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Panasonic | PI |
Quick Start Guide
Note: - For detailed user manual of phone
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Thanks for choosing this Panasonic mobile device, this
device is built to provide you with a high quality smart
phone experience. Please read this guide carefully and
keep It for future use
* The content and pictures in this manual may differ
from the product, or from the software provided by
service providers or carriers, and are subject to
change without prior notice.
* The items supplied with your device and available
accessories may vary depending on your region or
service provider,
* The additional accessories may be available at your
local Panasenic retailer.
= Other accessories may not be compatible with your
device, likewise the supplied items are designed only
for your device and may be incompatible with other
= Panasonic is not liable for performance issues or
incompatibilicies caused by edited registry settings or
modified operation system software.
* If a device ls rooted, it is liable to lose its guarantee
and warranty.
Table of contents
|. Understanding your Phone 3
2. Description Icons 4
3. Insert & Remove the SIM E: Battery .-.......—. emm... 4
4. Charging the Battery. 6
5. Using your Phone 7
6. Calling 1
7. Messaging 12
8. Email 12
9. Connecting to the Internet .......—.=- == menes ners ns 14
10. Safety & Precautions 15
Il. Regulations & Safety usage 16
12. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Informatior: ........ 18
13 Disclaimer 19
Understanding your Phone
== ==
) | = | |
1 | ||
y E y
Key Functionalities
© Home Key in ¡ie a mese
view recendy accessed features,
‘> Back Key | Touch to go back mie price menu
Touch to open menu options
E Menu Key
® Power ON/OFF Press the button to wen QOMIOFF the
device and screen
Press button to decrenselincrease
| | Volume Key dre
Description Icons
Descriptions [cons Descriptions
og : Г Show the phone's
strength battery STALLS
[ spester has been | |
mis = You have unread SMS
Call on hold El USB storage turned on
set on vibration Flight Mode
3G network in use [7] Roaming is on
iin have missed © le active
Ona call $ Bluetooth on
gan: cda:
USB is connected E Wi-Fi is turned on
Insert & Remove the SIM and Battery
Inserting the Battery and SIM
. Open the back cover of your phone.
Inserting the Battery
Closing the Back Cover
Removing the battery and SIM
I. Switch off your phone.
2. Open the battery cover.
3. Lift the battery up and out of your phone.
4. Drag the SIM out of the slots
Open the Back Cover Removing the Battery
2. Insert the SIM in the either slot, where gold coloured ;
A ]
contact is facing downwards. Fo |
3. Align the battery's contact paints with those of the a
phone and gently press the battery down into its place. ©
4. Replace the battery cover clicking it back into its Ah ,
position. x)
A- 5-
Panasonic Panasonic
Charging the Battery Using your Phone
The rechargeable Li-ion battery that comes with
your phone is ready to be used, but is not full
mn + i Ш 1A Ч я я
A Please use only Panasonic charger for charging
|. Connect the charger to your phone, and plug it
into a socket.
2. The battery indicator in the corner of the
screen will scroll to show it's charging.
3. When fully charged, the battery indicator will
stop scrolling.
4. Disconnect the charger from your mobile, and
Power ON/OFF
Press the power key to power ON/OFF the phone.
When you turn your phone on, it'll automatically
check the SIM and show the following information on
the screen:
«Input SIMI PIN: if you've set a PIN for your SIMI
* Input SIM2 PIN: if you've set a PIN far your SIM2
The PIN is supplied with your SIM. Please replace it with your
own PIN code as soon as possible. Contact Customer care, if
wrong PIN is entered thrice.
Enter Main Menu
In Idle mode, press the key to enter the main menu
on the desktop and press the (Home) key to return.
Enter Sub Menu
In the main menu, click the icon to select the sub menu,
press the Back key to return to the previous menu, and
press the Home key to return to the Home Screen.
Open the Notification Panel
To open the notification panel, tap the indicator icons area
and drag it downwards. To hide, just drag back the screen
Note: = Picture follows on the other page
Other Screen Options
Scroll left or right on idle screen to change and access the
other screens.
Add Icons on the Main Interface
Long press the icon on the main menu until its enlarged
and the mobile phone vibrates; drag the Icons from main
menu te the main interface/Home Screen.
Move Icons on the Main Interface
|. Long press the icon on the main interface until its
enlarged and the mobile phone vibrates.
2. Drag the icon to the desired position and then
release it.
Delete Icons on the Main Interface
|. Long press the icon on the main interface until its
enlarged and the mobile phone vibrates.
2. Drag the icon to “Remove” to delete it.
Change wallpapers
|. Long press Touch Screen” to open the menu.
2 Choose from "Gallery /'Live Wallpapers"! Wallpapers‘,
select the wallpaper and press Set Yallpaper' to
Installing APK files
APK is a supported file format for the Android mobile
operating system.
|. Please copy the downloaded APK file into the SD card
2. In |dle mode, click Main Menu to enter the main
3. Click ‘File Manager’ to enter the directory of SD card.
4. Click the APK file you wish to install, and follow
Application Access
I. On the Home Screen, select [65] to access
application list.
2 Scroll horizontal left or right to access another
The dot at the bottom of screen, if touched moves
directly to corresponding screen.
Te make a call, open the dialer screen, enter the phone
number and select the green key.
To receive any call, just drag towards the green key and to
reject a call, drag towards the red key
You can create and send text and multimedia messages
* Open messaging application
* Add recipient and enter your message
* For a multimedia message (MMS) add an item to the
Besides your Gmail account, you can also set-up external
POP3 or IMAP email accounts in your phone.
To access this function, touch Application tab on Home
Screen, then select Email.
An email wizard will guide you through the steps to
set-up an email account.
= Enter the email address and password of the account
you want to set-up,
Touch Next If the account you entered Is not provided
by your service provider in the phone, you will be
prompted to go to the email account settings screen
to enter the settings manually. Or you can touch
Manual Setup to directly enter the incoming and outgoing
settings for the emall account you want to Set up.
= Enter the account name and display name in outgoing
To add another email account, go to Settings and touch
Add Account on the right of the title.
Touch Add Account on the right of the title to create.
* To create and send emails, touch on the icon on the
Inbox Screen.
* Enter recipient(s) email address(es).
= Enter the subject and the content of the message.
* Touch to Attach file to add an attachment.
* Finally, touch to send.
Connecting to the Internet
The first time you turn on your phone with SIM card(s)
inserted, it will automatically configure network service:
GPRS, EDGE or 36.
To check the network connection you are using, touch
Application tab on the Home Screen, and then touch
Settings More... "Mobile Metworks Access
Point Names or Network Operators.
Using Wi-Fi, you can connect to the Internet when your
phone is within the range of a wireless network. Wi-Fi
can be used on the phone even without a SIM card,
To turn Wi-Fi on and Connect to a Wireless Network
Touch on Quick Setting bar to get to Settings.
* Touch the switch beside WI-A to wrn on/off Wi-Fi.
Touch Wi-Fi, detailed information of all detected Wi-Fi
networks will be displayed in the Wi-Fi Networks
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Wi-Fi Hotspot enables your device to become a wireless
router, once the Wi-Fi Hotspot is set, your device can be
searched and connected to and you can use its data on
other device/(s).
Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot option and your device will be in
searchable mode.
Note: - WiFi Hotsbot may bear additional data charges.
Factory Data Reset
To activate factory data reset:
* Touch on Quick Setting bar to get to Settings.
* Touch Backup and ResetiFactory data reset
* Touch Reset phonelErase everything
Phone Reset will erase all of your personal data from the
internal phone storage, including information about your
Google Account, any other accounts, your system and
application settings, and any downloaded applications.
If you reset the phone, you're prompted to re-enter all
the information again, as you first started the device
Safety and Precautions
To prevent any damage to the device or any injury to you,
please read the safety information before using the device
* Do not use the device with wet hand.
= Use the device carefully while inserting SIM or battery,
as battery terminal may get damaged by force.
* Do not use damaged power cords, never try to pull the
charger from the cord.
Avoid using charger other than from Panasonic.
Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, liquids or
moisture can contain minerals that will corrode the
electronic circuits. if your device does get wet, remove
the battery and allow the device to dry completely
before replacing ic.
Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its
moving parts and electronic components can be
Do not store the device in high or cold temperature.
High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic
devices and damage batteries.
Do not attempt to open the device other than as
instructed in this guide.
Do not drop, knock or shake the device. Rough handling
can break internal circuit boards and fine mechanics.
Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents or strong
detergents to clean the device. Only use a soft, clean,
dry cloth to clean the surface of the device.
Regulations and Safety Usage
Please follow all safety warnings and regulations when using
your device in restricted areas
© On Road
Avoid using phone while driving, please follow the traffic
© Near Sensitive Electronics
Your phone may cause interference when used near TVs,
radios or automated office equipments.
E While Flying
Your phone can cause Interference with the aircraft
equipment. So it's essential you follow the airline regulations.
@ In Hospital
Your phone may interfere with the normal operation of a
medical equipment. Follow all hospital regulations and turn
it off when you're asked to by posted warnings or medical
At a Petrol Station
Don't use your phone at petrol stations.
O Disassembled Product
Mever take your phone apart. Unauthorised repairs could
break the terms of your warranty.
@ Around Children
Keep your mobile out of children's reach. lt should never
be used as a toy and it might not be good for their health,
© Original Accessories
Only use the original accessories supplied with your phone
or those approved by the manufacturer.
© Near Explosives
Turn off your phone in or near areas where explosive
materials are used.
{9 Emergency Calls
To make an emergency call your phone must be turned on
and in an area where there's network coverage. Dial the
national emergency number and press ‘Send’, Explain
exactly where you are and don't hang up until help has
O Working Temperature
The working temperature for the phone is between 0 and
40 degree celsius. Please don't use the phone outside the
range. Using the phone under too high or too low
temperature might cause problems.
At very high volume, prolonged listening to a
mobile phone can damage your hearing.
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
* Your mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver.
It has been designed to compile with applicable safety
requirements for exposure to radio waves. The radio
wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of
measurement called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).
The recommended SAR limit for any mobile handset is
[6 WIKg averaged over a 6 minute period and taken
over a volume containing a mass |g of human tissue.
Maximum SAR for this device is as mentioned below
Head SAR: 0,555 W/Kg
Body-worn SAR : 0.430 W/Kg
Use cell phone when the signal strength is good. Keep
your calls short or instead use a headset or send a text
message. This advice applies especially to children,
adolescents and pregnant women.
If you are using a Bluetooth headset device, please
make sure it has a low power emitter.
Panasonic Mobiles holds the authority to change the
feature set and information without any prior
Some contents and services accessible through this
device belong to third parties and are protected by
copyright, patent, trademark and/or other intellectual
property rights.
Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at
any time. Panasonic does not bear any responsibility or
authority for the warranty or usage of these applications.
These applications are accessible on Panasonic device by
network, Wi-Fi or any other mean over which Panasonic
has no control. Panasonic should not be held responsible
or liable for any customer related issues arising due to
suspension or restrictions of these third party services.
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