
enhancing existing sources to full High
Definition broadcast quality, scaling and deinterlacing up to 1080p, thanks to Faroudja’s
exclusive Emmy-winning technology.
The style that suits you
From individual components to entire systems
Components to complement
your existing system
Often, you won’t be starting from scratch:
you’ll want to upgrade an existing disc
player, add a surround controller, or perhaps
experience the world of DSP loudspeakers
for the first time. Meridian’s award-winning
components are designed to work as part of
a Meridian system, but each on their own is
capable of extraordinarily high quality results
when linked into your existing setup.
Compact and
free-standing systems
At Meridian, we never forget that you need
to get the best possible performance in the
real world. DSP loudspeakers are much
more efficient than conventional designs
and can be smaller, while offering superior
performance. Our controllers will render
exquisite sound – in stereo or surround
– in your home, whether it’s a purposebuilt home theatre or your living room.
And Meridian speakers and components are
elegantly styled to suit any décor.
Hidden systems
Or perhaps you don’t want to see the
system at all. Our best-selling in-wall
DSP, analogue and passive installation
Meridian’s 800 Reference Series is one of the
most highly rated audio/video systems in the
world. Comprising the 800 Optical Disc Player
and 861 Surround Controller shown here, the
series also includes the 808 Signature CD Player
– the highest quality CD player Meridian has
ever made.
loudspeakers offer similar performance
to our free-standing models. All our
components can be rack-mounted and
hidden away, with RS232 remote control
integrated into your home automation
system and remote IR sensing.
Finger on the pulse
The fine art of control
A sophisticated modern audio/video
What this all means is simplicity. Put a DVD
component offers many functions which you
in the player and press Play, for example.
don’t need every day. But at the same time,
Down comes the screen. The lights dim,
you require quick, simple and intuitive access
and your system is placed in the correct
to the functions you do need.
surround decode mode. Without
another thought.
As a result, we’ve made Meridian systems
accessible on several different levels. First,
you can access the vast majority of common
requirements from the front panel. In the
case of the G Series, virtually every
function can be configured
by using the front-panel
display and ‘smart keys’,
labelled automatically
according to context.
Connecting a computer to the
serial port, however, allows access
to every level of functionality of the
component. You or your installer will
perform initial setup on the system with our
Windows graphic configurator. This includes
setting up speaker sizes, positions and levels
– you probably won’t need to do that again.
Similarly, you can assign different sources
to different inputs and determine how they
should be handled – analogue or digital,
music or movies, in stereo or surround.
The G91A DVD player/tuner/controller is a
complete system in a box: for stereo or surround,
simply add speakers – Meridian DSP systems;
G Series power amplifiers and your choice
of conventional speakers; or, if you prefer, a
combination of the two.
System choices 1
2-channel compact system
last bit is rendered correctly – and couple
it direct to a pair of our compact DSP
loudspeakers, like the DSP3100s shown on
the opposite page.
For dramatically increased flexibility, choose
the G91A DVD Player/Controller/Tuner
with its vast array of possibilities in stereo
and surround, including analogue and digital
The vast majority of music releases are
inputs, and couple that to a pair of DSP
on Compact Disc, and a modern CD is
loudspeakers. Either delivers a pristine
capable of exceptional results – on the right
digital path from the recording studio to
equipment. With a Meridian CD player,
your listening room, the signal remaining
especially as part of a Meridian stereo
in the digital domain from the original
system, you’ll get more out of your CD
recording right through to the loudspeakers.
collection than ever before. After all, we
invented the audiophile CD player over
With Meridian, you can always alternatively
twenty years ago.
choose an analogue path. Couple a player
like the G08 and other sources to a stereo
In addition, high-resolution disc formats like
controller like the G02. Follow it with one
DVD-Audio virtually always have stereo
of our stereo amplifiers and the passive
tracks you can choose – and even if they
speakers of your choice – or use our active
don’t, a Meridian DVD-Audio/Video player
analogue designs like the M3100 (the active
will downmix surround sources expertly to
version of the DSP3100 shown opposite) or
M420 in-wall. At Meridian we are masters of
both analogue and digital systems.
A compact stereo system thus represents an
ideal entry point into the world of Meridian
Meridian DSP3100 DSP loudspeaker on floor
stand, with G08 upsampling CD player
– a complete stereo system.
quality and performance. Start with a player
like the G08 – with upsampling and a DVD
computer-style drive to ensure that every
System choices 2
2-channel ultimate system
The 808i adds digital and analogue stereo
inputs and preamplifier functionality to the
basic player.
The 808 makes an ideal match for our
DSP8000 DSP loudspeakers – once again,
the top of our range. High resolution signals
are passed direct from the player to the
loudspeakers and the combination is truly
breathtaking – there is simply no better way
of listening to your music in stereo.
Our highest quality, most advanced products
are also highly appropriate for stereo. Take
Of course, Meridian components,
the 808 Signature Reference CD Player, for
designed to work together as a complete
example. It’s the finest-quality CD player we
system, can be mixed and matched as you
have ever made.
require. You can equally couple the 808
to a pair of DSP5200s, or to an analogue
Meridian 808 Signature Reference CD Player
Originally designed to celebrate the 20th
power amplifier such as the G57 and the
anniversary of the introduction of our
conventional loudspeakers of your choice.
original audiophile CD player, the 808 is a
limited edition, personally hand-signed by
both the founders of the company, Allen
We design our loudspeakers like musical
instruments – which, of course, they are. Created
to deliver outstanding performance for decades,
they have to be capable of reproducing the
sound of a Steinway or two at their real, acoustic
level without distortion, something that few
loudspeakers can manage: the acoustic piano
is well-known as the supreme challenge for
an audio system. With your eyes closed, you’ll
find it difficult to tell the two apart. Meridian
loudspeakers will, of course, handle an orchestra,
rock band or movie soundtrack equally superbly.
Boothroyd and Bob Stuart: the multipleDesign-Award-winning team that has been
behind Meridian since the beginning.
The 808 will play virtually any form of audio
Compact Disc, offering prodigious jitter
reduction, buffering, error-correction and
multi-speed read capabilities along with
System choices 3
Multichannel compact system
Choose Meridian DSP loudspeakers that
suit your room, such as the latest compact
DSP3100 or DSP5200. Then, if you wish,
add one or more of our analogue/digital
subwoofers, like the SW1600, to supplement
the lower frequencies. You can mix and
match – perhaps larger speakers at the
front and smaller ones at the rear – to build
There’s no doubt that surround sound
exactly the system you require, in the space
adds an extra dimension to your listening
you have available.
experience. Some would say that the move
from stereo to surround is as impressive as
Drive the speakers with one of our award-
the difference between mono and stereo.
winning digital surround processors. Then
simply tell the graphical configuration
Don’t forget, too, that there is more to
programme what your system includes, and
surround sound than movie effects. Music
it’ll set all the components up for optimum
in surround allows you to experience the
performance – whatever the size of the
feeling of sitting in the best seat in the house
room or the position of the speakers.
in a world-famous concert hall, or next
Our systems are at home in any environment.
A compact Meridian surround system like that
described here might be ideal for such varied
locations as a luxury apartment, a superyacht, or
even a personal jet.
Photo: The Image Bank/Gary John Norman
to the producer in the recording studio.
Our compact systems are ideal anywhere
With the latest multichannel systems from
you want something smaller – for a limited
Meridian, you can even experience surround
space or just less obtrusive – as well as
sound with height.
Meridian’s trademark: an incredible sound.
In addition, Meridian components include
Meridian systems have been installed in
innovations such as the universally praised
luxury yachts, personal jets, theatres, dens,
Trifield system, which extracts the latent
bedrooms and living rooms around the
surround information in high quality stereo
recordings and reproduces it, stabilising the
image and bringing new life to your existing
stereo collection.
System choices 4
Multichannel freestanding
most subtle nuances of the sound, so that
you hear it exactly as the sound designers
intended – and possibly better than they
ever heard it themselves – from birdsong
and the wind in the trees to the roar of a
thunderclap or the eruption of a volcano;
an asteroid crashing into the Earth or the
footfall of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. And our
A Meridian surround system does more than
subwoofers, like the powerful SW5500, can
simply reproduce the original performance:
help you feel the impact even more deeply.
it takes you there. All the subtle cues
present at a live acoustic event are
Your Meridian system will meet all these
reproduced, making you really believe you’re
challenges flawlessly, rendering from every
sitting in the hall. Just close your eyes…
surround encoding scheme on your discs
the very best that they can offer, for a truly
Reproducing whole orchestras – or solo
impressive, enveloping and stunningly real
instruments in real acoustic spaces, an
experience. Stereo material, too, can be
even more exacting task – is carried out
rendered effectively into surround, for even
flawlessly, with incredible detail. You can
greater enjoyment of your existing two-
‘listen into’ the music, hearing the most
channel collection.
subtle sounds clearly. Follow a musical line
in an arrangement, catch a violin harmonic
In addition, our freestanding loudspeakers
– or listen to the die-away of the final chord
look as good as they sound – with smooth,
of Sergeant Pepper. Because a Meridian
elegant lines and a wide range of finishes to
system can equally reproduce the ‘virtual’
complement any interior design or décor,
spaces created in a rock studio or on a film
from piano lacquer black and satin silver to
soundstage. Meridian has no equal.
carefully selected wood finishes (see inside
the back of this brochure). Custom colours
A G Series system with DSP7000 loudspeakers
at the front left and right, DSP5000HC centrechannel speaker.
A Meridian multichannel system of any size
is ideal for enjoying movies as well as music.
The all-digital signal path preserves the
and finishes may be available to special order.
System choices 5
Ultimate Digital Theatre
even out-perform the audio equipment at
a film studio: directors experiencing their
own movies on a Meridian system for the
first time have been known to remark that
they have never heard their movies sound so
good. Rick McCallum, the producer of the
Star Wars epics, told us that Meridian offers
“the most awesome components made in the
world.” When it comes to movies, Meridian
The Ultimate Digital Theatre is designed
offers you an experience that can actually be
for those who simply must have the very
superior to the ‘real thing’.
best. Meridian’s state-of-the-art components
offer only the highest quality and ultimate
Pair these exceptional audio components
performance, for both sound and picture.
with the latest Faroudja digital video
processors and High Definition digital
Consider, for example, the DSP8000
video projectors, for the ultimate in sound
loudspeakers and 800 Series components
and the ultimate in vision. “This is the best
shown opposite. These are flagship designs
DVD picture I’ve ever seen,” said noted film
upon which many of our other models have
producer Arnon Milchan, experiencing the
been based. They offer incredible power
Meridian Digital Theatre for the first time.
and accuracy – a combination that only the
“It looks like 35mm film, and the sound is
Meridian Digital Theatre can provide.
incredible.” Faroudja is the acknowledged
leader in high-resolution, future-ready digital
A Meridian Digital Theatre system is
video processing, and Faroudja products are
optimised for music, with the ability to
created and tested in our UK factory.
handle, flawlessly, the entire gamut of
A DSP8000 loudspeaker shown with 800
Reference Series Optical Disc Player, Faroudja
DVP1080 video processor and DSP5000HC
horizontal centre-channel loudspeaker.
sound: soft or loud, subtle or brash. As a
Meridian is the only company that can offer
result, Meridian systems out-perform the
this unique combination of market-leading
equipment you’ll hear in virtually any cinema,
digital video and digital audio. With award-
or even an exclusive preview theatre.
winning products revered and acclaimed
In fact, a top-quality Meridian system can
around the world, Meridian leads the way.
System choices 6
Hidden audio systems
Meanwhile, the components can be hidden
too. All our units may be rack-mounted with
special active racking kits that allow access
to interfaces at front and rear for troublefree installation and configuration.
The components themselves can be
controlled by infrared (with a remote sensor
Or perhaps you want to see nothing apart
if required) or by serial command from
from the screen – and not even that, if it
your home automation system. Meridian
rolls away for pure music enjoyment. If so,
components integrate seamlessly with all the
we can fulfil your requirements here, too.
primary choices for comprehensive system
Our range of in-wall loudspeakers – in
both active analogue and digital DSP-based
With Meridian, you can see as much, or as
varieties – are designed to deliver the same
little, of the equipment as you choose – but
exquisite quality as our free-standing designs.
you always get all the performance!
Hide away all of the loudspeakers or perhaps
only those at the rear, as you wish.
Our installation loudspeaker range includes
slimline systems that may be mounted onwall, offering a shallow, elegant profile; inwall, with only the grille on the surface; or
flush-mounted, so that they can be installed
behind wall-coverings or fabric and thus be
rendered completely invisible.
The 420 in-wall loudspeaker (both DSP420 and
analogue active M420 are available) shown with
a G68 Surround Controller.
G Series and 800 Reference Series components
G Series sources
G Series controllers
800 Series
G06 24-bit CD Player
G01 Preamplifier/Tuner
808 Reference CD player
G08 Upsampling CD Player
G02 Balanced Dual Mono Preamplifier
800 Reference Optical Disc Player
G98 DVD Transport
G61 Surround Processor
861 Reference Surround Processor
G91A DVD Player/Controller/Tuner
G68 Surround Processor/Tuner
G51 2 x 100W Receiver
MSR+ Backlit Learning Remote
(not all items are to the same scale)
DSP420/M420 In-Wall
200 Series In-Ceiling
300 Series In/On-Wall
G56 2 x 100W Stereo Power Amplifier
Video products
DVP1080 HD Video Processor
MF1080pHD 1080p Video Projector
G57 2 x 200W Stereo Power Amplifier
G55 5 x 100W Power Amplifier
G41 Speaker Control Unit
DILA1080pHD 1080p Video Projector
HDMAX 421 4 into 1 HDMI Switch
G46 DSP Speaker Control Unit
HDMAX 121 HDMI Extender/Booster
Sources :
Compact Disc players
G06 24-bit CD Player
Compact Disc is still by far the most popular
medium for music, with vast numbers of
titles released every year. Indeed, Meridian
Compact Disc players are more popular
every year.
G08 Upsampling CD Player
CD Audio offers exceptional results in a
good playback environment, with a topquality player, and Meridian offers such
players both in the G Series – with the G06
and G08 – and the 800 Reference Series,
with the 808 and 808i.
The players employ a high-speed ROM
drive to reliably recover accurate data
from the disc, and the G08, 800 and 808
employ upsampling to deliver the highest
possible audio quality. Precision clocking and
buffering minimise jitter, resulting in accurate
stereo imaging and clear, clean highs.
The 800 Reference Series includes the 808
Signature Reference CD Player, the highest
quality CD player we have ever produced:
808 Reference CD Player
each unit is personally signed by Meridian’s
co-designers and founders Bob Stuart and
Allen Boothroyd.
The 808 is available in two versions: as a
player, or as a player/controller with multiple
analogue and digital inputs – the 808i.
DVD-Audio/Video players
G98 DVD-Audio/Video Transport
G91A DVD Player/Controller/Tuner
Meridian has been deeply involved in DVD
Our DVD players also feature on-board
– the most popular consumer electronics
Faroudja video processing technology, with
product ever – since its inception. Meridian
full-bandwidth High Definition 1080p video
is the only British hardware manufacturer
output via HDMI to support the latest digital
to be a member of the international DVD
displays and automatic selection of aspect
Forum, and developed Meridian Lossless
ratio according to programme content.
Packing (MLP) initially for DVD-Audio.
Video inputs allow a single link from player
MLP has since been adopted by both of the
to display, with all sources being deinterlaced
emerging High Definition disc formats.
and scaled by the player.
No surprise, then, that our DVD players
The G91A is a complete system in a box:
are consistent award-winners and frequently
just add speakers. It’s a player/controller/
receive glowing reviews in the press – all of
tuner, with analogue and digital inputs, DAB/
them have been dubbed ‘Player of the Year’.
FM or AM/FM tuner and a comprehensive
All our DVD players handle audio and video
on-board surround decode capability.
CDs, MP3 discs and both DVD-Video and
It’s able to drive a set of Meridian DSP
DVD-Audio discs, including the DVD sides
loudspeakers or an analogue 5.1 system
of DualDiscs, for the very highest image and
directly – or combinations of the two. It’s
sound quality available today. Proprietary
the ideal heart of a powerful stereo or
Meridian High Resolution (MHR) technology
surround system.
conveys encrypted high-resolution audio
800 Reference Optical Disc Player
between player and processor. The
Alternatively, the G98 DVD-Audio/Video
encryption, by removing cyclic content
player is an ideal companion for our
from the digital signal, also reduces jitter,
surround controllers.
so stereo and surround images are tighter,
more stable and more precise, and high
And then there is the 800 Reference Series
frequencies cleaner. SmartLink enables the
Optical Disc player. It is, quite simply, in a
processor to know exactly what kind of
class of its own both for sound and vision,
content is being played, so it can select your
and needs to be experienced to be believed.
choice of mode.
Controllers &
Surround Processors
G01 Preamplifier/Tuner
G02 Balanced Dual-Mono Preamplifier
Analogue and digital audio are both
The G68 is available in a number of
foundations of the Meridian heritage. From
different versions, including balanced
beginnings in the late Seventies, when
and/or unbalanced analogue outputs or
analogue was the whole story in consumer
analogue and digital outputs, and with or
audio, Meridian has continued to develop its
without video switching and tape/multiroom
command of analogue technology, with good
reason: it is equally important in a digital
The powerful, unparalleled 861 Reference
unit, once again, stands on its own,
Then when digital audio came along in the
with extraordinary clarity, precision and
form of the Compact Disc, Meridian was the
first to offer an audiophile-quality CD player,
G61 Surround Processor
which still stands the test of time today.
All three are packed with multiple surround
decoding capabilities, including the latest
Thus Meridian components offer both
AAC technology plus Dolby Digital, DTS,
analogue and digital: two analogue
Ambisonics, and much more. We write our
controllers (or preamplifiers, if you prefer),
own decoder software, so we can be sure
the G01 and G02, offer unbalanced and true
that the output is faithful to the original.
dual-mono balanced operation respectively,
G68 Surround Processor/Tuner
with optional phono modules.
The G68 and 861 include Meridian’s groundbreaking Room Correction to manage
861 Reference Surround Processor
On the digital side, our surround processors
troublesome acoustics. Unlike some ‘room
are second to none, with analogue and coax
EQ’ systems, which essentially equalise
plus optical digital inputs, and both balanced
your loudspeakers and not the room, MRC
and unbalanced analogue and digital output
recognises that you probably have very
capabilities. Three models are available.
good loudspeakers already, and instead
focuses on smoothing the room’s decay time
The recently introduced G61 represents
over a range of lower-register frequencies,
an affordable entry level Meridian surround
removing muddiness and the impact of room
processor with a compact form-factor and
an extensive range of capabilities.
Power amplifiers
To drive your choice of loudspeakers
G56 2 x 100W Stereo Power Amplifier
Meridian components are designed to work
together as complete systems, but they
are also open-ended, thanks to our range
of power amplifiers, which allow you to
interface Meridian components seamlessly
with conventional passive loudspeakers.
G57 2 x 200W Stereo Power Amplifier
Two stereo amplifiers are available
– one offering 100W per channel and
the other 200W. We also offer a 5 x
100W multichannel amplifier for surround
applications. They can also be doubled up
G55 5 x 100W Power Amplifier
and run in bridged mode for higher power
outputs and multi-amped systems.
Our amplifiers feature truly advanced
design, with heavily overspecified audiophilegrade components, beefy power supplies
and true toroidal transformers. Like our
loudspeakers, they feature low overall
feedback yet high damping, for minimum
coloration and maximum performance.
The G51 receiver represents the powerful
combination of a G Series stereo
G51 2 x 100W Stereo Receiver
preamplifier/controller offering seven stereo
analogue inputs and dual tape outs and
AM/FM or DAB/FM tuner, with a 2 x 100W
stereo power amplifier.
DSP loudspeakers
Style, elegance and performance
The DSP loudspeaker concept is a
fundamental one, invented by Meridian
over 15 years ago, delivering an impressive
performance, even from a small cabinet.
Sophisticated cabinet construction materials
and techniques ensure the enclosure is
free of resonances and coloration. Smooth,
elegant curves enable them to satisfyingly
complement your interior design.
When you visit a Meridian dealer, Meridian
DSP loudspeakers are probably the first
things you’ll notice. Their looks are unique;
their sound is uniquely believable; they are
like nothing else in the store.
Meridian DSP loudspeakers are available in
DSP8000 electronics
a range of wood finishes as well as piano
lacquer black and silver, with other colours
available to special order (see opposite
inside back cover). They range in size from
the compact, bookshelf-sized DSP3100 to
our flagship DSP8000, offering matchless
performance on all musical and movie
soundtrack content. Apart from their
size, all the speakers have similar sonic
characteristics, so you can mix and match as
your needs dictate, secure in the knowledge
that they will all work synergistically together
as part of your overall system.
DSP7000 (right) with DSP5500HC
centre-channel loudspeaker
Compact loudspeakers
The DSP3100 Series
For any system, analogue or digital
The DSP3100 represents a new benchmark
Our smaller DSP loudspeakers – and
in the development of compact, high-
systems in general, Meridian or otherwise,
performance digital loudspeakers, and is
– are ideally complemented with one of our
designed for use as a bookshelf or stand-
analogue/digital subwoofers, the SW1600
mounted loudspeaker. Matching aluminium
and SW5500. They combine the finest
stands are available that may be sand-filled
materials with state-of-the-art design to
for maximum stability and to minimise any
create what we believe are the ultimate
impact on sound quality. The vertical units
subwoofers, emphasising extreme bass,
also include universal wall bracket mountings
depth, clarity, control and articulation.
for additional flexibility in location. The
horizontal centre unit is magnetically
Each subwoofer provides both digital and
shielded. The DSP3100 is available in black
active balanced/unbalanced analogue inputs.
or satin silver (illustrated) – matching the
They are based on 300mm (12in) high-
finish of G Series units.
efficiency long-throw custom bass drivers.
The SW1600 uses a single driver, and the
SW1600 An ideal companion sub
The speakers are tonally similar to other
SW5500 includes two. In both cases, the
Meridian DSP loudspeakers and as a result
enclosure is sealed for maximum flexibility
they are ideal for use, for example, as
of positioning. They are driven by Class G
surrounds for a Meridian DSP-based system.
high efficiency ultra-low output impedance
They are equally suited for use in a smaller
amplifiers. The combination of idealised
stand-alone system in a study or bedroom,
magnetic design, careful star earthing, and
and can be used as second zone speakers in
very fast output devices gives the amplifiers
a Meridian multiroom environment.
extremely low noise and fast bass, optimised
for both music and movie soundtracks.
The extremely accurate characteristics of
the DSP3100 make it eminently suitable for
Cabinets are constructed from 22mm wood
studio monitoring applications, particularly
with inert basket bracing and bitumen
as a near-field or surround monitor in
damping to produce an ultra-rigid cabinet
recording and mastering facilities. An
that minimises coloration and resonance.
active analogue version, the M3100, is also
Protection circuitry continually monitors
driver behaviour for superior performance.
Smaller loudspeakers
The DSP5200 Series
The DSP5200 takes the elegant appearance
and advanced design of Meridian’s flagship
DSP8000 and popular DSP7000 and delivers
them in a compact package under 36in tall,
with a horizontal centre available to match.
Ideal for more spacious as well as smaller
rooms, these loudspeakers will do justice to
any system, in almost any environment.
Each DSP5200 combines a digital crossover
design, three custom drivers, three
amplifiers, two multi-bit delta-sigma digital
converters and computers to deliver an
impressive, uncoloured and accurate sound.
Powerful digital signal processing technology
gives the DSP5200 uncompromised,
precise detail with pinpoint imaging and
dimensionality in both stereo and surround.
Advanced signal processing packs dynamics
and bass into a compact, beautiful-looking
SW1600 An ideal companion sub
enclosure. DSP controls allow correction for
a variety of locations.
The stylish, curved and tapered cabinet
construction is of 19mm thick multi-layer
materials, and is inherently stiff with
superior geometry and damping. This
configuration, along with active operation,
driver selection and DSP correction, delivers
a combination of smooth, powerful bass and
very low coloration.
DSP5000 & DSP5500 loudspeakers
Slim, single-box designs with maximum versatility
The DSP5000 and DSP5500 loudspeakers
are front-facing single-box designs that can
be built into system cabinets – DSP functions
are provided to correct the frequency
response in different locations. Each of the
drive units has its own 75W power amplifier.
The DSP5000 is a 2½-way speaker, with
three custom drivers, three amplifiers,
two delta-sigma digital converters, digital
crossovers and computers for maximum
performance in a compact slimline cabinet.
It offers uncompromised precise detail
and stereo dimensionality unequalled for
its price; advanced signal processing packs
dynamics and bass into a compact, slimline
The 3-way DSP5500 includes removable
wood and steel bolted side panels, which
SW1600 subwoofer
An ideal companion subwoofer for either
of these systems
SW5500 subwoofer
An ideal companion subwoofer for either
of these systems
allow easy colour changes or custom
finishes. The bass system uses two 200mm
long-throw composite bass drivers. The
cabinet vents through a floor-level wide-area
coupling slot; this configuration, along with
the active and DSP correction, maintains
smooth powerful bass in the room down to
30Hz with very low mid-range coloration.
The mid-range is a custom 160mm
polypropylene driver in a separate enclosure.
DSP7000 loudspeaker
The essence of the DSP8000 distilled into a smaller cabinet
Like Meridian’s flagship design, the DSP8000
(opposite), from which it is derived, the
elegantly styled DSP7000 is breathtaking
in its ability to place musicians in precise
locations in your room, with even subtle
body movements clearly audible. The system
has the power to bring to life the most
challenging orchestral or solo performance,
soundtrack or rock band, with the innovative
cabinet and drive technology necessary to
deliver the demanding dynamic resolution
required by today’s advanced audio formats.
Each unit employs two high-efficiency longthrow custom bass drive units. The treble
and mid-range drivers are mounted in a
separate acoustic enclosure: the former is
a semi-horn-loaded composite dome design
with a silver voice coil, while the mid-range
uses a custom 160mm polypropylene driver.
The drivers are powered by four independent high-power, low-feedback amplifiers with
extremely low noise, high detail, and fast
bass. The electronic assembly is powered by
a substantial toroidal transformer feeding
high-quality audiophile-grade capacitors.
The precision cabinet uses innovative design
techniques to give exceptionally low coloration and exquisite mid-range transparency.
DSP8000 loudspeaker
Our flagship digital design
Meridian’s flagship loudspeaker, the
DSP8000, sets entirely new standards for
clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism. The
DSP8000 is designed to reproduce sounds
at up to full natural level while providing all
the resolution required by sources of up to
24-bit and 192kHz sampling. A new approach
to cabinet construction, employing unique
interlaminated metal/wood materials, was
developed especially for this product, along
with the careful selection of advanced drive
unit materials.
Each DSP8000 loudspeaker uses six multiple
high-efficiency long-throw custom bass
drive units. The bass units are mounted
symmetrically in pairs on the sides of the
bass cabinet, cancelling vibration in order to
minimise interference with the mid-range
and treble units, which are mounted in a
separate, sealed head assembly. The treble
unit is a semi-horn-loaded composite dome
design with a silver voice coil. The midrange unit incorporates a cone made from
a uniquely light and stiff combination of
polymers to give unparalleled transparency.
The speakers are driven by five independent
high-power, low-feedback power amplifiers,
mounted on a specially extruded multi-finned
Installation loudspeakers
Offering hidden benefits
DSP420/M420 in-wall
Meridian’s installation loudspeakers have
The G41 and G46 Speaker Control Units
rapidly become some of the company’s most
have the same form factor and appearance
popular loudspeaker products, with their
as the other G Series units, and can be
ability to deliver Meridian’s signature DSP
mounted with the G Series Active Rack kit.
technology and performance in a virtually
invisible, installed design.
The 200 Series of in-ceiling speakers are 2way designs with an 8in (200mm) bass driver,
200 Series in-ceiling
G41 Speaker Control Unit
To the original DSP420, which shares
pivoting tweeter and optional crossover, for
performance characteristics with our
either surface grille or flush mounting.
stand-alone designs, we have added the
M420, an active analogue version with the
The 300 Series consists of three ultra-
same drivers and power amplifiers. The
slimline systems for in-wall (surface grille),
back-box includes the analogue or digital
flush-mount (completely hidden, eg behind
input board and power termination in their
wall coverings) and on-wall applications,
own sealed enclosures, and the units can be
featuring 6.5in (165mm) bass drivers, and a
mounted flush (completely hidden) or in-wall
wide-dispersion ribbon tweeter for superb
(with surface grille).
performance anywhere. Units are supplied
with or without passive crossover.
Our new 200 Series in-ceiling designs and
G46 DSP Speaker Control Unit
the 300 Series of in-wall and on-wall systems
A white paintable grille and frame is included,
allow exceptional flexibility of configuration.
and rough-in boxes are available. The 320
They can be supplied as passive speakers
includes a single bass driver and tweeter;
to be driven by external conventional
the 330 (opposite) adds an 8in (200mm)
amplification; as an active analogue system
Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR); and the 350
driven by a G41 Speaker Control Unit,
features two bass drivers and two ABRs.
including 8 x 100W power amplifier and
P330W in-wall system elements
modular plug-in electronic crossover, which
In every case, Meridian installation
can handle up to five channels of audio; or as
loudspeakers deliver the performance of a
a DSP system, driven by a G46 DSP Speaker
stand-alone design in a discreet enclosure
Control Unit with DSP crossover and 8 x
with minimal visual impact – and awesome
100W power amplifiers.
The video connection
“This is the best DVD picture…. It looks like 35mm film.”
Arnon Milchan, Producer, LA Confidential, Mr & Mrs Smith…
Breathtaking sound…
Bright, clear images…
One source: Meridian.
Meridian is the exclusive manufacturer and
Meridian also offers the HDMAX range of
distributor of the prestigious Faroudja brand,
HDMI/DVI enhancement products, which
a name known the world over for superb
use proprietary technology to improve high-
video processing and precisely optimised
resolution image quality, lowering noise and
high definition projectors. Today, Faroudja
reducing artifacts while allowing immensely
products are made in Meridian’s UK factory.
increased cable runs.
As a result, we can offer a complete system
– not only breathtaking surround sound, but
Faroudja’s 60 patents and 35 years of
vibrant, crystal-clear images too. We call it
Emmy ® -Award-winning video processing
the Meridian Digital Theatre.
development give visibly superior, film-like
results, from High Definition sources or
Faroudja deinterlacing and scaling technology
– with astonishingly similar quality – from
is already incorporated into Meridian DVD
your existing DVD collection. And Faroudja
players. Now our Faroudja high definition
video products are the perfect complement
video products, co-developed with Genesis
to Meridian’s world-class audio performance.
Microchip Inc, put Meridian light-years ahead
Both draw you deeper into the experience,
of the competition.
together enveloping you in the closest
approach to reality you can imagine.
In a typical setup, a Faroudja video processor
handles all the video sources in your system,
This is the Meridian Digital Theatre: the
analogue and digital. It de-interlaces, scales,
ultimate in home entertainment technology
and cross- and up-converts the images
– a unique way to increase your enjoyment
to full-bandwidth High Definition 1080p
of music and movies.
No other company can offer this awesome
Meridian offers you a complete home theatre
system, with both breathtaking audio and bright,
clear high-resolution video. (Meridian G Series
installation photo courtesy of AMX UK.)
From the processor, the resulting full-
combination of digital sound and digital
bandwidth HD signals can be fed digitally via
images – from one source. The Meridian
DVI/HDMI to one of Faroudja’s outstanding
experience is the experience of a lifetime
video projectors or an alternative digital
that you can enjoy in your own home: don’t
display device.
miss the opportunity.
Meridian people
Your guarantee of satisfaction
It may seem a cliché to say that what makes
a company is its people, but nowhere is that
more true than at Meridian.
Not only do we take the utmost care in
manufacture; once you are a Meridian
owner, we want to make sure that you
continue to enjoy the very best performance
from your system and components.
We are continually striving to improve the
performance of our products, and from
time to time, as a registered Meridian
owner, you will receive news of updates and
enhancements, sometimes in the form of
software you can download from our web
site, and on other occasions in the form
of new hardware options or revisions that
you can either add yourself, your dealer
can install, or we can handle for you at the
Meridian has won awards for outstanding
customer support, both in the UK and
the US. Our support staff are experts
at meeting the challenges of a complex
installation, finding new solutions that give
you exactly the system and features you
Meridian worldwide
International distribution
Meridian’s head office is in Huntingdon, in the United Kingdom. We also have a subsidiary in the USA, Meridian America Inc, and a network of distributors
that extends to many parts of the world, as broadly indicated here in red. For guaranteed after-sales service of the highest quality, we strongly recommend that
you purchase from the nearest authorised Meridian dealer in your country, as the dealer you purchase from is responsible for supporting your equipment. For a
complete, up-to-date list of international distributors, and a dealer locator to help you find your nearest authorised Meridian supplier, please visit the Meridian
web site at or contact Meridian in the UK.
Meridian Products – Outline Specifications
See data sheets and specifiers’ drawings for more detailed information
This section is for broad guidance only, and is not a substitute for the
product data sheets and Specifiers’ Drawings, which should be referred
to wherever possible. These are available from Meridian; the Meridian
web site; the optional CD-ROM available with the brochure/catalogue; or
from your dealer or distributor.
Meridian G Series
General: USB and/or RS232 port provided where remote
configuration/control is possible. Meridian Comms and triggers
provided where relevant. See data sheets.
Construction: Meridian black or silver finish in metal & glass.
Units may be rack-mounted with the G Series Active Rack kit.
Dimensions: Width: 440mm (17.32in); Depth: 350mm (13.78in)
excl. connectors (and knob if present); Height: 90mm (3.54in)(1) or
132mm (5.2in)(2): units are height (1) unless otherwise stated.
G01 Stereo control unit: MM and MC cartridge options; AM/FM
or DAB/FM tuner; 7 unbalanced inputs on phono; 2 main outputs, 2
tape outputs. Weight 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)
G02 Dual mono control unit: MM & MC cartridge options;
AM/FM tuner; 4 unbalanced, 3 balanced bi-phase inputs; Main Outs:
1 unbalanced, 1 balanced bi-phase; Copy output: 2 unbalanced, can
be configured as 1 balanced output. Weight 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs).
G06 24-bit Compact Disc Player: Triple-beam laser, multispeed CD/DVD-ROM transport; 192kHz-capable, 24-bit, Delta
Sigma DACs operating at 44.1kHz; Analogue out: unbalanced;
Digital out: S/PDIF (IEC60958), coax and Toslink optical. Weight:
8 kg (17.6 lbs).
G08 24-bit Upsampling CD Player: as G06 except 192kHzcapable, 24-bit, Delta Sigma converters operating at 4 x CD sample
rate (176.4kHz); Analogue outs:unbalanced on phono, balanced on
XLR-3M; Digital outs: S/PDIF (IEC60958), coax and Toslink optical,
operating at up to 2 x CD sample rate (88.2kHz), 24-bit.
G12 Remote Infrared Sensor: Matte black tubular sensor
for flush-mounting into a vertical surface or may be surfacemounted. Cable plugs directly into the sensor input on a G-Series
component. 51.6mm long, fits into a 0.63 (41/64th) inch (16 mm)
G51 Integrated Stereo Receiver: AM/FM or FM/DAB tuner.
Inputs: 7 unbalanced on phono. Main Output: 2 x 100W per
channel into 8Ω. Pre Output: 2 unbalanced on phono. Tape Output:
2 unbalanced on phono. Headphone: 2V rms max out. Weight: 13.5
kg (29.7 lbs)
G55 Multichannel Power Amplifier: Power Output: 5 channels
at 100W into 8Ω, or 2 channels at >300W into 8Ω (bridge
mode). Distortion: Less than 0.01% input to output. Signal/Noise:
Better than –100dB Inputs: Balanced on XLR-3F connectors and
unbalanced on phono. Outputs: 2 output sets per channel, terminal
posts. Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs).
G56 2-channel Power Amplifier: Power Output: 2 channels
at 100W into 8Ω, or 1 channel at >300W into 8Ω (bridge mode).
Distortion: Less than 0.01% input to output. Signal/Noise:
Better than –100dB. Inputs: Balanced on XLR-3F connectors and
unbalanced on phono. Outputs: 2 output sets per channel, terminal
posts. Weight: 13.5 kg (29.7 lbs).
G57 2-channel Power Amplifier: Power Output: 2 channels
at 200W into 8Ω, or 1 channel at >650W into 8Ω (bridge mode),
~1000W into 4Ω. Distortion: Less than 0.01% input to output.
Signal/Noise: Better than –100dB. Inputs: Balanced on XLR-3F
connectors and unbalanced on phono. Outputs: 2 output sets per
channel, terminal posts. Weight: 20 kg (44 lbs).
G61 Surround Controller: Inputs: Digital (S/PDIF) Inputs:
5 x TOSlink optical in, 6 coax stereo in, 2 x 6-ch MHR coax in.
Analogue Input: 5 x stereo, 1 x 6-ch analogue in, unbalanced.
Outputs: Digital outputs (S/PDIF coax): Main L/R, Centre/Sub,
sides, rears; A/B (configurable). Analogue outputs (phono): Main
L, Main R, Rear L, Rear R, Centre, Sub; LZ, RZ (configurable).
Processing: 3 x Motorola 56367s and a 56371 running at 150MHz
to give a total of over 500MIPS (million instructions per second).
48-bit arithmetic throughout. Conversion: 24-bit Sigma-Delta
converters operating at up to 96 kHz on analogue inputs and
outputs. Formats include AAC, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG
Surround. DSP Modes include Direct, Music, Trifield, Ambisonics
(2-ch UHJ & B-Format), Super Stereo, Music Logic, THX, Mono,
Discrete, TV Logic, ProLogic IIx Music, ProLogic IIx Movie,
ProLogic IIx THX, Cinema and up to 10 user-defined. Weight: 9kg
Meridian 800 Reference Series
G68 Surround Controller with Room Correction: Most*
units include: Digital (S/PDIF) Input: 4 x optical in, 6 coax stereo
in, 2 x 6-ch MHR coax in. Analogue Input: 5 x stereo, 1 x 6-ch
analogue in, unbalanced. AM/FM tuner. Zone2/Tape/Zone3 Audio:
2 x analogue audio out, 2 x digital out. Primary Options: G68D
adds: Digital (S/PDIF) Output: 10-channel digital surround out
with MHR (5 x phono); 2 x analogue out (phono). G68ADV adds:
Analogue/Digital Output: 10-channel digital out w/MHR (5 x
phono); 8 channels of analogue out. Primary Video: 2 x S-Video out,
4 x S-Video in, 2 x composite out, 4 x composite in. Component
Video I/O: 1 x component video out, 3 x component video in
(phono); Trigger 2, 3; 1 x additional optical digital in. A/V multizone (replaces Audio zone output): 2 x S-Video out, 2 x composite
video out, 2 x analogue audio out, 2 x digital out. BNC Meridian
Comms. G68AXV adds: Bal/Unbal Analogue Out instead of digital
outputs: L, R, C, Sub balanced outs (XLR-3F); 6 x surround outs,
unbalanced. G68XXV adds: Balanced Analogue Out instead of
the listed outputs: 8 x balanced outputs, XLR-3F. *G68J is as the
G68ADV but without the tuner, multi-zone capability and video
switching. Processing: 5 x Motorola 56367s running at 150MHz to
give a total of approx. 750MIPS (million instructions per second).
48-bit arithmetic throughout. Conversion: 24-bit Sigma-Delta
converter chips operating at up to 96 kHz on analogue inputs and
outputs. Formats include Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG Surround, THX
Ultra 2, THX Surround EX and more. DSP Modes include Direct,
Music, Trifield, Ambisonics (2-ch UHJ & B-Format; 4, 5, 6, & 7
speaker decode), Super Stereo, Music Logic, THX, Mono, Discrete,
TV Logic, Digital, Digital THX, DTS, DTS THX, DTS Music, MPEG,
MPEG THX, MPEG Music, ProLogic IIx Music, ProLogic IIx Movie,
ProLogic IIx THX, Cinema. Meridian Room Correction, and more.
Weight: 10kg (22lbs). Height 132mm (5.2in).
800 Version 4 Reference Optical Disc Player: Note: Exact
capabilities dependent on installed cards. See data sheet for details and
specify when ordering. Formats: DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD Audio
(Red Book),CD Video (White Book), MP3. ATAPI 2 DVD ROM
drive. Audio outputs: Independent copy and 2room+ capabilities.
6-channel main and 2-channel auxiliary 24-bit, 96 kHz S/PDIF digital
outputs with MHR. Option for simultaneous digital outputs at
different sample rates from DVD and CD. Option for simultaneous
output of Dolby Digital compressed stream for a decoder (like 861)
and a decoded version for a second zone. Optional 2 + 4 channel
analogue outputs on both phono and XLR (balanced) with 24-bit,
192 kHz converters (800DAX version). Audio DSP: 800 uses
Meridian’s proprietary DSP software to provide on-board decoding
for DTS, Dolby Digital and MPEG Audio, error correction,
resolution enhancement, up and down-sampling and highresolution digital gain control. Video in and out: Selectable inputs
for 2 composite and 2 S-video in NTSC or PAL format signals,
plus component in. Outputs scaled and available simultaneously
as composite, S-video, component, HDMI or RGB. Video DSP:
Software-based video decoding for MPEG1 and MPEG2 video.
Digital video backplane allows options for future video processing
G91A DVD Audio/Video Player Controller Tuner: Formats:
DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-R; Video CD (VCD), CVCD, MP3;
CD Audio (CD-DA), CD-R and hybrids such as SACD (CD layer
only) and DualDisc (DVD layer only). Audio inputs: Analogue: three
stereo inputs, unbalanced on phono. Digital S/PDIF: two stereo
coax inputs and two stereo Toslink optical inputs. Tuner: AM/FM
or DAB/FM. Audio outputs: Analogue: 6-ch surround output,
variable up to 3V rms. Digital: MHR Smart Link digital output (15
Pin ‘D’ type connector) and 3 x coax, 1 x aux digital transport out
(digital coax). HDMI v1.1 6-ch/bitstream output (with video). Video
Processor: Two composite video inputs, one component input,
three S-Video inputs; composite, S-Video, component and HDMI
outputs (DVI-compatible, HDMI also carries 2-ch audio), outputs
all simultaneously active; selected video input is converted to all
formats at valid resolutions (except non-interlaced component
input which bypasses processor). Faroudja DCDi® scaling and
de-interlacing technology. HDMI port supports 480p, 576p, 720p,
1080i and 1080p. Analogue component out at 480p and 576p.
Weight: 9kg (19.8lbs).
G98 DVD Audio/Video Transport: Formats: as G91A. Audio
outputs: HDMI v1.1 6-channel 24-bit/96kHz and bitstream audio
(and video), plus: G98DH: 3 x digital coax main outputs with MHR
Smart Link, plus 15-pin ‘D’ type connector. 1 x digital coax auxiliary
output. G98AH: 6-channel analogue output on phonos, plus digital
aux out (Toslink optical and coax). Video Processor: as G91A.
Weight: 9kg (19.8lbs).
General: RS232 port provided for remote configuration/control.
Meridian Comms and triggers. See data sheets.
Construction: Black lacquer or satin silver finish in metal & glass.
Available as table-top or rack-mount versions – specify when
ordering. 800 Series Active Racking Kit supplied with rack-mount
Dimensions: 480mm (18.9in) x 175mm (6.9in) x 411mm (16.2in)
Weight: 18kg (38lbs) approx depending on card complement.
808 Reference Compact Disc Player: Mechanism: Triple-beam
laser, multi-speed CD/DVD-ROM transport. Faroudja DCDi®
scaling and de-interlacing technology. Converters: 192kHz-capable,
24-bit, Delta Sigma converters operating at 4 x CD sample rate
(176.4kHz).Stereo Outputs: Analogue: 1 unbalanced on phono,
1 balanced on XLR-3M: 2.3V rms fixed/variable, Class A, 47Ω
impedance. Digital S/PDIF (IEC60958): main coax with MHR plus
auxiliary coax, operating at up to 2 x CD sample rate (88.2kHz),
24-bit. Stereo Inputs: (808i only) Analogue: 6 unbalanced on phono.
Digital S/PDIF: 3 coax and 2 Toslink optical. Formats: CD Audio
(CD-DA), CD-R, CD-R/W, MP3, DVD-Audio (stereo content).
861 Version 4 Reference Surround Processor: Note: Even
fundamental specifications including input and output capability are
dependent on installed cards. See data sheet for details and specify when
ordering. Full-system controller/preamp, up to 12 analogue or digital
audio, and up to 12 video sources. Tape cards provide additional
internal A/D and D/A converters to give full support for both tape
recorders and an extensive 2- and 3-zone multiroom capability
in analogue or digital formats. Accepts multichannel digital audio,
the 861 will handle S/PDIF-encoded Dolby Digital, DTS or MPEG.
Processing engine can consist of between 2 and 10 modular
processor cards, each offering an 300 MIPS of processing power
with multiple ultra-fast 48-bit processors and high-speed cache
memory. Speaker layouts from 2- to 9-speaker stereo/surround
with multiple subwoofers (with adjustable crossover parameters),
including with-height configurations such as 2+2+2, and Ambisonic
layouts such as square/rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and heptagon.
On-board algorithms include Meridian’s own highly transparent
Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Dolby Digital implementations, MPEG
Surround, DTS, THX extensions, TV Logic and music programs
including Trifield and Ambisonics – in the latter case handling
both 2-channel UHJ and planar B-Format sources. Meridian Room
Correction: Employs a special computer program that uses the
861 to measure a room’s resonances with a simple microphone. It
then computes digital filters to control the resonances, or “modes”,
and uploads them to the 861, where different sets of filters can
Meridian Products – Outline Specifications
See data sheets and specifiers’ drawings for more detailed information
be associated with different loudspeaker layouts and profiles.
Outputs: The 861’s outputs can be provided as digital signals to feed
Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, or as variable analogue outputs using
a proprietary on-board 24-bit resolution D/A conversion method
– or as a mixture of both. Video control: broadcast-grade video
switching options for monitors, projectors and video tape routing.
The comprehensive setup and customisation facilities allow the user
to link any video and audio combination to the 12 sources (accessed
from Source switching on the front panel or the remote control).
Video formats supported via optional cards include Composite,
S-Video, Component (interlaced and de-interlaced/progressive),
Meridian Loudspeakers
DSP8000: System Design: Four-way active loudspeaker.
Crossovers at 80Hz, 200Hz and 2.6kHz. Four 24-bit D/A
converters. Five 100W power amplifiers per speaker. All processing
is performed upsampled in twin 100MHz digital signal processors
(DSPs). DSP8000 uses Meridian’s memory-based dejittering system
for ultimate clarity. Controls: System and speaker are operated with
the included Meridian System Remote. Control features include
source, bass and treble tilt, listening axis, volume, timecompensated
balance and absolute phase. Inputs: Two coaxial digital audio, 32kHz
to 192kHz at up to 24 bit. MHR support. Response: 20Hz to 20kHz.
Max. output 118dB spl. Display: Eight-character display behind front
glass, can be blank. Dimensions: 1350mm (53.2in) H, 400 (15.7) W,
528 (20.8) D. Finish: Black gloss piano lacquer or satin silver. Other
colours special order.
DSP7000: System Design Performance: Frequency response
in-room within 3dB from 30Hz to over 20kHz. Maximum output
>112dB spl @ 1m on music material. Noise less than 15dB spl.
Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level. Inputs:
Two digital inputs to SPDIF standard;32kHz–96kHz sampling rates
at up to 24 bit; MHR support. Construction: Four-way acoustic
reflex system. Digital crossovers at 200Hz and 2.6kHz. 2 x 200mm
long-throw bass drivers.1 x 160mm polypropylene mid driver. 1
x 25mm aluminium-dome tweeter, silver wire, short horn-loaded
with protective grille. Black gloss piano-lacquer cabinet, other
colours to special order. FIFO memory buffer input for the lowest
possible jitter from almost any source. Analogue gain and filtering
using proprietary Meridian Class-A discrete amplification. Digital
and conversion electronics constructed using advanced surfacemount techniques and partitioned 6-layer printed-circuit boards.
Four 24-bit 128 x oversampling D/A converters.Four 100W power
amplifiers per speaker. Controls: Rear-panel controls for Power
On/Off. MSR and RS232 port provide control over bass, treble
tilt, listening axis, volume, timecompensated balance and absolute
phase. Dimensions: 1050mm (41.3”) H, 348 (13.7”) W, 458 (18.0”)
D. Weight 70kg (154 lb) each.
DSP5500: System Design: Three-way active loudspeaker. DSP
crossover at 200Hz and 2.6kHz. Four channels of delta-sigma D/A
conversion. Four 75W power amplifiers per channel. All signal
processing is performed in the 100MHz digital signal processors.
Controls: System and speaker are operated with the included
Meridian System Remote. The listener has control over the source
and features including bass, tilt, listening axis, volume, balance and
absolute phase. Inputs: Two coax digital audio, 32kHz to 96kHz, up
to 24 bit. MHR support. Response: 35Hz to 20kHz. Max. output
112dB spl. Display: Four-character display. Drive units: Two 200mm
high-efficiency bass drivers, one 160mm polypropylene mid driver
and one Meridian 25mm short-horn tweeter with aluminium dome
and silver voice coil. Cabinet: Veneered MDF braced, steel shielded
and damped, in black ash or rosewood finish. Cables included.
5500 Dimensions: 1100mm (43.3in) H, 285 (11.2) W, 415 (16.3)
D. 5500HC Dimensions: 1100mm (43.3in) W, 285 (11.2) H, 415
(16.3) D.
DSP5200: Performance: Frequency response in-room within
3dB from 35Hz to over 20kHz. Linear-phase mid/top crossover.
Output >108dB spl @ 1m on music material. Noise less than 15dB
spl. Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level.
Inputs: Two S/PDIF digital inputs, 32kHz-96kHz sampling rates at
up to 24 bit with MHR support. Construction: ‘2 1/2-way’ acoustic
reflex system. Single-port (vertical model) or dual-port (horizontal
centre). Drivers: 2 x 160mm polypropylene bass drivers. 1 x
25mm aluminium-dome tweeter, silver wire, short horn-loaded.
Electronics: Two precision 24/192 oversampling converters for
bass/mid and tweeter signals. Active bass/mid crossover. Digital and
conversion electronics constructed using advanced surface-mount
techniques and partitioned 6-layer printed-circuit boards. DSP:
150MIPS digital signal processor. Digital crossover at 2.6kHz.
Response correction for the whole system. Bass protection.
User tone controls. Analogue/digital volume and phase control.
Amplifiers: Three 75W power amplifiers, one for each driver.
Display: Eight-character display with system lights, can be blanked.
Dimensions: Vertical model: height: 903mm (without spikes/feet);
width: 300mm at base, tapering to 179mm; depth: 356mm at base,
tapering to 217mm. Horizontal centre model: height 200mm; width
734mm; depth: 265.75mm at deepest point. Weight: 35kg packed.
DSP420: System design: Inputs: 1 x digital input 75 Ohm,
IEC958, 44.1kHz – 96kHz FIFO locks at 44.1, 48, 88.2, & 96kHz
+150 PPM, PCM & MHR Cabinet: Aluminium front baffle with
sealed, mechanically damped and insulated acoustic enclosure.
Baffle finished in textured black enamel. White moulded frame
and Grille custom paintable Acoustics: 2 Way Infinite Baffle
enclosure 2 x 127mm high-efficiency long-throw custom drivers, 1
x Meridian 25mm tweeter with aluminium dome Response: 55Hz
- 20kHz +3dB Amplification: Internal 85W woofer, 65W tweeter.
6-200VA.DSP:100MHz Motorola 56364, Linear Phase Crossover,
96kHz/24Bit DAC. Dimensions: Frame 457mm (18”) square x 89
(3.5”) Hole cutout 420 square (16.54” x 16.54”) Product designed
to fit standard 16” stud centres Mounting: Positioning template
for New Construction, Easy install frame with fire proof power
connection box.
M420: Analogue Active version of DSP420 with balanced and
unbalanced line-level inputs.
DSP3100/M3100: Performance: Frequency response in-room
within 3dB from 45Hz to over 20kHz. Linear-phase mid/top
crossover. Output >105dB spl @ 1m on music material. Noise
less than 15dB spl. Overall electronic distortion typically <0.02%
at any frequency or level. Inputs: DSP3100: Two S/PDIF digital
inputs, 32kHz-96kHz sampling rates at up to 24 bit with MHR
support. M3100: Line level unbalanced (phono) and balanced
(XLR-3F) inputs, switch-selectable. Construction: Vertical
unit: 2-way ported design with 160mm bass driver; Horizontal
centre: 2½-way closed box design with twin 5¼ in (120mm) bass
drivers, with doped carbon fibre cones and cast alloy baskets. 1in
(25mm) Meridian piston treble drive unit with doped fabric dome.
Electronics: Constructed using advanced surface-mount techniques
and partitioned 4-layer printed-circuit boards. DSP3100 includes
two precision 24/192 oversampling converters for bass/mid and
tweeter signals; Motorola 56367 150MIPS digital signal processor;
Digital crossover at 2.3kHz; Response correction for the whole
system; Bass protection; User tone controls; Analogue/digital
volume and phase control. M3100 features precision line-level active
crossover. Amplifiers: Two 75W power amplifiers, one for each
band. Display: Eight-character display with system lights, can be
blanked. Dimensions: Vertical units: 7.65in/194mm x 15.2in/386mm
x 10in/254mm; Horizontal centre unit: 18.5in/470mm x
6.9in/173.5mm x 10in/254mm. Optional floor stand: 12.2in/310mm
x 20.2in/513.7mm from floor to top of platform x 12.65in/321.5mm.
(All dimensions w x h x d; original units are metric.) Weight:
Vertical unit: 30lb/13.5kg; Horizontal centre unit: 36lb/16.5kg.
Black or silver finish.
SW1600 & SW5500 Powered Subwoofers: Digital inputs: 1 x
S/PDIF coax input (+1 output) , 32-96kHz. PCM using IEC958, or
MHR connection support with auto-detection. Analogue inputs: 3
x phono inputs: mono, left, right. 3 x XLR balanced inputs: mono,
left, right. Frequency response within 3dB, 20Hz-400Hz in-room
(bypass). Noise and hum <-72dBm. Variable gain control. Variable
low pass filter 40Hz-150Hz. Internal filter defeat switch. Absolute
phase switch. Sealed enclosure. Black inert basket-braced bitumendamped cabinet constructed from 22mm MDF. 6mm annealed plate
glass top.
SW1600: Output stage: Power amplifier: 150W Class G high
efficiency ultra low output impedance. 1 x 300mm (12in) highefficiency long-throw custom driver. Acoustic output typically
>107dB spl @ 1m. 417mm x 417.5mm x 411mm (16.4in x 16.5in x
16.25in) (W x H x D excluding feet). Weight 28kg (62lb).
SW5500: Output stage: Power amplifier: 300W Class G high
efficiency ultra low output impedance. 2 x 300mm (12in) highefficiency long-throw custom drivers. Acoustic output typically
>110dB spl @ 1m. 775mm x 417.5mm x 411mm (30.5in x 16.5in x
16.25in) (W x H x D excluding feet). Weight: 50kg (110lb).
300 and 200 Series Installation Loudspeakers: Due to the
nature of these systems and the extensive range of options available, the
specifications are too wide-ranging to be included here. Please see the
data sheets and specifiers’ drawings for full details.
Meridian Faroudja Products
DVP1080MF: Digital Video Processor with 10-bit signal path;
1080i deinterlacing with MADI (Motion Adaptive DeInterlacing)
and 3:2/2:2 pulldown. High Bandwidth Mode: full resolution
1920x1080p (deinterlacing without scaling). Enhanced mode: 1080i
converted to 1280x720 resolution then scaled to the selected
output rate. Inputs: NTSC/PAL, Composite (BNC), S-Video (4-pin
DIN), Component (BNC) 480i/480p/720p/1080i, RGB (BNC)
480i/480p/720p/1080i, Comp. Sync - 1v pp, RGB - 700mv pp. DVI
Input: DVI - I (female) digital (0-255/16-235). Output (Progressive):
DVI - I (female) digital only 0-255, HDCP Compliant. Dimensions:
1.75in H x 17in W x 12.5in D (Depth inc rear BNC). Weight: 14 lbs.
Designed to accompany MF1 and MF2 projectors.
DVP1080HD: As DVP1080MF but adds PC (D15F) Pass-through
input and RGBHV (BNC & D15F), YPrPb (BNC & D15F) analogue
D-ILA1080MF1: Home Theatre Projector. D-ILA Device / 0.82in
(1920 pixels x 1080 pixels) x 3 (Approx. 6,220,000px). Normal
Throw version 1.9x power zoom/focus lens (2.0:1 to 3.8:1). Short
Throw version 1.4x lens (1.5:1 to 2.1:1).200 W Ultra-high pressure
mercury lamp. Screen 60in to 200in (Aspect ratio: 16:9). Throw
Approx. 2-15m. Input Signal:1080/60p or 1080/50p. Resolution:
1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. HS:56.25 kHz, 67.43 kHz, 67.5 kHz. VS:
50 Hz, 59.94 Hz, 60 Hz. Contrast Ratio: 2500:1 DVI input, HDCPcompatible. Control: RS-232C I/O. Dimensions 20.2in x 7.6in x 22in
approx. (W x H x D) (513 mm x 193.7 mm x 558.5 mm approx)
(Excl. lens & protrusion). Weight: Approx. 37.5 lbs (17.0 kg).
D-ILA1080MF2: Home Theatre Projector. 3-chip D-ILA (0.82inch diagonal). Aspect Ratio:16:9. Screen size/Throw: 40in to 200in
(16:9)/1.6m to 10.5m (16:9). Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9)
x 3 chips. Total resolution: Approx. 6,220,000 pixels. 1.3x zoom
lens (1.8:1 - 2.35:1, manual zoom/manual focus, 50% offset). Wide
conversion lens attachment option. 250 W Ultra-high pressure
mercury lamp. Contrast Ratio: 2100:1. HDCP compatible DVI-D
input. RS-232C seria control. Dimensions: (W x H x D) 11¾in x
5¼in 14-3/16in (298 x 134 x 360mm) without protrusions. Weight:
13.66 lbs (6.2kg).
MALB06-add. v1.1 • RE ƒ 20060616
Colours & finishes
For more details…
For product data sheets, architectural
drawings and more detailed information
on individual products, please contact
High Gloss Lacquer Black
High Gloss Lacquer Silver
your dealer. A CD-ROM containing this
information is also available on request,
and the latest details can be downloaded
from the Meridian web site:
Satin Natural Maple
Satin Stained Cherry
Also available on the web site are a range
of papers on our technology and the
principles behind our products, such as DSP
Satin Black Ash
Satin Stained Santos Rosewood
Loudspeakers, Meridian Room Correction,
our approach to high-quality audio –
and a great deal more, such as software
and firmware updates. In addition, the
Deep Blue
information is continually updated as new
products and data become available.
The small print
Racing Green
Modena Giallo
Note that these printed samples are
necessarily approximate. Paint colours other
than black and silver lacquer are available to
special order.
Rosso Corsa
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Meridian Audio is a privately owned company,
founded in 1977. Meridian and Faroudja products
are designed and made at our factory in
Huntingdon, England. Meridian America Inc is a
wholly owned subsidiary of the Meridian Audio
Group. In order to remain at the forefront of
technology we encourage a policy of continuous
development in our products and services. As a
result, we try to ensure that when improvements
are made, where possible, our customers retain
value in their purchase through upgrade options.
Our distributors and dealers are carefully trained
to install and service our products.
Information contained in this catalogue is correct
as far as possible but Meridian Audio accepts no
liability for errors or omissions. Meridian Audio
reserves the right to amend product specifications
at any time.
© Meridian Audio Limited MMVI
Art Direction by Allen Boothroyd
Principal photography by Robin Thompson
Written and realised by Richard Elen
from an original design by Allen Boothroyd
‘Boothroyd Stuart’, ‘Meridian’ and ‘Meridian
Digital Theatre’ are registered trademarks of
Meridian Audio Ltd. ‘Faroudja’ is a trademark of
Genesis Microchip Inc. Other trademarks are the
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